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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  April 20, 2021 12:36am-1:36am PDT

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[ cheers and applause ♪ >> jimmy: join us tomorrow night. jane fonda and robin thede will be here. and we'll have music from alanis morissette! [ cheers and applause my thanks to michael strahan, tig notaro emmy blotnick, that's how you do it right there. [ cheers and applause crushed it and the roots over there from philadelphia, pennsylvania thank you for watching stay tuned for "late night with seth meyers. goodnight, everybody [ cheers and applause ♪
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♪ ♪ >> announcer: tonight on "late night with seth meyers." catherine zeta-jones star of "the falcon and the winter soldier," actor wyatt russell, an all-new "closer look. featuring the 8g band with emmanuelle caplette. and now seth meyers. >> seth: good evening. i'm seth meyers. this is "late night. how's everybody doing tonight? that is so good to hear. let's get to the news. president biden on saturday played his first round of golf since becoming president though he has picked up his driver a few times this year but only to stop his dog major
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from attacking a staff member. "get behind me everybody get behind me. that dog's got some scranton in him. [ laughter ] that's right president biden played his first round of golf since becoming president, which weirdly is weirdly what made it finally hit home for trump "oh, my god. he is president now. all u.s. adults are now eligible for the coronavirus vaccine. not so fast, senator kyrsten sinema they're probably going to card you if you keep dressing like a three episode character from "square pegs." it's base with the "square pegs" ref. [ laughter ] long time. yeah keep them in darkness. [ laughter ] the pegs heads like to keep it anonymous. [ laughter ] president biden over the weekend attended the confirmation of his grandson, but then mitch mcconnell said it's too close to an election and put all confirmations on hold.
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former president trump released a statement yesterday praising president biden's decision to withdraw u.s. forces from afghanistan and called it, quote, "a wonderful and positive thing to do. which makes a lot more sense when you find out, he's joined the taliban, allegedly house minority leader kevin mccarthy said recently that though florida representative matt gaetz is under federal investigation for sex trafficking, gaetz will not be removed from committee and is, quote, "innocent until proven -- oh, really on venmo wow, just right out there? still, i think we should wait. and that's him there oh, boy. you guys making this tough.” senator bernie sanders and representative alexandria ocasio-cortez today unveiled the green new deal for public housing act which should keep fox news busy until danier tiger comes out as gender non-binary i think i mumbled it it's daniel tiger. so you know, save the -- save the emails
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i knew -- it's a flub. a flub is different than a mistake. [ light laughter ] yesterday was national transfer money to your daughter's account day. this according to an increasingly suspicious calendar your daughter got you for christmas. [ laughter ] bts appreciation day a dozen of the top european soccer clubs announced over the weekend that they will leave the champions league and form a new breakaway league fans said they were hurt by the move but ten seconds later they were fine. it's a very niche observation about soccer about soccer injuries from ian nasa today successfully conducted its first controlled flight on another planet and then immediately flew it into their neighbor's yard. federal regulators on saturday issued an emergency safety warning for peloton's tread plus
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treadmill. the warning reads, "do not get this for your wife unless she explicitly asks for it." two intoxicated men in france recently injected hemorrhoid cream is that their genitals, but they're still not sure about getting the covid vaccine. "i have read some things there is some troubling data." [ laughter ] "is there any more hemorrhoid cream? and finally, according to research, waking up to your favorite song can make you feel more alert and less groggy it will also in a week make you hate your favorite song. and that, everybody, was the monologue. oh, boy do we have a good show for you. she is an oscar and tony winning actress, so she's halfway to an egot she's an ot. currently you can see her starring in "prodigal son" on fox. she's one of our favorites catherine zeta-jones will be here and he's a fantastic actor and if you're watching "the falcon and the winter soldier,” you'll definitely have an opinion about his character, john walker. wyatt russell will be joining us
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before we get to all that, half of all adults in the u.s. have now received at least one shot of the covid-19 vaccine. and as of today, all adults are eligible and as result, even republicans are admitting they're having a hard time criticizing president biden. for more on this, it's time for "a closer look." ♪ >> seth: as horrific and nightmarish as the pandemic has been, and it is by no means over, especially throughout the rest of the world, we are now hitting some genuinely exciting milestones >> the race to vaccinate hitting two major milestones today the cdc reports that 50% of all adults have received at least one vaccine dose and 25% of all americans are now fully vaccinated >> starting today, every adult across the nation is eligible to get a covid shot >> folks, i have good news everybody is eligible as of today to get the vaccine we have enough of it you need to be protected and you need in turn to protect your neighbors and your family.
