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tv   Early Today  NBC  April 16, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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ndwiches. with cheese baked right into the biscuit, hickory-smoked bacon or grilled sausage, and a freshly-cracked egg. try'em today. only at jack in the box. . breaking overnight, a mass casualty shooting at a fedex facility in indianapolis, there are at least eight victims, new details coming in to nbc news at this moment. the derek chauvin trial in the death of george floyd will soon be in the hands of the jury. disturbing body cam video released in the deadly shooting of a 13-year-old boy in chicago, new details this morning. and new details on the funeral of prince philip. and this morning we're celebrating the enduring legacy
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of music superstar selena inspiring a whole new generation a busy friday ahead, "early today" starts right now. glad you could join me i'm frances rivera we begin with that breaking news from indiana another mass shooting in america. police responded to a mass casualty event at a fedex facility in indianapolis -- good morning, i am phillip mena, we have breaking news at this hour. there has been a mass casualty shooting at a fedex facility near indianapolis. the indianapolis international airport just moments ago police announced at least eight people were killed and that the alleged shooter took their own life. police say there's no currently an active threat to the community. let's listen to some of what police had to say. >> just after 11:00 on thursday evening, indianapolis metropolitan police department responded to 8951 mirabell road,
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the fedex ground plane field operations center. we received a call referencing shots fired to that location as officers responded they arrived to an active shooter incident at that location. preliminary information at this time is that the alleged shooter has taken his own life here at the scene. after a preliminary search of the grounds inside and out, we have located eight people at the scene with injuries consistent to gunshot wounds. those eight were pronounced deceased here at the scene we have been made aware of multiple other people with injuries who have been transported to local hospitals or who have transported themselves to local hospitals. impd detectives are working with
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the indiana state police detectives gathering information and interviewing not just those people who are here at the scene but also those who have been -- have gone to area hospitals seeking medical treatment. >> fedex released a statement saying that we are aware of the tragic shooting at our fedex ground facility near the indianapolis airport safety our top priority and our thoughts are with all of those who are affected we are working to gather more information and are cooperating with investigating authorities once again, at least eight people were killed in a mass shooting at a fedex facility in indianapolis police say that the shooter took their own life we will continue to follow this developing story throughout the morning on "today," msnbc and now back to our regularly scheduled programming. the former police officer who shot and killed daunte
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wright made her first court appearance kim potter is facing up to ten years in prison after being charged with manslaughter. nbc's ron allen is in minnesota with the latest reaction >> we're still never going to be able to see our baby boy, that we're never going to have again. >> reporter: daunte wright's family demanding tough justice for kimberly potter. >> if we can have life we want life we got to go life without him. we got to go life without him. >> reporter: the former police officer in court, the media barred from showing it to the public, charged with second degree manslaughter facing up to ten years in prison for killing wright during a traffic stop his family able to see potter in court on zoom. >> it hurt my heart to see her sitting there. so many emotions flowed through my body. i had hate i had sadness. i had anger. >> reporter: a fourth night of outrage, hundreds of officers moving in to enforce the curfew.
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our nbc news team briefly detained by authorities and then released at least two dozen arrests minnesota's governor who said he spoke to wright's family vowing to push for police reforms. >> you're less safe to be black in minnesota than you are to be white glright now. >> reporter: wright's family planning his funeral. >> nobody should have to go through this, i don't care, white, black, brown, red, orange, whatever you are. >> reporter: that was daunte's aunt who said potter should be charged with murder. the former police officer free on bond and due back in court may 17th 126 million americans have received at least one covid vaccine dose and with the johnson & johnson vaccine on pause, the ceo of pfizer says a third vaccine might be needed. meanwhile, on capital hill things get fiery more on the tense exchange. >> reporter: on capitol hill top health officials called to
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answer questions about the u.s. vaccine rollout, amid concerns over the one-shot johnson & johnson vaccine that's on pause while investigators look for a link to a handful of rare blood clots. six cases reported out of more than 7 million doses administered >> we're leading with the science. i think you've seen that this week's actions should give the american people increased confidence. >> reporter: health officials trying to combat fears about vaccines worry that people refusing to get a shot will keep the country from reaching herd immunity. >> i think we need to confront that directly. >> reporter: the officials stressing there is more than enough supply of the pfizer and moderna vaccines that have not been linked to serious side effects. they also acknowledged people who have received vaccines may end up needing a booster shot to maintain protection app the hearing evolving into a political showdown and some exchanges growing testy. >> what measures have to be attained before americans get
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their first amendment liberties back. >> i just told you that. >> you haven't given anything specific. >> we're not talking about liberties, we're talking about a pandemic that has killed 560,000 americans. >> reporter: medical experts trying to rise above the fray of a divided congress, and with covid cases on the rise, they're urging americans to unite behind vaccines our best weapon to beat back the virus. in washington, alice barr, nbc news. with so many questions surrounding the vaccines, our dr. john torres explains their effectiveness. >> we know the vaccines are very effective in providing at least six months of protection from the virus, but until they study immunity of recipients six months out, we're not going to go conclusively. pfizer things we'll need a booster shot in 12 months time frame and maybe annually after that moderna is working o'n a booste shot and hoping to combine it with the flu vaccine we don't know if you can switch between different types of
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vaccines for that booster shot hopefully we'll know soon. >> thank you. the prosecution and the defense have rested their cases in the trial of derek chauvin. chauvin speaking out for the first time. >> have you made a decision today whether you intend to testify or whether you intend to invoke your fifth amendment privilege? >> i will invoke my fifth amendment privilege today. >> it has been two weeks of emotional and heart wrenching testimony. with the jury deliberating on monday, the public has already rendered their verdict our shaq brewster is outside the courthouse. >> reporter: court is out of session today, but we do know attorneys from both sides on the defense and prosecution will spend the day working with the judge to set those specific jury str st instructions that's because on monday we can expect to hear closing arguments begin, both sides will present their cases to the jury, and then the jury instructions will be announced, and then it will be in the hands of the jury.
