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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 13, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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oh, more bubbles? more bubbles for less benjamins our amazing 20% off wine sael is going on now until april 13th at your neighborhood grocery outlet right now at 6:00, breaking news that's reverberating throughout the country this hour. top federal agencies in the last two hours calling for a halt of johnson & johnson vaccine shots because of safety concerns. what does it mean for you? it depends on where you're planning to get your shot. we have a live report to make sense of it all straight ahead, as "today in the bay" continues right now. already such a busy tuesday morning. thanks so much for starting your day with us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm cierra johnson.
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pete, a lot of moving parts here. what do people need to know? >> reporter: yeah, well, we know first off this could have a huge impact locally, especially in just a matter of days we got the vaccine eligibility expanding across california, and of course that means right here in the bay area. but we got that statement, right, from the cdc and fda not too long ago. i want to go over some of the details we have on that. right now the federal government is recommending this pause on the johnson & johnson vaccine due to six reported cases of what they term a severe blood clotting. now, in all six cases, they're saying it involved women aged between 18 and 64 and that it happened 6 to 13 days after receiving the vaccine. now, they pointed out that the cases are rare since johnson & johnson has administered nearly 7 million doses. but i do want to point out that
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the "new york times" is reporting that this vaccine will actually be paused at several sites. that's according to the "new york times" so then you're looking at a place like the oakland coliseum that could potentially be impacted by this. let's stick with the local location here. remember in brentwood, a group of people felt sick at a site after getting that johnson & johnson site. one person was taken to a hospital, but it's unclear at this point whether that was blood clot related. the cdc will hold a briefing later today but they'll hold a meeting tomorrow to review and investigate these cases. they say out of an abundance of caution, they're recommending a pause on this vaccine. reporting live, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> very concerning there. thank you for the details, pete. washington waiting for president biden to weigh in on this breaking news. alice barr with us this morning
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from the white house. what are you hearing from the white house, alice? >> reporter: good morning. nothing yet on this changing news, though i certainly expect we will hear from the white house sometime shortly here. president biden today bringing lawmakers to the white house for the second straight day as he's trying to drum up more support for his infrastructure plan. but now growing calls for police reform may overshadow his agenda. >> around the country, all over the world -- >> reporter: president biden meeting today with members of the congressional black caucus as he seeks support for a massive jobs and infrastructure plan. >> this is a moment for american strength and american unity. >> reporter: the president met yesterday with a handful of lawmakers for both parties trying to break through republican opposition to the plan's roughly $2 trillion price tag and its scope. >> the white house has lumped together a motley assortment of the left's priciest priorities.
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>> reporter: today's meeting sure to touch on calls for police reform as well amid protest and pain over the fatal shooting of a black man, daunte wright, just ten miles away from where george floyd was killed. the officer appears to have fired her gun accidentally instead of her taser. president biden calling for justice and calm. >> we do know that the anger, pain and trauma that exists in the black community in that environment is real. it's serious and it's consequential. but it will not justify violence and/or looting. >> reporter: adding to the outrage, this viral video of an intense traffic stop in virginia. the police officer accused of pepper spraying a black and latino military officer and forcing him to the ground now
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fired. in washington, alice barr, nbc news. president biden campaigned on promises of police reform and the white house says that is still a priority. their focus now on backing legislative change through the george floyd justice in policing act. in washington, alice barr, for "today in the bay." >> thank you, alice. developing now, a second night of unrest near minneapolis where police shot and killed an unarmed 20-year-old black man. demonstrators gathered near the brooklyn center police department following the shooting of dawn tai wright. classes continued later in the night. they prepare to loot a dollar general and a boost mobile store. the mayor asks for calm. >> i don't know if you know me,
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but i'm going to do everything in my power to make sure justice is done. >> about 40 arrested were made. it's not just the midwest, the bay area, too. visitors gathered outside the san jose police headquarters last night. you can see they lit a small fire and held signs reading "justice for daunte wright." local leaders are restoring $10 million to the police budget in the wake of city violence. so far 2021, there have been 41 homicides compared to at this time in 2020. there's been 159 shootings this year. carjackings are almost up threefold and 341 robbery reports in 2021 far surpass the reported against the golden state warriors after the team moved to san francisco.
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happening today, san francisco leaders debate enacting tough new protections to prevent gun violence. supervisors will vote on an ordinance requiring police to ask about gun restraining orders in three days. it also requires anybody who violates a restraining order either from, in or out of state law. in contra costa county, a child and another person killed in pittsburg. police believe it happened due to a suspected drunk driver. it happened about 6:00 last night on west leyland road. police believe a car was speeding when it rear-ended a toyota corrolla. three of them were children. sadly the driver of the corrolla died at the scene.
