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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 19, 2021 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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right now at 11:00, businesses are boarding up as the country anxiously awaits the division in the derek chauvin trial. find out what kit mean for businesses in the bay area. and how close are we getting to herd immunity?
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one doctor gives ugs a progress report. headed t yellow. one county lifts more restrictions. what it can mean to you. >> good evening. i'm raj mathai. the jury is sequestered in their hotel rooms, no tvs, no cell phones. they will have an impact in the bay area. tonight on the left, what it looks like in minnesota this evening. protestors filling the downtown area, as bay area business owners, you see on the right hand side of the screen, are boarding up. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd as they wait for the verdict. >> reporter: that's right. business owners in oakland have boarding up windows. they have been through it before, too many times before.
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tonight, they are hoping for a good outcome or the verdict but they are bracing for the worst. >> we are cautiously optimistic. >> reporter: the manager says being optimistic is a healthier state of mind. but being cautious is a reality. >> we are a blacked owned business. we are fully supportive of the protest themselves and the message. but it hurts to have physical damage down. >> reporter: tanya holland says she's not sure if the black-owned business tine in her window kept her from being damaged. >> we have to speak louder just to be heard. >> reporter: friday, windows were shat shadered, and win dopes destroys. close to 300 people angry about
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men of color shot and killed by police. businesses in san francisco are boarding up too while the police department cancels days off for officers as the nation waits for a verdict in the chauvin trial. tonight after nearly six hours of closing arguments, the seven men and five women of the jury considering charges, and third degree murder and second degree manslaughter against the police officer in connection to the death of george floyd. without verdict on any of the counts and will resume tomorrow morning. libby shift is calling for calm. >> we are running various scenarios to prepare for the announcement of the derek chauvin verdict.
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we are hopeful that justice will be done. >> reporter: they are hoping a guilty verdict will be the first step to justice. >> if they don't achieve a conviction in the case, the world and all of us need to wonder what does a police officer have to do before he will be held accountable for the violence that he bestows on aun armed human. a lot of layers to the story. tonight, facebook is helping keep the peace. removes post on facebook and instagram, and monitoring the spread of misinformation by fact checking content by third parties. before a verdict, there is talk of an appeal. and an appeal would provide grounds for chauvin's defense
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team. a southern california congresswoman urged protestors to get more confrontational. chauvin's lawyer asked the judge to declare a mistrial. the judge denied the request but said waters' comments could be grounds for appeal. we invite to you stay with us for the continuing coverage of the derek chauvin murder trial. when the jury reaches verdict, nbc news will break in with a special report. you can head to for coverage of the trial. we are turning a corner when it comes to the race to vaccinate everyone. tonight, thousands of appointments have opened up in the bay area.
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the oakland coliseum and levis stadium, among the open spot. despite the progress, how close are we to herd immunity? >> reporter: tonight and today, vaccine appointments are open for the taking. you can book one tomorrow at the coliseum or levi stadium, where 5,000 doses were injected today. the county expects to double that throughout the week. and demand is not slowing down. every appointment is getting filled. >> the challenge of getting an appointment has passed and those waiting to be vaccinated shd be able to go online. >> reporter: more than half of california 16 and up has at least one vaccine shot. 31% is fully vaccinated. dr. rutherford says we have a way to go. >> well over 50%.
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probably 60% or 70% until we are really going to see the vaccine levels themselves stop transmission. >> reporter: but he says the progression of nearly 1 million shots should get us there. >> i think the estimates that are going to be close to herd immunity by june 15th. that could include adolescence, assuming that they get the vaccine down to 12 years of age. imthey is not an unrealistic goal. >> reporter: in other regions of the country, lines have vanished and vaccine hesitancy remains a problem. santa clara county is trying to get vaccines in the hardest hit communities. going door to door to register people. in santa clara, nbc bay area
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news. >> ian, thank you. let's take a look at cull the bay area is doing with vaccinations. this shows the percentage of people in each area that are fully vaccinated. contra costat, napa, and santa clara county, 30% fully vaccinated. still looking for your is not we can help you. click on how to get an appointment in the trending bar. and chris khmura. new at 11:00, parents rallying to get campuses to reopen. dozens holding up signs and getting people to honk as they drove by. the superintendent says the
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schools will not reopen this year because the schools and the teacher's union can't agree how stho do it. a teach wants her kids back in the classroom now before fall. >> we want to make sure our kids are going to return to five days a week in person this fall. no more plans or expectations. >> sometimes at home it's hard with siblings around you. i'm trying to go back to school. >> in a recent news later, the district is moving forward for full return for in-person instruction for the part of the next school year. tomorrow, marin county can be the first county in the yellow tier. right now, marin and most other cohn tips are in orange, moderate tier.
