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tv   Today  NBC  April 7, 2021 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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san jose shows how light the traffic flow is. spring break for many schools, more next week as well. >> that does it for "today in the bay" this wednesday morning. >> we leave with you a live look outside. have a great morning. >> wow. good morning. hot spots. good morning hotspots th hot spots. the latest covid surge. nearly half of the country's new coronavirus cases coming from just five states. this morning, where that alarming rise is happening, and the president with an urgent, new warning. >> let me be deadly earnest with you. we aren't at the finish line. >> the white house accelerating the vaccine timeline once again, directing all states to make every adult eligible in less than two weeks. the latest just ahead. cry for help.
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[ speaking foreign language ] >> the border crisis in sharp focus this morning after a disturbing video of a young boy abandoned and alone. with numbers soaring, the new pressure on the white house to find a solution. show of force. the testimony from fellow police at the heart of the prosecution's case against derek chauvin. officer after officer testifying his restraint on george floyd went too far. >> when it is safe and feasible, we shall de-escalate. >> how the defense is taking on these witnesses, and the latest from the courthouse straight ahead. backlash. more businesses in georgia facing boycotts over the state's new voting law. the all-star game now officially moved to another city. the controversy reaches augusta national, with the masters teeing off tomorrow. all that, plus, red alert. the shortage of a certain beloved condiment that has manufacturers playing catchup. and dose of hope. the "today" anchors offered a chance to get the vaccine live
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on our plaza to help spread the word, and we are not throwing away our shot. today, wednesday, april 7th, 2021. ♪ i'm not throwing away my shot ♪ ♪ i'm not throwing away my shot ♪ >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everybody. welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. we are so glad you woke up with us. we're happy to start the day with you. >> this is a special day. we both walked up to the plaza, looked outside, and said, wait, we see lights. there's something going on. we actually have some activity on our plaza this morning. >> yeah. for the first time in more than a year. it is fitting that we are going to do a live vaccine awareness campaign. we're working with the new york city health department to bring more attention to the vaccine push. we're going to do our part and get vaccinated live right there on the plaza, now that the vaccines are readily available,
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eligibility opened up. >> right. >> this is a moment we're hoping we can be part of the process and encourage people to get the vaccine. >> it is a cool thing that we are doing that. that push is more important than ever, especially right now. new york, by the way, one of five states, along with jersey, pennsylvania, florida, and michigan seeing a concerning spike in covid cases. in fact, those five states make up 44% of all new infections nationwide. meanwhile, a new survey shows that just 35% of u.s. adults say they are very or somewhat worried about contracting the virus. that is the lowest point since gallop started that poll one year ago. we've got complete coverage this morning, let's get it started with nbc's erin mclaughlin. erin, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. here in california, the governor announcing a new goal to reopen the states fully by mid-june. welcome news for the place once considered the virus epicenter. experts warn we're not out of the woods. in the race between the vaccine
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and variants. >> let me be deadly earnest with you, we aren't at the finish line. >> reporter: president biden issuing a stern warning. too many are letting their guard down too soon. adding, americans have a choice. >> we can have a safe, happy fourth of july. the real question is, how much death, disease, and misery are we going to see between now and then? >> reporter: despite surpassing the 150 million shot milestone, the vast majority of americans have yet to be vaccinated. president biden ordering states to make the vaccine available to all americans 16 and older by april 19th. >> no more confusing rules. no more confusing restrictions. >> reporter: 36 states have already met that goal, including michigan, which opened up its vaccine eligibility to all adults this week. a badly needed move. the covid-19 case counts are up more than 115% in the last two weeks. >> the vaccine has to get in everybody's arm in order to prevent surges like this. >> reporter: experts blaming the
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spike on the state reopening too soon and more contagious covid variants. doctors comparing the wave to the early days of the pandemic. >> what we are seeing now is a tsunami of covid-19 patients. our hospital is struggling. we are seeing more patients come in than we have capacity. we have a manpower shortage. we have bed shortages. this feels like march over again. >> reporter: it's not just michigan where the uk variant is a threat. the strain is now spreading in all 50 states, responsible for more than 16,000 cases and counting. >> we're really on the brink of a surge. it is really a critical time right now. >> reporter: this as new research suggests moderna's vaccine, like pfizer's, is effective for at least six months. now from coast to coast, teens 16 and older getting a shot, too. >> you're protecting yourself and those around you you love. it is a sacrifice. at the same time, it is something that needs to be done. >> you have a societal responsibility.
