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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 21, 2021 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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give you the opportunity. the news starts in 30 seconds. [ sfx: pop pop pop pop ] lisa, you might be on mute. [ sfx: pop ping bloop ] [ phone buzzing ] the day can wait... enter the golden state with real california dairy. right now at 11:00, the night of action across the country in columbus, ohio. you see hundreds of people here holding a sit-in, after a teenage girl was shot and killed by police. emotions are running high here in the bay area. family and friends gathering to remember a 26-year-old father who died after what police
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describe as a scuffle with officers. not just demonstrations but decisions. the contra costa county district attorney charging an officer with a felony after a 2018 killing. that same officer under investigation for another deadly shooting just last month. good evening. i'm raj mathai. two deadly shootings in danville by the same police officer. and now there are consequences. felony charges. all of this happening as this nation is focused on police reform. there is a lot developing at this late hour. let's begin with bay area's cheryl hurd. >> reporter: there is a $220,000 warm out for andrew hall's arrest. released, dash cam video of hall's most recent fatal shooting. i want to warn you, the video you are about to see in this story is graphic. you are looking at dash cam
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video showing then sheriff's deputy andrew hall firing several shots into the car this man was driving as he moved past hall. hall is facing manslaughter charges in connection with the fatal shooting. >> these charges are felonies. and due to officer hall's unreasonable force used during the 2018 shooting. >> the d.a. says this case was one of eight officer involved incidents being investigated by a team of ten lawyers in her office. andrew hall is named in two of them. the 2018 shooting and a new fatal shooting in march. >> if the user had been charged earlier and removed from the streets, my latest client would not be dead. >> reporter: civil rights attorney john burress represents the family and the family of 32-year-old tyrrell wilson. wilson was shot and killed by hall at a danville intersection
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in march. edited body cam video "today" shows hall, now working for danville's police department, confronting and wilson who was holding a knife. a confrontation that lasted just seconds. burress believes the video shoes hall didn't need to shoot. the officer's attorney says in a statement tonight -- >> reporter: the political climate surrounding police shoot sgs why dozens of people gathered in oakland tonight. yesterday's derek chauvin guilty verdict for the killing of george floyd brought them here. they are worried about police shootings here in the bay area.
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>> we're being pushed out of oakland, pushed out of san francisco, and we're landing in the dan vils and the antioches, and contra costa has seen a spate of police murders in the last few weeks. so the movement needs to go to contra costa. >> reporter: in martinez, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. a lot of emotion in alameda, as well. family and friends are demanding answers after a 26-year-old mario gonzalez died while in police custody. a memorial was held this evening. family members say he was a father and caretaker for his brother, who has autism. they also say gonzalez had no medical issues, and they want to know what led to his death. they want the body cam video released by the police. >> my brother did not die of medical complications. we know that there was no scuffle, because he was not a violent person. >> police officers say that they were called out to oak street
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for separate reports of a man under the influence and a suspect in a possible theft. they say gonzalez suffered a medical emergency while trying to restrain him. he was take on the a hospital where he later died. the cause of death is still unknown. developing in columbus, ohio, hundreds of people staged a sit-down protest over the death of 16-year-old makiyah bryant. they sat in front of the statehouse blocking traffic for self-hours. these demonstrations come as police body cam video on that incident was released. we want to warn you here, this video again is disturbing. it shows what happened between police and a group of teenagers yesterday. officers responded after reports of a girl threatening others with a knife. the video appears to show bryant in a black shirt pushing a woman to the ground. police say bryant turns around and pulls out a knife. that's when the officer fires a shot, killing her.
