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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 23, 2021 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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revealed. the climate in full focus this week, as we just celebrated earth day yesterday. san francisco mayor london breed touting the city's commitment to fight climate change. she says the entire city of san francisco will be carbon neutral in 24 years. breed is also moving up san francisco's time line for doing it by five years. she says clean power sf is already providing clean energy to 380,000 customers and is now capable of providing 100% renewable energy to all of its residents within the next four years >> we're leading in addressing issues around climate change with our carbon emissions and other challenges that we face, and we're going to continue to lead. >> the mayor says there's a lot more work to do when it comes to the climate crisis. right now at 6:00, decision day. in exactly two hours the cdc will start a hearing on the johnson & johnson vaccine, which is right now on hold, after
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concerns over blood clotting. a live reporting next and all new what one senior cdc adviser is saying about the concerns. and vaccines galore. get your phones out. he'll tell you where thousands of appointments in the bay area are available and where 6,000 appointments will come open next week. plus -- >> we'll see you all in the big. we got fans to chase center. i cannot wait! bring it. let's go! >> >> he's excited. kent bazemore says the warriors are ready for you tonight at the chase center, there are restrictions and the buzz over steph curry, what he's saying about being this season's mvp, up next in a live report. marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. we're also tracking a 4.0 earthquake in the mendocino
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national forest, about 45 miles northwest of cloverdale this morning. it happened just after 4:00, about 4.18. no reports of dam or injuries but what a way to wake up. >> meteorologist kari hall has more analysis on this. good morning, kari. >> good morning. checking the usgs they were saying only six people report they felt it, it is in a remote area in the mendocino national forests and one of our lesser known faults, the bartlett springs fault. we watched these because a 4.0 doesn't happen that often but it is an active, seismic region and it could possibly trigger another earthquake on one of those parallel faults like the san andreas fault. as we look at how many we get, we get 100 earthquakes per day in california. most of them are below a 4.0, and in a year, we get 36,000 earthquakes a year. so it is a pretty active region,
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and looking at the type of earthquake we had, it was a right lateral strike slip fault, that's the kind of same fault that we have on the san an tray was. it runs parallel to that so we'll continue to monitor that and see if we have any more movement throughout the morning. we're putting things out, laura posted on twitter, you can let her know as well. we will be tracking this weekend's rain chances coming up in a few minutes. mike, how is it looking for the commute? >> kari, i don't have the fancy terminology you used to explain the earthquake. i can just say it's slow getting out of san francisco, because of the police activity. it's safe to pass this scene on your right lanes you have them blocked and a longer, slow drive because more traffic is starting to leave the city two far left open onto the lower deck. the commute builds on the incline but in the south bay this has cleared.
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eastbound san mateo bridge is one the alternates to theech. westbound with the tail lights is the heavier drive both at speed. back to you. 6:03. critical day for johnson & johnson. today the vaccine is up for federal review after what now may be two deaths tied to blood clotting and other serious complications in several other cases. the vaccine distribution was halted. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is live in mountain view with a look at the discussion that's going to go on very soon this morning. >> reporter: a lot of people are listening to the discussion. a number of people got johnson & johnson vaccinations like the mountain community center where i am this morning. i want to talk about what we know at this point. we're talking about seven cases in about 7.5 million people who got a johnson & johnson covid
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vaccine across the country. there is a new case under investigation. the most serious one to date, an oregon woman in her 50s died two weeks after getting a johnson & johnson vaccine. she developed a rare blood clot in addition to low blood platelets. complications are similar to what happened with seven other women under the age of 50, all but one of them survived. the oregon health authority says the connection between the johnson & johnson vaccine and symptoms is not clear just yet. >> the symptomatology and the duration of symptoms itself has varied between individuals which may or may not be related to their final outcome as well. it seems to be pretty variable. >> when the cdc advisory committee on immunization practices reviews the case data they'll review a risk benefit analysis of having a third
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vaccine available following similar review, several european countries and south africa say the benefits outweigh the risks. vaccination rates continue to climb in the bay area. look at the map, in all of the bay area, more than 60% of people 16 and up have at least one dose. marin county has the highest vaccination rate at 77%, which is surprising because they have traditionally low vaccination rates and solano county is trailing behind at 48%. the cdc panel will begin its review at 8:00 this morning. we have heard dr. fauci say in the past that these very serious symptoms develop about two weeks after the vaccination so if you got a johnson & johnson shot and you're more than a month beyond, he says that you can probably take a deep breath and relax, just a bit. if you did get one of those johnson & johnson vaccines, i'd love to know how you're feeling about this discussion today and how you're feeling about the vaccine in general. we'll chat about that on facebook and twitter.
