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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 21, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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strangers who got to know him after his death, at the knees of derek chauvin caught on video. >> enough. enough. enough of this senseless killing. >> we still have work to do. we still must reform the system. >> from the white house to right here at home, the world is reacting to the verdict that has the potential to change the nation. the question now, what's next? a live coverage on this historic verdict continues right now. this is "today in the bay." and good wednesday morning to you. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. let's get right to that guilty verdict. we've got live team coverage. "today in the bay's" cierra johnson has reaction from right here in the bay area, but let's start out in washington, with tracie potts. tracie, this push for police reform getting a big boost in this case. >> it certainly is.
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given the verdict yesterday, the reaction to it here in washington, now questions are being asked about what washington is going to do about police reform and when lawmakers might finish the work they started. from the white house, relief and a call to do more. >> a measure of justice isn't the same as equal justice. it is not just a black america problem or a people of color problem. it is a problem for every american. >> nothing is going to make it all better, but at least now there's some justice. >> reporter: after speaking with floyd's family, president biden urged congress to pass the george floyd justice in policing act. >> this takes acknowledgment and confronting head on, systemic racism and the racial disparities that exist in policing and on our criminal justice system. "i can't breathe."
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those are george floyd's last words. we can't let those words die with him. >> reporter: relief, too, on capitol hill. >> thank god the jury validated what we saw. >> so today, i am relieved. today i exhale. >> the bill is passed. >> reporter: democrats who sponsored the bill banning chokeholds, no-knock warrants and ending immunity for police say it's just a first step. >> we are hopeful that today will be the catalyst to turn the pain, the agony, the justice delayed into actions that go far beyond today. >> reporter: agony and anger. >> the verdicts are not a replacement for policy change. >> reporter: congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez live on instagram urging congress to make police reform a priority.
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then there's the twitter reaction to house speaker nancy pelosi on the george floyd murder saying that he sacrificed his life for justice, that concept of sacrifice didn't sit well with some people and they spoke out about it. she went back on twitter saying that george floyd should be alive today and that his death should not be in vain. >> so much emotion behind this, tracie, thank you. live from washington. and with the nation focused on minneapolis, the verdict did provide that wave of emotion for so many. >> praise the lord! hallelujah! oh, thank you, jesus. >> we got justice today. >> this is a new day. this is something beautiful. this is something different. >> a sense of relief for a lot of people. "today in the bay's" cierra
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johnson joins us live this morning. she's in san francisco with more reaction. i think everyone was just waiting, waiting when that verdict was read and they felt, they felt that chill of emotion. >> reporter: yes, good morning. it was a long ten hours for many folks but when that verdict was read as we saw in other parts of the country, same situation here for many. it was a sigh of relief. now it's been almost a year since that situation played out since that former minneapolis police officer encountered george floyd, and it was captured on cell phone video, him kneeling on the neck and back of floyd for nearly nine minutes, that moment in time really changing a nation. our crews were out in the moments after that verdict times three was read that reading for many another milestone in the fight for justice. we found many gathered at liberation park in east oakland, many finding that verdict a sigh of relief.
