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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  April 7, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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u is csf also tells us this is the most dangerous time for people who have not yet been vaccinate the. >> the main reason it's more transmissible variant b117 is affecting younger individuals and that happens to be the group that's not vaccinated currently. >> during a white house press conference today there were other warnings amid a rise in cases across more than half the
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country. director of the cdc urging places with a high rate of covid-19 community spread to back off youth sports unlesser in outside. according to the cdc florida has the most confirms cases of the variant first found in the uk followed by wisconsin, wisconsin and colorado and yesterday marin county's public health department says two more cases of b-117 remains there. the best advice remains the same. get vaccinated when you're eligible. >> i'm really encouraged by the decreased numbers. death that i believe to be an impact of vaccination and especially on our communities and i think we've been too high to think we've won this race. >> coming up at 6:30 we'll speak with dr. george rutherford from ucsf. he'll talk to us about the uk variant and what kind of
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protection the vaccine will give the u.s. against this variant. that's coming up in less than 30 minutes. >> we want to take a closer look at the positivity rates. we said it's at the lowest point since the pandemic but question is is it still going on. let's check this out. the positivity rate back then was 2.9%, okay? over six weeks it dropped to right here 1.8% but look at this week, look at the line, you can see how it goes down but now it's staying flat which the concern is it could be a sign that cases could again start to rise again in california. we want to see that going down instead. now there's some good news for young athletes, california is now allowing youth teams to actually compete against each other teams in different counties. however, players still have to follow social distancing rules. if they are sidelines they have have to put their mask back on the new guidelines says the cdc has seep a rise in outbreaks
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across the country that have been linked to youth sports. well, we've heard the date many times, april 15. that's when anyone 16 plus is eligible to get vaccinated here in california, but in santa clara county you don't have to wait until next week to book that appointment. nbc bay area's robert handa joins us now with more. >> reporter: things colorado go back closer to normal if the vaccine supply can keep up. >> sure, the more people we vaccinate, the safer it will be. we're just not there yet. there is hope and nothing is certain but hope that many schools will be able to have a safe in-person graduation this june rather than the drive-through or virtual ceremonies we faced last year. in fact, a lot of summer being
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activities could be possible once 16-year-olds and older get vaccinated. >> if there's a lot of individuals who take advantage of the vaccine that will have a lot of risk reduction. >> starting at 12:01 tomorrow morning that group can go on the santa clara county public health website and try to book an appointment for a covid vaccine shot has long as the appointment doesn't happen before april 15th. santa clara county vaccine director dr. marty cautions that getting a shot will depend on the vaccine supply from the state each week. >> everyone has to be patient. also to keep trying because there are a lot of avenues that keep opening up. we now have a lot of retail pharmacies that have vaccine. >> for those coordinating vaccination sites such as at vmc an levi stadium they say they have already been preparing for the expected rush. >> in terms of logistics, we've got all the supplies ready. what we need to do is make sure
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that our staff are in place and are all trained. >> reporter: the key will be the weekly vaccine supply from the state and the doctor says bluntly there is not enough to accommodate all the new appointments right away so graduations and other events could still take place but safety precautions will be part of the ceremony. in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> thanks. alameda county also letting everyone 16 and older getting a head start on being vaccinated but only if you live in one of 12 specific zip codes. take a look at the zip code map. it includes neighborhoods in west oakland, fruitvale, chinatown, east oakland, a few neighborhoods in heyward including the ashland area and parts of san leandro. >> contra costa moving into the ork tier and now one county is now in the orange. as we mentioned of, i should
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sayed in red. as we mentioned before in the orange tier james did open indoors at 25% capacity. other highlights are restaurants, movie theaters and places of worship can open indoors at 50% capacity. businesses are excited but not are all totally. grand lake theater has been shut down since the start of the pandemic and even though it's allowed to open at 50% capacity. the owner is holding of saying he wants things to be safe >> i do not want to be open until i know that all of my staff members have the ability to get vaccinated and most of my customers as well. it's all about safety. >> solano county is the only bay area county not in the orange tier. it's still in the red tier and if the rates of infection don't improve it risks actually going back into the purple tier. now we're continuing to track all of these reopenings across