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one of the children, we're told, died later at the hospital. the three other passengers had serious injuries. the suspected drunk driver was arrested. 6:07 right now. now to "make it in the bay." local leaders, businesses, non-profits and social services have a plan to release a plan for the bay area's homeless situation. they said the plan is more than a year in the making. uc berkeley looking to add two housing projects on the campus. they have the less housing of all the uc campuses. it is 6:08 on your tuesday
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morning. a nice start to our day. care has a look at what's in store for the rest of it. it's been so nice to get out in the afternoon. >> it's going to be another nice day. in fact, a little bit cooler and a lot of people are getting up and getting ready to head out for that morning run or back ride. in sunnyvale expect temperatures in the upper 40s in the next hour and we will quickly warm up. it won't be as warm as yesterday. upper 60s and low 70s and along the coast the high winds. we'll talk about the forecast in a couple minutes. mike, any problems right now for the morning commute? >> if you were expecting yesterday's traffic, then yes, you have a problem at the bay bridge toll plaza where the pattern is open over it. as we look at the map, you'll see it slower.
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including here off the maze and continuing over to the decline into san francisco. i've circled where there is a hazard there, joakim miller on the west side. the rest of contra costa county looks great. a big rig lost the slow lane now and a patrol can't get there for another hour. hayward on 84 looking lighter than normal, and san jose starting to clear after the firstlight. a gallon of gas is now hovering near r r. a car crash that's come up this morning and not just law enforcement. we'll explain coming up. zds p apparently we're jufls
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we'll have in brentwood and the upper 60s in morgan hill. we'll talk about all our temperatures in our microclimates and our climate in crisis, a new term you may hear us using that's coming up in a few minutes. a backup on the bay bridge. not like yesterday but not like normal, either. i do have a theory what might be affecting this commute as well as coming out of the altima pass and that will ripple around contra costa and alameda county. we do continue to follow breaking news as the u.s. regulators are calling for a pause in the use of the johnson & johnson vaccine. it's due to potential blood clotting issues. the cdc and fda issued statements just a short time ago. we're waiting to hear from local health leaders here as well, not to mention the white house and how this could impact the vaccine rollout. we know that eligibility is going up across our state
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starting this week. of course, we're gathering all this information. we're also getting new information that you're going to want to stick around for this morning as well. we're hearing from a doctor. what if you are among some of the people who already received the johnson & johnson vaccine? what could this potential new news mean for you? also just a short time ago, i was checking the johnson & johnson stock. it's been trading upwards, but on pre-market trading it's down about $4.34 right now. scott mcgrew has a look at our tech headlines. busy morning, scott. >> it is a busy morning and i know wall street will be watching that carefully, because there have been so many millions of americans getting those vaccines and getting them safely. we'll continue to watch that and stay on nbc bay area on the very latest on this important johnson
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& johnson news. it turns out toilet paper manufacturers say we have appear awful lot of poilt paper because we already bought ours and put it in the closet. the "wall street journal" saying ls a glut -- is a glut and we have so much in storage. as you know, the economy growing by leaps and bounds because of those vaccines. americans have their stimulus checks as well. there is a worry that inflation could spike and we're seeing that up 2.6%. but gas prices are a huge part of that. if you take out gas prices and food as well, those prices tend to be very volatile, the inflation number much more reasonable. also reasonable compared to what? last year in the middle of a pandemic? that's what's up 2.6%. economists call that the base effect. if you're trying to compare a number that is artificially low, like inflation last year in the middle of the pandemic, you're
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not really getting a very good comparison. san francisco's coin base goes public in a direct listing today. that pushed the bitcoin to new numbers after it set records last week. a lot of people are booking travel for fun, though the airline industry starting to worry the more expensive business travel isn't coming back as quickly. i talked to a friend of mine, adam goldstein, who says book your flights now while prices are low. he spoke to me from an airport. i try to see my parents at least once a month in chicago. should i be scheduling those out from now? it seems like prices are low but i don't know if they will be in the future. >> it's a great idea to make those plans, and most airlines have made it free to cancel if you can't make the trip.