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>> while we get excited, i temper my emotions because i know it's just a matter of time before this same thing repeats itself and the outcome won't be the same. >> we're still in the back of daunte wright and taser taser, so this is not a victory. this is a wake-up call. >> reporter: and local leaders also shared their thoughts on the verdict, with san francisco mayor london breed sharing this in part. "this verdict does not bring back the life of george floyd. it can't replace the years of his life that were robbed from him, nor the life experiences and memories that would have been made with his friends and family. what this verdict does is reflect is that the tide is turning in the country, although still too slowly, toward accountability and justice." i'm sure we'll hear more folks who will speak out today, reacting to that verdict, that is really just a milestone in our society. we're live in san francisco, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> i'm sure we'll hear a lot of response. thank you, cierra. tributes to floyd continue
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to pour in this morning at the intersection where former officer derek chauvin murdered him. flowers, signs, and even pictures wrapping around the corner of east 38th street in chicago avenue in minneapolis. hundreds gathered there last night to celebrate what many describe as bittersweet victory. as for the former officer, after that verdict, chauvin was handcuffed and taken to jail. this is where he'll stay and await his sentencing. right now, what comes next for derek chauvin a little complicated. we want to walk you through it here. his sentencing is set for eight weeks from now but first the defense must produce a pre-sentencing report, this is about chauvin's background and that will likely influence how much prison time he will serve. the judge also needs to determine if there were special circumstances that justify a sentence longer than the terms outlined in minnesota's sentencing guidelines. experts say the recommended sentence should be around 12 years. we have much more information
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for you regarding the derek chauvin case online right now, and you can find the reaction from across the nation to break down each of those counts. just go to let's see, we'll take a live look at the danville police department or the news of developing overnight in ohio? no, this is the danville police department. okay. let's get caught up here a little bit. we're taking a look at this because this is where a police officer is expected to be charged in the shooting death of an unarmed man back in 2018. coming up in just about 30 minutes we'll have a live report on the officer that is under investigation and actually his ties to another recent shooting. happening today, the south bay's largest school district is starting to welcome back some of its 30,000 students. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us live in san jose with a look at what the day
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is going to look like there. a little bit of normalcy for some of these kids. >> reporter: it will feel a little bit normal at least but you could tell there's a lot of excitement. look at the sign that somebody put up here in front of pioneer high school, despite the fact that only about a third of the students are going to be returning in person to their campuses today at san jose unified. about 10,000 students will be returning for the first time since last year, but the remaining 22,000 students, the vast majority will continue distance learning from home. at their 41 campuses, san jose unified will use a live instruction model, teachers teach students in the classroom and distance learning from home at the same time. the district says this model will allow all students all day access to their instructors and their teachers. this is the welcome back video that the district sent to families detailing the masking requirements, social distancing requirements. parents are reminded to connect
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daily health screenings and to send their kids to school with their chargers and a full bottle of water. the district will provide free breakfast and lunch to all students. students can bring their own. the district secured vaccines for its 4,000 teachers and staff, which will allow them to skip quarantine in the event they are in contact with a student or colleague who tests positive for covid, they're trying to make sure that the last six weeks of school are as smooth as possible. now i was looking through the comments sections on the social media pages for the district and there were a lot of well wishes for this first day back for today but there were some parents saying "it's about time." in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thanks, kris. 6:09 this morning. a live look out in walnut creek, as we get ready for the day. see the cars on the road getting ready? looking a little foggy out there this morning as we get started. i want to know about the recess
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forecast because the kids are going to get outside today. i have recess after work myself, kari. >> we all do. we're starting out really nice and we're packing getting the kids ready for school in san jose. drop-off time we're going to see our walk to school pretty nice, temperatures in the upper 40s, just a few clouds, and yeah, we have to pick them up a little bit earlier, a lot of schools aren't even doing recess. do that when you get home. we'll see those temperatures in the low 60s with sunshine, so it's going to start to feel a little bit more comfortable as we head up toward 71 degrees during the middle of the afternoon. today martinez reaching 70 degrees and we'll see some low 70s in much of the north bay. santa rosa reaching 71. we'll talk about some rain in our weekend forecast that's coming up in a few minutes. mike, how is it looking for the commute? >> kari, i spotted on our live camera a sudden amount of slowing over at the richmond side of the richmond-san rafael bridge. let's take a live look as you
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see the slowing and the delay you'll have as you head over in toward the north bay from the east bay. there are no incidents reported on the span, but we will check those speed sensors. only slowing where the arrow is, that's right at the toll plaza itself and again, no slowing on the span so i'm hoping it's just something going on at the toll plaza, and should clear soon. we'll follow that closely. to the bottom of your screen the bay bridge showing slowing on the incline and not at the toll plaza and recovery, more folks headed through orinda, the caldecott tunnel and over possibly to the bay bridge, there may be more traffic heading there as that car fire just cleared lanes i got confirmation from chp. that will mean more traffic coming into the walnut creek interchange out of concord, that should be expected soon so this will add to that portion of the east bay, looks like we have a new crash on 84 as you cut down toward sunol but i circled san jose for that recovery for 101. back to you. >> all right, thanks so much. 6:11.
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cracking down on harassment online. up next we'll talk about instagram's new plan. plus, did working during the pandemic make you not like your job? well, up next what some workers are saying about looking for new opportunities. and hey, are you ready for vegas? some of you are like wait a minute i never said i wanted to go to vegas. even if you didn't say it, i'll tell you about a new casino opening up on the strip, the grand opening coming up next for you and why it may be a triple fun time for us all. oh, yes. we'll be right back. you're watching "today in the bay."