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the bay area. see what's open in your county and website. super easy. go to and click on reopening the bay area. a disturbing story involving be a 11-year-old girl. her parents in contra costa county face child abuse and torture charges after she was found dead inside of her home in rodeio. among the many questions now could this have turned out differently if this fifth grader had been in school? here's nbc bay area's jodi hernandez. >> flowers, candles and photos have been placed outside a rodeo home where investigators claim an 11-year-old girl endured months of abuse at the hands of her father and step mom. >> the extent of her injuries when her body was examined was -- was tremendous. shocking and helped support the charges that the nat is charged with. >> crystal and renee diaz have been arrested on charges of child abuse and torture. investigators say their eldest
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child suffered bruises and burns during an attack that had been taking place since november, but her cause of death remains an interest. we'll evaluate whether other charges are added. >> something is definitely wrong. >> neighbor allen jones says he always thought it was strange that 11-year-old anna and her three siblings rarely came out side. he's sickened by the allegations. >> everybody has been stressed out during this pandemic, kids and grown-ups, too, but torture and mutilated like she was, that's not right. prosecute the prosecutor says the pandemic may in fact have played a role. he says had the fifth grader been attending school in person the outcome may have been much different. >> it's pretty rehard to hide
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the level of abuse that she suffered. >> i think they need done to them the same thing that was done to the little girl. i wish this was the old days to where they could be tortured. you know what i mean. no little to the deserves that, nobody. >> reporter: tonight the parents are in jail awaiting trial and bail for each has been set at $1.4 million. >> she's one of the most powerful women in politics and she was back at her home in san francisco today. what she's calling members. asian community to do in the wake of these recent violent attacks. >> hand have you got this yet, that special card when you get your vaccine. the one thing you need to do once the doctor or pharmacist hands it to you. >> and the skies outside are sunny in addition to the low clouds but it's still quite chilly around the bay area. 58 degrees in tiburon. when will the 70s make a comeback in our seven-day forecast? we'll be right back.
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discover the perfect floor at the perfect price in whatever way is perfect for you. explore floor and decor's newest area location. now open in pleasant hill! it's a national game plan which is coming through the bay area. on monday we saw vice president kamala harris and today we saw house speaker nancy pelosi back at home to drum up support for the president's new $2 trillion infrastructure plan, but that's not all the speaker was addressing today. here's nbc bay area's tom jensen. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi back home in san francisco in chinatown touting the almost $2 trillion american recovery act.
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>> it's about health. it's about jobs, preeminence in the world and the green technologies. it's about, again, security. >> reporter: a little over a year ago speaker was here urging people to visit chinatown as fear grew about a new virus. just a year over a career later she's here to tout the plan to prepare for a life after the pandemic. >> we have a little bit longer to go. we see the light at the end of the tunnel. >> reporter: she says the recovery act provides medical needs like dr. grant koufax's plan to vaccinate more than 180% of all san francisco adults by mid-may and the governor cellucci's plan to reopen all of governor by june 15th. in fact, the bill provides $11 million to the chinatown clinic where today's event was held. money that will be used for vaccinations and other emergency issues. >> this funding is especially important for our work to care for and protect the vulnerable asian seniors who have been
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targeted in recent months by hate. >> reporter: an increase in targeted attacks on asian-americans and pacific islanders fueled by racist propaganda about the or egyptian of the virus. today speaker pelosi encouraged members of the aapi communities to document all attacks and document all attacks to police immediately to help legislators understand that more must be done to stop the hate. she also talked about another emerging crisis, the rush of undocumented families and unaccompanied children streaming across the southern border, an issue she says will require wholesale changes to immigration policy. >> i call it the three rs. restructuring the whole system, respecting the refugee status that we have an obligation to do and the resettlement in a way that is safe for the children. >> reporter: in san francisco, tom jens ernst nbc bay area news. >> trying to make sure everyone who wants a shot can get one
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today the city of san francisco launched a new covid vaccination site in the excelsior districts one of the most ethnically diverse areas of the city. this is a larger part of the plan to make sure advantages eents get to those hardest hit. this area is home to latinos, asian americans and pacific islanders. the site will be open wednesday through saturday. you've got your vaccine card. you've probably received one of those, a card that says that vaccine you got, when you got it, where, and just how important is this little card and how far should you go to keep it safe? nbc bay area's melissa colorado went searching for those answers. >> reporter: this 3 x 4 inch card is quickly becoming the must-have item of 2021 so how do you protect the covid vaccine 19 card. should you laminate and don't let this happen to you but what happens if you lose it. >> put it safe and tucked away.
