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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 18, 2021 11:00pm-11:59pm PDT

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right now at 11:00 the race to secure vaccine got a little easier the bay area county that is just opened up thousands of appointments this week. >> reaching for the yellow a north bay county could be the first to move into the yellow tier sfl millions of vaccines held back tonight. when the johnson & johnson might return. >> the news starts now. good evening, everyone. >> it's bipartisan a headache for people trying to get a vaccine appointment. new appointments opening up
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across the bay area. >> with that good news comes a concerning trend. that can signal potential fourth wave. >> finding appointments is still a bit of a challenge for some parts of the bay. there are plenty to be found if you are willing to hunt and drive. he had been taking to social media to week to direct people to sites. like the stanford vaccine clinic. >> log into the my turn web site. the oakland coliseum has appointments open for monday tuesday and wednesday. and to get most california on track vaccinated by probably middle of the summer. >> the state is also doing good when it comes to infection rates. new infections have remained flat for two weeks. public health experts would like to see a decline. there's concern with infections
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in other parts of the country. >> the growing trend of young healthy unvaccinated people. they are not vaccinated yet. people are among the sickest especially michigan sfl in c this weekend a warning about a rise in infection and positivity rate there. >> we're seeing what appears to be the beginning of a fourth wave of covid-19. in colorado. >> according to the cdc there's a gap twh it comes to vaccine distribution. california and others in dark blue on the map are doing well with shots in arms. lighter blue is falling behind. more needs to be done to pull out of the pandemic. >> new at 11. released in santa clara. so people can sign up this week. the in the county. if that applies to you make an
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appointment. among the appointments are 10,000 for next weekend. >> it's a big step for the county. it could be the first bay area county to slide into the yellow. in order to make the move the county has to have fewer than two new cases per 100,000 people and a positivity rate below 2%. they meet the criteria. moving to yellow. good for business. this are changes, gyms can increase to 50%. and family centers. bowling alleys and wineries breweries. indoor driving and place of worship are aplowed 50%. >> several mime stones tracking starting tomorrow. president biden has tomorrow set the deadline to all states to open up vaccinations for adults in california. the state opened up eligibility
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to anyone 16 and older last thursday. also this week, the cdc could lift the pause on the johnson & johnson vaccine. a committee will immediate friday. and another big milestone. june 15 that's when governor said that's when the state will lift all covid restrictions however the mask mandate will be in place. >> dr. fauci hinting the pause on johnson & johnson is going to be lifted and soon. when asked whether it was more likely the pause would be lifted or extended this is what he said. >> everything is on the table. again, i'm telling you i don't know. it doesn't come and bounce back at me. i can give you estimate. we will continue to use it in some form. i doubt very serious if they just cancel it. i don't think that will happen. >> the pause was puft in place after six women developed a
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blood clot condition. in the weeks after gutting the vaccine. >> the message simple. roll up your sleeves america. a star studded special aired here on earlier tonight. trying to educate viewers about the vaccine and encourage people to get a shot. >> for months i have been telling americans to get vaccinated. it's your turn now. >> sign me up. >> the sooner we get people vaccinated the better off we'll be. >> among those taking part. president biden and obama's george bush. special was in par the vaccine roll out. the number of people who have are fully vaccinated. they're all done. peninsula doing well.
