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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  April 24, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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right now, at 5:00. the clouds are rolling in. we are tracking wet weather, headed for the bay area tonight. we have an updated timeline on when you might see rain in your neighborhood. plus, the j&j vaccine is back in l.a. county, so when will bay area counties start giving out doses again? but first, making history. president biden goes farther than any previous president and recognizes the armenian genocide. we will show you how the armenian community in the bay area gathered to remember and reflect. the news at 5:00 starts right now. good afternoon, everyone, thanks for joining us. >> it is an historic proclamation. today, president biden became the first president to recognize
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the death of armenians at the hands of the ottoman empire as genocide. it's something that he promised to do during the campaign last year and it's something that took more than 100 years to happen. >> the president released a statement that reads in part. quote, over the decades, armenian immigrants have enriched the united states, in countless way. but they have never forgotten the tragic history that brought so many of their ancestors to our shores. we honor that story, we see that pain, we affirm the history and it continues. the american people honor all those armenians who perished in the genocide that began 106 years ago today. in los angeles, which is home to the country's largest armenian population, hundreds of people gathered in beverly hills and in hollywood to remember those lives lost. and also, to celebrate the president's announcement. people here, in the bay area, gathered, as well. nbc bay area's christy smith was there, and she reports for us, from san francisco. >> this is really a historic and an important day for all of us. >> reporter: members of the
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armenian community gathered at the mt. davidson cross in san francisco, as they do every year. but this time around, things were a little different. >> we havepresident, today. to change the course of u.s.-foreign policy, on the side of restoring our position, as a beacon and a champion of human rights. >> the significance is that, for the first time in a very long time, arguably the first time that's really been stated, unequivocally, by an american president. we have recognition of the armenian genocide. >> reporter: president biden breaking with the many presidents before him, and recognizing the massacre of 1.5 million armenians by the ottoman empire as genocide. the killings happened during world war i. now-106 years later, an historic move here in the u.s.
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biden's decision to recognize the armenian genocide puts political ties with turkey in jeopardy. turkey, today, rejected president biden's statement. however, in san francisco, a feeling of hope remains. >> it is my solemn honor to stand with you here, today, to honor and remember the lives lost over a hundred years ago. >> this is a memorial site, now dedicated to the martyrs of the armenian genocide. we will continue to come together. but this year, there -- there is, along with the feelings of sadness that we have, and the justifiable anger, there is also -- it's, also, coupled with a sense of optimism about what the future holds. >> reporter: christy smith, nbc bay-area news. governor newsom also released a statement declaring today an official day of remembrance of the armenian genocide. it reads in part, quote, as we remember victims and survivors
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of the armenian genocide, we honor the strength and the resilience of the armenian people. let us recommit ourselves to making certain that we never forget the armenian genocide and always speak out against hatred and atrocities. as we mentioned, in southern california, hundreds took to the street today to remember those killed during the armenian genocide. crowds gathered in downtown los angeles, waving armenian and american flags. more than 200,000 people of armenian descent live in los angeles county. making the area home to the largest armenian community outside of armenia. a california filmmaker traveled to armenia to learn about the genocide and her family's unique history. she is now sharing stories from her journey on our new platform lx. you can watch the documentary on nbclx this weekend. you ca o course,
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>> now, to coronavirus coverage. health leaders from california, washington, and oregon met today to discuss lifting the pause on the johnson & johnson vaccine. yesterday, the fda and the cdc announced that they accept the recommendation, to resume j&j vaccinations. but most bay-area counties are awaiting state guidance before moving ahead with the vaccine. today, l.a. county told health-care providers that they could give the j&j shots, again, soon. that's as long as they provide an updated-fact sheet to give the people who are getting it. nbc news's sarah dolloff has reaction from across the country. >> reporter: shots of johnson & johnson's covid vaccine going back in arms, in several states, this weekend. >> ten in favor. four opposed. and one abstention. >> reporter: after a cdc panel voted to bring the vaccine back friday. but with a warning. a very infrequent-adverse outcomes. >> i actually think this pause conveyed that we are taking every one of these needle in
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haystacks that we find seriously. and that we are really examining/scrutinizing the data we are seeing. >> reporter: 8 million johnson & johnson doses have been administered since the vaccine first receivered emergency-use authorization. 15 people, all women, developed blood clots. three died. now, health experts are working to reassure the public. >> as a doctor, you know, who is taking care of countless patients with covid-19 infection. i would, certainly without hesitation, receive the j&j vaccine. >> reporter: it comes at a critical time in the fight against covid, and vaccine hesitancy. this miami-dade site was packed just weeks ago. >> now, nothing. why? why, people is not coming? >> reporter: louisiana's governor is expressing concern about the lack of demand here, at a baton rouge mass-vaccination center. only a quarter of the state is fully immunized. nationwide, about half of americans are received at least a first dose. as health experts continue to advise the country, the best vaccine is the one available, soonest.
