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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  April 7, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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book an appointment for covid vaccine shots as long as the appointment doesn't happen before april 15th. the vaccine director cautions that getting a shot will depend on the vaccine supply this past week. >> this week we were able to open 50,000 first dose appointments. but, you know, they get taken up pretty quickly. >> for those sites they say they have already been preparing for the expected rush. >> we have been doing the biggest ramp up. >> once this new group joins the vaccine line, there will be one-and-a-half million eligible recipients in this county alone. so health officials emphasize be patient, show up for appointments on time and even when graduations or other events
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go on, keep wearing masks and maintain social distancing. in san jose, robert honda, nbc bay area news. thank you, robert. elliot county is opening its eligibility to people 16 and over now. but you must live in one of 12 specific zip codes. it includes neighborhoods in west oakland, chinatown and east oakland. a few neighborhoods in hayward are also there including the ashland area. this is something we have been doing for the past several weeks, answering questions in real-time about this vaccine process. how do you sign up? is it safe? which vaccines should you get? a lot of questions here. our sister station, telemundo is answering your questions. call us right now. you see the number on your screen. it is free. it is accurate. it is in english and spanish.
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408-970-2999. this phone bank is open until 7:00 p.m. night. enter key information on your website. three more bay area counties officially have moved into the less restrictive orange tier. that happened today. now joining all of the bay area counties in that orange tier. as we told you before, in that tier, gyms with open indoors at 25% capacity. restaurants, movie theaters and places of worship can open indoors at 50% capacity. businesses in those three counties are excited, but not all of them are reopening. oakland's grand lake theater has been shut down since the start of the pandemic even though it's allowed at 50% capacity. the owner is holding off for right now. >> i do not want to reopen until i know that all of my staff members have the ability to get vaccinated. and most of my customers as well.
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it's all about safety. >> solano county is the only bay area county not in the orange tier. it is still in red. and if rates of infection don't improve, they risk actually moving back into the more restrictive purple tier. there is a good chance you are feeling it around your community here. growing optimism really everywhere around the bay area and the country about where we are with this pandemic. fewer americans are worried about catching covid. take a look to the beginning of the pandemic. we were at 57% of people worried about getting sick. in july of last year, we hit a high of 59%. now 35%. we're down here. 35% of americans are worried about getting sick. what about in the weeks to come? this line now shows what percentage of people thought the coronavirus situation was improving or is improving in the united states. optimism very low. 29% at the end of last year. it's now skyrocketing up to 77%
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of the optimism around the country. >> we're also following some other news across the bay area tonight. a disturbing abuse case. a couple facing child abuse charges tonight after their 11-year-old daughter was found dead in their home. prosecutors say the fifth grader had injuries all over her body and that the d.a.'s office says may have been detected if she was in school, instead doing distance learning. the couple is charged with torture, but they are not yet charged with the girl's death. >> it was like 3:00 in the morning. i woke up to go to the bathroom and the whole front of my yard it is like there was a ufo out there. >> reporter: allen jones describes the scene two weeks ago. investigators say crystal and rene diaz called 911 to report their 11-year-old daughter needed help. >> the parents called 911 to
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report a medical issue with the child. >> reporter: when the ambulance arrived, the girl was already dead in her parents' room, covered in bruises and burns. >> the extent of her injuries when her body was examined was tremendous, shocking and helped support the charges that the parents are charged with. >> reporter: tonight the girl's dad and stepmom face charges of child abuse. but the actual cause of death is still a mystery. >> once the results of the autopsy in that investigation are complete, then we'll reevaluate whether other charges should be added. >> i would think, let me get a hold of the mom and dad and then see if they need to be tortured. >> reporter: jones always thought something was strange next door. he says the couple's four children were rarely outside. investigators say had the fifth grader been going to school in person, things may have gone
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very differently. >> perhaps if the child was attending school in person her injuries would have been discovered or the injuries would have been deterred. >> reporter: tonight the parents are in jail awaiting arraignment. bail for each has been set at $1.4 million. in contra costa county, jody hernandez, nbc bay area news. a possible hate crime on zoom on easter sunday. a group interrupted a virtual service at grace baptist church in san jose and went on a racist, homophobic and anti-semitic rant. that was just part of what they heard on easter sunday. the church is in san jose and held an outdoor and virtual service this past sunday. today faith leaders held a news conference condemning the racist rant. grace baptist church welcomes
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people from all walks of life and helps serve the homeless. it is still recovering from a deadly stabbing spree that happened at that church last november. we continue to see rallies across the bay area to stop the hate. today this rally in berkeley to stand up against attacks on asians and pacific islanders. they're calling on the community to publically condemn attacks against minorities and do more to take a stand for equality. an ultimately for president biden today. today he erjed congress to get americans back to work. republicans argue that roughly the $2 trillion proposal bank rolled by a corporate tax hike is too costly and will end up korsing jobs and slamming the scope of the project includes broadband internet and water quality. the president's ultimatum is that while he's willing to compromise, inaction is unacceptable.