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so please, get the vaccine >> seth: when i think back to the lowest points of this hellish year, there were times when it was impossible to imagine the progress we're seeing now there were times when i honestly thought there was a chance i'd be locked in the captain's quarters talking to a painting for the rest of my life, urinating into jars, growing a long scraggly beard and rolling my eyes at dumb maritime theme puns thankfully, thankfully, that ship has sailed. i'm sorry. half of adults have now gotten at least one shot and all adults in the u.s. are eligible it's a dramatic achievement worthy of celebration, especially considering where we were just a few months ago before the previous president left office. the vaccine rollout was in chaos. his administration had passed on the opportunity to buy more vaccine and they made all kinds of wild and obviously insane promises like the time trump's chief of staff said they'd have 100 million doses by october and enough vaccine for every american by january. >> we use all of our regulatory tools to bring vaccine available for the entire american population by january. >> yo, in terms of the number of vials, what we're shooting for
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is to try the make sure we have 100 million doses in that first traunch, and so that 100 million doses certainly is the bench mark that we've set. from there, there would be a second traunch that would get us up to the 300 million plus doses. that timeline for the 300 million is set as a january timeline in terms of what we're looking at >> seth: he's so cagey he's talking about vaccine distribution like he's telling a loan shark when he can expect his money. "i'm gonna get you your money. i got a job now and i stop gambling no more betting on the ponies for me no, siree. oh, when i can i have it by? let's see, the kentucky derby is the first saturday in may so the first sunday in may? and yes, when biden took office and only promised 100 million shots in the first 100 days, that was clearly a low ball number but it made sense to set lower expectations after the last guy's overpromised on everything every time they opened their mouths not only do we think will we have 300 million vaccines by
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january, but we're now closer than ever getting every american a nootropic pill, nzt-48, also know as the "limitless pill" taken by bradley cooper in the film "limitless" and a reminder, this is a pill that it will allow us to use our whole brain with no side effects. at least i think that's the case as i will admit i only watched the first traunch of that movie. anyway, that obviously all turned out to be bull [ bleep the trump administration had no interest in actually overseeing an effective vaccine rollout so they just passed it off to the states and it was initially disaster biden meanwhile secured deals to buy more vaccine, brokered deals between rivals to produce more vaccine and quickly ramped up a plan to use fema to set up federally run mass vaccination sites across the country which for some reason trump failed to do maybe because he didn't know what fema stood for and was too embarrassed to ask "sir, we should coordinate between hhs and fema." “right, right, right. the federal elegant modeling agency is that right? should the models -- they would administer the vaccines and only
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ten's, right nobody's gonna roll up their sleeves for a seven. i can tell you that. but as encouraging as the vaccine rollout has been here in the u.s., it's been much less encouraging throughout the rest of the world thanks in large part to vaccine hoarding by wealthy countries. global covid cases just hit a new weekly record, making this the worst week worldwide since the start of the pandemic. and that's why we need a more just and equitable distribution of vaccines to developing nations. so far, high income countries already own more than half of all global doses purchased and it's estimated that there will not be enough vaccine doses to cover the world's population until at least 2023. meanwhile, the u.s. could have 300 million extra vaccine doses by the end of july let's send those extra vaccines to countries that need them. we certainly don't need them here as a country, we don't do well with excess. we'll start having raves where wall street bros and social media influencers pass vials of pfizer in bathrooms while dancing poorly to club music ♪ shots, shots, shots shots, shots, shots ♪ "hey, man!
