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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 14, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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this california family is on the job helping our state's recovery. you see by keeping their vacation in california they're supporting our local businesses and communities. so you could say every juice box enjoyed on our beaches is also bringing nourishment to our state's economy. that's the taste of recovery. calling all californians. keep your vacation here and help our state get back to work. and please travel responsibly. right now at 6:00, fighting hate. this morning, senate lawmakers
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start debating on responding to anti-asian hate crimes playing out on the streets in the bay area and beyond. can a divided congress come together on meaningful legislation? we're live in washington. new covid vaccine concerns with the johnson & johnson vaccine now on pause. dozens of people in the bay area county reportedly become infected after getting fully vaccinated. and most bay area counties are now lingering in the orange reopening tier. when could that change? we have the new details coming up for you next. you're watching "today in the bay" as we continue. and it's a wednesday morning, happy hump day to you. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. we're also marking 100 days until the start of the summer olympics in tokyo. feels like we said it before, as we were expecting last year, they were canceled but here we go, we are celebrating. we have live reports coming up
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throughout the morning. >> you didn't know we had the fans tokyo fans last year, laura or the year before that? >> that's right. now we have the tokyo medals. >> we're gold medalists now and looking forward to it. we'll keep the news going. we begin in washington the senate begins debate on new legislation confronting the rise of hate crimes against asian-american. president biden says it will take longer to withdraw troops from afghanistan. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live in washington with more. tracie? >> marcus, good morning. for many it's an emotional issue, the anti-asian attacks happening around the country including in the bay area and now lawmakers are about to consider what's called the covid-19 hate crimes act, backed by key democrats, house speaker nancy pelosi, and senate majority leader chuck schumer. they are urging their republican
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colleagues to join them in supporting this legislation. there have been reports of incidents on the rise all over the nation, particularly in the past year. senator schumer says they will vote on this on the senate floor. >> this common sense legislation will give the justice department crucial tools to crack down on the wave of racist violence we have seen against the aapi community. combating hate in the asian-american community can and should be bipartisan. >> now senate schumer has said that the filibuster is a quiver in their arrow or arrow in their quiver as he put it, but that they do want to try to get republicans on board with this so they would need 60 votes, all democrats, plus at least ten republicans to support this legislation, but if they cannot,
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if republicans decide against open debate on the measure it could be the first filibuster of the new congress. a deadline to withdraw all remaining american forces from afghanistan, president biden's delaying that. the trump administration negotiated a may 1st deadline with the taliban, but biden is now saying that all servicemembers will leave the country beyond that date by september 11th, the 20th anniversary of at tacks on our country, that's his new goal, there are 2,500 servicemen and women still in afghanistan. he's expected to make a formal announcement on that later today. marcus? >> we'll be watching for that. tracie, thank you. also happening today, one contra costa city will confront its past and the history of racism and violence towards chinese residents. it was something very similar to what was happening elsewhere in california at the very same time that story is coming up at 6:30. california now just one day
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out from widening vaccine access to everyone 16 and older, but this is all happening with johnson & johnson vaccinations on hold. "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us live in pleasanton this morning. as we get closer to tomorrow, a lot of people have questions. >> reporter: one of the questions is how will this impact the state's reopening plan for mid-june? governor says this is temporary and the j&j vaccine should not derail the state's plan to lift most of the pandemic restrictions in mid-june the j&j vaccines account for roughly 4% of the state's total supply. if you were supposed to be receiving your j&j shot you might have received an email like this one, this was sent is one of our producers from walgreens notifying him he will have to have a shot rescheduled. this is after the cdc
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recommended a pause in the administration of the johnson & johnson shots after six women between the ages of 18 and 48 developed blood clots, 6 to 13 days after their vaccination. this is extremely rare given that almost 7 million americans have received a j&j shot with little to no side effects. we asked a woman in berkeley who received her j&j shot a week ago to rate her level of concern. >> on a scale of one to ten? maybe a three? >> one of my daughters was going to get it on wednesday and i said don't. sit tight, let's see what happens. people need to realize is that the moderna and the pfizer are perfectly safe. the johnson & johnson also called janssen vaccine has an extremely high safety profile as well but there is a rare complication that we're trying to understand. >> reporter: 180 million doses of moderna and pfizer have been administered and there have been no reports of blood clots with those shots.