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ohio is launching a criminal investigation. another protest in north carolina after a black man was killed by a deputy. people marched in the streets tonight of elizabeth city. 40-year-old andrew brown, jr., was shot by deputies while they were serving a search warrant. in minneapolis, the focus has now moved beyond derek chauvin and to the entire police department. today, the justice department from the united states, the doj launched an investigation. the probe includes a review of policies, training, and use of force there in minneapolis. it coming as joe biden ramps up pressure on congress to pass the george floyd justice and policing act. this bill aims to end some policing techniques like chokeholds and provide funding to improve police training. >> it can be a giant step forward in the march toward justice in america. >> as for derek chauvin, he is now in a maximum security prison
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just east of minneapolis about 25 miles. this is his new mugshot released this morning. he will be sentenced in eight weeks. and back here at home, the coronavirus. where are all the people? is the demand dipping to get vaccinated? many of communities have doses but not enough people showing up. that's prompting one county to make a shift to make it more convenient to get your shot. here's ian cole. >> reporter: if you want to get a vaccine in the south bay, now is the time to do it. i found multiple appointments throughout the day. so many, in fact, you can make an appointment on your phone and car outside, and then walk in five minutes later and get your shot. some smaller vaccine sites say they're struggling to get enough patient. two weeks ago, the mexican heritage plaza had hines around the corner. not any more. >> we're used to a higher volume and we're not seeing that high volume. >> reporter: the county
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maintains it's not due to vaccine hesitancy but because it has more doses, including 100,000 more from the feds coming in. however, in the next two weeks, the county will start transitioning clinics from operating during the day to nights. >> not only our sefls but our partners are shifting to evening hours. we're thinking 8:00, 9:00 p.m. to ensure we can get as many people as we can. working people. >> reporter: about 53% of californians 16 and up have at least one dose. the challenge may be convincing the others, says dr. ghandi. >> in general, i would say that i'm getting a little nervous but not going to get nervous yet about the lines. >> reporter: she says a 70% vaccination rate should be enough for herd immunity. so we'll still have to wait and see if demand truly levels off. >> if people who wanted the vaccine, they did everything they could to get an
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appointment, and now we are working on people that are busy, they'll take their time, and also some of the hesitancy, which i think we can get to. >> reporter: he's encouraged by a federal study that shows 10% of the bay area is hesitant to get the vaccine. still, other counties hike san mateo are running low on supply. if you live there, you'll have to go to san francisco or the oakland coliseum. if you can't find one at your local pharmacy. in san jose, ian cole, nbc bay area news. >> we talk so much about herd immunity. here's where we stand. experts say reaching that milestone of herd immunity will take about 70% of the u.s. population getting a shot. as of yesterday, we were at 40%. americans receiving at least one dose. if we continue at this same pace, we will reach 70% of the country will have received at least one shot by june 26th. we would reach 80% by july 18th. now, to get any higher than
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that, kids would have to start getting shots and a vaccine would have to be approved this summer to hit 90% vaccination by august, which is thought to be unlikely reaching 90%. here's where the vaccination rate stands among adults in the bay area. this is the percent of people who have gotten one shot. look at marin county with 77%. most counties you see, pick your county here, are in the mid to low 60s. santa clara county at 59%, solano county at 48%. if you're still looking for your shot, just go to our website,, and click on how to get a vaccine appointment in the trending bar. our consumer investigator is also vaccine hunting for you. he has information on where to look and the best times to book your appointment. another big headline this evening. governor newsom sounding the alarm. today, he declared a regional drought emergency in sonoma and
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mendocino counties. he did stop short of declaring a statewide drought. these for now. the declaration makes different forms of drought assistance available for those two counties. >> we need to think, act with a sense of urgency, think differently. and approach the challenges with a laser-like recognition that you can't focus this state as a one size fits all solution. >> and it's pretty jarring just to see where he's speaking from. notice where it is. it tells the story, the dwofr nor speaking from the dry lake bed of lake mendocino, normally fed by the russian river. how dire is this situation? jeff, what is the realistic expectation for this drought and the fire season around the corner? >> well, we have -- we are looking ahead towards five months of our typical dry season, so everything just
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continues to go downhill from here, when at least it comes to those drought conditions. now, let's get a look right now and show you what it's showing on the current trend. you can see 76.97% of california in a severe drought. and that is not only because we had a bad rain near last year, but this year we're down 8 to 20 inches. the april 1st snow pack finished at 59% of normal. la nina had a lot to do with this dry pattern that produces this area of high pressure that kept the storm systems way up towards seattle. so increased fire danger with higher burn intensity. crops becoming damaged, trees becoming stressed. and lower river flows. here's the odd twist. we haven't seen rainfall in quite some time. and we have a storm system coming this way this weekend. so that will be critical for keeping the fire danger low. so we'll talk about that coming
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up. >> thank you, jeff. we're back in 60 seconds with another reason you should avoid smoke from any of the wildfires we'll see this summer. it could lead to skin conditions. also, those restaurant parklets aren't popular with everyone. the retailer twhos say it's bad for business. and the rules just changed again. what you need to know before booking your summer getaway to disney hand and universal and other parks in california. stay with us. oh, you think this is just a community center?
