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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  April 9, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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eligible to receive a vaccine next week. we will tell you about a shortage that's coming at the exact wrong time. the news at 6:00 starts right now. good friday. thanks for joining us. i'm janelle wang. >> and i'm jessica aguirre. it is a big week ahead for vaccine eligibility. next week on april 15th anyone at least 16 years old will be eligible to get the vaccine regardless of health risk. the date quickly approaching as concerns grow over our upcoming vaccine shortage. today south bay congressman visited levi's stadium to get a firsthand look at the vaccination site and to reassure workers that the vaccine shortage is being addressed. he also responded to questions about how santa clara county vaccine sites will be able to keep up with the surge of people who want a shot. santa clara county says it has more than 9,000 j & j doses last week but will get less than 3,000 next week. >> so it was something that was
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unexpected and i still believe that johnson & johnson will come through. the challenge is just that we were counting on it by april 15th. we don't have that, and so we have about a month to ramp up. >> the congressman says he is working with san jose representatives to push pfizer and moderna to increase its allotments. we have shown you the numbers and they are staggering. a major drop in the johnson & johnson one-dose vaccines coming to california in the next couple of weeks, about a 90% drop. tonight nbc bay area's thom jensen is at a walk-up clinic in one of the hardest hit neighborhoods with more on what it could mean in your county. >> reporter: fremont high school's walk-up covid vaccine cleefd is in oakland's 94601 zip code, one of the hardest hit by the coronavirus according to the health department and now one where they're already allowing anyone 16 or older to come get the vaccine, no appointment needed. >> oh, it is very good. it is no problem.
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>> reporter: jose kornell is among the estimated 640 people who got the moderna vaccine at the clinic today, his second dose. >> it is very, very good. especially my body, you know, it is no problem. >> i'm grateful and i'm grateful for everybody and anybody who has come out here to really do this. >> reporter: oakland musician hoping more people in this hard-hit zip code will utilize this clinic, but it is a clinic that relies in part on the johnson & johnson vaccine. there are questions about whether supply will meet demand. >> i know how important it is because this virus is, yeah, it has been horrendous. >> reporter: tonight they remain hopeful that the upcoming massive drop in state allocated doses won't hurt the targetd clinics. am the oakland coliseum clinic where 6,000 to 7,000 doses go in arms daily, it was all j & j today. according to the alameda county department of public health, the j & j allocation, which are at 15,400 this week, will drop to just 3, you know, 800 next week.
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>> i think it is really important to have vaccines available all over the country for all people, especially vulnerable communities like this one. >> reporter: it is a similar story in every other bay area county. just as the state prepares to open up eligibility to millions of younger californians. some counties are sharing surplus doses with their neighbors, but it is tough when everyone is facing the same shortage. it is that much more frustrating as everyone races to vaccinate as many people as possible before june 15th, the day the state hopes to fully reopen. >> it takes all of us to completely get out of this. >> reporter: in oakland, thom jensen, "nbc bay area news". we are following developing news out of brentwood where several people had some sort of reaction after getting the johnson & johnson vaccine. first responders were called to the center. four people claimed to have a reaction and suffering symptoms. one person was taken to the hospital by ambulance. the fire department's battalion
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chief says the reactions were not severe and they just go with the territory of mass vaccinations. >> sometimes you can have just a slight reaction right off the bat, but that's out of the 700 people we've run through here today. so when we run these vaccine clinics, we have hundreds, up to thousands of people come through, and occasionally somebody has a reaction that they need to get looked at the hospital. otherwise, most people come through, they get their shot and they make their way home. >> again, here, occasionally a reaction. however, a growing number of clinics across the country have reported some rare cases of reactions to the j & j shot. the symptoms include dizziness, light headedness, breathing fast, sweating. the cdc continues to say there's no cause for concern and that the benefits of getting vaccinated far outweigh the risk of having a mild reaction. some clinics exclusively administering the johnson & johnson shot have paused while federal leaders evaluate, but
