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tv   Today  NBC  April 17, 2021 5:00am-6:30am PDT

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good morning. warning signs. authorities in indianapolis saying the fedex mass shooter's own mother alerted them previously about his mental condition and that he might want to die at the hands of polic this as we learn the names of eight innocent victims of the massacre. we have live on the scene. a president's anger. president biden denouncing yet another mass shooting in america and saying something must be done to stop it. >> this has to end. it is a national embarrassment.
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it is a national embarrassment that's going on. >> as he orders flags flown at half staff the third time in less than a month for victims of a mass shooting. breaking overnight. 3 million dead. a number unthinkable a year ago, now reality. the global death toll from coronavirus topping that horrific milestone. all of that. plus final farewell. the royal family preparing to say good-bye to her husband of 73 years. she's expected to be seated alone. princes william and harry walking separately behind the coffin amid reports of a rift following the explosive oprah interview. royal drama and royal tradition, farewell planned by prince philip himself starting just hours from now. today saturday, april 17th, 2021.
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from nbc news, this is "today" with peter alexander, kristen welker, and dylan dreyer. welcome to "today." thank you so much for joining us on this saturday morning, of course, as we come on the air, we are hours away from the final farewell for prince philip. you are looking at a live shot from windsor castle, a day of powerful optics. on a human level, your heart goes out to the queen today. >> undoubtedly, a life of service by her husband, 73 years they shared together. the ceremony paired down, just 30 people at saint george's chapel. we'll have the latest on that in moments. >> we will have more on the royal funeral. first, our other top story, what we are learning about the gunman and victims in the shooting in indianapolis. police overnight delivering tragic news to eight families
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their loved ones had been killed. investigators are saying this is not the first time the 19-year-old shooter was on their radar. kathy park is on the scene in indianapolis with the latest. good morning to you. >> reporter: kristin, good morning to you. eight people that worked at this facility behind me did not make it home thursday night. the governor of indiana called this mass shooting heartbreaking as well as senseless and as the investigation moves forward, police say the suspect was known to authorities even before the attack. this morning, new details in a mass shooting at an indianapolis fedex facility that killed eight and injured at least five others. victims range in age from 19 to 74. police say the suspect, a 19-year-old, brandon holt, was a former employee who went back to his job late thursday night armed with a rifle and opened fire. one employee described the
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chaos. >> i see a man, he starts shouting and starts firing at random directions. >> reporter: the rampage began outside in the parking lot, then the gunman fired more shots in the building before taking his own life. >> there were at least 100 people in the facility at the time of the incident. many were changing shifts and were on dinner break. >> reporter: the suspect was known to law enforcement for a mental health condition, according to the fbi, his mother warned them about trying to die by suicide by cop. >> i can tell you he was found in a couple of police reports. >> reporter: while authorities search for motive, family members like carol wiser returning to the scene, waiting for answers. her husband john later revealed to be among the dead, the couple months from a 50th wedding anniversary. the pain all too familiar.
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as the nation reemerges from lockdown in attempts to return to normalcy, mass shootings again becoming a regular occurrence, with some of the highest fatalities in recent weeks. six killed in rock hill, south carolina last week. ten dead at a grocery store in boulder, colorado march 22nd, and a week before, eight victims at atlanta area spas. a painful list while adding another city this week. and new this morning, we learned four of eight victims were members of the indianapolis sick community. this is another painful week for the city. third mass shooting for indianapolis this year. kristin, peter? >> so much loss and it happened yet again. kathy mark, thank you. president biden ordered flags flown at half staff friday in honor of victims of the indianapolis shooting. the president calling the latest round of gun violence a national
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embarrassment. kelly o'donnell is at the white house for us. good morning. >> reporter: g peter. after a string of mass shootings, president biden is under renewed pressure to take some steps and push congress to slow gun violence, comes at the same time progressive democrats push him to do more when it comes to his refugee policy. all pressure to see what more the president can do. president biden set aside his well known empathy for outrage over gun violence. >> this has to end. it is a national embarrassment. it is a national embarrassment that's going on. >> reporter: that embarrassment on a day of firsts, the first in person meeting with a foreign leader, japan's prime minister suga. and first rose garden news conference where mr. biden urged congress to act on gun reforms.
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and was asked if he needs to make that a higher priority. >> who in god's name needs a weapon that can hold 100 rounds or 40 rounds or 20 rounds. it is just wrong. i'm not going to give up until it is done. >> reporter: reassessing a different issue. the president signed an order to keep a trump era limit on number of refugees admitted to the u.s. that set off fierce criticism from progressive democrats, completely and utterly unacceptable, tweeted alexandria ocasio-cortez. unconscionable from represent jayapal. say it ain't so, president joe, senator dick durbin urged the president to keep his campaign promise to raise the cap on refugees. friday the white house on defense. >> we have to ensure there's capacity and ability to manage both.
