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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 16, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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own life. this morning another city? the nation in mourning and asking why. coming up the latest on the victims and the massive investigation that's unfolding. back home in the bay area for many it's another day of hunting for those coveted vaccine appointments. lots of places this morning booking solid. we're helping you find the shots all hour as the likelihood grows for a booster shot in the near future. plus a warm spring weekend is ahead and in san francisco another reason to celebrate with easing restrictions, expected to bring folks out and all good news for the bottom line. we'll have a live report on the bay area's new signs of normalcy. the third hour of "today in the bay" continues right now. good friday morning. i'm cierra johnson in for laura garcia. >> aim emarcus washington. a check of your forecast and commute in eight minutes. first breaking news out of indianapolis and a live look at the scene of america's latest mass shooting.
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you can see from a distance that facility, that investigation is still going on. what happened last night inside the fedex facility. right now that city still in mourning this morning. here's what we know so far. at least eight people died before police say the gunman turned the gun on himself. another six people are injured, four of them now in the hospital. president biden has already been briefed on that the shooing. back home our top story with appointments seemingly booked solid the hunt continues for vaccine appointments. just like yesterday morning we're back at it again helping you find those open slots. coming up in about 30 minutes our bob redell is live with tips on where you can get a shot today in the bay area. in the meantime, the vaccination reopenings are expanding and as we head into this warm weekend, lots of things changing in the city for starters, no 11:00 p.m.
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curfews for restaurants and for the first time in a long time, people can now enjoy live indoor events. "today in the bay's" sharon katsuda is live in the city by the bay and sharon, this is good news, at least in terms of jobs. >> reporter: yes you can go to the live events indoors if you show proof that you've been fully vaccinated. now you can also show proof of a recent negative covid test. "the chronicle" says new reopening guidelines include life events can operate indoors with 100% capacity and the vaccinated participants area, outdoor events can operate at 50% if participants show proof of full covid vaccination or negative covid test. indoor dining can stay open past 11:00 p.m., but maximum six people per table. hotels may host private gatherings, receptions and meetings with capacity limitations. indoor conventions can be held with up to 150 people, with social distancing and masks.
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looks like all these reopenings are affecting the unemployment rate. california reports 69,000 new unemployment claims for the week of april 10th, compared to more than 600,000 at this time last year. yesterday the california legislature passed a bill requiring some businesses such as hotels and convention centers to rehire employees who were laid off during the pandemic. governor newsom has not said whether he will sign the bill but he vetoed a similar one last year, saying it was overbroad. now here in san francisco, if you want to host your own gathering outdoors, you can do that, but limited up to 50 people if they don't eat, but if they are eating, they have to limit it to 25 people socially distanced. reporting live in san francisco, i'm sharon katsuda "today in the bay." >> thank you. with statewide vaccine eligibility expansion we're looking at the vaccination progress. more than 5.5 million bay area residents received at least one
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dose compared with 126 million americans overall or 20% of the population. new covid cases still popping up. "the washington post" says 38 states are now seeing more hospitalizations. california not believed to be among them. the current u.s. hospitalizations are above 47,000, the most in more than a month. we turn to nbc bay area's tracie potts with more on that. this pfizer ceo saying that after being fully vaccinated you may need a booster within a year and maybe each year after that, tracie. >> exactly. just getting the shot or the two shots this year isn't going to be the end of it. pfizer, moderna also working on a booster, and we've also learned that more people are getting covid after getting the vaccine, just a sliver, a drop in the bucket when you consider
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the millions who have gotten their shots, but still, that is a concern, and no one said the shots were 100% effective. get ready for a third pfizer shot. >> there will likely be a need for a third dose somewhere between 6 and 12 months and from there an annual revaccination. >> reporter: moderna is working on a booster that may be combined with the flu vaccine. the white house says even with johnson & johnson's one-dose vaccine on hold, there's plenty available. >> because we are overprepared and oversupplied, we remain confident in that. >> reporter: the nation's top health experts in a testy exchange on capitol hill about the impact of the pandemic. >> what measures have to be attained before americans get their first amendment liberties back? >> we're not talking about liberties. we're talking about a pandemic that has killed 560,000 americans. >> the only way we're going to get out of this especially with
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this increase in variants, sir, is to get people vaccinated. >> reporter: but the cdc reports 5,800 people, a small fraction, who got vaccinated, later got covid. >> i was in bed very sick, just sleeping all day. i had to cancel all my work phone calls. >> they're going to have mild illness, maybe moderate illness and should be able to recover at home. >> reporter: that's far better protection than the flu shot, but still worrisome for a nation where most adults are still unprotected. now back to those boosters. scientists are still trying to figure out if you need to get the same brand of vaccine as your orange shot. they just don't know that yet. >> i know everyone will be watching this one. thank you so much, tracie. 6:06. for a fifth night minneapolis protesters gathered outside of the brooklyn police department demanding justice four daunte wright.