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again, only six reports with j&j which is extremely bare. in the north bay the "press democrat" reports 39 people who live in sonoma county did contract covid after they were totally vaccinated, a reminder even though pfizer and moderna are 09% effective, they aren't 100% and some people could still contract the virus. dr. anthony fauci said that's not surprising given that tens of millions of people have already received their shots, still your chances of contracting covid after vaccination is very low. reporting live here in pleasanton, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> bob, thank you. 6:07. no movement either forward or backward when it comes to reopening in the bay area following yesterday's guidelines from the state. all bay area county also remain in their current tier status. all bay area counties are currently in the orange with solano county in the more restrictive red tier. across california, three counties are in the yellow tier, 33 in the morning and 21 in the
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red. merced county is in the most restrictive purple tier. a live look in los angeles. people will be able to enjoy intoo sporting events, concerts and conferences. starting tomorrow, the county allows the return of indoor events at a limited capacity. state guidelines allow large arenas like the staples center 10% capacity or around 2,000 people. health leaders say if everyone is fully vaccinated or tests negative within three days of an event, capacity can reach 25%. as we have been talking about this morning, 100 days from the opening ceremony for the tokyo olympics. getting to this point has been a big roller coaster, the pandemic postponed everything last year. >> "today in the bay's" cierra johnson spoke with one hopeful student and a member of stanford's men water polo team on what's in store for him over the next 100 days. i'm sure it's an exciting time for him, cierra.
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>> reporter: good morning, marcus and laura a senior in college juggling classwork and preparing to potentially make it to a an olympic team, one stanford senior hoping to make the u.s. men's water polo team. it has been a roller coaster. this time last sure they were postponed and this year things are back on. still unsure if he's making the team, 100 days out. a little about tyler, a senior driver on stanford's men's water polo team. the 2017 graduate of high school said last year he stepped away from studies to focus on training. so as you could imagine the decision to postpone the games was devastating for him but he's back at it both studying and training, hoping to make the u.s. team for tokyo. this athlete says at this point, he's cautiously optimistic but excited to live his dream. walk me through the feeling
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japan announced it would only be japanese fans able to attend the event. you haven't made the team yet but hearing if you do, your parents and your friends and your coaches and your loved ones wouldn't be able to go. how did that make you feel when you heard that news? >> i understand why this needs to be the way it is. it makes perfect sense to me from a safety perspective. that doesn't make it any more heartbreaking. this would be by far and away the biggest accomplishment of my life and to think that my friends, family, coaches mentors, everyone who has helped make me who i am today, the athlete that i am today, i wouldn't be where i am without the help of so many people pushing me forward and making this all possible and you know, i know that they're going to be proud regardless. >> reporter: as you can hear, the fact that we can't have fans from other countries outside of japan, was a point of contention for some, but just listening to
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him, he's still excited about it and pretty understanding about why the fans are not available. so just to walk you through his next 100 days, he will then travel to irvine, middle of may, from there, montenegro, from there serbia, where the team's final roster will be announced around mid-june. he still has a long way to go, but he's training. he is remaining hopeful and still studying, because he is still a senior at stanford. so busy time for tyler. fingers crossed he makes that team. cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> our fingers are crossed, too. >> yes, certainly, we're wishing him well. so exciting. >> it is exciting. this forecast has been exciting for us as well. >> marcus? >> okay, mike. >> you talked about the fan. you talked about that fan. >> oh, yes. >> i had to correct the bottom because the date was wrong, because last year, right? >> right. >> now it's july 8th, july 8th. no, 23rd, july 23rd to august
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8th so there we go. >> 100 days from today. >> 100 days from today. >> right here on nbc baig area. a forecast to match, something that is gold medal worthy. meteorologist kari hall, looking good in walnut creek. >> we'll see clear skies and golden sunshine. headed out today making plans for home school recess in lafayette, today a lot of kids are working from home and we'll see temperatures going from the low 50s to the upper 60s, enjoy that time after the virtual classes are over. we'll talk about what's ahead for the weekend coming up. mike, how is the commute moving? >> it's better now, but car autoi need to show folks the view of the bay bridge from emeryville. the backup here jammed up and starting to move a little better so we're talking to travel times as we look at your map system,
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computed out to over 20 minutes, 22 minutes now from the toll plaza across and the build coming off the maze, another five minutes, let's say there. about 15 minutes longer than you might expect through that area but again, recovery on treasure island, rest of contra costa county and alameda counties look great and so do the south bay and peninsula. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 6:13, and if you've been looking for ways to date during the pandemic, it sucks, right, but look, there is a possible change coming up for you right now. facebook may have a plan for us all out there. take a listen, we're going to talk about it when we come back on the other side of break. it may be interesting and won't take a lot of your time either. the government ready to send families checks for their children. we'll tell you all about it coming up. let's take a look at the futures this morning, looks mixed out there as banks report strong earnings, plus --
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♪ i can't get no satisfaction ♪ >> we'll talk about what mick jagger is up to, teaming up with another rock legend. you're watching "today in the bay."