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sarah dolloff, nbc news. an east bay county has reached an important milestone in the battle against covid. we are talking about contra costa county which has now administered more than 1 million, total, doses. that's a month earlier than health leaders originally an tis pated. nearly 70% of people in the county are partially vaccinated. 45% are fully vaccinated. let's compare that vaccination rate with the rest of the bay area. marin county is doing the best. 55% fully vaccinated there. the counties you see in yellow, all, in the mid-40s. about 36% of people in napa and santa clara counties are also fully vaccinated. solano county lagging a bit with 33%. now, if you still need to get vaccinated, we can help. head to our website, click on how to get a vaccine appointment in the trending bar. we have tips and tricks on where to look online and the best time to snag an appointment. >> it is the only rain we have seen in weeks.
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it might be the only rain we get, for weeks. here is a live look from our camera at the golden gate bridge. you can see, yep. pretty overcast there. hopefully, some of that fog will turn into rain clouds. any amount of rain. it will help us right at the mo meteorologist, rob mayeda joins us with, rob, a look at when the rain might move in. >> yeah next 24 hours, we will watching that. and for those keeping track, it's been 37 days since we had substantial rain. march 18th. right now, you got partly cloudy skies in san jose but eventually rain chances increasing tomorrow morning. finally, some rain coming back. not a lot but better than nothing. as you can see for the morning, some rain at times and then scattered showers and the potential for thunder showers during the day, tomorrow. mobile doppler radar for a change, finding rain up seeing light rain to start. but the main event here is still off shore and as this colder air comes in during the day
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tomorrow, we are going to get some clearing skies with sunshine. but that may also be one-half of the equation for thunder showers. daytime heating below. that could fire up thunderstorms across the north and east bay. so, for the start of the day tomorrow, the rain starts to increase. now, how much of this will stick around for your afternoon plans, including the giants game, coming up at 1:00 tomorrow afternoon? a closer look at both in our forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> we are looking forward to it rob, thank you. you can get updates on the rain sent to your phone from our free nbc bay area app. you can get access to our storm rangers exclusive radar scans and a forecast specific to your neighborhood. we are following developing news out of san jose where police are investigating a shooting. happened about noon at the corner of south third and east san carlos, just a block away from san jose state. police officer found the victim alive with life-threatening injuries. we are going to bring you the latest as we learn more. one person is dead after a deadly crash near livermore. a mini van went through the
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guardrail. happened about 8:30 this morning. it then rolled 100 feet down a hill. the passenger was not wearing a seatbelt, ejected from the car and killed. traffic was backed up for several hours after that crash. protestors took to the streets of the south bay today, calling for quote no more kids inetention centers for migrant children. >> immigrant and migrant rights advocates rallied in santa clara before hopping in cars and driving to st. james park in san jose for another rally. many of them held signs out of the windows or decorated cars with messages demanding transparency and accountability in what happens to migrant children. the goal here was to spread awareness about the many challenges that these children face. >> the more people that know that kids are probably in danger right now or we don't know, the more they'll want answers from the powers that be. so our job is to spread awareness with the accurate
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information. >> similar events were held in stockton, fresno, bakersfield, long beach, and in texas today. coming up. it goes to show just how hard it's getting to make it in the bay. >> it's really hard to get a house in silicon valley. price is set and they just know if they line up early enough, they are going to get a house. >> why some people were lined up for hours, even days, outside this housing development in the south bay. also, elon musk just sent a crew to the space station, and he is got something else big coming up on his schedule. the big appearance he is set to make on nbc in just a few weeks. this is a no-nonsense message from three. small business insurance usually forces you le policies. this is a no-nonsense message from three. that's why three was created. it's one policy that covers everything you need... leaving those old policies in the dust. three. no nonsense. just common sense.
