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tv   Today  NBC  April 16, 2021 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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vianey? >> things are starting to slow down a little bit, bridge drive times including the bay bridge, westbound 80, about ten minutes. back to you. >> that will do it for us. have a great weekend. a live look at san francisco, beautiful time to enjoy the weekend. thanks for joining us all week. see you back here on monday. good morning. breaking news. mass shooting. eight people killed by a gunman who opened fire inside a major fedex facility in indianapolis. the gunman then taking his own life. >> this is a tragedy. yet, through it all, we will come through it. >> just ahead, what happened from an eyewitness who was there, and police investigating what could have sparked another deadly rampage. on edge. overnight protests in chicago
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over the fatal police shooting of a 13-year-old boy. officials releasing the disturbing body camera footage of the final confrontation. >> show me your [ bleep ] hands. stop it. stop it! >> just ahead, what police are saying led to the shooting, and a gun recovered from the scene. chicago's mayor near tears. >> simply put, we failed adam. and we cannot afford to fail one more young person in our city. >> and the boy's family's calls for calm and justice. the defense rests. former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin addressing the court for the first time to say he will not testify. >> i will invoke my fifth amendment privilege today. >> just ahead, too jurors could reach a verdict. spring wave? covid cases and hospitalizations climbing even higher from coast to coast. the highest levels in weeks. health officials sounding a new alarm. >> we're at a precarious situation.
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>> the vaccine rate approaching a new milestone, 200 million shots in arms. what the head of pfizer is saying about how soon you could need a booster shot. the royal farewell. new details on prince philip's funeral. an inside look at the ceremony that will unfold 24 hours from now. why brothers william and harry won't be standing side by side, and a heartfelt, new tribute for prince philip from the queen's former press secretary, joining us exclusively. those stories, plus all in the family. >> grandma's got it. grandma's got it. >> the dancing granny who stole the show at the wnba draft today, friday, april 16th, 2021. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza.
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hi, everybody. good morning. welcome to "today," it is 7:a.m. on the west coast on a friday morning. >> our top story, unfortunately we have to start with another mass shooting. the emergency call came in after 11:00 p.m. with reports of an active shooter inside the fedex facility near indianapolis international airport. >> when police arrived and entered the building they found at least eight people killed, others suffering from gunshot wounds, and the suspected shoo thor dead. >> this morning investigates are working to identify that gunman after sealing off the building to can you be the interviews and gather information. >> in a moment we'll talk to police and an eyewitness who was working right there. let's get started with nbc's stephanie gosk who has the very latest. stephanie, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. that's right, the police got there late last night as you say after 11:00 responding to a report of shots fired. this facility is open 24 hours a day, buzzing the entire time.
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one employee said he had just finished his shift when he looked up and he saw a man with a rifle open fire. >> we received a call referenced shots fired to that location. >> reporter: overnight, terror and chaos after a shooter opened fire at a fedex facility in indianapolis killing eight people late thursday. police say the suspected shooter later died by a self-inflicted wound. >> as officers arrived, they came in contact with an active shooter. the shooter has taken his own life. we don't feel that there is an active threat. it's important to know that emotions are very high here. there are a lot of people not just officers but family members who are still arriving and still learning about this incident. we understand that there are a lot of moving parts and we ask for your patience. >> i'm just tired. i'm just tired of people, and
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there needs to hurt others. >> authorities say multiple other people with injuries were transported to local hospitals. the facility employs more than 4,500 people. fedex releasing a statement overnight reading in part we are aware of the tragic shooting at our fedex ground facility near the indianapolis airport. safety is our top priority, and our thoughts are with all those who are affected. wednesday's incident is the latest in a series of high profile tragedies, at a business complex in california, april 1st that left four people dead including a child. and at a grocery store in boulder, colorado, and a string of killings at spas in the atlanta area last month. this morning, another american workplace shattered by gun violence as police searched for answers. >> this is a tragedy, but yet through it all, we will come through it. a deputy police chief says the shooting lasted a matter of minutes, and that the gunman when he got out of his car started shooting immediately in the parking lot.
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the latest casualty numbers are nine dead including the shooter and seven injured. two of those injured left on the scene, five went to the hospital. one of them is in critical condition. savannah. >> stephanie, thank you very much. we're joined now by le vie miller who works at that fedex building who heard the first gunshots. good morning to you. how are you? are you doing okay? >> yeah, i'm doing okay. very tired but still here. >> yeah. >> can you tell us and just walk us through what you saw, what you witnessed last night? >> well, i was working a normal day at fedex, and i was planning on working another shift that night with my friends, and so it was 11:00 at night when this happened. it was dark. i was eating some food with my friends, and another friend of ours. this was when we heard two
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gunshots from inside the building and i did not witness anyone enter. i assumed it was a muzzle problem with a car because we were -- i was outside of the building when this happened, and across from the building is a parking lot, and so i hear three shots after that, and i assumed someone has an engine problem. this is when i hear six shots fired rapidly, and then i hear ten shots. this is when i stand up and i'm sitting on a bench, and so when i stand up, i see a man, a hooded figure. i was unable to see his face in detail. however, the man did have an ar in his hand, and he started shouting and then he started firing at random directions. at first was at his right, and i
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thought he saw me and so i immediately ducked for cover and hid. >> levi you said he was hooded and carrying this ar rifle. you said he was yelling. what was he yelling? >> i could not describe what exactly he was yelling about. however, my friend at the time witnessed a man who was not a part of the incident but he also pulled out a gun from his truck to try and engage the shooter, and he died because of it. >> wow. you said you didn't recognize the shooter that he had a hoodie on. did any of your friends recognize him? is he somebody who had been around that facility or worked >> from what i do know, one of my known co-workers there have
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to well-known worker at this facility, and that from what i heard, the man shot himself when police arrived. >> and you said -- i just want to be perfectly clear here. did you say he was known by your friends because he worked there? >> specifically my co-workers. i don't have too much information right now. but what i do know is that it was someone who definitely worked at this building before. >> and levi, did your fellow co-workers there have any indication, was there any talk of why this may have happened? >> the only conclusion i can see is our boss, from what i heard as rumors -- i don't know if it's true -- but the man was specifically targeting our head
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manager, and our manager was not here that day at all, and so when he arrived i assume he caused mayhem. >> levi miller, what a night for you. we're so glad you're safe. so sorry you had to see what you saw, and thank you for being with us and sharing your story this morning. >> thank you very much. >> all right, let's turn now to the deputy chief of the indianapolis metro police, craig mccard. chief, thank you for joining us this morning. we're just learning from that witness who this suspects may have been, he described him wearing a hoodie carrying an ar rifle shouting described him as a former employee. what do you know about the suspect? >> so we actually know very little at this point in time. we're still working the scene. we're still processing the scene. we still have crime lab techs who are out doing that work, and after that is done, then we work on the identification of the victims and the suspect, so we don't have a lot of information
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on him yet as he has not been positively identified. >> so you don't have an official identifica gunman at this point? many other gunshot victims there may be who are in the hospital? do you expect to have further casualties? do you feel you have a sense of the damage that was done here. >> yeah, so i think we have a good idea of what we have right now. we know that there were four other victims who were taken from the scene who suffered non-fatal gunshot wounds, and there was a fifth injured person who was also taken to the hospital, and the last update that i received they're all stable at this point. >> chief, the way we understand it is the shooting started out in the parking lot, and then he went inside. how far into the facility did he get? because we understand that there is -- there's some security, you know, you need your badge to get through.
