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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  April 23, 2021 6:00pm-6:59pm PDT

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>> an ambitious plan unveiled by governor newsom, but it's getting pushback. the news at 6:00 starts right now. thanks so much for joining us. >> it's back in the rotation, a huge step forward for that johnson & johnson vaccine. late today federal regulators lifted that temporary halt. the j&j vaccine was paused, you might recall, for the last 11 days after 15 women who received that vaccine developed rare blood clots. three of those women died. however, the cdc and fda say the j&j vaccine is safe enough because an investigation found the risk of developing these blood clots is extremely low. >> we at the cdc and fda took the time needed to fully investigate this issue. we paused use of the vaccine out of an abundance caution. cdc in partnership with fda isce
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resume. >> health experts say it's critical, though, that women are told about the risk for blood clots with this j&j single-dose shot. the green light on the federal level. what about the state level now? california is expected to follow the fed's lead, but hasn't yet issued its guidance. san francisco says it has 700 doses of that j&j shot on hand. it's planning on administering those shots next week, assuming the state gives the okay. santa clara county has 20,000 doses of j&j. napa county currently has 400 doses. no data yet from san mateo or contra costa counties. they're all still awaiting the state's guidelines. today a cautious celebration in the south bay and its battle against covid. the santa clara county public health department announced more than 1 million residents have now received at least one dose of the covid vaccine. nbc bay area's robert honda
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spent his day at a vaccination center. >> it must be encouraging for the public health department to hit 1 million doses and still see such long lines at mass vax sites. but officials are apprehensive because there's still a lot of people that need to be vaccinated and are reluctant to come in. this 18-year-old and 16-year-old were part of the 3,000 or so people who were vaccinated at santa clara county's burger drive site today. they had no trouble understanding how the county reached more than 1 million residents who now have received at least one shot, 62% are fully immunized. >> i want a summer, senior summer, hang out with my friends, go to college. i was, like, when i can get it, i'm coming. celebratory news conference today calling the 1 million mark an important milestone because it indicates more than one-third of the eligible population is fully vaccinated.
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plus, new federal and state vaccine supplies limited the impact of the two-week pause on the johnson & johnson vaccine, and makes reaching that vague level of herd immunity easier. >> so after so many long and difficult months, we can now see a very clear path out of this pandemic. >> reporter: officials say the focus is now on reaching out to underserved communities and convincing the unconvinced. >> as we always say, the first million is easy, and the next 500,000 is going to be a little tough. >> we have enough vaccines to not only make sure that those big sites are taken care of, but every site in our community has appointments right now. >> reporter: some people we talked with say that's happening. >> everyone is getting it and they don't feel too sick after, maybe like a sore arm, but they just drink water and they feel better. it's awesome to hear. >> reporter: well, it is a good sign to see so many teenagers and young adults here, since they were part of the last group
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to become eligible, and so make up a significant part of the public that still needs to get vaccinated. in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. we've been keeping you updated on the vaccination efforts specifically across the bay area. health leaders say some counties could prevent california from reaching herd immunity. let's start with marin really leading the way. vaccination rates in the state 80% now in marin county of adults with at least one dose. over here 55% fully vaccinated. that's marin county. santa clara county doing well also right here with these numbers. 61% with at least one dose. the bay area doing better than the state as a whole. look at california's number here, 54% of adults have gotten at least a shot. but some counties are far behind. sutter county sacramento only 31% of adults with one shot. yuba county, 23% of adults. we need somewhere between 70%
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and 90% of the state to have the coronavirus antibodies to reach that herd immunity. contra costa county is pushing to get more shots into arms. firefighters from the san ramon fire protection district administered the vaccine. appointments were required, and those who got their first shot were given follow-up appointments to get their second dose. even though marin county has the highest vaccination rate in the bay area, health officials say about 47,000 people who are eligible haven't been vaccinated yet. the county is partnering with healthcare providers to create more ax sites. if you ot, we can help now to a serious climate in crisis. the major announcement today that will speed up the end of
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oil fracking here in california. governor newsom says the controversial practice will end by 2024. the legislature was already considering a proposal to phase it out, but the governor says the state cannot wait. nbc bay area's damian trujillo joins us with the blistering reaction from the oil industry. >> reporter: fracking is what it's called when workers inject liquid at high pressure into underground rocks to extract oil. the oil industry has said the practice is both safe and effective. environmentalists say it's just the opposite. and today the governor agreed, saying it's time for california to ban the practice. in a tweet today, the governor said, quote, california is now the first state to declare an end to oil extraction in the country. today we're announcing that we will phase out all oil extraction as part of a world-leading effort to achieve carbon neutrality and ban fracking by 2024. within minutes of the governor's announcement, the western state's petroleum association fired back.
