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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  April 10, 2021 12:36am-1:36am PDT

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♪ oh yeah yea dancing with the devil out of control almost made it to heaven ♪ ♪ it was closer than you kno playing with the enemy gambling with my soul ♪ ♪ it's so hard to say n when you'r dancing with the devil mm yeah mm ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: my thanks to demi lovato, alan kim! and the roots! thank you for watching stay tuned for "late night with seth meyers.
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goodnight, everybody [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ ♪ >> announcer: tonight on "late night" with seth meyers. ken jeong, star of "six minutes to midnight", actress and comedian eddie izzard music from griff featuring the 8g band with ash soan ♪nd now seth meyers. >> seth: good evening. i'm seth meyers. this is "late night. how is everybody doing tonight all right, good to hear. let's get to the news. according to a new report, house minority leader kevin mccarthy has hired former president trump's white house political director brian jack to help republicans win back the house in 2022.
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though it's unclear if jack can recapture the magic that helped trump lose by eight million votes. after senator bernie sanders criticized him on twitter last week for his multi-billion dollar fortune, tesla founder elon musk tweeted, quote, "i am accumulating resources to help make life multiplanetary and extend the light of consciousness to the stars." and then he coughed for like five minutes straight. new york representative tom reed was accused last week of sexual misconduct okay, well, that's strike one of apparently, 30 britain's queen elizabeth is reportedly said to appoint a diversity czar after dutchess meghan markle accused the royal family of racism because when i think "sensitivity to the disenfranchised," i think czar according to reports, several young white house staffers have been put on probation or fired due to past marijuana use. so if anyone asks, this is just tobacco. calms him down makes him less likely to bite.
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virginia commonwealth university's basketball team was pulled out of the ncaa march madness tournament over the weekend after several positive coronavirus tests. and i don't want to brag, but i totally had that in my bracket six flags announced that it will reopen its theme parks in california next month. when asked if it was safe, they said, "i mean, as safe as we've ever been. a wax museum in texas recently removed a statue of former president trump after it was repeatedly punched and scratched by visitors. and this is weird. as well as by the other wax statues. a representative from a sex toy company said in a new interview that the next generation of artificial intelligence sex robots will have sensors in erogenous zones that respond to touch. so introducing disappointed robot girlfriend today was world water day, so
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shout out to my hose scollins ruins world water day. and you know, he thinks he's very clever, but i saw how you spelled the joke and finally, officials in cambridge, massachusetts, recently approved plan for a cannabis cookie store in harvard square so if you go to harvard and you love weed, i bet your dad also went to harvard? and that was the monologue, everybody. and i know what you're thinking, whoa, whoa, whoa you didn't show that clip of biden tripping on the stairs to air force one. if trump had tripped like that, he would have shown that clip for a month. and you know what? you're right we would have done that. so fine. here's the clip of biden tripping [ jet engine ] >> seth: i mean, he did run for president like eight times before he won. so obviously he's going to stick
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with it, no matter how many times he trips in the interest of equal time -- [ jet engine ] ♪ >> 10,000 known or suspested - ♪ >> seth: you know what i do -- i think our trump clips are a little longer. we'll fix that for the repeat. it's interesting i feel like they're the opposite with stairs and covid. like with covid, trump took no precautions. biden took every precaution. but on stairs or ramps, trump is super careful. always holding the railing, going real slow. whereas biden throws caution to the wind trips upstairs three times so it's interesting, you know, it just shows we all contain multitudes
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we got a great show for you tonight. you know him from "community", "the hangover", "crazy rich asians", and of course "the masked singer. our friend ken jeong will be here and she is a hilarious stand-up and actress whose new movie "six minutes to midnight" is out this weekend. eddie izzard is joining me and she is making her u.s. tv debut with us tonight. we'll have music from breakout uk pop artist griff. but before we get to all that, the former top prosecutor for the capitol riots said on sunday that the evidence in the attack could support sedition charges as federal investigators continue to examine former president donald trump's role in fomenting the insurrection for more on this, it's time for "a closer look." ♪ >> seth: when you're a former occupant of the oval office, there are a few different directions you can go with your post presidency. there's the jimmy carter route of charitable work the bush route of painting portraits of dogs like a weatherman filling in at the last minute for bob ross then there's the obama route of
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making movies for netflix, kite surfing with richard branson, dressing like an italian fashion designer, and making up excuses to hang out with celebrities "here's an idea for a podcast. me and bruce springsteen, just kind of hanging out. "mr. president, that sounds great. what would it be about?" "it's called 'renegades. i game up with the name myself." "it's great. what is it about?" "sometimes, little steven will be there but he has to share a mic with bruce." the former president donald trump as is his wont, chose and charted his own course he's decided to spend his time creepily shuffling around his palm beach resort like the ghost of a retired dentist who drowned in a water hazard on the 18th hole "i was looking for my ball and i forgot to come up for air. it was a titleist. they're not cheap. every weekend a new photo emerges of trump in the same getup. red hat, white polo, slacks that seem to be rising faster than the sea level.