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did he get beyond that point? was he able to enter the facility and shoot there? >> so it's my understanding, again, this is very preliminary, but it's my understanding that the security measures that they had in place inside the physical security measures that they had in place did what they were supposed to do, and he did not get very far inside of that facility. >> and finally, we just heard an eyewitness who said someone out in the parking lot saw it and got his own gun and tried to engage the shooter and stop the shooter. do you know anything about that? can you fill in the blanks there? >> actually, i wish i could. i don't know anything about that. in fact, when i heard mr. miller's statement that's the first that i had heard of that. that's something that we're certainly going to look into and get more information on, but we did not have that info. >> i know you have a lot of work to do, a lot of the witnesses to interview, but thank you so much for spending a little time with
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us this morning, indianapolis metro police chief craig mccartt. let's turn now to sheinelle in for craig. another big story we're following, sheinelle, good morning to you. >> good morning, savannah and hoda. yes, another city in this country on edge this morning over a deadly police-involved shooting, this after officials in chicago released body camera video that shows an officer opening fire on a 13-year-old boy. the city's mayor now pleading for calm as the investigation unfolds. nbc's rehema ellis joins us with that story. rehema, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sheinelle. to lose a child under any circumstances is hard, but for adam toledo's family this is almost unbearable, and a warning, the images you're about to see are very disturbing. >> hands up, don't shoot! >> reporter: overnight, pain in the streets of chicago over the deadly encounter captured on dramatic police body camera video. an officer responding to reports of shots fired in the early
7:14 am
morning hours of march 29th, begins chasing 13-year-old adam taledo on foot. >> show me your hands, stop it! >> reporter: the teenager shot in the chest. the officer radioed for help and applied cpr. >> where are you shot, man? where are you shot? stay with me. stay with me. >> reporter: later taledo was pronounced dead at the scene, the city's office of police accountability now investigating, releasing police records from that night which state taledo was armed with a weapon. in an edited police video they say a gun was found at the scene and say taledo threw it away milliseconds before being shot. the family's lawyer says none of that matters. >> the officer screamed at him, show me your hands. adam complied, turned around, his hands were empty when he was shot in the chest. >> reporter: those same documents identify the officer
7:15 am
who fired his weapon as 34-year-old eric stillman. attorneys who represent the officer say in a statement their client was faced with a life-threatening and deadly force situation. overnight, former washington, d.c., police chief and philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey saying the officer's actions were reasonable. >> in my opinion, tragic as it was, the shooting was reasonable. it was less than a second, literally less than a second from the time the officer saw that gun in his hands to the time he fired that shot. >> reporter: chicago's mayor telling reporters she's seen no evidence that the teen shot at police, but would not say if she believed taledo was holding a weapo the mayor growing emotional. >> no parent should ever have a video broadcast widely of their child's last moments, much less
7:16 am
be place ed in a terrible situation of losing their child in the first place. >> put your hands behind your back. >> reporter: also at the scene that night, 21-year-old ruben roman, charged with reckless discharge of a firearm and endangerment of a child, a child whose mother is now grieving. >> they couldn't shoot at his leg, his arm, up in the air, i don't know, but not kill my baby. >> reporter: officials say his family was shown the body camera video in private earlier this week. they agreed these images should be shared with the public. as for the officers involved in the shooting, police superintendent says that officer stillman has been placed on administrative duties for 30 days. sheinelle. >> more to come on that one. thank you. 7:16, a lot to talk about when it comes to the including, don't say it, an april nor'easter on the east coast. is that right?
7:17 am
>> let's start in the rockies. take a look, denver, snow, that's right. well, april's their second snowiest month. this isn't a big surprise. boy, oh, boy, talking anywhere four to six inches of snow. there's still snow making its way through that region. as you can see, this spring storm, southern rockies to the gulf coast today and saturday we've got a second storm here in the northeast, spring storm. you can already see it's bringing snow to new england and parts of the northeast. now, again, out west we've got anywhere from 6 to 12 inches of snow in parts of the rockies. today that's going to end late tonight into early tomorrow, and down through the gulf from all the way from florida, northern florida, the panhandle across to new orleans. we've got flash flood watches until noon saturday. three to five inches of rain possible, already on saturated ground. here in the northeast, here's this storm system kind of meandering, rain and wind off the coast, heavy snow in the mountains. tonight into tomorrow, the storm departs into the day, drier weather by the evening.
7:18 am
rainfall amounts generally heaviest right along the coast. one to two inches generally, but snowfall amounts, isolated up to a foot of snow in parts of the white mountains and the green mountains as well. berkshires less berkshires less and a little bit less in the adirondacks. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're starting out with cool temperatures as you get ready to head out the door in brentwood. low 50s and sunshine.
7:19 am
it will warm up today and highs headed toward the mid-70s this afternoon. as we take a look at our inland forecast over the next several days it's going to be warming up and we'll see our weekend high temperatures forever the inland valleys in spots like concord and livermore, reaching mid 80s and cool down early next week as we get a few more clouds on tuesday. >> all right, al, thank you. coming up, the derek chauvin trial entering its next chapter after the former officer tells the court he will not testify and the defense rests. we'll have the very latest as the city of minneapolis begins preparing for a verdict. the intensifying race between covid vaccinations and the threat of a resurgence, where front line workers say a new surge could be worse than gets the pfizer shotyone who n
7:20 am
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just ahead on the eve of prince philip's funeral, we're live at windsor castle with an inside look at the ceremony
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♪ a-hey, a-hey-hey ♪ ♪ ♪ love like yours will surely come my way ♪ good morning. it's 7:26. i'm cierra johnson. locking in a covid vaccination with bay area demand soaring. >> reporter: i'm bob redell. the state opened up the covid vaccine eligibility to everyone 16 and above it appears contra costa county might be the place to go. i checked online with the health department, able to find appointments for the next few days in places line concord, richmond, san pablo, antioch, the scene yesterday in antioch at the antioch community center,
7:27 am
which just opened yesterday, where they administered 150 doses. it's our understanding they have the capacity of doing up to 500 doses a day including some on a walk-in basis. i'm sharon katsuda, in san francisco you can enjoy more events because restrictions have been loosened. "the chronicle" reports new reopening guidelines include live event can operate indoors with 100% capacity and the vaccinated participants area. outdoor events can operate at 50% if participants show proof of full covid vaccination or negative covid tests. indoor dining can now stay open past 11:00 p.m. but maximum six people per table. enjoy the warm weather. as sharon mentioned, should be a little warmer this weekend. folks already thinking about the weekend, kari. what exactly can they expect? >> yes, it's going to heat up into the 80s, but we are starting out nice and cool for your morning run in lafayette,
7:28 am
temperatures in the mid-40s to start but you can see our temperatures make it into the upper 60s today, some mid 80s by the end of the weekend and cooling off next week. cierra? >> we'll have another local news update for you in half an hour. have a good morning.