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hey, man, you want a h, but they high." i was thrown by the shots. it was in the script but i still forgot what it would sound like. ♪ shots, shots, shots shots, shots, shots ♪ >> seth: now it's coming back. [ laughter ] it's like sense memory you know i was like, "what is that jarring sound? and then i'm like, "oh, right. the club." [ laughter ] also, it's in our own interest to share our vaccines as well. if we don't slow down the spread of the virus around the world, then more variants will emerge and we can't just stop them from coming here by encasing the u.s. in a protective bubble like we're in some stephen king novel or "the simpsons movie." almost identical plots crazy but it's true. nonetheless, there's hope in the vaccine fronts so much so that biden's approval numbers in a recent poll are as high as 59% with only 39% saying they disapprove. and now as a result of biden's early popularity, a weird thing is happening which is republicans are basically admitting they don't know how to criticize him.
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cracked 50% job approval, or a 50-degree angle on his spine, republicans can't quite figure out how to attack the president who is well liked and his policies are popular john thune, the number two senator republican said, "i don't think sometimes our messaging is as sharp as it should be because a lot of the things they're doing are things are popular. when you're spending money you're popular." he added that biden, "his tone is moderate, and he's an affable person. he's a likable individual and a lot of us know him, have relationships with him and it's probably harder to attack someone who is relatable and likable.” relatable, likable and doing popular things what is he some kind of sorcerer? how does he do it? they're watching biden like a bunch of prehistoric apes watch a man make the first stone tools. “well, this isn't going to be fair now.” remember, republicans have only won the presidential popular vote once in the last 32 years they're used to being unpopular and just having the edge because of our unfair electoral system they're genuinely befuddled by a president who's likable doing popular stuff even if it is
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obvious to the rest us republicans are so desperate to criticize biden, they're only move is to call him a puppet yesterday, fox news interview gop congressman devin nunes, who speaking of puppets, looks like his eyes were hastily sown on to his face remember that guy? he always looks like the claw machine dropped his beanie baby at the last second nunes suggested that there was actually some secret group of puppet masters pulling the strings behind biden >> the question is is we don't see a lot of biden every day i don't know you know, of course, nobody's really calling him out on, you know, what is his schedule, what is he actually doing i think a lot of us wonder and we didn't even see him in the campaign so somebody clearly is behind the scenes controlling the -- building these narratives out and they put their people out in their mouth pieces >> seth: it's true but you never heard trump speak or read one of his tweets and thought, "who's making him say that?" but come on, biden was literally just in the rose garden for a press conference with the prime minister of japan on friday. i know you guys only go on fox news, but do also only watch fox news i'm guessing any time biden gives a speech, fox throws to
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some emergency standby episode jeanine pirro's short lived wine tasting show, "jannine pinot." "now the first thing we always do is inhale the bouquet [ inhales smells like wine to me which means we're on to step two. downing it in one big ass gulp and to answer your question, no. you cannot have my keys. also, you really have questions about what joe biden does all day? say what you want about the guy, but he has the energy of a grandpa who insists on getting up at 4:00 a.m. to go for his daily power walk on the side of the highway. "grandpa, just stay in the cul-de-sac." "i like the dodge the cars it keeps me the shape. give me my three pounders. trump meanwhile, spent so little time in the oval office, they could have rented it out on air bnb, which by the way, would have been a great early 2000s comedy starring owen wilson and vince vaughn "oh, geez, that a bust of abraham lincoln? i thought it was an asterisk." buddy, buddy, buddy, we got to get out of here, buddy i just hooked one the secretary of state and now she won't leave me alone we've got to go, buddy."