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>> once again, the governor has chosen to ignore science, data, facts, and chosen to govern by bans, mandates, and personal fiat. >> reporter: the oil industry says it knows california is focused on solar and other renewable energy as the future. but they inseize they should've been the larger part of the talks on deciding the future of fracking. >> here's a ban of nearly 20% of energy production in the state. and that's only going to hurt workers, families, and communities in california, and, then turn our energy independence over to foreign sources. >> reporter: he calls a ban on oil production in california by the year 2045. the oil industry says not so fast, saying they're ready and now planning to take the fight to court. damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. making it in the bay is happening in near record time for some home buyers. while san francisco homes are staying on the market about three weeks, oakland and san jose homes are selling within
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days. the realty website found that in march san jose homes averaged 11 days before they were sold often with multiple offers. that competition pushed up the sale price about 7% over asking. oakland also a hot market with homes selling in about 13 days. sellers often see multiple offers with the prices soaring 13% over the asking price. a grandmother in the east bay managed to stop a private equity firm from buying the home she was living in. she had some help from a new state law inspired by the moms for housing movement that gives tenants extra time to purchase the home they're living in if it's being sold off in a foreclosure auction. nbc bay area's melissa colorado explains why local lawmakers now woman the that initiative to have its own source of funding. >> reporter: this law helped this formerly homeless grandmother with little savings to beat out speculators who wanted to buy this foreclosed
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home. >> the reason why it was important is because it was my opportunity to break cycles for myself and for my children. >> it really makes me feel good that i can see the results of a bill i carried. >> reporter: state senator nancy skinner is referring to sb-1079 which says foreclosed homes must be sold one at a time in order to prevent speculators from buying up foreclosed homes in bulk. it also gives tenants or nonprofits 45 days to find the money to either match or exceed a winning bid. jocelyn foreman had to come up with the money fast. so she started jocelyn's corner, a community fundraising effort with the help of the berkeley public school fund. today foreman signed an agreement with the northern california land trust. >> it'll become a community land trust home. so this house will be
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permanently affordable both to jocelyn and for everyone and every family that comes after her for the next 198 years. [ applause ] >> reporter: but this was a unicorn case. skinner says for sb-1079 to help more low-income families, the state needs to fund the law. >> i'm going to do my best this year to try to get funding so that we can support people doing this. >> reporter: in berkeley, melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. >> the moms for housing group inspired the legislation. you can watch our documentary on the moms for housing called "the moms of magnolia street." it's available on our website or on roku, apple tv, or our youtube channel. up next, we're about 45 minutes away from tip-off. warriors fans going inside chase center for the first time in more than a year. we're live as they start to head
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inside. a new economic indicator. business is good because we need clean clothes. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri.r allergies. i'll talk about the rain chances this weekend. i'll have a full look at the time line coming up in about seven minutes. our changing climate is triggering a lot of problems. but what about solutions? we sent our weather team out in the elements where climate change is touching the bay area to find out what we can all do to save our planet. including ways to reduce your carbon footprint. >> how to protect our oceans. >> climate hacks for your home. >> and how to turn trash into treasures that help clean up the earth. join us for our "climate in crisis" special on nbc bay area. connect on all of our platforms. small business insurance usually forces you to piece together multiple policies. that's why three was created. it's one policy that covers everything you need... leaving those old policies in the dust. three. no nonsense. just common sense.