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that's why three was created. if you own it, three covers it. got a cheese slice for “spokesperson?" that's me. i don't even need to see what's happening behind me to know it's covered. three. no nonsense. just common sense. now, to our making it in the bay series. what would you do to buy a new home? well, dozens of people camped out overnight on a sidewalk for a chance to buy a new townhome in santa clara. that's the video you are watching right here. you see all those tents. those are the potential buyers who lined up overnight. now, a real-estate agent says the town homes are being sold at a fixed price. so on a first-come-first-serve basis. meaning, there is no bidding war. they are part of a new development. it's called nuevo and they went on sale this morning. even more people joined that line during the day today. the real estate agent we spoke with said she took turns waiting in that long line overnight with her clients.
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>> it's really hard to get a house in silicon valley. and they are releasing only 18, today. and probably, most the people in line know, like, which lot they want, right? so, lined up to try to get the lot that you want. >> i have been here since wednesday, surprisingly. my -- my client just really, really wanted to be the first one. so, i promised him. i said, whatever i have to do to get you the first one, i will do it. >> those are some dedicated real estate agents. >> i wonder if he regrets saying that. >> one buyer said she thought standing in a line to get a home was much easier than getting into a bidding war for another home. now, the town homes start at $1.2 million. not cheap. sadly, another whale has washed ashore in the bay area. the 45-foot whale discovered this morning. u.s. park police alerted the marine mammal center. they are going to conduct a necropsy to determine the cause of death.
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the others, al gray whales were found. >> it was an eventful day at the international space station. the crew of the spacex dragon capsule successfully docked there early this morning. once the capsule linked up, astronauts on the ss checked for leaks. seven crew members on the international space station provided a warm welcome. it was all smiles and hugs, all around. the astronauts who docked this morning will stay onboard for the next-six months. four other spacex members are set to return to earth in four days. spacex ceo, elon musk, is getting ready to host an all-new episode of "saturday night live." snl tweeted that lineup today. miley cyrus is going to be the musical guest. this is not the first time he's made an appearance in the field of entertainment. he's also made cameos as himself in iron man 2 and the big bang theory. you can catch the new episode of
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"snl" may 8th, we will keep you posted. watch it here on nbc bay area and again at is 11:30. going to be interesting. >> it sure is. there is some interesting reaction on social media. >> very strong reaction. some like 'em and not everyone likes anything. >> you know, we have got a strong reaction to the weather because, finally, it'soing to rain. >> we are going to have rain. >> and we need the rain. >> it's been a while. we certainly need the rain. we have had unfortunately some high fire danger coming out of what has been a pretty dry start to spring. over my shoulder, a bit of a drizzle storm there. up across the headlands right now as we got low clouds moving across, some misty skies for now near the golden gate bridge where it is a chilly 59 degrees. right now, walnut creek, 59 degrees cooling down, winds out of the southwest at 15. still, some hints of sunshine at times. clouds starting to fill in, though. northwest wind at 18. if you are out and about tonight, jacket weather, back into the low 60s and 50s
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approaching 9:00 tonight and you may have some misty skies, at times. but the real rain, probably, holding off till about tomorrow morning. so the first half of sunday. this is the best opportunity for finding some rain. will be between about sunrise through lunchtime. and then, through the afternoon we transition to some clearing skies, but that opens the opportunity for, maybe, a slight chance of thunder showers. and we will take a look at that hour by hour, coming up. right now, our storm ranger scanning up here to the north bay. we are starting to see a few areas of light rain showing up across some of the higher hilltops. but the main part of the storm is still kind of getting its act together off shore. it's right back here, and as this starts to move in towards the morning, now look how things should be in the future cast. right around sunrise tomorrow, you can see areas of mainly light rain. and then, starting to decrease in coverage as we head toward 1:00 but that is an interesting time for san francisco because first pitch of the giants game tomorrow is right around that time and i think we are going to see some scattered showers moving through.