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[ laughter ] similarly, texas senator john cornyn suggested last week that biden was perhaps being controlled by his secret group of leftists when he quoted a political article about biden's communications strategy and added this "invites the question, is he really in charge?" on sunday, cornyn was asked about that tweet and blamed twitter. >> my question i guess is, senator cornyn, is that helpful to be sending out a tweet questioning the president biden's mental faculties >> well, chris, thank you for the question because i think there's been a lot of confusion in the twitter verse about that that actually was a quote from a "politico" story that i pasted into a tweet and then i simply asked a question >> seth: man, i never want to hear a man your age say the word twitter verse. it's like watching your dad twerk. "dad, knock it off you're getting loose change everywhere." that's how at a loss these guys are to criticize biden and by the way, that's not to say there aren't thing to criticize. they're absolutely are for example, last week biden announced then quickly walked back his decision to break the campaign pledge and keep in place the historically low cap on refugee admissions set by the
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trump administration rather than lift it as he promised during the election the biden administration tried to reverse that announcement after progressives and refugee advocates were rightfully outraged >> today nbc news has learned the biden administration intends to keep the cap for refugee admissions at 15,000 this according to a senior administration official. it is an historically low level set by the previous trump administration >> the biden administration is now reversing course on its announcement it would keep the cap of 15,000 set by the trump administration after facing fierce backlash from some progressive democrats. >> on twitter, representative alexandria ocasio-cortez condemned the decision saying, quote, "it's completely and utterly unacceptable biden promised to welcome immigrants and people voted for him based on that promise. upholding the xenophobic and racist policies of the trump administration including the historically low plummeted refugee camp is flat-out wrong keep your promise. >> pramila jayapal, a house member who is the leader of the progressive caucus saying, quote, "it is simply
12:53 am
unacceptable and unconscionable that the biden administration is not immediately repealing donald trump's harmful xenophobic and racist refugee cap that cruelly restricts refugee admission to a historically low level." >> sources say that president biden has resisted raising the trump era cap on refugees because of bad political optics. >> seth: so you were worried that optics? what's worse in terms of optics? breaking a campaign promise to lift a cruel and historically low refugee cap set by a racist predecessor or tripping upwards on the stairs three times? and again, the best part of the three-trip walk-up the salute at the end to save it look, we all trip. it's fine it's like when you eat [ bleep ] on an icy sidewalk, then give everyone a thumbs up as for the optics, republicans are never, ever going to give you credit for anything. so stop chasing it republicans are like an emotionally distant dad from the '50s who sends to you boarding school where you could go get straight a's but if you're five minutes late for dinner he'll say something cutting without looking up from his paper like, "you call yourself an exeter man?"
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voters were craving competent governments after four years of cruelty, racism, and neglect, and now they're rewarding biden for it in the polls. the left absolutely must keep pushing him on issues like refugee admissions and global vaccine distribution because biden is clearly willing to react to pressure from progressives as for republicans, all they seem capable of doing is spending their time winding in - >> the twitter verse >> seth: this has been "a closer look." ♪ we'll be right back with catherine zeta-jones ♪ ♪ >> announcer: for more of seth's "closer looks," be sure to subscribe to "late night on youtube. we're for those who love to discover. who know an open mind is the only kind. who don't need to travel to find something new. who know where to escape, even just for a moment. who don't need a fortune to find a gem. and who know when you spend less,
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♪ >> seth: joining us this week on drums, she's a world renowned touring musician clinician and educator whose videos have racked up more than 20 million views on youtube for more information, be sure to follow her on facebook and instagram. direct from montreal, canada, emmanuelle caplette is here. welcome back to the show, emmanuel lovely to see you. our first guest tonight is tony and academy award winning actress, who you know from films like “chicago” and “traffic.” she stars in the series "prodigal son," which airs tuesday nights on fox. please welcome back to the show, catherine zeta-jones hello catherine. how are you? >> i'm good, seth.