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driving away. thankfully, no one was hurt. california continues to make progress tonight. we have the lowest covid case rate in the continental u.s. this map shows the number of cases per 100,000 people. the states in the lightest shade of green have the lowest number of cases. california has 40.3 cases per 100,000 people. the only state lower is hawaii. the states in the darkest color there, the darkest blue represent the highest number of cases per 100,000 people. michigan has the most. two california based covid variants are about 20% more infectious than the original virus. that's according to a study out today by ucsf, uc berkeley and the california department of public health. the dominant strains circulating throughout california. appear t less susceptible to antibodies produced either from a previous infection or from vaccines.
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even post pandemic, many cities will be keeping the outdoor seating on sidewalks and streets. but this alfresco wave isn't good business for everyone. jean elle has more from san francisco. >> reporter: parklets are a popular lifeline for restaurants during the pandemic. as san francisco elected officials work to pass legislation allowing the popular outdoor dining areas to become permanent, some retailers are raising concerns. >> you have down the street that restaurant has not each been opened at all, and they have a huge parklet. >> reporter: he says empty parklets are bad for business, taking up parking and not generating foot traffic for retailers. he wants daytime restaurant service to be required for permanent parklets. >> when you have a parklet that is closed all day long and opens at night when all the stores are closed, it is not doing anything for the community at large.
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>> reporter: down the street -- >> i would hike it permanent. >> reporter: sherry says while she understands the concern, there just isn't enough demand to be open every day. >> i can't be at lunch all the time. i'm open thursday through sunday, the most busiest, you know, during the weekend. and monday, tuesday, it's quiet. in fact, i'm closed on monday. >> reporter: with restaurants and retailers focused on recovery in a new land scape, e leshgted officials say it's up to city hall to serve up a fair solution. >> we need to hear more from the businesses being impacted negatively. and i think we may need to think about the concentration of these parklets. >> reporter: he says adjustments are expected. jean elle, nbc bay area news. new rules for disneyland and other california theme parks. out of state visitors are now allowed. however, they must be fully vaccinated. right now, disneyland is
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planning to welcome back california only residents on april 30th. but sea world in san diego has updated its website allowing for out of state visitors. but you have to be vaccinated if you have friends or family coming from out of state. all theme parks are allowed to reopen april 1 with limited capacity. new at 11:00, smoke from wildfires impacts our health in a variety of ways. it now appears it threatens our skin. a new study finds even short-term exposure to hazardous air quality from wildfire smoke can be damaging to your skin. in november of 2018 when the catch fire in butte county was impacting our air quality, there was an uptick in patients worried about eczema. tomorrow is earth day. so take a deep dive into the ocean floor. nbc lx will be doing just that. watch it live and see firsthand
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how climate change and pollution is impacting a coral reef in florida. this live event is at 1:00 p.m. pacific time tomorrow. watch it on lx tv or stream it on, roku or peacock. and tomorrow is earth day, which is a big day for meteorologists and all of us and scientists. jeff ranieri rejoining us now. how are you doing, jeff? >> we are great, and we, again, have our climate coverage on just look for the heading climate in crisis and get all of our stories there, as well. let's get you set up for your thursday morning and we are dealing with the fog tomorrow at the coast, near the day. also some low clouds in the north bay. and yes, it's another chilly start here with lots of 40s to begin. 48 for the south bay. peninsula 47 and the tri valley at 46. similar weather here through the
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east bay, san francisco and the north bay. so clouds to start. i think once we roll into the afternoon, you get away from the coastline and you'll be under mostly sunny skies. we have a few 70s out here in concord, livermore, morgan hill. closer to the bay, we have 60s with that bay and ocean breeze. 68 in palo alto. then in san francisco, half moon bay, oh, yes, we have our cold 50s back. dry tomorrow, but we've got rain on the way. i want to make sure we spend time on this timeline. as we hit 11:00 p.m. on saturday, the storm system is just off to the north. another this point, it looks like any plans you have on sunday you should prepare for some rainfall. looks like widespread rain. starting sunday morning and continues into the evening. i think this starts to get out of here once we head into monday morning's forecast. as i've been mentioning, a big
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heads up if you're going to see yara, prepare for winter conditions. last weekend, we had all the warm weather. this sunday, you got snow. 20 inches in kingville. 9 in south lake tahoe. it's a one-day event on sunday. next week, sunshine building in, and then inland valleys, we have 58 degrees for a high on sunday. last weekend, raj, we had temperatures in the upper 80s. so some big swings in the temperatures. and everybody that's on this forecast is going to be ready for it, no doubt. >> we are prepped and it feels like winter. thank you, jeff. up next at 11:00, a covid state of emergency could be declared in japan. so what happens with the upcoming olympics? and happening now, something new in carbon neutral. peninsula clean energy is providing up to $250,000 to san
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mateo county for 100 electric vehicle charging ports to be installed in redwood city. it will be available to county employees. san mateo county formed the peninsula clean energy in 2016. it's the county's official electricity provider, which has a goal of carbon neutrality by 2035. back in a moment.