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they gathered hours after hearing from the former police officer now charged in his death. wright's family want accountability. that hearing for former brooklyn center police officer kim potter was held behind closed doors. the 26-year veteran of the force is charged with second-degree manslaughter. when it happened, potter said she mistook her gun for her taser. new details in chicago where emotions are also running high, new body camera footage showing the deadly police shooting of 13-year-old adam toledo last month. officers were chasing toledo along with an adult suspect after calls of shots fired nearby. still frames of that video show the teenager raising his hands at the time of the shooting with no weapon in his hands. surveillance video from across the parking lot appear to show adam tossing something, making a tossing motion turning before facing those approaching officers. officers did recover a weapon after search of the area. state regulators are
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ordering pg&e to take more action to boost wildfire safety. yesterday they gave the utility about one month to submit new action plan for clearing high-risk areas especially those areas that are really sitting too close to power lines. a watch dog agency recently determined pg&e is falling short in its promises to deliver as part of conditions to emerge from bankruptcy. pg&e has said it already improved its tree trimming program. if it cannot make the required changes, regulators may move to revoke pg&e's operating license. new this morning, it's getting easier to book your stay in one of california's state parks. according to sf gate, starting this week, the state is sharing its camping reservation data with hipcamp, a san francisco-based app and website, it allows campers to see booking cancellations in real time making it easier for people to fill those spots. and if you're still looking for weekend plans, all national parks are free tomorrow to celebrate the first day of
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national park week. i can only imagine how beautiful a weekend will be and saving you a little bit of money. >> yes, you do want to make sure that you're making reservations in spots like muir woods especially before you head out there and then you see what the guidelines are. but it's going to be a beautiful weekend. a little bit cool today, still some upper 50s but our high temperature tomorrow reaching a comfortable 65 degrees and just slightly warmer on sunday. so make those plans to enjoy more time outside. today we're going to see our high temperatures around the bay area in spots like concord reaching 75 degrees. while san francisco will be a chilly 58 degrees today, and cool in half moon bay with some upper 50s there as well. so we'll talk about a warmer weekend forecast that's coming up in a few minutes. vianey, any problems right now for the morning commute? >> no problems out on the roads.
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but right before i came out to the report i noticed a little bit of notification that popped out in the fremont area. that could signal a crash or hazard of some sorts. no problems for the rest of the bay area. i'll check up on the fremont location in a bit to see what chp is reporting. aside from that, one issue i am noticing for the tri-valley is how the drive times slowed down especially westbound 580 from grant line road to 680. you're looking at 24 minutes. this is pretty typical around the 6:00 a.m. hour, aside from that, the rest of the drive times are moving along quite nicely. south bay drive times right now northbound 101 from highway 85 only 19 minutes. back to you. >> thanks, vianey. more movie theaters opening this weekend. we'll tell you where and the blockbuster debut they're hoping you'll watch there. plus we've got scott mcgrew. >> well, then we've got that. we've got marcus and cierra as well. we got a new way to look at the earth, really cool and
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definitely shows you what we're doing to the earth as well. the futures are all up and we're starting at records as well, the dow above 34,000. you're watching "today in the bay."
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happy friday. right now at 6:13, it's going to be a great day for making plans to spend more time outside, heading to the park in campbell, we will be at about 55 degrees at 10:00 and then going into
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today, our temperatures reach up to about 70 degrees. that is perfect. but it does get warmer this weekend. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. and a quick check of your peninsula drive times, southbound 101 van ness avenue to sfo 11 minutes. southbound 101 sfo to highway 926 -- 92, 6 minutes. the market will start above a new record, starting above the 34,000 level for the first time. it's been good news after good news as far as the latest company earnings reports go.