12:59 am
it's so lovely to see you. it's been a while. >> seth: it has been awhile. it's always a delight to see you. how have you and your family been holding up? >> pretty good, you know i mean, it's been an unprecedented year for everybody. i must say, personally, it was lovely when we were in a vulnerable and knowing time to have my peeps, my loved ones around so i had my son home from college and my daughter home from school. she goes to school in switzerland. so we were all back in our bubble and supposedly, speaking to my son, we fared better than many families he was like, "mom, you don't understand people aren't talking to each other. they're like, "no. so we played lots of games my kids, and i must say, kudos to them. i thought for sure, you know, they're all back not just them, but all their other friends from high school all they've done are street, right? they were brought up right here all together and i thought it was gonna be party central.
1:00 am
you know, all these kids coming back from college congregating in the garage band garage which is usually ours. but they really got it so we had a good time. and they're finishing up now and looking forward to hopefully, a more, kind of, outdoorsy summer than we had last year. >> seth: well, that is a credit to them. did you feel a sympathy for the fact that, you know, they were young people who were, in your son's case, losing a year of in-person college? >> yeah. i live vicariously through my kids let me tell you, i never went to college. i was schlepping the boards of london and that touring the pajama game at 15 jazz hands, jazz hands, jazz hands [ laughter ] you know, so there is a part of me that, i had an education. but i am self-educating myself in my love for learning. so my kids, who got all their brains from me, but don't tell michael. i didn't quite appreciate how
1:01 am
young you started. you mentioned your early schlepping across the boards so you knew at a very young age, as soon as you got a taste of it, that this is what you were gonna do >> yeah. they did this big publicity stunt in britain looking for kids for “annie” and then subsequently, mickey dolenz's directorial bugsy malone on stage. right? so they came to wales. you know, they went down to my -- where i live in wales is the end of the track you can't go further west unless you get cork ferry over to ireland, you know. so they came down in a publicity stunt, basically and so me, who had aspirations and was in dance school, the church hall down the street, you know, auditions, and i got it. and that was the spark that got me into this amazing, i'm humbly grateful business where it has taken mow this wild journey. but my kids are in college who i live vicariously through you know, it's like, they can't
1:02 am
do what they're supposed to do, you know it's like, i say to my kids, you know, if they called me on a saturday morning if it was early, i go, "why are you still -- why are you awake shouldn't you be, like, sleeping what time did you get home last night? oh, i was in bed by 10:00. are you crazy? [ laughter ] you worked so hard through the week and you're in bed what's wrong with you? what's wrong with you, son?" so anyway, they do, they love learning and they're having a great time i kind of lost that part of my life not that i'm complaining, because i wouldn't be speaking to you, which i always love to do so i love to see them be teenagers and just, you know, excited to see where their journey takes them you know, they both -- they both love learning but they both are very good at young actors. they've never done anything professional or anything like that but as actors, both my husband and i, michael, you know, there are so many other professions
1:03 am
that we'd like them to be in but it is very, very clear that they've got that fire in their belly and for me, it is like "party on, guys. because it's just taken me on a great journey. but i was never the son of spartacus like michael was >> seth: sure, yeah. >> and that's a different kettle of fish. that's a different vertebrae, you know so even with that -- those reservations, but clearly, michael had to prove himself maybe more than the average bear because his dad was kirk douglas and so even with that deterrent, they're like, "nah, they love it." >> seth: do -- obviously they have two actors for parents. but maybe you are the only accomplished dancer. i'm not quite sure where michael falls on the dancing scale but i'm going to say it's safe to say you're the better - >> did you ever see the video. ♪ when the going gets tough tough ♪ that's as good as it gets, babe. it's like, he can click in time to the beat.