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the cdc is not recommending health departments stop administering that vaccine. so, of course, we will continue to track all of the changes in the coronavirus pandemic, including tips to help you get that vaccination. we have some tips for people trying to book their appointments in santa clara county next week. go to, check it out. >> okay. baseball is back. a live look at oracle park where the giants wrapped up their first home game in front of fans since 2019. nbc bay area's pete suratos joins us outside the ballpark. it was exciting because the giants beat the rockies, 3-1. >> reporter: exactly. nothing like an opening day win. with the protocol, not as active of a celebration. here where folks are familiar with the bars across from oracle park, they are having a post-game celebration with protocols if place. it was a surreal moment for fans
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heading into oracle park after a year not being inside of it. opening day is taking on a new meaning. >> yes, let's go, giants! >> reporter: the energy felt like old times around san francisco's oracle park today. nearby bars welcoming customers. >> a beautiful day to have a baseball game. opening day, go giants! >> reporter: to street vendors cooking up food along king street, the sight of giants' fans heading into the ballpark to enjoy opening day. felt, well, normal. or almost normal. >> welcome. if you have your vaccination card or testing card, come right back here. >> reporter: as cities slowly remove restrictions due to the pandemic, the sporting experience is taking on a new look. like most events. the standard protocols are in place and the team is only allowing 9,000 fans inside of the ballpark because of capacity limits. each of those fans either need to show proof of full vaccination or a negative covid test result within 72 hours of
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the game. >> you know it is something we have to deal with, but at least we're at the ballpark. >> we were here at the last game on 2019, so to come for the first game in 2020 -- or 2021, it is emotional. >> reporter: sandy and her husband jim share an unmatched love for attending giants games, or, as jim puts it, it is their jam. he says it is coming at a much-needed time. >> some sort of normalcy is good for our mental also, and so we're very blessed to be here. i mean there's thousands of people that can't be here. >> reporter: and for todd choi, who has attended 50 consecutive opening days, minus 2020, of course, he's not taking this moment for granted. >> absolutely. i was just telling my wife and my friends that -- when you don't get to go and then you get to go again, absolutely. >> reporter: taking you back out here on this windy friday night, they're having a post-game celebration following opening day. the covid protocols are in place
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so crowds are a bit smaller. i want to point out giants are asking fans not to gather before or after games in large groups, and prohibited near oracle park to keep people safe. reporting live, "nbc bay area news." >> thank you so much. you may remember the giants fan who was brutally beaten on opening day of the 2011 season at dodger station. doing the catching, giants' history making coach. special guests at the game, sheldon and her family, san francisco supervisor tweeted this picture. she fought back against her attacker in san francisco last month. she donated more than $1 million raised through her gofundme page set up by her family to support the fight against discrimination against asian-americans. joining us live from oracle park, we saw a little bit with pete suratos, we have the fans
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and players, and the boys are back, anthony flores. >> reporter: yes, they are. one thing remains the same, there was a lot of energy and excitement here today, fans back in the stands for the first time since 2019. another sign of san francisco emerging from a pandemic, but there is a new normal. these fans, they needed more than just a ticket to get into this ball game. fans 12 and older need to bring proof that they are vaccinated or tested negative for covid-19 to get into the game. only about 9,000 fans were allowed because of capacity limits. now, fans were set in family pods and socially distanced. hand sanitizer was everywhere along with reminders that masks are mandatory. fans had to order their food on a mobile app, then pick it up. but even with all of the changes, there was no mistaking the excitement and the roar of a live crowd. >> oh, man, it is amazing, right. we've been waiting for this for so long.
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>> i think being at the ballpark is really nice. getting to watch the game outdoors and smell, you know, the garlic fries and hear the live sounds of the crowd. >> the giants do an outstanding job keeping us safe, so why wouldn't you come. >> anthony, you have been cover baseball for years now. so it had to be a little weird with all of the changes going on. >> reporter: yes. once you get past the mask, it starts to feel normal, but there was a great moment in the ninth inning. manager kapler goes to the mound. as he is walking out the crowd starts booing him. he talks to pitcher john any cueto, decides to leave him in. as he is walking off the mound, gets a huge applause from the crowd. what more normal is there. cueto gave up a hit and he had to yank him a pitch later, but back to normal, fans booing the manager. that's baseball. >> and getting the garlic fries.