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he s antll that time with pillow man when he really should have befriended the untuck it guy. see how much more comfortable he looks? but no, trump would rather wander around his own resort like a lost grandpa who is supposed to be watching the kids at the mall. "we do have reports of a couple of kids playing keep away with a glow-in-the-dark dildo at spencer's gifts. does that sound like your grandkids? "that does sound like them, yes. his business and finance is apparently in even worse shape his net worth fell by $700 million during his presidency the manhattan d.a.'s investigation of his business and tax returns is intensifying. and his mar-a-lago resort just partially closed so they could use it as a pop-up vaccination center wait no, i read that wrong. it closed due a covid outbreak my god, covid follows this guy like a rain cloud following daffy duck his rallies, the white house, now mar-a-lago he's like walking covid test if you're ever, you know, in physical proximity to donald trump, you should just, you know, quarantine for like two weeks just to be safe. it really does perfectly capture
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the state of the modern gop that their standard bearer, the guy they tried to overthrow democracy for, is now a financially broken ghost criminal at this point, i also have to assume he's also being investigated by mulder and scully "mulder, look at this covid cluster. what could be causing this?" "have you ever heard of the coughing swamp ghost of palm beach? five or six years ago, we used to joke that a skin tone and now he doesn't even have one. he's the color of spackle. guess it makes sense he's a landlord, because he looks like the layer of paint you'd find after peeling back the wallpaper in a manhattan apartment. and on top of everything else, even his iconic plane, the private jet he used to fly everywhere during his first campaign has now apparently fallen into such disrepair that it's not even flyable anymore. >> the glory days of the gold-plated jet that donald trump once used as his calling card seem far away it is grounded and in disrepair. >> it was the ultimate status symbol donald trump's boeing 757. a regular presence on the 2016 campaign at his marquee events, there was his plane. today, however, the massive jet
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sits abandoned at an upstate new york airport one engine mostly missing. one wrapped, idle, in apparent disrepair. according to records, it hasn't been flown in months >> it has been sitting on the ramp for at least a year or two. and the left engine has been taken off. probably for service >> the crown jewel of trump's fleet, now future unknown. >> seth: wow, who broke this story? the daily metaphor he's finally coming face to face with the consequences of his actions. trump is like a character from an ancient greek myth who doesn't let hades finish describing the deal. "you'll be blessed with all the riches in the world. but in return -- "deal. "don't you want to hear the rest of the trade?" "i'm good. just get me on that pegasus. "it's just, technically i have to explain the terms of the deal." "that's what my lawyer is for. where is he, by the way? i told him to meet me at the river styx." "river styx? i went to a styx concert oh, rudy!" and not only are his finances, his resort, his business, and his plane all in shambles, but
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he is now also reportedly under multiple investigations, including an investigation of the riot at the capitol on january 6th. the federal prosecutor who previously led the investigation of the riot, told "60 minutes" on sunday there is likely enough evidence to meet sedition charges. >> i personally believe the evidence is trending towards that and probably meets those elements >> do you anticipate sedition charges against some of these suspects >> i believe the facts do support those charges. and i think that as we go forward, more facts will support that >> seth: i have to say, i'm not sure why we have to have federal prosecutors on "60 minutes" telling us something we already know either charge them with sedition or don't when did criminal investigators start doing press junkets like movie tours? "obviously, there were a lot of pranks onset it was a fun investigation." i mean, i'm no lawyer and i don't think sedition charges should be leveled lightly or often. but if a violent attack on the capitol to impede the lawful
