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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  April 13, 2021 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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the pause button hit on the johnson & johnson vaccine. good morning, and thanks for joining us. i'm cierra johnson. marcus johnson is off. federal regulators will make the move following six reported cases of severe blood clogging the as a result of the vaccine. a person died in one of the cases and another critical condition. nbc bay area's pete suratos joins us live from santa clara county. pete, we're getting plenty of responses from the state and local level as far what is will happen next. >> reporter: yeah. good morning to you. it appears to be consensus
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between them that they are going to go ahead and follow this recommendation by the fda and cdc. of course, we'll get more statements as the day goes on but here's what we know as far as what we're being told by the cdc and fda. they put out a statement this morning saying they are recommending a pause on the johnson & johnson vaccine. it's not a mandate but they are recommending it. now it is a response to six reported cases of what they call severe blood clotting due to the vaccine. all cases do involve women between the ages of 18 and 8 and issues typically begin somewhere between one to two weeks after this shot. johnson & johnson has administered nearly 7 million shots so we're talking about a very small percentage of cases, but we are getting responses from the state and local levels. i saw governor newsom's office did tweet out that they will follow this recommendation but that it will have minimal impact on the state. of course, that's good news. contra costa county and san
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francisco and san matteo counties plan to pause the johnson & johnson vaccine and here's new sound from dr. anthony fauci reacting not too long ago to this news. >> you want to make sure that safety is the important issue here. we're totally aware that this is a very rare event. we want to get this worked out as quickly as we possibly can, and that's why you see the word pause. in other words, you want to hold off for a bit and very well go back to that, maybe with some conditions or maybe not, but we want to leave that up to the fda and cdc to investigate this carefully. >> reporter: now cvs, walgreens and rite aid will put a put a pause on the use of the johnson & johnson vaccine. fda and cdc will meet tomorrow to discuss these cases but no word as to when this pause will actually be lifted. reporting live, pete suratos, nbc bay area news. >> we'll continue to follow these breaking developments.
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stay with nbc bay area and nbc news for the latest updates regarding the johnson & johnson vaccine. download our nbc bay area app to get the most up to the minute news right on your smartphone. >> happening right now in marin county at the fairgrounds in safe raphael, kaiser permanente and the county are joining forces in what they call a vaccine super site. right now you're looking at live pictures. the partnership will allow for 3,600 shots a day, and you'll need an appointment. officials tell us they are not administering the johnson & johnson shot. meantime, just two days to go before eligibility statewide widens to anyone over 16 years old this. 's new confusion here in the bay area. san francisco supervisor matt haney fired up about the covid vaccine rollout and how the city's public health department will for now only at minister vaccines to people 50 and older or those with health problems. however, residents in other bay area counties where the 16 and
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older are eligible are coming to town an rolling up their sleeves. >> it's currently available to contra costa and san matteo and alameda residents but if you say and work in san francisco it says you're not eligible. that makes no sense. >> reporter: the san francisco covid sommand center said when they expanded eligibility in the neighborhoods most adversely infected the state's scheduling system could not set restrictions by zip code so it appears members of the newly eligible group may have to wait until thursday to book an appointment. haney calls that response outrageous. california's covid variant may be the reason faster spreading variants are not having as much of an impact here. experts tell the "l.a. times" so far the state may be insulated because so many people were already exposed before the uk variant arrived in the united states. new research on the uk variant finds it may not trigger any more severe symptoms or a higher
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risk of death. those findings published in "the lancet." data showed while patient samples contained more virus, it may only mean it's more transmissible. developing right now, we have just learned that the officer who shot and killed an unarmed black man in brooklyn center, minnesota has resigned. this is a dust-to-dawn curfew now in place just ten minutes down the road in minneapolis, the defense has taken over in the murder trial of former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin. nbc's jay gray has more on the unrest that continues. >> hey there. there's a lot unfolding here today and let's start outside of the courtroom in brooklyn center, the suburb of minneapolis where 20-year-old daunte wright was shot and killed by a police officer who said she mistakenly used her revolver instead of a taser during a traffic stop. hundreds gathering to protest wright's death overnight for the second night in a row. there was looting, there was