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is also bringing nourishment to our state's economy. that's the taste of recovery. calling all californians. keep your vacation here and help our state get back to work. and please travel responsibly.
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it's 6:14 and the sun will be rising within the next ten minutes if it's time to get in your morning activity, going for a run, bike ride, in redwood city we're in the upper 40s, a few clouds, a nice cool start and it's going to be another comfortable day as the winds calm down. we'll talk about what's ahead in our forecast and even some rain for the weekend, coming up in a few minutes. >> and we're looking toward the tri-valley, a crash may be cutting off your shortcut here and avoiding the dub lib interchange may not be an option. we'll track that for westbound 84. meanwhile a live look shows you that richmond backup still at the toll plaza, heading over toward the north bay, still not getting any word of any crashes, but we still have a sudden backup unexpectedly slow at
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contra costa county in toward the north bay. taking a live look this morning at futures, stocks yesterday endured a second straight day of loss, the first back-to-back drops in a month. you see all of them down this morning. in fact, los gatos based netflix shares down ahead of the bell. the company adding 4 million new subscribers last quarter. they say the fall was pandemic related since production delays halted time lines for releasing some content out there. instagram adding new features to prevent harassment in direct messages. you'll now have the option to not just block an individual user but preemptively block any new accounts that they may create. amazon's bringing its palm scanning payment system to whole foods, kind of unique. the system is called amazon one will debut in whole foods in seattle. shoppers can pay for items by placing their palm over a scanning device and you just pay without having to go through the
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checkout line. apple unveiling a new few items, a small device to help you find things. here is what everyone is talking about rainbow of colors, the new imac can seven colors to choose from. execs say this is to help meet our working, streaming, home schooling needs and also rolling out a new set of ipad pros. here is a fun item for you, this one is called an apple air tag, you attach it to your keys, your luggage, bike or really whatever. >> it's finding other things that might not be connected like a surfboard or a suitcase or anything expensive. >> oh, yeah. the cost here? just 29 bucks. and as the economy recovers, more workers are looking for new jobs. a new survey say for opportunities, among those planning to leave, 80% said they're doing so over concerns about their career advancement.
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72% said the pandemic caused them to rethink their skill sets. and if you're planning a summer vacation, you are not alone. a new survey by the points guy shows 5% adults say they'll go on vacation at least once. they say they're interested in taking a road trip or even visiting national parks and many plan to spend more than $1,000. maybe vegas is your thing. it is for a couple of our producers here. one of the biggest projects on the vegas strip is set to open june 24th, called resorts world las vegas, and its three different hotels all in one location. the nevada governor has set a june 1st date, this is for the complete reopening of las vegas. >> that's so true, marcus. i think for years now we've been planning a group "today in the bay" team going to vegas and we can never coordinate the dates. i think we need to make it
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happen. there you go. >> you know what? the monday after that weekend will be the best show to watch in the history of "today in the bay". >> you know it will be. >> we'll let you viewers know when we do it. >> we will. let's check the forecast for today right here in the bay area, with kari. >> hey, it was so windy yesterday afternoon, i wanted to show you what's going on now, in some of the wind gusts we had. in san francisco, we had a top wind speed check this out, 58 miles per hour. yes, those winds were really rushing, and we even saw those winds elsewhere across the bay area at 25 to 35 miles per hour. if you are getting ready to head out for the commute it may be breezy. a live look in lafayette, temperatures in the upper 40s. we're seeing clouds to start out this morning but it won't be that way all day. we'll see our sunshine and
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temperatures headed toward the mid-60s by early in the afternoon. lunch outside today, look at the high temperatures reaching into the low to mid-70s for livermore, up to 74 degrees. 71 in santa rosa. san francisco reaching 60 degrees and upper 60s and low 70s for much of the inner bay. going through the forecast we've been so dry but nice to see some changes here. our overall weather pattern changing and allowing for the storm system to move in on sunday. it does look like the next one right behind that will be to the north of us, but it has been so great to at least have a glimmer of hope here, and maybe even delay our fire season a little bit. this will not put an end to the drought but we are looking at some pretty decent rainfall totals with the possibility of over an inch of rain for the north bay and maybe a half inch of rain for the south bay, and for the cierra, possibly another foot of snow, maybe even two feet for some of our resorts. so that would be pretty amazing