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speaker pelosi is back home today at san francisco to taut that $1.9 trillion rescue plan. tom jensen was there and able to ask her about the greatest challenges facing the bay area and the rest of america as the nation tries to move forward and heal post pandemic. the main focus of speaker nancy pelosi's visit to chinatown, vaccination efforts. a clinic that relied on funds from the president's recently passed american rescue plan act. >> we want to make sure that the rescue package is successful in what it set out to do. >> reporter: the american rescue plan includes more than $7.5 billion for community health centers like the northeast medical services which will receive $11 million of that money. >> this funding is especially important for our work to care for and protect the vulnerable asian seniors who have been targeted in recent months by
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hate. >> reporter: the speaker also applauding president biden for addressing hate crimes early on. she urged members of asian american and pacific islander communities to document attacks. >> write it down so we have proof that this is a hate crime. >> reporter: speaking of safety, when questioned about the safety of governor newsom's plan to open the entire state by june 15th, the speaker asked the highest ranking doctor in the room to evaluate. >> i took the governor's announcement as a strong indication that the state police will be robust supplies of vaccine coming in before june 15th so we can get those vaccines into arms. we will see where we are. again, we need to follow the data. >> reporter: as far as san francisco itself goes, its public health officer says it will meet and exceed the governor's time line by having 80% of all adults here vaccinated by mid-may. in san francisco, tom jensen, nbc bay area news.
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>> tom, thank you. up next, new details on tiger woods crash. that suv crash down in l.a. what detectives are revealing about the moments leading up to this crash. plus, the new plea from the director of the cdc about use of force on the day she announces troubling news about a covid variant. and another cool day about the bay area. 50s in san francisco and in san jose. when 70s return and will there be any april showers in the forecast when we come right back. when we welcome our west coast stations, our reports on the american worker with a look at the widening pay gap between ceos and their average workers. those left behind by major league baseball's all star switch when we see you back here for nbc "nightly news."
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floor and decor, now open in pleasant hill for safe in-store shopping and curbside pickup. also open in milpitas, burlingame and san leandro. a new focus in the trial of derek chauvin, accused of murdering george floyd. more than a week into this trial, his defense attorney introduced the theory that the cornerstone of his defense, that heart disease and drug use led to george floyd's death. we played audio from a police body cam from a state agent saying floyd heard admitting drug use. >> did you hear that? >> yes, i did. >> did it appear that mr. floyd said, i ate too many drugs? >> yes. >> after a break prosecutors recalled the same agent to the stand and replayed the tape. >> have you heard it in context?