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in green 65%. san mateo. close to 50%. most of the region in the mid-30s to 40s. santa clara is lagging a bit. 31%. >> there are no more free shuttles taking people to the coliseum to get vaccinated. the final shuttle ran at 7:00 this morning. they were offering free ride. but told by the state the service would no longer be needed. despite the shut stopping the site is open to give people shots. who have an appointment. >> if you are looking for an appointment we can help. also our consumer investigator is vaccine hunting. he has tips on where to look. and the times to log on. look for the appointments. it's part of the how to series. go to our web site. >> new at 11 the nation is
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bracing for a verdict in the trial of chauvin. the former minneapolis officer charged with killing george floyd. closing arguments tomorrow. before the jury begins deliberation. a verdict has to be unanimous. all 12 have to vote guilty-over not guilty. the result is a hung jury and mistrial. tonight cities across the country prepare for fall out from the verdict. whatever it maybe. minneapolis is on high alert. windows are boarded up and national guard on every block. starting wednesday. minneapolis public schools are pausing in person learning. bracing for widespread protest. all this op top of seven straight days of demonstration over the police shooting of daunte wright. and in chicago the officer shooting of a 13 year-old. still all eyes on the courthouse in minneapolis this week. the world waiting for a verdict. >> i have to believe that the
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nation and frankly the world will be watching this verdict to see if we can successfully hold police officers accountable. >> prosecution will begin closing arguments carrying the burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt. >> a warning for you the photograph is disturbing. police are trying to figure out who did this. through blood and a pigs head. onto the front porch of the home that home was previously owned by police officer who since moved out of the city. he testified for the defense. and the death of george floyd. police chief issued a statement following the testimony. making clear the comments do not reflectthe police department. >> new questions following the deadly shooting in a fed exfacility in indianapolis that
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left people dead. she warned thortds he maybe suicidal. he was placed on mental health hold and had a shotgun taken from the home. the suspect legally bought two rifles that he used to shoot people. eight people were killed. four members ocht sikh community. >> new at 11 the bay area sikh community remembering lt victim of thursday' mass shooting at the facility. and two separate ceremonies tonight in the south bay. dozens of people gathered to mourn the loss of life and candle light vigils and call for change. >> members of the community gather at the place of worship to pray for the eight people killed in the mass shooting thursday at this indianapolis facility. >> four were from the sikh community. we're here to remember everyone. >> this is the second night of
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remembrance for the victims. the largest sikh temple in the u.s. >> nearly 100 more community members met in fremont. for more prayer and a candle light vigil chl calls to address gun violence in the country. >> we have to speak out in order to confront this violence crime. >> community leader at both vigils saying enough is enough. >> gun violence took the lives of eight innocent people. today another shooting in austin. >> we look up to make policy changes. up at the federal level. to so the types of incidents don't happen again. >> the sikh communities have been facing violence for centuries and have been the target of crimes in the u.s. since nine eleven. the police chief saying the department will vigorously investigate any crimes against the sikh community. >> especially if they report any type of hate incident. we know.
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hate crimes. they can call us and come out and respond. >> with candle light in hand this community standing in solidarity. and faith. even as they mourn the senseless loss of life. >> there's a concept. that really hits true to home. eternal optimism. especially in the face of struggle. >> when we return, others standing up against hate. tonight with the aapi community is demanding in san francisco. >> could it be a new way to help people make it in the bay? the new proposal that could bring new affordable housing to the area. >> earlier today we saw temperatures up to 90 degrees. in concord. that broke a record. still 70 here. cooler changes on the way and possibly rain. in the 7-day forecast. this is a no-nonsense message from three. small business insurance is usually so complicated, you need to be a lawyer to understand it.
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two people dead following the crash of a tesla. that didn't have a driver at time of the crash. two men died in texas earlier today. after the 2019 tesla ran off the road and hit a tree. caught fire. police say nobody was driving the car at the time. one victim in the front passenger seat. the other in the back. relative says the two got into the car only made it a few hundred yards before it crashed. authorities say it took a massive amount of work to put out the flames because the batteries kept reigniting. >> a 16 year-old is dead after a shooting at a home. police were called to the house around 6:00 p.m. but had trouble getting to the vigt because of the crowd that formed. they called an aid to the home. and able to reach that victim. pronouncing him dead at the scene. two people came in to the garage and one of them opened fire shooting the victim several
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times. neighbors are stunned. >> it's really sad to see this happen here on our block. and to the family. i'm sorry to see happen. it's too much gun violence. >> police are trying to identify the suspects in the case. they fled the scene on foot. anyone with information report a tip. >> march and rally today. activists march along the great highway in support of asian american and pacific islanders because of recent attacks against the community. across the bay area. and the nation. today because this is aericans. >> the the message is clear. one of the speakers. >> we support the asian community. that is really have been struggling under the escalation in crime and violence. locally and nationally.
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>> racism thrives when we're divided. >> call for safety and solidarity. booths with resources. scott came out with his family. >> it's about being with my kids and having them have pride. >> attacks against seniors hit home. many say it's important to keep showing up. >> we're here peacefully. speaking and listening to people talk about how we want to promote that we're here. and that we should be safe. >> they marched. carrying signs. >> i called on the city departments to work together to create a plan to prevent violence and support victims in the community. i have called for increase investment in asian community organizations.
