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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  April 20, 2021 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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breaking right now at 11:00, at least one person is dead, another two hurt. this is in long island after an active shooter incident at a grocery store. nbc news breaking into the "today" show to bring you the live update during a special report. now officials have identified a person of interest and believe that that shooter may be o have been an employee at the grocery store. during the initial investigation at nearby schools, they were asked to shelter in place. that's now been lifted. of course, we'll bring you those updates as they come in. and a good morning. thanks for joining us for our midday newscast. i'm marcus washington.
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our other top story, marin county has expected to move into the yellow tier. it was expected today, but now we're learning that that's not going to happen. nbc bay area's pete suratos live for us in mill valley. pete, as i understand, those officials really want to take their time here before making that move. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, marcus. i just got off the phone with the marin county official, and what she's telling me is that there was an uptick in covid cases over spring break so because of that they are saying it's unlikely at least at this point that they will move into that yellow tyranny time soon. now wheo the yellow tier. there's a number of me tricks. the wayed what's called the adjusted case rate so simply that means that it needs to be below two cases per 2,100 now people. they are saying that's no longer the case in marin county, but that's required in order to move into that yellow tier so gyms and fitness centers like the ones i'm standing in front of,
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hoping to expand to the 50% capacity and we'll have to wait for this moment. i did speak to one studio manager here in mill valley who is excited to welcome back clients safely, of course, with standard code of protocols in place. >> get fit with each other and work out and have the community feel back. we've been talking about it all morning in our group chat and looking forward to opening up the classes a little bit and spreading the word to all of our clients who are waiting for that. >> reporter: gyms aren't the only businesses that would benefit for a move to the yellow tier. bars would open at a limited capacity as well as outdoor live events in the county would be able to expand to 67% capacity. now i do want to point out that the state could decide to move marin county into the yellow tier, but based off of my phone call earlier local officials say at least right now it appears unlikely. reporting live, pete suratos, nbc bay area news. >> pete, thank you. two other countries close to reaching the yellow tier. this shows the number of cases
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per 100,000 people for san francisco. yeah. it's a 2 right now as you can see. san matteo county also close. it's at 2.1 cases per 100,000 people. positivity rates for both counties are less than 1%, but neither expects to move into the yellow tier this week. this morning 500 doses are given out of the moderna vaccine, and you don't need an appointment. santa clara family health, they plan to hold a vaccine clinic at the blanco avarato resource center. the shots are available for anyone 18 and up. the clinic is being held in partnership with santa clara county, and they started a ministering those shots at 10:00 this morning. if you're still looking for a shot, we want to help you out. go to our website and then click right. you can see it right there, how to get a vaccine appointment. our consumer investigator
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economies -- chris chmura will have more later. >> more now on the jury dleb -- deliberations. >> reporter: yesterday they spent four hours behind closed doors, likely not much deliberation. getting to know one another. they haven't really talked about this case until now. they had to work through some of the jumping's orders and kind of establish where they are and where they are going to go. today is really the first day of true deliberations inside the courthouse here, and they will begin to work through what is a lot of evidence, a lot of testimony. 15 days worth. so it could take some time. outside the courtroom security very tight. we've got state troopers coming in from ohio as well as nebraska
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to fortify a force that on the ground is already more than 3,000 national guard troops, 1,500 officers and federal agents that have been here. you really can't walk around minneapolis without seeing troops on pretty much every corner in the area here, so that's where they stand security-wise. we do know that schools in the area have decided to go with virtual learning from wednesday to friday just as a part of the precautions here. that's the latest in minneapolis. i'm jay gray and now back to you. >> okay. so businesses throughout the bay area, they are boarding up anticipation of that verdict in the trial of former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin. nbc bay area's bob redell is joining us live from alameda county. bob, talk to us about what those business owners are saying. >> and the city leaders. good morning to you, marcus. oakland mayor libby schaaf is calling for calm before the deict is announced and business owners are saying to -- to protesters, look, we support you.
