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tv   Early Today  NBC  April 12, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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♪ breaking overnight, protests erupt in minneapolis demonstrators pour into the streets after an officer shot and killed a black man during a traffic stop the chaos coming on the eve of week three in the derek chauvin trial. the vaccination effort fires on all cylinders the u.s. sets a new record with more than 4.5 million americans receiving a shot in a single day, but trouble could loom with a drop in vaccine supply and covid cases on the rise. ready for a return to normalcy get in line, after a year in
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quarantine, the headaches on the horizon from everything from the dentist to the dmv "early today" starts right now good monday morning, i'm frances rivera >> and i'm phillip mena. as the base of covid vaccinations ramp up across the country states are expanding their availability in restrictions in that new mexico and oklahoma have opened up their vaccines to nonresidents while more than half the states still have residency requirements nbc has the latest for us. >> reporter: the u.s. administered a record 4.6 million covid vaccines saturday, some good news as new cases increase in at least 32 states, fuelled by unvaccinated young people affected by the uk variant. easter, spring break and more traveling have some hospitals struggling again. >> now that we're seeing upticks after each holiday, you know, it's taxing, it's exhausting and it's a lot to ask for the staff. >> reporter: the midwest is getting hit the hardest, michigan is now the new
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epicenter second to only florida in cases of the new uk variant the governor asking for others >> what's happening in michigan today could be what's happening in other states, so it's on all of us to squash where we're seeing vaccine hot spots >> reporter: vaccine rollouts could slow this week with johnson & johnson offering secure doses than last week. some of its vaccines were spoiled and three posted results like fainting. the biden administration is pledging to get to the bottom of what exactly occurred in china started this pandemic. >> we need to do that precisely, to fully what happened in order to get the best shot of it happening again. blinken blaming china for not being completely transparent allowing the virus to spread throughout the world jennifer nelson, nbc news, washington and california hit hard by covid in october is still on
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track for a june reopening but there's important progress later this week. scott kohn joins us. >> reporter: francis, this is a pivot week in california, starting to bounce back after very rough times just a short time ago vaccination appointments will open up on thursday to all adults 16 and over and the state is moving now towards reopening the economy. the santa cruz beach boardwalk behind me reopened on april 1st. and will fully reopen on june 15th which is just 65 days away. >> i'm very confident that june 15th is doable i think everyone no matter where you are in the country knows that california has taken the most cautious approach of any state in the nation to covid recovery and covid reopening we all know that our vaccine progress in the u.s. is extremely strong our tests capables are extremely strong the protocols we have in place are extremely strong >> reporter: but in order for all of that to proceed, they
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have to keep the vaccinations going at the strong rate they're going at now, half the californians over the age of 16 had been vaccinated they have to keep the supply up and demand up in order to move forward to a june 15th reopening. scott kohn, nbc news >> thanks, scott breaking news, minnesota has activated its national guard in response to unrest in the streets. police clashed with hundreds of protesters overnight and appeared to use tear gas in a suburb of minneapolis. 20 businesses were broken into this outrage erupted after a traffic stop turned deadly according to police, a man was fatally shot when he re-entered his car while officers were trying to arrest him for an outstanding warrant. tensions escalated quickly with police in riot gear arriving to secure the area. this all unfolded ten miles from where george floyd died.