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>> groups here today say they plan to keep the momentum going. >> a affordable housing for making it in the bay. the city counsel will consider a new project for over 300 housing units near the west bart station. the building is five stories tall. top four floors for housing. ground level is parking and retail. city leader say the units will be affordable for veterans, homeless and people at risk of losing their home and disabilities. the city counsel meets 7:00 tuesday night. >> san jose one of many cities in the bay area that saw a decline in housing construction during the pandemic. according to data, residential permits fell 29% in santa clara. 37% in alameda. 36 san mateo. 34% in san francisco.
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experts say the future looks bleak. new homes are expected to take longer and cost more to build. bad news for the region already in a housing crisis. >> for the second straight year san francisco is cancelling the annual 420 celebration. police and park rangers patrol the area to make sure crowds don't gather to smoke pot. people would flock to celebrate the unofficial holiday of all things marijuana. citations could be issued to those who don't comply. >> nasa holding breath tonight on the eve of the helicopter flight. the first ever on mars. engineers hope it will be a wright brothers moment. all the focus is on that. a 19 inch tall four pound helicopter. powered by solar panels scheduled to lift off in a few
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hours. it will go ten feet above the surface. hover for 30 seconds and land. you might think no big deal. engineers are on the edge of their seats. >> it's really hard to fly on mars. there's not very much atmosphere. it's 1% that we have on earth. we have to send the commands and do egg on its own. >> it arrived on mars. the $85 million project operates independently. it's set for 3:15 tomorrow morning. four hours from now. it will be broadcast live. >> check it out. rob might be getting up. he might be up anyway with the tornados. >> i might be up at 3:00 a.m. if you can't sleep tonight. we'll see if it can take flight. temperatures are still warm
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after earlier 90 degrees today. around places like concord. still 69 in walnut creek. air-conditioning maybe running. san jose cooled off well. 55 degrees. san francisco low 50s awaiting for patchy low clouds. s today. a stronger sea breeze taking shape tomorrow. wind are light. on shore breeze bringing in low clouds. watch the wind speeds. peek wind gusts. san francisco and san mateo tomorrow evening. stronger than we saw today. gusts from 20 to 35 miles per hour. that's going to bring a cooler push of marine air. that will drop the temperatures as we head through the middle part of the week. 7-day forecast shows there at bottom of the screen, a big drop. 15 degrees cooler for inland spots tuesday. similar routine in the morning. low clouds and fog.
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misty skies possible. i don't think we'll see 90s on the map tomorrow. 83 concord. 76 in san jose. numbers in the 60s closer to san francisco and near 70 in oakland. the more interesting part of the forecast is what's on the other side of the 7-day forecast. rain drops there. this hinges on a pattern shift that should be begin to evolve friday and saturday. this weather model is showing that by saturday we'll see rain possibly approaching north coast. and the window of opportunity looks to be sunday and monday. some of that could spill to the south. sunday evening you see it passing by. that will bring a chance of seeing showers. best odds could be the second half of next weekend. this model is updating this hour. woel watch it live. to see if the rain chances stay
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in. so short term bit of a cool down. wind on the coast. around ocean beach tomorrow. temperatures around san francisco and the low to mid-60s warmer thursday. all eyes on next weekend for a chance of seeing spring showers. valleys still warm. cooling off through midweek. and stay tuned more clouds, hopefully some april showers on the way. that would be good news. we could use it. >> i'm looking for the update later. the rain will be sticking around. we'll see. >> still ahead. come for the covid shot stay for the tourism. alaska is enticing people to go to the last frontier and some people aren't too happy about it. >> warriors fans have been waiting for this for more than a year. to watch the team in person. what you need to know ahead of the game.
