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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 23, 2021 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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hang on! i am hanging on. don't mess up your deck with tex-mex. terminix. hi. the only way to nix it is to terminix it. right now at 5:00, medical officials could soon press play on the pause of johnson & johnson vaccinations. this morning, what experts are saying they know about the risks. plus basketball returning to the chase center tonight fans get to be there as well. what steph curry is saying about the season of the day. dub nation has been waiting more than a year for as "today in the bay" continues right now. good morning. i'm laura garcia. along with cierra johnson, we'r breaking news, a 4.0 magnitude earthquake striking in the mendocino national forest. it was early,ut
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4:18 this morning, about 45 miles northwest of cloverdale. this map kind of gives you an idea of where it is. pretty remote out there but good shaking nonetheless. let's check in with kari. >> yes, it is a very active region and to see a 4.0, we don't get that many of them, so as we look at where it happened, it was just northwest of ukiah, and it's possible that you may have felt some of that, but looking at the frequency of earthquakes that we have here in california, and we get about 100 a day, if you don't feel most of those, because most of them are below a 4.0, and of course, the most active fault is the san andreas, this is parallel to the an san dre was fault which we'll have to watch closely because some of that lateral movement could possibly trigger a larger earthquake. so we'll be watching that throughout the morning, as well as our forecast. i'll have more on that in a few minutes. mike, how is the commute moving? this is a problem out of san
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francisco, the lower deck, getting onto the bay bridge out of the city. let's look at the map. police activity basically blocking your right lanes, only your left lane gets by and the build is happening over the last few minutes. a little bit longer for the slower drive, again, one lane getting onto the bay bridge, all the san francisco on-ramps close to that span or the skyway are going to be affected because of that jam getting into the city is fine but you can use an alternate to get over to the east bay, san mateo bridge or the bridge over to richmond for 580. back to you. >> some good advice there, thank you. today is the review of the johnson & johnson vaccine, which has been on pause, one woman died, several others developed serious complications following that series of vaccines. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez live in mountain view with a look at that discussion. good morning. >> reporter: hi there. i'm here at the vaccination site at the mountain view community center, and the johnson & johnson vaccine has not been available here or anywhere in the country since it was put on
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hold because of those cases. i want to show you what we know about those cases. we know that one woman in oregon developed a blood clot two weeks after her immunization, and she died. they will also review the case of a woman in texas who was hospitalized with possible blood clots after getting the vaccine. the cdc's advisory committee on immunization practices will review that data from those cases, but they'll also do a review of a risk/benefit analysis of having a third vaccine available during this pandemic. now the vaccine was pulled here in the u.s. and in europe, though in europe, it is now back in use. the oregon authority senior adviser says that the connection is not completely clear. >> has varied between individu related to their final outcome as well. it seems to be pretty variable.
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>> reporter: so now here in the bay area, even without that third vaccine, the vaccination rate continues to climb. the latest numbers are very good. take a look at this. majority of the bay area now above 60% vaccination, that means 60% of the population in each of those counties has gotten at least one dose. marin county has the highest vaccination rate with 77% which is interesting, because traditionally they have low vaccination rates there. solano county trailing behind at 48%. now this is going to be a pretty lengthy discussion, pretty detailed discussion but the cdc director was on the "today" show yesterday and hopes for a quick decision and she hopes that the johnson & ilable very soon. in mountain view, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thanks, kris. this morning, we're also continuing to track the disparity in the bay area of the vaccine. some counties have plenty of doses while others are still struggling. santa clara county vaccination sites really setting some
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records, but neighboring san mateo county doesn't have enough doses to open its largest vaccination site. a point underscored by county supervisor david canepa. >> bev zero, zero, zero for the last two weeks mass vaccination sites. >> newly released numbers show san mateo county is expected to get 18,000 vaccinations next week, that's more than double its current rate. supervisor canepa says a state senator is arranging a meeting with the governor to make san mateo county a bigger priority. matt haney leading the charge to get more people vaccinated in san francisco. on twitter he informed his followers another 6,000 vaccine appointments opened up at the moscone center, one of the city's largest sites. are you still looking to get your shot? we can help.