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in yellow, they kr open gyms to 50% capacity. nbc bay area has more tonight. >> marin county may be the first in the bay area to enter the yellow tier. they plan to welcome more people back inside slowly. >> i think you will hear first that i must just consider yellow my favorite color. >> the state will decide tomorrow if it will allow gyms to open at 50% capacity instead of current 25%. >> it's important for so many reasons. not only just being able to invite people inside, but it's important because sitting that kind of sense of positivity and giving people confidence, we're doing wetter. >> a county must meet
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requirements for a less restrictive team for two weeks before advancing. >> it's the rule of twos. you have to have fewer than 2% test positivity rate that is easily met by many cohn tips, and the key is 2 cases per 100,000. >> reporter: staying there could be a challenge. case rates must remain lope as more people are allowed to gather. >> if people increase just slightly, it may mean pulling back some restrictions. >> reporter: while he is hopeful marin county will take an important step tomorrow, he is going to fill half the gym. >> we will have appointments to control crowd control. >> reporter: people are relieved to live in a county writ appears
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an end to covid is in sight. marin county is on the verge, and two other counties close to reaching yellow. the number of cases per 100,000 people for san francisco. to move to yellow, the number must be 1.9 or less. you can see france right now is at 2.0. very close to that threshold of going yellow. san mateo county is also very close. it has 2.1 cases per 100,000 people. the positivity rate in san mateo and san francisco, the cohn tips are less than 1%. that means if the case rates continue to drop, the counties could move to the yellow tier very soon. tonight, condolences are pouring in after the death of former vice president walter mondale. he served urnlgd jimmy kartder. he made a presidential run in
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1984 and made history asking a woman to be his running mate. he lost to ronde reagan. he was 93 years old. president jimmy carter issues a statement. today i mourn the passing of my dear friend waller mondale who i consider the best vice president in our country's history. fritz mondale provided us with a model for public service and private behavior. we're back in 60 seconds with a summer destination you might be able to consider. the popular european country ready to welcome back americans. bay area technology helping make history, nearly 200 million miles away. we will take you to the red planet. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. rain in the forecast. i will show you when it gets here comes up.
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we're following dwopg news in the east bay. investigation tonight after a man died while in an officer's custody after a struggle with alameda police. just before 11:00 this morning, officers responded to a call of an intoxicated person suspected of stealing. while officers tried to detain the man, they say he suffered a medical emergency. he was rushed to the hospital where he later died. the sheriff's office and district attorney are investigating. a startling scene in santa rosa, a car exploded sending debris in all directions hitting nearly 700 people. take a look at what is left the small car. a nearby car is his face, hands and chest. he bought several butane
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canisters to process hash oils. the police also found meth in the car. help was released from the hospital and arrested cool a fire that killed a father and his baby daughter. the family members were breaking their fast for the holy month of ramadan. the father ran back in the burning home to try to rescue his 1-year-old daughter aleah. she was in her father's arms. >> very hard worker, minding his business. ask the community, ask the neighbors. >> investigators say the arson may be tried to a shooting to a liquor store where he worked.
