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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  April 14, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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and in the bay area people are already celebrating the games. >> it's been a long journey but i'm excited to keep it going. >> san francisco's japantown was buzzing today. the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening. thank you for being with us. >> it is about to be open season at midnight. every californian 16 and older will be able to book appointment for that covid-19 vaccine. several bay area counties have been at that threshold but today's counties joined in. >> many ways tomorrow the flood gates will open. as we have discovered the next several weeks will be challenging, getting that appointment can be tricky. bring in the consumer investigator with some pro tips. ♪♪ >> reporter: let's start with
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the state's website. my turn cent the department of health says you don't have to register or prove eligibility. just search for an appointment but if you do more digging you can find other available sites for open appointments. start with the county's public health office and other county's too. they may have information on mass vaccination sites. we search santa clarita and gound shots in gilroy and appointments we didn't see on the state website. checking is key and you can search pharmacy websites. they get more doses and added appointments, too. >> our goal is to be in every store. >> cvs walked us through how it works there. the federal government sends supply notifications. cvs selects locations and updates the appointment system. cvs said they do that regularly but we saw the biggest batches
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of appointments open each night generally 1:00 a.m. and people grab them fast so you might have to get up early to grab one. >> we encourage everyone to check regularly and don't feel like there's no vaccine left. >> reporter: walgreens said they update weekly but wouldn't tell us one day. one message is pharmacies do not accept walk-ins. >> we are not allowing anyone to come into the store and don't do that. >> you must have an appointment to get a covid-19 vaccine at a pharmacy. consider calling nearby pharmacies to see if they keep a local stand-by list. you don't get much notice but might be seen much faster. it helped for my colleague. >> what i did and other people did, call local pharmacies and see if they put them on a waiting list. it was worth my time. >> if you get the moderna or
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pfizer vaccine you need a second shot three weeks later. if they require you to book it yourself don't wait. if you travel a long distance to get the first shot you don't necessarily have to travel back to the same location for the second. good luck. when we learn more we'll have it for you right here. >> chris, thank you. chris has tips for you. part of the how-to series and find them on the streaming platforms, website and youtube travel. look for the how-to play list. as people continue to get vaccinated a small fraction had breakthrough infection. that's being positive after being vaccinated. contra costa county identified 88 positive. marin county 6. san mateo county 44. health officials say it's not surprising since the vaccines are not 100% effective. continue practice social
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distancing and wear that mask. a prestigious institution could be key to determining when we'll have a covid vaccine for the youngest children. today stanford began to test the pfizer vaccine on kids under 5. this afternoon we got the chance to catch up with a family whose 3-year-old is part of the pfizer trial. the parents say so far so good. and they're happy to help in the effort to keep kids safe. >> we know that there's lots of other families with children in the vulnerable population who are waiting for this to be a reality and so we're proud to have a child that's willing to participate. >> she will be back for further tests in two weeks and doctors say if all goz well might be a vaccine for children under 5 by the end of the year. open up is the message from the governor.
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he drove home the importance of in-person instruction as in on campus. here's jody hernandez. >> reporter: the governor says this is the week many have been waiting for. hundreds of california's schools reopening this week including shepherd elementary school here in santa rosa, but for those schools holding back the governor says it is time to get with the program. >> we can do this safely. we know that. >> reporter: the governor says he is happy to see so many schools welcoming students back to campus this week. >> there's no substitute for that enrichment coming from being in school. >> reporter: but as schools reopen across the bay area and the state, some like the pittsburgh unified school district said they will be in distanced learning through the end of the school year. >> so the bell has rung on those that want to hold back that progress and i want to challenge
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those districts an i'm frustrated because i see the pain that my kids are going through. any parent who sees pain in their kids and can't fix it gets frustrated. >> reporter: wolfgang says the children had enough of distanced learning. >> no! >> reporter: his 10-year-old son has downs syndrome and daily meltdowns are now the norm. >> i see my son literally every day having traumatic episodes tired of zoom and can't process everything. >> reporter: he said he's glad the governor is pushing the schools the open. the governor said there's too much at stake for consumes not to resume right away. >> i don't have a close fist on this. i have an open hand. but i hope they have an open heart because the consequences of delay are profound.
