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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 15, 2021 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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dose. roogt now at 11:00, having problems finding your vaccine appointment? one bay area county says it has openings and is ready to give you a shot.>> also, demanding j. hundreds marched through the street of san francisco after three recent police shootings. the message they want you to hear. and being asked to do
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something they're not eligible to do. we begin tonight with breaking news. a shooting at a fedex facility in indianapolis. our affiliate reporting officers founltdz multiple victims. it appears the shooter has taken his own life. a witness at the plant said he was working when someone started shooting. that witness ducked down the hide from the shooter and tried to get out of the building. he told police as he left the building he saw a person injured on the ground not moving. we'll follow the story as we learn more. tonight, the tireless search to find an appointment now that everyone 16 and up is eligible for a covid-19 vaccine. most bay area counties had already opened up eligibility to all. today, the rest joined in. sonoma, napa and san mateo counties, the ones in purple. so you finally are eligible, but you can't get an appointment where you work or live.
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no problem. one bay area county says it has openings, and you're welcome. cheryl hurd has more. >> reporter: contra costa county seems to be the place to go if you're looking for a vaccine. thisnity center opened today and folks here administered about 155. and there's a lot more to go around. no reason to even think about standing in line for a covid-19 vaccination at the antioch community center. late this afternoon, we saw people coming and going with ease. >> there's no line. >> reporter: that surprised dor -- dorothy. >> they said to sign up on line, so i did. i tried myself and never got a response and i asked other people to sign up for me and still never got a response. >> reporter: she got lucky here, where federal, state and local agencies are making covid vaccines available on a walk-in
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basis. but a lot of people don't know about it. >> i had people from sacramento come in, walnut creek, people are trying to get in on an overloaded system. they can come here and get the shots right away. >> reporter: up to 500 a day will be available here, including weekends. this site closes april 25th. vaccine availability varies from county to opportunitiy. now, with 16-year-olds and up eligible, appointments can be hard to find. just today, a full day's worth of covid-19 vaccine appointments just opened up for tomorrow at the oakland coliseum. san mateo county hasn't been so lucky. >> i do feel that san mateo county has been left out of the vaccine delivery system. >> reporter: the county supervisor says opening up eligibility is creating more
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problems for his county. the latest blow is the pause put on the johnson & johnson vaccine. he's begging the state for help. >> what we're saying to our residents right now is the state isn't giving us enough of the vaccine. to me, that's just not right. >> reporter: cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. the governor visited a vaccination site today in union city. it's hosting a vaccine site in the church parking lot. the governor says california is now sixth in the world for total vaccinations given out. he says by midnight, he expects 50% of all eligible californians will have received at least one dose. >> i don't care where you get it, i just want you to get it. i don't care how you get it, just get it safely. >> i wanted to be the first one to show everybody in the family not to be scared. >> he says the more consistent
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supply of vaccines is coming by the end of the month. so until then, how is the vaccine supply holding up? okay, here's a look at doses for bay area counties. the ones that they're getting this week and next. santa clara is seeing a big drop. this week it got 367,000 doses. next week, it's down to 73,000. that dropoff because the county did get a huge shipment from the feds this week and hoping to get another boost from the feds next week, as well. if you move down to san mateo and san francisco, they're about pretty even to where they were this week. sonoma county, though, is seeing a drop. this week it got 13,700. but next week it's about 4600. less than 5,000. so the other question is, where do we stand with our vaccination rates? this shows the percentage of people who received at least one shot. marin county continues to dominate. 70% of its population has got an shot. most of the bay area, if you look across there, they're in
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the, you know, 50s and 60s. santa clara, however, is at 52%. and solano county is the only one below 50%. it's sticking with 47%. in terms of people that have gotten at least one dose of the vaccine. so we've heard for months about the possibility we'll need a booster shot, yes, even after all this. today, the ceo of pfizer confirmed, yep, you're going to need the third shot likely. he said the extra dose will probably come at the 12-month mark of being fully vaccinated. dr. peter chen hong says needing a booster shot really should not be that surprising. >> you know, personally as an infectious disease doctor, if it weren't for the variants many people think this double shot would last for some time, meaning a year or more, two years, three years even. but given the variants, i think that's why people have been bringing this up, and i think,
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yeah, who knows what the true motivation is, but i think it's not a bad idea to put that in our minds and consciousness, so at least we have that preparation mentally. >> pfizer says it's possible you will actually need to get an annual covid shot just the way you're supposed to get an annual flu shot. so are you still searching for that shot? we are here to help you, from vaccine hunting to what to do with that vaccine card. you can find the how-to series streaming on our platforms, our websites, youtube channel, all of it. new at 11:00 tonight, protests in san francisco calling for a closer look at police shootings across the country, including one that happened in daley city. sergio has more.
