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tv   Early Today  NBC  April 12, 2021 3:30am-4:00am PDT

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the country's best shot yet in the vaccination effort. more than 4.5 million americans got their jab in a single day amid growing fears of a fourth wave in the pandemic. growing outrage this morning over virginia police using pepper spray on a uniformed army officer. the fallout has an investigation into the incident. final farewell where buckingham palace has revealed the funeral plans for prince fellowship "early today" starts right now glad you're with us this morning. i'm frances rivera >> and i'm phillip mena.
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the pace of vaccinations in this country is picking up. on saturday alone, 1.5% of the entire u.s. population got a covid shot, bringing the total number of fully vaccinated americans to 71 million. but because of human error at a plant, supplies of the johnson & johnson vaccine are about to drop significantly our gadi schwartz is following the latest for us. >> reporter: hey, good morning, phillip. good news mixed with bad news. the good is that vaccinations were up dramatically saturday and sunday the bad is the vaccine supply is going to be significantly lower this week. at vaccination sites across the country, a record-breaking push. more than 4.6 million doses in a single day shattering last saturday's record by over 500,000. >> it feels good. >> reporter: today one in four adults are fully vaccinated. but in places like michigan,
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kr covid-19 is spreading faster than it has in months. many hospitals nearing capacity. >> in trinity health, michigan, we have about 33 people on ventilators related to covid. >> reporter: the governor asking the white house to prioritize him for vaccines. >> we are seeing surge in michigan, despite the fact we have some of the strongest policies in place, max mandate, capacity limits, working from home we've asked our state for a two-week pause and that's why we're really encouraging them to think abou surging vaccinations into the state of michigan. i'm going continue to fight for the people of michigan. >> reporter: some health experts worry if increased hot spots could increase the variants. >> if we don't reach that herd immunity, the virus is going to continue to mutate, and we may eventually end up with a variant in the united states and in michigan that won't be as responsive to the vaccine. >> reporter: but the white house is sticking to its plan of allocating vaccines according to population >> now is not the time to change
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course on vaccination allocation. >> reporter: while the amounts of overall supplies expected to drop this week after production problems with millions of doses from johnson & johnson so far nearly 50% of u.s. adults have received the less one dose. but even among those partially vaccinated, grim reminders of the virus' danger thankful weekend a twitter account paying tribute to a woman named becky who died just a week away from getting her second covid vaccine shot and phillip, much of the spread seems to be coming from a younger population not just in michigan, but also in places like florida where the more contagious uk variant is spreading very quickly michigan's governor is asking schools that have resumed inclass learning to go back to virtual. >> gadi, thanks. let's turn to the trial of derek chauvin which is entering its third week today the former minneapolis police
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officer's defense team is expected to begin calling witnesses soon nbc's meagan fitzgerald is following the trial in minneapolis. good morning >> reporter: good morning. as the prosecution gets ready to rest its case, all eyes are on the defense as they prepare to call their first witness anxiety in the twin cities as the prosecution prepares to rest its case, a family member of george floyd is expected to take the stand this week. so far 35 witnesses have been called in the murder trial against derek chauvin, arguably the biggest blow to the defense, the county medical examiner who did the autopsy on floyd >> mr. floyd's use of fentanyl did not cause the subdural or neck restraint his heart did not cause the neck restraint. >> reporter: joining other experts who said floyd died because of the actions of lawsuit.
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>> there is no evidence to suggest he would have died that night except for the interactions with law enforcement. >> reporter: the defense will call their own witnesses this week >> this week for the defense is a challenging week, but frankly, it's the whole ball game >> reporter: expected to make the case that floyd died from preexisting health conditions and drug use, not the 9:29 that chauvin's knee was on floyd's neck >> the cause of death issue is the battleground because, you know, jurors are going to be impressed by the expert medical witnesses that the defense has lined up >> reporter: and jurors may hear again from the prosecution's witness, officer nicole mackenzie as the defense tries to make the case that bistanners distracted chauvin >> makes it very difficult to focus on the patient if there are other things around you if you don't feel safe. >> we have seen the videotape. we have seen remarkable civilian witnesses and expert witnesses there, but is still a battle brewing. >> reporter: a battle the entire nation is watching
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the big question is will derek chauvin take the witness stand legal experts say it's not likely because the scope of cross-examine is so broad. taking the stand opens him up to questions about past police conduct complaints as well as other potential instances of prejudice or bias. frances? >> meagan, thank you let's turn now to breaking news out of minneapolis. hundreds of protesters marching in the streets and demanding justice as a man is fatally shot by an officer in brooklyn center, minnesota. the crowds were dispersed by what looks like tear gas the neighboring police department in brooklyn park said their front door was hit by gunfire overnight. and the minnesota national guard is being mobilized at the center of this new outrage is the death of a driver who police say tried to reenter his vehicle while officers were trying to arrest him for an outstanding warrant. an officer fired at the man who died on the scene.