6:18 am
you cancel, you get credit to another trip. maybe the fare has come down. if it has, you can cancel and then rebook at the lower fare. >> you have to be able to support doing it, i suppose, but as adam says, take advantage of those free cancellations while you can. >> good advice. >> yeah. well, have you noticed gas prices lately? right now nationally it's nearly $1 per gallon higher than this time last year. san francisco leads the country at nearly $4 a gallon with oakland not far behind. industry watchers say prices should stay pourt even drop after a possible new surge this summer. we're going to get to mike with a look at the morning commute, but first we've got the
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story of a driver who is in a lot of trouble this morning. check this out. flies off of a road, goes up an embankment and manages to wedge his suv under the 580 freeway in oakland yesterday. yikes. the chp said the man was driving 100 miles an hour on the freeway when a deputy tried to pull him over, but he took off. a very short pursuit there. you can see how it ended. but wait, there's more. the car, a maserati, isn't even his. he said it belongs to his girlfriend. we'll see if that relationship stands the test of time. >> ex-girlfriend? i agree. thank goodness they were not major remember. >> just trying to figure out how it glot -- got a glut.
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the backup at the toll plaza formed on schedule but it's a lighter flow. i think there are still parents that may be home. remember, we talked about san leandro schools and there are other schools that started after their spring break and they're in hybrid. the parents want to be there for the adjustment. look at the map, it's still slow on the decline getting to the incline and toll plaza area. as we look at the rest of contra costa county, though, everything is fine. things are really jammedat the pass because of a vehicle at the glut line. kari, what do you have? >> it's a beautiful day for the kids today. let's get to the south bay and
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check out our temperatures and before we're headed for today. it's been cooler but also windy and we've gone over to los gatos where aly at 2:00 this afternoon in antioch, it will reach about 6 of 5 degrees. very gusty winds, up to 60 in san francisco and the mission district in our north bay highs will reach into the low 70s, with napa reaching 70 degrees. we're getting gusty winds as high pressure is very close by, but that high pressure is not going anywhere, so we'll still see some dry weather at least over the next seven days, but our temperatures will go from down to up and reaching into the mid-80sly. all right, let's get to our
6:22 am
climate in crisis. the sierra snowpack subpoena plimds about. the vein good for crops and every day use, but when the rain doesn't add up, we start talking about drought. one more scientist wants to give us a new drought to use, snow the snow transfers to water and eventually out into the ocean. >> dr. kukec says snow drought is a new term we should use because it's different than drought. even if you get rainfall, that rain will just go into the
6:23 am
summer. you can find this as well as other stories related to climate at >> thank you, kari. next on "today in the bay," nbc bay area responds. their fridge isn't properly cooling or freezing, but it appears the company has put their complaint on ice. for years.
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welcome back. nbc bay area responds to a family's seeming the fridge fail. >> chris chmura is here with a case that dragged on for 3.5 years. >> reporter: cindy says her mom sprang for a monogram 3-d appliance. they are built in and advertised as professional grade. but cindy says this pro fridge was only freezing to 17 degrees and cooling to 52. that's a problem. we checked with the fda. it says freezers should be zero degrees or colder and the refrigerator should be operating at 40 degrees or colder. cindy said the company sent a third party service tech to fix the fridge, but that did not work. her mom even bought a portable ice maker to make up for the $9,000 fridge's failure to freeze.
6:27 am
fed up, cindy contacted us. we contacted freedman's and ge. in three weeks ge told us freedman's solved the dispute by ordering a new refrigerator and fully refunding the refrigerator purchased in 2017. that is a $9,513 win for cindy and bonnie. we asked ge and freedman's for a response, but they didn't get back to us. coming up next on "today in the bay," we continue to follow breaking news this morning where the u.s. has halted the distribution of the johnson & johnson coming up, what this means for you if you had an appointment to receive it or what if you already received it? how concerned should you be for your own health with concerns
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our amazing 20% off wine sael is going on now until april 13th at your neighborhood grocery outlet good tuesday morning, everyone. i'm cierra johnson in for marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. we continue to folsom pretty major breaking news this morning. impacting millions of people across the country, including
6:31 am
right here in the bay area, federal regulators are recommending a pause for the johnson & johnson covid vaccine due to extremely rare blood clots. and now there is some pretty major questions about the vaccine supply. some of these booked appointments already, and what concern you should have if you already received that johnson & johnson vaccine. 7 million people have already been vaccinated with j&j, and this comes just two days before california is opening eligibility for the vaccine to everyone over 17. >> that's right, and pete suratos is live with this developing each minute. pete, 9 million doses of j&j have now been shipped across the country. >> reporter: yeah, huge announcement this morning, guys, especially considering that vaccine eligibility is going to expand on thursday. i mean, you have folks making appointments as we speak.