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>> reporter: treat your covid-19 vaccine card like you treat your birth certificate or your passport. that's the advice from fema's angela bird who spent the last two months helping vaccinate 6,000 people a day at the oakland coliseum site. >> also take a photo, snapshot of your -- of your vaccination card as well. >> reporter: bird says the more copies you have your cdc card digital or physical the better. >> take the opportunity to get it laminated. >> reporter: over at oakland piedmont copy and printing shop. >> every day five to ten customers daily are asking to get their card laminated. >> the owner says her shop has laminated up to 200 vaccination cards so far. >> ink is not going to smear or anything. >> reporter: her customers tell her they want to be reassured that the card is protected so they can take it when going on international trips or attending large events, but she points out
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we still don't know if we'll need booster shots in the future and if that information will be need to be added to our vaccine card. >> i'm suggested people make a copy and laminate that. >> reporter: staples, office depot and office max stores are offering to laminate people's vaccine cards for free until the end of july so what happens if you lose your card in the cdc says there's no national organization keeping track of every vaccine record. your best bet, call up the facility that gave you the vaccine or reach out to california's immunization recommending administration to see if they can help you find your vaccine record. in oakland, melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. >> i just got my card today. looking tat for ten minute, just looking tat. >> that's a little tricky because what happened if you got it at the mass vaccination site in oakland that's going away. my daughter got hers there. i don't let her hold card. i keep it hidden. >> keep it where your passport are or other valuable documents
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are. >> let's turn things over to rob maida. a little bit crisp. >> you see all the sunshine, there's no nothing. i could go outside if i had a jacket. think again. 53 degrees out there. ocean temperatures in the low 50s. you couple that with a sea breeze and even though the clouds break up during the day it's keeping our temperatures down not just in san francisco but even places like walnut creek that ordinarily should be through the 70s and 80s of the right now 62. southwest wind at 16 miles per hour and more cool conditions around the santa clara valley. san jose 58 degrees. outdoor plans tonight it's already jacket weather. 58 degrees right now. dropping into the low 50s past 8:00 tonight and tomorrow morning the return of some patchy low clouds and fog and still keeping temperatures fairly mild the next couple of days. low to mid-60s around san jose. close to 62 in san francisco and 56 in half moon bay and you can see how the temperatures are staying fairly cool.
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even inland. i think we will see similar weather through friday. watch what happens for the weekend. just like that temperatures start to climb on up. the sea breeze not quite as strong. may even see a bit of north wind picking up on sunday and bottom line the weekend warms up and we should carry over the warmer temperatures to start next week and coming up at 6:45 we'll see if these any april showers heading closer towards next weekend. >> you're saying there's still a chance for showers. that's encouraging right there >> thanks, rob. much more to come in the next 40 minutes. back to campus. a big announcement from stanford and uc berkeley. when the two schools are planning to welcome schools back. the cdc says the uk variant is now the most common coronavirus strain in the u.s. why the doctors are so concerned about that particular variant. new details on the car crash that left tiger woods seriously
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tiger woods was driving -- twice the legal speed limit when his suv flipped. woods was driving between 84 to 87 miles per hour on a downhill stretch of road when he crashed. the speed limit there is 45. detectives say the only cause of the crash was speed and tiger losing control. credit, blasting the investigators for refusing to test tiger woods' blood for alcohol or narcotics. >> i know there are some saying he somehow received a special or a preferential treatment of some kind. that was absolutely false. there were no signs of
6:25 pm
impairment. >> tiger continues to recover at home after shattering his lower leg and he tweeted thought statement saying i will continue to focus on my recovery and family and thank everyone for the overwhelming support and encouragement i've received throughout this difficult team. >> plans now to bring students back to campus in the fall. stanford will invite back all students but administrators say the decision isn't final yet and will really depend on the vaccine. in the east bay uc berkeley planning for most in-person learning in the fall. however the university says the first week of classes will be held remotely to give students and teachers time to get tested after they arrive on campus and then classes under 200 people will be able to meet in person. plans could change depending on health guidelines and how those change. in just over a week millions more californians will become eligible for the covid advantages even. we told you everywhere every
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kilian 16 and up will will be eligible for vaccination. that's next thursday. health experts are trying to manage expectations saying you're going to need patience as you try to book an appointment and they recommend taking the first appointment that you can get and don't worry about which vaccine you're going to get. >> the best vaccine is one to get, the one offered to you at the time. and when you get your appointment and go for your vaccine whatever they have to offer you at that particular site is the best vaccine. they are all equally effective and safe and i personally would get any of those vaccines. >> so we're here to answer any of your questions. we're partnering with public thoelt do that just night. they have a phone bank running at this hour. give us a call and the phone bank will be open until 7:00 p.m. so you've got 35 minutes.