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violence on the street. the mayor in brooklyn center says this will be a transparent investigation, and there will be accountability. >> the officer will face accountability. i can only speculate as to, you know, what the officer was thinking in that moment, but what i do know is that, you know, through -- through the actions of the officer this young man is dead and a mother is without a son. that much i do know. >> reporter: and now inside the hennepin county courthouse where the defense is expected to get their turn with the presentation to the jury starting today. look for their defense of derek chauvin to center on three points, other causes in george floyd's death, including heart disease and drug use. that's something they pushed on during the initial phases of this trial during cross-examination. they will also tell you that force may not look good when it's used but that force is
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necessary and legal within the bounds of what an officer can do, and finally they have pointed several times to a hostile crowd that was gathering that may have diverted the attention of chauvin or made him too fearful to do anything but hold george floyd down. that's the latest in minneapolis. i'm jay gray. now back to you. >> thank you. one legal expert tells nbc lx if the jury decides not to convict dauphin he expects a new round of outrage. take a listen. >> i've got to be honest. you know, i think, all hell is going to be unleashed. i hope that's not true. we have a justice system for a reason. i think we should trust the system. i think we've seen an iron-clad case by the prosecution. >> reporter: this story is part of our new platform nbc lx to. see the full interview and other long form stories check out lx. it's 11-15 over the air, channel 185 on xfiniti cable or any time on lx opinion come.
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in washington, democrats are trying to fast-track a bill that would crack down on hate crimes against asians, but scott mcgrew, you say it ties the violence directly to coronavirus. >> directly in the text and right in the title. good morning to you, cierra, called the covid-19 hate crimes act and only takes effect if the hate crime is died directly to coronavirus, if the attacker blames the victim for covid, something that is false and something we've been trying to discourage actively. this is something happening in the senate. the little will start there, did not go through committee like a regular bill but will go straight to the floor for a vote. >> make no mistake. the senate will debate and take action to combat hate crimes against asian-americans. there is no reason, no reason this shouldn't be a bipartisan bill that passes the senate without delay.
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this is not some kind of gotcha piece of legislation, it's legislation our times demand. >> reporter: the bill directs the department of justice to prioritize hate crimes against situations where the attacker associates the victim with the spread of coronavirus t.reads violence against someone of a particular race, and then it goes on to other things like age or gender and the actual or perceived relationship to the spread of covid-19. to be clear, nowhere in the bill does it say asian or aapi. its bill authors and supporters make that connection. republican susan collins calls the whole thing odd for doing so. as for what it actually does, cierra, it tells the department of justice to expedite and hurry along cases where someone is attacked and that attack is related to the pandemic and also instructs states what to do in reporting similar crimes.
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it's really short, about 375 words. >> all right. thank you. and in other news, new reports say president biden tomorrow will announce the withdrawal of all u.s. troops from afghanistan by next september 11th. that's a long way off, and we've heard withdrawal plans from two previous presidents but we'll see. that was the end of scott mcgrew's report there. switching gears. new details. governor newsom going to sign a major bill that will hope flip keep california safe from wildfires. that's what you're looking at there. the governor announced the $536 million package last year creating defensible space around homes and hiring more firefighters, all of which is extremely necessary. we're dry this season so now it's time to look at your microclimate forecast for a better explanation of things, but, first, a look at the golden gate bridge. just popped up there, and now we have kari to explain the weather for this week. >> hey.
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we've got a lot going on. let's take about our temperatures today that will feel cooler as winds pick up, and we'll see some of the gusts reaching 30 to 40 miles per hour. we have to be very careful especially now that the vegetation has dried out quite a bit. we do have more sunshine and dry weather in the forecast as we go into the next several days and even into next week. let's talk about the winds. at least now we do have an ocean breeze. look at the dreams of the wind coming off the of the cool ocean temperatures so it's going to transport that to the inland areas. as with go into the rest of today. our winds are mostly at about 25 to 35 miles per hour, and we are going to see those winds gradually coming down for tonight and once again those temperatures will feel much cooler across the bay with the highs reaching into the upper 60s in morgan hill. now to our climate in condoleezza rice. the cierra snowpack provides a portion of california's water
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each spring. it provides water for our crops and drinking and everyday use. when the rain doesn't add up to normal we talk about drought and one scientist wants us to use a new tomorrow, snow drought. >> snow drought is when you don't have average snow or you have snow but because of warm temperatures it will quickly melt and it eventually drains into the ocean. >> snow drought is different from drought because even if you do get above normal rainfall, it will drain into the ocean and back to the drought we go into the summer so a warmer climate, you'll have less snow which could lead to more snow drought. find this as well as more stories on our climate in crisis at cierra. >> sounds good. definitely we'll have to check that out. coming up, feeling the pain at the pump.