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okay, that's just showing off. you get all of this with x1. so go on, get really into your shows. you need a breath mint. xfinity. it's a way better way to watch. ♪ every little thing is gonna b all right ♪ at 7:30, let's exhale. it is friday, the 16th of april. how about a little myrtle beach. doesn't that look nice >> it does. >> we want to give you a moment of zen we realize there's heavy stuff going on in the news today, and why not look at a sunrise over myrtle beach, south carolina >> sun's coming up every morning. >> let's get a check of the 7:30 headlines. and in politics, the white house is cracking down on russia this morning, president biden announced the u.s. is expelling ten russian diplomats and ordering sanctions against dozens of other people and
7:31 am
companies. those sweeping measures aiming to hold the kremlin accountable for interference in last year's presidential election and for the hacking of federal government agencies. russia denounced the actions and warned of retaliation. search efforts continue off the coast of louisiana for 12 people missing from a capsized oil industry boat as families anxiously await news, divers knocked on the ship's hull yesterday, but received no response rescuers believe there is a chance that the missing might be caught inside the 129 foot vessel the ship flipped over in hurricane force winds on tuesday. and students from two florida school districts found a unique way to honor a beloved former leader. they collected more than 15,000 boxes of cereal and set them up like dominos then the students, as you hear here, cheered as the boxes fell one by one this event was called julio's
7:32 am
cereal challenge, who recently died from covid complications. he led the charge that served 3 million nutritious meals to students each year they certainly are remembering him. >> sweet tribute. also this morning, the trial of former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin is heading into its next chapter. >> yeah, testimony is now over the defense has rested his case. chauvin himself has waived his right to testify gabe gutierrez is in minneapolis for us once again. hi, gabe, good morning >> reporter: savannah, good morning, we're seeing a more visible presence of the national guard here in downtown minneapolis as the jury prepares to begin deliberations on monday now, this all comes after another day of high drama inside the courtroom. this morning after 14 days of testimony, the murder trial of derek chauvin is entering a new faze. >> the evidence is not complete for this case. >> reporter: the defense resting after chauvin's answered one of the trial's biggest questions, speaking unmasked for the first time in court.
7:33 am
>> i will invoke my fifth amendment privilege today. >> reporter: telling the judge without the jury in the room that he would not testify, avoiding the risk of cross examination. >> is this your decision not to testify? >> it is, your honor. >> reporter: chauvin's defense called seven witnesses over two days, trying to make the case that george floyd died from drugs and poor health, not the ex-cop's knee on his neck for more than nine minutes on thursday, prosecutors tried to introduce new evidence of blood tests that specifically measured the carbon monoxide in floyd's body the judge did not allow it, scolding prosecutors for waiting until the last minute. >> if he even hints that there are test results the jury has not heard about, it's going to be a mistrial, pure is and simple. >> reporter: instead, the prosecution called one rebuttal witness back to the stand, dr. michael tobin, the world renowned pulmonologist disagreed with a defense expert who testified exhaust from the police squad car could have been one of the contributing factors
7:34 am
in floyd's death. >> no, i believe it is not reliable >> reporter: closing arguments are now set for monday then the case will go to the jury, which will be sequestered. >> if i were you, i would plan for long and hope for short. >> reporter: with tighter security across downtown minneapolis, tension is mounting >> what are your emotions right now heading into next week >> honestly i'm very anxious this case is in the jury's hands. we'll just wait for their result basically. >> okay so gabe, the jury is set to be home today, but then the lawyers will be back in court. legal arguments, tell us about that. >> reporter: yeah, savannah, the prosecution, the defense, and the judge will be hammering out the exact wording for jury instructions if convicted of the most serious charge, second degree murder, chauvin faces up to 40 years in prison, savannah. >> all right, gabe gutierrez at the courthouse thank you very much. all right, up next, the important milestone that's about to be reached in the covid vaccination race
7:35 am
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we're back, 7:38, in depth today. when it comes to the coronavirus, substantial progress on the vaccine front. nearly 200 million shots in arms so far here in the u.s. >> but despite that progress, much of the country is in the grip of another covid surge. cases up 11% nationwide in the past two weeks. >> nbc's tom costello joins us with more, and tom, of course the big question is why? >> reporter: yeah, experts say it's really a combination of mask fatigue, people are simply tired of wearing the masks, more indoor dining and also we're seeing this phenomenon where the uk variant, a much more dominant strain now easily spreading across the country, it is causing real problems with younger people. the older generation by ask large, they've now already been vaccinated. across the country on this
7:40 am
friday, a spring wave of rising infections, while more than 3 million americans are being vaccinated every day, hospitals in several states are at or near capacity. hospitalizations reaching 47,000, the most since march 4th. in maine, new infections have shot up by 67%, just over the past two weeks while in michigan, front line health workers are warning the current surge could actually be worse than what they experienced last fall. >> and now they have experiencing and seeing younger people who are in our icu beds who are very, very sick, and some who are dying. >> the latest spike comes at a bad time amid a pause in the j&j vaccine rollout. as the fda and cdc look at a small number of patients who developed rare blood clots, the cdc also reports a very small number of so-called breakthrough cases, people who contracted covid despite getting
7:41 am
vaccinated. so far 5,800 known cases, most of them women, 40% involved people over the age of 60. 7% had to be hospitalized, 1%, 74 people died. ariel silva got covid six weeks after her second vaccine dose. >> were you surprised? what was your reaction when you got it despite having had the vaccine. >> reporter: i was very surprised. i thought being fully vaccinated i wouldn't get it. for two days i was in bed very sick, sleeping all day. i had to cancel all my work phone calls. it hit me hard for sure. >> reporter: even though the pfizer, moderna, and j&j vaccines offer strong protection, experts say no vaccine is 100% effective. now pfizer's ceo says covid protection probably doesn't last more than a year. all of us, therefore, will probably need booster shot. >> the likely scenario is there will be likely a need for a third dose somewhere between 6 and 12 months. >> reporter: yeah, what we don't
7:42 am
know yet is whether we will need booster shots from the same vaccine that we got originally. we'll figure that out over the coming months, i guess. guys, back to you. >> and tom, you mentioned the j&j pause, and we actually have some new poll numbers on how the public feels about that particular vaccine. what do you know? >> reporter: yeah, confidence in the j&j vaccine has kind of taken a hit after the cdc and the fda hit the pause button. here are the numbers right now. before that happened, 52% felt pretty good about the j&j vaccine. that's now down to 37% after the pause. and that's a real concern because they've not stopped the vaccine. they've simply hit the pause button to do more research on it, and they don't want to undermine public confidence in a vaccine that really has proven to be very effective with literally only six to seven cases of these blood clots out of 7 million people. >> yeah, all right, tom costello, thank you. let's get a check of the weather now from al. what you got? >> well, we're talk about a tale of two coasts basically from the northeast all the way to the
7:43 am
rockies. temperatures below average in boston, columbus, down in mobile, dodge city, 41 degrees. that's 28 degrees below average. look at fresno, 79, portland, almost 80 degrees, and then as we get into tomorrow from the pacific northwest all the way down into central california, we're talking temperatures -- >> hey. >> hey, hoda. >> anywhere we're looking at deb a little chillier. omaha the same thing, jackson, hartford as well. then as we get into early next week, temperatures basically kind of hang out and then warm up. by tuesday 73 in washington, new orleans will be 75, kansas city 64 on monday, and 80 degrees in medford, orego >> good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. as we take a look at our high temperatures today, we'll reach up to some more comfortable levels, especially for the
7:44 am
inland valleys. we'll see a high of 75 degrees in concord, but we're staying in the 50s in san francisco and half moon bay, so a cool coastline, while other inland areas will be heating up. this weekend we're looking at highs peaking on sunday reaching 86 degrees and it does cool down early next week, back into the 70s, while san francisco will reach up to 70. t weather, guys. >> hey >> all right, al, thank you. coming up, we are going to remember and celebrate selena on what would have been her 50th birthday >> why her musical influence l larger than ever among today's biggest stars as the singer finds a new generation of fans op netflix but first, these messages ♪ . ♪ unlike older medicines, ubrelvy is a pill that directly blocks cgrp protein, believed to be a cause of migraine. do not take with strong cyp3a4 inhibitors.