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>> the growing christian at the border. we'll show you the heart wrenching new video that has the biden administration sending in a disaster team. >> plus is a fourth wave headed our way? the states that are seeing a new spike in cases and what you can do to protect yourself until you can get your vaccine.
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right now at 6:30, a new dominant strain of coronavirus here in the united states. >> what we're seeing nowadays is a tsunami of covid-19 patients.
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>> is that fourth wave headed to california? what you need to know. >> is it day eighth in the murder trial of george floyd. the former police officer derek chauvin accused of killing floyd. the critical words the defense is accused of taking out of context. >> and first terrifying moments for a young boy. this video here at the u.s.-mexico porter. >> how the biden administration is responding. >> the news at 6:30 starts right now. good evening and thanks for being with us. president biden is working on jobs and the economy, but his attention is also focused on the border. >> yeah, raj, particularly a heart wrenching video of a child abandoned at the border. it's a reminder of the growing humanitarian crisis. nbc's alice barr is in washington for us this evening. >> president biden today pressing congress to get to work and pass his massive
6:31 pm
infrastructure and jobs plan. >> it's a plan that puts millions of americans to work and fixes what is broken in our country. >> republicans argue the roughly $2 trillion proposal bank rolled by a tax hike will end up costing jobs and they are also slamming the scope going beyond hard infrastructure like roads, brims and broadband internet. >> they have sort of thrown everything but kitchen sink into it. >> reporter: the president seeking to reframe the idea of infrastructure to help the nation get ahead in a changing world. >> we are america. we don't just fix for today. we build for tomorrow. >> reporter: at the same time the white house is on defense over the surge in migrants, heart wrenching video abandoned by his group in the texas desert and found by border patrol highlighting the growing humanitarian crisis.
6:32 pm
the biden administration sending a disaster response team to address the surge at its source in el salvador, guatemala and honduras. vice president harris leading the effort. >> you're talking about violence and incredible economic disparity and we're looking extreme climate conditions, hurricanes and then corruption. >> reporter: protesters outside the vice president's home urging her to do more to help as republicans say the administration's policies are encouraging families to send their children here alone. in washington, alice barr, nbc news. a shift in focus today in the trial of derek chauvin, the former minneapolis police officer accuse asked of murdering george floyd. chauvin's defense attorney introduced a theory that the cornerstone of his defense, that heart disease and drug use led to floyd's death.
6:33 pm
you had a crow was played from a police body cam says floyd is heard admitting drug use. >> did you hear that? >> yes, i did. >> did it appear that mr. floyd said i ate too many drugs. >> yes, he did. >> after a break prosecutors recalled the same agent to the witness stand after replaying the tape. >> have you heard it in context? are you able to tell what mr. floyd is saying there? >> i think mr. floyd is saying i ain't doing no drugs. >> that's a little different what you were asked about a portion of the video, is that right? >> yes, sir. >> the exact cause of floyd's death is expected to be the focus of testimony for the next couple of days. back to our coronavirus coverage. nearly of had a of the country's new cases are coming from five states. president biden issuing a stern warning today saying too many people are letting their guards down too soon. one state that's seeing a spike is michigan.