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counting of electoral votes isn't sedition, then what is they stormed the house and senate, injured 140 police officers i'm not saying they were likely to succeed in overthrowing the u.s. government, but that doesn't mean it's not sedition you're still guilty of attempted robbery even if you get caught breaking into a museum in the middle of the night because you forgot silence your ringtone "i'm in. i'm going on steal the diamond and then quietly rappel down the south wall [ "popozao" plays oh, no, it's my mom! she loves k-fed. hey, remember when sal earlier today said, "should we switch to it my dad, so i can say it is my papa sal?" and we were all like, "no, sal [ laughter ] that will tarnish your reputation." we did him a huge solid. and now it's up to sal am i going to leave that in or am i going to cut around it? [ light laughter ] it looks like someone else's integrity is on trial. there's already extensive
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evidence in the public record of detailed planning by militia members in advance to the january 6th riot and proof that they were coordinating their movements as it was happening. and not only are prosecutors apparently considering sedition charges for the rioters, they're also examining the role trump himself played in fomenting those seditious acts >> has the role of former president trump been part of your investigation >> it's unequivocal that trump was the magnet that brought the people to d.c. on the 6th. now the question is, is he criminally culpable for everything that happened during the siege, during the breach what i can tell you is this, based upon, again, what we see in the public record, and what we see in public statements in court. we have plenty of people -- we have soccer moms from ohio that were arrested saying, "well, i did this because my president said i had to take back our house. that moves the needle towards that direction maybe the president is culpable for those actions. >> in short, you have investigators looking into the president's role >> we have people looking at everything
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correct. everything is being looked at. >> seth: wow, he's being investigated for fomenting a violent sedition and he doesn't even have his jet to flee the country. if he gets indicted, he's gonna have to book a commercial flight under a false name and dye his hair "so what do you do oh, insurance. that's a great business. i was the president -- i mean -- uh, of my condo association. ooh, that was close. [ laughter ] so there were militia members who planned and coordinated their attacks. and they were there at trump's explicit direction remember, he even advertised the date ahead of time and said, quote, "be there we'll be wild. he sowed a violent insurrection like an old guy hanging outside a liquor store inviting teenagers to a house party "be there. it's gonna be wild we're gonna hotbox my '86 camaro bring pizza! the previous president fomented a violent insurrection to overthrow democracy, and the vast majority of his party either went along with him or stood by silently and let it happen there needs to be consequences for that, especially since the gop is still trying to rig our
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democracy in their favor through other means. whether it is their ferocious assault on voting rights or their attempts to challenge anyone who wouldn't go along with their attempt to steal the election trump left our democracy in the same state he left his plane >> grounded and in disrepair >> seth: this has been "a closer look." ♪ we'll be right back with more "late night. [ laughter ] ♪ >> announcer: for more of seth's closer looks, be sure to subscribe to "late night" on youtube. ♪ questions in my head, filling me with dread ♪ ♪ so many options ♪ ♪ what's the right razor? ♪ so much back hair, should i get lazer? ♪ should he get lazer? ♪ ♪ do i wear too much cologne? ♪ ♪ should i shave my thinning dome? ♪ ♪ i've become my dad i'm like his clone ♪ ♪ you got questions, we got answers ♪ ♪ you got questions, we got answers ♪ ♪ we got you ♪ ♪ now at a store near you ♪
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♪ >> seth: welcome back to "late night," everybody. with johnson & johnson's one-shot vaccine now going into the arms of americans, there are now three approved covid-19 vaccines. here with more on that is one of our writer, jeff wright. >> what's up, moderna? >> hey, pfizer, what are you doing here >> i'm here for the vaccine job. >> really? do you even have a vaccine >> of course i do. and it's 92% effective >> that's cute my vaccine is 94% effective. but who's counting >> so, you're here for the vaccine job too? >> yup so, you might as well get a head start on traffic and go home everyone is going to choose my vaccine. >> you're awfully confident for someone with such a bad name >> what are you talking about? >> your name literally sounds like murder. nobody wants your murder-na vaccine. >> come on, man. moderna doesn't sound like murder -