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head to our website, and click on how to get a vaccine appointment. it's right up there in the trending bar. and new this morning, san francisco police officers are finding a lot more untraceable guns these days, also known as ghost guns. "the examiner" reporting sfpd seized 164 guns compared to six in 2016, the year when the department began collecting the data. san francisco is seeing a rise in shootings, up more than 180% last year, and so far this year, 73 shootings have been reported compared to 26 this time last year. also new this morning, a new audit showing not much has changed in how berkeley police officers stop and search certain racial groups over others. the new police audit looked at incidents between 2015 and 2019, it finds black and latino people are far more likely to be stopped and searched than whites and asians. and blacks only represent about 8% of berkeley's population.
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according to that report these numbers nearly mirror data collected over a similar five-year period ending in 2016. for the first time in more than a year, warriors fans tonight will fill at least part of the chase center. the crowd size will be smaller, of course, due to covid, but at least people are getting in, and the warriors are making a playoff push right now. the timing for this couldn't be bet per. "today in the bay's" pete suratos joins us live at the chase center this morning. we know that we have one of the hottest players in the world right now, leading the warriors push but i bet the fans might push him over the top today as well, pete. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. good morning to you, laura. let's hope so with the fans coming back to the chase center. as you the mvp level but he's been on an historic run ads of late averaging 40 points over an 11-game stretch prior to last game. fans are excited to watch them play here at the chase center. this is the first indoor event
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in san francisco since the beginning of the pandemic. now there will be some changes, of course, due to covid protocols, the arena will only be at 35% capacity, and fans must either provide a vaccination card or proof of a negative covid test administered at least 48 hours prior to the game. now there is no doubt kur i have curry is excited to welcome back fans. here he is talking to "the rex chapman show" about his play this season. >> quick, are you the mvp this season? >> i gotta be. i gotta be. >> all right. >> i probably won't get it but whatever. >> no, no, don't say that. uh-uh. >> he go like this, nobody will be able to -- you can keep this going. >> i like to be dramatic sometimes so i'm just setting the table. >> i know you do. i know you do. >> reporter: i think a lot of dub nation agrees with curry on that take, but look, the warriors are currently the ninth seed in the western conference,
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so they would get to take part in what they're doing this year with the nba, the play-in tournament for the playoffs. we'll see if fans can help them get to a higher seed. so the final regular season home games, nine of them will be played at chase and tip-off tonight is at 7:00 p.m. reporting live, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> the only thing better, pete, would be being inside to see them play, but not so lucky with those tickets. >> reporter: oh, yes. >> next time, next time. we'll get there, thanks, pete. the oakland and fresno zoos are teaming up to do something good, take a look, this is 4-year-old savo from fresno, has arrived in oakland. oakland zoo has been looking for a giraffe to add to its herd after losing four geriatric giraffes in recent years. by the way, the san francisco zoo has six giraffes in its sav is friday morning. i need to make it to the san
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francisco zoo. it is definitely on my list of things to do. i have not made it yet. so excited. >> you've got to go. you've got to go. it's one of my favorite places. >> and bring a jacket. >> yes, bring a jacket. you're like i'm going to -- oh my gosh, it's cold. i bet they sell a lot of sweatshirts there. >> i'm sure they do. >> absolutely. >> what about this weekend? let's get a look at what we'll feel today. >> need a jacket? >> yes, starting out with clouds as we check out the south bay and our live look in san jose. we'll see it clearing out as we go into this afternoon, and we're starting out this morning around 50 degrees, and we'll see it slowly warming up through late morning, but we'll get there, reaching into the upper 60s for an afternoon high. morgan hill reaching 68 degrees but 70 today in antioch, and we'll reach up to 69 degrees in napa, but check out san francisco, only 56 degrees. we'll talk about some weekend rain in the forecast, that's
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coming up. mike, what is the update on that breaking news? >> kari, we still have only the left lane open, getting onto the bay bridge and that's news if you're just waking up with us. you have to plan more time to get onto the lower deck, because of police activity, leaving only that left lane open. richmond bridge or the san mateo bridge over to hayward, those are your options to get over the water. b.a.r.t. can take you under over to the east bay with no delays reported. crash reported at lewelling south 808 and three travel routes to walnut creek out of pittsburg, all just about the same so pick your favorite. back to you. >> thanks so much. tesla is hot seat these days after a recent car that may have not even had anyone driving it. the new findings on tesla's autopilot driving feature that have a lot of people raising some new questions. i want tos "iron man" fans
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ready to move on from his death ooig to miss. you're watching "today in the bay."