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jeff bay zoez and space origin will test a rocket. today's test will be unmanned. the new shepard rocket named after alan shepard will launch just outside of waco. the ceo of intel says the worldwide chip shortage could last well into next year. he spoke to the republican shortly after that meeting at the white house. president biden has proposed new funding to help speed along american production of chips. the head of the irs says child tax credit checks could start flowing as soon as july. these are part of the coronavirus stimulus bill. the payments will be monthly. you're going to see annual totals on your screen. 3,600 for families with children
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6 to 17, 3,000 for children under 6. obviously you could have any kind of combination per child. the full payment for a single parent up to $75,000, and some payments for families making as much as $170,000 jointly. this is based on your 2020 tax return, the one that should have been due by tomorrow the 15th but the government extended that into may. if you haven't filed, the government doesn't know how much you make or if you have kid. no check for until you do. these checks are 300 bucks a month to millions of american families. the balance applied as a tax credit on your 2021 taxes. marcus and laura, this is based on your 2020 taxes and some haven't filed yet. >> that's true. the money will be useful for a lot of families especially right now. thanks, scott. >> yes. new this morning, facebook is testing a new free video
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speed dating app called sparked. people using the app go on speed video dates that last four minutes and if sparks are flying daters can schedule a second date for ten minutes. i don't know how quickly you can get to know somebody in four to ten minutes. trending, rolling stone's front man mick jagger teaming up with dave grol from the foo fighters to create a pandemic anthem. >> we're getting our first look and listen to it. ♪ bill gates is in my bloodstream ♪ ♪ it's cold, the earth is flat and cold ♪ it's never warming up ♪ >> in a tweet the song is called "easy sleazy" about coming out of lockdown with some much needed optimism. what do you guys think? >> it sounds like jagger. >> yes. >> this is true.
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song of the pandemic? >> good for him. he's still making music, that's fantastic. >> i know and we're still talking about it. win for him. and a win for us with the forecast, too, kari. >> yes, we're still enjoying the sunshine, the mild weather, enjoy some more of that time outside today, as we check out our forecast for concord at 10:00, in the upper 50s. more sunshine today, more time outside, especially if you're able to take a nice long walk, enjoy some time at the playground. temperatures during the middle of the day reach into the low 70s here. let's get a look at our microclimates. we'll see livermore reaching a high of 70 degrees and 66 today in oakland. morgan hill will top out at 70 degrees. i think that is just perfect, and it won't be as windy as it was yesterday as you open up the windows. let a lighter breeze in, won't just be knocking the blinds around. as we go through the forecast our high pressure stays with us and we'll continue on with some dry weather in the forecast with
6:21 am
the high pressure also going to heat up our temperatures. low 70s in the forecast for the inland areas, in spots like antioch as well as santa rosa, and then for the weekend some of the same spots hitting the low to upper 80s by the end of the weekend. we'll start to cool down by the beginning of next week. mike, what's going on this morning as commuters get ready to head out the door? >> i got to give a shout out for santa clara county affected by the major roadway, center road, a closure for a few blocks north of the fairgrounds, jus monterey instead of center, just south of tully, and there's a fire that's going on. we're investigating that. the rest of the freeways for the santa clara county look great. typical slowing north 101 just approaching oakland road. fender bender over in fremont, south 880, closer to union city, and no major slowing there, the bay bridge major recovery, we're now about ten minutes better
6:22 am
from off of the maze and in towards the bay bridge toll plaza. we still have this backup but the crash cleared at treasure island. back to you. >> thank you, very much, mike. 6:21. does getting one vaccine over another make you more popular? there's a trend watcher explaining this budding vaccine hierarchy, all next. but first, 100 days until the olympic games. stanford graduate kate courtney will make her first olympic appearance, born in the base of mt. tamalpias in marin county. the mountain is considered the birthplace of mountain biking. now courtney hopes to she that she was ready to race from birth. she's going to do it at the tokyo games this summer. we're going to continue to root her on. it is 6:22. you're watching "today in the bay."