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this all happened in a suburb not far from where george floyd was killed the governor identified the man who was killed adds daunte wright and tweeted our state mourns another life of a black man taken by law enforcement in virginia, a police officer has been terminated after a traffic stop involving u.s. army officer lieutenant caron nazario ended up with guns pointed and getting pepper sprayed while inside his vehicle. he is now suing, and virginia state police say they're conducting an independent investigation. our blake alexander has the details. >> reporter: well, frances, this entire incident actually happened back in december, but now that army officer is suing those police officers, saying among other things, that they threatened to kill him this shocking traffic stop plays out from three different camera angles. >> get out of the car! >> reporter: army lieutenant caron nazario dressed in uniform pulled over by two virginia police officer, stopped according to the incident report because his black suv had dark tinted windows and no license
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plate. >> what's going on >> get out of the car now! >> reporter: nazario, who is black and latino pulled out his own cell phone to record the encounter which escalated when officers told him to get out of the car. >> keep your hands outside of the window. >> my hands are right here what's going on? >> reporter: nazario is suing both officers, claiming they illegally detaped him, pulled their weapons and threatened to murder him in the lawsuit nazario alleges the officer shouted conflicting commands, at one point threatening he would ride the lightning, a slang term for the electric chair, the suit alleges. >> i'm honestly afraid to get out. >> yeah you should be. get out. >> reporter: moments later, an officer pulls out pepper spray. >> i didn't do anything. whoa, hold on -- whose going -- hold on. >> kind of like watching a train wreck. it starts bad and gets worse. >> reporter: in the incident report, officers say nazario was actively resisting. >> you made this more difficult than it had to be if you just
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complied get on the ground. get on the ground now! >> reporter: nbc news reached out to the windsor police department, the city and the two police officers with no response nazario could have faced several charges including obstruction of justice, but the officer did not want to see nazarios a military career ruined by poor judgment what was it that made your client start recording >> when you're a person of color, unfortunately it's safer. if we hadn't, we wouldn't have known what was going on. >> reporter: and we're now hearing from virginia's governor who is calling for the state police to investigate as well. now two things to point out about this one, there was a temporary tag that was displayed in nazario's car. it's something that an officer noted in an incident report. and also, the officers called this a high risk traffic stop even though nazario did slow down, he kept driving foreabout a minute, even after those officers' lights were activated. nazario's attorney said it was a
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rural road, a dark area so he wanted to pull over in a lit area so he kept going to the gas station ahead. >> thank you we ended the weekend a little wet we were okay we had a nice couple of days with sunshine, but that run came to an end pretty soon. all right. let's check with nbc meteorologist janessa webb, tell us how our week is shaping up. good morning, janessa. >> good morning, yes you're exactly right saturday absolutely gorgeous across most of the east coast. and then the showers really started to make their way in across the area. dense fog still a problem. it's very thick out there. not going to be letting up until about tuesday afternoon. we're watching the showers from new york city all the way into the boston area. it's due to that front, even for the midwest it's going to be a soggy afternoon. not much accumulation under about a quarter of an inch and then tomorrow afternoon we'll start to see the clouds split apart and even a little bit of sunshine. on the other side of the country, still watching that snow across the central u., s.all very cool from the central
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plains into rapid city, wyoming. upper 40s. and that's your latest forecast. guys >> all right, janessa, thank you. time now for today's quick hits mars ingenuity won't be lifting off the red planet until wednesday at the earliest. the flight was reschedule after a rotor to shut down early. window in paris provided an entertainment for onlookers when two french performers performed at a closed clothing boutique. the two making the most of the opportunity. hasbro's latest toy has more than meets the eye the optimus prime can transform on its own but to get your robot to roll out, you'll neath need $700.