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115 years ago today most of san francisco crumbled to the ground after a massive earthquake rattled the city. the 1906 quake hit on this day followed by a massive fire. the great quake rumbled for one minute. originally 700 people were estimated to have died. there were likely many more. city leaders commemorated the day in san francisco. mayor breed dressed in her period piece joined by former mayor brown. fire and police chiefs. she found similarities between the earthquake and the pandemic we find ourselves in today. >> when i think about san francisco on the 1906 earthquake
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and how far we have come. think about it. 250,000 people were homeless because of the quake and the fire. when i think about san francisco and our resilience that is what we have been talking about this entire pandemic. >> a wreath placed at fountain and a moment of silence held to remember those who died in the east quake. >> we have heard about people driving out of their county for a vaccination. now one state is inviting people to fly in for a shot. and it's not a state near any other state. it's alaska. it will offer vaccinations at four major airports. starting in june. the move is intended to entice travelers to go to the state. experts and health leaders slam the offer. because it's not fair to the people who are up there. and because of the massive carbon footprint it will cause. all the flying. 21 states do not have residency
11:27 pm
requirements vaccinations. >> the warriors in the middle of a road trip. it will be a special homecoming. they are play in front of fans at the chase center. fans return for friday night game against denver. 6,000 people will be allowed. before getting in they must be fully vaccinated or have proof of a negative test. they will have full team conch all day friday beginning with today in the bay. >> sports. we can talk about the warriors and the giants. or the sharks. really, how about them niners? >> yeah. we'll talk about that. back to the warriors store. they have their fingers crossed that curry will be in the line up. the 49ers on the move. head coach and general manager are possibly looking for their future quarterback.
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welcome back. the trust of the 49ers are headed to north dakota. why you ask? head coach and general manager are attending tomorrow's second proday. by quarterback lance. according to to a report. lance who played at north dakota state win of thrht select with e number three over all pick in the draft. last week shanahan and lynch at
11:31 pm
ohio state to watch fields. last month they watched jones at alabama. for the pandemic will keep the a's from stepping up to plate. tomorrow game against minnesota has been postponed because covid-19 issues with the twins. they could possibly play a double header on tuesday. as for the a's today they were taking on the tigers at the coliseum. down in the bottom of the eight. smacking a solo home run. we're knotted at two. bottom of the ninth shs the hero of the day. a base knock. the winning run scores. a's sweep the tigers. they have won eight in a row. all right. giants in miami. wood making his debut with the orange and black. top three lines a single to right. that plates a run. giants take a lead. really that's all they need the. in the bottom of the inning, lopez with the drive.
11:32 pm
slater patrolling center. makes a diving catch. wood loves it. he scattered threeants avoid a . >> i felt great about it. zeros on the board that's always a positive. the bull pen locked down. it was a great day. take momentum to philly. >> all right. bad ankle might force curry to take a seat tomorrow in philly. he's questionable after rolling his left ankle last night. the warriors hope making the post season. let's hope he's healthy and able to play friday. when they play the first home game in front of fans in a year. that's a look at sports. more news after the break. to piece together multiple policies. that's why three was created. it's one policy that covers everything you need... leaving those old policies in the dust.
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tomorrow six more states opening up vaccine eligibility to everyone 16 plus. all americans 16 and older can get the shot. so far more than 130 million americans have gotten at least one dose. 25% fully vaccinated. >> in the south bay today. vaccinating one of the neighborhoods hit hardest by covid-19. fox dale. health officials offered a pop up clinic where folks can get to it. >> we have been seeing surges. of covid cases. throughout the country. and in other parts of the world. in the east side this doesn't happen again. >> city leader say only about 36% of the people living inr is
11:35 pm
higher. 56%. that pop up is designed to close the gap. >> if you are still looking for a vaccine appointment. we can help. vaccine hunting. he's got tips on where to look. the times to log on and look for the appointments. part of the how to series. go to our web site click on how to get a vaccine appointment. in the trending bar. >> more students in the oakland school district are heading back to school tomorrow. despite the impasse between teachers and district. phase two starts tomorrow. grade three through six join students already in the classroom. the district is reassuring parents the stalled negotiations will not effect students returning to school. last week the education association declared an impasse and called for a state
11:36 pm
mediators. >> weeks of lock down in italy. pope francis resumed public blessings in the square. cheers went up. the crowd was small. a couple hundred. standing apart. he stood at inside the pal lance to deliver his sunday noon remarks for tv and radio. he was happy to be back in the square for the blessing. later this month, italy will gradually loosening pandemic restrictions. >> covid restrictions in paris . france entering the fifth week of the country's third lock down. the vaccine roll out is going slower than planned and hospital beds are hitting a breaking point. people can leave home within 20 miles. if they fill out a form saying they don't have symptoms or haven't been exposed. >> a scare for a neighborhood. a house fire threatened to
11:37 pm
spread. fire started after 2:00 a.m. the only person at the hope got out safely. firefighters had to call in additional help. the flames were close to other structures and brush. it took an hour to get it under control. nobody hurt. >> the city of austin on edge as a police shooting suspect remains on the run. >> tonight a man hunt in austin, texas. three dead, and the gunman is still on the run. the shooter opening fire just before noon today. >> this is not an active shooter situation. we are not calling it that at this point. this appears to be domestic incident. the victims were all known to the suspect. so, at this point, we do not
11:38 pm
think this individual is out targeting random people. to shoot them. >> the suspect police say, 41 year-old a former travis county sheriff detective. police urging residents to check on neighbors and stay vigilant. >> he's still at large. we think he's armed and dangerous. >> as law enforcement raced to find the suspect. from above and on the ground. unsure if he's in the area. >> we don't know at this point. >> a man hunt raging on. nightfalls in texas. >> still ahead. combatting the climate crisis using technology. the new high-tech way iceland is curbing carbon emissions from the earth. you have to see this sfwl a summer like finish to the weekend low clouds for the morning. cooler the week ahead and possibly rain chances in the 7-day forecast.