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welcome back. staying active may help keep you away from severe covid symptoms. a new study reveals consistently active people are less likely to develop more severe symptoms. it finds the benefits may apply to you if you participate in 150 minutes of exercise every week. there's a new rivalry taking over social media, separating people by the vaccine they received. >> as more young people are
6:26 am
getting vaccinated, they're coming together with others who received the same brand. on tiktok many people joke about which vaccine is better, some people say pfizer is just for hot people. this is kids doing it, remember that. nbc's youth and internet culture reporter says it's a way for young people to bond during an incredibly tough time. >> even though things won't go back to normal right away this feels like the first step getting back to a normal routine and normal lives. >> this story is part of our new platform nbc lx. to see the full interview, check out lx, 11-15 over the air, channel 15 on xfinity cable or any time on new video of a meteor sheeting through the night sky, lighting things up for people in florida. happened about 10:00 p.m. on monday. people from west palm beach to south miami say they saw it. but there's now disappointment whether it was the same asteroid experts had forecast would make a close brush with the earth's surface monday night.
6:27 am
talk about a truly breathless performance, a spanish free diver and dancer, chore oger if performed a breathtaking tango underwater forks a short film, the three-minute movie made in italy by trained free divers and every scene was shot 30 feet below surface with no air assistance. they free dive 120 times to complete that film. wow. >> wow, they have to hold their breath. you've got questions about vaccinations and we have answers. up next, and all new this morning, what dr. fauci is saying about the pause in the johnson & johnson vaccinations and how long they could last. a lot more news ahead. you're watching "today in the bay."
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the johnson & johnson, also called janssen vaccine has an extremely high safety profile as well but there is a rare complication that we're trying to understand. >> right now at 6:30, on pause. but for how long? all this morning, dr. anthony fauci shedding light surrounding concerns on the johnson & johnson vaccine now out of rotation one day before eligibility explodes across california. how about it affect your chances of getting vaccinated? "today in the bay" continues right now. thanks for joining us. good morning.
6:31 am
i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. let's get to the latest on the fallout from the johnson & johnson vaccine problems. cierra johnson has new reaction from the nation's top doctor. >> good morning. before we get to dr. anthony fauci, we want to set the scene tomorrow is the opening day where california expands eligibility for anyone 16 and over. how pausing the johnson & johnson vaccine is impacting california's vaccine supply. we have a graph to break down the current supply. the first slide shows the number of doses distributed this week. that white bar illustrates the number of pfizer, moderna and johnson & johnson shots combined. all together the state has 2 million doses. without that johnson & johnson vaccine, the state now has 1.9 million dose this is week. johnson & johnson made up a small percentage and much of the same for next week, if you include the johnson & johnson
6:32 am
vaccine for the state, they're anticipating to give out 1.9 million shots next week, without johnson & johnson, the state has about 1.8 million shots. as you can see, johnson & johnson next week also making up very small percentage. if you recall, the state was already expecting an 80% lower supply because of the manufacturing issues out of that baltimore plant, and this morning, we're hearing from the nation's top doctor, dr. anthony fauci looking at the situation surrounding the six women between the ages of 18 and 48 that developed blood clots after receiving the johnson & johnson vaccine. dr. fauci supporting that pause on the vaccine and offering this advice in terms of a time line. >> i believe this is going to take days to weeks as opposed to weeks to months. so i think we're going to be hearing about a decision pretty
6:33 am