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mountain view, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." this morning we continue to track the vaccine disparity in the bay area. some counties have plenty of doses while others are still struggling. santa clara county vaccination sites are setting records but san mateo county doesn't have enough doses to open its largest vaccination site, a point being underscored by county supervisor david canepa. >> we have zero, zero, zero for the last two weeks mass vaccination sites. >> newly released numbers show san mateo county is expected to get 18,000 vaccinations next week, that's more than double its current rate. supervisor canepa says a state senator is arranging a meeting with the governor to make san mateo county a bigger priority. san francisco supervisor matt haney among those leading the charge to get more people vaccinated in san francisco. on twitter he informed his
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followers another 6,000 vaccine appointments opened up at the moscone center, one of the city's largest sites. are you still looking to get your shot? we can help. head to our website, and click on how to get a vaccine appointment. it's right up there in the trending bar. consumer investigator chris chmura has good advice on getting that vaccine. new this morning, one man is dead and several recovering in the hospital after a pair of shootings inization's gas light district. police say a man walked up to another man late last night who was standing outside of a hotel and started a fight with him. the suspect opened fire, killing him. a short time later a few blocks away police say the suspect then got into another altercation with a group of men, and opened fire on that group, hitting four people. officers tased the shooter, before taking him into custody. the four victims are said to have non-life-threatening injuries. new this morning, san francisco police officers are finding a lot more untraceable
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guns these days, also known as ghost guns. "the examiner" reporting sfpd seized 164 guns compared to six in 2016, the year when the department began collecting the data. san francisco is seeing a rise in shootings, up more than 180% last year, and so far this year, 73 shootings have been reported compared to 26 this time last year. a south san francisco man is in custody after police allegedly found thousands of rounds of ammunition and firearms in his home. here's a look at what they found. yesterday morning they say officers executed a search warrant at the home of a convicted felon. inside the home, they found unregistered guns and ammo. the man is now under arrest, facing charges that also include child endangerment. back to the pandemic. for the first time in more than a year, warrior fans will fill
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at least part of the chase center, that crowd size smaller due to covid but with the warriors making a playoff push, the timing could not be better. >> no kidding. "today in the bay's" pete suratos joins us live at the chase center this morning, and chase probably the hottest player in the world right now is leading this big warriors push. having the fans there should help as well. >> reporter: yes, indeed. good morning, and yes, definitely in my opinion the best player right now in the nba steph curry, having quite a run averaging close to 40 points over an 11-game stretch before last game. we'll see if that continues tonight with fans in the stands here at the chase center. this is exciting, right, the first indoor event in san francisco since the start of the pandemic. the nba was the first league to suspend the season when the pandemic started, going into the bubble format. we'll finally see fans inside
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the chase center. we'll be up to 35% capacity and fans must provide a vaccination card or proof of a negative covid test, administered 48 hours prior to the game.t curry the team are excited to welcome fans. here he is talking to "the rex chapman show" about his play this season. >> quick, are you the mvp this season? >> i gotta be. i gotta be. >> all right. >> i probably won't get it but whatever. >> no, no, don't say that. uh-uh. >> he go like this, nobody will be able to -- you can keep this going. >> i like to be dramatic sometimes so i'm just setting the table. >> i know you do. i know you do. >> reporter: gotta love the confidence of curry in that interview. warriors are currently the ninth seed in the western conference, so that will get them to the play-in tournament.