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and see the sky clearing for a beautiful, bright afternoon. we're not going to see that much sunshine this weekend. we'll talk about that and rain, coming up in a few minutes. and kari, we have an issue here, delayed out of san francisco on the lower deck into the bay bridge. it is an issue. folks are slowing now the commute starting to build, as we look at the city side, it's slow but the east bay side the bay bridge toll plaza, that is just fine. we'll get you to track both sides around the bay, in fact, coming up. good morning. i'm bertha coombs from cnbc. wall street is looking to open just slightly above the even mark in the green this morning, after stocks fell yesterday. that sell-off sparked by reports president biden is weighing a plan to double the capital gains tax rate for wealthy americans making more than $1 million a year. eight unclear how that proposal would actually fare in a split
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senate, the dow did close down more than 300 points. investors were spooked, while the nasdaq and to be down 1% for the week. we're about to get reports on new home sales and waiting on earnings from american express. meantime, honda's new ceo is aiming to sell all electric and fuel cell powered vehicles by 2040. he says he expects those types of cars and trucks to account for 40% of sales by the end of this decade. traditionally known for its fuel-efficient gas-powered engines, honda launched its first mass-produced all battery vehicle last summer and aiming to advance driver assistance technology by 2030. and mattel is thinking of getting into the nft game, the nonfungible tokens, making comments after posting a record
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surge in totally sales as americans armed with stimulus checks snatched up toys in what is usually a slow post holiday month. meantime, nfts, which are a type of digital asset that exists on a blockchain similar to bitcoin have exploded in popularity this year with one artwork selling for tens of millions of dollars. again, i am not really quite sure how nfts work and how that value is going to continue to grow, but you know, there are folks who believe in it. then again folks thought beanie babies would go to the sky forever, too. >> the princess diana doll is going to pay for college. >> right? exactly. it's like one of those thing, you talk about collectibles, they can increase, obviously cost continues to increase, but sometimes you're ending up with just the idea of it.
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>> yep. >> yes, good point. i'll take the picasso. thanks, bertha. tesla's autopilot feature raising some new questions this morning, following the recent deadly crash in texas. engineers for "consumer reports" easily tricked a tesla model to drive on autopilot without anyone behind the wheel. the noddle y steered along painted lane lines but the system did not send out a warning no one was in the driver's seat. model s crashed into a tree in texas last week killing two people. authorities believe that no one was behind the wheel there. tesla's ceo elon musk tweeted he has data suggesting that is just not true. happening today, it is world book day, the encourages reading and publishing around the globe and this morning, our "today in the bay" team sharing some of what's on their reading list.