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small business insurance is usually so complicated, you need to be a lawyer to understand it. that's why three was created. if you own it, three covers it. got a cheese slice for “spokesperson?" that's me. i don't even need to see what's happening behind me to know it's covered. three. no nonsense. just common sense. a former south bay teacher seen apparently coughing on an
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infant has been charged with assault. the santa clara county d.a.'s office says last june nancy norland got into an argument with a woman at a san jose yogurt land. the woman didn't like how close norland was standing to her so she took off her mask and coughed on the woman's baby in a stroller, then left without paying. at the time she worked as a teacher in the oak grove school district. she no longer works there. she is set to appear before a judge on tuesday. here's some good news. this is kind of a big deal, real-live people, you see them there, the fans, the kids inside chase center to watch the warriors. this is happening as we speak. it's a moment the fans and really the players have been waiting for, for more than a year. that's the scene inside. now let's check out outside chase center. nbc bay area's chrissy smith is among the people and the smiles and the music. kristy? >> reporter: i tell you, it almost feels like old times here
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at the chase center. fans are so, so excited to be back. i'm going to step inside so you can see what it looks like out here. boy, a lot of fans saying that this is the game that they wanted to come to, put their gear on and see the warriors again in person. of course, there are new protocols in place, and under 2,000 fans expected at least for tonight. so it's kind of a measured approach, but still a chance to show strength in numbers. ♪♪ the roar of the crowd is returning to warriors' games at the chase center. >> really excited to see the guys play tonight. i know it's been a long journey for them, too. >> reporter: they say the safety protocols make them feel safer. >> i feel like it's the best thing to do given what everybody's been going through since last year. >> yeah. and coming back here makes us feel safe, too. >> we are requiring every fan tonight to demonstrate negative test results taken within 48 hours of tip-off or alternatively full proof of
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vaccination so that's two weeks after your second or final dose. >> reporter: fans may notice some safety protocols including increased sanitation, contactless payments, designated eating areas, seating hubs and more. the center can host up to 35% capacity, but will start smaller. >> you'll be seeing about 2,000 fans here tonight. we're really taking the crawl/walk/run approach. we'll start smaller. we're going to scale up almost double that to sunday and so on and so forth. >> reporter: no matter the size, having the fans makes all the difference. >> it's definitely noticeable if you have even just a thousand fans in the seats. it makes a huge difference in the atmosphere. >> reporter: down the street at mission rock resort, they're looking forward to it, too. >> we're hoping that warriors fans feel comfortable with our setup. we're confident that we've created an environment where our customers can have fun but feel safe at the same time. we would love to see warriors fans in here before the game and after the game as well. >> reporter: and back here, they do have a number of people out
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here helping so people know where to go and what they're going to need to show when they get up front near the gate. a lot of energy out here. and of course what we're expecting is the fans that are going to take that energy right on inside with them. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> that looks fun. warriors and denver nuggets in just a little while from now. thank you, christie. the a's, is that ballpark ever going to happen in oakland? the team releasing new renderings to see what it looks like along with a revised financial plan. the a's say they'll not only pay for the $1 billion waterfront ballpark, but they'll also set aside $450 million for affordable housing. the team is asking for the oakland city council to vote on this project before summer recess. this is near jack london square. a somber anniversary for a
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bay area native, pat tillman, an all-star athlete who chose the army over the nfl was killed 17 years ago this week. after the september 11th terror attacks he left the nfl to become an army ranger, ultimately deploying to afghanistan where he was killed. he set records at asu where his statue now stands outside sun devils stadium. another bronze life-sized replica. both asu and the cardinals have retired his number. so has san jose's leland high school. tonight california has a new attorney general. governor newsom tapped oakland assembly memberer to take over for xavier becerra. his supporters lobbied the governor to appoint banta.