quickly. i don't think this is something that's going to drag out. >> reporter: that's good news for some of the folks that have not received their vaccination yet. right now as it stands, j&j not in supply in many of the locations within california. dr. anthony fauci says days and weeks as opposed to weeks and months when we can get it back in rotation. you can hear more from dr. anthony fauci on the "today" show, coming up right after our show. we're live in marin county, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> great information, cierra. remember, if you live in santa clara, solano, contra costa, alameda county and you're 16 or older, you actually can now go and sign up for the eligibility and make appointments. if you can find a vaccine appointment, see san francisco are part of that as well. the eligibility expands, happened yesterday. the policy changed from people who live in only the hardest-hit
6:34 am
zip codes. with the appointments, they're really tightening up right now and we're going to help you out. head over to our website, click on "how to get a vaccine appointment" at the top of the page. breaking this month a death investigation at the scene of a south bay fire. it's all happening in san jose along the section of center road between tully and east capitol expressway. streets there are closed. the fire started outside of a strip mall. once crews arrived they discovered a body and a cream scene is up as police are investigating. we'll continue to following breaking news and bring you updates as soon as they're available to us. we also have a follow-up now on the homeless man accused in the tack of an asian woman last month in san francisco. a preliminary hearing is scheduled for steven jenkins accused of attacking an elderly woman who bravely tried to defend herself before a nearby security guard intervened.
6:35 am
last week san francisco's deputy public defender released new video, shows jenkins being targeted in separate unprovoked assault, prior to the incident on market street. he does not believe hate crime charges should be filed. 6:35. happening today, antioch leaders have a new plan to address historic wrongs against the chinese-american community. later this morning, mayor lamar thorp will issue an apology from the city to chinese immigrants for how the city discriminated against them for nearly 100 years. she will also introduce new plans to highlight the presence that includes funding for a permanent exhibit at the antioch museum, designating a chinatown historic district, and creating a downtown community mural project. jurors in minneapolis getting a different perspective on the death of george floyd as the defense begins its testimony in the derek chauvin murder trial. >> yesterday they called police officers, a paramedic and use of force expert to the witness
6:36 am
stand trying to argue floyd's health, a heart condition and drugs may have triggered his death. they also say chauvin's use of force was not outside the bounds of the police policy, and surrounding crowds may have distracted him. it's possible the defense rests its case by the end of this week. another night of unrest in minnesota following the deadly police shooting of dawn tray wright. a curfew expired overnight across the brooklyn center suburb and another nearby areas. demonstraors are throwing objects and spraying mace at officers. police made at least 60 new arrests last night. there are no reports of looting. a small sense of relief this morning for the family of a central coast woman who disappeared 25 years ago. authorities arrested two men in death of cal poly student kristin smart.
6:37 am
the main respect paul flores was arrested and they arrested his 80-year-old father as an accessory. flores is long believed to be the last person to see smart alive. the san luis obispo county sheriff are not talking specifically what new evidence there is but some of it was recently found. >> forensic physical evidence was located and yes, we believe it's linked to kristin and yes, we did find physical evidence at at least two homes. >> kristin smart's family released a statement saying in part "it is impossible to put into words what this day means for our family. we pray it is the first step to bringing our daughter home." windsor town council members hold an emergency meeting today in the wake of recent allegations against mayor dominic foppoli.