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the judge warning the members of the jury to pack a bag, to hope for short but prepare for the long as they go through their deliberations. all of this comes after a very busy day in court yesterday. we heard from ex-officer derek chauvin for the first time he wasn't testifying instead he was invoking his fifth amendment protection saying he would not take the stand in his trial we also saw dr. martin tobin come wak to the stand to rebut some claims made by the defense during their testimony all of that happening yesterday as we look ahead to monday with closing arguments. >> all right, shaq, thank you. president biden will hold his first face-to-face meeting with a world leader today welcoming japan's prime minister to the white house the leaders are expected to discuss strengthening ties with allies in asia to counter a more aggressive china today marks 100 days since the capitol insurrection the deadly one on january 6th, supporters of then president trump descended on the building to try and stop the certification of president
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biden's election victory joining us now is nbc's tracie potts with more on that. good morning >> reporter: hi, frances, yeah, the u.s. district court here according to washington -- nbc washington records processed more criminal complaints, criminal defendants in the first three months of this year than all of last year, largely related to that january 6th insurrection, and also, we're learning more about the response to that attack on the capitol. nbc news obtained a report, 104 pages. this report from the inspector general of the u.s. capitol police the watchdog found that they were woefully unprepared for this attack, lacking equipment, policies, and procedures to deal with the deadly insurrection, and it revealed that some r rioters had plans to target congress, and they were actively
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promoting violence here's what the inspector general told lawmakers at a hearing yesterday. >> they came prepared and planned to do what they were going to do. there was information that was provided to us that it was decided that these heavier munitions, specifically the sting balls, 40 millimeter, were not to be utilized based on the information that we received that it could potentially cause life altering injury and/or death. certainly i can't see how anybody could classify that as a peaceful demonstration >> now, at a news conference yesterday, house speaker nancy pelosi called for this 9/11 style commission she's been talking about to investigate the attack she says to get to the bottom of things to find the truth and prevent it from ever happening again. and pelosi also updating you on a story from yesterday she's throwing cold water on an idea by progressive democrats to expand the size of the u.s.
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supreme court by four more justices the speaker says she has no plans to bring that legislation to the floor for a vote. frances. >> the white house not saying much either, shows you where they stand thank you. every day it seems like we're talking about an april snowstorm. let's check in with nbc meteorologist janessa webb so we're still talking about this snow? >> yeah, and it's not going anywhere this won't be the last time we're talking about snow either, looking at the extended forecast into may i think this area will see more snowfall right now you can see the heavier bands. they are coming down we have at least three inches on the ground already, an additional six to seven inches through saturday morning that's why winter storm warnings are currently in place also advisories. these are not expire until saturday morning as well then that storm system starts to push offshore. i do want to take a look at these winds from d.c. all the way into maine
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the lower 40s.ese wind still 88 for orlando, stormy conditions across the south and southeast. frances, we'll take a look at that weekend forecast coming up. >> all right thank you, janessa. the massive settlement for everyone swindled by fire fest that's next. naprarioons e in lond ath fil epatns get underway for prince philip's funeral tomorrow laundry isn't done until it's done with downy. what's the #1 retinol brand used most by dermatologists? it's neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair® smooths the look of
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event in the bahamas may soon be looking at an over $7,000 payout but the deal is subject to final approval and the amount could ultimately be lower depending on the outcome of fyre's bankruptcy case with other creditors. the festival's creator billy mcfarland is serving six-year prison sentence. >> if that's 7 grand for each person who attended, they can get a whole lot of those plain bread and cheese sandwiches. >> that's true. a funeral fit for a prince the royal funeral for prince philip is one day away family and friends in the entire uk are gearing up to say their final good-byes to the 99-year-old who died last friday it will feature a limited number of people due to the coronavirus pandemic for more details, we turn to nbc's raf sanchez outside of buckingham palace. 30 people only expected to attend >> frances, that's right, just 30 people tomorrow in st. george's chapel in windsor castle this is going to be a very