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road to recovery. summer camps are welcoming kids back this summer. last year estimated 40% of camps nationwide were shut down to curb the spread of covid. this summer things will be different. one catch in maine one of the few that was able to stay open. and will be welcoming campers back this summer. the dregt tor says they have a safety plan based on public health guidelines.
11:42 pm
and includes a two week quarantine before campers arrive. with daily symptoms screenings and testing. once at camp kids and staff are placed in bubbles. activities are different too. >> what's different about this year? >> we go inside to do arts and crafts. we moved everything outside. and eight at a table we have four. one at each corner. outside and distance. >> masks are mandatory. campers and staff are tested during each session. >> there's so many little things that we can do every day to have a big impact on the planet. >> life hacks. hacks. part of the climate in crisis series. the job of showing small changes we can all make to help the environment. >> it's important to stay hydrated whether you are at home or on the go. a will the of times we end up
11:43 pm
buying these. plastic water bottles. and that's a planet problem. here's why. a study done found that around the world one million plastic water bottles are purchased every minute. yes. a million a minute. in the u.s. only 30% of the plastic bottles sold get recycled that means the rest end up in landfills or the ocean. it takes 450 years to fully break down a bottle. easy and affordable swap. a rejuzable bottle. stainless steel. this is glass. if you're thinking i drink more water than that. they have different sizes. >> i did a quick search and found collapsible water bottles you can fold up once you're done. here's the pay off.
11:44 pm
more than 100 billion plastic beverage bottles were sold in 2014 in the u.s. 315 bottles a person.lastic and switched to reusable. we can keep 38 million bottles out of the ocean and landfill each year. for more hacks follow me. >> the u.s. emits 5 billion tons of co into the atmosphere every year. new technology could help undo the damage. direct air capture. this is it. a plant in iceland. fans are directly carbon die ox side out of the air. mixing it with water and pumping it deep under ground and turned into the snow. it's turned into rock. filling up holes and becoming part of the stone itself.
11:45 pm
it's going mainstream. and fast. musk is offering $100 million prize to the best technology. gates invested in a canada company with plans to pull a million tons out of the air each year. this takes us into this week. earth week. all week we're talking about climate change solutions. we'll break down things we can all do to help save the planet. >> time for spring cleaning. at the city parks. volunteers helped to beautify the parks. part of the long running sunday series cleaning up tin parks. in ten weeks. is crew picked up litter. organizers say volunteers is a great way to get exercise. get in the volunteer hours and help make the neighborhoods beautiful. >> it's a good opportunity to come outside. work in the community.