1:04 am
every now and again, he gets off course but he's a great actor michael always says, when dancing, always look at me from the waist up because he can do the -- >> seth: i believe, if my memory serves, you're talking about the video to romancing the stone the billy ocean -- >> yeah. billy ocean. michael's pop video. he's very proud of that. it's funny how actors -- it's funny how actors, from me it's like, i sing and dance and all that stuff but there is a part that wants me to be the female bono you know, to go out there in leather pants. my glasses on and rock it at a stadium, you know. and so for michael, it's just always like, "yeah, that's my music video. >> seth: the best is while you were saying it, i thought, "that sounds crazy what you're talking about. and then i realize, "oh, no, that's a video i saw 100,000 times. >> yeah. oh, yeah >> seth: so let him know it stayed with me i have so much more to ask you
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okay, that's just showing off. you get all of this with x1. so go on, get really into your shows. you need a breath mint. xfinity. it's a ♪ >> sorry, but i cannot stop thinking about the other night >> neither can i it was a mistake i never should have -- it was a colossal lack in judgment. >> all most good things are. >> look, i've made bad decisions in my life kissed the wrong men, trusted the wrong friends. but all of that is nothing compared to what i did with you. >> it meant a lot to me, too >> seth: welcome back to "late night. we're here with catherine zeta-jones so that is you with michael sheen, who i knew was welsh, but i did not realize is from your same hometown. >> yeah. this little pimple called swansea, south wales on the map. yes. and the crazy thing is that we
1:10 am
have mutual friends, school friends like from, you know, school and my parents know his parents. but we have never met. and in my -- the bucket list seems to get heavier and heavier as i get older and older he was in there because he was one of those actors, first of all, because he's from my hometown so it's like he's family, but obviously he's not and he's such a wonderful actor. and so, when this project came up, the producer asked me if i would be interested and i said "i loved the show. "prodigal son. i watched it because of michael. because, you know, there are so many good -- there's a lot of good shows on tv but i did watch that and the whole first season and because of michael and then -- and so i got the opportunity to create this character, you know, toward the end of the second season and they pitched me something really great which is like a bad
1:11 am
doctor it's so much fun to have that darker side of human nature to play with. and we had a blast, you know because we play americans in the show, but as soon as they say cut, we kind of revert back to our childhood. you know, like in-jokes, people that we know, impersonations of welsh people, sayings, very welsh sayings that nobody else would know [ light laughter ] but somebody would come into an established season, you know but for me, it's always like the first dave school every time i go on a film set i'm always like, "oh, i hope i'm okay." i hope -- you know, so to have him there kind of broke the ice completely for me. and i had a real blast doing it. this character has been -- has been great because i've never really done a show where it is so immediate like i got a script. and i had a coloring of where it would go
1:12 am
then you kind of do -- take the parachute off and throw yourself in a bit and you don't know where, you kind of know where you want it to go. so you're always like on the edge like everything is boiling underneath and then when you see this script, you go, "okay. let's let loose of this direction. it's been -- it's been fun and i must say, shooting during covid, i'm thrilled to be part of a, you know, a production people are going, coming to work kudos to the production. i feel super safe. protocol, you know, it's just, what i've missed is the camaraderie. i like to handle the actors and bitch a bit, you know, watch what the crew is doing and you know, chitchat about -- maybe run lines every now and again, you kno process. but it's been great.
1:13 am
it's been, i've had a lot of fun with this character. i don't know, maybe i should be destined to play bad people the rest of my life. >> seth: well, we do enjoy when you play bad people. most of the shows, your incredible acting skill, because we, of course, know you'd be such a good person i do want to ask as well obviously, you've been someone who had a background in theater. you've been on broadway. i think a lot of us are very anxious and eager for broadway shows to return. is that something would you want to do again? >> yes absolutely first of all, i say a little prayer for my broadway family. because unlike the film crews around the world, around the city in new york or around the states, they haven't been so fortunate. you know, when those lights went off, everything went out i mean, pitch black. and so i can't wait just as a theatergoer and lover. but as a performer, i would love to get back on broadway. after i did “chicago”, of course, i was offered every high kicking jazz hands everything ever written. you know, "can she kick a leg in this show?