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one gallon of regular unleaded hovering near $4. next, when we could see some relief. and one bay area woman is being recognized for her hard work in stopping violence against asian-americans. today on "the kelly clarkson show," leanne tells kelly how she turned her concerns into action. >> i turned to my fiancee and said we need to do something about this, we can't just watch the news so we started to go out to chinatown and started patrolling. >> and kelly gifts leanne a big donation so she can continue her work. watch it all this afternoon on "the kell clarkson show" today at 3:00 this afternoon.
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welcome back. have you noticed gas prices
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lately? right now nationally it's nearly $1 per gallon higher than this time last year. san francisco leads the country at nearly $4 a gallon with san jose and oakland not far behind. baton rouge has the cheapest gas at 2.50. industry watchers say prices should stay put or even drop, but that's happening before a possible surge this summer. and making it in the bay. all about home prices. new data shows a drop in san francisco. "the chronicle" analyzed zillow data which shows lower home values year over year in nearly every zip code. the only zip codes that went higher were in the outer mission and sunset district. home prices in san jose shot up 8%. napa safe 13% growth. the giants salesforce tower is gearing up to reopen and employees can work at home through 2021 or volunteer to return to the iconic tower beginning next month.
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salesforce says to come back you have to be vaccinated. several other tech companies including facebook, intel and facebook have announced that returning employees will not be vaccinated. here's more work-from-home data. new this morning a bay-area council shows that the practice is four times higher here now than before the pandemic. the jump from around 6% to 26%. that amounts to nearly 1 million fewer daily commuters across the region. council members will talk more about those findings later today, and britain's princes william and harry paid tribute to their grandfather prince philip remembering his wit and barbecue skills. the brothers in the middle of a family rift issued separate statements about philip who died last week at the age of 99. >> the queen is at windsor castle preparing for her
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husband's funeral and her grandson harry back at frogmore cottage, harry and harry depicting a united front after a year of turmoil. the brothers back in the same country and said to meet this week for the first time since harry and meghan's explosive oprah interview. william shared a picture of his son prince george with his great grandfather saying he'll never forgot philip coming to collect him in his carriage and william called his grandfather an extraordinary man and part of an extraordinary generation adding katherine and i will continue to do what he would have wanted and will support the queen in the years aed half. i will miss my grandpa but know he would want us to get on with the job. prince harry no longer a working royal called his grandfather a man of service, honor and great humor and the master of the barbecue writing thank you for your service, your dedication to granny and for always being
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yourself. meghan, archie and i as well as your future great granddaughter will always hold a special place in our hearts signing off with a marine term, a nod to prince philip's position as captain of the marines, a job he handed down to harry before he held it for three years before stepping down from his royal duties. many have said prince philip who have wanted everyone to get on with the job and that's what the queen plans to do after her two weeks of mourning of. just a couple days after her 15th birthday she plans to carry on with her work. kelly cobiella, nbc news. >> will folks need a jacket at lunch? will it be nice? will it be windy? >> it all depends on where you are because the winds are starting to pick up. now it will be much cooler near
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the coast but it's starting to feel a lot more comfortable as we get a live look outside in walnut creek where it's 61 degrees. notice the temperatures for the rest of the afternoon and we're headed into the upper 60s. it's going to be perfect whether you're able to take that lunch outside or enjoy some time out at the park, let's head over to martinez. in the next hour we'll see temperatures in the mid-60s and going to 68 degrees at 1:00 and 70 degrees at 2:00. if you want the warmest time of the day you've got about 3:00 to 4:00 before those temperatures start to head back down. once again, that's when the winds will be increasing. let's go to the south bay and check out the highs. milipitas will reach up to 63 degrees and los gatos 69 and low 70s for parts of the east bay and 75 degrees in antioch. oakland will reach up to 65 degrees. you can see the wide range in temperatures from the 7 a in antioch to the mid-50s along the