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we'll have fans and tip-off tonight at 7:00 p.m. reporting live, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> thank you, pete. i'll be watching on tv to the. tonight. start of the morning in san jose waking up to a beautiful sunrise. get the camera ready. that sun will be coming over the hill in the next few minutes. it is now 50 degrees, and as we go into today, we go from 50 degrees to the mid-60s by early in the afternoon. much more beautiful weather today, but a lot of changes in the weekend forecast, and we'll talk about that in a few minutes. mike, what's the update on the morning commute? >> kari, we have more slowing but it's both directions of the bay bridge on the san francisco side. the police activity still blocks your right two lanes and as i said, it is safe for cars to drive past the area, they're taking car business but your two left lanes are still open but that is a distraction for folks getting off into san francisco off of that westbound
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decline into the city as well. mild build there. i just heard about construction that might affect one lane of that eastbound at richmond bridge. san mateo bridge or b.a.r.t. are your better options if you choose not to use the bay bridge. you can use that, the rest of the bay a smooth, easy drive and drives through contra costa county a lame da county, the longer drives are looking to find, ooh, that should be yellow at the bottom, we're okay but we'll break down the drive through contra costa coming up. back to you. >> all right, speaking of driving, looking for a used car? you may want to prepare to pay a whole lot more. coming up next the new problem vexing silicon valley that is also driving up used car prices. and running out of time, while off find a missing submarine inails. you're watching "today in the bay."
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from live tv to sports on the go. felix at the finish! you can even watch your dvr from anywhere. okay, that's just showing off.. so go on, get really into your shows. you need a breath mint. xfinity. it's a way better way to watch. it is 6:16 in martinez, time to get your friday started off right with your morning exercise heading out for a walk this morning or run and the start of the day will be in the upper 40s and clears out as our temperatures warm up today. it's going to be so nice. we'll talk about some rain in our weekend forecast that's coming up in a few minutes. and entering eastbound 80 at the fourth street on-ramp jammed up now approaching the sterling
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street and bryant street overcrossing there so watch out for the police activity just two lanes open. slowing into the city westbound, here seen on the map and at the toll plaza though, things are pretty light, it just slows from about treasure island getting to the decline, because of a distraction again we're following that police activity in san francisco. >> thanks so, kari and mike. 6:17 right now. following some business and tech news for you this morning, tesla's autopilot feature remains under the microscope this morning following a deadly crash in texas. engineers for "consumer reports" easily tricked a tesla model y to drive on autopilot without anyone behind the wheel. they say the model y automatically steered along painted last week a model s crashed int killing two people. police at the scene say no one was behind the wheel. tesla's ceo elon musk tweeted he
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has data suggesting that is just not true. now to honda, its new ceo is aiming to sell 100% electric and fuel cell cars by 2040. he says he expects those types of cars and trucks to account for 40% of sales by the end of this decade. used car prices in the u.s., have you seen them, they're soaring. the mannheim u.s. used vehicle value index went up nearly 7% in the first 15 days of april. data shows the reason for the rise is a computer chip shortage, which is found in many new cars to a rebounding economy. hmm. it's a race against time in indonesia to find a submarine that disappeared two days ago. officials in bali say the vessel went missing two days ago and has less than one day of oxygen left for its crew and the 5 people on board. submarine may have sunk in waters too deep to recover it.
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in the caribbean ash covered roads in st. vincent after a long dormant volcano erupted, april 9th after decades of knack activity, spewing ash ever since. look at that video, worrying scientists who are afraid it could erupt again. an eruption in 1902 by a volcano killed more than 1,000 people. back home the oakland and fresno zoos teaming up to do something good. take a look, 4-year-old salvo just arrived from fresno. the zoo has been looking for a giraffe to add to its herd after losing four older giraffes in recent years. the san francisco zoo now has six giraffes in its african savannah and safari and west santa rosa has a new baby giraffe. the bay area is going giraffes on this friday morning. such beautiful creatures. they are just so beautiful. >> they're really stunning to watch and we're so lucky here in the bay area, having some great
