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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 15, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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hit refresh, keep going, be persistent and hopefully you'll get it soon. >> a mad dash to secure vaccine appointments across california, millions more now eligible to book shots, but the big overall question, will supply meet demand? the expert advice you need to know as "today in the bay" starts now. >> good thursday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. we have much more ahead including helpful tips for making those vaccine appointments. but first, let's get you started with your day. vianey has a look at the roads coming up in a bit but first
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meteorologist kari hall has a look at the thursday forecast. >> hey, it's looking pretty good. we're starting out with a live look outside in san jose. our temperatures in the upper 40s. don't forget the jacket, a cool morning, trending towards another really nice and mild day, as we look at all of our microclimates, take a look at where you live, we'll reach into the low 70s for today, with napa today reaching 71. 65 in oakland and 1 in san jose. vianey, how is it looking for the early morning commuters? >> we're doing okay, kari. we did have a crash that's now cleared overnight in the south bay, and i am noticing some slowing along highway 17. i checked the traffic reports, it doesn't look like there's a crash, so it could just be overnight construction that continues to slow things down through highway 17 in both directions. as far as the rest of the bay area, we're doing okay so far. speed sensors are green and our bridge drive times pretty
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smooth. westbound 80 toward the bay bridge seven minutes. westbound 92 toward the san mateo bridge about 12 minutes and westbound 84 toward the dumbarton bridge only 9 minutes. another look at traffic in a few minutes. back to you. >> sounds good. this morning, every californian 16 and up is now eligible for a covid-19 vaccine. >> with the big rush to get the shot, what will it mean for you? as "today in the bay's" sergio quintana shows us, counties they are struggling to keep up with the demand. >> reporter: at the stanford covid-19 vaccine clinic in emeryville, it was like rush hour just before sunset. this is one of the spots that people across the bay area have found that has appointments available. jeff and sherri hutchson just got their first dose. >> i feel relieved. it's an emotional thing to decide to get one and glad i did. >> happy to have the first and can't wait to get the second over with. >> reporter: katherine drove from san jose to get her shot. >> i'm very relieved. i didn't think i would get it this early.
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>> reporter: once santa clara county opened eligibility for people 16 and older monday, katherine hopped online and booked her appointment here in emerd one closer to home. santa clara county department of public health officials say even though they just got 300,000 doses from the federal government, appointments were almost immediately snapped up and san mateo county, the freeze on giving johnson & johnson vaccines and relatively small shipments from the state has caused a shortfall of about 5,000 doses for this week and next. >> i think the bay area's doing quite well. >> reporter: dr. annan chabra says the department will be using some of its limited supply to reach underserved communities. >> we're trying to move vaccine as quickly as possible. the supply is limit i encourage people to be patient and try every option you have. >> reporter: residents check out stanford and kaiser or pharmacies or availability and those now logging to n to find a
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vaccine, a word of advice from someone who just got a first dose. >> hit refresh, keep going, be persistent, and hopefully you'll get it soon. >> reporter: sergio quintana, "today in the bay." now we want to bring in consumer investigator chris chmura. i spoke with him to find out some of the tricks for your vaccine hunt. okay, chris, a lot of people looking for convenient and easy way for vaccine appointments. do you have tips or tricks? >> good morning, marcus. the key is to search everywhere you can. here's where we've been searching. first the state's official website if you don't find any appointments there, don't give up. just move on. look to see if your local public health office has any open slots or information about mass vaccine sites. check if w your health plan, lots of people online reported good success with that route. finally check with the big pharmacy companies and consider