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>> reporter: the group gathered today, calling for change. it was organized in honor of roger allen from daley city. late this group also learned about the death of 13-year-old adam toletto from chicago. following the group of about a couple hundred demonstrators, the sister of roger allen, one of those being memorialized. she joined the demonstration before they started marching. she is surviing deep loss. >> that was my only brother. now it's just me. >> reporter: roger was killed april 7 in daley city. a vigil was held last night after new information was released on his case. he was shot by a police officer while holding a fake gun as he was sitting inside a truck with a flat tire. >> i never want my brother to be a hash tag. >> reporter: the demonstration in san francisco was part memorial and part protest.
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some brought flowers to lay before photos of wright and allen. >> my heartbreaks every time this happens. i'm a black person myself. >> reporter: this event is in solidarity where daunte wright was killed this weekend. the officer who pulled the trigger says she mistook her taser for her pistol. she has since resigned and has been arrested, along with solidarity of those killed, this group is calling for radical change. organizers moved on from chants about defunding the police. now they're calling for abolishing them and the entire justice department. >> as a person who does not believe in prison, i think that there needs to be just a reimagination of how we deal with these cases. >> reporter: most of the people killed by police have been calling for officers to face the same justice as everyone else. >> for the black community, daunte wright's death is reopening wounds they say never
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seem to heal. we talked about those events unfolding in minnesota and across the country. on tonight's episode of "race in america," we also discuss the anger and the fear that is still palpable in the asian-american community in the bay area. if you missed it, we posted the episode on our website. just go to the officer violated policies. that's what a new independent investigation found into a deadly officer shooting at a walmart. this is body cam video of that shooting last april. two officers responded to the store over reports that a man named steven taylor was threatening employees with a bat. one officer shot taylor fatally, but the report found that the other officer there used his taser on taylor after he had been shot. that violates police policy. the report says the use of deadly force could have been avoided all together. one officer has been charged with voluntary manslaughter for shooting taylor.
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the police department will consider disciplinary action for the other officer by june. the search is under way in marin county. the coast guard says a fishing boat was discovered sitting in the water with the motor idling. the owner, unaccounted for. and the search will continue for at least the next hour. it is a dream for thousands of kids around the country to play at baseball tournaments, especially in new york and to see the hall of fame. but tonight, many of those dreams are being crushed because it's requiring everyone 12 and over to be vaccinated. even though that's not allowed yet. ian cole explains the problem. >> reporter: this baseball team is made up of 12-year-olds who want to play like the pros. they've worked years towards this. a summer trip to cooperstown, new york, for a week-long camp and tournament. >> for these kids, it's almost like the world series. >> reporter: teams book a year out and put down deposits.