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>> reporter: after the fury from democrats, the white house released a new statement and cited some confusion, then reversed course, saying the president would set a final increased cap for refugees next month. now turning to covid-19, the biden administration has said it will devote $1.7 billion out of funds already passed to go to states so they can study and track variants of the disease. that comes as we are all waiting for an answer on the j&j vaccine. next week, a special cdc advisory panel will meet on friday to determine if this pause in using the vaccine after reports of blood clots needs to continue or if distribution of that medicine can continue. peter, kristin? >> a lot of americans waiting for clarity on that. kelly o'donnell at the white house. thanks. now to the final farewell for prince philip, the duke of
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edinburgh will be laid to resin a few hours from now with just 30 members of the royal family in attendance due to covid. the queen expected to be seated alone as she says good-bye to her beloved husband of 73 years. senior international correspondent keir simmons is outside winds or castle. >> reporter: the queen who has attended so many royal ceremonies with prince philip is preparing to attend his funeral at saint george's chapel behind me. other members, prince charles, prince william, prince harry are gathering for the funeral dedicated to prince philip's unwavering loyalty to the queen. behind the walls of winds or castle. she prepares to say good-bye to her prince of more than 70
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years. appearing the first time in public since his death, surrounded by pomp and ceremony dating back hundreds of years. by 30 close family, by 730 members of the armed forces. the royal family releasing this touching tribute by the uk poet laureate, eulogizing his military service since world war ii, one of the last of his generation. >> to eulogize one man is to pipe up for a whole generation, that crew whose survival was always the stuff of -- >> the queen will sit alone inside the chapel, wearing a mask. leaders of church of england urging understanding. >> she's the queen. she will behave with extraordinary dignity and extraordinary courage that she always does. and at the same time, she's saying farewell to someone to
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whom she was married for 73 years. >> reporter: inevitably tension will focus on interaction between prince william and harry. they will be focused on their grandfather, after a life of service and public duty, today is prince philip's final parade. carried and lifted into saint george's chapel by the royal marines, his medals are on display marking his many military honors. every moment will have meaning, much of it planned by the prince himself. after hhey'll play the last post and the queen will say good-bye for the last time. last hour, we're told prince philip's coffin with his personal standard, sword and naval cap is moved to a hall in
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windsor castle. >> bring in andrew roberts and daisy. good morning to you. we heard from keir, this is following prince philip's own wishes, the way the ceremony will be carried out. there will be changes as a function of covid-19, the pandemic. what in particular, andrew, are you watching for? >> watching for several things, for the tradition of course, for the piety, the way prince philip will be effectively talking about himself in this service because he wrote every word of it 18 years ago. he set it out precisely to say things about himself, his russian background, royal naval
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background, views on religion, love of tradition. it will all come out in this extraordinary ceremony today. >> we heard keir talk about the powerful optics that are on display. perhaps one that might resonate is the queen sitting alone. that is by protocol, but underscores the fact she's saying good-bye to her husband of 73 years. how is she handling the loss and how do you expect her to handle this moment? >> reporter: you're right, she will have to sit alone. as things stand in this country, if you haven't been in a bubble, a self selecting group of people over the course of lockdown, you can't come within six feet or two meters of them. that's the situation the queen will find herself in today. she has been in a bubble here at windsor castle and prince philip. she will be driven in a bentley by one of the members of the
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household, a lady in waiting. once she gets out of that bentley, she will be on her own. she has taken great comfort of her animals. keir showed a picture of her and her husband. she has brand new puppies that caused her a lot of comfort, one named after that lot, mick. >> and we saw that modified greenland rover carrying the casket. princes william and harry walking behind it, separated by one of their cousins. i am curious about that relationship now, you badly want it to be a moment of healing for the family. have they had a chance to speak the course of the last several days? how challenging has the time been since the explosive interview with oprah? >> reporter: i think challenging is exactly the right word, and everybody, whether it is members of the family or household or the wider public want these two young men to kiss and makeup.