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leading the news on this monday, funeral plans are set for britain's prince philip who died on friday at the age of 9 nbc's matt bradley is outside buckingham palace with those details. hi, matt good morning >> hey, good morning, guys so this saturday we're going to see prince philip's funeral. and again, this is an 800-person funeral that's going to be winnowed down to only 30 even prime minister boris johnson has announced he is probably not going to attend and that he going to give up his seat for a member of the prince's family. now the members of family are gathering. we have heard from the sun newspapers that prince harry, the controversial former sort of royal -- it's not exactly clear where he is. he has sort of gone into retirement at a very early age, he has arrived in london that is reportedly nbc has not confirmed that the rest of the family, of course, they're already here they're already in mourning, and
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they're expecting to attend that funeral on saturday. it's going to be a moment of reference for the entire nation. here are what we heard from prince charles and prince andrew about their mother and late father >> my dear papa was a very special person who i think above all else would have been amazed by the reaction and the touching things that have been said about him. >> the queen, as you would expect, is incredibly stoic person and she described his passing as a miracle. she described it as having left a huge void. >> and so it's important to remember hearing from these children, these adult children that at the end of the day, this isn't just the passing of a royal or royal consort this is the passing of a father, a grandfather, a great grandfather. >> we'll be watching this royal event. many of us have sot seen in our
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i've met hundreds of people out here, and they don't ever say a final goodbye. they just say i'm seal you down the road
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>> the 2020 nomadland won best picture at the british academy film awards sunday and chloe zhou became the first woman of color to win the bafta for best director. now to our series on american extremism we begin with an exclusive conversation with one of the congressmen inside the capitol during those deadly riots on january 6. now for the first time, he is talking about the serious physical and mental toll it's taken. nbc's hallie jackson reports >> reporter: it's one of the most familiar and chilling scenes from january 6. officers, guns drawn in the house chamber. behind the doors, the insurrectionists >> take your pins off. >> pins off. >> reporter: behind the camera, congressman dan kilde, who was huddled in the gallery, documenting it that was january 6 here we are three and a half
3:50 am
months later almost. what happened in those interim weeks to you >> i went home i thought i was fine it was after i got home that i started looking at some of the video from the event i thought it was a few dozen people it was hundreds and hundreds of people, violent people and that triggered an emotional and physical reaction. i had a lot of tension in my chest. breathing was difficult. i became really irritable. >> you were feeling stressed, anxious. you were having chest pain >> uh-huh. >> reporter: a friend in congress suggested kilde reach out to the author of "transforming trauma" dr. jim gordon whoa has worked from kosovo to parkland kilde called him and the doctor immediately recognized signs of distress >> i've worked with after school shootings and more traumatized vets and what dan was
3:51 am
experiencing as he talked about it is what people experience all the symptoms that he just described to you, these are all fight or flight that's being prolonged. >> reporter: but they're supposed to go away. >> but they didn't go away and they have not gone away in so many people, and they're still there for people who have not attended to them >> reporter: does it feel at all strange to you to be sitting along side your therapist as a member of congress talking fob o for the first time about your mental health challenges >> this is not something i expected to experience, not something i anticipated, but i'm just really grateful that we connected and that i was able the get help when i needed it the most. >> reporter: their sessions almost every saturday have helped and so do the meditation techniques gordon taught the congressman hoping opening up now will help others do the same >> most people experience trauma don't experience it in realtime on every network across the world.
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the surprising way to save water. we're back with the story about family honor and an emotional father-son salute capturing the different side of military service here is nbc's kate snow. >> the constitution of the united states of america. >> reporter: it's one of the most important moments in a young officer's life, a commissioning ceremony. >> ladies and gentlemen, second lieutenant michael fisher. >> this one last month marking the moment candidate michael fisher was promoted to an officer in the u.s. marine corps. the tradition centuries old made even more special when second lieutenant fisher's hero, his own father honored him with his first salute >> it is a privilege for your
3:57 am
person salutes. >> reporter: the master sergeant choking back tears his voice breaking as he celebrated his son's success >> it is a great honor to say congratulations, sir on your commissioning. >> reporter: a father and son now forever linked by service. >> it was a moment we've kind of dreamed of since i was a little kid. >> i saw this young man work hard to get where he's at. you know, it's a consumelation of things that brought out all those emotions. >> reporter: that emotion in virginia striking a chord on social media it's had more than six million views, and so many comments, even more tears than i expected, such as special moment, congratulations, semper fi
3:58 am
>> growing up, i was always attached to my dad on the hip. it was work manage the garage, mowing the lawn, just running to the store. i always wanted to be with my dad. >> reporter: at just 15 years old, lieutenant fisher joined the reserve officers training corps, his sights set on following his father's military footsteps. there is a picture on my dad's wall, and it's me pinning on his last rank. and it goes back to the last moment when i was a kid, but wanting him to be able the do that same thing for me. >> reporter: and now a commissioned officer in the marine corps leading, learning, and following an example set by his father and always remembering his life-long advice >> just stay true to who you are, and don't let people deter you have what you want to accomplish in life >> lieutenant fisher is starting flight school in october and plans on becoming a marine corps pilot. love this story. phillip? >> so do i, kate thank you so much. you can hear and feel the pride
3:59 am
in both of their voices really >> nonstop and everybody else's with the outpouring of support. it's great every parent wants their child to be bigger and better than they were. this guy son his way. >> a great way to start off the week. >> thank
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♪ breaking overnight, protests erupt in minneapolis demonstrators pour into the streets after an officer shot and killed a black man during a traffic stop the chaos coming on the eve of week three in the derek chauvin trial. the vaccination effort fires on all cylinders the u.s. sets a new record with more than 4.5 million americans receiving a shot in a single day, but trouble could loom with a drop in vaccine supply and covid cases on the rise. ready for a return to normalcy get in line,


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