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so meteorologist kari hall, you're up first. >> all right so my favorite book is "becoming." i used to have a pretty long commute so was it for me. i was just like yes, i feel inspired and love hearing the inside story what it was like to become first lady. so that was pretty interesting for me. what do you think, mike? >> you know, we had used the same audio book in our house and it got well used in the speakers, that's pretty cool. cierra, you also are an avid reader. what's on your list? >> this year personal and professional development. i read "the news sorority" how three with imin this business got to where they are, a really cool look at their life and all their how they overcome them to get >> all right. i got to be honest, i wanted to say this book was my favorite,
5:20 am
it's called "traffic." but i had to realize that i only skimmed it. i didn't read the whole thing. let me show you what my childhood favorites still are action "encyclopedia brown" like the sherlock holmes of grade school and "the great brain" a story told by the youngest of three brothers and the oldest would get money-making schemes and he used to sell candy bars at school, i thought maybe that's a good idea, then i saw in the book the trouble he got into so it saved me from that as well. laura, what about you? >> well i thought we were saying what some of our favorite books we've read in the past and mine is truly "the grapes of wrath" by steinbeck. i read it in high profound effe talk about the migrants and how so many came to california seeking a better life. i grew up in the central valley
5:21 am
so it's really interesting. which is ironic, because right now, actually, although that's a book from my past i'm reading "the four wins" by kristen hannah which is also reflective of the same time of life of people taking that trip over, and my kids i'm reading "little house on the prairie" series with them, talking about people seeking a better life. so it's been kind of fun. i love it. i love everybody sharing. read, read, read. so good for you. we do a lot of that here and we also love to take our little breaks. the weekend is coming. let's check in with kari with a look at our forecast. >> it's going to be a great weekend for catching up on some of the books, even if you've read some. you want to go back and reread it, yeah, do that this weekend. we're going to see our temperatures today heading into the low 70s for parts of the north bay. we're up to 69 degrees in napa but it's going to stay cool and mostly cloudy today in san francisco. we have some mid-50s. in morgan hill, expect a high of 68 degrees and 69 in livermore. we will be watching out for that rain moving in this weekend. i'll talk more about that coming
5:22 am
up in a few minutes. mike, how is the commute rolling? >> kari, we still have the issue out of san francisco, so let's consider that our breaking news if you're just joining us, this will be your delay out of the city, onto the lower deck of the bay bridge. police activity and now more people leaving the city, the backup goes, you see all the way down toward 101 northbound, or getting into san francisco via 101 onto the skyway, hospital curve, where we're seeing some slowing and just making sure everything's in line here as we move over toward the rest of the bay. your options are the san mateo bridge, eastbound, if you want to head south of there, and in fact, south of there there's no problem, santa clara county, reopening for highway 84 and headed to the niles canyon area and contra costa county and the north bay moving smoothly, no start to the slowdown, should be 20 minutes from now to san jose. governor newsom may be on the verge of environmental
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a few blocks away police say the suspect got into another altercation with a group of men and opened fire on that group, hitting four people. officers eventually tased the custody. the four victims are said to have non-life-threatening injuries. developing this morning, governor newsom is reportedly ready to phase out fracking in california, according to a new report from politico. frac something a controversial form of oil extraction, a recent state bill to ban fracking died last week in legislative committee. newsom is expected to ban permits on all new projects. trending this morning, some marvel fans are not ready to accept the heroic death of a famous marvel character and begging the studio to reconsider. take a look at this. there's a billboard that mysteriously popped up in los angeles, saying "for our beloved hero, please bring back tony
5:27 am
stark." stark is the alter ego for iron man played by robert downey, jr., he was killed off at the end of the "avengers: end game" in 2019. the date april 24th on the billboard, around the same time the movie was released a couple of years ago. some fans are planning another tribute tomorrow. they love their characters. >> they do. coming up next, top stories we're following today, including the new law making it possible for one grandmother facing eviction to remain in her home, and how it may help others struggling to make it in the bay. good news for dub nation as fans are finally coming back to the chase center tonight. i'll have the details on the unique and safe experience, coming up.
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he was just standing there when the police showed up. >> right now at 5:30, vacaville officers actions now under the microscope. the family of a 17-year-old questioning what happened during a tense confrontation. why they say the officer went too far and the response from the department saying everything went by the book. in dub nation, all hooped up this morning. warriors fans return to the stands for the first time in more than a year. what's being done to keep everyone safe as the fans make their return to the chase center. "today in the bay" continues right now.
5:31 am
a very good friday morning to you. thanks to much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. cierra johnson in for marcus this morning. breaking news, a 4.0 magnitude earthquake striking in the mendocino national forest. it happened about 4:18, pretty early, 45 miles northwest of cloverdale. kind of a remote area of where it is, but it's not uncommon in this country, kari. >> absolutely. i mean we do see a lot of earthquakes in that area and so we watch them very closely because a 4.0 was relatively strong and it's not on one of our major faults but it could possibly trigger another fault to get a little bit more active. so as we look at how frequent we get these earthquakes, we get about 100 a day, believe it or not, across the state. the san andreas fault is the most active. we get about 36,000 quakes a year in this state, but most of them are 4.0 or below.