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you're right, it might look strange to an outsider, they've got peter phillips, their cousin, alongside them. if you know about him, you understand it is not a strange decision. he was prince philip's first godson, 43, grandchild, the eldest. somebody who philip was very, very close to. and somebody that harry and william look up to. actually i think he could help broker the situation, ease tensions and hopefully get them together. >> we hope so. andrew, final thoughts on prince philip's legacy. >> it is tremendous. this country owes him such an incredible debt, all the way through his life, even before he was married to the queen, he gave his duty to this country. he almost gave his life for this country in the second world war on several occasions. ever since he has been somebody people can look up to and admire. this is a life of duty and a
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good life. >> daisy, andrew, we thank both of you for your time and perspective. so many americans will be watching as well, honoring the life of prince philip. nbc news providing coverage, anchored by savannah and hoda this morning, 9:30 eastern, 6:30 pacific here on nbc. back in this country this morning, a tragic milestone in the battle against the coronavirus, this is globally. the death toll topped a staggering 3 million people, according to johns hopkins university. for perspective, that's the equivalent of population of philadelphia and dallas. that's nearly 20% of the worldwide total here in the u.s. the justice department suing roger stone. the lawsuit claims stone and his wife owe nearly $2 million in
5:17 am
unpaid federal income taxes. the suit alleges the couple shielded personal income to fund a lavish life-style. stone you remember was pardoned by former president trump after he was convicted on previous federal charges says the lawsuit is politically motivated. back in d.c., a little nippy this morning, nothing compared to what folks in new england are waking up to. snow on the ground after a spring storm dumped a few inches in connecticut and massachusetts. the red sox were scheduled to force a game. wrc has a quick check of weather. snow in april? what is happening. >> i know. talk about it. good morning, friends. we saw that snow. i saw the pictures all over social media. this was the culprit. this storm moved out of new england in the east. some clouds continue to linger in its wake. for the most part, things are starting to look up. second half of the weekend, time
5:18 am
stamp running through sunday, areas in new england will see increasing sunshine as we head through sunday. chance for showers in areas like pittsburgh andpart, things look dry. this spring snow saga continues. if you take a look at this, we're looking at a chance for more snow in the rockies through monday, and then we'll see that chance shift into the great lakes moving into tuesday. stick around. we're going to talk more about
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>> that's your neighborhood forecast. one william struggled to reunite with her son at the border. and answering questions about the coronavirus vaccines. what you should do if you've gotten the johnson & johnson shot. rhen will you
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we are back on saturday morning with the weekly download. our look at the big stories outside washington. >> nationwide outcry after two more deadly police shootings.
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tragedy in minnesota. 20-year-old daunte wright was killed by officer kim potter during a traffic stop. she was warning she was going to use her taser, then fired her gun instead. >> i just shot him. >> kim potter turned herself in and she was booked and charged with second degree manslaughter. and the fatal police shooting of a teenager last month. >> an officer responding to reports of shots fired in the early morning hours of march 29th begins chasing 13-year-old adam toledo on foot. >> hey, show me your [bleep] hands. >> later, toledo is pronounced dead at the scene. the office of police accountability is now investigating. testimony is complete in the murder trial of former police
5:23 am
officer derek chauvin, charged with killing george floyd. chauvin announcing he would not take the stand in his own defense. 38 witnesses testified for the prosecution, 7 for the defense. closing arguments are set to begin monday. capitol police officer william evans was killed when a man rammed a barricade outside the building. his nine years son wore his hat, seven-year-old daughter comforted her mom. president biden said the children would be evans' lasting legacy. >> as long as you have them, you've got billy. an oil industry i vessel capsized when hit with an unexpected storm. >> 80 to 90 miles per hour were the winds. 7 to 9 foot seas.
5:24 am
>> 9 of 19 people on board are missing with at least two dead. a witness saying i never heard so many may day calls in my life. some of the wildest moments caught on camera. stuck in reverse without a driver. this suv in detroit started to spin in circles backwards with no one behind the wheel. the woman was able to get in and stop the vehicle. fortunately, no one was hurt. lightning struck a tree in wisconsin before it immediately collapsed to the ground. and eagle eyed rescuers bring an eagle to a hospital to recover. finally these snorkelers never saw this coming, a humpback whale breached a few feet away. luckily no one was underneath when it splashed back into the
5:25 am
open. >> that video is amazing. they knew they would see the whales, they were able to get in the water, they asked if there was fear. they said no fear, didn't have time. imagine your adrenaline pumping when a humpback whale soars out of the water. >> i cannot imagine, they were there to see whales, they weren't expecting it to be that close. incredible. still to come. the future of the monarchy, how the younger generation get ready for the future as the queen prepares to
5:26 am
it is a little cloudy in some spots. temperatures right now about 51 degrees. a lot of it will be gone by the afternoon and we're going to have a pretty warm day ahead. by 11:00 a.m. we'll remain in the 50s from san francisco. expect to see 60s on the map through there. here's a look at your
5:27 am
microclimate highs for today. look how warm we're going to get in through areas like concord and livermore. 80s today and it's even warmer tomorrow. san jose 76, palo alto 75, oakland 72, morgan hill 78, so i'll have the full forecast coming in a few minutes. >> all right, thanks so much. looks like a nice forecast. the streets of oakland are now quiet this morning after a long night of protests that turned violent. hundreds of protesters gathered and madder along broadway calling for justice for daunte wright and adam toledo. both shot and killed by police. daunte wright in brooklyn center, minnesota, adam toledo in chicago. things quickly escalated around 10:00 last night. windows shattered, businesses tagged. several protesters were seen smashing and kicking windows at target at 27th and broadway. and some small fires were set. this at a honda dealership on
5:28 am
broadway in piedmont. you can see the broken windows. cars set on fire.mage is. police say most of the peopleef. opd tells us some people threw bottles at police. one officer was hit in the head with a bottle and was injured. police say the crowd dispersed peacefully around 11:00. now to negotiations between oakland teachers and the district. they have hit a stall. the oakland education association declared an impasse and called for a mediator. there are several issues that need to be resolved like safe reopening accommodations and work schedules. more children are scheduled to return to campus on monday as part of the district's phased-in return to classes. it's unclear if this impasse will delay that return to class. well, this morning seeking a vaccine appointment, it's the first weekend for california anyone 16 and older is now eligible. we have a look at where people are getting vaccinated and how
5:29 am
you can find a dose. we will have that plus all your top stories coming up at 5:00 p.m. at 7:00 a.m. you will see the funeral of prince philip. right now back to "today."