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the game should be completed but we may or may not see some delays early in that game, as the showers continue to move through. and early afternoon, you can see the orange showing up on the map there. that can include isolated thunder, especially to the north and east of the bay area. then, by tomorrow night, things start to settle down and the rain totals out of this. again, most places, about 500ths to a third of an inch of rain. burr but it's also a cold storm. winter storm warning may be up to about-10 inches of snow. about 5,000 feet, snow levels as low as 4,000 feet by monday morning. now, the story fort middle part of the week, as that system starts to clear out. we are going to see a warm trend back to the 80s, just like that. bit of winter to spring whiplash, again, as we go from the unsettled to the weekend to 70s in san francisco by wednesday and thursday. so if you like winter for a day or a day and a half, and you want some of that spring weather. got you covered there. back into the 80s by mid-week but interesting weather headed our way tomorrow.
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we will see a bit of everything, i think, around the bay area. >> it's not that we are going to get out of the drought because this rain, but it's going to push back fire danger even just a few weeks would be great. all right, rob, thanks. still ahead. fans back in the stands for the first time in a year. how getting into paypal park for the earthquakes' game is different from getting into a giants or warriors' game. >> also, if you missed our hour-long climate in crisis special, you can catch it, again, tonight. we talk to environmentalists about the greatest-climate threats facing the bay area. and how you can take action to help fix the problem. watch it right here on nbc bay area tonight at 7:00.
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there is little hope left for the sailors aboard an indonesian navy submarine that disappeared last week. today, a naval chief presented debris believed to be from that sub. the material gathered from the coast of bali has led investigators to conclude that the submarine must have imploded or crashed. navy says, among the debris was part of a guidance system for a torpedo. it is believed that most, maybe all, of the crew members are dead. in st. paul, minnesota, today, another protest outside the governor's mansion. organizers of the justice for all families march and rally led several-dozen protestors to the mansion. yesterday, hundreds gathered there demanding justice for daunte wright, who was shot and killed by police in nearby brooklyn center, and ma'khia bryant who was shot tuesday in ohio, outside her home. you can join our ongoing
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conversation about race in america, led by jessica aguirre and marcus washington. if you missed the latest episode, you can watch it on our website. just go to you can also watch on our youtube channel or facebook page. up next. no more cardboard cutouts. actual fans were back at paypal park for today's san jose earthquakes match. we will take you there.
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would you get your vaccine at disney? well, people can at disney's newport bay club outside paris. it's a new mass vaccination site that opened up today. up to 1,500 people, a day, can be vaccinated here. the site was normally used to hold corporate events. as of today, only 25% of people are vaccinated in france. an exciting first in the south bay. fans were he welcomed back to paypal park today. this is the first live sports event with fans in the south bay, since last march. it has been so long. the earthquakes played against fc dallas. unlike the warriors and the giants, no vaccination proof or covid tests are required to attend. fans were thrilled to be able to attend that game in person. >> it's been well over a year since i have been able to support the quakes, in person. so, i'm ecstatic to be here. >> so, yeah, it's awesome to be back. nice day, beautiful weather. so really great to be back, again. >> about 3,600 tickets were told. that's about 20% what the
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stadium can hold. our sports reporter and all-around nice guy, anthony flores, is going to have highlights from the game in our 6:00 newscast. >> all right. he has made it after days of walking. >> yes, he is. >> yeah, we will show you the final leg of his journey from l.a., next.
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finally, tonight. a big day for bear son. he completed his walk from downtown l.a. to san francisco. >> let's take a look at him. >> yeah. there he is. >> there we go. this is actually a man. his name is jesse lar ios. he is dressed in a bear suit. he completed his goal of walking from l.a. to san francisco when he crossed the golden gate bridge today. the walk he took was 400 miles. >> wow. >> started on april 12th. finished about 4:00, this afternoon. lar ios has set up a gofundme
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site. he's raised over 14,000 bucks on that site and is asking the public to help him identify a charity that should receive that money. he is asking for your input. >> well, donating to charity and exercise. >> and looking really cool doing it. >> thanks so much for watching. nightly news is next. and then, we will be back here at 6:00. >> see you then. tonight, shots of the johnson & johnson vaccine going back in arms already half of u.s. states getting ready to administer it. but do people want it? the cdc say the benefits far outweigh the small risks. but some americans aren't so sure >> i don't know when my number is up. i don't know if i'm that rare case the catastrophic surge in india nearly a million covid cases in just three days hospitals overwhelmed. the desperate effort to get lifesaving oxygen tanks in by air and train. an historic policy shift from the biden white house. how the president's us


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