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to see especially this late in the season. and we're going to have some significant cooling once that storm system arrives from the upper 70s to the upper 50s by early next week, so a little taste of winter and it's something we really missed out on so it is nice to at least get it at some point. mike, how is it looking right now for the morning commute? >> kari, there are a couple of key spots that are problems right now. look at the big view of the bay and it gives you the impression that everything's just fine but here's a problem. you may have to take the dublin interchange if you typically avoid that, the south bay and peninsula are looking all right with slowing north on 101 approaching the airport, because of a crash, still blocking your right lanes getting a little slow there. but this is the big issue is westbound 84 over in the tri-valley is basically blocked right now because of a crash, folks are squeezing by possibly on the shoulder, as you get out of the pleasanton/livermore area headed toward 680. i would say don't gamble on that. the dublin interchange is still
6:22 am
clear, as 580 toward 680. it's slowing a bit with more traffic but that is more reliable right now. highway 4 is slowing as well through concord as the volume builds and the volume holding with this backup at the richmond side, getting onto the bridge is a problem right now for some reason, getting onto the span. back to you. >> thanks so much. coming up next on "today in the bay," "nbc bay area responds." >> more and more ac because there are fewer and fewer comfortable days. so what's the price we'll pay? and the planet? i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. some answers next. plus our team always on social media, meteorologist kari hall very honest and very brave about her daughter and her journey with autism. she's equipped with a medic alert bracelet if she wanders off or goes missing. you can follow kari on facebook,
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twitter an instagram. we have much more ahead for you on "today in the bay." it's 6:22.
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felix at the finish! you can even watch your dvr from anywhere. okay, that's just showing off. you get all of this with x1. so go on, get really into your shows. you need a breath mint. xfinity. it's a way better way to watch. welcome back. 6:25, ahead of earth day, all this week we're taking a closer look at our actions and their impact on our planet. >> this morning investigative reporter chris chmura is focusing on a rise in our air conditioner installations. >> good morning. we checked with some local ac installers and told us sales are
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up especially in parts of the bay area where ac was never really needed in the past like redwood city. which told us ac permits recently hit a high there. so what's going on? are that many days too hot to tolerate now? are we just more sensitive or maybe both? dr. zeke hauffather director of climate and energy at the breakthrough institute in oakland says our summers are in fact hotter. >> it used to be a comfortable year-round temperature and increasing will i a climate we have a couple weeks a year where it is unbearably hot. >> reporter: thus the dash to chill the air at home. there's aa big question. while the new ac systems are cooling down our houses, are they also heating up the planet? tonight at 6:00, we'll dig into that and help steer you from trouble when you're shopping for an ac, because they can cost you thousands of bucks easy. if you have a consumer complaint that has you hot under the collar perhaps we can help, go to and click the "responds" option from the main menu or call us 888-996-tips.
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i'll see you again tonight at 6:00. what a roll right now for the oakland a's. their dismal start to the season now a distant memory. yesterday at the coliseum they played two against minnesota. and the first game mitch moreland hit two home runs. the a's shut out the twins 7-0. a little error, a mechanical error in this one in a light bank after a brief delay, though, the umpires said let's just play on. the fans who were there didn't seem to mind that small delay especially with the team playing so well in game two, young pitching talent jesus losardo didn't allow any runs. a's stretch their winning streak to ten games.
6:28 am
the team says vaccinated only sections will not require distancing and the team hopes to boost stadium capacity to 50% next month, pending approval from health leaders. later today the giants wrap up their road trip in philadelphia. last night they rallied down from being town 4-0 and included buster posey hitting two home runs and later in the eighth inning a third home run by alex dickerson gave them the lead for good. giants win it 10-7. and coming up next here on "today in the bay," and all new reports an east bay law enforcement officer is about to be charged in a deadly police shooting from three years ago. a live report next on that, and his much link to more recent deadly police shooting. plus back to our ongoing coverage of the derek chauvin
6:29 am
guilty verdict. we'll have reaction from right here in the bay area. >> very encouraging. i mean, it's just one. it's just one but maybe it's a start. >> up next, a connection this group of people in from the south bay have to the george floyd case. you're watching "today in the bay."