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>> reporter: jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. a day some thought might never come after a pandemic delay and we are 100 days from the 2020 tokyo olympics. the road to tokyo goes through san francisco. today a celebration to honor olympians and community leaders. here's robert honda. >> reporter: for someone that attended hi cheerleader daughter's high school football game this month the timing of the olympics doesn't seem unusual so it's 100 days and counting. >> i thought it's a dream. >> reporter: it was overdue for the 100 days countdown to the 2020 tokyo olympics. nbc bay area and the japanese cultural and community center of northern california hosting an event in san francisco's japantown honoring local olympians and community leaders that showed courage in the covid pandemic. >> the pandemic hit the world.
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every country, every district, every village and the only other thing that reaches this far worldwide is the olympics. >> reporter: 26-year-old foil fencer of san francisco is headed to his second olympics after an individual silver and a team bronze at the 2016 games. he spent the year delay focusing on personal growth. >> whether it's my own identity being asian-american and trying to reflect on what that means especially in light of the rising hate crimes in the united states. >> reporter: ice skating gold medalist christie yamaguchi said peaking is difficult but has confidence in the athletes. >> i think they face special challenges that we've never seen before ever so i think they're going to need our support and our cheering them on more than ever. >> i think it's something for the world to look at and see our youth who are so incredible and
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so determined and see them perform. >> reporter: with all the relief and gratitude that the olympics are happening at all there's a lot more at stake in tokyo has just sports victories. in san francisco, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> good to see them today. i was there with the mayor breed and you can feel the hope and the excitement in the asian-american community. we need good news. in tokyo today an olympics ring monument unveiled. mike tirico will lead the coverage in tokyo and he understands as the world tries to unite and heal. >> it's going to be special to get everyone to celebrate together in sports and in the world since we have all been through the rough, rough 15 months or so. >> well said. we have a fist look at what team usa athletes looking at the closing ceremony. stylish? >> yes! i like. >> ralph lauren the designer yet
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again. >> a nautical look. >> white jacket, blue hood. >> nathan in that. >> that collar an american flag on the shoulder. every item is manufactured in the united states. we have our japanese poppy. you like that? >> cute. >> i was wearing that today in japantown. nbc bay area. >> nice! look at you. how tilish. >> elizabeth our production assistant will present you with it. >> thank you, elizabeth. i am so excited about this. >> put it on and we are all set for the tokyo games because it comes through the bay area. >> i will wear this the entire games. >> you look beautiful. >> thank you. i'm super excited. >> this is designed by nbc bay area. >> thank you. making amends to asian-american. the steps the bay area mayor is
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taking to right the wrongs. authorities believe they believe they know where kristin smart is buried 25 years after her disappearance. i'm jeff ranieri. where the fog rolls in for tomorrow and something your apps won't have. the updated drought numbers. back with that in about eight minutes.
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a new development tonight in the cold case murder of kristin
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smart. prosecutors say her accused killer may have sexually assaulted her and the d.a. says there might be other victims. smart was a 19-year-old freshman when she disappeared. her body is yet to be found and last seen walking home from a campus party with a freshman. yesterday florez was arrested for her murder and the d.a. said the likely crime scene was the dorm room and while the statute of limitations expired for rape they're charging for attempted rape. >> we conclude there might be additional victims in the southern california area and i don't want to go into the nature of that but he was known to frequent bars in the san pedro area. >> paul florez's 80-year-old father reuben accused of helping his son hide the body. the d.a. says they believe they know where the remains are and not going to say where.
