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tv   Early Today  NBC  April 19, 2021 3:30am-3:59am PDT

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a nation on edge more mass shootings over the weekend. a manhunt in austin for a suspected killer as the jury in the derek chauvin murder trial and george floyd will hear closing arguments in just a few hours. and the nation braces for the outcome. >> the "new york times" reports at least three police shootings per day since the start of the chauvin trial, but could congress be on the brink of new police reform? half of all americans have received at least one dose of covid vaccine. will the campaign including
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former legends and presidents help those reach the vaccine skeptics a stark warning from russia from the white house over the treatment of alexey navalny. and climate challenge week wee take you to iceland for a remarkable look at a high-tech way they are clearing the air. "early today" starts right now good morning i'm phillip mena >> glad you could be with us i'm frances rivera out of texas a massive manhunt is under way for a former sheriff's detective suspected of gunning down three people in washington ali vitali has the latest on the search. >> reporter: a manhunt in austin, texas. >> active shooter incident. >> reporter: three dead and the gunman still on the run. the shooter opening fire just before noon. >> this is not an active shooter situation. we are not calling it that at this point this appears to be domestic incident, and the victims were
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all known to our suspect and so at this point, we do not think that this individual is out targeting random people to shoot them >> reporter: the suspect police say 41-year-old stephen broderick, a former travis county sheriffs detective. police urging austin residents to check on their neighbors and stay vigilant. >> he is still at large. we do think that he is armed, and he is very much dangerous. >> reporter: as law enforcement race to find the suspect, canvassing from above and on the ground unsure if he is even still in the area >> we don't know at this point >> reporter: a manhunt raging on ali vitali, nbc news the trial that has garnered national attention could set a precedent for policing today all eyes will be on minneapolis where closing arguments and jury deliberations will begin in the trial of derek chauvin. cities across the country have increased security, bracing for
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a verdict. our meagan fitzgerald is following the story for us >> reporter: minneapolis on high alert. windows boarded up national guard members on nearly every block. preparing for unrest as the case against ex-officer derek chauvin comes to a close >> this moment is of enormous consequence for our city, for our state, and for our nation and our world. >> reporter: the jury will hear closing arguments from both sides before their deliberations begin. >> a verdict has to be unanimous. so all 12 jurors will have to vote either guilty or not guilty any split in the juror, even one juror who is a holdout for, for example, not guilty, that results in a hung jury and a mistrial >> reporter: from coast-to-coast, cities are gearing up nypd officers not allowed to take time off. minneapolis public schools halting in-perng starting wednesday, bracing for widespread protests as some 3,000 national guard members are
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activated sooner than expected >> we planned for the unexpected clearly, our -- even our phases did not account for specific officer-involved shooting. just right in the midst of certainly the trial. >> that shooting of daunte wright sparking seven straight days of demonstrations in the streets. >> say his name! >> daunte wright. >> reporter: adding fuel to the fire the police shooting of 13-year-old adam toledo in chicago. >> adam, we love you. >> reporter: all eyes are on this courthouse in minneapolis >> i have to believe that the nation and frankly the world will be watching this verdict. >> reporter: as far as deliberations are concerned, jurors can take as little or as much time as they need to reach a decision but legal expert says when jurors are sequestered, which they will be, usually a verdict is returned a lot faster phillip? >> all right, meagan, thank you.
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a traffic stop in new york turned violent over the weekend. officers say they twice stopped the driver identified as 44-year-old lionel virgel after he nirjly initially ran a red ln brooklyn, new york dur one of the encounters, virgel tried to get out of the car and doused the cop with an unknown chemical before taking off. during the second traffic stop, virgil is accused of tossing a it will molotov cocktail at a police officer before he is arrested they found four molotov cocktails in his car as the country awaits a verdict in the derek chauvin trial, there is a new push for police reform on capitol hill. nationwide protests added to the pressure with demands in the wake of police shootings of daunte wright and adam toledo in chicago. nbc's tracie potts joins us with the latest the house has already passed legislation on policing.
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>> right, phillip. that happened last month, the george floyd justice in policing act passed the house but it stalled in the senate this is the bill that prevents chokeholds and no-knock warrants in federal drug cases. and overhauls qualified immunity protection that prevents law enforcement officers from being sued while doing their jobs the biden administration has backed this bill saying that trust needs to be rebuilt between law enforcement and communities, and that can't happen unless officers are held accountable for abuses of power. sponsoring this bill, california congresswoman karen bass she's also trying to get it passed in the senate on cnn yesterday, she praised the republican she is working with she said she is hopeful this time that it will get passed >> we have got to come up with the solutiont see this happen and to the extent it is happening now.