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you have to get those. that makes everything so much better. thank you, anthony. >> thanks so much, anthony. up next, was it a hate crime? a brutal attack and carjacking against an east bay filipino man. how the victim's family is asking you to help. plus, nightmares, exhaustion and ptsd. a new study says these are all symptoms found in overworked first responder go during the pandemic. what a leader of the study is calling on hospitals to do for those workers. >> we are seeing a chilly and windy evening around the bay area as that ocean air conditioning on overdrive for now. on the way for the weekend, a warming trend heading towards sunday. a closer look when we come right back. homeless mothers took over a vacant house. >> in spite of having multiple jobs i'm homeless. >> it doesn't give anybody the right to take someone else's property. >> who's house? >> mom's house! >> this is the house that the moms built. >> it is not your typical eviction. >> you came with troops. >> we're going to have to keep
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fighting. >> we are taking our city back. >> this is just the beginning. >> watch "the moms of magnolia street" streaming now on the nbc bay area app, on roku and apple tv. majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available.
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because that's power down time.
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tonight oakland police are investigating whether a new attack on a filipino man was a hate crime. someone car yakked him at gun point outside and oakland store but he lost more than his car. nbc bay area spoke with a family member who said something has to change. >> it is really happening in our backyards every single day. >> reporter: she doesn't miswords when talking about crimes against the aapi community, not just because she leads a nonprofit that deals directly in activism, but because it hits close to home. yesterday, she says, her uncle was brutally attacked and carjacked at gun point outside an oakland food maxx grocery store. she says the family is still too frightened to talk, but sarah also tells us the words leading up to the attack were racist.
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>> they were trying to steal his car, they were talking about they thought he was chinese and so they were talking about covid and being an asian-american in america. >> her uncle, who works as a driver for lyft, relies on his car for his sole source of income and put up a fight to try to keep it. >> he was hit over the head with a gun and he was trying to stop them from -- or stop him from taking his car, and so he put his body to get in the way of getting inside the vehicle, and the person took off with his car and dragged his body in the parking lot. >> reporter: that fight landed him at highland hospital where he was treated for nonlife threatening injuries. the trauma runs deeper than the physical wounds. tonight the 65-year-old alameda man also fears his attacker could return. >> he's scared. this happened just blocks away from their home, and so we don't
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want to create friction around what is already happening in the community. >> reporter: we reached out to food maxx who declined to comment. police are trying to determine if it was a crime motivated by hate or simply crime of opportunity and have not provided any other information. sarah and the victim's family have taken to social media to ask help from the public in finding the stolen car, a white toyota corolla with license place 8gma097. if you see it, you are asked to call the police. ginger conaherosab, "nbc bay area news". people may not have contracted the virus, covid-19 itself, but they're feeling the long-term impact. tonight a ucf study is shining the impact the pandemic is having on first responded and exhausted er workers. nbc bay area as anoushah rasta spoke to a nurse who is one of the many living with the damage
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the pandemic has done to her mentally. >> reporter: nightmares, exhaustion, even ptsd. >> i don't think that any person in the hospital didn't experience that. >> reporter: many frontline health care workers responsible for taking care of covid-19 patients are in need of serious help themselves. bay area registered nurse emily says she and her colleagues have struggled a lot, too, during the pandemic. >> it is already a stressful job as it is. we are already pre-pandemic dealing with nurses feeling like staffing is bare bones, that we have so much documentation that our safety patient is dwindling. we just want to spend time with our patients, but we are just pushed to the limit shall and here comes this pandemic to just completely compound everything. >> reporter: ucsf professor of emergency medicine dr. robert rodriguez is the lead author of a new study about the issue, commissioned by the cdc and conducted last summer when much less was known about the virus. >> approximately half of the
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participants in the survey or in the survey study were found to be -- to have significant levels of anxiety and emotional exhaustion and burnout. then approximately a fifth of the participants were at significant risk for post-traumatic stress disorder. >> some 1,600 health care workers in emergency departments across the country participated. they reported some of their biggest worries included getting their loved ones sick, contracting the virus themselves, and patients with an unclear diagnosis who could get others sick. >> you can't get away from it. so i definitely had my share of nightmares, exhaustion, stress, insomnia. >> reporter: emily tells us the lack of support and guidance at work and even proper contact tracing made her very anxious, especially during the early days of the pandemic. >> it is important to recognize what happened in the past and