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dow opens at 34,035, s&p 500 also at a record up better than 1% yesterday alone. we got the latest numbers on retail sales, showing americans are spending a lot, part of that is no doubt the stimulus checks, spending up almost 10% from the previous month. that almost never happens. we spend most of our money on sporting goods, food and clothes. mercedes-benz is showing off its tesla killer and it's a potent weapon. the new 2022 eqs and it has a digital dashboard that spans the entire front of the car. even the passenger gets his her own panel. because why not? 0 to 60 in four seconds. we talk about the shortage of chips. this has the equivalent of eight desktops running in its systems and you can feel good about driving electric as we see what's happening to earth. google earth allows you to time lapse anywhere in the world so i picked a few cold weather places like greenland, and mendenhall glacier in alaska.
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you can see as the time moves forward the ice moves backward. google used 24 million photographs dating back to 1984. the time lapse of san francisco isn't quite as dramatic, but you can see the city filling in there. google says it's processed 20 million gigabytes of pictures making the movies the biggest single movie ever made. i can remember when my kids were little, we used to take our bikes up to the embarcadero and ride along. we'd park in an empty field at about king and third, an empty field which is now of course i forgot, it's the oracle park, and then of course all of that area that china basin area all filled in. that was nothing, there was nothingthere. >> and they're still building. >> so true. and changing names. yes. >> that's true. thanks, scott. 6:16. regal theaters are showing
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more movies and today that includes a big bay area reopening, cinema chain began a phased reopening april 2nd. today it widens to include theaters in dublin as well. a lot of theaters and screens will be showing the new "mortal kombat" release. universal studios hollywood will reopen today. the park opened for season pass holders yesterday and will open for the general public today according to park officials. nbc universal is owned by comcast which owns this tv station. get turned away. >> no, we don't. >> you don't in the bay area where the great weather is. i don't know how it is down
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there but it's great in the bay area. >> sounded good. >> right, kari? >> it will be nice down there, too, so we can just share the sunshine and the nice weather. let's get a live look outside in dublin, as a lot of people are already out the door for work. we're checking out 580 and at least our weather is looking pretty good for your morning commute. a little bit cool for our backyard forecast for home school recess in martinez, about 53 degrees at 9:00, and at 11:00 it's 60 degrees. maybe a laptop out on the patio. reaching up to the low 70s today but let's first start in the south bay with a look at high temperatures, los gatos reaching 73 degrees and we'll also see low 70s for morgan hill. headed toward the east bay, there may be a few spots reaching into the upper 70s, check that out for antioch. oakland will reach 63 degrees and we'll see the cool weather continuing along the coastline. daly city, half moon bay in the upper 50s but palo alto reaching 69. san francisco mostly in the 50s
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today with a high of 58 degrees downtown and our north bay highs will reach up to 73 in sonoma and 77 in ukiah. it's not going to be very windy today, but our temperatures are going to be ramping up and there may be a breeze kicking up for the weekend as high pressure moves in, but then notice next week we'll see the low passing to our north. we're going to be watching this closely. we're hoping it could bring us at least a little bit of rain. it will definitely bring us some cooler temperatures and more cloud cover but it's been so dry all of these storm systems have been drying up before they make it to the bay area. so as we make weekend plans, we're in the mid-70s today. mid 80s by the end of the weekend, and then check out next week, we get our natural air conditioning back and the clouds will be moving in, in san francisco, we go from the upper 50s today to briefly 70 degrees, and then back into the 60s by next week. vianey, we've been watching the morning commute. anything new popping up?
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>> i do have an update on that fremont crash that popped up earlier and it is starting to have a little bit of delays. this is along the southbound 880 side near auto mall parkway. it appears the right-hand lane is blocked, so you could see there a little bit of red on the speed sensor, that means some slowing. so if that is a part of your commute, again, that's southbound 880 near auto mall parkway. there is a delay because of an earlier crash. meanwhile down through the south bay, northbound 101 from highway 85 looking at 19 minutes, and let's take a look at how your bridge drive times are doing. westbound 80 towards the bay bridge things slow down a bit. looking at about 12 minutes, westbound 82 toward the san mateo bridge only 12 minutes. the only issue southbound 880 near auto mall parkway. next on "today in the bay," "nbc bay area responds." >> we have two cases worth two grand and two happy viewers. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura.