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doing your search overnight. we noticed the number of available appointments at cvs was greatest at 1:00 a.m. costco just added more locations but it's been offering the one-shot johnson & johnson vaccine. that's on hold. so it might be even more difficult to find appointments there. now, speaking of finding appointments, local might be an issue but we've seen wide open availability outside the bay area. >> speaking of outside the bay area, a lot of people are talking about driving long distance to get that shot. chris, you went to bakersfield. how far does one have to go to get this shot? >> i guess it depends on how quickly you want to get a shot. if you don't want to wait, you might find some open same-day appointments in the central valley or mass vaccination sites that will take walk-ups, that's what my wife and i did, a walk-up mass vaccination site, no waiting, just eight hours of driving because they opened up availability. we found it by looking at public health websites, county by county, until we found a mass
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vaccine clinish that didn't require an appointment. in and out in an hour. >> you see online different versions, one is better than the other. can you choose the vaccine that you want to get? >> yes and no. some clinics and pharmacies say you'll get whatever they have on hand. some pharmacies have been giving customers an option during the appointment setting process. the johnson & johnson vaccine once it resumes or the two-dose pfizer or moderna shot. >> if you get the vaccine, the two-dose vaccine you need the second appointment for that one. so is it going to be difficult to book that one after you get your first shot? >> it might be. before you leave the clinic that's giving you your first dose, ask them to set your second appointment. if they won't or can't, you'll likely have to hunt again, and that's what happened to me. we didn't get a second shot set up so we later contacted the health system that ran our clinic, it made an appointment closer to home, thankfully. the health plan rep. said they could see availability about a month out but pharmacies are only publicly sharing a few days
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out. so as more and more people are getting shot one, there's going to be more competition for shot two so i'd recommend checking occasionally or often after your first dose to see what's available for your second. if we see changes or hacks to help you with that process, we'll let you know. >> never thought with getting the second shot having to search again. good to know, thanks, chris. >> you're welcome. >> certainly some helpful information. from your vaccine hunting to what to do with your vaccine card, our consumer investigator chris chmura has those tips for you as part of his how-to series. find them on our streaming platforms, website or youtube channel. look for our how-to playlist. resign now, the message for a north bay mayor accused of sexually assaulting six women. the windsor mayor dominic foppoli says he's not guilty and he's staying in office. terry mcsweeney watched the wildly emotional meeting that
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happened last night. >> consideration demanding that mayor foppoli resign -- >> reporter: a most bizarre site at special meeting of the windsor town council, the mayor reading the resolution that he resign immediately and he says he won't. >> the reason i am not stepping down is that in this case i know the truth of those experiences. i don't blame those who are angry and suggest this as they were not there and do not know what i know. >> reporter: the accusations of six women were enough to sway the councilmembers. >> if you love windsor as much as you said you always have, then you need to resign tonight so that we can move on and start the healing process. >> reporter: the accusations began in 2017, with a woman detailing an assault by the mayor in 2013. she says she would not cooperate with any investigation and wanted to inform the council of his character. four more women came forward in "the "san francisco chronicle" article, public comment was
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unanimous and powerful. >> resign, you rapist. these allegations are credible. they're multiple and they've been corroborated. >> i've had my butt grabbed by him and i have seen some of the things that people are referring to. >> reporter: windsor councilmember esther lemos did not attend, he accuses her of sexual misconduct. she is one of his accusers. the council voted to demand the resignation but it carry no, sir weight. the only way to remove is if he's convicted as a felony or the voters recall him. in windsor, terry mcsweeney, "nbc bay area news." 4:39, investigators are searching for answers to what led up to a crash involving a chp officer in the south bay. it happened last night near the 280 and 85 interchange of the cupertino area. investigators say another car crashed into the chp suv then flipped on its side. the officer wasn't hurt.