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so having legislation that will hold police officers accountable so that they don't have immunity and feel that they can do derek chauvin did and act with imp impunity >> a similar bill last year but it stalled in the senate republicans came up with their own version. but democrats said that version did not go far enough. this one needs at least 10 republican votes to pass to land on the president's desk. phillip? >> ten republican yeses. all right, tracie, thank you georgia congresswoman marjorie taylor greene is distancing herself from plans to form an american first, caucus, or america first organizing documents surfaced friday saying the group would aim to protect, quote, anglo-saxon political traditions the proposal was called racist and received bipartisan backlash the effort was linked to greene and congressman paul gosar the arizona republican said he did not author the paper wn out
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not yet reade weeks after he sae was denied adequate medical care, and now his supporters are calling for demonstrations across russia. for more, let's turn to nbc's matt bodnar who is live in russia for us. what's the latest here >> phillip, good morning i think from the start of this story when navalny entered the prison, we've all been aware of the abstract possibility that he could die there. what we're hearing from his team, that's no longer theoretical. we'll already reached a critical juncture and we're starting to see reactions from around the world to that. just over the weekend, biden's national security adviser jake sullivan warned russia that there will be consequences if navalny dies let's take a listen to that. >> we have communicated to the russian government that what
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happens to mr. navalny in their custody is their responsibility, and they will be held accountable by the international coe looking at a variety of different costs that we would impose. and i'm not going to telegraph that publicly at this point. but we have communicated that there will be consequences if mr. navalny dies >> navalny's team is not waiting to make their next move. so we've been waiting the past few weeks to hear an announcements on when the next major protest in support of navalny will be scheduled. and just yesterday, leonid volkov, his right-hand man said we can't wait any longer we just don't have time. we have to make our move now and has called for these protests wednesday night, everyone on the streets. and what they're billing essentially as a final battle in their words between good and evil so it looks like these next few days are going to be divisive for the story. phillip? >> it's only adding to the heightened tensions between
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russia and the united states matt, thank you so much. let's turn now to the massive vaccination effort under way across the united states the cdc announcing that half of all adults have gotten at least one dose of covid vaccine. over 30% of adults are fully vaccinated >> and today is an important deadline in the vaccine roll-out sam brock joins us to explain. sam, good morning. >> reporter: phillip, good morning. today is significant in the sense it's the day president biden has called on open eligibility to all adults 16 and up the vast majority of states are ready to follow that guidance, even as concerns remain this morning over supply and hesitancy. a milestone in america more than half of all adults have received at least one covid vaccine shot as eligibility opens to everybody 16 and up but are we ready a reality check starting with supply >> so we're actually in lace in. they are confident that even without johnson & johnson,
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they'll reach to or 300 million doses available in the next number of weeks actually >> reporter: and cdc numbers reflect the ramped up distribution pfizer, for example, was pumping out about four million first and second doses per week when president bush took office that figure now sits around 10 million, down a tick from peak production at the end of march as for concerns about j&j -- >> my estimate is that we will continue to use it in some form. i think by friday, we'll know which way we're going on this. >> reporter: dr. anthony fauci trying to calm nerves, even as some states like mississippi are already seeing heightened hesitancy. >> as soon as we inform them that they had taken it off the shelves, they panicked everybody left they canceled their appointments, and they didn't want the take moderna. they were out. >> reporter: which leads us to our next question. is there a geographic gap on vaccination rates and hesitancy? yes. a cdc map uses darker colors to show the most prolific states,
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on the coast, new york and california are among the leaders with new hampshire pacing the nation the lighter colors are in thente of infection here are higher than any other place in louisiana which is lagging overall. >> the vaccine is there. now we have to get people to the shot i think we have to continue to educate people we have to decrease any of the barriers that are out there. >> reporter: an ongoing push to inform with around a quarter of all americans fully vaccinated kids are a crucial part in this equation about a quarter of the u.s. population is under the age of 18, which is to say you're no way you're reaching herd immunity without vaccinating a significant number of children all of the members are saving safety and efficacy in that group right now. sam brock, nbc news. back to you. >> thank you snow is in the air for many
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parts of the midwest nbc meteorologist janessa webb is tracking it all good morning >> good morning. where is your shovel to the high plains right now and then it continues to shift to the east. from our satellite radar you see the heavier bands. they're all right starting to come down. that's where we're going to see the significant snow accumulation this snow, as it makes its way into the midwest, it will start to lighten up. that's why we have winter weather advisories, storm warnings it will stay in place throughout today and expire hopefully by tomorrow afternoon i do think some of the advisories and warns expand into chicago actual way into the great tha this week. miami, high of 90 today.