5:30 am
we are back on this saturday morning, april 17th, 2021. you are looking at a live look at the grounds of winser castle, where in just a few hours the royal family will gather inside st. george's chapel for a final farewell to prince philip. mounted calvary are headed to the gate just outside the castle. >> it's a day that's going to focus on his service to country and also the queen, of course. we do want to begin this half hour with a check of the headlines. the new information we're learning this morning about that mass shooter at the fedex
5:31 am
facility in indianapolis authorities now saying the 19-year-old who shot and killed eight people on thursday was interviewed by the fbi last year, according to agents, his mother called police to say that her son might commit suicide by cop. the shooter was identified as brandon hole, a former employee at the fedex location. eight innocent people were killed in the attack before the gunman took his own life. protesters across the country took to the streets friday night angry over separate fatal police shootings in chicago, hundreds of people called for justice for 13-year-old adam toledo. the teen was fatally shot by chicago police last month, despite body cam video showing that he put his hands up when he was asked to in minnesota for the sixth night, demonstrators gathered outside the brooklyn center police department protesting the shooting death of 20-year-old daunte wright. wright was fatally shot during a
5:32 am
traffic stop sunday. it is the end of an era in cuba as castro says he is stepping down. he ruled for more than six decades. the 89-year-old succeeded his brother fidel who came to power in 1959. castro did not say who he would endorse as his successor, though he has previously favored the current cuban president. the growing anguish for parents at the southern border where thousands of unaccompanied migrant children who have arrived in the u.s. in recent weeks are being held in facilities, hoping to reunite with their families who are here already. we are in tucson, arizona, with more on that and a mother's struggle to reunite with her son. >> reporter: peter, good morning. we've all seen those heartbreaking images of children in government custody. imagine it being one of their parents and searching for them
5:33 am
in a system that is overwhelmed by the growing number of unaccompanied minors the most recent data from health and human services shows children who have been released from custody have spent an average of 31 days there we met one mother who shared her journey with us. >> andrea clutches a teddy bear, hoping to give it to her 6-year-old son, juan felipe. i bought him this one because we lost the other one andrea, who asked us not to use her last name for safety reasons, came to the u.s. from venezuela, seeking asylum because she says she was in danger her family, including her son, soon followed. but juan felipe was classified as unaccompanied and separated from the family by customs and border protection, despite the fact that he was with his stepfather cvp said she can't comment on individual cases for privacy
5:34 am
reasons. andrea was desperate for information. she's not alone. according to dhs, 80% of unaccompanied minors have family living in the u.s. 40% of those are parents but andrea eventually got a called from cvp teller her juan felipe wouldn't stop crying, asking her to calm him down. then another call from hhs telling her he wasn't eating or sleeping: it shattered my soul, she says andrea turned to dr. amy cohen, who runs every last one, a nonprofit that helps reunite families. >> we are inundated with calls from families with very young children. >> reporter: currently there are about 20,000 children in hhs custody, and that number expected to grow to 35,000 next month. but this week, andrea became one of the lucky ones.