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the driver of the other car was taken to the hospital. developing now, s.w.a.t. teams surrounding a home in connection with a shooting in san jose. this is along north fourth street near taylor. a suspect is believed to be barricaded inside right now. it's all in connection with a shooting that happened about 12 hours ago, along north fourth and east heading streets, not too far from the middle school. one person was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. i section of north fourth still remains closed. the city of oakland overwhelmed trying to respond to the homeless crisis, the conclusion in a new city audit, finds oakland agencies lack a comprehensive homeless strategy and need new policies and direction. the city auditor released a report yesterday along with more than two dozen recommendations. it found the city had to shell out more than $12 million in mostly unbudgeted money over the past two years to manage an explosion in homeless
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deposit, plan and pay with easy tools from chase. simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. in this season of renewal, lowe's is recommitting to our lowe's price promise for competitive prices everyday. and if you find the exact item for less, we'll match it. so the possibilities can bloom. lowe's. home to any budget. home to any possibility. good thursday morning. right now at 4:43 in antioch, if you're about to head out the door, we're starting out with temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s, and it's a clear
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commute for you. might need to crank on the heater for a little bit. later today, nice and comfortable. we'll talk about all of our microclimates in our forecast, coming up. a quick check of your tri-valley drive times, westbound 580 from grant line road to 680 looking at about 21 minutes. southbound 60 from 580 to vargas road only 10 minutes. no crashes to report at this time. a full traffic report in a few minutes. good morning. i'm bertha coombs from cnbc. wall street set to open higher, we've gotten some good earnings from the likes of united health, also from bank of america as well. we did see the broader market fall yesterday, the s&p 500 pulling back from its record high and the nasdaq down about 1%, dragged down by big tech names like tesla, netflix, amazon and apple. the dow did rise on the back of positive earnings from jpmorgan
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and goldman sachs, and looks to be a review of that this morning. the financial sector has been among the big winners of 2021, up nearly 20% year to date. this morning, we're going to be getting reports on retail sales and the number of people filing for unemployment benefits, and we'll also be getting earnings from citigroup and delta airlines. we'll look at how the flying public is doing these days. walmart plans to convert two-third of its hourly store roles to full time positions by the end of this year as it looks to hold onto the workers. the pickup and delivery business has boomed since the start of the pandemic and shows no signs of letting up, prompting walmart to add more full time jobs with consistent schedules. the latest move walmart will have added 100,000 more full time positions than it did five years ago. meantime, google is rolling out more features for its digital assistant, including helping users order takeout from
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restaurants. google assistant will now fill in contact information and payment details on android phones after you find a restaurant through google search. it's not going to be that much different from what you already see in apps like grubhub and uber eats but it will help you order more quickly. one limitation the assistant can only help with pickup orders for now and only works with google's partner restaurants as well. those are the latest headlines this morning from cnbc. marcus and law camera, i'll send it back to you. i'm a little tongue-tied this morning. >> you talk about the food, you just made me hungry. that's one thing i know. thanks, bertha. >> it's almost friday. have you ever wondered if we're really alone in the universe? next on "today in the bay," the mysterious images that are being investigated as ufos. and we speak to the documentary filmmaker who is releasing these photos and video. we'll be right back.
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little bit warmer but we've been enjoying the nice ocean breeze kicking up during the afternoon to evening hours. starting out cool this morning as we take a live look out there in walnut creek, it's about 51 degrees and we'll hold steady here for a few hours before we start to see those temperatures warming up, so if you're about to step out the door, this is the reminder that you will need the sunglasses at some point today because we will see a beautiful, bright day. our temperatures reach up to 73 in concord. martinez will see a high there of 69 degrees and some low 60s as you head over toward oak land, rather mid-60s. we'll be in the upper 50s for san francisco, as well as half moon bay, and santa rosa we're looking at a high of about 68 degrees so not bad at all, and the wind continues to calm down. if you're one of the lucky few to make it to the game tonight for the a's, we are going to see those temperatures very cool at first pitch at 6:40, it's going to be 57 degrees, and those