12:56 am
[ bleep i had three name meetings and nobody said nothing. >> hey, did the job interview start already? >> not yet who are you guys >> see, i told you we weren't gonna be late. i'm johnson. that's my brother, johnson we're johnson & johnson. >> both your names are johnson >> yeah. >> so, which johnson name comes first? >> both: mine does >> no, mine does >> but i'm older >> but i put more money in >> well, it was my idea. >> no, you said it as a joke and i said, "let's actually do it. >> hey guys, we don't care just go by your first names. >> johnson >> wait, so your name is johnson johnson and johnson johnson? >> both: yeah. >> see, i told you we should have went by the johnsons. >> no. then we'd be like the jacksons and someone would have to be a tito i'm not tryin' to be a tito. >> so, you guys have a vaccine, too? >> yeah. and it only needs one shot >> what's your effective rate? >> 81% >> what? what was that? >> did he say ampersand? >> i think he said "aiden for president. >> who's aiden >> do you remember, aiden? that dude from my gym class? the one with the eye thing >> oh yeah, that dude. what was up with his eye >> i think it was like dead. >> when he looked at me, i, like, felt cold. >> i said 81%. >> both: oh, hell no >> but -- but we protect against more than just covid >> and we're working on a new
12:57 am
way to take the shot >> that's what's up. 'cause i'm tired of taking shots in the butt. >> whoa, you do know you can inject it in the arm, right? >> what? i knew that. i got to make a quick phone call i'll be back >> hey, is this where the interview is happening i have a vaccine, too. >> wait, who are you >> astrazeneca >> that's a cool name. >> i would kill for that name. >> i bet you would >> shut up why are you so late? >> i was working in europe and i just got in. >> so you just got off an international flight and didn't quarantined? >> yeah. but that's because they're - trying to give me the virus. >> he kept asking me to pull my pants down >> you johnsons can leave, too i already got pre orders from every country. i guess everyone want my vaccine. >> nobody wants your vaccine you probably put the chip in people >> that was one time and it was a chocolate chip. i was trying to end hunger >> next, mr. murder -- murderna. >> it's moderna. never mind >> well, good news, you all are approved okay >> why did he give me my shot in the butt then why did they give me mine in the butt? >> seth: good news, indeed many thanks to jeff wright we'll be right back with ken jeong. ♪
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♪ >> seth: sitting in with the 8g band this week, he is a world renowned uk-based session and touring drummer who has worked with renowned artists like adele, seal, rod stewart and alicia keys. be sure to check out his new ep entitled "66991" featuring stewart copeland ash soan is here welcome to the show, ash our first guest tonight is a talented actor and comedian. you know him for his work on "community," and films such as "the hangover" and "crazy rich asians." you can see him on the hit series "the masked singer," which airs wednesday nights on fox. please welcome back to the show ken jeong. how are you, ken >> fine.
1:03 am
how are you doing? thank you for having me, brother. appreciate it. >> seth: it's always a delight to see you and i do want to talk about your show, which is always joyous and a show i think a lot of people watch together, watch with their families but i also want to give you a moment to address what a difficult time this has been, not just for all of us but hyper specifically, the asian-american community. >> yes thank you so much, seth. and yeah, just with regard to the situation in atlanta, the shootings in atlanta my heart, thoughts, and prayers go out to all affected and a special shout out to karen chi, your writer, who really had a very, very eloquent piece on the day that it happened it was very moving and it is just a sign that, you know, with the asian-american community, enough is enough. we're just fed up. and the study that karen cited on your show a few days ago, anti-asian-american crime has
1:04 am
risen almost 150% in the last year and in that same study, overall hate crime went down 7%. and this is precisely due to weaponizing terms like china virus and kung flu and -- and also the fact that even in this particular crime, there is debate whether this crime was racially motivated asian-american women are two times as likely to be assaulted in america this was clearly, clearly racially motivated this was clearly a hate crime. and it' -- you know, as a guy who used to be a doctor, and -- whose wife is still practicing medicine, you know -- i have an idea of how to solve covid it's mask, vaccination, common sense, don't be an ass [ bleep ]. you know, but i think that -- i don't -- as a human, i don't know how to solve racism you know