5:32 am
so we'll continue to monitor that and talk about some weekend rain in the forecast. mike, how is it looking for the commute? kari, we continue with the getting onto the lower deck of . the brake lights start being tapped around sixth or seventh and jams up at the scene where the police activity over in the right lanes. again, this affects folks getting onto the lower deck, not affecting the westbound commute. you need to get to the east bay, you can avoid that by taking the richmond bridge or the san mateo bridge of course. we'll talk about what other spots are building coming up. back to you. >> all right, thank you very much. pretty serious story listen to this one this morning. we have new dispatch audio in a case in which a father of an autistic teenager says police went too far in responding to a call. the father says he is pro police but not what he calls pro abuse.
5:33 am
he certainly wants some answers. "today in the bay's" sharon katsuda joins us live this morning to show us a little bit more on this investigation and there's video behind it as well. sharon? >> reporter: hello, laura. police say that they did not know, the officers did not know that the teen is autistic and they were responding to a call with a subject with a knife or weapon. the video may be disturbing. adam wolf is upset about the encounter his 17-year-old son, preston had with vacaville police on wednesday. you can see in the video his son is there with his scooter, when police show up. you can see him following police instruction, when told to sit down. when the officer tried to cuff him, he tried to run away. his father says there's a reason for that, and there's a question whether police should have known that with the dispatch information. >> for a child with autism who doesn't like to be touched. >> is preston the subject that has autism? >> possibly has special needs
5:34 am
from prior contact. >> i'm familiar with him. >> we understand the when responding to a 911 call regarding a potential stabbing or assault with a deadly weapon, officers were unaware this male suspect was a special needs individual. >> reporter: according to police and preston's father, the teenager got into a scuffle with a 16-year-old, that teenage ear parentally called authorities. preston's father says things need to change. wolf says his son got a citation for resisting arrest and not sure what that means, he's curious what that means for his son. the officer involved in the encounter is still on the job, as the investigation continues, and meantime vacaville police also say they gave the father information where he can provide information about his son on a certain database so that in the future f they receive any calls, they know how to respond appropriately with his son.
5:35 am
reporting live, i'm sharon katsuda, "today in the bay." >> that's a tough one. thanks so much, sharon. to a follow-up, learning a danville police officer charged in a deadly shooting turned himself in. andrew hall is charged with voluntary manslaughter, prosecutors say he shot latimer arboleta when arboleta tried to drive through two police vehicles. the family of the victim says he struggled with mental health. hall is also under investigation for another deadly shooting that just happened last month. the day is here for dub nation, fans finally returning to the stands. there are a number of protocols in place to make sure fans can enjoy the game safely. "today in the bay's" pete suratos joins us live with the details. good morning, pete. >> reporter: good morning, cierra. hard to believe this is the first major indoor event in san
5:36 am
francisco since the start of the pandemic. exciting time for a select group of warriors fans that get to watch the game tonight at the chase center, but it will be a unique experience for fans as the arena will only fill up to 35% capacity. i did speak to a warrior's rep. they're expecting about 1,700 fans. they must provide proof of vaccination or a negative covid test administered at least 48 hours prior to the game. of course there's safety protocols in place, face masks enforced, and contactless entry and other covid safety protocols. i do want to point out fans are discouraged from pregaming and as well as the post game gatherings outside. of course for safety reasons, but the action inside with tip-off at the chase center at 7:00 p.m. reporting live, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> a lot of excitement, thanks, pete. uc and cal state campuses
5:37 am
will require everyone to get vaccinated. all vaccines are under emergency use authorization. some students of san jose state welcome the vaccination requirement. >> it's like a step forward. i'm definitely for it, yeah, i want to get back to school. >> great idea. definitely when you have kids on campus especially like this big of a school, you don't want to have a situation where kids are actually getting sick. >> ucsf's doctor dr. peter chin hong says it is a possibility that high school also eventually require vaccinations as well. >> the writing is on the wall. high schools, schools in general, k to 8 et cetera, they all have a tradition of requiring vaccines. again, emergency use authorization then full clearance from the fda, but once that's done, i think that will be where things are going to be headed. >> back to colleges as well not just students but professors and staff will also need to be
5:38 am
vaccinated. stanford university plans to require those vaccinations. new this morning, numbers showing just how big of a hit california's public schools are taking from the pandemic. new california department of education data reveals enrollment statewide dropping by more than 160,000 this school year. it's by far the largest decline in years. the exodus is led by white students who account for 22% of the student population but make up half the students who left for private schools while public schools lagged behind. urban districts saw the biggest loss with l.a. unified leading the way. an east bay grandmother struggling to make it in the bay today is celebrating her personal battle to remain in her home. it comes thanks to a new law inspired by the moms for housing group. jocelyn farmer is a berkeley community leader and farmer renter who has been posting her struggles on social media. she nearly lost her home in