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temperatures will be dropping as the game goes on so wear a nice warm jacket. through the forecast not a lot of changes except for high pressure getting closer, still keeping our rain chances down but it will be heating up our temperatures, going into the weekend. by next week, there will be a low dropping into the north, and it could bring us some showers, but it doesn't look very likely at this point. so we do continue on with some dry weather, just our temperatures going up and down, so it feels very spring-like for today and tomorrow, and then summer for the weekend, and then we go back to spring early next week. a lot of changes here in the forecast, vianey. how is it looking for the morning commute? >> not a lot going on, things are pretty quiet. we had a couple of crashes that cleared out overnight, and the only thing you may encounter this morning are some areas with overnight construction. down through the south bay we have that crash that popped up but it's not really an issue anymore so let's look at how the drive times are doing. northbound 101 from highway 85
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only looking at about 18 minutes. northbound 280 from highway 101 to highway 85 seven minutes and northbound 85 from highway 101 about 20 minutes. not too bad out there. marcus? >> thanks, v. another desperate scene captured on camera, someone dropping a young child over the wall at the southern border. u.s. border patrol agents near san diego released this surveillance video of a man they say from ghana dropping a 2-year-old child from more than 15 feet on sunday. the child landed unharmed in its father's arms. agents arrived soon after and detained the group. a similar scene played out last month involving two young ecuadorian sisters in mexico, soon to be reunited with their parents. >> people are so desperate. the navy decommissioned the
4:53 am
""uss bon holme richard" in a private ceremony. it ignited during a renovation in july causing $3 billion in damage, a repair tab the military deemed too high. the cause is believed to be arson but no one was ever arrested. have you ever thought maybe we're not alone? seems the pentagon may be getting closer to revealing its own conclusions. some say these images and clips show a possible ufo, maybe you've seen some of the footage before. they were classified until a documentary filmmaker released them last year. he says the pentagon not only confirms authenticity but plans to present them during a congressional report this summer. the former director of the pentagon program says this is not a case of science fiction. >> i know it's hard for people to really, you know, wrap their head around it, but it is real. that's no longer a point of conjecture. we are well beyond that. the question is, what is it and
4:54 am
how does it work? >> gadi schwartz is trying to get to the bottom of the mystery. you can see his full report on the "today" show, immediately after "today in the bay" at 7:00 this morning. so who is ready to hop on a plane and head out of town? coming up next on "today in the bay," the new study on that middle seat and if leaving it empty really makes a difference when it comes to spreading covid. and happening now, our team is actively monitoring vaccine eligibility that is now open to everyone 16 and older and we just found six covid vaccine appointments still open in napa county. kaiser permanente is offering them for tomorrow afternoon only for napa county residents 16 and older but you do not need to have kaiser insurance. when you book, you'll need to book that first and second shot. we are looking at more of those appointments in other places and keep you informed throughout the morning. we'll be right back. 4:54.
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so just when most airlines started selling their middle seats once again, new data shows leaving middle seats open can greatly reduce the risk of covid-19. cdc researchers looked at different types of planes to see transmission rates and exposure to virus particles could be reduced up to 57% when the middle seats are not occupied. the cdc still recommends passengers wear face masks on flights. talking about my dream destination. the maldives is itching for big travel boon post pandemic. it will offer tourist vaccinations upon ai feel radio, the initiative aimed the reviving the hardest-hit travel sector and the country's tourism
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minister says visitors must provide a negative pcr covid test and proof of hotel booking to gain entry into the country. he did not say whether visitors under that new plan would have to pay for their shots. our team coverage -- >> one way to get your shot. >> -- continues ahead. next on "today in the bay" we're making sure you get the covid vaccine appointment as everyone 16 and up is now eligible across the state. what our "today in the bay" team is finding online right now. plus, a fourth night of unrest overnight in minnesota, just hours after a former officer was charged in the fatal shooting of daunte wright. what is expected as she is set to face a judge. we'll be right back.
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experience all the deals. in-store and online. at lowe's first annual springfest. home to any budget. home to any possibility. now at 5:00, the rush is on. every californian 16 years and up now eligible for a covid vaccine. overnight, many staying up late, slamming online appointment systems. this morning, our crews are fanned out across the bay area, testing all those sites as well. what they're finding out, just ahead, as "today in the bay" continues right now. good thursday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm washington. the change means 18 million more people immediately qualify to get that shot. however, the governor's office says that some of these people may have already received the vaccine due to their job or health condition, in either case will there be enough


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