6:34 pm
doctors there are blaming the rise in cases in that state from the state reopening too soon and more contagious variants. they are comparing the wave to the early days of the pandemic. >> what we're seeing is a tsunami of covid-19 patient. our hospital is struggling. we're seeing more patients come in than we have capacity. we have a manpower shortage. we have bed shortages. this feels like march over again. >> the white house is speeding up the vaccine timeline and ordering all states to make every adult 16 and older eligible to get the shot beginning april 19. here in california it's april 15th. it comes as new research suggests moderna's vaccine like pfizer is effective for at least six months. california is talking a number of covid variants found in the state and the most common variant is the west coast variant. we have 851 people tested positive for that variant first detected in the uk. we also have 35 cases of the
6:35 pm
variant from brazil and ten cases of that variant first found in south africa, and there's a new one. there's one case of a new double mutant strain of covid. it gets its name because the virus has not one with you two mutations. here to discuss the surge of cases across the u.s. and the rise of the uk variant is dr. george rutherford. thanks for being here. he's a professor epidemiology at ucsf. dr. rutherford, i want to start with we're seeing the numbers in michigan and florida so they seem to be having a fourth wave. is that something we should expect here in california? >> no, no, not at all. you know, there's a slim chance that it might happen, but i think that the state has managed the pandemic well enough. the state has done a very good job managing the pandemic and with the gradual turning off of restrictions that we've done, i think that our chances of having a fourth wave like that are going to be very small. the there's -- there's a chance
6:36 pm
that it might occur. it's going to be here over the next couple of weeks as we get vaccinations going up. after a certain point you get enough people vaccinated the chances of it happening almost disappear. >> that's reassuring. the cdc keeps talking about the uk variant, the most common strain in the u.s. so let's talk about why it's more dangerous than other strains of covid. i think it's because it's more transmissible and now we're seeing more people younger in their 30s and 40s and even some teenagers getting this particular strain. >> correct, yes. that's right. the uk variant is more transmissible. it's about 50% more transmissible than what we had before, but understand when you say transmissible, what we mean is that if you get this into your throat, into your lungs, your chances of getting infected go up, right? it's stickier. it makes better bonds to the cellular receptors, so, yeah,
6:37 pm
and there is some data from britain that suggests it's more severe. the good us? that our home-grown variants, the b-127 and b-429 are outcompeting it and we have 9,500 or so of those variance as opposed to about 800 of the uk variants and, you know, hand follows of the south african and brazilian variant. so i think that our home-grown variants are doing us a favor. this is a bit of mad science stuff, but they are doing us a favor in keeping the uk variant at low levels. >> so you say that it's stickier and it gets inside of you, but does it also mean i can catch it easier? >> not necessarily. well, i guess in a sense, yeah. when we say it's more transmissible, that means if you were to -- if you were to come into contact with someone you
6:38 pm
would have -- who had that variant as opposed to the earlier variant you would be somewhat more likely to get infected. >> that's why we have to continue to wear our masks and socially distance and do all those good things. dr. rutherford, thanks so much for your expertise. >> up next here at 6:30, do you have ketchup in your fridge right now? you might want to make it last. we'll talk about this great ketchup shortage. stay with us.
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well, prince harry and meghan markle feting set to roll out their first netflix series based on "the invictus games. they will follow athletes preparing for the next invictus games held in netherlands next year. harry will be the producer of the show and he'll also be on camera. no word on when it will start streaming. >> unier is big bucks will
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luremore hand more drivers back to the platform. today the company announced a $250 million stimulus meant to get more drivers to sign up. the incentives will welcome back existing drivers and ensure first-time drivers do as well as they learn the ropes. those incentives vary by city, but in each case drivers can earn a bonus when they hit a certain number of rides. uber and lyft as you might know saw a huge drop in business during this pandemic and an exodus of drivers. critics though point out that these incentives have built in kind of a catch-22. as more drivers set up fewer people will be able to hit incentive target. >> here's an important one. the pandemic has created a tomato shortage affecting ketchup lovers. a real problem. the pickup packets are getting harder to find and tomato supply issues are being blamed and increased demand as people rely on takeout more than ever. ketchup maker heinz increased production when the pandemic
6:42 pm
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now to our climate in crisis coverage and the possible game-changer in the fight against climate change. greenhouse gas methane is a real trouble-maker when it comes to the climate. most of it comes from cows and other grazing animals as they break down plants but uc davis researchers have just discovered that a simple ingredient found in sushi of all things could be trick for drastically cutting down on methane.