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get ready to feel good. welcome back. get ready to feel good welcome back, okay, when something special happens to a loved one, you just have to celebrate don't you? >> absolutely. one grandmother took things to another level during last night's wnba draft as she watched her granddaughter's dreams come true >> here we go. >> and grandma, grandma's got it gra grandma's got it oh, well, thank you so much. so much love to you and your family go grandma >> that's grandma belongs to
7:50 am
kayla who was drafted sixth by the new york liberty i mean, think about it she's probably followed her -- obviously she's been with her her entire life. >> that means when michaela plays here, we get to see her grandma. >> home team >> i love that i love that. >> grandma's got the moves >> we should say michaela later tweeted that's my grandma for you. i love her i should have gotten up and did a little jig with her. one saying now i can't decide whether i want to be michaela or michaela's grandma when i grow up. >> a lot more smiles ahead carson's going to join us for "pop start," and then get ready to laugh as i sit down -- we actually did this face-to-face, maya rudolph we didn't know what to do with each other i'm like, you're real. we can almost touch, but that's not allowed. but anyway, more on that, but first your local news. really? i'll check that out. oh yeah. i think i might get a quote.
7:51 am
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7:56 am
good morning. it's' 7 nlg 56. i'm cierra johnson. here's what's happening now. >> reporter: i'm bob redell. now that the state of california opened up the covid vaccine eligibility to everyone 16 and above, it appears that contra costa county might be the place to go. i just checked online with the health department, able to find appointment for the next few days in concord, richmond, san pablo, antioch, this is the scene yesterday in antioch at the antioch community center, which just opened yesterday where they administered 150 doses, it's our understanding they have the capacity of doing up to 500 doses a day, including some on a walk-in basis. good morning, everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. friday morning and wall street has started at a new record this
7:57 am
morning with the dow over 34,000 for the very first time and it's open and market are moving up. we got strong earnings reports coming out of banks and retail sales, lots of americans spending a lot of money at stores. and the workday is just getting start. some folks are already looking toward the weekend. meteorologist kari hall is here to explain what they can expect when they venture out. >> yes, i think you'll want to make some plans to get outside especially today with the more comfortable weather with some of our inland areas in antioch as well as morgan hill reaching the mid-70s but then the weekend we'll see livermore as well as santa rosa reaching into the mid 80s. next week it does cool off. we won't see the warm temperatures lasting very long. we are back to spring, going into next tuesday, wednesday and thursday. cierra? >> sounds good. we'll have another local news update for you in about a half hour. have a good morning.
7:58 am
7:59 am
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so go with three and leave those old policies in the dust. sawdust. technically. don't interrupt the spokesperson. this commercial is now over. logo. three. no nonsense. just common sense. it's 8:00 on "today." konchts coming up, breaking overnight, at least eight people are dead, many others injured after a gunman opens fire at a fedex facility in indianapolis. >> we're working the scene. we're still processing the scene. >> the attack, the latest in a string of mass shootings nationwide. >> we're going through a pandemic, and this is what's happening right now, shootings. >> we're live with the latest. final preparations. the royal family comes together to honor prince philip.
8:01 am
we'll hear from the queen's former press secretary in an exclusive live interview. plus, remembering selena. the life and legacy of the latin pop star on what would have been her 50th birthday. >> i think of her as a role model. >> she was the queen of tejano music. >> just ahead, how selena's music is inspiring a new generation. and major milestones. we'll catch up with the always funny maya rudolph. yes, in person. i don't know how to act. >> i know. i know. >> we'll talk about her emmy win, her starring role in a new animated comedy, and what she thinks about a "bridesmaids 2." >> well, i'm sure you've been asked this a thousand times. everybody wants another one. >> i know. then we'll celebrate an important anniversary around here with willie geist, as his sunday shoturns 5. today, friday, april 16th, 2021. ♪♪ >> hi, we're the williams family from philadelphia.
8:02 am
>> and we're turning 13! >> happy birthday, twins! >> hi, we wanted to give a shoutout to the students and teachers. >> at west town! >> we're watching the "today" show with my mom. >> now i do too. >> and it's ellie's first birthday! >> i love a good old "today" show tradition like that. hi, everybody, good morning. welcome back to friday. we're glad you're with us. sheinelle's in for craig this week. love having you here early. >> we sure do. >> we have a big week coming up. >> this is a biggie. a big special event next week on "today," former president george w. bush, he will be joining us right here in studio 1a. this will be his first live tv interview in three years, and while he's here, he's going to help us host u.s. citizenship candidates as they become u.s. citizens. it will be a live ceremony on the plaza.
8:03 am
a lot of them front line heroes of the pandemic. >> that will be a powerful moment. >> it will. headlines here at 8:00 on a friday morning. we're going to have to start with that breaking news, a mass shooting overnight. it happened at a sprawling fedex facility in indianapolis. nbc's stephanie gosk joins us, she's been following it for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. the deputy police chief just telling the press after a press conference that they don't know much about this shooter. they had yet to identify him. what they do know at this point is it appears as if he arrived a little after 11:00 at night, got out of his car and started shooting right away in the parking lot, but they still can't answer the question of whether or not he was an employee there. they've been interviewing employees all night long and gathering evidence. it remains an active crime scene. they say they are also getting help today from the fbi. now, employees who have witnessed it, have told their stories. they say at one point they looked up, saw a man with a rifle, took cover because then
8:04 am
he opened fire. >> we received a call referenced shots fired to that location. >> reporter: overnight, terror and chaos after a shooter opened fire at a fedex facility in indianapolis killing eight people late thursday. police say the suspected shooter later died by a self-inflicted wound. an eyewitness fedex employee levi miller described the scene this morning on "today." >> walk us through what you saw, what you witnessed last night. >> i hear three shots after that, and i assumed someone had an engine problem. this is when i hear six shots fired rapidly, and then i hear ten shots. this is when i stand up and i'm sitting on a bench, and when i stand up, i see a man, a hooded figure. i was unable to see his face in detail. however, the man did have an ar in his hand, and he started shouting and then he started firing at random directions.
8:05 am
i thought he saw me and so i immediately ducked for cover. but what i do know is that it was someone who definitely worked at this building before. >> reporter: deputy police chief craig mccartt also spoke with "today." >> chief, the way we understand it is the shooting started out in the parking lot, and then he went inside. how far into the facility did he get? >> it's my understanding that the security measures that they had in place inside the physical security measures that they had in place did what they were supposed to do, and he did not get very far inside of that facility. >> reporter: authorities say multiple other people with injuries were transported to local hospitals. the facility is the company's second largest hub in the world employing more than 4,500 people. fedex releasing a statement overnight reading in part, we are aware of the tragic shooting at our fedex ground facility near the indianapolis airport. safety is our top priority, and our thoughts are with all those who are affected. this morning, another american workplace shattered by gun violence as police search for answers.