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different funeral than what was planned before the pandemic. all close members of the royal family and all of them including the queen wearing masks and socially distanced now, this funeral is going to be scaled way back, but palace officials say it's still very much in line with what prince philip wanted. he chose all of the music. what he did not choose was this reported tension between prince harry and prince william they're going to see each other tomorrow for the first time since that explosive interview with oprah winfrey both will walk behind their grandfather's coffin, but not together they're going to be separated by a cousin who will walk in between them so make of that what you will, but it is pretty striking that these two brothers who have been through so much together will not be standing side by side frances. >> yeah, that is really telling. even more so that this is the first time they've seen each other, meaning they haven't even met, you know, behind closed doors themselves rough, thank you. >> it's going to get weird there
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strong economic data is sparking a rally on wall street. the dow closed about 34,000 for the first time yesterday the s&p 500 also notched a record close futures are flat ahead of the
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open get ready to feel the burn in your wallet at the grocery store, if you're not already feeling it according to the latest consumer price index, grocery prices are increasing and they're likely to keep going up. there was a 0.6% increase this march, according to the latest data from the bureau of labor statistics that was the largest one-month increase in nearly a decade. and over the past year prices have gone up by 2.6% overall, and the latest spike in grocery bills comes on the backs of prices that rose during the start of the pandemic and just never went down. >> yeah, it was a tough go we had empty store shelves earlier in the pandemic, and. >> costs more. a snowmobile darede catches some serious air till you find the perfect slice... some serious air e catches some serious air v catche some serious air i catches some serious air l catches some serious air t liste! that means cooking day and night until you get... [ ding ] you got paid!
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will you turn to cold washing with tide? tide cleans better in cold than the bargain brand in hot. so, mr. t can wash his hanes tees in cold. that's true mr. t. i pity the fool who don't turn to cold. ahh. professional snowmobiler levi nevali took a stunning ride through duluth, minnesota, for his latest project the exgames gold medalist spent more time flying through the air than on actual snow. his daring stunts include jumping over a train and soaring over lake superior. >> really cool the way that was shot, too. a lot of snow and the weather is helping him out janessa here's to talk about the weekend. >> yeah, if you're a ski fan across the plains, denver and the higher terrain really getting a good dose of about a foot of snow we're going to continue to watch that throughout the weekend. it's warm out to the west.
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♪ ♪ >> country singer carrie underwood wowing the crowd with her spanish vocals at this year's latin american musical awards, the night meant to honor the most talented latin musicians. and bad bunny who scooped up
4:27 am
five prizes including album of the year also took home the top title as artist of the year. a huge congratulations to all of them, and again, very impressive from carrie underwood. and the love for latin superstar selena still lives on 26 years after her death and now her music, fashion and life story is inspiring a new generation here's nbc's morgan radford. ♪ >> reporter: she's known as lareina, the queen of tejano, but for millions of fans around the world, she's known by one name, selena >> an inspiration for all of us, especially the latino community. >> i think of her as a role model. >> our moms listen to the music. they'll put it on. >> when they're cleaning the house. >> yes >> born 50 years ago, selena became one of the most influential latin artists of all time, debuting in spanish with a self-titled album in 1989 and then in english becoming the
4:28 am
first latin artist to ever top the billboard 200, all before the age of 24. her life tragically cut short in 1995 by a fatal gunshot from her former fan club president. and yet, today her legacy greater than ever. her music now inspiring a new generation with more than 213 million streams on spotify this year alone and through the hit series "selena" on netflix now entering its second season. >> what did it mean for latinos to have someone like selena then, and what does it mean now? >> selena's story is inspiring not just to latinos but also anyone who feels like an outsider around sonates today. >> she said the impossible is always possible. >> selena taught you that? >> yeah. >> morgan radford, nbc news, los angeles. >> it's great to see all those young girls and people and fans out there. so many artists out there to
4:29 am
follow, it's great to be able it know they appreciate what she contributed so many years ago. >> i grew up in texas during that time as big as tu pock and biggie were in the east coast, i
4:30 am
now at 4:30, breaking news. eight people dead along with the gunman after another mass shooting, this time indianapolis. new for you this morning, hear from the man who had to go into hiding. plus -- >> i had people from sacramento coming in, walnut creek, pleasanton. >> the bay area county that has openings and is already ready to give you your shot possibly today. also, the new hotline opening to report hate crimes against san francisco asian community. "today in the bay" starts


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