6:45 pm
>> cows are constantly chewing. the problem is as they break down what they eat they also belch out a lot of methane. >> methane is what's called a greenhouse gas and what greenhouse gas do is they trap heat in the environment which then eventually becomes warming of the planet. >> reporter: but at uc davis researchers found feeding dairy cows small portions of seaweed drastically reduces how much methan they produce. >> we found a 67% reduction in methane. >> reporter: that's not all. these cattle are bred for beef and when researchers fed them the seaweed diet the results were even more impressive. they saw an 82% reduction in methane. the uc davis scientists used this special machine several times a day to measure the methane in the cow's breath. the theory is that the seaweed
6:46 pm
inhibits an enzyme in the cow's digestive system so it produces less methan, but will the seaweed diet impact taste of milk, cheese and beef. while researchers did not test the flavor of milk and cheese from the dairy cows, they did conduct a taste test comparing steak from seaweed-fed steers to traditional steak. >> we had 112 people tasting the beef, and they could not see -- they could not detect any difference in taste. >> reporter: uc davis animal science professor dr. armas who conducted the study says the cows received just three autopsies a day, and it appears to be a low-cost solution to get up to an 82% reduction in methane. >> this has a huge implication for the dairy industry because the state has a mandate to reduce methan emissions by 40% in the next nine careers. >> reporter: while more research
6:47 pm
needs to be done the seaweed diet may be the first step in reducing greenhouse gases in agriculture and creating a more sustainable burger. at uc davis, emfaf row, nbc bay area news. athletes and coaches from the bay area and a around the world continue to prepare for the upcoming olympics in tokyo. a local racing legend, one of the most accomplished sailors in the recalled would. he's now in charge of running team usa's sailing program. he have he's no stranger to the olympics. he competed in 1984 and the 2004 games. >> i was a second grader here in the city and one of my classmates parents used to take their children over sailing at lake merritt. they had a reck department over there. you could borrow a boat and i went a couple of time to lake merritt when i was 7 years old and my father could see that i was liking it. >> he is a legend.
6:48 pm
he's a seven-time world champion sailor and competed in the america's cup seven times as well. the olympics, by the way, begin july 23rd. it's right around the corner right here on nbc bay area. >> and raj will be hanging out with all of the olympians, rob, so we know that. the. >> there you go. something to look forward to this summer, yeah. >> we're all looking forward to it. >> and we're hoping we might get a little preview of summer tvm temperatures maybe by the end of the weekend as things will slowly warm up, but in the meantime it almost feels like no matter where you are in the bay area you're going for a walk out in the embarcadero. you're getting low numbers out in san jose. the sea breeze cools us down but ocean temperatures really are indeed quite chilly. low 50s from north to south offshore so once the winds pick up, even as the skies clear to get the sunshine outside, you have to kind of make a double look at that thermometer because it's still quite cold. 53 in san francisco and sunshine
6:49 pm
and northwest wind at 12 miles per hour. dock at dub lip, pretty much the same type of weather. many microclimates around the bay area right now but pretty much the san francisco microclimate right there. similar continues in san jose and northwest wind at 13. humidity is up so when you have to talk about fire danger, maybe good news if we don't have rape. the next best thing is to have below average temperatures and higher humidity levels an at times low clouds and misty skies and i think we'll see a little bit of that tomorrow morning especially around the peninsula coast and bayside, if you're in the north way vale, a little bit farther inland, napa and sonoma, you might actually see some 30s for tomorrow morning so kind of a brisk start. now for the afternoon number, mostly still in the 60s. friday eats weather, by the weather, too, giants home opener friday afternoon you can expect temperatures very close to those low 60s again with the sea breeze keeping things cool. 68 degrees. san jose and places that will be the warmest tomorrow, tri-vale, maybe near 70 in livermore and
6:50 pm
60s in pleasanton and morgan hills and 22 in santa rosa looks to be the warm spot. now why things should be warming up for the we beened. we'll see the sea breeze back off a little bit. high pressure will strengthen some and winds will change correction and a little bit of a north wind picking up the hill. that will shut down some of the marine air influence as we see at the bottom of the screen more 70s at the forecast as we head towards the we beened. in terms of finding any april showers, we head pretty far out into the forecast now into the third week of the month. it looks like we may be able to see some systems that could bring at least some showers into the sierras and hills to the north bay and beyond the 17th as we take a wide-angle view on this we may see storms trying to break through the ridge of high pressure which has been offshore and maybe around the 17th to the 20th so our hope is by the end of the next week we'll begin to talk about some showers back in the forecast, but for this weekend the story will be a bit of a warmup.