6:32 am
but let's go ahead and talk about this statement, this huge statement that was put out this morning by the fda and cdc. now, they are recommending a pause on the johnson & johnson vaccine. in that statement it says, it is due to six reported cases of severe blood clotting. now, these cases all involve the women which between the ages of 16 and 64 years of age. it happened six days after the admission of the vaccine. i want to play this new interview we have from a doctor who just spoke with the "today" show talking about what you should look out for as far as any side effects from the johnson & johnson shot. >> the symptoms of a low platelet would be easy bruising, nose bleeding, gum bleeding, for example. anybody, of course, who develops a significant headache after receiving the johnson & johnson
6:33 am
vaccine, i would certainly alert your doctor to that. it appears this occurred one to three weeks after the vaccination, so that's how we know that adverse events really do happen relatively quickly after the vaccination. >> reporter: very important medical information there from that doctor. now, the next steps, the cdc and the fda will meet tomorrow to further review these cases, but they are recommending a pause on this vaccine, at least until further review. reporting live, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> thanks, pete. we'll, of course, continue to watch for new developments. they're joining forces on what they call a vaccine supersite. you will need an appointment. it's not clear if johnson & johnson shots are included in that supply.
6:34 am
well, two days before eligibility statewide widens to anyone over 16, there is new confusion here in the bay area. san francisco supervisor matt haney fired up over the vaccine rollout and how the city's health public dlpt only apply tho those 15 and -- 16 and over for those rolling up their sleeves. >> if you live in contra costa county, it says it's not available, and that just doesn't make sense. >> when they expanded those to 16 and older in the neighborhoods most affected, the state's scheduling system could not set restrictions on zip code. so it appears members of the newly eligible group may have to wait until thursday to book their appointment. haney calls that outrageous.
6:35 am
>> faster spreading variants are not having as much of an impact here, and the state may be insulated because so many people were already exposed before the u.k. variant arrived in the u.s. research finds it may not trigger any more severe symptoms. data from the u.k. last fall swhoez. developing overnight, new unrest in minneapolis where police shot and killed a 20-year-old black man in a nearby suburb. daunte white was killed, and the police officer said she meant to use her taser, not her gun. >> reporter: cierra, laura, good morning. a very intense night in brooklyn
6:36 am
center. beer 200 yards from the police headquarters where demonstrators gathered last night. police tried to clear them out with rubber bullets, tear gas and smoke. a busted sprinkler system has flooded the interior of this building and looters were able to grab whatever they wanted to inside before police were able to shut down this store. >> i want you to understand that i'm going to do everything in my power to make sure justice is done. this isn't going to get swept under the rug or anything like that. >> we also learn more about the police officer who fired that fatal shot, killing daunte wright. she's been identified as kristin potter who is now on administrative leave. the bureau of criminal appear
6:37 am
renengs this r. they do not use danger or violence to retaliate. a big shift in the courtroom today. defense may rest by the end of the week. one expert tells nbclx if the jury decides not to convict, he expects a new round of outrage. >> i've got to be honest, i think all hell is going to be unleashed. i hope that's not true. listen, we have a justice system for a reason. i think we should trust the system. i think we've seen an ironclad case by the prosecution. the story is part of our new
6:38 am
platform, nbclx. it's channel 105 on xfinity or anytime on a new data shows a drop in san francisco. the zillow data which shows lower home values year after year in nearly every zip code. the only zip codes that went higher were in the outer mission and sunset district. however, prices in san jose shot up 80%. napa saw 13% growth. happening today, antioch may join the list of cities providing hazard pay to grocery store workers. councilmembers will discuss requiring an additional 3, 4 or $5 an hour during the pandemic at large chain stores. it would remain in effect until contra costa county reaches the yellow tier. the sales worse building is getting set to reopen. employees can work at home
6:39 am
through 2021 if they choose, or they can return to the iconic tower end of may. they say if you choose to come back, you have to be vaccinated. other sites such as facebook are not asking for vaccines if you want to return to work. the jump from 6% to 26% now amounts to nearly 1 million fewer daily commuters across the region. they'll talk more about those findings later today. and if you're working from home, you may want to take a lunch break outside because it has been gorgeous these last couple of days. >> absolutely enjoy just going out for an afternoon walk, getting some sunshine, spending time in the backyard. we're going to be cooler today. no need for air-conditioning and some of those spots will get into the 60s and 70s, but it
6:40 am
will be windy. we see those gusts at about 30 to 40 miles an hour, especially this afternoon and into the evening. as we go through the forecast, it just stays dry. we're not seeing any changes here, but our temperatures will be going up and down. as we get a look around the bay with our start this morning in san francisco, this is where it stays cool, reaching into the upper 50s. morgan hill today will reach 68 degrees and those high winds moving through brentwood as the highs move into the mid-70s there. mike, heading out the door to work, how is it looking for the commute? >> it's looking pretty good. it's on schedule. for the south bay i circled the slowing for the 101. we do see that on schedule. remember, san jose unified and other school districts have spring break this week, so during the day, probably lighter cross-town traffic. hayward shows up as well and then toward the san mateo bridge. this is the big backup.