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she graduated from yale university and its law school. okay. let's get a check of our forecast. we've been talking about it all week. the rain coming this weekend. and jeff has an updated time line. >> and i know you all are excited about it. a lot of other folks are, too, just because we haven't had that much rainfall so far this season. and that's what i wanted to start off with. you can see our rainfall deficit here running anywhere from 8 inches and a little bit more than that behind in san jose, down over 12 inches in san francisco, santa rosa down over 21 inches. now the other thing that this low rain season has done for us, it's not only increased the drought, but our allergies, they just seem worse than ever. look at this. oak, sycamore and cedar. so, let's get a look at storm
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ranger. it is dry, if you have any plans tonight, don't expect any rainfall. you can leave that umbrella at home. and really through most of the day tomorrow, we're looking at just the cloud cover moving through. once we hit saturday night, 11:00 p.m., there's that storm system just offshore. and then this would bring our best rain chances by sunday morning 7:00 a.m. the other thing we're looking at here is the chance now of some isolated heavier pockets that could produce some small hail and maybe a few isolated thunderstorms. the better bit of that would be up towards the north bay. it gets going sunday morning, and then we'll see that rainfall push up to the east bay and the south bay peninsula through sunday afternoon and then start to get out of here as we roll through sunday night. you'll see that rainfall contained to sunday's forecast, a tenth to about a half-inch. and we'll dry out and warm up next week. we'll take a closer look at those totals for your city and also the sierra snow. it's going to be wintery up
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there. i know you have plans to stay down here and, well, get wet with that rainfall, but it's going to get snowy. >> skiing does sound nice. thanks, jeff. also ahead in the next 40 minutes, have you seen these as you fly into sfo, those salt ponds in the bay? how environmentalists think they could be used to help the fight against rising sea levels. and governor newsom has a new faux, the world-famous olympian ready to join the race to become california's next governor. but first, is this a sign that things are starting to pick up back to normal? how a cleaner in the south bay could be a real-world clue that normalcy isn't that far off. yep, a drycleaner. we're back in three minutes.
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>> climate change solutions every day this week on nbc bay area news. also need computers. and sometimes the hardest thing about homework is finding a place to do it. so why not hook community centers up with wifi? for kids like us, and all the amazing things we're gonna learn. over the next 10 years, comcast is committing $1 billion
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to reach 50 million low-income americans with the tools and resources they need to be ready for anything. i hope you're ready. 'cause we are. we all hear the numbers about case rates, vaccination rates. but sometimes the most significant signs of things get to back to normal are the real-world signs. we found one company pressing on
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just fine. >> reporter: business is booming. holiday cleaners, the drycleaning company he owns is cleaning up because so many of us need to clean up. >> a lot of people are bringing back their clothes. and they're longer in their pajamas like they used to be. >> reporter: people dropping off the business attire they haven't had to pull out of the closet in months, trying to look good as they hit the road to get back to work or going out dining. >> i think a lot of people want to go out and have fun. they want to take advantage of the restaurant opportunities, but also people kind of want to just get out of their drab clothes and put on something nice. >> for me and my kids, i have to go back to work and i have to start looking a little bit better than i was doing at our home. >> reporter: so many customers coming back, he is investing in his business. >> it was a surge that we had.