5:35 am
>> how are you feeling >> happy, happy, she says. he said he never wants to be separated again. >> reporter: there are still thousands of parents looking for their children we also connected with a guatemalan father of two young girls, as he dialed a government hotline for families looking for migrant children he's been calling every day for three weeks. after an hour and a half on hold, the operator told him they could not disclose the girls' location and said this is a process that requires patience. >> those powerful images of a family being reunited and a situation that is demanding resolution these days. >> yeah, it's so powerful to hear from that mother. great interviews we want to get another check of the forecast. we want the real spring to come. >> let me go ahead and put that order in i've got you so we are still seeing those april showers that will bring
5:36 am
may flowers. right now we've got our eye on the gulf coast states. all going to be seeing heavy rain that has put us under a flash flood watch beginning at 1:00 a.m. for those areas and they have already seen a ton of rain. here's a live look at radar. showers starting to pick up. you can see they're starting to move into florida as well. that will be a hot spot as we head through the next 24 hours we are anticipating a lot more rain to move into parts of florida. take a look at how this is going to play out as far as the timing goes here we are tonight, seeing showers make their way into parts of the florida panhandle and then, as we continue, we're going to see that push in and it's going to bring heavy rain into parts of northern florida let's take a look at those rainfall totals. we could see anywher and we have a cool and cloudy start right now. 51 degrees in san francisco, but it is going to warm up quite nicely with plenty of sunshine
5:37 am
by the afternoon. the temperature trend in san francisco will remain in the 50s until about 12:00, eventually climbing into the 60s and 70s and, yes, even 80s on the map. here's a look at your microclimate highs for today. san jose 76, morgan hill 78, concord 83, martinez 79, san francisco 65. that's your neighborhood forecast kristen, peter >> thank you and just ahead, everything you need to know about coronavirus vaccines after that johnson & johnson pause earlier this week. >> dr. john torres is here to answer your questions right after these messages ♪ love like yours will surely come my way ♪ ♪ a-hey, a-hey-hey ♪ ♪ ♪ love like yours will surely come my way ♪
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5:41 am
disaster's guide to surviving everything". dr. torres, good morning >> great to see you, dr. torres. >> good morning. how are you guys >> we're good. let's start off with our first question from kendra in georgia. she asks, should people be concerned about pfizer and moderna, what is the difference between them and j&j >> i'll reverse the answers a little bit here and explain the differences first. these are two vaccines that do the same thing, they deliver the instructions to your body to help build the immune system so you can fight off the virus. they use an mrna technique and johnson & johnson uses what's called an adenovirus technique they all do the same thing the main point to remember is all three are very safe and effective. you've heard about the johnson & johnson and the blood clots associated with that remember, there are only six out of almost 7 million people who were vaccinated, so these less than one in a million, even if there is a connection and they're looking into that now. >> richard in virginia and from
5:42 am
ohio, they ask, for those who have already received the j&j vaccine, what should they watch fothat are concerned about that and the main thing to remember is not to worry too much because these are safe vaccines. if you did get the johnson & johnson vaccine, the fda put out information saying that you and your doctor should be looking for different symptoms within three weeks of getting the vaccine. severe headaches, abdominal pain, leg pain and shortness of breath after a three-week time period, you don't really have to worry about it the chances of something happening are so low and equal across all vaccines. again, those are the four things to look for. >> let's go big picture with maria and tassos when will we reach herd immunity and why is that so important >> it's important because once we get to that level, everybody is protected even if they didn't get the vaccine. but it's going to take a high level to get that. we're not even close right now
5:43 am
70% to higher, by some estimates 90%. but 75% to 80% to get herd immunity hopefully we reach that by summertime and by all hopes, we can start getting back to a normal life in the fall timeframe. that depends on people getting vaccinated the more they get vaccinated, the quicker we get there. >> what is the latest on vaccinating kids >> so right now pfizer has just ended a study or are about to tend a study to 12 to 15-year-olds and they're going to submit an amendment for an emergency use authorization. the amendment doesn't take as long as the emergency use authorization, so they're hoping to get that done in may with shots in arms in may and june timeframe. for younger children, we're looking late 2021, early 2022, because those studies are ongoing right now and they are going to take a little bit of time. >> a lot of parents watching closely. great information as always. great to see you, thank you. coming up next, why harrhe
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fraud protection. discover. something brighter. morning with today's "pop start. with dylan off, joe fryer is in the seat good to see you. good morning. >> good morning. first up, do you hear that sound? that's the sound of tweeting, which has returned to the home of chrissy teigen. just three weeks after saying good-bye, the queen of twitter is back. last month the model and author announced that she was deactivating her account after ten years on the platform, telling her 14 million followers, this no longer serves me as positively as it does negatively after 23 days away, teigen returned with a new outlook and the same sense of humor. she tweeted, turns out it feels terrible to silence yourself and also no longer enjoy belly
5:48 am
chuckles randomly throughout the day and also lose like 2,000 friends at once. she adood. teigen also joked that wit her thoughts, she would just say tweets to shampoo bottles. not the same we're glad to have her back. next up, a new song from the late rapper dmx dropped on friday just one week after he died from a heart attack at the age of 50. the song features the legendry artist along side his long time friends. take a listen. ♪ to the beat of my home drummer ♪ >> the song's lyrics tie into theplot of the hit tv show, which stars forest whitaker as the notorious crime boss bumpy johnson. this is the first release from
5:49 am
dmx and it's rumored that there are more songs to come. finally, we've got one more piece of sound for you yeah, that's because someone is making quite a splash. it's "the little mermaid," but with some help from harry styles the singerbroke the internet friday when a series of old pictures resurfaced. it's not this picture. the viral photos show the pop star dressed as ariel, rocking the fish tail, bra and wig they're reportedly from a photo shoot he did when hosting "saturday night live" in 2019. it's not clear why they were leaked now fans flipped out and a sea of memes was born back in 2019 he turned down the role in the live action remake of "the little mermaid." fans now say maybe he would have been perfect for the title role. that is your "pop start." >> i was hoping we would see you
5:50 am
dressed up as king triten or ursula. >> that will be next time. i have to say, you win the day with those sound effects that was awesome great job. >> thank you added a new element to it. >> we loved it >> you can, by the way, see joe anchoring morning news every weekday on nbc news now and you can watch it on my streaming device as well. still to come, the college acceptance surprise for this 18-year-old, who has overcome a lot in life. you do not want to miss it we're back right after this.