8:06 am
>> this is a tragedy, but yet, through it all, we will come through it. >> reporter: the mayor of indianapolis is calling this a devastating blow and asking people to guard against resignation and despair. savannah, back to you. >> stephanie, thank you very much for the latest. now to minnesota, former police officer kim potter had her first court appearance yesterday charged with second degree manslaughter in the shooting of daunte wright, and overnight, protesters once a took to the streets to express their outrage. nbc's morgan chesky joins us from brooklyn center. morgan, good morning. >> reporter: hey, sheinelle, good morning to you, and potter had very little to say in this first short meeting with a judge, but for the hundreds of protesters who converged on this street right in front of the brooklyn center police department, there was plenty to say. calls for change and cries for justice five days after the death of daunte wright
8:07 am
overnight, an all too familiar frustration. >> say it louder daunte wright! >> crowds of protesters packing streets in brooklyn center. >> daunte wright >> reporter: the city on edge following the death of 20-year-old daunte wright killed at the hands of ex-officer kim potter the 48-year-old appeared in court for the first time thursday charged with second degree manslaughter and now facing up to ten years in prison wright's own family watching the hearing over zoom in pain. >> to see her sitting there and knowing that we're going to the funeral home in a little bit to go see my son for the first time >> reporter: this chilling body camera video released monday shows wright's final moments during a deadly traffic stop potter shouting taser three times before firing her gun instead. >> i just shot him. >> reporter: her former police chief tim gannon calling it an an accident. potter and gannon resigned the prosecution said potder
8:08 am
failed to protect the public when she used her firearm instead of her taser resulting in wright's unlawful killing. >> this is a taser, but no, my nephew was killed with this, a glock. >> reporter: for wright's grieving parents, justice starts with accountability. >> what i hope comes out of this i'm not going to get, and that's my son back. accountability is what we're demanding and that's what we're hoping for >> reporter: and this morning, potter's attorney is still declining to comment on the case at this time we do know she has the next scheduled court appearance scheduled for may 17th meanwhile, the funeral for daunte wright set for next thursday in minneapolis. sheinelle. >> all right, morgan, thank you. all right. it is eight minutes after the hour we've got the news covered how about a little morning boost. >> we need one. >> there's nothing a toddler loves better than copying what the big kids are doing watch this little guy, he's taking it all in and then he's
8:09 am
going to show what he can do ♪ >> all right, so he's got a serious expression he studies the older boy's dance moves, and then it's his turn. he's going to show off what he does best. >> okay. >> and go. down dog down dog splits. >> yeah, clap for yourself >> you know you did good when you clap for yourself. you know what? we should all do that a little bit more often real cute. you're right, it is a version of his down dog. >> he's doing yoga >> he was studying, okay, what am i going to do >> what do i have -- >> watch this. >> that was cute up next, keir simmons live at windson castle with new details on tomorrow's royal tribute to remember prince ph philip. >> and then the queen's former press secretary is live with us,
8:10 am
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8:12 am
♪ love like yours will surely come my way ♪ we're back, 8:12 the world continuing to remember and honor the life of britain's prince philip. >> his funeral services will be held tomorrow, and the palace is offering new details on what we can expect. >> the service will balance royal tradition to honor and celebrate his life, but also of course having to adjust to strict covid guidelines as well. in a moment, we're going to get some perspective in an exclusive live interview with the queen's former press secretary. >> first today senior international correspondent keir simmons joins us from windsor castle, and that is where the service will be held hey, keir, good morning. >> reporter: hoda, savannah, good morning to you.
8:13 am
behind me st. george's chapel where the funeral will take place. the front pages of today's newspaper is focused on the fact that harry and william will be apart for the funeral. another one saying the queen will pause by prince philip's coffin for one last look of love in just over 24 hours, prince philip will be laid to rest in st. george's chapel, a day your family good-byes, military honors and history the funeral will begin at 11:00 a.m., 6:00 a.m. eastern, when the coffin will be brought from the private chapel at windsor castle to the state entrance at 2:40 here, 9:40 eastern, it will be placed in a modified land rover that prince philip himself created. he had a passion for design. >> yes, it's easy enough to do a functional design, but you've got to add something to it. >> reporter: at 2:45, 9:45 eastern, the hearse will proceed through a route lined by military personnel to arrive eight minutes later at the west steps of st. george's chapel
8:14 am
where the royal marines will lift the coffin and carry it inside the funeral will take place at 3:00 p.m., 10:00 a.m. eastern, following a national minute of silence. buckingham palace has revealed the 30 person guest list and the formation of those walking behind the hearse, his children, princess ann and prince charles will be followed by prince edward and prince andrew coming after will be his grandchildren, prince william as and prince harry, though they will be separated by their cousin, peter phillips the two famously walked with their grandfather at princess diana's funeral. it is the first time william nd harry would have been seen together since the ex bentley behind the procession and in perhaps the most poignant moment of the day, during the ceremony she will sit alone. the queen will be alone because of coronavirus restrictions of
8:15 am
course all of the guests including members of the royal family will wear masks this morning, guys, the archbishop of canter urge people to have compassion for the queen, saying she will have courage and dignity. remember, she is saying good-bye to her husband of 73 years >> keir, thank you. there are royal watchers and then there are royal insiders, people who were there and who have served the palace and one of them is with us now elsa anderson who served as the queen's press secretary for three years and started her work with the royal household 20 years ago. good morning to you. it's good to have you here with us. >> thank you so much for asking me i really appreciate it. >> you know, we now know a little bit more about what the service will be like tomorrow. you have such an interesting perspective. you knew the duke. you know the queen what do you think he would have thought of all of these memorials towards him? >> i think he would have wondered what all the fuss is about.
8:16 am
i mean, at the heart he was an extraordinarily modest person. he didn't want to put himself first. it was all about the institution. it was all about the queen so i think what he would be doing now will be looking down from heaven and thinking, actually, rather than the 800 people who should be here, it's only 30, so i've got the last laugh. >> yeah, he ended up winning elsa, it's interesting because you did, of course, work there, and we talked about how prince philip had this extraordinary way of making you feel like you were the only person in the room and that's such a gift and you actually felt that yourself, you were describing at a luncheon you had? >> we did. if you can go to a reception at buckingham palace, when there's always a corner where people are laughing, you know that would be the corner where prince philip was. i mean, he was -- he's like a light house beacon if he spoke to you, you would think you were the only person in the room. you were the most special person he had extraordinary charm,
8:17 am
extraordinary kindness he was one of a kind he was the queen's prince charming, but i think he was prince charming to all of us >> and we were reading that he would sometimes when he'd be out and about on some of these royal duties, he'd pop into the local pub and have a pint and a sandwich >> i've often heard that on the way back from official engagements, if he felt like it, he and his protection officer would nip into a pub and the landlord would look once and look twice and then double take again and then not know what to do >> you know what's so sweet, you know he loves children, he loves his grandchildren, but i thought what was kind of cool is you see him sometimes at some of these official duties and there are barricades all around and little kids on the other side of thos barricades and he made sure that personal look. >> absolutely. more often than i can tell you he would walk across to the barrier and lift up children with flowers over the barrier
8:18 am
and take them over to the queen. and it was just -- he just had an extraordinary affinity with young people, with children, with everybody, but it was such a special thing to see, and you know, more often than not, these kids wouldn't meet the queen if he hadn't been there to facilitate them. again, it was all about -- it was never about him. it was always about other people. >> elsa, it's so nice to hear this perspective from somebody who really knew him, and thank you for helping us remember this morning, and i know you'll be with us tomorrow hoda and i are going to anchor special coverage of prince philip's funeral service tomorrow morning we'll get started at 9:30 eastern time, 6:30 pacific right here on nbc. time now for another check of the weather, mr. roker, what you got? >> hey, guys, good morning let's look at what's happening across the country some snow in the northeast, heavy rain developing down through the gulf more snow in the rockies sunshine from l.a. up to seattle. and as far as temperatures are concerned, it is chilly throughout much of the country,
8:19 am
the exception being southern florida, texas, on into the southwest and even into the pacific northwest where this weekend they'll see some records. as far as today's weather is concerned, rocky snow, generally sunshine along the west coast, strong storms developing down through the gulf and we're looking at a lot of snow and rain up into northern new england and a few showers across good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. live look out there in dublin, where we're starting out with sunshine and nice, cool temperatures. still only 46 but it's going to heat up fast with a mostly sunny sky. we will reach into the upper 60s and low 70s. as we go through the weekend, we will see our temperatures heating up with the inlaund valleys reaching 86. spots like gilroy and santa rosa reaching into the 80s but cooling down next week. >> and that is your latest weather. best time of the morning.