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just don't break my stuff. don't break my windows. this is something that happened this past friday night when around 300 people were out protesting in downtown oakland. they are angry about men of color who have been shot and killed by police. that's what they are protesting. some of those people shattered windows and destroyed cars at a dealership and threw rocks and bottles at police. last night many business owners in the downtown area of oakland board up their windows as, again, a jury in minneapolis begins to deliberate whether or not former police officer derek chauvin is guilty of murdering george floyd >> we are running various scenarios to prepare for the announcement of the derek chauvin verdict. we're very hopeful that justice will be done. >> we had our windows broken out friday night. we are a black-owned business and fully supportive of the protests themselves and the message, but it hurts to have
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physical damage. >> reporter: businesses in san francisco are also boarding up. sfpd has cancelled days off for its announced. reporting live here in alameda a news. >> bob, thank you. you can stay witor continuing coverage of the derek chauvin murder trial. when the jury reaches that verdict, nbc news will break in with a special report, and we also have more information for you at to get complete coverage of the trial. turning to our climate in crisis, a vote in the north bay really could lead to new mandatory water restrictions, and these restrictions would impact nearly 200,000 residents. tonight the marin municipal water district will vote to declare a water shortage emergency. it calls for a mandatory water restriction for residents in central and southern marin county this. comes as that area is seeing historically low levels at its reservoirs. some of the restrictions include limiting outdoor watering to one
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day a week, washing your car and refilling pools. offenders could face up to a $250 fine but warnings would go out first. if the ordinance is passed tonight, restrictions will go into effect may 1st. take a look outside, a live look at our camera in free president. beautiful site as we're getting started with this tuesday. cooler day across the bay area for you, and, of course, we're each tracking a chaps of rape. oh, yes, you heard me right. meteorologist kari hall has been watching this. we need any bit of rain that we can have, especially with the drop that we're seeing. >> absolutely. i mean, take a look at some of our reservoir levels and the reason why they are thinking about putting up those restrictions. we're still in our water year and haven't gotten nearly as much rain so our reservoir levels continue to dip in the north bay at only half of the capacity and we're doing a lot worse in the south bay and some of those reservoirs at 10% to 30% of their capacity. water levels are already low. we've been very dry, and we are continuing to see the dry
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conditions today as we go into the rest of the day in walnut creek. at least it will be cooler reaching into the low 70s and we'll see the winds picking up. it will be a breezy afternoon with all of our microclimates enjoying some sunshine and some beautiful spring wet we are napa reaching 73 and 62 today in palo alto, but as we mentioned we do have some rape in the, if and we'll talk about that. it's coming up for the weekend. we'll talk about it in the forecast in a few minutes, marcus. >> looking forward to it, kari. happening now. the party is over before it even started in san francisco. the second straight year the city cancelling the annual 4/20 celebration today. this is file video from previous years. this is when people could actually flock to golden gate park to celebrate the unofficial holiday of all things marijuana right field. hippie hill now fenced off while police and park rangers patrol that area. this is to make sure the crowds don't gather to smoke pot. citations could be issued for those who won't and don't
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comply. coming up, governor newsom heads to court. what republican lawmakers are accusing him of doing and the charges he's fighting. and two men are dead. this is after their tesla crashes in a fiery wreck. why that investigation is certaintied who or what is driving the car. >> and alex superstar alex morgan stopped by "the kelly clarkson show." how quarantine allowed her to focus on being a mom. that's coming up this afternoon at 3:00.