5:51 am
5:52 am
still to come on "today," we go back live to windsor with prince philip's funeral hours away. the new generation of royals set to take center stage. and the race to save
5:53 am
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5:57 am
of the bay bridge. just shy of 6:00 on this saturday morning. a mild morning out there, 50 degrees on your screen. thank you so much for starting your saturday with us. vianey has a quick look at our microclimate forecast. >> hey, good morning, kira. 51 degrees right now in san francisco and we are seeing a little bit of cloud cover mainly around the coastline, though. whatever cloud cover we start with, we're not going to carry that into the afternoon, though, because we've got high pressure over the region. that will warm us up and dry us out. your temperature trend by 11:00 a.m. will be in the upper 50s, eventually hitting those upper r than yesterday, but we're expecting to heat up even more into sunday so here's a look at your microclimate high. san jose 76 degrees, oakland 72, concord 83, livermore 81. martinez 79, napa 81, and around san francisco and half moon bay, expect more of a mix of sun and
5:58 am
clouds, but overall a beautiful saturday ahead. kira. >> all right, thanks so much. tens of thousands more people across the bay area are now eligible to get their first covid-19 vaccine. if you're still waiting, health leaders ask for your patience as supply goes up and down on a weekly basis. the state says half of all californians 16 and up have received at least one dose of the covid-19 vaccine, thanks in part to large vaccination sites. levi's stadium for one is now the busiest across the state, giving out 15,000 doses each day. the question now, will supplies keep up? >> we're seeing a lot of interest, and the demand is high. luckily we have a little more vaccine now. people need to be persistent and keep checking back, not get frustrated. if there's not one today, there will be an appointment maybe tomorrow or in a few days. >> over in oakland, the acts full gospel church is teaming up
5:59 am
with the state of california to host a vaccine clinic this weekend. no appointment is necessary. two pop-up clinics in antioch and richmond tell us they have more than enough. the veteran hall site can administer 500 doses each day but only gave out 224 on thursday. you don't have to live or work in contra costa county to get one. naturally the pace is picking up as well. more than 3 million doses have been injected per day for the past three days. coming up tonight on nbc bay area, a trail of destruction left in downtown oakland after protests turn violent. coming up, the aftermath and the preparation the city is taking. instead of our 7:00 a.m. newscast we will be airing the funeral for prince philip.
6:00 am
good morning final farewell the royal family just hours away from saying good-bye to prince philip the queen expected to be seated alone at the funeral for her husband of 73 years. princes william and harry walking separately behind the coffin amid reports of a rift after that explosive oprah interview. the drama and tradition ahead of a ceremony planned by the prince himself. warning signs? authorities in indianapolis revealing the fedex shooter's mother warned last year about
6:01 am
hismedical condition and he might want to die at the habs of police as we learn the eight innocent victims of the violence. we're live and saving a summer staple with warming waters threatening their livelihoods, new england lobstermen are going to great lengths to protect the crustaceans. how their efforts are paying off today, saturday, april 17th, 2021 >> hi. i'm braden and today is my 6th birthday i love the "today" show. >> hi peter and kristen. this is my mom laura this is my hero. she's been teaching special ed 26 years >> i love my students and we love "today" >> i'm megan and i'm cadence and we're celebrating. >> my 13th birthday. >> on "today"! >> happy birthday cadence and braden and all the special ed teachers out there as well
6:02 am
good morning welcome back here on "today" in england today across the uk they will be celebrating a lifetime of service not just to a country but also to the queen. >> yeah. some powerful optics today we will see william and harry. and of course all eyes will be on the queen >> that's where we are going to begin today. the funeral service just two hours away 30 minutes of the royal family gathering to say their good-byes to the duke of edinburgh a sad day for the queen who was married to the prince for 73 years. correspondent keir simmons is outside windsor castle this morning. keir, good morning >> reporter: peter, good morning to you this will be a day for the family but also a day of history and pageantry. we're just watching live as various members of the military march to windsor castle. the guards, king's troop, royal
6:03 am
horse, ar tilly. this will be very much a military funeral behind the walls of wind sore castle, decades of history remembered today the queen releasing a favorite picture as she prepares to say good-bye to her prince of more than 70 years. appearing for the first time in public since his death, she'll be surrounded by pomp and ceremony dating back hundreds of years by 30 close family and by 730 members of the armed forces. this morning the royal family releasing this touching tribute by the uk's poet laureate, eulogizing prince philip's military service since world war ii one of the last of his generation >> to eulogize one man is to pipe up for a whole generation that crew, the survival was always the stuff of minor miracle. >> reporter: but perhaps most poignant today, the queen will sit alone inside the chapel
6:04 am
wearing a mask leaders of the church of england urging understanding >> she's the queen she will behave with the extraordinary dignity and extraordinary courage that she always does. and at the same time she is saying farewell to someone to who she was married for 73 years. >> reporter: inevitabinevitably on prince william and prince harry separated by a cousin as they walk behind the coffin. today is prince philip's final parade carried on a greenland rover, lifted into st. george's chapel by the royal marines this morning his medals are on display marking his many military honors. every moment will have meaning of of it planned by the prince himself. after his coffin is lowered into