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venues, safari west, san francisco zoo, oakland zoo. so welcome from fresno. okay. it's a little cooler here in the valley as well. let's check in with kari with a look at our forecast. >> it's going to be much cooler in san francisco today, if you're going to the zoo there, but we're just making it through the day and home schooling, and making the best of the opportunities to get out in the backyard. let's head to fremont, we're starting out with our virtual learning at about 53 degrees and sunshine as we reach into the mid-60s today. it's going to be cooler compared to what we've seen for some of our inland areas, antioch reaching 70 today, just perfect but much cooler in san francisco, you'll need the jacket on all day, reaching 56 degrees there, as the clouds and the fog linger near the coast. head to the north bay, it's going to be in the upper 60s with ukiah reaching 70 degrees. a breezy wind and i'm so excited about this rain this weekend,
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maybe you may not be so excited about it as i am but we are going to start to see some of those showers just a couple of spotty, light showers especially near the coast and in parts of the north bay tomorrow afternoon. let's go through the time line, but a much better 5:00 sunday morning, we are seeing that rain coming down even wintry mix farther to the north, as we check out some of our upper elevations, there will be some snow coming down, and that snow continues in the sierra, while the bay area gets some rain off and on throughout the day on sunday. this is the first chance we've had a measurable rain since march 18th for the south bay. so it's been way too long for us to get any rain since we've gotten any rain, and we're looking at about a tenth to quarter of an inch of rain from the peninsula down to the south bay, as well as the east bay. north bay may get over a half inch of rain, although it is really good to see that, and the sierra getting about a foot of
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snow possible, if you're heading there, make sure you plan around the snow because those roads are going to be treacherous and this is not going to put a dent in our drought. look at the rainfall deficits, over 21 inches for the north bay. we'll talk more about that coming up. mike, how is it looking right now for the commute? >> kari, you're going to have to allow a little extra time across the bay bridge into or out of san francisco. say ten minutes it will keep you calm and relaxed but we are looking at this problem. police activity blocking right two lanes out of san francisco, so from about sixth or seventh a slower drive jamming up by the bryant or sterling and then it's clear. now that's also backing uhm traffic and slowing down because people are distracted coming off of the decline from treasure island. there's a build for the incline as well, toll plaza not a big deal right now. it's friday so a lighter volume overall. the rest of the bay very light. you can see that breaks down the contra costa county drive. pittsburg and walnut creek,
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here's three ways and if you take the cut-through for 242 you'll be fine. a live look scholes you the tri-valley no major problems westbound with the headlights. it's a smooth flow once you get out of theality month pass. back to you. governor newsom may be on the verge of an environmental overhaul. a new ban that may come as soon as today that activists have been pushing for, for years. you're watching "today in the bay."
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governor newsom is reportedly ready to phase out fracking in california according to a new report from politico. fracking is a controversial form of oil extraction, a recent state bill to ban fracking died last week in legislative committee. newsom is expected to ban permits on all new projects. new this morning some california cities may be one step closer to supervised drug injection sites. an idea the government is fighting every step of the way. yesterday state senators aproved a new bill to pave the way for so-called safe injection sites in california. bay area senator scott winer is hoping the biden administration rethinks the long-term federal strategy. an east bay grandmother struggling to make it in the bay is celebrating her personal battle to remain in her home thanks to i law inspired by the moms for housing group. jocelyn farmer is a berkeley community leader and farmer
6:27 am
renter who has been posting her struggles on social media. she nearly lost her home in pinole when it went up for auction following foreclosure. she's also now ready to become the first person to save her home by buying it, thanks to a new state law authored by east bay senator nancy skinner. that law scales back the ability of corporate groups to profit from foreclosure auctions. the moms for housing group inspired that legislation. in fact, you can watch the moms of magnolia street right now, it's on our website, or on roku, apple tv or youtube channel. coming up next, a new police confrontation is raising some concerns involving a bay area law enforcement officer. this one also involving a teenager with autism. his father's demands for answers and the video that you can decide for yourself if you think the line was crossed. plus more and more students are leaving california's public schools and this morning, we have new details on exactly who
6:28 am
is leaving and where they're going. that's next. you're watching "today in the bay."
