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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 9, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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alluding to this. that's why they're in such a complicated circumstance, guys. >> matt bradley, thank you. we're going to stand by and have the latest on this breaking news throughout the morning. most of you will return now to the "today" show. i'm savannah guthrie alongside hoda kotb. this has been an nbc news good morning. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. we'll have breaking news on the death of prince philip throughout the morning. first we want to get you in touch with your local news as well and it's friday and a look at the forecast. vianey is in for kari this morning. good morning. >> good morning. we're off to a pretty mild start for our friday. 40s and 50s across the board and eventually by the afternoon the biggest change you'll notice is breezy to windy conditions. temperatures are expected to
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remain fairly cool. san francisco temperature by 10:00 a.m. in the 50s. a mix of sun and clouds around the coastline into the interior valleys. mostly clear and temperatures in the 50s about 11:00 a.m. we expect to see temperatures in the upper 60s/low 70s. ily have a look in a couple of minutes. mike? a smooth, easy drive, light volume of traffic at 4:31 but as we look at the sensors, there is a section of red toward contra costa county, north 242, closed from 680 up to concord. they had two lanes open but now it's completely closed until 5:00 a.m., another 29 minutes. you have the local roadways to get around but just shy of concord and willow pass road and headed up toward highway 4. approaching the bay bridge no problem. an elderly woman was hurt in
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an attack many say was racially motivated. the suspect's attorney says the new video proves otherwise. "today in the bay" has more. >> reporter: san francisco deputy public defender eric mcburney releasing this new video he says backs up his claim. mcburney says this is what happened to steven jenkins march 17th but he allegedly attackeded zau zen zing. >> he himself was the victim of unprovoked assaults from multiple parties from multiple directions as he was making his getaway, the assault continued. >> reporter: mcburney says his homeless and mentally ill client suffered more than 40 blows to his head and may have been disoriented before the attack. here you can see him appear to take a swing at zhe before a security guard rushes in and brings him down. the images of a beaten zhou zin
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zing captured the hearts of the world. $100 million was donated back to the aapi community. >> one of the main motivations for doing this is to communicate to the public that this was not racially motivated. >> reporter: do you believe there has been a rise in aapi hate crimes? >> you see what other people see in the news, so it does seem that way, does appear that way. i've heard accounts from other asians who have similar experiences. because that individual we want to put the weight of otherish use. >> reporter: jenkins does not face hate charges but several felonies. he's due back in court tomorrow. in san jose, ginger conejero saab, nbc bay area. join jessica aguirre and me
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next thursday as we look at the issue and what can be done to create better understanding, it will air on nbc bay area at 7:00. it's a tragic cold case dead mother and a missing toddler. five years ago police found nicole fitz's body buried in a san francisco park. her 2-year-old daughter, arianna still missing. cheryl hurd spoke to her sister, hopeful arianna will be found. >> reporter: this is an age progression image of how arianna fitz might look today at 7 1/2 years old. a sketch that brings up a lot of emotions for her aunt tess. >> the focus of today is to just mainly to let people know that arianna is out there and arianna needs to be found. >> reporter: five years ago arianna's story captivated the bay area. her mother, nicole, found dead in mclaren park.