6:38 am
this follows the decision yesterday by sonoma county supervisors to rescind him from the golden gate district. they are investigating accusations of sexual assault made by half a dozen women. foppoli denied all claims and is refusing calls to resign. here is video of him recently online in windsor town event. the "press democrat" providing new allegations first reported last week by "the chronicle." at least twice people in windsor emailed warnings about his past behavior including one sent last year. the complaints did wind up in the hands of police but police declined to open an investigation. 6:38 right now. let's take a fresh look outside this morning, san francisco. a little cloudy, a little foggy this morning. hopefully the sun will arrive soon, burning that off but you know what? let's get the official word from meteorologist kari hall. how are we looking today? >> it's going to be another beautiful day and yes, it will be clearing out. this is the clear sky we're seeing over the south bay right now. maybe about time to lace up the
6:39 am
shoes and head for a bike ride. milpitas 46 degrees in the next hour and continuing to warm up. it's going to once again be another really nice and mild day by noon at 62 degrees and 65 at 1:00 and it won't be as windy as our temperatures today, reach into the upper 60s and low 70s. but we will have some much warmer temperatures in our weekend forecast. we'll talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. mike, how is the commute moving right now? >> kari, we showed the bay bridge span, the live look showed that the westbound tail lights, very sparsely populated, very easy drive, on the span. look at the toll plaza, because everybody held up here after that crash was on the bridge, that cleared. now as we look at the map system talking about travel times registering out of contra costa through richmond and out of pinole. 26 minutes from highway 4 to the bay bridge and the backup you saw. same thing for 580 slow out of the maze. there is the delay but the span itself moves smoothly after the crash cleared across there. i'm tracking the crash highway
6:40 am
24, slowing for highway 4 into concord out of bay point and slowing through santa clara county, there may be something on the san mateo bridge, we'll check on that coming up. >> thank you very much. we have breaking news just in to our newsroom, bernie madoff has died, the mastermind behind one of the nation's biggest investment fraud ponzi schemes. he was 82 years old. we have the layest details coming into the newsroom on his death. coming up getting to a live show or in-person starting soon, we'll tell you where, starting next. the presidentxpected to announce a with drawal from washington. let's take you out to --
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good wednesday morning. as we take a look at all of our microclimates, it's going to be another beautiful, comfortable day and not as windy as our temperatures reach into the upper 60s and low 70s. we'll see a high of 70 in napa today and 69 in palo alto. we'll get to the warmer weekend forecast, coming up in a few minutes. >> i did talk about check it out the san mateo eastbound, there was an incident but it cleared. that would be coming toward us, with the headlights, smoothly
6:44 am
moving across the span, same thing westbound that's also smooth. just picking up a little volume but no problems on this drive. we continue to follow breaking news for you this morning, bernie madoff has died. madoff was behind the largest ponzi scheme in history. he pleaded guilty to orchestrating it. he's believed to have died from natural causes in federal prison. bernie madoff was 82 years old. brand new this morning, more corporations are putting their foot down over voting restrictions, amazon, google, even warren buffett. >> yes, buffett's company, berkshire hathaway, see's candy, geico, benjamin moore paint, dairy queen, many others. so the ceos of those companies, google, amazon, netflix, hundreds of others say they stand opposed to states changing
6:45 am
their voting laws, restricting mail-in voting or reducing the number of days of voting. the governor of georgia said he signed georgia's new law to tamp down on voter fraud, but there was little to no voter fraud in georgia during the last election, and we know that because the governor of georgia who went on television and told us so. you may remember major league baseball moved its all-star game out of georgia in protest. now three senators, none from georgia, say they want to remove baseball special status protecting it from anti-trust rulings as a punishment. lots going on in the senate. the heads of various intelligence agencies will brief senators on the threats to america. the senate may vote on the covid-19 hate crimes bill that deals with people who attack fellow americans because the attackers think they're victims or responsible for the spread of
6:46 am
covid. it's billed as protection for asian-american though the word "asian" does not appear anywhere in the bill. it read "violence against someone of a particular race" athank includes other possibilities like age or gender, "and the actual already perceived relationship to the spread of covid-19." so the attack must be connected to covid to count under the bill as it's written. the bill carries no extra punishments but directs the department of justice to expedite the cases. it also sets up a better system for reporting the crimes. president biden will be at arlington cemetery and expected to announce the u.s. is leaving afghanistan for good no later than september 11th of this year. that would be 20 years of occupation, the longest war america's ever fought. politicians from both parties on jeked saying it's too soon to leave but biden will keep the troops there longer than former president trump had planned.