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the struggles that frontline providers had during that time, so that we can be prepared for other pandemics, for the -- and other natural disasters that can occur. >> reporter: dr. rodriguez says this latest study is also an important reminder for hospitals and health care facilities to provide more mental health care support to their staff. anoushah rasta, "nbc bay area news." >> such a difficult time. >> for sure. the weekend is here. hopefully a lot of people can get some rest and enjoy the sunshine. it looks like it will be a nice one. >> yes, and warmer temperatures. we had all of the clear skies around the bay area today. you look over my shoulder, it looks nice. sunset around 7:40 tonight. thinking about going outside in a tee shirt? don't do it. it is 57 degrees right now in san jose. the wind is the big factor. you have northwest winds at 17 miles per hour, a very chilly sea breeze blowing around the bay area. you can see some of the inland locations including walnut creek, look at that, 62 degrees,
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south wind at 16 miles per hour. no matter where you are, plan on that embarcadero kind of weather around the bay area. speaking of san francisco where it is 53 at oracle park, west wind at 12, we should see numbers in low to mid 60s around san francisco as temperatures climb this weekend. there's lake tahoe, 56 degrees. toyota tahoe report for you shows the weekend temperatures will be in the low 60s. nighttime temperatures though near or slightly below freezing. that's good for the machine grooming of the slopes there, still the base of about 37 inches of snow in the lower elevations and up to 86 there up at the higher elevations of the sierra ski resorts. no snow this weekend but late next week we may see snow showers. in the morning, temperatures in the 40s. showing you the hour-by-hour progression, these numbers close to the highs we saw today close to the lunchtime hour. as the warm-up is started on saturday, we will see a few areas approaching the mid-to upper 70s. san jose in the low 70s. but you won't notice much of a
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warm-up around san francisco or the coast as the sea breeze won't be as strong as today but enough to keep temperatures in the low 60s, upper 50s around half moon bay. for the weekend, coast and san francisco, your warm-up will be to the mid-60s. the valleys we'll notice more of the warming trend getting started tomorrow. we will get into the mid to upper 70s in a few spots by sunday and monday. probably the warmest part of the forecast. then the sea breeze picks up, cooler temperatures early next week. still no april showers just yet, but next weekend we may begin to see changes. a closer look at that coming up at 6:ha. back to you. >> see you in a bit. thanks so much, rob. more to come in the next 40 minutes. a big step by president biden today signing an executive order that could change the supreme court forever. plus, a surge of unexpected reactions to the johnson & johnson vaccine we've been telling you about throughout the newscast. what it could mean for you if you have a vaccine appointment next week. first, prince philip is dead at the age of 99.
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the heartfelt sentiments pouring out of the uk. we're back in three minutes.
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happening now is brought to you by --
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britain's queen elizabeth receiving condolences from around the world following the death of her husband, prince philip. he passed away peacefully at windsor castle. he died two months before his 100th birthday. born in greece, philip was sixth in line for the crown while it was still a monarchy. as his child, his family was forced to flee the country. schooled in england, he became a dashing naval officer in world war ii and married princess elizabeth in 1947. >> the royal family, you know, him and the queen have been married for over 70 years. >> yeah. >> and it is just a really sad moment. >> i will send my greatest sympathy to the family. >> known for his sharp wit and the dedication to the monarchy, he fulfilled more than 20,000 royal engagements, many of them
6:26 pm
at the queen's side. prince philip did not want a state funeral. covid restrictions limit funerals now to 30 people, so his burial service will be a family-only event. take responsibility, that was the message from protesters to wells fargo today. they marched to the bank's headquarters in san francisco, demanding the company take responsibility for its role in the climate crisis. they're calling for the bank to defund the line three pipeline in minnesota, which indigenous groups say poses a threat to water resources and ancestral lands. just last month wells fargo said it will work on lowering carbon emissions by 2030 and will invest $500 billion to support climate initiatives. well, up next at 6:30, will he expand the court? the action president biden took today that may be the first step in that process.