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as to count one, unintentional second-degree murder while committing a
6:32 am
felony, find the defendant guilty. >> right now at 6:30, guilty on all counts. derek chauvin waking up in a minnesota jail this morning. the former officer convicted of murdering george floyd. this morning america and the world continues to react to the historic decision and we're tracking it all as "today in the bay" continues right now. good tuesday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. we begin with live pictures from minneapolis. it's a brand new day in that city following the guilty verdict of derek chauvin in the murder of george floyd. "today in the bay's" gabe gutierrez has more from minneapolis. >> reporter: laura and marcus, good morning. it was a dramatic scene outside of the hennepin county courthouse yesterday as the verdict was read. a crowd gathered shortly after the announcement was made that the jury had reached a verdict, but there was a huge sense of anticipation and anxiety leading up to that verdict just before,
6:33 am
just before it was read just after 5:00 eastern time. this that moment as the judge read the report. >> we the jury in the above-entitled matter as to count one, unintentional second-degree murder while committing a felony find the defendant guilty. >> reporter: after that, derek chauvin was led from the courtroom in handcuffs, guilty of the murder of george floyd, an extremely powerful image that rippled across this crowd and was what the george floyd family had been waiting for. this had been a constant struggle for them. they are now seeing this verdict as much bigger than george floyd. >> i can't believe it. it feels, there's poetry in the fact that he couldn't breathe and it feels like we just got a breath of fresh air, like for first time, it feels like we can breathe. >> it was just a beautiful moment we finally get to see somebody get just an inch of justice. >> reporter: derek chauvin immediately had his bail revoked and he is in jail awaiting sentencing which is
6:34 am
expected in about eight weeks. he faces a maximum time in first time offender it could be much less. there's three ot involved in this case, charged with aiding and abetting murder and manslaughter. they're set to go to trial later this year. back to you in the bay area. >> thank you, gabe. the verdict already having a big impact on some south bay families affected by police violence. many gathering outside of san jose city hall. the group was in contact leading up to the decision, many expressing anxiousness, some saying they felt some relief. >> very encouraging. i mean it's just one. it's just one but maybe it's a start. >> today's verdict was actually some glimpse of hope for anybody that's gone through what we've gone through, so it's a glimpse of hope and it proves that if you keep pushing, things can change. >> the group is part of silicon valley de bug, an organization
6:35 am
impacted families pushing for police reform, for reform. many say they hope more cases like derek chauvin's are able to be decided by a jury. community organizers who protested george floyd's killing since the beginning coming together in san jose, about 50 people met outside of grace baptist church. family members held up pictures of loved one killed by police, speakers talked about celebrating justice yesterday but calling for more accountability in policing. >> what we want people to remember is that there is thousands, thousands of families just like george floyd's family that haven't gotten justice, that haven't gotten this level of exposure. i mean, the world had to damned near fall apart for a year for this to happen. >> organizers say chauvin's conviction provides more momentum to make real progress. one of san jose's former independent police auditors is calling this case a game changer especially when it comes to law enforcement policies and oversight. ladoris cordell is a retired
6:36 am
judge and believes this is one of the first times in history where a police officer was convicted largely due to testimony from other officers and in this case straight up to the police chief. >> this is big, because now people around the country and particularly police officers can get the message that it's the right thing to do. >> cordell says the case was also a launching pad for new laws passed not only at the federal level but in about two dozen states, including here in california, and it's adding fuel to the argument about officers using their body cameras for every public encounter. the san francisco, san jose and los angeles police unions released a joint statement on the verdict calling it "just" saying in part, "although the verdict will not bring george floyd back, this tragedy provides all of us in law
6:37 am
enforcement an opportunity to improve how our nation is policed and our three police unions are committed to enacting reforms that will keep all americans safe." developing right now an east bay law enforcement officer expected to be charged in the shooting death of an unarmed man back in 2018. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live for us outside of danville police department and bob, this is the same officer who shot and killed a man earlier this year. >> reporter: correct. talking about danville police officer andrew hall, who shot and killed a man holding a knife back in march. he is now being charged in the shooting death of an unarmed man back in 2018. that was when officer hall was a deputy with the contra costa county sheriff's office. this is according to reporting done by the "east bay times." "the times" reports that later today the contra costa
6:38 am
district attorney's office will announce the charge or charges, against hall. in november of 2018, hall shot and killed latimer arboleta, a 33-year-old newark man who had been in a slow speed chase with deputies. the danville police chief at the time defended hall's actions, saying arboleta drove towards hall and that hall fired his weapon out of fear for his own life. "the times" reported hall continued to fire at arboleta after hall was out of the car's path. "the chronicle" reports arboleta suffered from mental illness. last month hall, now a danville police officer shot and killed tyrell wilson, the 32-year-old homeless man was holding a knife at the time but cell phone video shows wilson stepping back before being shot. hall is on administrative leave. wilson's family has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the danville police department. i've reached out to the contra costa county sheriff's office, which manages the danville
6:39 am
police department for comment, have not heard back. we did hear back from the da's office who wouldn't confirm the charge against hall, told us they can't comment at this time. reporting live here in danville, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thanks for the latest there, bob. 6:38. switching gears a little bit but taking you on a deep dive to the ocean's floor. nbc lx will be holding a live show underwater for earth day tomorrow. viewers can explore florida's coral reef just to see environmental damage from climate change and pollution, and they can actually get tips on how to save marine life. you can watch that live event on nbc lx at 1:00 p.m., that's 11-15 over the air, channel 185 on xfinity cable or any time on from the depths of the ocean to the blue skies of the bay area, meteorologist kari hall has you covered with that forecast for you today. kari, how is it looking for us?