6:47 am
the trump white house made a deal with the taliban to remove u.s. troops no later than 16 days from now, may 1st. president biden pushed that back by 166 days. so lots to watch in washington. we'll talk about it on twitter. you know where to find me, i'm @scottmcgrew. big changes coming to security screening at oakland airport. finally rolling out the tsa's biometric screening system made by clear. it's the same technology being used in a lot of other airports including sjc. it's a premium service. you have to pay for it but it gets you through airport screening quicker. screeners scan passengers' eye and then it's matched to a security database. let's take a live look in san francisco, eating out late night may soon be back on the menu. later today health leaders plan to repeal the current 11:00 p.m. curfew, welcome news for diners who have gotten way to to used
6:48 am
to making it an early night ever since the pandemic took hold. if approved it would lift the curfew on indoor dining starting tomorrow. bars that don't serve food are still only allowed to open outdoors. i don't know on a friday night if i can stay up past 11:00 on this shift. we're used to going to bed a little early. you get the early bird specials all the time. >> exactly. you know with the weather we've been having, eating outside hasn't been so bad at all, right, kari? >> not bad at all. today it's not going to be as windy. yesterday we were having to like hold the table down because the winds are gusting so high but we won't have to do that today as we take a live look outside in san francisco, and it's going to be another beautiful day, we're getting ready for that giants game. if you're one of the lucky few who are able to go to oracle park today, first pitch at 12:45. at about 58 degrees and only making it up to 61 degrees with sunshine all throughout the game
6:49 am
and if you're at home and going to be home schooling today the virtual learning forecast and home school recess in lafayette with kids on the hybrid schedule, wednesday is the day more kids are working from home. temperatures in the low 50s and making it into the upper 60s for the middle of the afternoon. so it's going to be nice and comfortable, as our south bay high temperatures reach into the upper 60s and low 70s, we'll see a high up to 75 degrees in antioch today and oakland will reach 66 degrees. half moon bay highs in the upper 50s. low 60s in san francisco and north bay temperatures will reach into the low 70s and once again the wind will be calming down. napa reaching 70 degrees. the low that caused the gusty winds moving away we have an ocean breeze and high pressure as it gets closer changes our wind direction and make temperatures warm up more quickly going into the weekend. we've got two seasons in this
6:50 am
seven-day forecast. we have spring today, tomorrow, friday, but then summer will arrive this weekend, especially on sunday, take a look at how warm it will be for some of our inland valleys, we'll reach into the upper 80s but a cooldown will be headed our way shortly thereafter. heading out the road for work, mike, how is the commute moving? >> kari, we'll check in with the bay bridge toll plaza first. we had a big backup, incident cleared on the span which caused a little more slowing there and now recovery a bit. we do have beautiful sunrise if you're going eastbound but westbound at your back, good movement here at the toll plaza. the travel times getting there, let's look at that. reflected for slowing down the east shore freeway. off of 580 a little bit better, closer to the speed limit now. slowing basically through berkeley, richmond's fine and so is the rest of the area through pinole. we do have the bottom of your screen sudden slowing through oakland. there may be a disabled vehicle in the lanes for south 880. highway 4, south 242 slowing through contra costa county,
6:51 am
slowing northbound 84 coming off of the 680 interchange. south bay and the castro valley y starting to build. back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. 6:50 right now. hard to believe that today makes 100 days until the start of the tokyo summer olympics. one year late due to the pandemic. one well-known bay area medalist is not done yesterday as u.s. olympic trials ramp up. "today in the bay's" cierra johnson joins us live with more. >> reporter: good morning, laura and marcus. nathan graduated from cal in 2012. his first olympic games in 2008 before he graduated when he won gold in the team event. he's gone on to win four more gold, one silver and two bronze medals at the olympics.
6:52 am
the games will look a little different this year but that doesn't seem to be phasing adrian. take a listen. >> it will be different and adjustment but it's still a 15-year cool and we get our hand at the wall first, you're going to be all right. >> reporter: and the olympics not the only thing that's been exciting in adrian's life. him and his wife welcomed their first child back in february so a lot of excitement there. as we get closer to the olympics, the trials are taking place right now, charlotte, north carolina, is where the kayak olympic trials are playing out so we'll keep our eyes on that as well as other local athletes hoping to make their olympic teams. we're live in marin county, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> we're rooting all those people from the bay area on and you know what? we're going to hold a special event today in san francisco's historic japantown to get you ready for the tokyo games. we're going to honor bay area olympians, mayor london breed will be there and it begins at 11:00 this morning.