11:46 pm
and just work in the neighborhood. >> organizers say many of the volunteers are high school students. >> making a huge difference. in their area. on this gorgeous day. >> it was a little bit like a summer preview. we had the 50s and 60s from the coast to san francisco. for a time we had numbers in the 80s to near 90s. watching for patchy low clouds. making a come back tomorrow morning. doubly 62. temperatures tomorrow in the low 80s. san jose 55 degrees. numbers tomorrow expect to come down a bit. maybe closer to the mid-70s around the airport. downtown upper 70s. morgan hill closer to 80. pollen continues to be a problem. that storm still out there now. oak and cedar. high. we hope to gt rain. to knock is down. and maybe a weather system that
11:47 pm
could improve our air quality. you have noticed the haze around the bay area. not quite to spare the air levels. mod ral air quality for the bay area into monday. monday morning begins with low clouds. misty skies on the coast. numbers in the 40s and 50s. sea breeze turns strong tomorrow, this will lead temples on a downward trend. through wednesday. mid-80s around fair field. morgan hill 82 degrees. oakland and san francisco. 60s and 70s. chilly 50s around half-moon bay. the most interesting part of the forecast beyond the fact the temperatures will be trending cooler and the gus 'tis wind tomorrow. watch out for that. ocean beech. that more interesting part of forecast, end of the week. more clouds and potential for seeing rain showers. as we get through the weekend, notice we have here into
11:48 pm
saturday. rain approaching north coast. and this particular model just did an update. it keeps the rain chances ongoing. sunday sp monday. the window of opportunity will be the 24 through the 26th. we want to see model consistency from weather models. the same picture. here's one that does bring a chance of rain showers and counter part. there's the encouraging sign. two for two on the long range forecast for now. we want to see this trend continue. it could lead to april showers. plan on more windy conditions. cooler temperatures monday through wednesday. a brief warm up thursday. let's hope next weekend we can briefly talk less about fire danger and showers getting into the 7-day forecast. >> we'll keep our fingers crossed for rain. >> we're back in a moment.
11:49 pm
attention, california. new federal funding of $3 billion is available
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so many of us are working from home. that's all well and good. it's making us sitting ducks for a growing fraud. >> official sounding call or voice mail saying we're behind on a utility bill. crooks are getting away with millions. how you can avoid being a target. >> the voice mail is ominous. >> the caller id says it's from the electric company. you can swear you paid your bill. when you speak to a live representative he demands you pay up in 30 minutes. >> these recordings are examples of a nationwide scam. the voice mail with a customer in new jersey. who happened to be a utility worker.
11:52 pm
utilities united against scams. which says the person on the line is not from the power company. he just wants your money. >> think you could never fall for something like this? try telling that to her. who works in a accounting. >> it happened to me. somebody who should know better. it can happen to anybody. >> she's out $500. >> people work hard for their money. >> the person on the line told her to go to the convenience store. and buy a prepaid debit card. >> he sounded like i want to help you. i'll stay on the phone. >> convinced. he followed instructions. >> he told me to read off the card number. which i did. >> giving the crook all he needed to cash in. something told her to call the number back. >> it was disconnected. my heart dropped. >> still think you could never be fooled? the federal trade commission says imposter scams were the top
11:53 pm
fraud last year. $1.2 billion. >> it's easy for crooks to fake a utility company caller id. they can get account information from a bill you threw in the trash or trick you into thinking they have it. >> they can often be extremely sophisticated. they are using social engineering to tap into our senses. and lure us into believing they're real. >> in that recorded conversation the customer got a real utility on the line. >> they didn't catch the scammer. and she says she's out her $500. your best defense if you get a call, hang up. better yet, don't pick up.
11:54 pm
even if it's from the company. don't call the number on the voice mail. call your utility at the number listed on your bill. and speaking of your bill if you get paper one, shred it before you throw it out. your utility will never give you a single warning and cut you off within an hour. don't ever think you are too smart to be fooled. that is how the scammers get you. >> a sputtering plane a beach full of people in the water. closing quickly. a scene from an air show in florida. it was caught on camera. a plane performing in the war bird parade. to land in the ocean. nobody was hurt. rescue personnel responded immediately. the air show took place yesterday. in central florida.
11:55 pm
everybody is looking like what's happening. >> as the video kept going. people were jumping in the water and swimming to the plane. it was a positive scene. what could have been a negative scene. >> yeah. well done people. we're back in a minute. this is a no-nonsense message from three.
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check this out. taking a dip for a good cause. leading one man to swim in a lake every day for a year. >> that's him. he's going, 200 days into the yearlong goal. he is raising money for the fund bringing in resoirss to orphan children in africa. he goes in for three minutes a day. every day. and on the cold day it was 24
11:58 pm
degrees. out of the water. 41 in the water. he doesn't mind the brisk temperature. >> i feel it gives you a real boost of energy. er day. if you are feeling lethargic or tired. >> that will wake you up. the lake stays frigid with average yearly temperature around 43 degrees. and you can testify to that. >> yes. it's cold. >> last summer you went in. >> it was cold. thanks for joining us. have a good night. take care.
11:59 pm
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