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"nbc bay area responds" next. but first, the team always on social media. kari shared this photo with a famous face. you know who that is. it's a cardboard cutout but it's dr. fauci. kari said she was able to get her first covid vaccine shot yesterday, congratulations, kari. be sure to follow kari on facebook, twitter and instagram. she's posted some cool photos of her adventures and family and posting the forecast updates. you don't want to miss them. you don't want to miss the rest of "today in the bay" coing up in a bit.
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a scene out of a video game. a driver smashes through a traffic arm along a draw bridge monday in daytona beach. cameras shot the driver blowing past the barrier and speeding to make it across the bridge before it rises. police say the driver hit another traffic arm not caught on camera. both barriers had to be replaced. officers say they believe they have identified the person behind the wheel. a scary move there. since the start of the new year, our "nbc bay area responds" team has heard from 628 viewers like you. >> let's turn to consumer investigator chris chmura actually here to feature a few of the cases where we helped people put money book in their pockets. >> long guyen in san jose had
6:25 am
$1834 stuck in a flight dispute between a airline, a credit cart company and online travel agent and insurance company. no one would refund long's tickets, even though they agreed a credit was due. our team untangled the mess and long got the full $1834 back. and maricar in hayward wrote us about a $274 problem, it seemed someone broke into her cash app and filed a fraud report and the cash app didn't help. we called, and the company puts it 274 back into her account. update the grand total since we launched "nbc bay area responds" in 2016 we put $4.794 million in the pockets of viewers like you. perhaps we can help you, go to and click the nbc responds from the menu or call 888-996-tips. have a great weekend. here's a question, is all of this pandemic stuff leaving you with a desire to return to a time when things seemed simpler?
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>> short answer, yes. what researchers are saying when we're feeling down we tend to become more nostalgic. >> to a certain extent there's always the appetite for nostalgia that people experience things from their past, their youth, whether it's music or movies, and those are the things that they sort of latch onto that they have special memories about. >> to find more on what's triggering the feelings of nostalgia, check out lx. it's on 11-15 over the air, channel 185 on xfinity cable or any time on 6:26. this morning, a lot of people waking up just in mass terror there, another mass shooting this time in indianapolis. what's going on with the investigation and hear from some of the people inside at the time of that shooting. coming up next, a lot of talking about the vaccines moderna and pfizer and
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right now at 6:30, tragedy in indianapolis. overnight a gunman opened fire inside a fedex facility killing eight people. the latest on what happened and the victims, coming up.
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back home, for many the hunt for vaccine appointments continues and as more and more people get ready to get their shot you may be wondering about the side effects. what you should be prepared before rolling up your sleeve. if you're vacced and ready to hit the town it will be a warm weekend. we have your forecast to plan ahead. "today in the bay" continues right now. good morning, friday morning, fri-yay as we like to call it around here. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm cierra johnson in for laura garcia. first breaking news from indianapolis, the scene of america's latest mass shooting. it happened last night inside of a fedex facility. the city as you can imagine in mourning. here's what we know so far. at least eight people were killed after a gunman opened fire, police say the gunman killed himself. another six people were hurt,
6:31 am
four were taken to the hospital briefed. one eyewitness is telling the "today" show what he saw. >> i'm sitting on a bench and so i stand up. i see a man, a hooded figure. i was unable to see his face in detail. however, the man did have an ar in his hand, and he started shouting and then he started firing at random directions. >> so far, police are not saying if the gunman worked at the facility and not identified him or even talking about any possible motives. now to the pandemic and here at home. contra costa county seems to be the place to go if you're looking to get a vaccine. "today in the bay's" bob redell joining us live from san ramon. i know appointments are available there. >> reporter: that's correct looking onsign. for example the diablo valley vaccination site behind me in san ramon but online i could
6:32 am
find some in san pablo, richmond, concord and antioch. speaking of antioch, the community center just opened up for shots yesterday. that site administered 150 doses and apparently there's a lot more doses to go around the antioch community center which is run by the federal, state and local agencies can now accommodate 500 shots a day. some on a walk-in basis. the problem according to one antioch city councilmember, a lot of people don't know about it. >> i have people from sacramento today that came in, walnut creek, pleasanton. people are trying desperately to get in on an overloaded system where they can come here and get those shots right away. >> reporter: however in san mateo county, not so lucky there. county supervisor dave canepa says opening up eligibility statewide is creating more problems for his county.