6:40 am
>> pretty good. i mean, take a look at this orange sunrise that we have over the south bay right now. it is so nice to see that once again as we are waking up on what will be another beautiful day, and we have more kids heading back to school today so we're getting back to normalcy a little bit, as we are looking at our temperatures dropping them off at school to be in the upper 40s, low 60s for the pickup time in the early afternoon. enjoy more time out there, because our highs will reach up to the low 70s, and we'll also see more of those temperatures in the mid-70s for parts of the north bay, while oakland will reach 65. san francisco looking at a high of 60 degrees. we'll talk about some much cooler temperatures and some rain in our weekend forecast, that's coming up in a few minutes. mike, how is it looking right now for the commuters? >> well first the good news. anywhere south of dumbarton bridge, santa clara county for example silicon valley you're in the clear, no surprises.
6:41 am
now the breaking news out of the tri-valley, i'm going to issue an alert because they just told me both directions of highway 84, they being chp both directions of 84 are jammed up. don't use them between vallecitos and 680. if you're traveling out of the altamont or eastern parts of livermore you want to go to the dublin interchange down 680, more slowing at the dublin interchange and south of stanley and down on 680 itself. that's the problem for the tri-valley. the richmond bridge there was construction, they called for help there, that's why there was the big backup for about 20 minutes, we're seeing some relief here and no big backup at the bay bridge. i'll show that to you coming up. back to you. >> thank you, mike. coming up next, britain's queen elizabeth celebrating a milestone birthday, how she is marking it just days after the funeral for her husband, prince philip. and a giant teddy bear on a mission, walking from l.a. to
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small business insurance is usually so complicated, you need to be a lawyer to understand it. that's why three was created. if you own it, three covers it. got a cheese slice for “spokesperson?" that's me. i don't even need to see what's happening behind me to know it's covered. three. no nonsense. just common sense. i can't breathe. i can't breathe. those are george floyd's last words. we can't let those words die with him. we have could deep hearing those words. we must not turn away.
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we can't turn away. >> black men are fathers and brothers and sons and uncles, and grandfathers, and friends and neighbors. their lives must be valued in our education system, in our health care system, in our housing system, in our economic system and our criminal justice system in our nation. full stop. >> president biden and vice president kamala harris responding to the derek chauvin guilty verdict, both closely watching that trial, like much of the rest of the country, and we have live team coverage this morning of that reaction. "today in the bay's" cierra johnson is in san francisco with how the bay area responded but first i want to go to tracie potts in washington, d.c., and tracie, the push is really getting louder for police reform on a national level.
6:46 am
>> well, it is. it's coming from what's happening in minneapolis, two new things in the last ten minutes to tell you about, marcus. first of all, take a look, the photo, the new mug shot of former officer derek chauvin apparently taken this morning, you can see he's wearing orange now. he was denied bail and is behind bars until his sentencing in eight weeks. also new from justice department officials this morning, the department will launch what they call a pattern and practice investigation into the minneapolis police department, what does that mean? the justice department says when they do these and they do them in small and large departments all over the country, they look at whether there's a pattern and practice of stop, searches, arrests violating the fourth amendment, excessive force, discrimination, violating constitutional rights of suspects, or the first amendment, and whether there are systemic deficiencies that keep those practices going.