6:41 am
westbound slow lanes backed by crews have gotten mostly moved to the shoulder but still blocks one lane. that crash that you see there is pulled over on the side. slowing for highway 4 at the top of your screen shows it right on schedule there. maub anl. the crash is on highway 4, examine the approach to the bay bridge, no problems. i'll look at that, richmond out of knoll. back to you. new trouble for the mayor of windsor after several women accused him of sexual assault.
6:42 am
plus -- president biden is pushing for bipartisanship, and in some cases he's getting it. a slight sync on an otherwise record-setting dow as we get news about a johnson & johnson pause. well, here's something to bring you up this morning. did you happen to catch a little bit of last night's game at the chase center? a little bit of history there, yep. we're going to tell you what steph curry did and how it's a little reminiscent of wilt chamberlain.
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good tuesday morning. right now it's 6:44. getting ready to head out for a morning run, bike ride, walk, whatever you do to get the day started. in sunnyvale, it will be in the upper 40s in the next hour and a lot of sunshine today. temperatures late morning through the afternoon. we'll talk about the microclimate and more about this dry weather with changes coming up in the next ten minutes. i forgot to show you the toll plaza. there it is, much more traffic than yesterday but actually lighter than our tuesdays have become over the last few weeks. we do see movement here, and no problem from the maze or the east shore freeway. a crash there on 580. we'll talk about what that means ought of the altima pass. >> sounds good, we'll check back with you, mike.
6:46 am
it's a quarter of 7:00 as america deals with challenges. >> and, scott mcgrew, we're starting to see some. >> we can return to some of those good old days, don't you hope? we saw some bipartisanship on the border as members of congress from both parties went to the border on a fact-finding mission together, trying to figure out how to slow the flow of incoming children. they're offering suggestions instead of just criticizing. president biden wants chris magnus to be the next head of the board of public advisers. he was a critic of donald trump, so maybe not the best bipartisan pick. magnus currently serves as the police chief of tucson, arizona. he's a strong supporter of
6:47 am
sanctuary cities. president biden pushing for his so-called infrastructure bill, and it sounds as if he's willing to compromise a little on increased taxes for corporations. the president holding a meeting at the bathroom yesterday. he said the chip shortage was part of what he wanted to fix with berlt. >> it's not remotely target toward what americans think they're getting when politicians campaign on infrastructure. but instead of coming up with a better bill, democrats have decided it's the english language that has to change. they're embarking on an orwellian campaign to convince anybody that any government policy whatsoever can be labeled infrastructure. >> we need to build the infrastructure of today, not repair the one of yesterday. and the plan i propose is going to create millions of jobs,
6:48 am
rebuild america, protect our supply chains and revitalize american manufacturing. >> both parties have a hand in this distraction that is the argument over the word "infrastructure." there are things in the bill like support for the elderly that are not traditional infrastructure of any sort. then again, the word straur is leavingly you with a bill for america's program. ly -- definitely not something you see every day. we'll post that one to twitter. you'll find me there. i'm @scottmcgrew. happening today, the windsor
6:49 am
mayor may lose his appointment to the bridge authorities. they are expecting to take that on today as two more women came forward accusing him of sexual harrassment. six women are now making allegations. our news team tried to get a response from him yesterday but there was no answer at his door. he previously stated he has not done anything wrong and he is fighting back to clear his name. here's what voters have to say about the allegations. >> they're real serious and we're seeing too much of this with our elected officials. it's just too much. >> let's really investigate it and let's move aside. if there's guilt, please, quickly, move aside. >> meanwhile the sonoma county sheriff and state attorney general are now investigating. windsor's town council has also called for an emergency hearing tomorrow night to address the allegations. the warriors later today get a first look at what fans can
6:50 am
kbhchlt today's meteor tour comes and they're getting it all cleaned up. speaking of the warriors and the nuggets, last night's game at the chase center had a little bit of everything, starting with some history. steph curry, did you see it on this layup here, became the all-time franchise leader in scoring. he passed warriors' great wilt chamberlain. steph also dropped 53 points, leading the warriors to a win over denver. steph curry is only 18,000 in his own career. >> it hasn't taken him that long to get it done. that's awesome. >> it's pretty amazing where