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because even if you get infected and don't get seriously ill, you are still propagating this outbreak. >> reporter: we should mention president biden also announced an important milestone when it comes to teachers and schools. a month after a federal push to make k through 12 teachers and school staff a priority, the president said 80% have received at least one shot. this comes as real progress has been made to reopening schools with almost half of public schools offering in-person learning five days a week, according to a new survey released by the white house. savannah. now to that heartbreaking video that is amplifying the immigration crisis at the southern border. a frightened 10-year-old boy sobbing, pleading for help from a texas border patrol agent, after he was abandoned by a larger group. white house correspondent peter alexander joins us with more. peter, good morning. >> reporter: hey, hoda. good morning to you. this video is heartbreaking. it is also representative of the
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complex challenges that the biden administration faces right now at the border. that young boy was found on a rural road in texas, not far from the rio grande. overnight, customs and border protection telling us the boy told the agent there that he fell asleep. when he woke up, the group he was traveling with was gone. disturbing new images this morning of a 10-year-old boy alone and afraid when he was discovered by a border patrol agent in the middle of the texas desert last thursday. the boy's tearful plea, i came with a group, and they left me. i don't know where they are. the agent asked if he came with his mom and dad. no one, he says. i came here to seek asylum. explaining he doesn't know where to go and fears getting kidnapped or robbed. in a statement overnight, customs and border protection says the child from nicaragua was distraught after awakening, realizing he had been left behind by the group.
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adding, scenes like these are all too common as sthug smugglers continue to abandon children in desolate areas with zero regard for their well-being. that boy, the latest face of the unrelenting influx of migrants across the southern border. days ago, this stunning surveillance video showing a smuggler dropping a pair of sisters from ecuador, 3 and 5 years old, over a 14-foot border fence. the smuggler quickly running away. fortunately, neither child was hurt. right now, more than 19,000 unaccompanied migrant children are in u.s. custody, including more than 4,000 held by customs and border protection. after president biden changed border policy, allowing unaccompanied children to stay in the u.s., many in overcrowded detention centers like this one in donna, texas. >> we are encountering so many children, about 100 a day, here in the el paso region, that are just turning themselves in. >> reporter: facing intensifying pressure, the biden administration is sending a disaster response team to el salvador, guatemala, and honduras, the home countries of many of the migrants. vice president harris with our
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chicago station saying those countries badly need our help. >> you're talking about violence. you're talking about incredible economic disparity. we're looking at also in recent, you know, history, extreme climate conditions, hurricanes, and then corruption. >> reporter: while republicans say the administration's policies are still encouraging families to send their children alone. in their new statement, customs and border protection says the agent took the boy to a border patrol facility, where he was fed and medically screened, like all unaccompanied migrant children. he'll be transferred to the custody of health and human services. >> you wonder how many are out there. we just caught that one on video. thank you, peter. the murder trial of derek chauvin is entering its eight day. the prosecution calling new police witnesses about the proper use of force, as the defense steps up its argument that chauvin was following his
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training when he knelt on george floyd's neck for more than 9 minutes. gabe gutierrez is at the courthouse in minneapolis for us again. good morning. >> reporter: we're seeing the most aggressive cross-examination yet from the defense, as a chorus of cops say derek chauvin went too far. officer after officer taking the witness stand, hammering the point that derek chauvin used excessive force on george floyd. >> you want to use the least amount of force necessary to meet your objectives. >> reporter: lieutenant johnny mercil oversees the minneapolis police department's use of force education and trained chauvin himself. >> if there was, say, for example, the subject was under control and handcuffed, would this be authorized? >> i would say no. >> reporter: an outside expert from the lapd agreed. >> my opinion was the force was excessive. >> reporter: chauvin's attorney, eric nelson, insists an angry crowd of bystanders distracted him, and floyd died from drug use and underlying medical