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today though crews resumed digging at reuben florez's home. a santa cruz man facing life in prison for murdering a child could be free in four years. adrian gonzalez was 15 when he pleaded not guilty to kidnapping, raeping and killing his neighbor 8-year-old maddy middleton but this week gonzalez 21 pleaded guilty to all charges after his case was moved to juvenile court. that transfer after the state supreme court ruled suspects under 16 cannot be tried as adults under the juvenile system he would be eligible torre leased at 25 but at that time prosecutors can petition the court to keep gonzalez in custody. an east bay mayor wants the city to come to terms with the ugly past. more than 100 years ago antioch set the city's chinatown on fire
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and the mayor now wants the city to apologize for the historic wrongs. melissa colorado shows us how the mayor wants to commemorate the chinese community. >> reporter: when you think of chinatown surely you think of san francisco or oakland. but did you know that antioch had its own chinatown more than a century ago? you probably don't. here's why. that chinatown was burned down back in late 1800s by an angry mob and today the mayor said that's history everyone should know. >> this is where chinatown was when it was burned down. >> reporter: these are the tos of the first chinese immigrants in antioch and back then they needed a business license to work there. >> people of chinese heritage walking from walking the city streets after sunset. >> reporter: they had secret underground tunnels to allow them to walk safely at night to and from work. >> underneath this building
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there are tunnels. where we marginalized our chinese brothers and sisters. >> reporter: today antioch's dark history is coming to light thanks to the mayor following the strings against members of the aapi community. >> it's disturbing. >> reporter: the mayor plans to launch proposals to make amends with a official from the city. the mayor also wants people to know about antioch's historic chinatown district by marking where it used to be. >> it happened to me. >> reporter: before andy lee was elected as president of the community college district -- >> someone call me you are a communist. i was shocked. >> reporter: lee says it might be more than a century overdue but a key step towards what's happening today. >> for a lot of people if you do something wrong and don't apologize you just can't to do
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it. right? just like the anti-asian hate crime. >> reporter: melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. >> we invite you to join the conversation tomorrow. we are going to be airing the 12th episode of "race in america." tomorrow night at 7:00. our guest include daniel day kim, christine cheng along with country music singer miko marks and a pastor to talk about the recrept events in this country. the comptroller said it might be time to end the contract with the garbage company and what led to a $100 million in garbage collection overcharges over 4 years. recalled a simple mistake but the review concludes the rate process lacks trance parns sy and safeguards and recommends the city reexamines the
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situation. a measure to do that failed a decade ago but backers say it's time to reconsider. >> the monopoly isn't working. we need a new system and scrap the monopoly and end it and go out to bid with a transparent process of get the best deal for rate payers. >> we reached out to them for a response to the report and recommendation but they have not returned our calls. let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri and at midweek. >> hey, guys. >> beautiful outside still. >> yeah. and it is going to continue as we roll through tomorrow's forecast. by this weekend hitting a warm stride of weather so let's bring into the weather headlines for tomorrow morning and still seeing the really cold low to mid-40s to start and patchy fog.
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through the day lots of sun. mild weather. ahead warmer weather this weekend. let's give you a look at the fog for tomorrow morning. over oakland and to about hayward why that cloud cover to santa cruz. hitting the afternoon that sunshine stays with us. you can see it right there and really fantastic day coming our way. puts us at 71 napa. low 70s san jose and morgan hill. 68 in palo alto. half moon bay with the 50s. dry, beautiful but we know the rain season a big disappointment. i wanted to update you on the drought. 69.68% in california severe drought. our snow pack on april 1st finished at 59 percent of normal. 7-day forecast there's the
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warmer temperatures. by sunday up to 86 degrees. so coming up, we'll take a look at the two-week rain and temperature outlook. lucy, she is taking a nap. look. we are still work from home and will have lucy wednesday. >> yay! >> saying hi to her in a few minutes. why not? >> thank you. coming up, ready to go to a comedy show or a concert? san francisco eases the restrictions. also, he is overcome cancer and now ready to swim for yet another gold. we catch up with cal alum nathan adrian as we are 100 days from the tokyo olympics but yosemite is getting a new $10 million visitor center. we'll show you what it will look like and when construction will begin.