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nicole fits' sister remembers the day she found out about the killing. >> after learning of what happened to our sister, the next thing to do was to look for arianna. there was no news of arianna. arianna wasn't found with her. >> reporter: on april 8th, 2016, a rec and parks worker stumbled upon nicole's body buried in a shallow grave covered with plywood. fits was a best buy employee, single mom of two daughters. she was reported missing three days before her body was found because she didn't show up for work. the san francisco police department is working with the fbi on this cold case. now new technology. this tweet included a photo of arianna. the fbi wants the public to know they are actively looking for the young girl and her mother's killer. agents also say they want to re-interview witnesses. >> little details come to mind you didn't think of five years ago and we also have information
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we didn't have five years ago so we want to talk to people again. >> reporter: sfpd is offering $100,000 for information that could lead to an arrest. best buy is offering a $10,000 reward, but the best reward for tess and claire is not money but the return of arianna. >> i just beg and plead to everyone, to be on the lookout for her, and anyone who may know anything, anything at all, to please just, to please just come forward and to help us bring arianna home. >> reporter: cheryl hurd, "today in the bay." >> 4:36. there's new fears this morning as five new cases of the recently discovered bay variant of the covid-19, the double mutant strain doctors feel could be highly contagious. it was originally discovered in india and was responsible for a
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55% surge in that part of the country. no word on where the new cases in the bay area originated. california is set to lift most covid-19 restrictions by june 15th. now to a live look in san francisco, where ticketed events will be allowed for the first time in more than a year. san francisco is in the orange tier along with seven other bay area counties and while that means restrictions are loosening, event organizers are focused on the outdoor events. "today in the bay"'s jean elle tells us why, from san francisco. >> reporter: san francisco is allowing venues to open their doors for inside events next week, with capacity limits, but an event organizer used to hosting crowds says his customers are not ready to head inside. pre-pandemic guests packed manny's for in-person political events. san francisco announced new rules as it begins to allow indoor event at limited capacity starting april 15th. >> for relatively smaller events
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only 15% capacity, up to 200 people maximum, whichever is fewer, those will not require the testing or vaccination. >> this is our bridge series. >> reporter: getting permission for venues like manny's to open the doors. >> i am so excited to host an in-person event again next thursday. i can't put it into twords. >> reporter: but manny's is not hosting it inside the familiar hot spot. it will be outside at curio, after taking a poll, manny yukutiel says it was clear people aren't ready to head in. >> one was that people were less comfortable returning to in-person indoor events than i would have thought, and two, the size of event that people were comfortable with surprised me, so 75% of the survey respondents were only comfortable with events with a maximum capacity of 50. >> reporter: so dinner and a political conversation will happen outside. the event is sold out. wlen people return to venues like manny's?
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yukutiel is hoping the governor's announcement of a possible end of most covid restrictions on june 15th will be the moment he's been waiting for. >> is june 15th going to be the day all restrictions are lifted? lord, honey, i hope so, but can you plan on that? i don't know. if the year's taught us anything, it's that don't plan too far ahead. >> reporter: jean elle, "today in the bay." after more than a year, this is the day giants fans have been waiting for, the team's home opener begins in just a few hours and yes, fans will be able to watch the game in person, inside of oracle park, but of course, things will be a little different this year. fans must be fully vaccinated or prove that they have a negative covid test result. once inside the park, everyone must wear those masks at all times, except when eating and drinking in your assigned seat. nbc bay area's cierra johnson has the excitement from outside oracle park this morning and a live report starting in the next half hour. nbc sports bay area is your
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home for today's home opener. special giants coverage kicks off at 12:30 this afternoon ahead of the first pitch, set to take place a little later at 1:35. a successful rollout, still ahead on "today in the bay," the northern california county that is making the most progress when it comes to vaccinating kids. plus rolling into the record books. the major success rolls-royce is having this year, and the working model that's boosting those sales. you're watching "today in the bay." ♪ ♪