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conditions. during cross examination, nelson also brought up this training picture, which shows an officer restraining a suspect with his knee across his shoulders and neck. >> if that person were to be handcuffed and circumstances to be dictated, the officer would be permitted to continue to hold his knee in that same position, agreed? >> i would say, yes. however, we cautioned officers that, be mindful of the neck area and to look for the shoulder for placement. >> reporter: still, a potentially key witness for the defense is up in the air. mories hall was the passenger in floyd's suv seen on this body camera video. tuesday, he appeared remotely, out of the jury's view. his lawyer said he'd invoke the fifth amendment to avoid questions about whether he provided floyd drugs. >> he has been provided no immunity, no protection for his testimony whatsoever. >> reporter: the judge asked both sides to draft a list of
7:12 am
limited questions for review. each day tense for the floyd family. >> after we get the verdict and we get this conviction, we'll be able to breathe. >> gabe, the testimony is starting to get more technical now. seeing more expert testimony. how are jurors reacting? i know there are some court reporters in there who are able to physically sit inside the courtroom. what are they saying about the jurors? >> reporter: yeah, savannah. a different reaction than what we saw last week during that emotional bystander testimony. according to one pool reporter inside the courtroom, at one point yesterday, at least one juror appeared to be sleeping. several others were yawning, savannah. >> all right. the days do get long in court. gabe, thank you very much. appreciate it. all right. 12 minutes after the hour. let's bring in craig with the latest on a shooting at a military facility. craig? >> hoda, savannah, good morning. good morning to you, as well. investigators are looking for clues into what led a member of the navy to open fire on two fellow sailors, critically wounding one of them. police killed the gunman after a
7:13 am
chase to a nearby base. tom costello has the very latest on all of it. tom, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this happened in fort aparbie in frederick, maryland. it ended at ft. detrick, an army biological research base an hour or so northwest of washington. we don't know whether the gunman who work who worked there as a navy corpsman, we don't know what the motivation would have been or whether he targeted his victims. it happened during the morning rush hour. >> we have a male subject in an army type suit with an ar-15. >> reporter: shots fired at an office park in frederick, maryland two navy sailors wounded, one critically, in an attack at an unmarked military office >> gunman wound to the chest >> reporter: the suspected shooter identified by authorities as 38-year-old fantahun woldesenbet, an active duty sailor who sped off before police arrived. >> suspect vehicle, black nissan
7:14 am
with virginia tags >> reporter: within minutes, the suspect was 5 miles away, where he breached the checkpoint, making it about 1/2 mile onto base with police in hot pursuit. eventually, law enforcement shooting and killing woldesenbet after he pulled out a weapon his vehicle riddled with bullet holes. >> did exit the vehicle, and that's when our officers were able to neutralize the subject and prevent further loss of life >> reporter: surveillance video from a nearby business shows one of the victims entering and seeking help moments after the shooting the navy says woldesenbet was a hospital corpsman, assigned to fort detrick since august of 2019 with previous awards for good conduct and marksmanship. investigators aren't sure whether he knew the victims or why he went to the off base facility they're in the process of reviewing base security procedures. >> in light of what's happened, you know, certainly across the country, we were about as well
7:15 am
prepared for it as we could be. >> reporter: now, the fbi, local, state, and military police are combing through the evidence at a scene that looks all too familiar >> today, it happened in frederick. a week or so ago, it happened in boulder. we always hope that we don't get that call. today we got that call tomorrow, it could be another agency >> tom, what do we know about the latest condition of the victims? >> reporter: one of them was released late yesterday. the other one, we believe, is still in critical condition at the university of maryland shock trauma trauma unit in baltimore. he was air lifted there yesterday. >> tom costello for us in maryland, thank you. now to the latest on that leaking wastewater reservoir in florida that threatened hundreds of homes with catastrophic flooding well, a mandatory evacuation order has now been lifted. manatee county officials say the situation is under control now crews have been working around the clock, pumping more than 30 million gallons of wastewater