8:20 am
>> what time is it, al >> it's "pop start" time. >> hey, carson. >> let's do it bring it on, everybody happy friday, welcome to your "pop start." graphics department up this morning. we've got a lot to get to. let's kick it off with selena, the latin pop star who topped charts in the '80s and '90s. fans are celebrating her life and songs. nbc's morgan radford joins us with more. good morning. >> that's right, guys, good morning. she was the original, original the ultimate crossover artist who broke barriers, shattered records and became the inspiration of so many stars that you know and love today and even now, 26 years after her death, her legacy is larger than ever inspiring an entirely new generation ♪ >> you've heard her music, seen her story. >> selena! >> and felt the love from her fans. >> i love you. >> reporter: selena, the queen of tejano, the ultimate and
8:21 am
original spanish language crossover artist >> selena means everything to us ♪ >> reporter: now, on what would have been her 50th birthday, her reach is farther than ever ♪ >> reporter: with more than 213 million streams on spotify this year alone and college courses taught on her legacy, and entire fan groups who celebrate her life. >> why do you guys look up to selena >> i think of her as a role model. >> she was the queen of tejano music. >> an inspiration for all of us, especially for the latino community. >> since we were little, we always listened to her music. >> reporter: a texas girl born to humble beginnings, selena rose to stardom learning spanish and sharing her mexican-american heritage with millions of fans, landing the number one certified latin album in all of u.s. music history. a meteoric rise, tragically cut short when she was fatally shot
8:22 am
by the former president of her fan club in 1995, just days before her 24th birthday ♪ >> but now she's reaching a new generation ♪ >> reporter: through the hit netflix series the director says her story resonates now more than ever >> we're talking about someone who beyonce counted as an inspiration, key key musgraves, car cardi b. everyone who's an icon in american pop culture today, often claims selena as an icon. >> inspiring a generation. >> okay, it's not impossible, and i can do it. >> and selena taught you that? >> the impossible is possible. today's celebrations continue. in fact, a texas state legislator has filed a bill to officially designate today, april 16th, as selena day. and also for all you fans, the new season of "selena" the on may 4th.
8:23 am
back to you, carson. >> morgan, thanks for that i'm glad we're shining a light on the late, great, selena. coming up next here on "pop start," gwen stefani it's been 25 years since the debut of no doubt's track "don't speak. that was the top song aft band's third album tragic kingdom reaching number one on the chart in 1996. yesterday gwen hopped on tiktok to show not much has changed as she can still pull off the old grunge look. >> here i am ♪ don't speak." look at that just for a little bit of blake >> gwen giving the iconic outfit a little bit of a blake shelton upgrade with white cowboy boots. big congratulations to gwen on the anniversary. up next, let's keep the punk vibes going with pete davidson the snl star just landed his
8:24 am
next movie role playing joey ramon, in the bio pic called i slept with joey ramone it also marked the 20th anniversary of the singer's passing. this film's going to be based off a memoir of the same name that was written by ramone's younger brother. it takes a look at the effects of, as you can imagine being one of the punk rock's most legendary bands, what that effect was on him and his family davidson attached to executive pr produced and co-write the film i can't wait to see that. next up, we've got the results of a new poll that named the most disappointing tv finales of all time, guys. let's go through it. on, they surveyed over 1,500 people, and they found that the vast majority of voters chose "lost" as tv's biggest letdown. the sci-fi drama about that
8:25 am
group of plane crash survivors that was a mega hit in 2004. the show famously confused and upset fans with the finale that had everybody asking, spoiler here, have they been dead the whole time coming in second is shocking to me, but "game of thrones." hbo's controversial finale raised a lot -- you can debate that all day taking 17% of the vote is the sitcom "how i met your mother. the show was a big hit for nine seasons only to disappoint fans who had been waiting for years to find out how ted mosby's love life would end up. never did. other dishonorable mentions go to dexter, sherlock and prison break. and finally, padma, we sat down with padma, the top chef host for the digital series 6 minute marathon, and when asked about the strangest gift she'd ever received, she had a pretty surprising answer.
8:26 am
>> gave me a -- >> i'm sorry, did you say a tooth? >> okay. there's so many follow-up questions. we may have to spend the whole six minutes on this. >> it was just this guy. he was odd. >> you can watch their full interview, and get all the good morning. 8:26. i'm marcus washington. it's getting easier to book your stay in one of california's state parks. according to sf gate, starting this week the state is sharing its reservation data with hip camp, a san francisco-based app and website that allows campers to see booking and cancellations in realtime. if you're looking for weekend plans, all national parks are free tomorrow to celebrate the first day of national park week. speaking of national park week, how about getting out and enjoying the park. weather will be nice for us,
8:27 am
right, kari? >> absolutely. especially for some of our coastal parks, where temperatures will be cooler as we heat up towards the inland areas this weekend. look at today's highs, not bad at all, with san jose reaching 71. also 71 in martinez and low 70s from the south county to parts of napa county. as we go into the weekend, we will see some of the spots inland reaching into the 80s. by the weekend, we will warm up and cool down next week. >> thanks, kari. i'll have another news update in 30 minutes.
8:28 am
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most common side effects are headache, nausea,... diarrhea, trouble sleeping, tiredness, and anxiety. so much goes... into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato—i did. come on, look at this. 8:30 what a bunch of beauties these are our smiling faces. they are on our virtual plaza. that's a special crowd that's not any old crowd, is it? >> philly folks. i think i know everybody i'm over here trying to look and see if i know anybody. >> neighbors >> the city is quite large
8:31 am
anyway, they're all from the philly area, as we wrap up the week from the first stop in our "reopening america" series we are looking forward to chatting with them in a bit. >> good. speaking of chatting, i was happy to chat with maya rudolph. she is everywhere these days, from netflix to "snl." look at this, here we are in person, face-to-face interview not over a computer e plus, we're going to celebrate a milestone with our pal willie geist from playing ball with shaq, ate with anthony bourdain, fishing with letterman, he dished with ie na garten anyway, five years, willie built that show from the ground up we'll talk to them about that coming up. >> trailblazers. coming up in the third hour, we have olympic gold medal winner aly raisman what she has been working on, and how it feels to not be training for the olympics. >> cute puppy, too earth week we're coming up with earth day next week.