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and sometimes the hardest thing about homework is finding a place to do it. so why not hook community centers up with wifi? for kids like us, and all the amazing things we're gonna learn. over the next 10 years, comcast is committing $1 billion to reach 50 million low-income americans with the tools and resources they need to be ready for anything. i hope you're ready. 'cause we are.
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san francisco mayor breed is challenging us to help small businesses recover from the pandemic and announced san francisco's small business 30-day challenge encouraging city residents and visitors to spend money locally. rather than shopping on amazon or big box retailers. breed says despite the city, state and federal government with business loans in the pandemic they need more help to recover. >> what's important to me is that we all recover together. and what that means is making sure that we support one another not just through city resources but by going to the local stores and businesses in our community. >> the challenge officially beginning may 1. a glass tower about to change the skyline in downtown san jose and has a website. here it is. market street towers isn't even built yet and this week the city council approved what looks like a cluster of four glass towers,
6:26 pm
the tallest 18 stories but 1 building with office space and street level retail businesses and will be built at south market street and west san carlos. perhaps its coolest feature, a roof top garden. the sobratto organization is looking for residents. architects with the rhaa have been chosen to design yosemite's new visitor information center and the current center is out of the way. next year it will be easier to find and the yosemite conserve van sy is spending millions on the park this year. researchers will look at how better to protect the wildlife from yosemite's toads to big horn sheep. >> keep the toads in shape. up next, remaining on pause. a committee of experts decides where we go from here after six women who received the j&j
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vaccine developed rare blood clots. preparing for the return of live events. how san francisco businesses make changes. this is a no-nonsense message from three. small business insurance usually doesn't cover everything you need. it's long on pages. short on coverage. that's why three was created. it covers your entire business in just one policy. because small business owners have enough on their hands. so go with three and leave those old policies in the dust. sawdust. technically.
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don't interrupt the spokesperson. this commercial is now over. logo. three. no nonsense. just common sense.
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put on pause but could it be the lasting impacts? what are the lasting impacts of the johnson & johnson vaccine scare? >> to me it's an argument for why you should get vaccinated. because the system is working. also from comedy clubs to
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indoor concerts, the new rules about to go into effect in san francisco. he's ready to make another run at olympic gold. >> to get there, that's going to be a dream come true and then we're going to win some medal. >> we catch up with the bay area superstar olympian nathan adrian as we're 100 days out from tokyo. good evening. thank you for joining us. the committee wants more time, that's the end result of a discussion about the pause of that johnson & johnson vaccine. a committee advising the cdc wants time to decide if it's safer to resume using the single dose vaccine and remains on pause while investigators look for a possible link to a handful of rare blood clots. six cases women reported in the united states out of nearly 7 million doses administered. >> we can figure out if this is a needle in the haystack or a
6:31 pm
tip of an iceberg. >> johnson & johnson makes up a fraction of the u.s. vaccine supply. the greater risk may be that it fuels fears monothose already hesitant about getting vaccinated. starting tomorrow there's new options for what to do in san francisco including catching a show or a comedian indoors. as vaccinations climb the city is loosening restrictions. christie smith shows us what's changing. >> reporter: in san francisco ben is looking forward to offering more options outdoors. >> this is fantastic news for us to take groups of eight per table. >> reporter: larger group reservations too starting tomorrow as san francisco laid out new rules. >> we get a number of reservations at the restaurant i own and the bar that we have to turn away because they're too large by the rule just if smaller and allowed to have them we have to split them up.