1:14 am
yeah [ laughter ] she'll do it.” and then i was offered things that doing you know what i mean like carol channing. was just in “chicago.” but anyway, so when i did, when i won the tony for a little night music. it's stephen sondheim, but it is really a play to music it's not high kicking, what i call it. but i would love to do another musical. i think my priority would be a straight play. both of them, whichever genre it is i don't really care. i'd like to do something original you know, something that hasn't been done before because in theater, no matter how good you are, as you know, seth, it's like, you always got some grand dame. "oh darling, i saw angela lansbury doing the original." you know, i was like, "okay. you never, you're always going to be associated with somebody's favorite and so to create a character --
1:15 am
well, on film it's different but on stage, to have a new piece of a new play or a new into my want to be bono thing. to have something fresh and new that you can put a stamp on it we don't have to spend your life saying sorry for not being as good as angela lansbury. >> seth: yeah, well, i say, i understand as someone who took over for tina fey on "weekend update. >> i know, darling i always just wondered why you cut your hair. i liked it you know it's like, why >> seth: thank you we're going to get into -- >> i always love -- i always love so much, you, i'm not gonna say it right because when i did my "saturday night live," which was the most amazing experience of my life. terrifying but amazing. like the most adrenaline rush. you of all the fabulousness there, and the creativity and the writing. you were so genuinely supportive
1:16 am
and fun and pulled me along. like put your hand down, lifted me up out of my terrified, and made that experience really one of the most memorable weeks of my life. >> seth: that's so nice of to you say. because i was terrible to most people >> i heard that. this is why i was so profoundly affected >> seth: i don't know what was wrong with me that week, yeah. >> you must have been on crack >> seth: i think it was -- that was the week i did crack >> that is the week you did that, yeah >> seth: later, that i quit it, that was when i was a real problem to be around thanks, catherine. it's always such a delight to see you. i really appreciate it >> lovely to see you lovely to see you. be well. >> seth: "prodigal son" airs tuesday nights on fox. we'll be right back with wyatt russell. we'll be right back with wyatt russell. ♪ y rodgerlook, i'm you! jake from state farm, you couldn't find a stand-in that looked anything like me?
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>> seth: our next guest is a talented actor you know from such shows as "the good lord bird" and "lodge 49. he stars as john walker in "the falcon and the winter soldier," available to stream on disney plus with the season finale episode available this friday. let's take a look. >> stop the car! >> i get it. okay, i get the attitude i do you didn't think that the shield was going to end up here i get it, bucky. and i'm not -- i'm not trying to be steve i'm not trying to replace steve. i'm just trying to be the best captain america i can be that's it. and it would be a whole lot easier if i had cap's wingmen by my side. >> it's always that last line. >> seth: please welcome to the show wyatt russell how are you, wyatt >> hey, how is it going?
1:23 am
>> seth: i'm so very happy to have you here. i did not know this about you. i knew, obviously, you came from an acting family and i became familiar with you as an actor. but you actually set out to be a professional hockey player >> yeah. it was a long journey from los angeles. i moved to vancouver to play when i was about 15. moved to a million different places after that, colorado, alabama, toronto, vancouver. and then i played my professional hockey in germany and holland, which i know that you spent some time there as well >> seth: yeah. >> i lived in groningen. yeah groningen. >> seth: so yeah, i was living in amsterdam in my 20s and you were living in groningen, which is worse. >> which is worse. [ laughter ] which is a little worse. it was really cool cause it was like a different amsterdam as you know, is this
1:24 am
sort of melting pot of all different types of cultures and it is kind of an insane place. and where i was living was like a college town it was really cool i lived in the red light district in that town. and so it was a really different experience for me. but we didn't -- i couldn't partake in a lot of the fun stuff that everybody else may have because we were drug tested and, you know, we couldn't lose our minds. so i don't think we were doing necessarily the same thing when we were there. >> seth: yeah, probably stay safe probably though if you're in a college town in groningen there was a fair amount of heineken. i'm guessing you were at least drinking that on tap >> oh, yeah. the heineken cool bar. absolutely >> seth: you're playing a character in this show that is, i guess, safe to say, not a fan favorite but that must be one of the parts that makes it so much fun to play, the maybe villainous elements >> yeah.