5:39 am
pinole when it went up for auction following foreclosure. she's also now ready to become the first person to save her home by buying it, thanks to a new state law authored by east bay senator nancy skinner. that law scales back the ability of corporate groups to profit from foreclosure auctions. the moms for housing group inspired that legislation. in fact, you can watch the moms of magnolia street rightbsite, , apple tv or youtube channel. check it out. happening today, a scenic stretch of highway 1 in big sur is set to reopen nearly two months ahead of schedule. you may remember a large section of that highway washed away into the ocean during heavy rains back in january. the roadway was supposed to reopen by mid summer but thanks to round the clock work by crews working seven days a week and good weather during the pandemic, it's set to reopen today. the total cost to repair that
5:40 am
150-foot gap? $12 million. that is a pricey repair. >> wow. that's pretty impressive they got it done so quickly. >> it is. >> yes. all right maybe take a drive along the california coastline this weekend. kari has a look at our forecast. >> yes, let's talk about some places where you may be headed for this weekend to enjoy what little bit of some sunshine we'll see. today is the best day to hit the road in muir woods reaching 53 degrees and going to stay about that temperature throughout the weekend, as we start to see mov. let's head to tahoe. today 62 degrees, very warm, and it is so good to see that we will see some snow and it's going to make it very hard to get back to the bay area, if you want to come back on sunday, so maybe if you can, stay an extra day through monday, and we're going to see in some of those spots even at pass levels we could get anywhere from 6 to 12 inches of snow this weekend.
5:41 am
take those tire chains. all right, somewhere that's going to be drier and warmer, paso robles upper 60s. it's going to be a mainly dry weekend for los angeles so if you're going today. mostly some low to mid-60s all throughout the weekend and monterey is going to be pretty nice but chilly, reaching 58 today, and rain moving in with some clouds and highs in the upper 50s on sunday. mike, how is it looking heading to work this morning? >> kari, if you're leaving san francisco and heading to the east bay, that's where the problem continues. the update there, less of a backup, now that we have two lanes open on the lower deck, just past the on-ramps out of san francisco, that is your problem right now. but you will note that it's still there because of the police activity blocking your right lanes. we're tracking that of course. no other issues. there is some slowing i circle there had in san jose. let's get a live look out there, the first slowdown we expect
5:42 am
right on schedule at 5:40 or 5:38 i guess is when it started. no surprises for santa clara county. back to you. coming up, blastoff. we go live to florida where a new crew of astronauts now on the way to the international space station. how spacex is making history with this launch. the red carpet will still be on full display for the oscars, but not so much when it comes to other key things. the noticeable changes you'll see on hollywood's biggest night.
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good friday morning. it is 5:44, home school recess, and spending more time out in the backyard today in the east bay, let's check out fremont. we'll be at 53 degrees at 9:00, and we'll see a few clouds but sunshine through most of the rest of the day as our temperatures reach the mid-60s. really nice today, and rain this weekend. we'll talk about that coming up in a few minutes. and continued delay unexpected if you're just joining us out of san francisco onto the lower deck of the bay bridge. police activity blocks your right lanes. two left lanes get by. that's eastbound out of san francisco, into the city, the bay bridge toll plaza, well that's an easy lightmorning, a successful launch for spacex and
5:46 am
its falcon 9 rocket. >> three, two, one, zero. ignition and liftoff. godspeed. >> so cool, just before 3:00 a.m. our time, fourat naughts from three nations lifted off from the kennedy space center in florida, headed to the international space station. jay gray is live this morning just a couple of miles from that launch pad and jay, elon musk's space company is making some history today. >> reporter: yes, they are, cierra, laura, great to talk to you this morning. and amazing to see the power of that jacket cutting through the night sky here. it was a beautiful sight, one that mission managers went off perfectly here and you're right, on recycled parts, if you will. it's kind of the plan for spacex to launch, land, and relaunch and that's what they've done using the same rocket and the same capsule that they used in previous missions. now the four astronauts, two from nasa, two international
5:47 am
astronauts on their way to the international space station, that trip expected to take about 24 hours and when they make it there, when they dock, they get straight to work. >> every single activity, experiment, operation, leads to the artemis and gateway program. >> reporter: artemis is the plan that nasa has to get to the moon in the next three years, one they say they're on track with, expect to land in 2024 on the moon and eventually have a base camp there as well as an orbiting lunar stopping point for deep space when they plan to expand into deep space. every experiment they're doing targeting that right now, the four astronauts on their way at this point, we'll spend about six months or so on the international space station. laura, cierra, a great morning here. >> yes, no kidding. wow, really exciting. thanks so much, jay.