6:33 am
in terms of supply and the appointment vanlt. availability. the latest blow is the pause put on the johnson & johnson vaccine. that's one vaccine taken out of the mix, decreasing supply, while the demand is still up. he's begging the state for help to send more doses to the peninsula. reporting live here in san ramon, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> that demand certainly has gotten greater. bob, thank you for all the help you've been doing this week, looking for the sites that are open and available vaccinations out there. thanks so much, bob. in a few hours, another mass vaccination effort begins in the north bay. kaiser permanente is partnering with napa county and holding a clinic in napa beginning at 9:00 at the meritage resort and spa. you must have an appointment for the first dose. at the same time and location for next month. 16 million people have already received the first dose
6:34 am
right here in california, and nearly 9 million have received both shots, that's about 23% of our state population. as we've been reporting, johnson & johnson's vaccine is sidelined due to blood clotting concerns. as for the other two vaccines, here are possible side effects you should know about, the cdc says with the pfizer vaccine, more than three-fourths of those 18 to 55 felt some pain at the injection site. nearly 6 in 10 felt fatigue and half experienced headache. mostly after the second shot. those numbers rise when it comes to moderna. 90% experienced pain at the injection site. 68% have fatigue and here, about half experienced a headache. 61% also felt muscle pain and if you've received the pfizer vaccine, it's looking more and more like you'll eventually need a booster shot, what pfizer's ceo is saying and experts tend to agree. many believe an extra dose will likely be necessary within 12
6:35 am
months of being fully vaccinated, whether you receive moderna or pfizer. nbc's new medical correspondent dr. john torres says it may eventually be a yearly shot, just like the flu shot. >> what we don't know at this point, whether you can switch between different vaccines for the booster shot but hopefully will soon. >> and some experts also believe the covid vaccine booster may one day be folded into the flu shot. you can see the entire interview later on the "today" show at 7:00 a.m. we know you have a lot of questions about the vaccine, how to get them and how safe they are, and we are constantly updating our home page with the latest information. so if you haven't gotten your shot, start your vaccine journey at developing in minneapolis, both sides have now rested in the murder trial of derek chauvin. court will not be in session today, meaning closing arguments will begin on monday in the death of george floyd. yesterday chauvin informed the judge he would not take the
6:36 am
witness stand and legal experts were not surprised. >> the biggest risk for putting derek chauvin on the stand he does the exact opposite of what you want him to do, instead of humanizing himself, he comes across as looking cold to the jury. >> prosecutors yesterday did call one rebuttal witness, a heart expert who disagreed with defense expert testimony concluding exhaust from a nearby patrol car may have factors into floyd's death. san francisco demonstrators responding to recent deadly police shootings. hundreds gathered last night in the city's mission district calling for an end to police violence. the protest was held to support a man recently killed in daly city named roger allen. his sister took part of the protest. >> that was my only brother. my mom passed away seven years ago, my sister passed away two years after my mom died so now
6:37 am
it's just me. i never want my brother to be no hashtag. >> organizers are calling for abolishing police and the u.s. justice system. in the east bay, demonstrators plan to take their voices and make them heard tonight, following the shooting death of daunte wright in minnesota and the death of george floyd. the city of oakland says it is aware of the protests planned for town town at 8:00 a.m. the city says the street's freeways and bridges may be impacted. san francisco 49er owner jed york reportedly throwing his support behind the drive to keep governor gavin newsom in office. he's given $100,000 to newsom's effort to battle a possible recall, despite some past friction when the niners decided to leave candlestick for a new stadium in santa clara. at the time, newsom was mayor in san francisco. we should know by the end of april if the recall gathered enough signatures for a special election.