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right now at 6:30, in just six days all california adults will be eligible to receive a vaccine, but will there be enough shots? >> i still believe that johnson & johnson will come through. >> how vaccine sites are getting ready for an influx of appointments amid a supply shortage. plus, could he be the star witness in the medical examiner testified today in the murder trial of derek chauvin. what he said could not rule out as a cause of death for george floyd. but first, could more justices be added to the u.s. supreme court? the step president biden took today that could make that a
6:30 pm
reality. ♪ ♪ the news at 6:30 starts right now. good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm janelle wang. >> i'm jessica aguirre. president biden and his administration are focusing on the economy in hopes of boosting it with a robust and costly infrastructure bill. the white house is also trying to get ahead of the fight before congress returns next week. nbc's alice barr has the latest from washington. >> reporter: president biden today putting dollars to his sense of priority, laying out a wish list for his first budget to congress. >> i look forward to working with congress to advance these and other priorities. >> reporter: it is a $1.5 trillion blueprint that significantly increases spending in areas outside of defense. the white house calling for billions to boost low income schools, invest in cancer research, and tackle climate change. >> this is the beginning of what we know is a long journey. >> reporter: it comes amid republican pushback overspending trillions on covid relief and now a massive infrastructure
6:31 pm
proposal. >> why budget at all if you are going to recognize no upper bound limit on what you are going to spend? >> reporter: transportation secretary pete buttigieg defending the need for an infrastructure overhaul. >> it is meeting the challenges that we face today and it is fully paid for by making corporations to pay their fair share. >> reporter: president biden also issuing an executive order today, forming a bipartisan commission to consider supreme court reform. on the docket, controversial questions over expanding the number of justices and limiting their terms. in washington, alice barr, nbc news. >> there you have it. from infrastructure to climate change, president biden tackling a lot of issues this week. let's get feedback from our political analyst larry gerston. let's start with the issue, the supreme court, announced today. during the campaign there was a lot of talk how the court has changed and how it is now skewing more republican and
6:32 pm
whether there was this question of whether the democrats, if they took office, would expand it to try to kind of mitigate that. >> you're right, jessica. i mean we have a six-to-three court, six conservatives, three liberals on most issues, and that's affected all kinds of things, particularly offensive, you might say, to the progressives. things like abortion rights, immigration rights, voting rights, gun control, all of these things that are such rich fodder, if you will, for progressives, and the supreme court has come down really hard on all of those things and progressives feel they may come down even more. so they say, let's go ahead and expand the court. by the way, it is legal. we have had as many as ten supreme court justices and as few as six. the president and congress together can expand the court if they want. but along the way, in doing so, of course, that could change the composition of the court. that's what they want, and that's why president biden went ahead and put together this commission today.
6:33 pm
>> is it even realistic it will even change in the current climate? >> it is hard to imaging it is realistic, but let me tell you one quick thing. in 1937 during the midst of the great depression, the supreme court was as conservative, if not more, than this supreme court. we had a democratic congress and president roosevelt said, i propose we go ahead and expand the supreme court. caught flack from everybody. but a funny thing happened to expanding the court. they started voting the way roosevelt wanted them to vote. how much that impacts president biden we don't know. >> okay. let's switch gears and talk infrastructure plan. the president has in this infrastructure plan, it is much bigger than we traditionally think of them, which is roads and bridges. here we are talking electric vehicles, clean energy, broadband even. so there are some on the other end of the aisle that say, this is too much. mitch mcconnell was saying he is stretching the meaning of the term "infrastructure."
6:34 pm
>> you're right. look, about $400 billion, by my count, is in that $2.2 trillion bill. it is an awful lot of money. the president says we need it for encouraging development of electric vehicles, an electric grid, that's controlled just by electricity, not fossil fuels. clean energy. all of these types of things he says are necessary for the 21st century. now, is he expanding the term? he certainly is changing the term, but he says, president biden that is, that infrastructure today has some different meaning than it did in the 20th century and we need to respond for climate change and all of the other factors that affect us in the 21st century. >> larry, last week vice president kamala harris was in town and she was even saying that they want to include, like, child care, education fall under this. given that, can this bill, so big, really pass? >> look, the president's throwing it out there, right.