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good morning. 48 degrees in san jose, mild to start, a mix of sun and clouds and also going to notice an increase in the wind speeds into this afternoon. i'll have a closer look at your forecast coming up in just a few minutes. mike? >> i saw some slowing on our sensors across the golden gate bridge heading south, there was some construction going on, so if we take a look at the bridge itself, we'll look at the folks coming toward us into san francisco, traffic is just getting restored now. they may have been moving that crew on the north side. we'll check out what else is moving around, maybe a little more slowly on the peninsula. first let's check in with dom. >> good morning! i am dominic chu from cnbc global head quarterses. wall street a mixed morning after stocks rose yesterday. the s&p 500 closing at another record high, the dow and s&p are
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on track for a third straight positive week. the nasdaq though the outperformer yesterday up more than 1% as shares of big technology companies like amazon, netflix, apple, microsoft and alphabet all closed higher on the day. investors largely shrugging off a surprise jump in jobless claims last week. in focus for investors and traders today a key report on producer prices. impossible foods is preparing to go public with an offering that could reportedly value the maker of plant-based alternative meats at around $10 billion. it highlights growing demand for plant-based meat products from environmental and ethical concerns from consumers. impossible foods are sold at more than 20,000 locations. shares of plant-based products hit $7 billion overall last year, that's up 27% from 2019. and sam adams from the beer lovers out there says get a shot and a free beer. the brand is releasing a new ad this week to encourage people to
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get a covid vaccine. the shot for sam program starts april 12th. it's for the first 10,000 drinkers who share proof of their vaccination with #shotforsalmon social media by may 15th or while supplies last. you'll receive a $7 cash card to cover a sam adams purchase of your choice of beer at a local bar or restaurant. winners will be notified by direct message on social media. those are the latest headlines from cnbc. marcus and laura, i could use a cold one. it might be a little early in the morning for us right now but it's got to be 5:00 somewhere, right? >> somewhere in the world. that's always what i say. >> i'm just going to nurse my coffee right now, boys. that's it. >> thanks, dom. >> mine, too, by the way. you got it, guys. >> sure, dom. new this morning, rolls-royce rolling into the second quarter on a high note. the luxury car company reporting its best quarter in 116 years as
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it sets a sales record. part of the success is coming from the model that sells for $400,000, seeing strong demand from customers. >> too rich for my blood. nike settles a lawsuit against a brooklyn company that made satan's shoes in collaboration with the rapper lil' nas x. the black and red devil themed sneakers featured a swoosh logo and quickly sold out at more than $1,000 a pair. the company will offer full refunds to remove the shoes from circulation. working to prevent future fraud. coming up next on "today in the bay," the all new steps state lawmakers are taking to stop unemployment scammers and it comes as the system has been plagued with problems amid the pandemic. we'll tell you all about it, when we come back.
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it is friday morning and a live look at sfo. >> woo. >> oh, yes, woo indeed, laura. 4:49 this morning. dark and early but hey, it's starting to brighten up, starting with the four of us. good morning to you. thanks for making us a part of your morning. >> you're so modest. >> it's friday, why not? vianey in for kari with a look at the forecast. should it be a nice day for us?
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>> it is going to be a nice one but also windy. i want to start out with a shot from san francisco, you can see the flag there, waving back and forth and we're only expecting winds to get stronger around the coastline, headed into this afternoon, so definitely something to sort of keep in mind, as we head in towards the friday night and into the weekend as well. now let's talk about your temperatures, because we're definitely going to be cool today, comfortable, very seasonable for this time of year and look at san jose right now. great shot there, so let's get a look at your current temperature, as you head out the door. 50 degrees in oakland. san jose 45, 46 in san francisco, so pretty mild to start, but take a look at the afternoon. so we're going to get sort of a chilly ocean breeze tonight. san francisco is going to stay in those upper 50s. low 60s san jose. santa rosa 72 so it will be a little bit warmer in through some portions of the interior valleys but look at the wind gusts so especially around the
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coastline and even in through the delta, and also the east bay region, expect gusting winds. we are expected to remain dry so we're not monitoring any rain heading into this weekend, in fact we're going to stay pretty dry and also going to warm up as well by a few degrees. look at your seven-day forecast into saturday and sunday, temperatures will warm up by as much as six, seven, eight degrees in san francisco and we're going to keep that dry weather at least for the next several days, inland temperatures in those upper 70s by the weekend. mike, how are the roads? >> because of the breezes there, we're likely going to be advisories but chp only warns about the altamont pass on your right with the mild slowing all the way on your left, 101 heading up past whipple there is a crew there, they're slowing for the crew or the crew clearing. either way a little more north of 92 along the coast, watch the breezes as vianey talked about and over here, northbound 242 has been reopened right on