6:51 am
he's going. >> what's later today? >> absolutely. >> you'll have nicer weather as you get ready to head out the door. here's a look at our commute as we head out the tri-valley. more sun on the way today. as we look for a trend, a few clouds here and there. temperatures in the upper 40s. as we go into the rest of the day, we'll see more sunshine and our temperatures heading into the low 60s at lunchtime. now, you will most likely need your jacket most of the day. at least some light long sleeves because our temperatures will reach up to 65 in oakland. check out san francisco, 58 degrees and it's going to be very windy for the inland valleys in spots like concord. we're weechg into the 70s and 60 degrees. it's close by that high pressure
6:52 am
that's not budging, it's not going anyway x as of now, we do have a nice ocean breeze but that's going to change as we go into the weekend. we start with our lot breeze. that lower wind and it's going from spring to summer. we'll have some upper 50s today and that will trend more towards upper 60s by the end of the weekend. mike, we were watching that shot of dublin. anything else happening out there on the roads? >> that may change, kari. kari showed you dublin, a good amount of traffic there. i circled where there was a crash. it got cleared off the freeway and that let a lot of folks into
6:53 am
the tri-valley. i'm circling now all these other spots that may see a lot more traffic in the next 15 minutes and into the tri valley, castro. things are on the move in the bay, and it's not as bad as it could be. thank you. mosques around the world are observing ramadan. for 30 days, the muslim were killed, but given the times, that's not the case now. coming up, the fda and the
6:54 am
cdc are suggesting we pause production of the j&j vaccine.
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great party carly you must of blown your budget. not exactly.
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you have great wine name brand snacks tons of meat, and where did you get this imported cheese? hello? grocery outlet bargain market. oh, more bubbles? more bubbles for less benjamins our amazing 20% off wine sael is going on now until april 13th at your neighborhood grocery outlet big breaking news as federal regulators make a surprise
6:57 am
recommendation to pause the use of the johnson & johnson vaccine due to blood clotting concerns. >> pete suratos is with us live. just two days before the state eligibility expands nationwide. >> reporter: huge impact especially for these counties that are relying on the expansion which starts in just a few days. here's what we know from the fda and the cdc. they recommend this pause on the johnson & johnson vaccine followed by six reported cases of severe blood clotting k. these effects happened one to two weeks or 6 to 13 days after the shot. so as far as the next steps, the fda and cdc plan to meet tomorrow to further review these
6:58 am
cases. pete suratos, "today in the bay." also stay tuned for the "today" show this morning where they're talking to a physician. what if you already received the johnson & johnson vaccine? stick around for that on the "today" show right after "today in the bay" at 7:00 a.m. let's head outside on this tuesday. this is a live look at san francisco. a little gray, a little dark, a little gloomy, and right now we're hoping for a better, brighter day on this tuesday to get your workday started. i believe we have a look at san jose. that's just a nice day. people looking to get their day started. hopefully they can have a little more brightness for their workday. we're looking at highs
6:59 am
reaching up to 770s. by the end of the weekend, it's hitting low 80s and san francisco will only reach into the 50s today so i would keep that jacket on, but you'll probably be able to take that off this weekend as we reach into the upper 60s. mike, what's happening out there now for the morning commute? >> let's show folks. over at the richmond side of the bridge, it looks like things are backed up a bit, more backed up by the toll plaza. traffic at the altima pass much farther east. some people make it to the san mateo bridge and it moves very smoothly. no major problems, although hayward does flow a bit onto the
7:00 am
238. the sun is at the backs of these people traveling west. that will do it for us. speaking of some sun, let's leave you with some sunshine this morning. the sun coming up over the south bay. the "today" show coming up next. we'll be back soon. breaking news, stunning announcement. the fda and cdc urging a pause in the use of johnson & johnson's covid vaccine. the agencies now investigating concerns over rare, but severe, blood clots, with cases in s women, one of them reportedly fatal. this morning the major blow to the push to vaccinate all americans as quickly as possible. how it could reshape the battle against the virus, and what you need to know if you're one of the 7 million americans who have already received the j&j shot.


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