6:51 pm
san francisco going into the upper 60s by sunday, maybe not 70s this time around, but a lot better than the mostly 50s to near 60 for highs we've had through the week. for the valleys back not 70s. starting saturday, numbers going into the mid to upper 70s. more sunshine and warming. slightly above average temperatures but not to those record-breaking levels and not the gusty dry offshore winds we had about a week ago. overall the best weather coming up this weekend and hopefully after the middle part of next week we could actually see some april showers around here and maybe a slight chance of rain here and after a warm weekend it will be nice to maybe have showers back in the forecast. back to you. >> sounds good. >> thanks, rob. up next, we'll take you out to coliseum. a lot of cheering and celebrating. in fact, they did one of the throw the water bottles, the gatorade jug on one of the a's players. we'll show you the dramatic ending against the dodgers. stay with us.
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we like this day baseball at the coliseum. hot dog, baseball, beer, soda and a dramatic a's victory against the dodgers. bottom of the tenth inning, that's mitchmoreland was the hero. that rib single.
6:55 pm
p mark qana scores the game-winning win. they are fired up beating l.a. 4-2 and the a's are now 1-6 and the giant also go to extra innings this afternoon down in san diego. donovan solano at the plate. not sexy but the always effective sacrifice fly in the tenth inning to break a 2-2 tie. the giants with an impressive series win against the padres and return to the bay area for their home opener friday afternoon. speaking of friday, jessica, we'll have coverage all day from oracle park for the giants home opener. >> another yay! >> okay. a few minutes we talked about the summer olympics beginning in tokyo in july and the winter olympics will be a few months later in beijing. >> two olympic games in a matter of seven months. recently the 2022 beijing olympics have become the center of a developing story. here's nbc's janney mackey fryar in china with the details. >> the u.s. state department has
6:56 pm
denied it's consulting with allies about a joint boycott of the 2022 beijing olympics. >> our position on the 2022 olympics has not changed. we have not discussed and are not discussing any joint boycott wallis and partners. >> reporter: however, there are growing calls for the u.s. and other countries to back out of the games because of concerns of human rights violations in china. there was some confusion yesterday over a comment by a state department spokesperson that was quickly clarified saying that the u.s. is often consulting on issues of interest and this is one of them. the olympics has come under scrutiny because of the oppression of uighurs, policies that president biden has ventured to label genocide. chinese officials today dismissed allegations of repression as lies and warned against politicizing sports. meanwhile the u.s. olympic and paraolympic committee says it's opposed to a boycott saying it only punishes athletes and does
6:57 pm
little to address the bigger issues let alone fix them. janis mackey frayer. >> and with that we say good night. >> let's go oakland! let's go oakland!
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6:59 pm
7:00 pm
estimated speed at the first area of impact were 84 to 87 miles per hour. >> the cause of tiger's horrific crash revealed but major questions remain unanswered. >> was there any reason for the excessive speed? >> they discovered the vehicle belonged to michael jordan's dad. convicted of killing michael jordan's father, is he actually innocent? >> tomorrow could go on forever. it's reunion time at last. a look at how it all began and how "friends" came to an end. >> this is harder than i thought it would be. and the one that got away. >> i was about to marry him?


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