6:32 pm
>> reporter: for indoor dining the 11:00 p.m. end of service curfew is gone. derrick came for a meal with his kids and ready for restrictions to ease. >> i'm looking forward to it. we have been staying at home sheltering in place for a long time and got the vaccine rolling out. >> reporter: you can catch a show if they comply with capacity limits and indoor live events with audiences are aware but in most cases the theater or comedy club will likely require you to have a recent negative covid test or proof of vaccination. restricted conferences can resume. >> we are just thrilled. >> reporter: bill english is director for the san francisco playhouse. they have done productions filming with safety protocols in place and making plans for when an audience can return. >> real excited and we're already planning to do a summer
6:33 pm
series and i had picked shows for the summer i thought to work online or live. so we had one scheduled already for -- to begin previews june 8th and open june 12th and will go forward with that and live and streaming. >> reporter: not everyone is ready for a new normal. some capacity restrictions means that it doesn't make sense financially why christie smith, nbc bay area news. this weekend nbc is hosting a star studded vaccination special. that's interesting. from russell wilson to j.lo to matthew mcconaughey they join president biden encouraging people to get vaccinated this sunday at 7:00 here on nbc bay area. after a life in law enforcement, the police officer who shot and killed daunte wright in minnesota is now charged in his death. kim potter faces a charge of
6:34 pm
second-degree manslaughter. after her police chief says she accidentally shot wright, potder was among the police officers in that minneapolis suburb who pulled over wright after they found he had an outstanding warrant and wright tried to get back in the car and when potter fired the gun instead of a taser. protesters gathered every night since the shooting demanding justice. there's more hand 3,000 national guard troops on the ground to help keep the peace. bernie madoff has died in prison at the age of 82. whether the giant ponzi scheme unraveled in 2008 the clients thought they had $65 billion in his accounts. but the big profits madoff claimed to generate were not real and confessed he didn't make a single stock trade in years. in 2009 he pleaded guilty to fraud charges and the death is 12 years into the 150-year
6:35 pm
prison sentence at a north carolina federal prison. he had been treated for what his attorney called terminal kidney disease. earlier we showed you the excitement in san francisco's japantown today. with 100 days to go until the tokyo olympics there's excitement in japan itself. the torch relay through osaka today and not run on public roads. the surge triggered a state of emergency in the region. the osaka prefecture is 10th of 47 in that torch relay that it will run through in terms of cities and regions. he's hoping for more hardware and swimmer nathan adrian hoping to qualify for the fourth olympics in tokyo and got eight medals from previous olympics. eight medals including five
6:36 pm
fold. the cal alum got married, overcame testicular cancer and has a new baby. >> nice to see you. congratulations! >> thank you. >> a baby, how's that going? how's fatherhood? >> amazing. the best thing ever. >> are you getting any sleep? >> well yes. we are. we are now. parker, she is -- will be nine weeks on tuesday but she is actually pretty good. goes down at 8:00. does a little dream feed. hallie tries to keep her asleep at 10:00 and then sleep until 6:00 or 7:00 and wake up around 3:00 or 4:00 and put a pacifier in her mouth talking a little bit but yeah. we are getting decent sleep. it was rough at the beginning. >> you guys got it down, already on the schedule.
6:37 pm
congratulations. awesome. before swimming, have you made a full recovery? everything is good? >> yeah, yeah, yeah. it's two years now. which is how long for my particular pathology of testicular cancer you are on the active surveillance protocol and just recently the latest lab results came back and they were clear and declared cancer free and no longer on active surveillance and just do -- i don't know fit's called passive surveillance but going in with the doctor for the annual check-ups i ask him to throw in a lab for testicular cancer tumor markers and hopefully those -- knock on wood -- continue to come back clean. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> the weight is off your shoulders. you can focus on the olympics. you see my olympic rings in the background? >> absolutely. >> let's talk about tokyo.