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officers say there was a struggle and that the man suffered some kind of medical emergency while they were trying to detain him. the sheriff's office and district attorney are now both investigating. and investigators are probing a fatal car accident in texas involving a tesla. authorities say that no one was
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behind the wheel when that accident occurred killing those two passengers. two federal agencies are now investigating the deadly crash. tesla ceo elon musk, he's actually tweeting that the recovered logs show that the car's autopilot was never enabled. here's nbc's sam brock. >> this morning conflicting information as investigators dig into the cause of a deadly tesla crash in texas that claimed the lives of two people. >> the position of the bodies, the trajectory of the impact, they are 100% certain that no one was in the driver's seat driving that vehicle at the tim tweeting in part data logs re far show autopilot was not enabled, standard autopilot would require lane lines to turn on which this street did not have. so far neither local nor federal
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agencies confirmed musk's claims about the logs. the national transportation safety board has now joined the probe noting its investigation will focus on the vehicle's operation and the post-crash fire >> this went on for close to four hours. to douse the manageled model-s, fire crews up loaded 30,000 gallons of water. >> from why the fire looked as bad as it was because the lithium batteries kept reigniting. >> reporter: tesla has faced questions for years about the safety of its autopilot technology and the safety of the lithium batteries. a driver fell asleep in boston. >> the guy was head between his legs, sound asleep. >> reporter: and the driver in
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another accident was distracted by playing a game on his cell phone. tesla states on its website while using autopilot it is your responsibility to stay alersch keep your hands on the steering wheel at all times and maintain control of your car. the. >> sam brock reporting there. authorities, they have not released the identities of those passengers who died, but they did reveal that they were 59 and 69 years old. officials also contacted tesla about extinguishing the lithium batteries, and they said they were told to basically let them burn out reigniting debate once again about their safety. happening today. governor gavin newsom appears in a federal appeals court. this is to argue claims that he abused his use of emergency powers during the covid crisis. two gop assembly members last fall challenged the governor's decision to issue executive orders to change state law. the state superior court judge agreed that governor newsom acted unconstitutionally on issued meant to be decided by
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state legislatures. the governor's office immediately filed an appeal. for home buying and those buyers just trying to make it in the bay, new data on one bay area real estate market that's among the hottest in the nation, so puts the vallejo-fairfield region is a the third hottest. the mes on average were on the market 11 days before being sold and that phenomenon is playing out mostly everywhere with housing supply so loyal. two markets in ham that many, well they rank one and two. are you loving working from home right now, not ready to head back to the office just yet? you're not alone. according to a new survey it seems, that yeah, a lot of people really want to stay at home. 43 pfgs workers surveyed say they prefer to spend some or all work from home in the future while 18% of workers prefer full return to in-person working. while two-thirds of students 18
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and older who took classes on line said they will continue distance learning given the opportunity. the survey of about 1,600 people was conducted by usc and california emerging technology fund, but what people want and want they expect may not be the same thing. almost 40% of workers currently working from home say that they expect that they would be back at work in person full time. 16% say that they expect to continue working from home full time. many workers say that they were more productive without a long commute and fewer commuters could actually benefit and help the environment. the survey authors also say that telecommuting also increases access to health, education and essential services. time to get a look at that forecast for you. meteorologist kari hall working from home and doing a great job at, it kari. you know, you were talking about possible rain in our forecast.