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. right now at 6:30, change it in the air. a live look at san jose on that friday morning. you can see that beautiful sunrise coming up, and start looking for those umbrellas, because rain is in the forecast for this weekend. when and where is coming up next. "today in the bay" continues
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right now. good morning. i'm cierra johnson in for marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. what a gorgeous sunrise there. wet we'll get to the forecast in a bit. first tracking a 4.0 earthquake. it happened in the mendocino national forest, 45 miles northwest of cloverdale. look at this map here, you can see it was out in a remote region and not a lot reporting feeling it, just after 4:00, about 4:18 this morning so very early. no reports of damage or injurie. i see the map and the fault line. it's not too close to us, we're in safe distance but stranger things have happened. >> right. even though this happened on the bartlett springs fault, a lesser
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known fault it can affect some of the parallel faults that are like the san andreas fault not too far from there. there was a 5.0 on this same fault at about 2016, in 2016 but looking at home we have a day, 100 earthquakes in california each day. we don't feel most of those because most are below a 4.0 but in a year, we have 36,000 earthquakes across the state and of course the most active fault is the san andreas fault which is actually the same kind of fault where this earthquake happened, it is a right lateral strike slip fault and what happens is the earth moves from side to side, basically sliding past one another plates kind of moving in that direction. we're continuing to watch so see if there's movement. we're watching that as well as the weekend rain. mike, what's happening right
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now the commute? >> kari, the earthquake was far enough away, it wasn't concerned for the bridges or the transit systems. here's the problem for the bridge. the bay bridge getting out of san francisco is still jammed up. now from about sixth or seventh up to the scene of police activity blocking right lanes, left two lanes get by onto the lower deck. this adds the lay it out of san francisco from the skyway, more building here. we're looking at the drive across the san mateo bridge, because i heard about a stall on the richmond bridge eastbound that might be a delay for folks, so the alternate to the bay bridge would be the san mateo bridge if you choose to take you're about 10 to 15-minute delay out of san francisco. back to you. >> thanks so much. it is 6:33 right now. father is demanding answer this is morning after his son was involved in what he called a tense altercation with police and it was caught on video. he believes the father does that the police crossed the line especially considering his son's condition. >> "today in the bay's" sharon
6:34 am
katsuda is live this morning with brand new dispatch audio shedding new light on what happened. good morning, sharon. >> reporter: police say the officers did not know the teen has autism and they were responding to a call where they heard that the subject had a weapon or a knife. we're warning you now, this video may be disturbing. adam wolf is upset about the encounter his 17-year-old son preston had with vacaville police on wednesday. you can see in the video his son is there with his scooter, when police show up. you can see him following police instruction, when told to sit down. when the officer tried to cuff him, he tried to run away. his father says there's a reason for that, and there's a question whether police should have known that with the dispatch information. >> for a child with autism who doesn't like to be touched. >> is preston the subject that has autism?
6:35 am
>> possibly has special needs from prior contact. >> i'm familiar with him. >> we understand the video on social media is very difficult to watch. when responding to a 911 call regarding a potential stabbing or assault with a deadly weapon suspect wa individual. >> reporter: according to police and preston' a 16-year-old, that teenager pa. preston's father says things need to change. wolf says his son got a citation for resisting arrest and not sure what that means, he's curious what that means for his son. the officer involved in the encounter is still on the job, as the investigation continues, and meantime vacaville police say they offered the father information about a database where he can provide information about his son that in the the
6:36 am
future if they receive any calls they know how to respond to his son. i'm sharon katsuda, "today in the bay." >> expand on the database police are talking about. can a lot of people use this or learn from it, at least? >> reporter: yes, police say that database is called puzzle project and it's a database that allows parents with children who have autism to report the child's name and the address and a photo so that if police have to respond to any cases, they can respond appropriately. back to you. >> right, okay, the progress that needs to be made. thanks so much, also have anot follow-up for you this morning, we're learning a danville police officer charged in a deading shooting has turned himself in. andrew hall is charged with voluntary manslaughter, prosecutors say in 2018 he shot latimer arboleta when arboleta
6:37 am
tried to drive through two police vehicles. the family of the victim says he struggled with mental health. hall is also under investigation for another deadly shooting that just happened last month. police say that man was armed with a knife. how big of a hit california public schools are taking from the pandemic, new california department of education data reveals enrollment statewide dropping by more than 160,000 this year. it's by far the largest decline in years. the exodus is led by white students who account for 22% of the student population, but make up about half of the students who have left for private schools while public schools lagged behind. urban districts saw the biggest loss with l.a. unified leading the way. uc and cal state all vaccines are under emergency use authorization. some students of san jose state
6:38 am
requirement. >> it's like a step forward. i'm definitely for it, yeah, i want to get back to school. >> great idea. definitely when you have kids on campus especially like this big of a school, you don't want to have a situation where kids are actually getting sick. >> ucsf's dr. peter chin-hong says it is a possibility that high school also eventually require vaccinations, too. >> the writing is on the wall. high schools, schools in general, k to 8 et cetera, they all have a tradition of requiring vaccines. again, emergency use authorization then full clearance from the fda, but once that's done, i think that will be where things are going to be headed. >> back to colleges, not just students but professors and staff will also need to be vaccinated. stanford university plans to require those vaccinations. the day is finally here for dub nation with fans finally returning to the stands at the chase center, but there are still a number of covid
6:39 am
protocols in place to make sure those fans are enjoying the game safely. >> that's right. "today in the bay's" pete suratos joins us live from the to the game but happy for those who finally do but we have to adhere to some rules, pete. >> reporter: that's right. good morning to you, laura and cierra. i'm sure a lot of us will want to be inside for that game, but it's hard to believe, right, the first major indoor event in san francisco since the start of the pandemic, so it should be an exciting time, inside the chase center. the experience will be a little different due to the pandemic as the arena will only fill up to 35% capacity. i spoke to a warriors representative they're expecting roughly about 1,700 fans tonight for the game, they must provide proof of vaccination or a negative covid test administered 48 hours prior to the game.