8:32 am
we're planning a lot of special events, including the return of "take a walk today." vicky nguyen will show what happens to the boxes once your packages are delivered and unpacked that's right, you don't think about that and bill nye the science guy will be joining us, as well. all that and more coming up next week to celebrate earth day. >> cool. we're in the mood to celebrate. we have a big one. not today, but tomorrow is hoda's mom's birthday. >> we love you. >> look at her with her grandkids. >> zoom party. it'll be fun happy birthday, mom. let's get a check of the weather, al. >> send her a baklava with the candles. >> yeah. >> anyway, let's show you the weekend. for tomorrow, strong storms down to the southeast warm out west. cool in texas. some snow left over in the rockies. on sunday, sunday, we've got plenty of sunshine from new england to the mid-atlantic, the gulf coast we're looking at sunshine through the ohio and mississippi
8:33 am
river valleys. out west, the heat started to build all the way into the pacific northwest. that's what's going on aroun neck of the woods. >> that is your latest weather looking forward to this. maya rudolph, darling maya, on everything from "snl" to a "bridesmaids" sequel >> what? >> listen, if they want to do it, they know i'm -- i mean, i told you, anybody that knows me
8:34 am
well, i'm like, "i'll be there." rd part about this, okay the she has an interesting idea about how it could go. we have a good catch-up. we have a good catch-up. we led it because we got tovo mom needs help but,
8:35 am
she doesn't want to move. we're mostly concerned about her safety. she's already had a couple of falls. we had this joke, 'oh, that's a senior moment, right? but it wasn't. i'm driving her to the doctor, physical therapy... making sure that she's eating and staying hydrated. home care with an entire support team. mom could stay in her house, as long as she wants. that would be the perfect solution. she could live independently, and do her own thing. but with support, and transportation. i can focus more on my family too and be secure in knowing that she's happily looked after. he could keep doing his vegetable garden, and get really good, specialized care. and i could just be her daughter again.
8:36 am
he funniest ladies we know maya rudolph. >> she has a new animated comedy coming out, and i can't believe you got to sit down with her not the way we've been sitting down with people on zoom. >> i know tvgs so, it was so funny because we saw each other and we really didn't know how to act. it was one of my first in-person interviews since the pandemic. we met up in new york, had a socially distant chat about her netflix project, epic return to "snl" as host, and what she learned about quarantining with her family maya, this might be my first in-person interview in more than a year. >> it is definitely mine. >> i don't know how to act >> i know. i know >> reporter: one thing that hasn't changed is maya rudolph's
8:37 am
ability to make us laugh >> that's the law. mom law. i'm the sheriff. >> reporter: in her latest role for netflix animated comedy "the mitchells versus the machine," she does just that as the voice of a mom that saves the world from a technological revolution along with her dysfunctional but loving family. >> the poseys are on vacation right now, and look how happy they are >> it is a nice, messy, sweet, loving family, in the middle of saving the world >> machines taking over. >> sure. >> which could happen. your roombaa could come alive and get you. >> i would not be surprised if i woke up in the middle of the night, and it was juster staring at me. >> reporter: maya rudolph knows about managing family mayhem, especially after the past year did you enjoy the time at home, your partner, your four kids, everybody's under the same roof. >> and three dogs. i genuinely am still enjoying r:he also joined the
8:38 am
quarantine bread train >> i did make sourdough bread. >> reporter: is that a new skill? >> yes. >> reporter: it feels like one of the harder breads you could have tried. >> it is exhausting, really hard. >> reporter: something else she picked up, a couple emmys, including one for her guest appearance on "snl" playing vice president kamala harris >> that's right. the senator from california is present. i watched a lot of people at the show playing the president or the vice president, and all the political characters there really wasn't anybody that resembled me i wasn't really part of that, but it is such a legacy. such a rite of passage, particularly at that show, as well >> reporter: what does it take to nail kamala >> it's the wig. it is a great blazer then i started to get, you know, maybe just a little bit of, like the way she talks in the back of her throat but what i noticed about her, she's so smiley. >> reporter: after leaving the
8:39 am
"snl" cast in 2007, rudolph recently returned, reprising some of her beloved and famous roles. >> i feel you. i still can't tell if this is beneath me >> reporter: how good did it feel to step into beyonce's wig one more time? >> it felt so good i always liken playing her to when a little girl dresses up as their favorite princess. >> reporter: it's like a crown waiting for your to put back on your head. >> it was a dream come true. >> reporter: beyond "snl," her part in the 2011 comedy bridesmaids" may be the most recognizable celebrating the tenth year. >> why can't you be happy for me, then go home and talk behind my back later like a normal person >> reporter: would you have guessed what a cultural moment that movie would be? >> no. we were having so much fun when we made it, and we knew it was funny, but we were enjoying it we weren't planning for a blockbuster takeover thing
8:40 am
the fact it's been ten years is crazy. >> reporter: i'm sure you've been asked this a thousand times. everybody wants another one. >> i know. >> reporter: i think the director says no. >> i know. listen, if they want to do it, they know i'm -- i mean, i told you, anybody that knows me well, they want me, i'm like, "i'll be there. it'd be funny if we did it when we were all super old. >> reporter: i'm here for that. >> i would revisit that. that would be called "da old folks home." i still have a bounce in my step give it a good 40 more years >> we don't want to wait 40 years. maya is the best she's a cool chick >> yeah. you want to be friends with her after watching that. >> i do. i do want to be friends with her. >> will you be my friend >> she's so cool the new animated show, "the mitchells versus machines" streams on netflix april 30th. also, we had a fun venue, the arlo soho hotel hosted our conversation
8:41 am
our streaming channel. there it is, today all day go to at 2:00 and again at 9:00 eastern time, you can get the whole chat. >> i love that >> learn more about the sourdough bread, quarantining, all the things. >> looking forward to it. coming up next, "sunday today's" willie geist. >> sweet willie geist. >> he is going to help us celebrate a milestone for the show we're going to celebrate willie, we're going to celebrate willie, yotou buckle up, start the ca, put it in gear and take off. next thing you know, the phone is in your hand. stop! you should be holding the wheel, not holding the phone. it's a busy world out there, and we're all in it together. go safely, california.