6:26 pm
i had to just prepare and get more equipment to make sure that i could handle a lot of the work that is coming back. >> reporter: as people get back to business. >> how you're dressed or how you go about it might change because we're going to be coming off probably, by the time we wean ourselves off of this, 18 months of having to course-correct really quickly. >> reporter: and perhaps the best news because business here has jumped 40% in the last month alone, he says he cannot only bring back the employees he had to let go earlier in the pandemic, he'll have to hire a few more. >> what is a sign of the times. up next at 6:30, are we going to have another celebrity reality tv star who said she's ready to in this upcoming recall election that we might see. there's been a stunning development in the fight over
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use effective birth control... while taking dovato. most common side effects are headache, nausea,... diarrhea, trouble sleeping, tiredness, and anxiety. so much goes... into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato—i did. right now at 6:30, the j&j vaccine gets the go-ahead to go into arms once again. how soon those shots could be available in the bay area. also, caitlyn for california. the olympian and former reality tv star launching a bid to become governor. it's really short-sighted
6:30 pm
for them to think about profiting off of this area. >> why environmentalists say a developer shouldn't be allowed to build housing on the redwood city salt ponds. the news at 6:30 starts right now. good evening, thanks so much for joining us. i'm janelle wang. >> and i'm raj mathai. it is official. johnson & johnson's covid vaccine is back on the market. it's about to go back on the market, we should say, after a day-long hearing and nearly two weeks of investigating, both the cdc and fda have given this one-shot vaccine the green light. but has the public already lost trust and faith in this vaccine? here's nbc bay area's anoushah rasta. >> reporter: it is clear that federal health officials are wasting no time on this. less than two hours after that expert panel recommendation, both the fda and the director of the cdc formally announced that they are accepting the recommendation, and they will lift the pause on the johnson & johnson vaccine. >> the cdc in partnership with fda is recommending that
6:31 pm
administration of the johnson & johnson vaccine resume. >> reporter: after an 11-daytimeout over concerns about rare blood clots, the one and done johnson & johnson vaccine got the green light again with a warning about that potentially serious but incredibly rare side effect. >> ten in favor. four opposed. and one abstention. >> reporter: the concern here is rare blood clots reported in 15 patients including one who died out of more than 6 million vaccinations. doctors say rare is the key term here. >> comfortable to being struck by lightning. >> reporter: the cdc panel also recommended that the johnson & johnson vaccine carry a label explaining the possible but unlikely blood clotting side effect. symptoms to watch for include unexplained swelling in the leg, tenderness in the calf or thigh, abdominal pain, headache or mental confusion. but there is another question here. did the weekslong pause taint the vaccine's reputation?
6:32 pm
ucf infectious diseases expert dr. peter says he believes public trust in the j&j vaccine will recover over time, largely because the benefits of the j&j single-dose outweigh the risks. >> one-stop shopping, good for rural communities, good for mobile vans. much more flexible than some of the other options. >> reporter: anoushah rasta, nbc bay area news. reality tv star and olympic gold medalist caitlyn jenner confirmed her run for governor with the tweet, i'm in. she says the state's taxes are too high. she also slams governor newsom's handling of the pandemic, saying it's devastated small businesses and caused children to lose a year of school. governor newsom's chief campaign strattist replied saying, quote, we always knew the republican l circus full of trump supporters, which only reinforces how much
6:33 pm
californians appreciate governor newsom's competent compassionate experienced leadership. we expect to hear more about the recall effort next week. president biden has announced his first overseas president. in june he's going to travel to cornwall, england for the group of 7 summit. following the group of 7 summit, president biden will travel to brussels for a meeting of nato allies. our ongoing series "climate in crisis," twitter is taking a stand. the san francisco-based company plans to dramatically reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. twitter previously had vowed to cut emissions but for only its data centers. twitter is now following the footsteps of other large tech companies including facebook, microsoft, and salesforce as parts of its promise, twitter says it will align with the emission standards set out in the paris climate agreement. on the peninsula, the redwood city salt ponds are a
6:34 pm
familiar sight, but the property owner wanted to build luxury condos on that site. and environmentalists launched a year-long legal fight. and cargill decided to give up. does that mean the fight is now over for good? robert handa joins us from the salt ponds with that story. >> reporter: it was a surprising decision because it was only about two weeks ago that cargill told us that they still plan to go to court to try to develop on these redwood city salt ponds. the company's decision was hailed as a victory by some environmental groups, but the future of these wetlands is far from certain. the 1,400 acre redwood sea salt ponds is coveted by environmentalists and developers. in 2009 the property owner of cargill subsidiary proposed putting 12,000 housing units as well as commercial buildings on the site. environmental groups led by baykeeper and save the bay