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on top of, that freeze warnings, they're in place we'll take a look at this coming up >> we are still in the northern hemisphere, right? >> we are. it doesn't feel like it. thank you, janessa time for today's ground breaker. country music singer mickey guyton making history as the first black woman to host the country academy wards. she hopes to bring a positive light and acceptance to the role >> anita parker is becoming the first black woman to design a plus sized clothing line with macy's the collection will launch on may 14th and three-time champion dwyane wadbu ae ysn ownership stake in the utah jazz he says he doesn't take this opportunity lightly. nope nooooo... noooo... quick, the quicker picker upper!
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warned authorities about his mental health. officers did seize a shotgun last year from 19-year-old brandon hull but under indiana's red flag laws, officials have two weeks to argue in court that he should not be allowed to own a gun. and officials have not said if a red flag ruling was made in hull's case. the wahlberg family is mourning the loss of their beloved mate track alma. >> when it comes down to it, she runs the show. >> get off his back. >> okay. >> yeah. >> i'm the mama. you're the child end of conversation. >> alma wahlberg was 78 years old. last year her son and new kid on the block singer donnie wahlberg revealed she suffered from dementia both donnie and mark shared touching tributes on social media. nasa engineers are anxiously awaiting a signal from mars. the ingenuity helicopter has attempted to complete the first
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ever controlled flight on the red planet because of the long delay from mars, nasa won't find out if ingenuity survived the test until a little after 6:00 a.m. eastern time they will be live streaming the arrival of those results >> exciting to hear what it's up to next on "early today," time to roll up your sleeve the stars come out to help supercharge the vaccination effort and put an end to the pandemic and how you can ink de r a year's worth of free burgers. played in reverse] our shot. the covid-19 vaccines are ready. and so is walgreens, with pharmacy experts ready to make it easy for you to get it safely, for free. because this is our shot... getting back together. ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ blots of vitamins a and c.. and only 45 calories a serving.
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part of our goal here is to make sure that everybody who has been going through so much and covid understands the needeside with basketball great shaquille o'neal and charles barkley urging black americans to get vaccinated on last night's nbc vaccination special, roll up your sleeve. we're seeing this message over and over and over again. and slowly we're seeing some progress americans getting vaccinated but then you get the setbacks like the j&j so a tough one. >> it sure is. what would you do to win free burgers for an entire year well, farmer boys are looking for die-hard fans who are willing to get a tattoo of their logo in exchange for a year's supply of burgers.the chain is s 40th anniversary you have to sign up and get inked at the honorable society in l.a. or rockin' ink in vegas.
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this morning we kick off a week-long series of special reports addressing the climate challenge facing our planet. sarah harman travelled to iceland to see the remarkable new technology they're using to literally clear the air. >> reporter: in this barren lunar landscape outside reykjavik is a experiment. exchanging carbon dioxide from the air. it's called direct air capture the co2 is mixed with water and pumped deep underground by the
3:57 am
icelandic company carb fix the mix commercial ultimately injected into highly reactive salt rocks >> this is very open, very porous c 02 still has to fill up the polls and after. >> reporter: so c 02 in the environment yesterday is in this pipe today tomorrow it will be underground. and in two years it will be stone? >> absolutely. >> reporter: from an inve air to a rock in the gro basalt, a porous rock made from cooling lava much of this country's breathtaking landscape, from the snow-capped mountains to the pebbles in its crystal clear streams is made of basalt. when it's finished later this year, the orca plant will be able to remove 4,000 tons of c 02 each year the equivalent of 2.2 million pounds of cool burned.
3:58 am
and it's not just iceland that is getting in on the action. tech billionaire elon musk has offered a $100 million prize for the best carbon capture technology and bill gates has invested in a canadian company with plans to capture a million tons of co2 each year, the equivalent of 40 million trees. right now the big drawback of direct air capture is the cost removing just one ton of carbon costs anywhere from $500 to $800 and considering the u.s. alone emits about 5.1 billion tons each year, it adds up pretty quickly. can this work in the united states >> absolutely. there are many parts of the u.s. where this technology can be applied. >> reporter: it's one tool that could be a step in the right direction. sarah harman, nbc news, iceland. and tonight nbc's climate challenge coverage continues with a special edition of "nightly news" with lester holt in houston glad we're refocusing the
3:59 am
attention op about this. before the pandemic, climate change major problem >> and we would see the effects during the past year of how the climate even our environment has changed. well can see the difference. >> taking it seriously thanks for watching us here on arly today." i'"em
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♪ austin, texas, kenosha, wisconsin, indianapolis, indiana, a slate of mass shootings on top of other shootings ond america about to closing arguments in just a few hours. starting today, anyone over the age of 16 can get a covid vaccine and join the 100 other millions who have received at least one dose no


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