8:42 am
8:43 am
you buckle up, start the car, put it in gear and take off. next thing you know, the phone is in your hand. stop! you should be holding the wheel, not holding the phone. it's a busy world out there, and we're all in it together. go safely, california. welcome back almost exactly five years ago at this very moment, our dear friend willie geist launched his "sunday today" program. >> in five years since that very first show, he's eaten tacos with anthony bourdain, sat down with everyone from george w. bush to ice cube. >> he even landed one of the last interviews with the amazing chadwick boseman here's a look back >> mind if i take you to lunch
8:44 am
>> let's do it >> we're making a film, it's called "willie and al. go see it. >> tell me more about the beard. >> you tell me about your toupee >> are you a little nervous? no nerves? perfectly calm >> you make me calm. you have this zen. >> i'm an academy-award winning actor that can do that to people. >> how do you describe yourself? >> i call myself an entertainer. >> my dad sat me down and said, i don't want you to have a what if in your life. give if a shot for a year and a half if you're awful, you can always go back to school. i was like, thanks for the confidence, dad. >> this is awkward you're not awkward, i'm awkward. you're gorgeous. wait, what that was her. >> i've met the queen. we share a sparkle, you know neither have mentioned it, but we both know it's there sort of thing. >> move to the anchorman. >> i'm eating tongue with
8:45 am
anthony bourdain >> a truck driver pulled over, hey, babe, love your show. >> you never ate i said, when do i have time? >> was there a moment when you said, maybe acting is over >> i thought that. i absolutely thought that many a times. >> i think there is a thirst for these images there is a thirst for a black superhero. >> every actor practices the oscar speech in the mirror. >> is that true? they deny it. >> i did i did. >> there is no one who looked like me. i was representing a larger group of women, and i have to be really careful about it because it's a huge responsibility >> a drink on your sunday morning show. >> my wife appreciates your ability to have fun. >> i'm sorry i'll teach ya a move or two backstage. >> you're a repeat guest, by the way. >> i have time for you any time. you know what i mean >> cheers. >> so good i want more. >> wow. >> love how close you were to everybody. >> we were just saying that. isn't it strange to be
8:46 am
face-to-face with a guest now, when we were so far apart here >> you get great interviews. the truth is, everyone wants to sit down with you. everyone loves you because you're such a wonderful human being. i mean, this was your baby >> yup. >> you really conceptualized this show. you had a rvision can you believe it five years ago >> i remember the day five years ago when i saw the logo. it is behind you now, "sunday today," and my name was on it. that really, boom, okay, there it is. sure, there were some nerves because you're trying something different. i think this is the first show right here i was confident that we were going to do something that, hopefully, would work. >> it's hard to build something, willie, from nothing it is hard to get guests to come on because you have stiff competition on sundays, obviously. >> yeah. >> somehow, you got letterman. i don't know how did it -- when was the moment that things click you guys know how it works if you get enough people to trust you for a while, then the other people start to see their friends on the show, and a big
8:47 am
breakthrough with us was when bill murray was on the show. that was two years in. the idea that bill murray would take an hour of his day and sit down with us led to david letterman, and jerry seinfeld. >> how did the bill murray thing happen >> i don't know if people realize, he doesn't have an agent or publicist you call a 1-800 number. >> no. >> yes you leave a message on an answering machine. al knows this. if he's interested, he'll call you back. >> no way. >> he didn't call us back, but he came in to do a live interview with you guys. he was in the green room he shouted to our bookers, i want to do that willie geist show let's do it after this they said, we have to -- we didn't have time to turn it that quickly. he said, all right have him come to the hotel 10:00 tomorrow morning >> oh, my goodness we went to the roof of his hotel. there is a bar there 10:00 in the morning, the elevator doors open, there is bill murray, hair messed up, golf zip-up, pants, talked about "caddyshack" and "ghost busters. >> wow, crazy. >> you have so many stories with
8:48 am
these phenomenal people. >> yeah, i just feel lucky i mean, honestly, hoe dada and i were talking about this the other day, when you find yourself seated in a drop-top convertible in beverly hills driving al pacino around, you wonder what blessings you have and what happened in your life to put you in that car >> besides the celebrities, you include lives well lived tell us about that to me, that is the heart of the show. >> i have to give credit the inspiration was a "new york times" obit page this sounds strange, but i enjoy reading the stories of these lives of people who you didn't know you don't know their names or faces, but my gosh, the things people have done and the things we took a little inspiration from that and try to shine a light on people, like a couple weeks ago, a woman named elizabeth duff, the first woman ever to be a bus driver in the city of nashville in the early '70s an african-american woman who, in her own, quiet way, was a part of the civil rights movement in nashville. then for this last year,
8:49 am
unfortunately, it's been a way for us to shine a light on people who have been lost to covid-19 people who are pastors or teachers or doctors or nurses that we can really put the light on the people who are the heros. >> truly excellent production. no one does it alone you have a wonderful executive producer, matt, and wonderful producers and technical true that give it that special look. >> it is a lot of work it is a lot of work to craft that one hour. we have a small team but, man, they are awesome. >> you know how you know you're big? your mugs are big. >> exactly. >> we compare the size of this mug to ours, it's like an espresso cup. >> we don't like ours anymore. >> we want bigger mugs. >> that's our gimmick. you can get two cups of coffee in your cup of coffee. >> love it. >> congratulations. >> cheers. >> love you all. thank you. >> cheers to you >> that's not water. you can watch this sunday, they'll do a special fifth anniversary edition of "sunday today" with willie geist pour a big mug of something, and enjoy. >> congratulations, willie
8:50 am
what do we get you on the fifth anniversary? >> >> wood anniversary. please don't get me any wood. >> wooden bowl >> it's the wood that makes it good. >> there you go. for more unforgettable moments, a "sunday today" marathon will be streaming throughout the weekend on today all day and on spotify. willie, i hear you put together a special playlist featuring one song from the -- each of the 40 musical guests who joined him on sunday. >> everybody gets a song mix it up. there's your weekend. >> love it. coming up next, we have a fun surprise for some folks in philly they've been hanging out on our virtual plaza.
8:51 am
this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm
8:52 am
to help keep our state golden. we're back with a special my today plaza. all week for the launch of our "reopening of america" series, we've been featuring stories from philly. guess what this morning, every family on our virtual crowd, they're all from philly. good morning >> good morning. >> hello >> morningd to be with ya. let's look at those cute faces
8:53 am
i want to find the smith family. we have kim there. kim, as i understand it, you've been following our very own philly girl, ms. sheinelle jones for some time. this is the first time you've gotten to say hi kim, meet sheinelle. sheinelle, meet kim. >> i want to come through the screen and give you a hug. god bless you. >> can i tell you guys something? we have something special for all of you every single one of you on my today plaza, can we see your faces? we brought a special guest in to help take a look at this, guys. let's see, do we have him? take a look. there he is. you guys see wla what he's holding? you see what he's holding? those are tickets to a game, and he has one for each and every one of you beautiful folks congratulations. you're going to the game. >> yay >> party on. where are mary-anna and jeff
8:54 am
can you wave to us so we can see you? you're going to the game, nicole you're going to the game, too. >> yay. >> where is ausha and j.j. and company? you're going how about the frye family? get ready to yell for the phillies >> my heart is pumping that's a big deal. people love going to these games. congratulations, guys. >> pretty cool we want to thank everyone for being with us. of course, we want to have a big thank you to our philadelphia station nbc 10 for teaming up with us and helping fill out the big board. thank you, guys. >> love you guys. >> nbc 10 viewers. >> sheinelle, has to be fun to see your philly folks. is it great? >> look at their smiles. that's why it is the city of brotherly love, a lot of love. >> the love is mutual. happy to shine a light we're going to keep it going, "reopening america," highlighting cities. we'll be back with more on this friday morning and on our third and fourth hours hope you have a great weekend, everybody. >> have a great weekend. >> see you tomorrow morning, special coverage starts at 9:30
8:55 am
a.m. >> bye, everybody.
8:56 am
good morning. 8:56. i'm marcus washington. with so many people in the bay area looking for vaccination appointments, location has become the key factor in nailing down that slot. yesterday's expansion
8:57 am
eligibility to everyone 16 and over created new problems, compounded with the halt of the johnson & johnson vaccine. the antioch community center yesterday said they have a lot of spare shots to go around andy area counties, all nine of them, looking for various appointments. bob vardell will have the latest midday, including tips on locking in that slot. and warmer weather is helping to set up for a great weekend around the bay area. ahead in the midday newscast, a look at the plan taking shape in san francisco. meanwhile, sadly, indianapolis is the state of america's latest mass shooting. eight people are dead. the gunman taking his own life. authorities say this morning they're providing new details on what happened. you can actually head over to our twitter feed for the latest updates.
8:58 am
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. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the third hour of "today." >> welcome to the third hour of "today," friday, april 16th. i'm al along with dylan, craig is off and ahe likes to fri-yay. >> he left us about the story of two dads changing lives in their hometown beginning with a simple gesture. free haircuts. wait until you see what they're doing now. >> and a little bit later we're
9:01 am
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