1:05 am
it's -- it's so -- it -- it takes listening, learning, loving, being tolerant, but you know -- but it really starts off in just our particular case as asian-americans, you know, this kung flu [ bleep ] has to stop. and we really need to express that loudly. and we are and i thank you, man i thank you for letting me - you know, letting me express that >> seth: of course thank you for sharing those thoughts you know, one thing which is often spoken about in the entertainment industry especially is how important representation is. and how, you know, that can bridge the gap insofar as you have people who are racist who maybe never see different races in positive lights and it must -- you must appreciate - you know, last time you were here was season one of "the masked singer. this was a show that you -- i believe -- if my memory serves,
1:06 am
your mother was a fan of the korean version of the show >> yeah. i mean, it really is -- and this is not, this is a less plug for my show than it is -- it is nice to be on a show where you can, you know, we're one of several, that you can just kind of take a break and be silly for a second. you know, and just escape the realities of it. and -- you know, in this day and age, i mean, i think that's what entertainment has evolved to because you know, there is -- there is value in all -- in what you're doing right now especially you you know, like merging, you know, political thought and comedy and entertainment and myself, i'm merging just kind of, you know, my essence as a former physician and as an overactor, i guess [ laughter ] i guess my overacting is somehow -- you know what we're just sick of people who do
1:07 am
it well. you know who act, and you know, it's just good to have - >> seth: it's a thriving time for overactors >> yes it's a thriving time for overactored, fractured, non-talents such as myself it's just nice to have a -- have a say in the verse of song that is - >> seth: now, you actually -- so you went -- so this is, again, congratulations. you're in season five of this show it's a runaway hit but you went back and you did -- you appeared on -- this is the original "masked singer" in korea that you were the -- you sang as the golden pig >> yes it was 2019. it was the year of the pig they asked me -- a shout out to craig plestis, who is the runner of american "masked singer." he said, you know, "we'd love for you to go to create it, promote it." and i went to korea in, yeah, around 2019 to just --
1:08 am
like under secrecy no one knew. i was in my hotel room like the american "masked singer" here where you have to be in a hotel room and just be -- really just be completely offline and off the grid so i was there in korea for three days in my hotel room. went -- like under a mask, went straight to the studio performed, really got an idea of what the contestants on the show do and it's like they stuck me in a small -- it reminded me of my college dorm room at duke. it was like a little twin bed. and it was just me and just -- i'm rehearsing radiohead's "creed" ad nauseam and it's something i would just do all the time like doing karaoke. it's like my go to oke song. and i just went out there completely nervous, and it was -- yeah it was really surreal. i got a deep appreciation of what the contestants on the show do it's a shout out to all the contestants who do it. it's incredibly hard it's a lot easier, again, to overact and to be stupid and, you know, to be -- it's so much more difficult than my lane. >> seth: first of all, i like
1:09 am
that, like everyone who went to duke, you've managed to subtly drop it in and i just want you know how much i appreciate that >> what? just because i graduated like 1990 with a bachelor of science in zoology and it came very organically off the tip of my tongue and it's from there i got into unc med school and then had a career in, like, internal medicine for seven years at an hmo here in southern california and then jeted over to "knocked up", directed by judd apatow, my first role and then had my own eponymous show called "dr. ken", and somehow you think i shoe-horned it who are you talking -- what are you doing you're telling people to cut me off just because i got dewed on you, dawg. how dare you >> seth: thank you for that. i think wikipedia is down across the nation so that's really helpful [ laughter ] hey, but here's my -- i have a serious question how -- ken, i apologize if i'm -- so obviously on "the masked singer", when did you the south korean version, how famous are
1:10 am