6:35 pm
argued the clean water act protects bay waters from development. >> wetlands are wet, therefore they are water. it makes sense to all of us who care about preserving those wetlands as water. >> reporter: that relatively simple analysis was supported by the obama administration, and cargill withdrew the proposal. but things changed under the trump epa which said the salt ponds are in fact land not protected by the clean water act so could be developed. that revived the cargill's proposal. salt ponds are a natural buffer against sea rise and flooding, and the cargill project could lead to more shoreline development. >> that overflow would cause devastating damage to our transportation infrastructure, the tech industry, many of which have their headquarters directly abutting the bay, as well as a lot of our essential infrastructure like our wastewater treatment plants,
6:36 pm
several of which are right near us here as well as homes and communities. >> reporter: in 2020, a federal judge ruled the trump epa had misapplied the law and said the salt ponds are protected waters. the trump cargill epa leadershi appeal. >> science is back in our government, and we can move forward and fight climate change appropriately and as needed. >> reporter: cargill said it still planned to appeal, but an uphill fight was looming with more groups joining the fight. >> i really think that the driver now in recent years is sea level rise. people understand that. and they understand that there is liability for maintaining these sea walls and levees to protect the developed environment here in redwood city. >> reporter: recently cargill abruptly dropped its appeal. they said our focus remains protecting environmental
6:37 pm
resources and working with our neighbors in the bay area to consider future uses of the salt works site. cargill did not address whether it would sell the property to be part of the connected don edwards wildlife refuge as it did in the past. ironically, it's now up to the epa to decide what to do next. baykeeper says cargill can still try to develop the property, though it would face legal and climate change hurdles. >> it's really shortsighted for them to think about profiting off of this area because it's really going to be exposed to flooding in ten to 15 to 20 years. and that means that anything that's built there is not going to be good for the community. >> reporter: cargill does not have any specific deadline to decide w next, so, despite the encouraging words, it's still not clear what these salt ponds will look like in the future. but for baykeeper and environmentalists, the fact it probably won't be covered with buildings and roads is good enough for now.
6:38 pm
robert handa, nbc bay area news. climate change may be poised to spark a new mass migration in the u.s. at least that's the conclusion from one expert who says in some cases it's already happening. >> there's a lot of people that are leaving southern arizona and they're crowding out the real estate and housing markets in northern arizona where it's much cooler in the mountains. this is my idea of climate gentrification. >> he believes nearly 15 million americans may soon be seeking new homes within the next few decades. that story is available on nbc lx which you can access from it also airs on 11-15 or channel 185 on xfinity cable. up next, celebrating a critical re-opening. ndslide that took out highway 1 near big sur. our changing climate is
6:39 pm
triggering a lot of problems. but what about solutions? we sent our weather team out in the elements where climate change is touching the bay area. to find out what we can all do to save our planet. including ways to reduce your carbon footprint. >> how to protect our oceans. climate hacks for your home. >> and how to turn trash into treasures that help clean up the earth. join us for our "climate in crisis" special on nbc bay area. connect on all of our platforms.
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hope you didn't get caught
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up in this. a major crash brought the morning commute to a crawl in san jose. a big rig rolled over on 101 at 880. look at that shot there. four lanes of the freeway were blocked. it took a few hours to for crews to right that big rig. not yet clear what led to this accident. a key section of california highway has reopened. a january mudslide washed away this. today after a ceremonial ribbon cutting, cars honked in celebration as they made the inaugural drive on the new pavement. not only was it finished two months early, money was invested to prevent future failures. >> millions and millions of dollars were invested to address the underlying cause of why this occurred here to make sure it doesn't occur in other parts of
6:42 pm
this freeway. >> caltran's drone video captured the process of restoring the beauty of highway 1 where it crosses rat creek. my son has a baseball tournament. is that a doorbell? >> yeah. >> jeff, you better get the pizza. your takeout has arrived. [ laughter ] >> hopefully it's pepperoni and mushroom. >> take it away, jeff. >> i know, i know. we're checking on thauation right now. classic work-from-home situation. we will track that rainfall, some sierra snow and those totals. i'll have all that for you coming up in a few minutes. we'll let you know what's at the door, too. you could be saving hundreds of dollars on your power bill each year. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. we'll show you how, next.