6:38 am
people in the north bay town of windsor now wondering what the future holds for their leadership after wednesday's contentious emergency meeting surrounding sex assault allegations against mayor dominic foppoli. that night despite numerous calls to step aside, he insisted he would not. later he texted the "press democrat" he'd spend the next few days talking with residents, thinking and praying and deciding what comes next. no one is sure if he was hinting at a change of heart. that was the statement provided. a napa county native is expecting an eventful homecoming after she returns home from space. kate rubens has been on the international space stationer six months. the uc san diego and stanford grad was the first astronaut to sequence dna in space. she and two russian cosmo astronauts are flying back to earth on a russian spacecraft, likely to parachute to a field
6:39 am
in kazhakstan about 8:30 tonight. nasa holding a welcome back virtual event. that is so so exciting. >> it is exciting. from space to earth! in the bay area. a look at the forecast for today. something out of this world, kari? >> yes, let's get ready for the weekend. it's going to be a nice one. let's head to sonoma valley as our temperatures reach the low 70s. it will be warmer tomorrow and we go from the low 70s today to the mid 80s by the end of the weekend. all right, if your road trip takes you to the beach if you're going to santa cruz, expect highs near 70 degrees today and tomorrow, and just a little bit warmer on sunday, with a high of 76 and a lot of sunshine. it's going to be great. also, for paso robles our temperature also reach into the mid-70s for today. 80 tomorrow and a little warm for some of that red wine on sunday reaching 86 degrees. as we get a look at our forecast
6:40 am
for south lake tahoe it will be nice. you' hills in the distance but we are going to see a lot more melting because temperatures will be in the 50s and low 60s. better hit the slopes now. we're going to talk about what's going on around the bay area for the weekend, that's coming up in a few minutes. vianey, any problems for the morning commute? >> well, we're still seeing slowing along southbound 880 in fremont, due to an earlier crash near the auto mall expressway exit, and you can see the red there. now the good news is that the lanes that were blocked the latest chp report says they have now been cleared so really this is just sort of traffic recovering from those earlier closures. tri-valley drive times right now i've also noticed some slowing along westbound 580 from grant line road to 680, looking at 24 minutes. southbound 680 from 580 to vargas road about ten minutes, and your east bay drive times at least for the most part commute commute through there.
6:41 am
back to you. >> that's what we like to hear. coming up next, the price to pay for lighting up illegal fireworks. up next and all new you won't believe the thousands of dollars in fines when contra costa county resident is facing. fireworks between russia and the united states. president biden offering an olive branch. take you out to the big board, we started at a record, we're establishing another one. dow 34,221. plus -- >> grandma got it. grandma's got it. >> okay so this is what happens when you make it to the league and grandma steals the show. in case you missed it, we're going much more of this viral moment last night. you've got to see this. she makes the wnba, grandma makes the news, all morning long. we're going to talk about it. get you started and get you going with your friday and grandma. we'll be right back.
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happy friday. the time is 6:43. it may be about time for the morning workout. lafayette temperatures will be in the low 40s to start. a cool morning, but we'll get some sunshine, and by 11:00, it's in the mid-50s. later today we have some upper 60s headed in. we'll talk about what's headed for the rest of the bay area, that's coming up in a few minutes.
6:45 am
we do have some slowing for your north bay drive times, westbound 37 from sonoma boulevard to lakeville highway 19 minutes. smooth commute through the bridges. back to you. president biden will meet with the prime minister of japan today. >> scott mcgrew, most of washington's focus right now on russia. >> yes, that's right. good morning to you. the u.s. officially accused russia of once again interfering with an election, this time 2020. also russia's been amassing troops on the border with ukraine and it is responsible, the u.s. says, for the solar winds attack hack. president biden announced new sanctions on russia but also offered an olive branch. >> i was clear with president putin that we could have gone further but i chose to be
6:46 am
proportionate. the united states is not looking to kick off an escalation and conflict with russia. we want a stable, predictable relationship. if russia continues to interfere with our democracy i'm prepared to take further actions to respond. >> reporter: this tougher stance comes in contrast with four years of the white house dismissing concerns. the trump white house did sanction russia but the president often downplayed russian interference. at this press conference president trump said he trusted putin's promises over the findings of the u.s. intelligence community. now one of the russian sanctions was constantine kliminik, he passed on trump polling day to on to russian intelligence during the 2016 election, presumably so russia to better finetune its efforts to interfere with the election. the mueller report established it happened. the treasury established direct
6:47 am
contact between trump's top election officials and the russian agent. notably there are no sanctions or accusations that russia bankrolled attacks on american troops in afghanistan. the report says intelligence agencies have "low to moderate confidence that ever happened." now, when trump was president, reporters peppered the white house with questions about that claim. the white house said the president had never been briefed on it because they had "low to moderate confidence it ever happened." now yesterday's report saying the exact same thing, the president's former press secretary got on twitter to say "i told you all that." we found this moment in our archives. >> this intelligence has not been verified, there's no consensus among the intelligence community. >> reporter: does the president wish he had been sooner? joe biden called it a dereliction of duty. >> this is a piece of
6:48 am
intelligence information has no consensus, has not been verified to this day, has not been verified. >> we're tracking what's happening in washington of course. the president visiting with the japanese prime minister today to also foond me on twitter, i'm @scottmcgrew. still no sign this morning of a possible missing boater in marin county's richardson bay. the coast guard plans to resume the search at sunrise after searching all night. they discovered a 50-foot-long fishing boat yesterday sitting in the water and its motor idling. they're searching for the boat's owner. this morning, months after independence day someone in discovery bay is now being fined after what authorities say was a large scale show featuring more than 500 fireworks. the tab there? $26,000. contra costa county fire leaders are saying they hope this serves as an eye-opener and discourages similar incidents in the future.