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>> right next to the hall of fame in cooperstown, new york. about 102 teams go out there. the kids go out there and get an opportunity to play kids from all over the country. >> reporter: but the site, cooperstown dreams park, says all kids 12 and up must have a covid vaccine to participate. the problem is the fda hasn't approved the vaccine for use in anyone under 16 yet, dashing the dreams of players like dominic. >> you have to get a vaccine even though there's not a vaccine available for us. it's unfair, because we've been working really hard. >> reporter: there's no set date when the fda could approve it. the tournament is offering refunds, but teams still have to decide by monday. >> just really a letdown. you're asking us to do something we can't comply with right now. >> reporter: cooperstown dreams park didn't return our request for comment. but states in part, our plan is the only responsible course of
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action at this time to prevent a camp shut down and displacement of families. >> unfair to the players. we just want to have fun and we can't. >> reporter: ian cole, nbc bay area news. we are back in 60 seconds with a video that's raising red flags. a police officer showing off his martial arts moves in full uniform. the internal investigation now under way. plus, it's the future site of thousands of homes all right on the water. what environmentalists say. how climate change could cause big problems for a local housing project. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. see that area of high pressure? it's going to bring big warm thing weekend, even to the beaches. i'll have all the details in about six minutes.
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light to build thousands of homes on the san francisco bay, near contaminated sites. i want to show you where it's located on a beautiful stretch of bay in south richmond. but environmentalists say it's the bay waters that are the problem, as the seas rise, the contaminants could reach out of the tainted soil and create a hazard for anyone who lives there. cheryl hurd takes a look at the action some are trying to put a stop to it. >> we want humans to be protected before any development commences. >> reporter: sherry lives and works near the land owned by zeneca, incorporated, who owns astrazeneca, which is making one of the vaccines to fight coronavirus. she says that land is filled with contaminated soil. the department of toxic substances control, along with zeneca, incorporated, are working to deal with the problem. the state database for tracking
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toxic sites shows what's been going on over the years. the causes for contamination by zeneca, incorporated and other companies who owned the site are listed. they range from hazardous waste storage to illegal dumping, to manufacturing pesticides. it also lists the contaminants of concerns. >> i'm a two cancer survivor and i'm motivated by those experiences to help other humans. >> reporter: she admit there is is no evidence connecting her cancers to environmental hazards at this site. but she believes thousands of cubic yards of dangerous dirt needs to be removed before anyone h builds on it. >> there are many other locations in richmond that are appropriate for people to live, not here. >> reporter: a realty company plans to spend $1 billion or more to build up to 4,000 town homes, shops, restaurants, a grocery store, and even a
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community park. richmond city council approached the project in december. environmental watch dog bay keeper says that shouldn't happen. >> it's one of those toxic sites that is expected to be inundated by sea level rise, and we're already seeing at high tides, at king tides that the site is inundated with water. >> reporter: they captured this drone video that shows how san francisco bay waters are already watching over the site. as climate change pushes sea levels higher and higher, environmentalists worry the dangerous soil under the concrete cap could leach into the bay. >> there are over 100 chemicals that are buried in that site. and the planning for decades has been to do a cleanup before anything else was done with the site. >> reporter: this attorney is part of a team of environmental lawyers that represent richmond
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showline, alliance. citizens for east shore park and various other groups. they are suing the city for approving a large housing development on a site without removing the toxins. they say the state's plan to pave over contaminated dirt is not safe. we reached out to the department of toxic substances control, the agency would not talk on camera, but told us in a statement it believes paving over the site is the proper way to make it safe. and removing the contaminants would take about ten years to implement and more importantly, create far more air pollution, dangerous traffic and increased dust. and then there's climate change. >> they're using way out of date information. if you look at the projections by the national oceanic administration, they could have ten feet of sea rise by the end of this century. all bets are off what kind of effects that might have.