6:05 am
the royal vault, buglists will play the last post and the queen will say good-bye for the last time and then let's just show you again those live pictures of the military marching here to windsor castle, guys it is going to be a somber day but it would also be a day that we'll talk about prince philip's kindness, humor and humanity and look out for that humor at various moments as he is lowered into the royal vault prince philip has asked for th buglists to play "action stations," the naval call for all hands to go to battle stations when you're on a ship, guys >> honoring a prince and 99 years that he has served keir simmons in windsor. keir, thanks so much what a legacy. all right. well, we are learning more this morning about the gunman and victims in that tragic mass shooting in indianapolis investigators say this isn't the
6:06 am
first time the 19-year-old shooter was on their radar nbc's kathy park is on the scene in indianapolis with the very latest kathy, good morning. >> reporter: kristen, good morning to you the shooting unfolded in one to two minutes. eight people killed, five others injured. and police have now identified the gunman as 19-year-old brandon scott hold we learned he began his shooting rampage late thursday night in the parking lot where he killed four then he made his move inside the building killing four others and took his own life when officers arrived. 100 employees were in the building at the time of the shooting and gunfire erupted during a shift change. officials are still trying to figure out a motive. here's what we do know he is a former fedex employee. unclear why his employment ended last year. his own mother contacted them, warning them he was trying to
6:07 am
die suicide by cop we are starting to learn more about the victims. they range in age from 19 to 74. four of the victims were members of the indianapolis sikh community. in the wake of this latest mass shooting, president biden has come out saying gun violence in this country is an epidemic and it underscored the need to act this is the third mass shooting in indianapolis this year. kristen, peter >> just staggering all right. kathy park in indianapolis kathy, thank you a big partnership just announced between nasa and spacex in the future of moon exploration. nasa chose elon musk to build the lunar lander for this $3 billion contract it will put the first woman and first person of color on the moon sometime later this decade. >> incredible. looking forward to that. well, time for a little weekend
6:08 am
morning boost. let's go back to joe fryer in new york with more hey, joe what you got >> reporter: hey, there. hello again. so getting into the college of your choice is an exciting moment for any student for one young man from tennessee, it was monumental >> are you kidding me? are you absolutely kidding me? >> what does it say? >> we're going to tennessee. >> let's see it. >> we are going to tennessee >> all right open the card up >> oh. >> you're getting into the university of tennessee. welcome to the big orange family >> what an amazing moment for that teenager. his name is kevin. he was born with a rare brain disorder doctors at one point thought he would never walk, much less talk boy, did he prove them wrong that card, even played rocky top, the unofficial fight song
6:09 am
for the volunteers kevin, we wish you the best of luck >> go, vols! go, kevin! that is awesome. you're so thrilled for him >> it's hard not to get emotional when you watch that video. that is incredible joe, thank you so much >> you've got to be kidding me we're going to tennessee that is awesome. still ahead right here, devoted to the crowd the next generation of the royal family and the responsibilities now before them. we're back right after this. jake from state farm, you couldn't find a stand-in that looked anything like me? have you seen mine? like looking in a mirror, right? now that one makes sense. look guys, i don't even have a stand-in. of course, you do. hold on, is that drake?? that's right. drake from state farm. (in unison) like a good neighbor (in unison again) like a good neighbor hey, stand-ins don't have lines. oh, okay. like a good neighbor, state farm is there [sfx: psst psst]
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and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. ask your rheumatologist about humira. go to to see proof in action. if you can't afford your medicine, abbvie may be able to help. we are back on saturday morning with today's talker. a look at what the royal family will look like in years to come, with the queen on the verge of a 95th birthday and mourning her husband. will the next generation of royals step up and take responsibility. >> kelly cobiella has more on that. good morning. >> reporter: peter, kristen, good morning. we have seen the queen's
6:13 am
youngest son, prince edward and wife sophie in a more visible role this week. and prince charles front and center addressing the nation after prince philip's death. while the queen may be stepping back a bit, she always said she will never step down. at the tender age of 21, then princess elizabeth made this vow before she was even queen. >> i declare before you all that my whole life, whether it be long or short, shall be devoted to your service. >> despite loss of her husband, confidant, the 94-year-old monarch who turns 95 wednesday is expected to carry on with a life of service. the queen has scaled back, handing more duties to son prince charles. at 72, he is the oldest and longest serving heir apparent in
6:14 am