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well, during this earth
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week, we're talking about things we can do to help the planet. how about cutting your electric use? it can also save you money. our consumer investigator chris chmura is here to show us a simple and lucrative way to use less power. ♪♪ >> reporter: got an electric bill that's so big and expensive, it's scary? energy vampires might be to blame. and they can strike any time of year. an energy vampire is an appliance that uses electricity even if it's turned up. that can make up as much as 10% of your monthly electric bill. the wasted money adds up fast. americans are estimated to spend $19 billion every year on devices that aren't actually being used. but unlike real vampires, they don't hide in the shadows. they're easy to spot. start by looking for things that have ac adapters like cell phone chargers or plugs that are big and bulky.
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appliances that use brick chargers like laptops or cable boxes drain tons of electricity. and devices with clocks like microwaves or your coffee pot are using power. and your tv can be a huge drain on your power bill. appliances that use remote controls use power all the time. keeping these energy vampires in check can save you hundreds of dollars every year. here's how. it's pretty simple. first, look to buy devices that have an energy star logo on the package before you buy them. they're specifically designed to use less electricity. also, plug things into a power strip and switch it off between uses. perhaps the best way to defeat energy vampires and put more money back in your wallet is to simply unplug things when they aren't in use. ♪♪ >> thanks, chris, yes. energy vampires. okay. a successful launch this morning for spacex and its falcon 9
6:47 pm
rocket. >> one, zero. mission, and lift off. [ applause ] >> tha.m., four astronauts lifted off from kennedy space center en route to the international space station. it's the first time elon musk's company used a previously flown. they will spend six months on the iss conducting experiments and maintenance. our nbc poll question tonight. did jeff ranieri order pizza, chinese food, or mexican food delivery for the door? >> i think it's japanese. >> sushi. >> well, we did get burgers and fries, you guys. >> we got it going to be -- yeal of those options sound amazing. the we answered the door. lucy's calmed down. she's waiting on her dinner over here. but, you know what, it's friday
6:48 pm
and a lot of you may have a little of that going on at your house tonight. we're going to get you ready for that weekend forecast. and we'll look at our mobile doppler radar. it is currently dry here from the north bay over to the east bay and the peninsula. but we do have those rain chances that will be on the way this weekend. we have some widespread clouds returning through tomorrow morning. and that's going to really be the biggest difference here to start for us. and then we'll keep those clouds and a little bit of sun through the day for tomorrow. and the rain gets here once we roll into sunday. we do have those chilly temperatures to start. not as cold as it has been, though. those clouds always act like a blanket to insulate us. we're coming in with more of those upper 40s and low 50s. just a slight chance of an isolated shower for the north bay in the morning. nothing too big.