6:49 am
a live look in san francisco this morning, where reopenings are expanding and as we head into the warm weekend, a lot of things are changing in san francisco. for starters no 11:00 p.m. curfews for the restaurants and for the first time in a long time, people can now enjoy live indoor event. >> that's right, "today in the bay" sharon katsuda is live in the city by the bay and sharon, this is good news at least in terms of jobs. >> reporter: that's right, cierra and marcus. a lot of people enjoying the outdoors, walking their dogs, smiling as they're going by. you can enjoy outdoor and indoor events but have to show proof you're fully vaccinated at the events or proof of a recent negative covid test. new reopening guidelines include live events can operate indoors with 100% capacity, and the vaccinated participants area. outdoor events can operate at a50% if participants show proof of full covid vaccination or
6:50 am
negative covid test. indoor dining open last 11:00 p.m., maximum six people per table. hotels may host private gatherings, receptions and meetings with limitations. indoor conventions can be held with up to 150 people with social distancing and masks. all the reopenings are affecting the unemployment rate. the california reports 69,000 new unemployment claims filed for the week of april 10th, compared to more than 600,000 at this time last year. yesterday the california legislature passed a bill requiring some businesses such as hotels and convention centers to rehire employees who were laid off during the pandemic. governor newsom has not said whether he will sign the bill but he vetoed a similar bill last year saying it was overbroad. if you want to throw your own party here in this city you can do that, it's a maximum of 50 people if they aren't eating, and you have to keep it to 25 people if you do plan on serving food and they all have to be socially distanced.
6:51 am
reporting live in san francisco, i'm sharon katsuda, "today in the bay." trending this morning, check out this grandma stealing the show during last night's wnba draft. she was dressed up as her granddaughter, the sixth overall pick. the 21-year-old is now heading to play for the new york liberty. her grandmother is already making fans, people took to social media after seeing her cheer her granddaughter on, one person wrote "grandma is the star of the draft. change my mind." i can't get enough of this. i cannot get enough of that. she really reminds us of that dancing mom from the warriors games a couple years ago. they should have a dance battle. they were both really in it. >> they get it done and they make you feel good on a friday, too. but grandma, i want to bring grandma, we could have "good morning with grandma" a segment on the show. >> dancing with grandma, yes.