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are you able to tell what mr. floyd is saying there? >> yeah. i believe mr. floyd was saying, i ain't do no drugs. >> the exact cause of george floyd's death is expected to be the focus of testimony for the next couple of days. new details of the crash that left tiger woods seriously injured. the golf legend was driving almost twice the legal speed limit when his suv plummeted off a road. woods was driving between 84 to 87 miles an hour on a downhill stretch of road in southern california when he crashed. the speed limit on that road is 45 miles an hour. the only cause of the crash was speed and tiger losing control. critics have blasted investigators for retuesdaying to test tiger's drug for alcohol or narcotics. >> i know there are some saying that he received special or preferential treatment. that is absolutely false. there was no signs of
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impairment. >> woods continues to recover at home after essentially shattering his lower leg. he tweeted a statement thanking first responders who helped him and said in part, quote, i will continue to focus on my recovery, my family and thank everyone for the overwhelming support and encouragement i received during this very difficult time. now to our series of making it in the bay. we reported on this for the last 12 months, people leaving the bay area during the pandemic. where is everyone going? here is some new data compiled by the real estate tracking giant zillo. the data comes from moving companies. you can see a good number of people leaving san francisco heading north to seattle. people in l.a. heading to texas, specifically austin and dallas. we weren't alone. chicago saw a wave of people heading to arizona and to florida. those leaving new york also went to florida and charlotte, north
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carolina. nearly a third of people who moved said they have been thinking about it for at least a year. 80% say the move was worth it. well, the cdc says that florida, michigan, wisconsin and california currently have one thing in common: the highest rates of the hyper contagious variant of covid-19. according to the cdc that strain known as the u.k. variant is the most common variant here in the u.s. why the young may be more at risk. on how that news could impact things like youth sports which just started about a month ago. >> reporter: jessica, that's true. doctors have been predicting all of this for weeks. but the director of the cdc made it official today that the u.k. variant is now the dominant strain in the united states. she also issued a new plea urging areas with a rising rate of covid-19 community spread to once again shut down sports, especially indoor sports.
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while the number of people getting a covid-19 vaccine is increasing, so are case rates and hospitalizations linked today care centers and youth sports, meaning more and more younger people are getting seriously ill. infectious diseases expert blames the now dominant u.k. variant and the fact that kids don't yet qualify for the vaccine. i spoke to him about it earlier this afternoon. >> so this is a variant, are you saying, that's a lot more contagious? >> yes. the way i think about the b117 variant is that it's like a bulldog that latches on to your nose and mouth and won't let go. as opposed to the regular sars virus that we know about from the beginning of the pandemic, this one is much more transmissible. >> reporter: the best advice here remains the same, continue to wear your mask, keep your distance and of course get the
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vaccine as soon as you become eligible for it. back to you. >> okay, thank you. let's bring in our meteorologist rob. it was deceivingly warm. >> yeah. the images right behind you there of san francisco. it looks great outside and then you step outside and get that sea breeze. 53 degrees chilly in san francisco. look at how the 50s extend to san jose. so the winds are on shore. why is it so cold outside? well, the sea breeze, how cold it is is a function of what the ocean temperatures are right now and they're below average offshore. the cooler water coming up with the breezes offshore has the ocean temperatures in the low 50s. so once the wind moves on shore, about 10 to 20 miles an hour, that's like the air-conditioning is really cranked up. even places like walnut creek are relatively chilly at 65 degrees, which means jacket weather. if you are around broadway plaza
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tonight, 7:00 into the 50s there and patchy low clouds heading into the morning. morning temperatures chilly. but in the absence of that and some of the north bay valleys, we can see mid-30s around sonoma and santa rosa. but a good temperature recovery by the afternoon. back into the 70s. a few spots that will see 70s. look at san francisco still in the low 60s. and for now only places getting close to 70 at times would be the tri valley and around morgan hill. now, as we watch the home opener for the giants friday, that will be an early afternoon start. expecting similar conditions. it will be a little windy at times out there with the northwest winds 15 to 20. game time temperatures in the low 50s. a little less of the sea breeze. and we might see a little hint of a north wind trying to pick up on sunday. for inland locations, less of that marine air influence and some warming and drying.
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so temperatures as you will notice in the seven day forecast start to trend warmer. in terms of rain chances, you might have to wait a while. in fact, all the way out to maybe april 17th. the best chance of april showers. coming up past the middle part of the month, might begin to see cooler patterns set up for the sierra especially. but we may see a slight chance of showers towards the end of next week. for the end of this week, a little bit of a warmup going through the weekend. san francisco breaking out of the upper 60s by sunday and the valleys out of the 60s into the 70s. might get some upper 70s by early next week. so feeling a bit more like spring as that ocean air-conditioning backs up over the weekend. no rain over the forecast. but perhaps in the 14-day outlook maybe some showers late next week. >> it feels chilly outside. >> it is. >> it is so sunny, but then you
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go outside and you're like, oh, i should have brought a sweatshirt. up correct bay area universities laying out their plans for in person learning this fall, including stanford and cal. stay with us.