6:49 pm
you can see it right here on the futurecast. 8:00 in the morning some spotty showers there for the north bay right down to about the coast. and it's the cloud cover, everybody's going to deal with that to start. we'll try to get a few breaks of sun, but the clouds are going to try to hold on as well. it's more of a party sunny to mostly cloudy sky. 59 degrees in santa rosa. last weekend we had the 80s. those are long gone. 61 here in oakland. down to san jose 66. palo alto 63 degrees. you'll see here once we hit 7:00 in the morning on sunday, that's when that storm system starts to move into the north bay. there's some new information coming out about this, some new data i'm getting just over the past hour that it does look like we'll see enough uplift for maybe some small hail and isolated thunderstorms. i think that best chance would be over the north bay. we'll see that rain continue to push over the east bay and peninsula, make it down to the south bay as we roll through
6:50 pm
sunday afternoon. and eventually by sunday evening this will start to get out of here. rainfall totals, it's pretty decent here for a late-season storm system. we're looking at 0.05. sierra snow is also going to be happening. so get ready for those winter conditions if you're going on interstate 80 or highway 50. a foot for the highest level. so be ready for those slick roadways. seven-day forecast we do have dry weather coming back monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and friday. and 60s in san francisco. hold on and get ready for this ride. look at this. sunday, 57 degrees. we're up to 79 wednesday and 81 on thursday's forecast. so, some big temperature swings in there, that rain on sunday. janelle, i know you're looking forward to going out in that rain maybe not carrying the umbrella and just getting wet
6:51 pm
that. sounds pretty good to me, too, along with those fries. i'm just ready to go eat. >> that's all i'm thinking about. >> same. >> both of our toddler daughters have interrupted our live from home shots. so we're totally getting this. >> you can always have food interrupt a live shot. >> thank you, jeff. all right. with that burger, enjoy it. fans are now filing into chase center for the first time in more than a year. our own anthony flores also inside. he's going to join us next.
6:52 pm
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let's move forward together in the fight against climate change. join us every day this week on nbc bay area news. we mentioned this earlier in the newscast. this is no ordinary game for the warriors. there's life inside chase center. >> real life people. that means the players are also pumped. nbc bay area's anthony flores, he's in the house. >> it's finally here. fans returning to the seats at chase center. it's a day players have been looking forward to for more than a year. >> chase center, i can to the wait. bring it. >> fans attending the game will have to show proof of full vaccination or a negative covid-19 test taken within 48
6:55 pm
hours of the game. face masks will be required. the arena is allowed to admit 35% of capacity. but the warriors tell us this first game will feature a much smaller crowd of around 1,700. steph curry says he's just happy to hear fans. >> it's noticeable if you have even just a thousand fans in the seats. it makes a huge difference in the atmosphere. >> fans really bring an extra set of passion and emotion to the game. so i'm super excited to get back out and perform in front of them and also hear their chants, hear their cheers. it's going to be exciting. >> reporter: the warriors are fighting to make the playoffs are 13 games to go in the regular season. nine of those games will be at chase center in front of their hometown crowd. >> i like the position we're in. we've got a lot of home games to try to take advantage of and continue to build on our momentum from the last couple
6:56 pm
weeks. >> it starts tonight against the denver nuggets. tip-off is at 7:00. at chase center in san francisco, anthony flores, nbc bay area news. >> that'll be pretty cool to see. and finally tonight, janelle, did you see the bunny from last night? >> i did. oh, cute! >> it's like a 40-pound bunny. a giants fan brought her therapy bunny to the ballpark last night and stole the show. the bunny's name is alex. he's four months old and goes where the owners -- pretty much everywhere the owners go. we caught up with the owner. take a listen. >> so, like, bringing him to the game, definitely we couldn't concentrate on the game, but a lot of the people who attended had fun and enjoyed having him around. >> that's something very different. the owner's name, she's dealing with a lot of anxiety and stress because she lost her restaurant
6:57 pm
during the pandemic. but, alex the bunny putting a smile on her face and our face as well. >> for sure. have a good evening, folks. we're taking you along with us as we discover the best california has to offer, from food to lifestyle and everything in between, we're covering the entire state on "california live" weekdays at 11:30 a.m. on nbc bay area. oakland public education fund's virtual volunteer program is in need of chinese-speaking mentors. do you have time to help on your smartphone or computer? learn more at
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the little cousins are big boys now. all you need to know about the new priceless archie and louis photos. >> i will talk in baby talk sometimes. i need you to do this. >> one person, many personalities. how he ultimately concord his daunting disorder. >> all of my others, as we call them. >> i'm so happy to be here. we've got the top five oscar styles ever. so who's number one? the differences and similarities to philip's farewell. the day the world mourned the loss of diana. >> thank you so much. welcome to "access


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