5:48 am
oakland police asking for help solving a shooting that left what they say an innocent young man dead from a stray bullet. demetrius fleming died april 10th in east oakland. he would have been celebrating his 19th birthday this week. police say he was in a car with friends near 68th and international when a shooting happened nearby. he was the only one struck by gunfire. a $15,000 reward is being offered to find the gunman. a follow-up this morning, 150 unaccompanied migrant children are waking up at the long beach convention center. the group mostly made up of girls arrived last night. they're the first group of what's expected to be 1,000 to arrive there over the next coming days. the ultimate goal is to reunite chirp with their families or place them with family members in the u.s. or sponsor families. the white house climate summit continues today. president biden virtually hosting 40 world leaders for a livestream event to talk about
5:49 am
ways to combat climate change. the event comes as he pledges to tighten greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030. a handful of the world leaders are echoing similar commitments. remember the battle california was having over fuel emissions with the trump administration? well, that's all now in the rear view mirror. at one point trump's agencies blocked the authority of states to create their own emission standards. california responded by leading a lawsuit. yesterday the department of transportation announced that rule has now been dropped along with the legal battle. climate change may be p u.s., one expert says in some cases it's happening. >> i at the love people leaving southern arizona and crowding out the real estate and housing markets in northern arizona, where it's much cooler in the mountains. this is my idea of climate gentrification. >> interesting.
5:50 am
tulane professor jesse keenan believes 15 million americans may be seeking new homes within the next few decades, available on nbc lx you can access from nbc lx airs on 11-15 or channel 185 on infinity cable. get your champagne glasses ready. hollywood's biggest night is this sunday. >> that's right. the oscars are happening at a new location this year. instead of the kodak theater, union station in downtown los angeles will be where the actual ceremony takes place. only nominees who have been tested and quarantined will be sitting in the audience this year. everyone else will connect virtually from satellite locations. for a third straight year, there's no host, filmmaker steven sudderberg is one of the producers. >> he wants this to feel
5:51 am
cinematic. i don't think anyone understands what that means. >> well, we'll understand it when we watch it this weekend. for the first time, there are two women nominated for best director, best actor win is expected to go to the late chadwick bozeman in his final performance in "ma rainey's black bot top. "it will be interesting will the stars dress up at home or play the work casual look? hey, it's going to cool down this weekend, i understand, kari? >> yes, we're getting ready for some rain, so i think today's going to be a perfect day for making plans to head out to the park in san jose. if you're out there early, you may have parts of the trail in the park to yourself or maybe the playground. as we look at our forecast, we'll start out with some temperatures in the low 50s at 9:00, and you can see the trend going up, but we'll only make it up to about 66 degrees today,
5:52 am
with a breezy wind and sunshine. it's going to feel so nice out there. let's get a look at the rest of our forecast, as we continue to see mostly some cool air across the bay area, and our highs today will only reach into the mid-50s in san francisco. oakland, we'll see a high there are 61 degrees. 67 in martinez. in morgan hill a high of 68 degrees and a couple of spots reaching 70 like antioch and ukiah. as we go through the forecast this weekend we've been talking about this rain. it's going ostart out very light and spotty. there will be some chances early tomorrow morning in some spots, and i think if you're near the coast, you're still going to see some of the rain off and on throughout the day. more widespread rain in the forecast on sunday. it starts in the morning, continues through the afternoon, into the evening, and for the sierra the snow will really get to coming down and tricky for travel so maybe hold off on traveling on sunday, probably not a good idea enn that area.