1:25 am
it's -- it's a blast part of what it was when i had my interview with the producers and the director was trying to figure out something different to do to bring to captain america or the marvel universe in some way that i thought could be maybe unique. just 'cause, you know, you're entering like a pretty big machine and as a cog in a wheel, you want to help it work to make it good. so that was the aim. and that was the aim and the elicited response from the marvel fan universe is pretty great it's kind of awesome, you know minus the fear of life and limb. it is pretty good. >> seth: i will say it's nice because again, you obviously have a beard i've seen with you a beard in acting roles so at least you must be slightly anonymous because you're walking
1:26 am
around with a beard you don't have in the show >> oh yeah nobody knows it's amazing i have not been recognized one time i swear to god not one time i can go anywhere. i went to a beach the other day and i was like, you know, it is a huge show and i get that everybody watches it a lot of people watch it but i like my anonymity so much. so the fear you're gonna walk into a place and not be able to observe what's going on. it's part of my job. i observe people and then you see they're doing and then you copy this person that you saw and they'll never know and so that's been a fear. i went to a beach called paradise cove, which is in malibu if you've been there, are lots of people on easter weekend. and i was kind of nervous. like, oh my i don't want to do this this might end up not so good. i walk down -- either i'm like, terrible and everyone hates me and no one wants to say hello, or nobody recognizes who i was and walking around and it was amazing. so i prefer it this way. >> seth: you obviously wear -- it seems like people -- a lot of -- there has been a lot of
1:27 am
memes about the show that's not uncommon with the marvel project [ laughter ] it looks like you look less like yourself and more like the character. [ laughter ] >> i saw that. the first time a friend sent it on social media it filtered it's way toward me because it was too good i showed that to my wife and i thought we were going to have a heart attack. it so -- whoever -- it's perfect. it's the most perfect. it's so good, man. >> seth: and you're like, no, don't ever lose the beard, man 'cause now you've got up face. [ laughter ] >> i've to the a future with the marvel universe apparently for a very long time because i know carl is pretty old >> seth: that's true [ laughter ] you also, congratulations, you and your wife just had a baby. four months old, is that right >> yeah, yeah, yeah. it's the best of all time. it's everything everyone says it is that's why everything you do, you do because you want to spent more time with you're kids
1:28 am
it's been amazing. >> seth: you named him prine i'm a huge john prine fan myself so much so that i regretted that it would make such a great name. i'm assuming that's why you did it >> well, for mer and i, we met playing music. music is a big part of our lives. and john prine was always one of our favorites, if not our favorite we sang in spite of ourselves at our wedding. and he's a big part of it. and around the time -- a big part of our relationship and around the time that we found out we were pregnant, he had passed away and it was as cheesy as it sounds. his lyrics in our life are important. he's always a person you can go back to and you listen to. a song you've heard a hundred times can take on new meaning depending on where you are in your life. and so we thought that prine was
1:29 am
just a cool name first of all, i like the way it sounds but prine -- is his middle name. so if figured if everyone calls him bud and they wonder why they know his name, you can say oh, you can go by prine if he wants. it's a cool name >> seth: a really nice tribute and a really sweet thing to hear hey, man thanks so much it's really great to meet you. and congrats on the show >> great to meet you too and take care. >> seth: the season finale of "the falcon and the winter solider" will be released this friday on disney plus. we'll be right back with more "late night. ♪ ♪
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