6:35 pm
imagine you have a big bunch of clay here, and you are going to sculpt it. guess what? the fossil fuel people are going to come in and take a chunk off. the people who want fewer taxes are going to take a chunk off, and so on and so on. by the time you see that final piece of clay it will look a lot different than the big chunk that came in. that's what is going to happen with this bill. the president is throwing out there, it is almost a guarantee that we will be very, very different from the way the president wants it to be right now. that's how things work, particularly in a polarized congress. >> as it always does. thank you, larry. well, in minneapolis today, highly anticipated testimony in the murder trial of derek chauvin. the medical examiner who performed the initial autopsy on george floyd took the stand. while medical experts -- av-med cal experts concluded floyd did not die from drugs but from as fis ya' or low oxygen. the autopsy report did not specify. that medical examiner dr. andrew
6:36 pm
baker determined the cause of floyd's death was cardio pulmonary arrest. in other words his heart and lungs stopped while he was being subdued or compressed by police. >> in my opinion the law enforcement subdual restraint and neck compression was just more than mr. floyd could take by virtue of the heart conditions. >> dr. baker found the drug fentanyl in floyd's system. he testified that the drug and heart disease could have contributed to floyd's death, but were not the main cause. next week the defense is expected to present its case to the jury. back to our coronavirus coverage. four people had reactions to the johnson & johnson vaccine in brentwood today. ambulances were called, one person, that person needed to be taken to the hospital just to be checked out. first responders say reactions come with the certificate at mass vaccination sites, and while the vast majority of people go home without feeling anything, a few people can develop symptoms like dizziness, light headedness, even fast breathing or sweating. a growing number of clinics
6:37 pm
across the country have reported rare cases of minor adverse effects after people got the j & j site. the cdc though says there's really no cause for concern and that the benefits of getting vaccinated far outweigh the risk of having any type of a reaction. starting tomorrow, several new vaccine sites are popping up around california including this one in menlo park. it is organized by facebook. this is video given to us by facebook. right now the bay area is preparing for a surge in appointments when everyone 16 and older becomes eligible for the shot next week. nbc bay area's robert handa is in santa clara and tells us more about a deepening vaccine shortage and how facebook is stepping up to get more shots into arms. >> reporter: well, congressman cana came to levi's stadium to tour the vaccination site and thank the workers, he talked about how to keep the sites stocked with vaccine now that the johnson & johnson supply has virtually dried up. the congressman came to the
6:38 pm
levi's stadium vaccination site at santa clara workers and volunteers are in the midst of a strange dilemma, an expected surge of more people seeking vaccine shots while getting less vaccine overall. >> well, that's going to delay things. i was at the try city vaccine site this morning and they said they were going to get a huge influx on april 15th but the j & j jacksonville jaguars incident delayed that. >> reporter: the congressman acknowledges the johnson & johnson shortage is severe. claire county received more than 9,000 j & j shots last week, it will get less than 3,000 this time around. what is the reason the johnson & johnson supply was cut off? >> well, there were concerns about the safety and the concerns about the incidents that took place, but we're hopeful that pfizer and moderna will come and we're hopeful that johnson & johnson will rectify any of the issues. >> reporter: facebook is getting ready to set up a clinic on its site tomorrow morning to assist the ravenswood family health center. fortunately, it will administer
6:39 pm
moderna since san mateo county's j & j supply went from 1,700 last week to just 500. >> in addition to our headquarters' efforts we are partnering with governor newsom's office to support pop-up vaccination efforts across california. >> reporter: facebook's clinic and other vaccine sites will be even more important now as more and more people book appointments while johnson & johnson and other vaccine suppliers scramble to keep up. in santa clara, robert handa, "nbc bay area news." >> thank you, robert. so are you heading to tahoe this weekend? your drive may be a little rocky. what you need to know before jumping in your car.
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small business insurance is usually so complicated, you need to be a lawyer to understand it. that's why three was created. if you own it, three covers it. got a cheese slice for “spokesperson?" that's me. i don't even need to see what's happening behind me to know it's covered. three. no nonsense. just common sense. okay. it doesn't look good. the main route to south lake tahoe out of commission all day after a rock slide. the slide happened on highway 50 near echo summit in el dorado county. you can see the car there. it was badly damaged when the rocks came down and it hit the
6:42 pm
car. all lanes eastbound and westbound were shut down so the road could be cleared. part of the work included using explosives to break up the biggest boulders. >> fire in the hole! >> the slide happened just before 6:00 in the morning. the driver of the car that flipped over and had all of the rocks on it, remarkably, not hurt. the road is back open tonight, but it is only one lane. well, as more people are headed back to working in the office, gas prices in the bay area are climbing. a lot. that's one of the major reasons why gas prices are climbing, people are driving more. data compiled by the associated press says the average price of a gallon of gas is nearly $4. according to aaa, the national average is $2.86. california has the most expensive average of any state followed by hawaii, washington, nevada and oregon. >> we also have the most expensive. >> exactly. it is beautiful outside so it would be nice to go on a drive this weekend, rob, if you can fill up your tank. >> that's right. that will be expensive. with the sunshine and warming
6:43 pm
trend, that's free. we are watching it for the weekend forecast, and when april showers could be lurking in the forecast for next week coming up. we're taking consumer complaints in english and in spanish but aiming for results in one universal language, cash. that you can spend on the $4 gas. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. we will have some recent wins to help you pay for the gasoline next.