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>> reporter: the lawsuit claims the cleanup plan is based on old state guidelines which predicted the bay waters would rice 24 inches by 2050. but new state standards have sea levels rising 42 inches, almost double. we asked the department of toxic substances control what measurements it used, and it said 14 inches by 2050. however, the department of toxic substances did say it plans to review the situation every five years after construction. it went on to say the purpose of the review is to determine if human health and the environment remains protected. >> we need housing in richmond and in the entire bay area. >> reporter: the mayor says this is not richmond's problem. the state's department of toxic substances is in charge of it. he says he once had questions about what the cleanup should look like, but now he's comfortable with the state's
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plan. >> what this comes down to is, do you believe a group of nimbies who are opposing new housing in richmond or the state of california department of toxic substances control? >> reporter: we reached out to zeneca incorporated and they said, we are confident the planned cleanup of the property is protective of human health and the environment and compatible with the future site redevelopment plans. the statement went on to say -- >> reporter: they told us it's disappointed with the legal delay saying -- >> reporter: she says no matter
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who makes it happen, cleanup is crucial to save the environment and to keep people safe. >> i'm not so opposed to development of the property itself. just clean it up first. >> reporter: in richmond, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we see that, you know, conflict between, you know, land rights and property and open space and development and the environment more and more these days, jeff. >> yeah. and, you know, the sea level already is rising throughout the bay area. as cheryl mentioned, it is expected to continue to rise. so we also have more on that in our climate in crisis section, if you want to search sea level rise to get more details on that. let's bringw morning. before we get to some weekend morning. so do expect some of those patchy low clouds. temperatures, chilly in the 40s.
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47 in the south bay. try valley at 46, almost coming in with more of the 40s. over the east bay, san francisco and the north bay. once we get over this, i anticipate getting sunshine, certainly by 11:00 in the morning. and that's going to leave us with an incredible afternoon. especially for those of you in napa. 74, concord. 75 in livermore. 74 and low 70s san jose to morgan hill. if you go anywhere near the bay or coast, cool 50s and 60s. maybe going up to lake tahoe. check out our snow reports. mild temperatures here, 50s friday and saturday. 60s on sunday. morning lows in the 20s and 30s. a good time to be had across the sierra. at home this weekend, high pressure is going to block any rain chances, push temperatures 10 to 15 degrees above average.
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check out my beach forecast. now, half moon bay, this is a beautiful day for you. up to some low 70s here on sunday. santa cruz up to 77 by 3:00 p.m. on sunday. so no doubt, best beach day is going to be on sunday with that warmest weather. in san francisco, some great weather throughout downtown, with 70 for the average on sunday. across the inland valleys, you're going to feel it. some good weather on saturday. 81, sunday 86. jessica, pool weather in effect this weekend. we just got to find a pool, right? >> when you find one, let me know, jeff. we'll be right back.
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only on nbc bay area, it is raising questions. an investigation is under way because of this video circulating among san jose police officers. it was sent to us anonymously. the video shows a police sergeant in uniform performing martial arts moves with two police batons. it is set to a song titled mortal combat. he taught defensive tack tucks to -- tactics to officers. >> not even as warmup we would do stuff like that. this video is irresponsible. >> we reached out to the officer in the video. he referred us to the police spokesman for comment. the department is conducting an internal investigation. and no one believes there's any crime here, but privately, several officers told us this is not the image they want the public to have of their department or their officers.
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an important game for the warriors. we'll show you what happened next in sports. happening now, former vice president pence is he hadg a slowed heart rate for the past two weeks after consulting with doctors he decided to have the pacemaker implanted. the operation happened yesterday in virginia. he says he's thankful for the swift care of his doctors. back in a moment.
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the warriors and the cavaliers met four times over the five years in the nba finals. tonight, they met with a lot less at take but it was still an important game. golden state got an important win, winning 119-101. stef was recently asked if he thinks he's the greatest shooter of all time. >> you know, when you go to the movies and you sit and watch the previews and they show you like, you know, 99% of the movie, and then you probably know what's going to happen in the beginning, middle and end. but you still got to go see the movie when it comes out? i'm at that point where the trailer is out.
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>> all right. listen to the entire interview by downloading the podcast. we'll be right back.
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could a t-rex once have walked through your backyard? a new study from uc berkeley teaching us more about how many t-rexes roamed forecast america. it suggests 2.5 billion t-rexes lived and died when dinosaurs were on earth. about 3800 in california. the findings have pailian toll gists around the world amazed. that would be so cool. that's going to do it for us. thank you for being with me this evening. see you tomorrow. stay safe and healthy. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon."


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