british history. stepping into philip's shoes as family patriarch. >> my father was able to last 70 years, given the most devoted service to the queen. >> prince william and wife kate are taking on more work, more overseas travel, more charitable causes. >> we can expect to see prince charles stepping up. i am sure camilla upping her work load as the duchess of cornwall. the duke and duchess of cambridge will be taking on more duties. >> it comes with a royal family divided. prince harry's interview with oprah opening new wounds between harry and his brother, painting charles in a bad light. >> your family cut you off? >> yeah. >> prince charles isn't nearly as popular as his children. and there's already talk in some commonwealth countries like
6:15 am
canada and australia of moving on from the monarchy under a future king charles. but for now in britain, the queen is as loved as ever with plans already under way for her platinum jubilee next year, celebrating a record 70 year reign of this long lived queen. even here in the uk, there's a generational divide with younger brits seeing the royals in a less rosy light. less than half supporting keeping the monarchy. it is up to prince charles and prince william to keep the monarchy modern and relevant to newer generations. >> just the idea she served as queen approaching 70 years is remarkable. kelly cobiella, thank you so much. nbc news will provide special coverage of prince philip's funeral service, anchored by
6:16 am
savannah and hoda at 9:30 eastern, 6:30 pacific on nbc. >> we will be watching. let's turn to somara theodore. >> it is a battle of temperatures. we have the west coast versus east coast, i am going with the west coast today. portland, 81 degrees. 21 above average. they could be going for record numbers in seattle. much cooler as you head to the central portion of the country, even the east coast. boston, 50 degrees. 8 degrees below average. as we head into sunday, kind of. 70s towards new orleans. a lot of us on the east coast are below average. staying warmer out to the west coast. not just the numbers we're looking at, also active weather. rain coming down in states lining the gulf coast, that caused a flash flood
6:17 am
we've got a foggy start, especially around the coastline and in san francisco right now. 51 degrees, temperatures are fairly mild, but by the afternoon it's going to warm up significantly, especially in the interior valleys. we'll get plenty of sunshine, so don't expect that fog to linger all day long. here's a closer look at your microclimate highs. palo alto 75, san jose 76, morgan hill 78 and a couple of 80s in through the interior valleys. enjoy your saturday. >> that's the forecast in your neighborhood. kristen, peter, back to you. >> thank you so much. still ahead, efforts to save the lobster
6:18 am
6:19 am
we're back this morning with "today" goes green.
6:20 am
a special series in honor of earth month, special issues tied to the environment and climate. >> a look at extraordinary efforts from lobster men in maine to preserve the species threatened by climate change. >> this is spring training for the crew in portland. readying traps and boats for lobsters and tourists. davis pursuing the catch of the summer. >> the fun things about lobster fishing, never know what's in a trap when it comes up. >> you like that? >> i love it. >> adding to that, water fueled by climate change, says research scientist kathy mills. >> it is warming three times faster than oceans around the world the past three decades. in the past ten years, warming five times faster. >> southern new england, warmer waters contributed to 78% decline in lobsters, lobster in
6:21 am
maine boomed, up 550%. the decades long practices of maine lobster men. >> lobsters in the first trap. >> marking females and tossing them back with lobsters too big and small. >> i think the industry is well regulated. it is lobster men coming up with the rules and regulations. >> more important in the era of climate change? >> absolutely. they're creating added boost and buffer that then enables that population to withstand over effects might be associated with changing environmental conditions and climate change. >> to preserve a way of life that goes back to precolonial times and delights. business jumped 600% during the pandemic. >> what responsibility do you have? >> ambassador between the
6:22 am
fishermen and customer. our responsibility is to communicate. this is what we do. this is why we love maine lobster fishery. >> a product they want to last. >> you protect your own future. every lobster i throw back, i will get it again. it will go down there, eat a little more, fat enup, we'll catch it next time. >> building a future resilient against the tide of climate change. anne thompson, nbc news, portland. >> beautiful part of the country as well. >> sure is. so♪♪ this is the checkers game where grandson and grandad will bond. this is the pool where cannonball records will be broken. and this is the kitchen where the new boyfriend will unofficially become family. these are the vrbo vacation homes waiting for you to fill with your family. your together awaits. find it with vrbo.
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a programming note, really a congratulations before we go. willie geist has a special anniversary coming up tomorrow as he celebrates five years of his show "sunday today." tune in for a special look back at his memorable sunday sit downs and much more, tomorrow morning here on nbc. congratulations, willie. >> huge congratulations. we love you, willie. can't wait to watch tomorrow. at does itth
6:27 am
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6:29 am
south san francisco welcomes back thousands of students for the classroom. the new technologies in place aimed to help keep them safe from covid. >> plus closing arguments in the derrick chosen murder trial monday morning.
6:30 am
♪♪ >> announcer: this is an nbc news special report. remembering prince philip. here are savannah guthrie and hoda kotb. >> good morning, everybody. so glad to have you along with us on a saturday to remember. as queen elizabeth, members of the royal family, the united kingdom, and the world prepare to say a final farewell to prince philip. >> yeah. the


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