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the governor identified the man who was killed as daunte wright. and tweeted our state mourns another life of a black man taken by law enforcement as that investigation begins the trial of derek chauvin enters its third week. the former police officer is expected to call witnesses soon. nbc's meagan fitzgerald is covering the trial megan, good morning. >> reporter: all eyes are on the defense as they prepare to call their first witness. anxiety in the twin cities as the prosecution preps to rest its case, a family member of george floyd is expected to take the stand this week. so far, 35 witnesses have been called in the murder trial against derek chauvin. arguably, the biggest blow to the defense, the county medical examiner who did the autopsy on floyd. >> mr. floyd's use of fentanyl did not cause the subdual or next restraint his heart disease did not cause
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the subdual or the neck restraint. >> reporter: joining other experts who said floyd died because of the actions of law enforcement. >> there's no evidence to suggest he would have died that night, except for the interactions with law enforcement. >> reporter: the defense will call their own witnesses this week >> this week for the defense is a challenging week, but, frankly, it's the whole ball game >> reporter: expected to make the case that floyd died from pre-existing health conditions and drug use not the 9 minutes and 29 seconds that chauvin's knee was on floyd's neck >> the cause of death is the battleground because, you know, jurors are going to be impressed by the expert medical witnesses that the defense has lined up. >> reporter: and jurors may hear again from the prosecution's witness, officer nicole mckenzie as the consequence tries to make the case that bystanders distracted chauvin >> he's trying to focus on the patient while there's other
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things around you. you don't feel safe. >> we have seen the videotape. we have seen remarkable witnesses and expert witnesses, but there's still a battle a battle the entire nation is watching the big question is will derek chauvin take the with the stand? legal experts say it's not likely because the scope of cross-examination is so broad, taking the stand opens him up to questions about past police conduct complaints as well as other potential instances of prejudice or bias. frances. >> meagen, thank you a u.s. army officer is suing two police officers after they pointed guns and pepper sprayed him during a traffic stop. >> get out of the car now! get out of the car now >> what's going on >> get out of the car! >> yeah. you should be, get out get out. get out of the car >> get out of the car! >> i'm actively serving this country this is how you're going
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to treat me? i didn't do anything >> whoa, hold on >> this happened back in december in the town of windsor, virginia, the officer seen pepper spraying him was fired from the police department the other is still employed. in his lawsuit, memassario clai. virginia police are conducting an independent investigation nbc news has reached out to the two officers with no response. the mood is somber across the uk this morning as the country has lost a beloved member of the royal family, prince philip the husband of queen elizabeth died on friday just two months shy of his 100th birthday funeral plans are put in place after a weekend of tributes. for the latest we turn to nbc's matt bradley outside of
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buckingham palace. good morning >> reporter: good morning. it's not going to look what it normally looks prepandemic and that's exactly what the preparations now are preparing for. this is supposed to be 800-person funeral 800-mourners invited before the actual pandemic start. and now, that's going to be trimmed down greatly to about 30 and even prime minister boris johnson said he will give up his seat for a member of the royal family to actually attend the funeral. now, given all of this, all eyes are on prince harry, it's unclear, according to nbc news whether or not he's arrived. or still trying to verify that he showed up yesterday at heathrow airport now it turn out that the "sun" newspapers said he arrived early yesterday afternoon and was whisked away by range rovers this could be an opportunity for
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him to mend with the royal family and his wife meghan who is back in los angeles pregnant. a lot of the media attention is focused on that. but at the same time, you do have to remember as a lot of britons will, this is just a man, and this is just a family and that's how many people are going to be observing this solemn occasion coming up on saturday guys >> certainly with the world watching a royal event that many of us have never seen. matt, thank you. history was made at augusta national it was a first as hideki matsuyama tapped in the final putt, finished 10 under par and winning the masters by one stroke matsuyama is the first japanese-born man to ever win a major tournament in golf you just saw last year's man dustin johnson presenting him
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with the new green jacket. >> we'll see how the weather is going to shape up, with the weather, let's join janessa webb, janessa, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. good morning, everyone kind of a soggy finish, rough through the weekend and now a rough start mid-atlantic even to the midwest where we see the area of low pressure continue to spin now, it's not going to be significant accumulation under about a quarter of an inch, but unfortunately, it stays impact all the way until tomorrow afternoon we really won't push the clouds out until and we're seeing a little bit of snow for the high plains into the central tier we'll take a look at your week
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taking align can help. align contains a quality probiotic to naturally help soothe digestive upsets 24/7. try align, the pros in digestive health. leading the news, the humanitarian crisis in the caribbean, after a volcanic eruption blanketed the island of st. vincent in ash tens of thousands have already evacuated with experts warning of more activity from the volcano. cruise liners are on deck to help the island with the evacuations. carnival tweeted issue that waiting on the next steps from st. vincent to report. there are so many thing so many of us put off like dentist appointments and salon appointments, now with covid restrictions easing up, appointments are hard to come by here's catie beck. >> reporter: this time last