you there? were people very excited when they saw you >> you know, it was kind of -- i think i'm kind of sort of. you know i think i'm kind of sort of famous there they were, because -- and i knew that going in. so i think there is a level of familiarity but not intense fame and so when i did sing, and then you hear what the judges are saying they're saying this is jack black this is like someone amazing like jack black. when i revealed myself, it was not like "who is this guy? oh, we kind of sort of know it's ken. but it's like "oh, it's not jack black." [ laughter ] like it was a little bit of like, "no, you're good we know who you are. and credit to you. good job good on you. but we kind of wanted jack black." >> seth: did you tell them that jack black didn't go to duke >> i did and i explained why. and they cut everything. and i said, "how dare you? jack black never went to duke. never had a bachelor of science in zoology, never went to
1:11 am
the --" and so on and so on. >> seth: i think we're all familiar with it now >> i think we're all familiar with the story >> seth: hey, first of all, it is very -- i think it's very exciting that there is a kensday in our week right now. i want to congratulate you on that >> i really -- this interview doesn't happen if you're not contractually obligated to say kensday, so i appreciate that. it's part of my rider. also part of my room raider deep dive background there. very important that you bring it up >> seth: ken, congrats on the show it's always a pleasure to see you. thanks so much for being here and helping provide context in these trying times and next time i look forward to doing in it person >> absolutely. thank you, brother thank you so much. >> seth: "the masked singer" airs wednesday nights on fox we'll be right back eddie izzard ♪ ♪♪
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♪ >> seth: our next guest is an emmy award-winning stand-up comedian and actress you know from the tv series "hannibal," and films such as "ocean's 13" and "victoria and abdul. her new movie, "six minutes to midnight," comes to theaters and demand on march 26th >> so, what brings you here, mr. miller what sort of englishman would accept a post teaching hitler's league of german girls >> my father is deutsche >> i do not like surprises i will place you on a trial period >> seth: please welcome back to the show, eddie izzard how are you? >> i'm very good how are you doing? >> seth: i'm good. it's been a very long time since you've been here seven years, i believe and i'm so happy to have you back >> i've wanted to stay away for seven years, as absence makes
1:18 am
the heart grow fonder. something like that. um, yeah, it seems like, didn't we have a chat on "saturday night live"? we talked together >> seth: we have, yes. absolutely >> one of the times i turned up there, but, yeah, no, i've been watching your "closer look." i get it on -- i don't know if it comes on -- your show totally comes over here in britain because, you know, sometimes bits come over but i've been watching you for ages, and then they said, "hey, come do that." "great excellent. fun to talk to you." >> seth: it's even nicer when people who watch the show agree to come on 'cause most of our guests aren't aware of what we're doing here >> no. i see you go in. and you're fighting the fight, which is great you know, 'cause i've got this hat, which is make humanity great again. and that's what i do my marathons with, and to raise money. i don't know where i got make humanity great again from. it just came to me one night like, oh, yeah - i think there's another slogan like that out there somewgere. >> seth: yes, i think you got there first. i think you got there first. now, you mentioned marathons and i want -- you're not being -- this isn't just, "i ran a marathon, ha ha ha." you have just finished -- and
1:19 am
we've talked about this in the past -- you just finished 32 marathons in 31 days. >> yeah. >> seth: which obviously is -- you raised £200,000, which is amazing. but just go -- talk us through how you even go about that >> i've got to say, it's even more -- a third of a million we got to 333. and george clooney was counting it down. basically, i was doing it on a treadmill. which, you know, it's covid, lockdown so, you know, everyday i was doing a marathon, and doing a stand-up gig at the end. which is kind of crazy but, you know, we're trying to raise money. i've done a few of these before, but i was talking to people for six hours. i mean, you know, you do your show, you talk to people i was doing six hours of this every day. chatting to people and running on a thing which actually was good for me because it was so mindlessly boring running on a treadmill. so i do this i raise money. you know, i want to be a member of parliament. but meanwhile, i'm doing my film "six minutes to midnight," in which i do a lot of running. but make humaity great again is my slogan, and it includes all americans in it.