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schedule, actually a couple of minutes, 90 minutes before 5:00 when it's stated to reopen from overnight roadwork. approaching the bay bridge no problems and a smooth flow, just a little slowing through zones in fairfield and berkeley for the construction crews. the san joaquin valley is making progress in vaccinating young people. stanislaus county says about 1% residents 18 and younger received at least one dose of the covid-19 vaccine. compare that statewide, that number drops to 0.6%. last week, stanislaus county expanded vaccine eligibility to everyone 16 and older. a new law in the making in sacramento to improve california's beleaguered employment agency, comes after hundreds of millions of dollars in claims, jobless claims were approved for inmates. the new law which just cleared its first committee at the capitol will require edd to crosscheck applications with
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inmate records. lawmakers call it a common sense bill. state officials approved at least $810 million in claims to some $45,000 inmates, some of them on death row. happiest place on earth is set to undergo some big changes. coming up next on "today in the bay," the new campus set to debut this summer. plus making a return, the tradition this year's met gala will be breaking and the two new celebriies tapped to host that event. first all morning long a look at some of the new faces you can expect to see during today's giants homeowner. anthony desclafani is the starting pitcher. he previously played for the marlins and cincinnati reds. he picked up the name "disco" when he was at the university of florida. hopefully he's great and sticks around longer. first happening now, japan imposing new virus measures in tokyo ahead of the olympics.
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this as vaccination push in the country is lagging, shorter hours for bars and restaurants, and pun shallment for those violators. we are just 105 days away from the tokyo olympics. last month we learned that overseas fans are banned from attending the games. remember, you can only watch it right here on nbc bay area. we'll be right back. 4:54.
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it speeds up this... so i can get to them. easy prep, cook and clean with reynolds wrap. oh! don't burn down the duplex. terminix. welcome back. happy friday to you. "avengers" ensemble as disney plans to welcome visitors back into the park superfans have another date. june 4th the new avengers campus opens to the public, includes a spider-man attraction that allows riders to sling webs with
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their bare hands and team up with iron man and dr. strange. trending for you this morning the fashion forward met gala will be back this year after being canceled due to the pandemic, according to page six, it will be held september 16th breaking its long tradition of being held on the first monday of may and the source also tells page six that national youth poet amanda gordon actually fashion designer may be hosting the event. we continue to track a devastating blow to the british monarchy. prince philip dead at the age of 99. straight ahead, what we're learning about his passing. plus debating guns following another deadly mass shooting. a live report from washington on the reaction pouring in after president joe biden took executive action on the issue.
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and curb appeal takes on new meaning. come celebrate lowe's first annual springfest - a festival of fun and savings for your garden and total home. home to any budget. home to any possibility. now at 5:00 an all new view of a brutal attack on an asian woman, you might remember her story went national after she fought back. now the lawyer for the suspect says this video proves it wasn't a hate crime. the charges he faces in court. i think everyone should have the ability to choose what they want to to. >> the countdown is on. next thursday vaccine eligibility expands to those 16 and older across the state but there are more questions about the potential for vaccination passports and mandates.
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the requirements businesses and venues will legally be allowed to make you follow. plus a big test in san francisco, now just hours away. fans returning to oracle park. a live report on what you can expect if you're going to the home opener. "today in the bay" continues right now. >> good friday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. we start with breaking news this morning, prince philip has died at the age of 99. a live look for you this morning at buckingham palace where the announcement was just posted. we expect to see crowds dropping off flowers and other items. prince philip was two months away from his 100th birthday. the royal family says that the husband of britain's queen elizabeth ii passed away in his sleep at windsor castle. the couple was married more than 73 years.


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