6:47 am
in the end there will be some sort of public report. this may be what president biden was talking about when he spoke with george floyd's family yesterday after the verdict promising that washington will do more. >> nothing is going to make it all better, but at least now there's some justice. >> right. >> and you know, i think "my daddy is going to change the world" we're starting to change it now. >> house speaker nancy pelosi after the verdict said this was a relief that the jury validated what a lot of people were thinking here but also got in a bit of hot water on twitter saying that floyd sacrificed his life for justice. that didn't sit well with some people. she came back saying george floyd should be alive today and that his death should not be in
6:48 am
vain. marcus? >> so true. all right, tracie, thank you. of course we've seen a lot of emotion after the verdict, really across the country and right here in the bay area. "today in the bay's" cierra johnson is live for us in san francisco with the reaction from that. cierra? >> reporter: yes, good morning, marcus. after the ten hours of deliberation and that former minneapolis police officer found guilty times three, there was a sense of a sigh of relief across the country. you saw it there in minneapolis and you saw it here in the bay area. it was less than a year ago that derek chauvin encountered george floyd and was captured on cell phone video kneeling on his neck and his back for nearly nine minutes. that moment as we all know has changed a nation. our crews were out in the moments after that verdict was read, and for many, it was another milestone in the fight for justice. we found many gathered at liberation park in east oakland with some finding that verdict a sigh of relief. >> while we get excited, i
6:49 am
temper my emotions because i know it's a matter of time before this same thing repeats itself and the outcome won't be the same. >> we're still in the back of daunte wright and taser, taser. so this is not a victory. this is a wake-up call. >> reporter: so as you can imagine a wealth of emotions for many folks both here and across the nation. we're live in san francisco, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." marcus? >> a lot of emotion indeed. while i have you both here i want to talk to you all a little bit as black journalists dealing with this. we've been talking about this for more than a year now. tracie, i want to talk to you about it. we had an emotional exchange from my part a year ago about. one of the biggest stories in the country, a journalist and mother of a black son, how has it been for you covering this? >> you know, it was interesting, yesterday i was actually with my son and my daughter watching the
6:50 am
verdict as it was announced, and you know, we've talked about the weight of all of this on black men and young black men in this country. vice president harris talked about it yesterday, saying many of them have been treated less than human and so when he heard the verdict, he asked me an interesting question. he said, are you happy about this? and the word just didn't seem to fit. we've heard people talking about relief. we've heard people talking about justice or that it's not justice, but happy was not a word that seemed to fit, number one, because of the situation, but also because it just seems undone. this is one case, it's one case where some accountability happened, but what about all the other cases out there? and what about the systemic issues that continue to promote these things, and allow these things to happen, so it just seems like a lot of work undone, a lot still left to do. >> i know when i thought about this yesterday i did an interview with nbc sports bay
6:51 am
area, and just didn't seem fitting for this. it was more accountability and that was something that i thought about, and thinking about that, you know, when i heard this, heard the verdict i think all of us looking back on this years from now will remember where we were when we heard this. cierra, when you first heard the verdict how has it been in the last few hours, this morning even covering stories like this? >> reporter: even just for the whole year, it's really been traumatic just to see that video and see it played even when you're not intending to watch it, pop up on social media, that's kind of been a traumatic experience, but as you mentioned, for me it was the word accountability and for so many other people who have been in situations difficult encounters, it really is about accountability and i'm from columbus, ohio, so the moments after that verdict was read there was another encounter with an officer and a 15-year-old girl, a black girl not too far from a relative's house so i
6:52 am
think for so many people, justice isn't the word given the situation. it's about that accountability and really working to just heal some of the differences and some of the altercations that we've been having for so long. it's a fight that's going to just going to continue. >> something that's going to continue. before we go, i was speaking with monte poole yesterday and he was talked about the rodney king case. again we saw it on camera, that situation, and this and he said what was the difference between that and now at 28 years or so later and i said i think the world, the eyes are open of the world right now more so than it was back then. so certainly hopefully we stay woken and stay with the fight for true equality for all of us. cierra, tracie, thank you for opening up this morning. i appreciate it. of course as we keep talking about this, that conversation is ongoing. "race in america" we do that every month. jessica aguirre and i. if you missed our last episode you can watch it online, go to