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year, the pandemic shutting down every trip, appointment or event we planned to attend now as restrictions lift and vaccines go into arms, a sudden rush to reschedule have you ever in your career ever witnessed a surge like this before >> no, not like this this is certainly, hopefully, once in a lifetime event >> reporter: appointments in high demand to see the dentist offices inundated with patients that want to make up for the care they missed one study shows nearly half of u.s. adults delayed going to the dentist because of covid >> on the weekends i'm getting calls and scheduling people where i would never have dhins >> reporter: the beauty industry basing a backlog as well, hair cuts and highlights, calendars full for months. for an expiring driver's license you'll likely need an appointment at the dmv, warning,
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lines have been long and parents scrambling to sign their kids up for summer camps at this spot in colorado, spaces sold out in less than 30 minutes. and now a wait-list hundreds long >> there's more understanding. harder to accept, booked wedding venues >> it's harder to see the dentist, it's hard do get your driver's license renewed, when you have to make sacrifices when it comes to your wedding, that's in here. >> we're wedding planners but we're almost therapists. >> reporter: half planned 2020 to another date. recently, they're rebooking along newly engaged couples of 2021 many having to settle with far fewer guest. >> if covid taught us we plan "a," "b," "c" or "d. which in years past it's just "" a. >> reporter: a helpful rule as the pandemic ends and our lives
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♪ in today's quick hits, nasa's large helicopter ingenuity won't be lifting off the red planet until wednesday at the earliest. the historic flight was rescheduled after a high-speed test after the rotors shut down early. a window in paris provided entertainment for onlookers as two french actors performed
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behind a display in a clothing boutique that was closed due to the pandemic hasbro's latest toy is more than meets the eye the new optimus transformer figure can finally transform on its own. to get your robot to roll out you'll need 700 bucks. preorders are now and expected to ship this august. after almost 100 days of lockdown, pubs and cafes in england get the okay to open some are so eager, they opened their doors at 1:00 a.m. for outside seating. from london, julianna tatelbaum, there's a major shop right in the heart of london that's reopening today? >> reporter: that's right, i'm standing in front of cabin garden, one of the more popular destinations in central london i'm here to mark an occasion today marks a milestone in the reopening. we have emerged from the third national lockdown and today pubs
4:21 am
and restaurants can begin outdoor service for the sit since december and nonessential retail can reopen we're looking forward to hairdressers, beauty salons, libraries, zoos, all reopening since december it's not all back to normal, we take domestic holidays with no international travel the earliest that may resume is mid-may. but today, a very big step forward, in terms of getting back to normal here in england and all of that, of course, comes because case numbers have dropped significantly. we are down to about a sixth of where we were in the january peak, this, of course, comes as vaccinations have been rolling out full steam ahead now more than half of the uk adults have at least one vaccine. we're moving forward here in england and everybody is looking forward to pubs, restaurants and shops. guys >> any resemblance of normalcy is welcome
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the surprising way to save water. in today's top stories, business leaders are weighing whether to take action against restrictive voting bills nationwide more than 120 ceos, business leaders, lawyers and experts met over zoom this weekend to look at ways to respond to republican-led efforts to limit access at the ballot box among the attendees, reps for amc theaters, pepsico, three major airlines and paypal. proposals included pulling donations, refusing to move businesses to states with restrictive measures a statement could come later this week. a ten-hour standoff in
4:27 am
honolulu is now over after an unarmed man died via suicide it ended at 10:00 after security went up to the man's room and knocked at the door. hotel guests had to be evacuated during the stand-up. hotel staff entered the room in the early morning hour and found the man dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound and the brain of phillip adams will be studied for cte. police say adams who played six seasons in the nfl shot and killed five people in south carolina before dying by suicide last week. a sixth person died from his injuries over the weekend. the york county coroner's office said it will work with boston researchers to identify a brain study to identify if adams had cte, as rue seen autopsies do not identify traumatic brain
4:28 am
injuries a man saved in st. st. petersburg, florida, after his boat capsized. they found the 60-year-old in the water. two brought him to a nearby beach. fortunately, he was not hurt terrifying moments caught inside of a home in jackson, mississippi, where a severe tomorrow led to a roof collapse. family was gathered in the living room when a large tree knocked down the living room and caused the roof to collapse. and a cold day for russian skiers, over 700 of them, they stripped down to swimsuits on their ski and snowboards as part of the annual bogowogo carnival. some dipped into pools of 40
4:29 am
degrees weather after some enjoyed each other's company in bikinis and shorts nothing like spring skiing, although this looks like nothing like spring. >> i think i spotted a
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right now at 4:30, breaking news, minneapolis on edge. protests, unrest and a city-wide curfew after another black man is shot and killed by an officer during a traffic stop. now the national guard is being brought in. what we're learning minute by minute about that shooting, as the derek chauvin murder trial is set to resume in just hours. i feel that my brother, dominic, should step down as mayor of windsor. >> calls to step down from his own family members, a live report straight ahead on the actions expected today to remove a small sonoma county town mayor after of


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