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>> yes. so i'm really looking forward to this because consistently we've seen the computer models showing that that chance of rain may told together, but it is still a few days away so we'll have to keep watching it. we're still in with the dry weather right now. let's go around the bay. we're taking a live look in dublin and getting a look at the temperatures for this afternoon and reaching up to 66 degrees. yes, it be will be cooler compared to yesterday and also windy especially as we look at san matteo and temperatures reaching 61 degrees. compare that to 15 we'll see in santa rosa with the winds gusting later today. let me show you the forecast and how high the winds will be. here we are at 2:00 in the afternoon and look at san francisco. 50-mile-per-hour winds, yes. it is going to be very strong there near the coast as well as in some of our hills. elsewhere we're still looking at high winds. make sure that the patio video is ready for the burst of high
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winds late they are evening and then it starts to calm down tonight so it looks like it will stay a few hours. very strong ocean breeze and that helps to cool us off. we're also dry up until we see the storm systems approaching for the weekend. we're looking at not only one but two chances of rain and we do have a weakening typhoon and it's kind of changed the overall pattern and may actually allow for that rain to come in. so looking in, this is early. looking at some of the runs at the computer model and showing how much rain we could see, it does show we could see decent amounts, possibly close to an inch of rape in the north bay which would be great but we're also looking at the sierra to see what we could do here and it looks like there's a possibility of a foot of snow at least at some of our resorts. that's desperately needed because it's been so dry this past season, and we are still in the dry weather for a few more
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days. at least we can enjail slightly cooler weather with temperatures in the 70s and inland areas and spots like concord and livermore, morgan temperatures coming in. not too much of a change in san francisco. we have upper 50s and gusty winds all throughout the week but we'll see a lot more cloud cover as well is a the rain chances starting on sunday so, of course, we'll keep you up to date on that. let's switch gears and talk about our climate in crisis. we're raising awareness of the impacts of climate change and we're giving you looks at ways to make the planet in better shape with each generation. al roker from the "today" show is showing us different spots around the country and the actions taken for a greener future. >> i go to gm in detroit, visit fact i zero, a new factory
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building ground up to have no carbon footprint and to build many so of the cars they are talking about. they are going to switch over their entire fleet by 2035 to electric cars. we look at civic issues because of climate change. the whole neighborhoods having to be relocated. what happens to those displaced people? you go down the line, and climate change ticks off every box in our society. the. >> take a look for that online, and we've also been doing our stories at there are stories how climate change is affecting us right here in the bay area and what we can do about it. marcus? >> thanks, car irk. coming up, an all new movie shot right here in the bay area. >> the most dangerous people in the world. >> the movie and the shatout muni is getting this morning. but, first, happening now. the olympic torch relay continued today in western japan
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on its way to the opening of the tokyo games in late july. the torch will be carried through every region in the country in the days leading up to the delayed 2020 summer camps. spectators were allowed on the route. the tokyo games are scheduled to open on july 23rd. remember, you can only watch those games right here on nbc bay area. we'll be right back.
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>> we're learning more about the new pair of animals at the oakland zoo. >> a new marvel superhero movie. >> oh, my gosh, look at that muni bus. it's making a starring appearance. the new movie and the ten rings features a mostly asian cast and explores the origin and comes out in september. they are actually enjoying all the spotlight, the agency tweeting out yesterday they thought it was tweeting because of a temporary emergency transit lane, not a starring role in the upcoming action film. that will be kind of cool to check out. >> well, here's an update to a
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story hear to our heart. yesterday you may recall we told you about a pair of newly arrived sheep and they named them tony and claire and those are the names of our producer tony and his newly wed wife claire. we asked how they got the names. tony was named after one of the handlers and claire went well with tony. we think the very same thing. the new sheep will be able to meet our own tony and claire as soon as the animals are out of quarantine which will be sometime in early or mid-may. two little matches made in heaven. that's our tony and claire there. they actually had to elope due to the pandemic. they were planning a bigger wedding, you know what. didn't matter. they have love on their side. doesn't matter. beautiful couple. >> a last look at our forecast. kari? >> hey, more sunshine and
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temperatures in the 70s through the end of the week. i'm really excited about the rain chances this weekend, and, of course, we'll be following that. marcus? >> we all need to do a rain dance. thank you for joining us on the midday newscast. remember, we're always on at have a great day. more community. but with my hiv treatment,... there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor... and switched to... fewer medicines with dovato. prescription dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment
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most common side effects are headache, nausea,... diarrhea, trouble sleeping, tiredness, and anxiety. so much goes... into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato—i did. right now on "california live," lisa is pulling back the curtain on penn and showing off one of l.a.'s swanky new spots. >> we have full access to one of the most glamorous hotels on the sunset strip. >> then the countdown is on to the olympic games. we are less than 100 days away and talking to a california kid looking to strike gold in tokyo. plus, colin hanks is spilling secrets about his brand-new role and his famous mother and father. >> and chef jamie gwen is showing malou how


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