6:53 am or you can watch it on our youtube channel or facebook page. on capitol hill, a follow-up to the gop's attempt to censure l.a. representative maxine waters. for her remarks about racial justice. a house resolution accused waters of raising the potential for violence and lawlessness and possibly interfering with government. last night the resolution was tabled with a party line vote. on saturday, waters said racial justice activists needed to get more confrontational if chauvin was acquitted. the judge in the trial called the comments abhorrent and hinted chauvin could win an appeal because of them. cer now and happening today, britain's queen elizabeth marking her 95th birthday in low key fashion at windsor castle, just days after the funeral of her husband, prince philip. some members of the royal family are expected to be on hand. her birthday falls within the
6:54 am
two-week royal mourning period for her husband. he died on april 9th at the age of 99. no doubt she's be mourning a lot longer than that. a human-sized teddy bear or guy in a teddy bear costume making his way to the bay area. a pretty unique situation. >> we're giving everyone love from san fran, we're going there. >> he calls himself bear son and he's walking from l.a. to san francisco. the man inside the costume is jesse larios and started his journey and documenting his trip on instagram and created a go fund me page raising money for a nonprofit. he hasn't decided which nonprofit to donate to. right now he's just outside of hollister. his end goal is the golden gate bridge. >> hmm. >> why he's doing it? i don't know and i'm wondering if he's the nonprofit. >> i hope not.
6:55 am
>> you know what? luckily the weather has been cooperating though. to put on a big bear outfit, at least it's not super hot out there. >> yes. >> yes, and i think the morning time is the best time to get out there. take a look at where we're headed for today, reaching lo a bay area. we get ready for weekend rain, two storm systems out there the first one moves in on sunday, also brings in some much cooler temperatures, but it's been so dry, it's definitely a welcome sight. we may see that rain the second round kind of staying to the north of us, but at least we're looking at the a good soaking, models consistently showing over an inch of rain for parts of the north bay and also for the south bay as well, with the sierra getting possibly over a foot of snow, maybe even two feet for some of those ski resorts, and that of course would be extra water storage for our dry summer months. we're watching this and we'll talk about the seven-day
6:56 am
forecast in a few minutes. mike, what's going on right now for the commute? >> kari, we still have the problem in the tri-valley. let's get to the map. highway 84 just avoid it cutting through livermore and sunol toward 680, use the dublin interchange, i mark it on the map there, multivehicles, slowing at the dublin interchange. a little recovery for pleasanton and south 680. hayward sees more slowing, new trend there. san mateo one crash cleared at broadway, there may be another and a quick look at the bay bridge where the backup has built in the last ten. back to you. >> thanks, mike. happening now, the sonoma county d.a. asking residents who suffered injury or property damage from the kincade fire to contact the office. yesterday, pg&e was arraigned on a 33-count criminal complaint alleging it recklessly caused the 2019 kincade fire that burned 78,000 acres near geyserville and destroyed 374 structures including 174 homes. coming up next we're going to have a quick look at our top stories, including thousands of south bay students heading back to the classroom this morning.
6:57 am
we'll have a live report on the new safety requirements and the challenge that teachers will be facing. you're watching "today in the bay."
6:58 am
oh, you think this is just a community center? no. it's way more than that. cause when you hook our community up with the internet... boom! look at ariana, crushing virtual class. jamol, chasing that college dream. michael, doing something crazy. this is the place where we can show the world what we can do. comcast is partnering with 1000 community centers to create wifi-enabled lift zones, so students from low-income families can get the tools they need to be ready for anything. oh we're ready. ♪ ♪
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take a nice look at this live look in san jose unified, a welcome back for teachers and students, 10,000 students returning to class for the first time since last year at their 41 campuses. san jose unified are going to use kind of a live instruction
7:00 am
model where teachers will teach in class and kids learning from home. all the teachers have been vaccinated there and we wish them well. >> we do. welcome back to school and soon it will be adios school, summertime. a live look at the sunrise. have a great morning. good morning. the verdict. a night of relief and reflection after a minneapolis jury convicts derek chauvin of the murder of george floyd. >> find the defendant guilty. >> the former officer led away in handcuff why is the floyd family in tears of relief. >> my brother got justice and that's very rare. >> i'm not just fighting for george anymore. i'm fighting for everybody around this world. >> our one on one with floyd's brother. moment of reckoning. presid


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