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elon musk denies his auto driving system led to a crash in texas. no one was behind the wheel when it hit a tree and burst in flames. elon musk tweeting, data logs recovered so far show autopilot was not enabled and did not purchase fsd, which is full self-driving. standard auto pilot would require lanes this this treat did not have. the hospital made a flight just above mars and the bay area had a key role in it. the people who worked on the mission to find out what it means for the future. >> reporter: it was a wright brothers moment, this time above
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the martian surface with an atmosphere 1% as dense as earth making it hard to lift. but the hospital hook off and landed in earth's early morning hours. >> happy, excited. relieved. >> reporter: relief and triumph from nasa. >> you will see a lot of people across the world, not just our country, they have ideas how to do missions. >> reporter: it's a victory for companies watching their work pay off. >> it's like d yream and the imagery is not really clear. they worked for seven years for -- now, we might be closer to learning about life on the
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red planet. >> you never know. something can get picked but by the k578 ras. >> scott budman, nbc bay area news. now at 11:00, students returning to the classroom in south san francisco. the school district is using ultra violent vehicle and they can destroy 99.9% of pathogens like the coronavirus according to the the company. the district bought 30 machines for 500,000 bucks. funding came from the coronavirus aid relief and the economic security act. tomorrow is an unofficial hol za for a lot of people and for the second year in a row, san francisco is canceling its annual 4/20 celebration. police and park rangers are
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patrolling the area. that is because of the pandemic. there will be plenty live treatment events. >> we will get allergies and maybe rain, jeff. >> yeah, it's been pretty rough. the oak tree pollen. yeah, rainfall holding on in the forecast. much needed rain. let's get to it right now. this will make your allergies worse tomorrow. i'm tracking a storm system just to the north of us. it's going to be dropping down california in the next 24 hourps and it will pick up wind. stirring around that. >> pierre: at the coast and for the mountains. it will be 50 here nflt the south bare with clauds.
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trivalley, 47 degrees as well 13wu7er 40s and 50s for france and the east bay. with the similar doping down across the west, it will drop the s 3 to 6 degrees cooler. after the 80s, we are back to 62346 san hoe zarks 6 in livenoorm and you have to v to have that jacket mism and what's bothering you? it should be oak tree, sycamore or cedar. let's look at the rain chances. you can see as of today, we are going solid here with a chance of rain sunday night to early monday morning. not a jur storm but enough to
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keep the fire danger down. going to 73 tomorrow. 61 by sunday's forecast. not time away the people but there are chances after that, we may ever get late reason rain. sop we're not yet yet. >> we are fully prepared. thank you. it's a vacation destination that is looking like a reality. the country you might be able to visit this summer. and apping new, three poom frm has test positives. they are pausing. we're back in a moment.
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three. no nonsense. just common sense. >> new at 11:00, otters in an aquarium in atlanta have tested positive. the georgia aquarium says they started sneezing. they are doing well and expected to make full recoveries. and summer vacation, how about going back to europe. france has announced travel restrictions for vaccinated americans will be progressively lifted from the beginning of may. the french president said they are working on creating a certificate to see if a traveler was vaccinated, recovered or recently tested.
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you will be able to walk in a store and by a covid test kit without a prescription. they will start selling at-home tests. two tests can give you results in 15 minutes. lap corp. gives you results in two or three days. they have received emergency approval. they will cost 40 bucks to 120 bucks. we will show you what happened tonight in vegas. stay with us.
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we've had legendary athletes in the bay area. patrick marleau is in that group. what a special night we watched tonight. not just marleau. you see his kids there, wife there, four of his sobs. he came to san jose as a
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teenager. as for the game, vegas won the game, the opponenting team lines up to quoge one of the classiest athletes in hock yig history. grx to patty lar lowe. speaking of legends, steph curry is the most valuable player. the warriors in filly, takes on the 76 eshs and steph gets to play seth curry. the game was tight throughout, and seth occur day takes over late in the third quarter. he hits a flurry of three-pointers 20 of the 49 came in the first quarter. the warriors, the winl comes on the road. they beat the top ten in the eastern conference.
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107-96. giants in filly as well meche and giants win 2-0. by the way, the a's and wins will play a double header tomorrow after tonight's game was postponed because of the covid outbreak with the twins. we're back in a moment. which shows will you be getting into tonight? how about all of 'em. netflix. cuz xfinity gets you really into your shows. when someone burns for someone who does not feel the same. oh, daphne. let's switch. from live tv to sports on the go. felix at the finish! you can even watch your dvr from anywhere. okay, that's just showing off. you get all of this with x1. so go on, get really into your shows. you need a breath mint. xfinity. it's a way better way to watch.
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>>, finally tonight, something good that will put a smile on your face. a covid patient left a local hospital after 145 days. the man in the middle has been in the hospital for four months with severe covid. today, he got to go home. well done, ucsf. have a great day tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon."


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