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mom needs help but, she doesn't want to move. we're mostly concerned about her safety. she's already had a couple of falls. we had this joke, 'oh, that's a senior moment, right? but it wasn't. i'm driving her to the doctor, physical therapy... making sure that she's eating and staying hydrated. home care with an entire support team. mom could stay in her house, as long as she wants. that would be the perfect solution. she could live independently, and do her own thing. but with support, and transportation. i can focus more on
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my family too and be secure in knowing that she's happily looked after. he could keep doing his vegetable garden, and get really good, specialized care. and i could just be her daughter again. san francisco launching a new vaccination site in one of the most ethnically diverse areas of the city. this is part of a larger plan to make sure the vaccine is easy to get for essential workers and people at high risk of catching the virus. this district you might know is home to many latino, asian and pacific islanders, one of the
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hardest hit areas in san francisco. many people living here lack proper health care and have a hard time trusting health care workers. >> the people standing in line trust us. they have given us permission to serve them. they have given us permission to allow them to be vulnerable and to trust us to help them take care of their own health. >> helpful for the community. it will be open wednesdays through saturdays. bay area universities are getting ready to bring students back in the fall. stanford says it plans to invite all students back to campus. administrators say the decision is not final yet and will depend on vaccines. university says the first week classes will be held remotely, though, to give students and teachers time to get tested after arriving on campus. then classes under 200 people will be allowed to meet in person. cal says plans may also change depending on what happens with
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health guidelines and vaccinations. the road to tokyo goes through san francisco. a local sailer that's going to lead team usa at the olympics. we will introduce you to him next. get sports coverage with the xfinity sports desk every day at 6:00 and 11:00 p.m. only on nbc bay area sponsored by xfinity. get live want to save hundreds on your wireless bill? with xfinity mobile, you can. how about saving hundreds on the new samsung galaxy s21 ultra 5g? you can do that too. all on the most reliable network? sure thing! and with fast, nationwide 5g included - at no extra cost? we've got you covered. so join the carrier rated #1 in customer satisfaction... ...and learn how much you can save at
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a quick reminder here, telemundo is partnering with santa clara county to help answer your vaccine questions. our phone lines are open as we speak. you can call right now 408-970-2999. we will keep these phone lines open until 7:00 p.m. >> tonight at 6:00, did you get your vaccine yet? what do you do with that paper card they give to you. what you should do and shouldn't do with that card in terms of keeping it safe and what to do if you lose it. that story and more coming up at 6:00. up next on "nightly news," new rules regarding the astrazeneca vaccine. why the u.k. is setting new age limits for who can and cannot get it. lester holt will have that for us in less than two minutes. tonight something good is happening to a bay area native. right around the corner. a local sailing legend will lead
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team us sarks into tokyo. this guy is a rock star. one of the most accomplished sailors in the world in charge of running team usa's sailing program. he competed in the 1984 and 2004 games. >> and i was a second grader here in the city. one of my class mates parents used to take their children sailing over at the lake. they had a rec department over there. you could borrow a boat. i went a couple times when i was about seven years old. my father could see that i was liking it. >> he never ages as well. got a great passion that still remains for sailing. he is a seven-time world champion sailor and competed in the america's cup seven times as well. oh, by the way, the olympics begin july 23rd right here on nbc bay area. >> we will be going. >> this will be my seventh
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olympics. >> no! i feel like you should be competing. >> i wish i could. >> i'm going to come up with an event for you. >> reading a teleprompter. >> exactly. >> "nightly news" is next with lester holt. tonight, the cause of the crash that seriously injured golf legend tiger woods revealed the sheriff saying woods was speeding up to 87 miles an hour, nearly double the limit, when he crashed his suv. the critical seven seconds of data from the vehicle's black box. what it shows. and the mistake investigators believe woods made in panic. why woods won't face charges. the new cdc alert. the uk variant believed to be deadlier than earlier strains now dominant in the u.s new cases rising in half the country cdc teams in michigan the state seeing a 104% spike in two weeks. and new caution on astrazeneca's vaccine.


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