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okay. when our viewers have problems nbc bay area respond and our sister station responds. consumer investigator chris chmura is here with recent money-saving wins in both languages. [ speaking spanish ]. >> you move out of an apartment, what is the landlord supposed to do. >> >> you are supposed to get the deposit back, all of it. >> exactly. let's talk about dora at richmond. at telemundo 48, our consumer investigator helped dora in richmond. she was trying goat her landlord to return her deposit of $1,859
6:46 pm
since october. thing is california law says they're supposed to get it back to you in 21 days. dora turned to arlan who got it done. over at nbc bay area respond, our team just helped daniel in union city. he said no one was listening to his complaint about some dud ear buds, but we did listen and we gave that company an ear full. after that daniel said he got a credit of $30.73. maybe we can help you, too. the number in english is 888-996-tips. in spanish, 844-408-4848. just all day today we have been in touch with cvs, walgreen's, safe way and the state, vaccines, vaccines, vaccines, we'll be back all next week with a bunch of vaccine stories and so many more people become eligible for the hunt. >> get the vaccines up to date. it will be the hunger games. >> exactly. see you then. bye. we have new details tonight on a string of dead whales found in the bay area.
6:47 pm
we know that ship strikes are now suspected in at least two of the four recent deaths. you are looking at nbc bay area sky ranger showing the most recent dead whale discovered yesterday in marin county. the four dead whales all washed up in the past week and a half. the first one walked of last week at chrissy field in san francisco. the marine mammal center says they don't know yet what killed that one. this past saturday another whale was found along moss beach in san mateo county. scientists say that was likely killed by ships. >> it is such a loss. so terrible to hear about that. let's turn things over to meteorologist rob ma had au. you know what? it is still chilly outside, but if you are bundled up a little walk on chrissy field might not be bad. >> we had the giants' home opener today. in the upper 50s around first
6:48 pm
pitch time but it is not stomg the garlic fries-seeking seagulls from invading. northwest wind at 14, at times up to 30 miles per hour. we should see the see breeze back off a bit going through the weekend, so san francisco likely seeing some 60s as we head into saturday and sunday. right now, walnut creek, there's an example how cool it is inland. the south wind at 16, 62 degrees. in to san jose, sunny skies but misleading at 57 degrees, northwest wind at 17 miles per hour. certainly jacket weather if you are out and about. temperatures dropping in the low 50s by 8:00 and by tomorrow morning the numbers dropping into the 40s. we have the sea breeze, the ocean air conditioning as we like to say. when winds get up to 15 to 30 miles per hour, that tends to cool us off but it usually doesn't do it this much like we are seeing right now, especially for places like walnut creek and san jose. air temperatures in the 50s. observation temperatures still quite chilly, 50 west of san francisco. these low 50s, a little bit
6:49 pm
below average for this time of year. once the ocean temperatures start to warm up, that's when we see more mild temperatures even with a sea breeze around the bay area. for the morning, sea breeze bringing in low clouds. you will see some of that around the peninsula and coast. you may find a bit of mist in the air for the morning hours, and more sunshine for the afternoons. the valleys will begin to experience a bit of a warm-up. going through tomorrow you will see areas and concord and fairfield getting back into the mid 70s. san jose south should be the boundary to find more 70s. around san francisco, in the 60s again tomorrow. mid-50s around half moon bay. santa rosa making a climb into the mid 70s. temperatures trying to warm up. bay side numbers will warm up a little bit too for the second game with the rockies and giants tomorrow. another early afternoon start should see first people temperatures warmer, still breezy. low 60s for first pitch time after 1:00. here is the rainfall projection, trying to track the ever-elusive april showers. may see a few towards the end of
6:50 pm