1:20 am
people say, "oh, that's not for america --" no, americans are in humanity everyone's included, 7.8 billion. and george clooney was counting down the numbers as we did the last double marathon on the last day. so, it was a beautiful thing to do kinda crazy. >> seth: so, you did a double marathon the last day. and i will say, it all sounds impossible but as you mentioned, but it strikes me as so much harder on a treadmill than it would be in the great outdoors >> for the brain it's just mind boggingly -- i thought we would talk to two or three people a day as soon as i got going on this, i said, "just line the people up." i need to talk, talk about anything, cats, dogs, trees, and helicopters, to get my mind off this endless pounding and not going anywhere and, you know, so it was good in the end. and i talked to some wonderful people and people you're raising money for, for charities all around the world. um, so, yeah, it was a beautiful thing to do. i'm just kind of bonkers and out there, so i do this stuff. >> seth: you shared with us, this was in "the guardian,"
1:21 am
which is -- it is -- you really have taken away the marathon bragging rights. basically we have a character saying, "will you sponsor me for my marathon? "but you only ran the one. and then "damn you, eddie izzard, you've spoiled it for everyone." and i think most marathon runners probably would say that you have you have effectively spoiled it. >> i have a little bit but other people have done as well my dad cut that out of "the guardian" newspaper, in britain, and he put it next to my bed when i came home to visit him. so that's kind of nice my dad -- i thought my dad wasn't really into my career, but he seemed to collect everything from my career. but, um, yeah, so marathon running is something that i can do because if you are a trans person -- as you know, you said actress there -- whatever, but i'm gender fluid, and this is a male role that i play. i've been out 36 years but somebody sort of noticed it, which is a bit weird like, "oh, you've suddenly - you didn't give us any notice! 36 years notice, guys. so everyone -- it's great. thank you so much. it's a great honor to be promoted but i'm pretty clear i see in boy mode, girl mode, like a superhero thing
1:22 am
that's how i see transgender and, so, i can be either one or the other, and this film "six minutes to midnight," is set in the hometown where my dad grew up and i grew up and in this girls' school, judi dench plays the woman running this girls' school, which is full of girls -- daughters of the nazi high command. and goddaughters himmler's goddaughter was actually at this school, in a seaside town in england learning english. these german girls used to hang without the other right wing people in the british aristocracy. edward viii was very into hitler and you'll probably know this kind of history. so, i didn't even know this was the truth, but the school badge had a british flag and a nazi flag on it and i thought, "wow, there is a film in that." so the basis of this story is true real girls at this school, doing this stuff, and then we've written a thriller on top of it. judi dench, myself, and jim broadbent. >> seth: obviously, you are a very accomplished writer, but you had never written a screenplay before. did you find it daunting did you enjoy that process
1:23 am
>> yeah. you were talking to amy poehler. she said, "don't do writing. you know this thing, 'cause you're obviously a wildly experienced writer, but, you know, i come from where you lived a lot of your life -- that sort of sketch thing i came from sketch, then i went into stand-up. i had to learn a whole new different thing. i couldn't do stand up but always -- i broke into pinewood studios when i was 15 and steven spielberg, had wrote -- about 17, 18, so i was trying to do a similar thing he got his career going, bam and mine took 30, 40 years a fine wine approach to careers. because i knew i didn't know how to do story, structure, character. i didn't have a sense of it. so, i wrote with two other writers. and this has obviously got a powerful thing cause, like, the message was from the 1930s and then you have this thing, particularly brexit. you've got trump trump did the same kind of thing. you've got the alternative to deutschland in germany, and marine lepen all this right wing thinking around the world which is like going back to the 1930s, as we're trying to drag the world to the 2030s and say, "let's move forward." some people are like, "no, let's go back. let's have another go at the 1930s.
1:24 am
how did it turn out last time? [ light laughter ] and our film is hopefully got a message in there that is, you know, if you do not learn from history, you're doomed to repeat it and, um, now more than ever, it's just resonating and our film sits there, right on the eve of world war ii these girls that fight for hearts and minds >> seth: well, congratulations on the film. congratulations again, 32 marathons, 31 days. a third of a million pounds, and it is just a delight to see you as always. please come back soon. "six minutes to midnight" is in theaters, and on demand this friday we'll be right back music from griff. ♪
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>>seth: she was just named the winner of the 2021 brits rising star award, joining previous winners including james bay, florence + the machine, and adele. making her u.s. tv debut, performing "black hole" from her upcoming mixtape "one foot in front of the other," here is griff. ♪ ♪ ♪ now and the your name comes up i conversation wit my friends ♪ ♪ i hate how much i feel it right there in my ches i hate how much i feel i yeah ♪ ♪ like how are yo it seems like things are going really well for yo i wish that i could ♪ ♪ say the same about me too
1:31 am
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1:33 am
oh oh oh oh ♪ ♪ oh oh oh oh that you left in m oh oh oh oooh ♪ ♪ there's a big black hol where my heart used to b and i've tried my best to fill it up with ♪ ♪ things i don't need it don't work like tha no it's not easy ♪ ♪ to fill this gap oh that you left in me oh yeah you left in me ♪ ♪ n oh no it's not eas that you left in me ♪ ♪ >> seth: my thanks to griff. her mixtape "one foot in front of the other" is out june 11th we will be right back. ♪
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♪ >> seth: i want to thank my guests, ken jeong, eddie izzard, and griff. i want to thank ash soan and the 8g band. stay tuned for "lilly singh. stay safe. wear a mask. get vaccinated we love you. ♪


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