6:40 am
of course face masks will be enforced. there's contactless entry and other safety protocols gatherings for safety reasons but we know tip-off inside the chase center is take reporting live, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> all right, sounds like so much fun. a little bit of normalcy that we're getting back to. thanks, pete. hey it's friday, a peek at the weekend forecast. let's check in with meteorologist kari hall. >> word on the street is that the pacific coast highway near big sur has reopened! and so it's going to be a great weekend for enjoying the scenic route. look at our temperatures near big sur, 61 degrees today. 60 tomorrow. eight going to be mostly cloudy, and that rain moves in on sunday. better pictures. let's look at our forecast for 50 degrees tomorrow.
6:41 am
we'll see some showers down at lake level, but as you go up in elevation, there will be some snow coming down, the possibility of up to 12 inches, so you may want to hold off on coming back home until monday. as we look at our forecast for paso robles, it's going to be warmer, upper 60s. sunday it looks like the clouds move in but the rain not quite making it that far south so we'll be in the upper 50s. if you are headed farther south from there, going to l.a., we'll reach into the mid-60s. sunshine both today and tomorrow, and then some more clouds moving in by sunday. as we check out the forecast near the coast in monterey, it's going to be a cool weekend. i think today will probably be the best day to enjoy the afternoon there. we'll talk about what we're expecting as that rain moves in, coming up in a few minutes. mike, right now we're just trying to get to work. how is the commute moving? >> kari, better news, breaking news out of san francisco.
6:42 am
chp's alert system just clearing any activity on the bay bridge lower deck. so we should see good recovery, this just happened seconds ago as we look at your map getting out of san francisco is jammed from 101 and the split near octavia, eastbound 80 is jammed up, but again, should be quick recovery as the police activity did clear from that lower deck getting out of san francisco. westbound we do have your typical friday light slowing on the incline and build through berkeley. richmond bridge eastbound disabled vehicle not a lot of slowing but a note if you were using an alternate to the bay bridge. the rest of the bay a smooth drive. contra costa county you have a little bit of a shift, kirker pass road is a much better drive right now from pittsburgcutting creek. back over to you. coming up the latest update on california's fuel emission standards which was blocked by the former trump administration. next what the biden administration is doing about it.
6:43 am
plus -- >> reporter: i'm kris sanchez in mountain view and today the cdc will figure out whether or not to resume that johnson & johnson vaccine after several women developed serious blood clots. we're going to talk about what we know about tha you were slee, four astronauts took off from florida, on their way to space. we've got a look at the liftoff and we'll talk about their mission, all coming up next. you're watching "today in the bay."