6:38 pm
this will be your fourth olympics? >> uh-huh, yeah. >> going into this what are you hoping for? what are your expectations? >> yeah. i think just the honor of competing for team usa and right now really like the team usa is so incredibly difficult to just make. that's really just what i'm focused on and then to get there that's going to be a dream come true and then win some medals. >> okay. >> that's what team usa does and to be part of it would be awesome. >> always smiling. great interview there. jessica, did you hear him say 3:00 a.m. for the baby? >> so sweet. >> we hope to see him in tokyo and making team usa. we have a lot of local olympians headed to tokyo. and we are featuring all of them at our website nbc bay
6:39 pm
search tokyo olympics on our homepage. up next, calling it the trash blitz. the bay area city's growing plan to tackle illegal dumping.
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6:41 pm
south bay investigators are working to learn more after a person is found dead at the scene of a south bay fire happening early this morning in san jose along center road. the streets were closed this morning. firefighters say it started outside of a strip mall on fell spar and then crews discovered a body and no one else was hurt. it is a problem for years and oakland is taking on illegal dumping. the city is expanding the garbage blitz crews. instead of waiting for complaints the crew will be proactive to hit the hottest spots in the city. the hope is the community will also step up and help. >> what we would like is for everyone to pacht, still call in the complaints.
6:42 pm
but also, actively as a community help us clean up this problem. >> last year city crews performed more than 30,000 illegal dumping cleanups. let's bring in jeff ranieri why look who it is, the star of the show. >> lucy! yes. >> she raises her head. >> in a good mood. we have great weather. yeah. and it is close to dinner time, too. so we'll talk about the weather coming our way and say hi to lucy again in a few minutes and see you back here in a couple minutes. santa clara county received more than a quarter million new covid vaccine doses. why some people are still struggling to get a shot.
6:43 pm
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it is 24 hours since santa cla that county received half a million extra doses today but
6:45 pm
many people say it's nearly impossible to get an appointment. what gives? maryann favra has answers. >> reporter: you can see it's a long line of cars. because of the additional vaccines here they have vaccinated 10,000 people today. that's about double what they did in a single day last week for nearly a month this man scoured websites without success looking for a covid-19 vaccination appointment. >> i was living with so many people. >> reporter: he scored an appointment and got his shot today here at levy stadium. the county said thousands of appointments opened because the federal government delivered more than 250,000 vaccine doses to the county. still despite the boost in supply we went on to the county's website hunting for an appointment only to find that
6:46 pm
none were available right now. this doctor, the county's director of health care system preparedness, explains why. >> the increase in vaccine has also come at a time of increased eligibility so just in the last few days a lot more people have become eligible for vaccine so despite the fact we released 100,000 doses in a single day those slots got filled you will quickly. >> reporter: he says the county plans to open new appointments every day so be patient and persistent and said the county beefed up the staffing to make sure additional doses get into arms asap. >> we have registry staff, the assistance of the state, the national guard, volunteers so it is an all hands on deck moment to get these vaccine shots delivered. >> reporter: in santa clara, nbc bay area news. looking for tips to get the pomt, chris showed us it's part
6:47 pm
of the how-to series, find the pro tips streaming on the platforms, website and youtube channel. look for the how-to play list in terms of getting a vaccine appointment. here's another how-to for you. how to be as adorable as you can via lucy. >> she is in a good mood. >> oh, i thought you were talking about me. >> you, too. >> jeff is here, too. >> all right! all right. yes. she is so excited to see you guys. jessica, she heard your voice earlier and say her name and where is jessica? >> where's jessica? >> yeah. i said it's lucy wednesday and her tail started to wag. never tired of it and we are still sharing lucy with you so hopefully you all have a good day. enjoying that weather outside today. had her face right in the direction of the breeze just standing there for minutes just soaking it up and running around the yard. she's been hopping all over.