6:52 am
>> dancing to this forecast, too, is something to dance about, kari. >> yes. it's been pretty good. we're dancing into the weekend, let's get a look at our hiking forecast, if you're going out to some of those hiking we have starting out in the mid-40s and goes to 54 degrees at 10:00. a lot of sunshine. temperatures warm up as we go into today, reaching 73 degrees as we go toward about 4:00, so i think during the middle of the afternoon it's going to be the most comfortable time and of course we're doing our virtual learning, and getting through the school day. maybe take the laptop outside. it will make it more fun in martinez, our temperatures at 11:00 will be at 60 degrees, lunch outside and then our high temperatures reaching into the low 70s for that afterschool recess. we're going to see our temperatures today reaching 75 in concord, 74 in napa. san francisco stays cool, keep the jacket on, only reaching into the upper 50s and you'll need a thicker jacket at the a's
6:53 am
game because at first pitch in the upper 50s, continuing to cool off as we go through the evening. we will be heating up this weekend as high pressure moves in, but a lot of changes ahead next week, as a low passes to the north of us, doesn't look like we'll get any rain out of this, but it will definitely cool off our temperatures. so we'll go from the mid 80s this weekend to the low 70s by next week in san francisco. we'll see a brief warmup hitting 70 degrees on sunday, and back to the 60s next week. vianey, you've been watching the commute. any problems popping up? >> just a little bit of slowing down to the south bay, but it's still working to recover along southbound 880, fremont auto mall exit earlier crash. they cleared out of the lanes so this should recover within time. as far as your peninsula drive ti 101 van ness to
6:54 am
sfo 11 minutes. tri-valley drive times slowing westbound 580 grant line road to 680 looking at 23 minutes. southbound 680 to 580 vargas road ten minutes and look at the east bay drive times northbound 880 maria boulevard to broadway 9 minutes. looking good out there. back to you. >> we like it when it looks good on friday. happening now, final preparations under way at britain's windsor castle for prince philip's funeral. the public will not be attend due to covid restrictions but traditional elements will remain, military procession inside the castle. watch the funeral live here on nbc bay area tomorrow morning at 6:30. next a quick look at the top stories including that breaking news in indianapolis, the scene of the latest deadly shooting rampage. what authorities are saying so far about the victims as well as the shooter. plus seeking a covid vaccine? we have a live report on some of your best bets for snagging a bay area vaccination appointment and possibly even today. you're watching "today in the bay."
6:55 am
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and help our state get back to work. and please travel responsibly. come experience the grand opening of floor and decor's newest location in pleasant hill! and help our state get back to work. our expansive store is fully equipped with safe distancing guides, so you can browse our wide aisles and be amazed with our even wider selection. or easily order online, and pick up all the products you need for your flooring project curbside! so come discover the perfect floor at the perfect price in whatever way is perfect for you. floor and decor, now open in pleasant hill for safe in-store shopping and curbside pickup. also open in milpitas, burlingame and san leandro. welcome back. right now on "today in the bay," breaking news in indianapolis. the scene of america's latest mass shooting, this happened last night inside a fedex facility. here's what we know so far. eight people died before police say the gunman turned the gun on himself. another six people are injured,
6:58 am
four of them in the hospital right now. president biden has already been briefed on the shooting and so far, police are not saying if the gunman worked at the facility or anything about possible motives. but a news conference is planned to start in about 30 minutes from now. our other top story here in the bay area, looking for appointments in the vaccine rollout. >> contra costa county seems to be the place to go if you're among those now eligible. "today in the bay's" bob redell live in san ramon and bob, what kind of availability are we talking about? >> reporter: now the state of california opened up eligibility for anyone 16 and above. i checked online with the contra costa public health department, this morning i found appointments within places like concord, richmond, san pablo, antioch, this was the scene outside the antioch community center yesterday where they started administering shots. 150 yesterday and capable of doing up to 500 a day including
6:59 am
in some instances walk-ins. one of the problems according to one antioch city councilmember is that people just aren't aware of this yet. >> i had people from sacramento today that came in, walnut creek, pleasanton, people are trying desperately to get in on an overloaded system where they can come here and get the shots right away. >> unfortunately across the bay in san mateo county, supervisor dave canepa says they don't have enough supply and he's calling out to the state to help send more doses. reporting live here in contra costa county, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> bob, thank you. take a look outside a live look in san francisco, beautiful sunrise, as we get started with the day and you know what? clearing skies out there, a warmer day on tap for us. meteorologist kari hall has a look at that weekend that we can expect. >> that was a beautiful shot, and we're going to see more of these warm temperatures with our inland areas in the mid 80s. what's happening on the roads,
7:00 am
vianey? >> things are starting to slow down a little bit, bridge drive times including the bay bridge, westbound 80, about ten minutes. back to you. >> that will do it for us. have a great weekend. a live look at san francisco, beautiful time to enjoy the weekend. thanks for joining us all week. see you back here on monday. good morning. breaking news. mass shooting. eight people killed by a gunman who opened fire inside a major fedex facility in indianapolis. the gunman then taking his own life. >> this is a tragedy. yet, through it all, we will come through it. >> just ahead, what happened from an eyewitness who was there, and police investigating what could have sparked another deadly rampage. on edge. overnight protests in chicago over the fatal police shooting


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