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are the games still on? as of now, yes. despite only 1% of japan being vaccinated and covid cases spiking, a state of emergency is being discussed there. and public opinion polls
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strongly are against hosting the upcoming olympics. local media is reporting that japan's government is considering a state of emergency for tokyo, the host site of the olympics, and osaka. the move would allow local authorities to impose curfews and lockdowns to stop the virus from spreading. >> tokyo continues to be the best prepared olympic city ever. this was underlined by the information that we got from the organizing committee. >> as of right now, the emergency period would be between april 29th to may 9th. the opening ceremony for the olympics is july 23rd. it appears the covid vaccine is safe for pregnant women. that's according to new numbers from the cdc. the results are based on reports from more than 35,000 women who received either the moderna or pfizer shots while pregnant. their rates of miscarriage,
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premature births and other complications were about the same as women who were studied before the pandemic. researchers say more comprehensive studies and testing is needed. money is on the way for entertainment venues in san francisco that have been closed during the pandemic. beginning today, people who own small venues in the city can apply for grants for up to $10,000. the money can be used for rent, payroll, utilities and other expenses. this past year has been devastating for the entertainment sector. $10,000, they say, will barry cover a month's rent, but they will take it. they have until may 5 to apply. we're back in a moment with the big story with the swinging a's. we'll show you what happened with the a's and steph curry and the warriors.
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oakland is in the house, and the a's remain the talk of baseball. 11 straight wins, and now they're in first place. at the coliseum today, this was a wild one. the a's led 7-4 after seth brown smacks a two-run homer. the dra. we go to extra innings. the a's down by one, 10th
11:30 pm
inning, bases loaded with two outs. horiano hits into a -- what should be a game-ending groundout. but two runs score and let the celebration begin. the a's win 11 in a row, 13-12 over the twins. they now have the second best record in baseball. the giants looking to sweep the phillies before returning home from their east coast trip. the giants rallied again. here's darin ruf, a three-run homer to tie the game. but all good things must end. bottom of the 9th, the phillies have their own dramatic end. giants lose 6-5. they host the marlins tomorrow at oracle park. the big question around the nba, what did steph curry do tonight? he is playing at an mvp level and making the warriors games must-see tv.
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tonight, in d.c., taking on the wizards. stef proved he's human. he had a rare bad night for him. only 18 points. that's great for a lot of people, but for him only 18. he still tried pulling out the game. the driving layup cut the lead the two. but washington too tough down the stretch. wizards win 118-114. by the way, the sharks tonight lose in vegas. back in a moment. which shows will you be getting into tonight? how about all of 'em. netflix. cuz xfinity gets you really into your shows. when someone burns for someone who does not feel the same. oh, daphne. let's switch. from live tv to sports on the go. felix at the finish! you can even watch your dvr from anywhere. okay, that's just showing off. you get all of this with x1. so go on, get really into your shows. you need a breath mint. xfinity. it's a way better way to watch.
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we end with something good. a unique stage show in oakland. the oakland theater project has turned the famous poem "the wasteland" into an imagiative production. the audience watches from their cars and listens over their car radio. the show runs through may 16th. pretty cool. have a great day tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ♪ [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it


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