6:48 pm
her fur is like velcro and fun for both of us. raj, jessica, everybody at home, think about turkey, chicken, sausage or bacon? we'll get back to that in a second. yes, lucy, you like all those words. 40s with a mix of fog at the coastline. otherwise good amount of sunshine for us. 45 in the east bay. san francisco 46. the north bay at 40. so we start off with these really cold temperatures and then get a good rebound by the afternoon. yes, lucy got to wait a minute or so and figure this out for you. down here in the south bay, 71. looks perfect in cupertino, 70. east bay cool in oakland at 65. over to concord 73. peninsula, not quite 70s but
6:49 pm
beautiful weather in atherton and the sunshine. san francisco with the classic chill over the marina and the outer sunset and the 50s and through the north bay away from that ocean breeze up to 70 in sonoma and clear lake. looks perfect but by the weekend we see things increase more. it would be good to get rain in here but high pressure blocks the rain putting us above average this weekend and might be asking about the rain. two-week outlook shows continued above average chances of temperatures. rainfall doesn't look significant over the next two week just might get a few showers next week but below average chances. on the 7-day forecast, see the weekend weather up to 70 in san francisco on sunday. probably a good day out there at dolores park. inland valleys we have you at 75
6:50 pm
friday with morning fog. up to 86 on sunday. and then some low 70s by tuesday and wednesday. okay. i'm probably going to be back on camera in a second and asked you to think about turkey, chicken, sausage or bacon and these are like the creme de la creme of treats. which one for lucy tonight? >> both but bacon. >> bacon. >> don't want her to get sick. >> yes! >> good job. >> she looks great. >> all right. >> we love it. >> a virtual share there. >> thank you. >> i'm hungry now, jessica. >> thank you, jeff and lucy. softball is back at the olympics. softball. and northern california star's leading the way for team usa. anthony flores has the story next.
6:51 pm
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6:53 pm
softball returning to the olympics and a northern california native among several who will represent tale usa. >> here's the curveball, jessica. she is already in japan. here's nbc bay area's anthony flores. >> her passion for softball has taken ally carda all over the
6:54 pm
world. >> we haven't had many opportunities for games. >> the right-handed pitcher and infielder will be in japan until next month and then returns to the states to put on the red, white and blue uniform and train for the olympics. >> super pumped to put on the jersey at the games and step on the field. >> even though the games were postponed, the 15-player squad is the same from when it was originally formed in october of 2019. what does it to mean that you are representing the u.s. in the olympic games? >> oh man, it is incredible. i'm part of the national team for six years now and to have an olympics to be able to be a part of is incredible and then we have the whole covid year and now it feels even more special. >> the former two-time pac-12 player of the year from ucla is
6:55 pm
one of ten californians on the roster. >> to do this together after the training for so many years will be a fun experience. >> softball is returning to the olympics for the first time since 2008. it is not on the lineup card after tokyo. >> we want people to understand how amazing the sport of softball is and it is a fun sport to watch. >> before claiming silver in 2008 the u.s. had won gold in the three previous olympics. this summer they will be one of the favorites. >> we want to dominate, win. >> anthony flores, nbc bay area. >> super fun. as for basketball steph curry is expected to be in tokyo. steve kerr will be the coach and speaking of steph he is the warriors all-time leading scorer. >> enhanced the hall of fame career. our friends talked with steph for the dubs talk podcast and asked him about the legacy. >> yeah.
6:56 pm
a little bit. a little motivation there. always. >> go on. >> you ofly know in this business and this league there's a lot of comparisons and conversations and rankings and just -- it's the best and worst part of what we do. >> steph is a student of the game. certainly knows the history and where he falls in in the nba. great interview. watch the entire interview tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. or listen to the podcast with steph curry. it's great because it is not just the 15-second or 1-minute sound bite but spending 20 minutes with them getting the deep dive. >> do you think he has to take out the garbage? >> yes. thank you for joining us here at
6:57 pm
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oh, my god! >> i'm gay and -- >> colton comes out. but that's not all he wants you to know. >> we will find kristen. >> 25 years later, not one but two arrested for the disappearance of college freshman kristen smart. johnny depp, forrest whittaker star in the film searching for answers on the murder. >> what was it like for you as a mother? >> it was intimidating at first. keeping it all in the


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