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coastline. we'll see much cooler air there as well as the ocean breeze. san francisco is staying in the mid-50s and low 70s for the north day. we'll have this hereby that will cause our winds to gust going into today and we have an area of high pressure which will be the main influence especially with our temperature heating up. as least for now it's staying nice happened cool as the ocean breeze kicks up and brings some of the 50-degree water temp turls into the inland air issias and the transports that into the air. looking at that forecast, the temperatures will go from the 60s and 70s to the 80s and even mid-80s next week while san francisco will see the gusty winds today with highs in the upper 50s. more of that through the end of the week, and this weekend it
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does start to feel a little more comfortable there with some highs reaching 69 degrees by sunday into monday. we're watching all of this. of course, the dry weather does continue. still no chance of rain in the forecast. the cierra? >> all right. thank you. coming up, steph curry lights up the court last night. up next his record-setting game that could make one basketball legend a bit nervous. the stats are next. a somber day on capitol hill as president biden and members of congress pay tribute to a fallen u.s. capitol police officer killed in the line of duty. officer william billy evans, an 18-year veteran, will lie in honor. he was killed earlier this month after being struck at the
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soon the warriors will be back welcoming fans back to their stands at the chase center and steph curry says he can't wait for the cheers. here's laura garcia with a little bit of history that curry made yesterday. last night's game at the chase center had a little bit of everything starting with some history. steph curry on this layup became the all-time franchise leader in scoring passing warriors great
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wilt chamberlain. steph also dropped 53 points leading the ws to a 116-107 win over denver. curry is only a couple hundred points away from his 18,th for his career. wow. if you like mac & cheese, you might like this. kraft has created the first ever grilled cheese incense to make your home smell extra cheesy all the time. you can't buy it anywhere. maybe that's a good thing. you have to enter to win by using the hashtags be cheesy. i don't know if i want to win that up but you could own your own piece of history. a postcard written by the "titanic"'s senior radio operator is being put up for auction. it was sent weeks before the
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ocean line sank in the north atlantic in 1912. this postcard is expected to sell for around $15,000. own a little piece of history there for the price tag. >> back to you. >> thank you. new details. governor newsom signing a major bill that will hopefully keep california safe from wildfires. right now on your screen live pictures from butte county. the governor announced the $536 million budget package last week. money will go towards fire prevention, creating defensible space around people's homes and hiring more firefighters. we'll take one last look at weather with meteorologist kari hall. kari? >> hey, cierra, just posting yesterday the link to where you can find out how to make your defensible spate around your house so that's really interesting weather there. we're seeing things staying nice and mild and still no rain and
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why we have to be careful over the next several months. >> yes, we do. >> thanks so much for joining us. our next newscast at 5:00. also get the latest news all day at the have a great day. check out my new mini munchies with mac & cheese bites. ♪ one more bite- ♪ ♪ just ♪ ♪ gimme one ♪ ♪ more bite. ♪ woah. ♪ cuz i can't wait forever. ♪ my $4 mini munchies. only at jack in the box.
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♪one more bite.♪ ♪just give me one more bite.♪ ♪cause i can't wait forever.♪ mac & cheese, now in a tasty bite. part of my new $4 mini munchies. only at jack in the box. right now on "california live" ross is rocking and rolling with the godfather of skating. >> the energy that you're feeling. this is what people are searching for. >> and then jersey housewife margaret joseph has the back stories on the blowups this season. >> i think you're a sloppy sglunk no one held anything back. all their emotions. everything was right on the table. >> plus, las vegas is lighting up again with the return of penn & teller. >> edgy, provocative, hilarious. >> and you've had your second vaccine so now what? don't worry. we've got nurse barb to the rescue. >> i have seen 8,000 people be


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