6:53 am
happening now, a desperate search is under way in the gulf after a commercial boat with 19 people on board capsized. it happened yesterday afternoon off the coast of louisiana. rescuers have pulled six people from the water so far but as of early this morning, 13 others still missing. still not clear what caused that boat to capsize. coming up next a quick look at our top stories including less than 24 hours from all californians over 16 to be able to get a covid vaccine. growing concerns with johnson & johnson vaccines now on hold, how it may impact california's plans to fully reopen in june. you're watching "today in the bay."
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6:56. welcome back. california now just one day out from widening vaccine access to everyone 16 and older but all this is happening with johnson & johnson vaccinations on hold. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell live in pleasanton this morning and bob as we get closer to tomorrow, naturally a lot of people have a lot of questions right now. >> reporter: one of those is will the halt of the j&j vaccine s rail plans for the states to lift pandemic restrictions by mid-june. governor newsom says no, he doesn't believe that will be the case especially when you consider the j&j vaccines account for roughly 4% of the state's vaccine supply. if you already have a j&j,
6:57 am
johnson & johnson shot scheduled, you might have received an email like this one from walgreens or whoever your shot provider was going to be, notifying that your shot will have to be rescheduled. this is after the cdc recommended a pause in the administration on the j&j shots after six women between the ages of 18 and 48 developed blood clots 6 to 13 days after vaccination. this is extremely rare, given that almost 7 million americans have received those shots from johnson & johnson with little to no side effect. we asked a woman in berkeley who sheefd other j&j shot a week ago to rate her level of concern. >> on a scale of one to ten? maybe a three? >> one of my daughters was going to get it on wednesday and i said don't. sit tight, let's see what happens. people need to realize is that the moderna and the pfizer are perfectly safe. the johnson & johnson also called janssen vaccine has an extremely high safety profile as well but there is a rare complication that we're trying to understand.
6:58 am
>> reporter: 180 million doses of moderna and pfizer have been administered and there have been no reports of blood clots with those vaccines. again, only six reports with j&j which is extremely bare. in the north bay, the "press democrat" reports 39 people who live in sonoma county did contract covid after they were totally vaccinated, a reminder even though pfizer and moderna are 90% effective, they aren't 100% and some people could still contract the virus. dr. anthony fauci said that's not surprising given that tens of millions of americans have received these shots. still your chances of contracting covid after vaccination is very low. reporting live here in pleasanton, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thanks so much, bob. remember, if you live in santa clara, solano, contra costa or alameda counties and you're over 16, you don't have to wait until tomorrow.
6:59 am
in those counties you can already make a covid vaccine appointment. everyone over 16 statewide can receive a vaccine starting tomorrow. head to our website, click on "how to get a vaccine appointment" at the top of the page and good luck to you because they're hard to come by. >> they have. take a look here high above the bay area, the san bruno mountain, taking a look out there. it's gray out there, folks but as our producer natine says don't worry, don't be sad. it will brighten up. meteorologist kari hall has the brightest we're going to see across the bay area today. >> more sunshine, less wind today as our temperatures reach into the low 70s. it will be heating up this weekend and of course we'll keep you updated on that. mike, what's the update on the commute? >> we have breaking news in oakland, unfortunately we have a traffic alert for southbound 880, four lanes blocked i think you squeeze by on the off-ramp area toward 16th avenue. northbound distracted as well. 580 is definitely your alternate to getting away from the bay
7:00 am
bridge. >> all right, thanks. that does it for us on this hump day. >> that's right. we'll leave you this morning with a live look outside at the beautiful iconic golden gate bridge. the "today" show is coming up now. >> good morning setback. the cdc calling an emergency meeting today to review the johnson & johnson vaccine, now on pause in all 50 states after rare reports of blood clots in women. one of them fatal. the white house is still confident today the vaccine rollout will go on >> we have more than enough supply of pfizer and moderna vaccine. >> this morning, what it means to the millions who have already received the j&j shot, and for the mass vaccine effort key to reopening the country. did vaccine skeptics just get a shot in the arm? our live conversation with dr.


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