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happy friday. it is 6:45. let's get you ready for the morning workout in martinez as you get ready to lace up your shoes and head out the door. we'll see temperatures in the upper 40s, maybe grab the jacket, too, but much more comfortable through the day. lunch time temperature 62 degrees here. we'll talk about weekend rain in the forecast, coming up in a few minutes. breaking news out of san francisco, better speeds out of san francisco as the police activity clears from the lower deck. recovery from the 101/80 split east 80 slows across the skyway but it should quicklygetting in bay bridge toll plaza shows what you' there's the chp officer always, they're
6:47 am
always watching out. back to you. >> they always seem to be around. thanks so much. developing this morning, oakland police are asking for help solving a shooting they say left an innocent young man dead from a stray bullet. demetrius fleming died april 10th in east oakland. he would have been celebrating his 19th birthday this week. police say he was in a car with friends near 6th and international when a shooting happened nearby. he was the only one struck by gunfire. a $15,000 reward is being offered to find the gunman. a follow-up this morning, 150 unaccompanied migrant children are waking up at the long beach convention center. the group mostly made up of girls arrived last night. they're the first group of what's expected to be 1,000 to arrive there over the next coming days. the ultimate goal is to reunite.
6:48 am
the white house climate summit continues today. president biden virtually hosting 40 world leaders for a livestream event to talk about ways to combat climate change. the event comes as he pledges to tighten greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030. a handful of the world leaders are echoing similar commitments. remember the battle california was having over fuel emissions with the trump administration? well, that's all now in the rear view mirror. at one point trump's agencies blocked the authority of states to create their own emission standards. california responded by leading a lawsuit. yesterday the department of transportation announced that rule has now been dropped along a make or break day for johnson & johnson for the vaccine and its recipients. >> the distribution of the
6:49 am
vaccine was halted. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us live to look at what's being discussed today. kris? >> reporter: hi there. that review is beginning by the cdc in just about an hour's time. here is a look at what they're going to be talking about. there are seven confirmed clotting cases among 7.5 million people in the u.s. who got in a johnson & johnson vaccine. the case of a oregon woman in 50s died is not formerly linked but the blood clot and low platelets are similar to what was reported in seven other women near age 50. when the case data is reviewed they'll review the risk benefit analysis of having the third vaccine available. several european countries and south africa decided the benefits outweigh the possible risks. without a third vaccine, vaccination rates continue to climb in the bay area in the
6:50 am
majority of bay area counties, more than 60% of people 16 and dose. but if you got a johnson & johnson vaccine and you are feeling a bit uneasy, you should know this, the complication rate is very rare, it's about 1 in a million people and if you are about two weeks after your vaccination, you're probably in the clear because those symptoms develop 6 to 13 days after people got their shots and if you are still feeling a little bit uneasy, the symptoms that you should watch out are severe headaches which some of the other vaccines present with as well, but if you have difficulty in movement or you have difficulty breathing you should contact your doctor. best to let them answer for you. in mountain view, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> good advice there, thank you morning, spacex launching astronauts to outer space overnight in its falcon 9 rocket. take a look.
6:51 am
>> three, two, one. zero. ignition, and liftoff. godspeed. >> there we go. just before 3:00 a.m., four astronauts from three countries lifted off from kennedy space center en route to the international space station. they'll spend six months on the iss conducting experiments and maintenance. talk about quarantine, hope they all get along, six months together. if you can do it here, you can do six months in space. >> it's a long time. >> no kidding, right? check in with mike on the kind of lighter commute in some spots but let's check in with kari with a look at the weather. >> take a look at this beautiful sunrise, as we start out our friday morning, sun coming over the hills in san jose, it's about time to go drop the kids off at school, the drop-off temperature will still be in the upper 40s so jacket weather needed, and then at pickup time, still going to be cool but at
6:52 am
least sunny as we reach into the upper 50s. we'll warm as we go into later today eventually reaching 69 degrees. 70 will the high in antioch, one ever our warmer spots. compare that to oakland in the low 60s and san francisco staying chilly as the fog and the coastal clouds linger, we'll only reach 56 degrees here and 69 in napa today. okay, so i know i'm not the only one but really excited about the rain this weekend. we'll start to see more clouds moving in tomorrow. a couple of spotty showers possible tomorrow but most of us will remain dry throughout the day, and then heading into sunday when the rain chances go up and we'll see it becoming more widespread. here we are 5:30 sunday morning the rain covering much of the north bay moving into san francisco and just going to be off and on throughout the day and some of our upper elevations will get some snow and farther to the north as well as the sierra. sunday is soggy at times but it looks to clear out on monday as we're heading back to work and