5:53 am
for us we'll see wet weather passing through. solve our rainfall totals have been in parts of the bay area looking like about a quarter to half of an inch of rain. we're going to see the sierra getting the snow and the possibility of close to a foot of snow even at some of those pass levels we're going to see some heavy snow. but we look at how much rain we're expecting, quarter to half inch but look at our rainfall deficit for santa rosa. yes, 21 inches. that's how much we need to catch up to normal, so we've been way below normal, and even though this rain is not going to put a dent in our drought, it's possibly going to help delay our fire season a little bit longer and something our vegetation desperately needs at this point, because it's been so dry. we haven't seen rain in measurable rain in san jose since march 18th and here we go this weekend. finally some scattered showers, temperatures much cooler than we've seen, with some upper 50s, but o 80s
5:54 am
before you know it. let's head over to you, mike. you've been tracking breaking news. what's the update? >> we have delays and a little build out of san francisco. you can get by and don't be worried as you pass the scene. police are taking care of things in the right lane. the volume is steady, so you are slow third getting onto the span. a distraction for folks getting off of the westbound commute though so there will be some slowing as you enter san francisco approach to the first exits there, slow on that area, watch out for people, brake lights. eastbound your options are the richmond bridge or the san mateo bridge over to the hayward side and everything's moving pretty smoothly including the south bay, holding steady with just that light slowing for north 101 through santa clara county. there's a delay through the altamont pass, a stalled vehicle on the eastbound side but that's counter commute, and you look at these lanes westbound 580 still
5:55 am
only 22 minutes. a light drive highway 4 at the top a long drive out of antioch moving at speed and focusing pittsburg to walnut creek, contra costa looks great. the road, probably stick to the freeways. you don't need that. back to you. the city of hayward one step closer from banning gas powered leaf blowers. the city planners narrowly passed a ban. opponents don't like the noise. they also say they argue a ban would reduce carbon emissions. right now leaf blowers can only be used on residential properties at certain times. the measure now goes to the city council for a vote in june. there's a lot more ahead on this friday morning, including remember the life of a bay area rapper who just passed away. you may not know his name but you'll recognize some of his music. it's next. you're watching "today in the bay."
5:56 am
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5:58 am
welcome back. thanks for joining us for "today in the bay." authorities in the east bay promising more arrests after a chaotic crime spree. police say wednesday night a caravan descended on a best buy in oakland and attempted to break in. police say when they couldn't, they smashed all the windows. police also say they then headed over to a became stop in emeryville and managed to pry open the front door. several made it inside stealing
5:59 am
merchandise and taking off. >> we want to really be very clear that we're aware, we're we're looking for we will find you and we're going to hold you accountable. >> one person was arrested and is now being questioned. you might not know his name but you know his songs, bay area rapper shock-g who started digital underground has died. he was 57. ♪ do the hump dee hump ♪ >> what a classic song and a classic style. shock-g's real name gregory jacobs formed digital underground in oakland in 1987, "humpty dance" several hits and he launched tupac. he made chopmaster j posting this picture on instagram confirming the news. his son was found dead in a tampa, florida, hotel room yesterday. the cause of death has not been
6:00 am
revealed. the climate in full focus this week, as we just celebrated earth day yesterday. san francisco mayor london breed touting the city's commitment to fight climate change. she says the entire city of san francisco will be carbon neutral in 24 years. breed is also moving up san francisco's time line for doing it by five years. she says clean power sf is already providing clean energy to 380,000 customers and is now capable of providing 100% renewable energy to all of its residents within the next four years >> we're leading in addressing issues around climate change with our carbon emissions and other challenges that we face, and we're going to continue to lead. >> the mayor says there's a lot more work to do when it comes to the climate crisis. right now at 6:00, decision day. in exactly two hours the cdc will start a hearing on the johnson & johnson vaccine, which is r


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