next week. notice where the focus is here. it is inland, not so much the coast. it is over the sierra and to the north of the bay area as the pattern that's going to evolve is one that could involve a cold area of low pressure dropping in just to the east of the sierra. so we begin the week with nothing going on other than the sea breeze, but by wednesday and thursday, you see that colder pocket of air? that may provide some showers that will provide temperatures that will be cold enough for showers, possibly some late season snow. notice the time stamp on the upper right here. late next weekend, those spring showers could have temperatures cold enough, maybe near 7,000 feet we could see some april snow showers perhaps around the sierra. not for this weekend. it is easy driving up there. 60 degree temperatures this weekend. towards the end of next week we may begin to see spring showers making a comeback. the story of the weekend, san francisco warming up just ever so slightly, mid 60s. a little more sun as we head into monday. breezy again early next week. the valleys, which for the most
6:51 pm
part today were in the 60s, those temperatures rebound for the weekend. a warm finish to the weekend, should see numbers maybe near 80 on monday, trending cooler tuesday and wednesday, and then possibly next weekend, stay tuned, maybe some sierra snow for next weekend. not this weekend, but perhaps in the ten-day forecast as we move forward. back to you. >> on rob, you have your climate in crisis special at 3:00. give us a little bit about what we will see in that? >> all of the changes we are seeing around the bay area, specifically probably noticed last year fire danger and the air quality impacts, the ecosystem impacts, and sea level rise, we're uniquely seeing all of these different changes given we are in a coastal climate and bay climate. all of the team of meteorologists out, raj mathias well, looking how things really shifted quite a bit in the last ten years. >> okay. again, 3:00 on sunday, the climate in crisis, right here on nbc bay area. thank you, rob. >> thanks, rob. coming up, baseball is back as are the fans. the giants' home opener, the king of the hill and the highlights next.
6:52 pm
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okay. we put so much focus today on the fact that the fans were going back to see the giants' ballpark for first time since 2019 we forgot there was a game.
6:55 pm
>> it was a great one. nbc bay area's anthony flores joins us from oracle park with the play by play. what a great day for giants' fans, anthony. >> reporter: a beautiful day for baseball and a great day for giants' fans. you know, this was a celebration fans have within been waiting more than a year for. it was also a big win for the giants against the rockies. let's look at some of the highlights. less than 9,000 fans allowed in the stands, but, you know what? they made their voices heard today. baseball's all-time home leader barry bonds getting the crowd on its feet. they love barry at oracle. it was scoreless with the bases loaded in bottom of the seventh. then brandon crawford delivers a double to the right center. that place the pair. how about johnny cueto? king of the hill, went eight and two-thirds winning,. the giants win their home opener 3-1 over the rockies. >> just having fans in the
6:56 pm
stands and what that felt like looking up for the first time an recognizing there weren't cardboard cutouts out there was pretty inspiring as well. there was a lot to take away from opening day. >> reporter: a big win for the giants. they improve to 4 and 3 on the season, and a sigh of relief for the giants and their fans because, yes, they are back in the stands. live at oracle park in san francisco, anthony flores, nbc bay area's. ladies, back to you. >> what a difference a year makes and a brand-new season. congratulations to the giants, anthony, and to all of the fans, too. so great. tomorrow and saturday and sunday's game against the rockies also around 1:00 p.m. so it will be a great day for fans. about 9,000 people allowed into oracle park. a's, by the way, are in houston facing their rivals the astros. that will do it for us. thanks for joining us at 6:00. >> we will see you back at 11:00. bye-bye. >> bye. ♪♪
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majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california.
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so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time. take care of the boys. >> that's what we've been doing. >> i know. take care. >> he was there helping the boys through the death of their mother diana. will a passionate prince philip now be a catalyst for healing for william and harry? demi lovato and the "glee" gang's emotional memory of the friend that they lost. >> there is something about falling in love for the first time. >> like father like daughter, lily rose's new role, and like everything else, she does it in style. welcome to "access hollywood." i'm mario lopez here on location in santa fe. and we're going to start with the royals in mourning. prince philip passed away early today at windsor castle, two months shy of his 100th


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