6:53 am
school and then our weather continues to stay dry. so during this time, we're looking at mostly about a half the north bay, head to san francisco on southward it's going to drop off in terms of rainfall total, maybe about a tenth of an inch in san jose and parts of the east bay getting about a quarter inch of rain, while we get our rain, the sierra gets some snow and check this out, up to a foot of snow in some of our resorts. just a heads up if you're going to be traveling there, that the roads are going to be very treacherous and you might want to hold off until monday before coming back home. we are going to see of course that much needed rain, but it's not going to help us out too much with our rainfall deficits. we need over 21 inches of rain in santa rosa, and those rainfall deficits running over 8 inches for the rest of the bay area, although it's not going to help us out with the drought, it may delay the fire season just a little bit gives the vegetation a little bit more moisture. we'll be watching that and mike, what are you watching for the commute? >> i'm watching these speed
6:54 am
sensors quickly recover, my gosh we talked about eastbound 80, lower deck once you cleared of the police activity just not even ten minutes before these speed sensors back at green. westbound has your typical slowing down the decline but no backup at the toll plaza, so folks are unrestricted there. here, the arrow shows you concord and that's why you take kirker pass road instead of sticking out highway 4. jams up at 242, slowing you down the stretch taking the corner and bottom of the screen slowing for san jose, south bay santa clara county commuters you know the live look. it's not that bad as far as the view, good spacing between the cars, the volume kicks up a bit but by the time you get to santa clara and sunnyvale and mountain view, all clear. back to you. happening now, the city of hayward is one step closer to banning gas-powered leaf blowers. city planners narrowly passed a ban. opponents don't like the noise and also argue a ban would reduce carbon emissions. the measure goes to the city
6:55 am
council for a vote in june. coming up next, a quick look at our on exciting news out of san francisco. are you lucky enough to be one of the fans returning to the chase center tonight to see the warriors play? steph curry's certainly on fire. coming up, what dub nation needs to know, all the fans, before you head to that game. stick around for third hour of the "today" show for simone biles. she'll be there live talking about the tokyo olympic games. the "today" show starts at 7:00, goes throughout the morning. much more to come. you're watching "today in the bay."
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welcome back. here is a quick look at the top stories we're following for you this morning, including the long wait is over today for warriors fans. >> that's right, they're finally being allowed back in the chase star. "today in the bay's" pete suratos is live there this morning. good morning, pete. >> reporter: yes, good morning. this is going to be the first major indoor event in san francisco since the start of the pandemic and fans will get a chance to clear on steph curry and the rest of the team tonight at the cha this historic run scoring 40-point average over an 11-game stretch. we'll see if he keeps that going. warriors expect about 1,700 fans tonight, a small crowd due to social distancing protocols. you must provide proof of vaccination or negative covid test administered 48 hours prior to the game and of course face
6:59 am
masks will be enforced, and other safety protocols in place. but tip-off inside the chase center is at 7:00 p.m. reporting live, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> a lot of excited folks there. thank you. right now we're going to take a look at that sunrise, it just looks like a postcard picture perfect way to start your friday. we're going to throw things to meteorologist kari hall for a look at the forecast. >> a beautiful sunrise, and it's going to be a really nice day. we better take it in and enjoy it, because we have a lot of changes this weekend. more clouds tomorrow, and that rain will be moving in on sunday, temperatures only reaching the upper 50s. next week, we're back to our dry weather and temperatures warm up. how is the commute moving, mike? >> bay bridge is clear after at westbound with the headlights, a nice move as well. eastbound folks might be taking a getaway to tahoe. kari talked about snow over the course of this weekend.
7:00 am
>> all right, that will do it for us. have a good weekend. >> yes, so nice to have you on the team this morning, cierra, filling in for marcus. look at this, who is lucky enough to go to the chase center tonight in san francisco? go warriors! we'll be cheering them on. the "today" show coming up next. woo! good morning decision day good morning. decision day. a key meeting getting under way just hours from now on the fate of johnson & johnson's vaccine, as yet another case of the deadly blood clot comes to light. >> her symptoms did present within two weeks of vaccination. >> just ahead, why doctors say the risk is still exceedingly low. what will the cdc decide? the very latest straight ahead. saying good-bye. >> he was loved by so many. he's going to be so missed. >> a heart-wrenching funeral held for daunte wright, the 20-year-old


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