7:16 am
each day into tampa bay. that progress has eased fears that the reservoir could burst through its walls and cause that widespread flooding. all right. we have 15 minutes after the hour great time to say good morning to al, get a check of the weather. good morning. >> good morning, guys. we're looking at severe weather starting to fire up across a good portion of the country today. some snow back around the back side of this storm system. it is also bringing the chance of severe weather for 9 million folks in the lower mississippi river valley and enhanced risk for damaging winds, hail, possibility of tornadoes especially at night. tomorrow, things calm down just a little bit a minimal risk stretching through the lower mississippi river valley into the gulf look what happens friday afternoon. it ramps back up from ft. worth, houston, jackson, up to mobile here's what happens, the system starts to push its way to the east, brings strong storms from the midwest to the south reaching peak intensity late tonight. then tomorrow, things calm down just a bit down along this front, we're going to see a lot of gulf moisture come streaming up
7:17 am
that's going to bring more heavy rain on saturated soil we could be looking at some flooding through the area, especially through the central gulf into the lower mississippi river valley we've got a risk for some flooding we'll be watching that over the next 72 hours. we're going to get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds. at edward jones, our 19,000 financial advisors listen and work with you to create personalized investment strategies to help you get back to drafting dreams and building your future. edward jones. it is time for investing to feel individual.
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some of our communities are reaching into the low 70s. going through the forecast, a lot more of the same with more sub shine and dry weather e extending into next week. >> we're trying to help you get a little activity in your forecast. >> yeah. >> we all do the lunge and push. the lunge and push the lunge and push everybody, all right. >> like you were lifting the low pressure front up from florida. >> aerobic in the weather. >> in the midwest. amazing. ahead, the backlash against georgia's new voting law, created a heated showdown between business owners and lawmakers. as one of the state's biggest events, the masters, gets ready to tee off. plus, first it was toilet paper, then cleaning supplies. now, it's hitting us where we live a new pandemic-fueled shortage hitting close to home.
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just ahead, we're going to do our part to spread the word on the importance of vaccines. so crucial for the reopening of america. >> to do it, the members of our team who have waited their turn are getting their first dose it's happening right there, live on our plaza our first little plaza event in a long, long time. first, your local news it's mye and this is my journey. i've found a way to do things differently with ocrevus, an infusion treatment that's 2-times-a-year. for adults with relapsing or primary progressive forms of multiple sclerosis, ocrevus is proven effective in reducing relapses in rms and slowing disability progression in rms and ppms. don't take ocrevus if you've had a life-threatening allergic reaction to it, or have hepatitis b.
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tremfya® may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to. tremfya®. emerge tremfyant™ janssen can help you explore cost support options. good morning. it's 7:26. i'm laura garcia. here is a look at today's top stories including the latest wave of bay area reopenings. >> reporter: i'm bob redell in san ramon. governor newsom says the entire state can reopen for business on june 15th if certain metrics are met with regards to covid and the colored tier system will remain this year, why contra costa, sonoma, napa counties moved into the orange tier which means gyms like 24-hour fitness behind me can now boost capacity to 25%, same with bowling alleys, winery tasting rooms, restaurants, movie theaters, churches, they can now go up to
7:27 am
50% capacity. good morning, everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. president biden will at about 10:45 this morning speak from the white house about the nation's need for a new infrastructure bill as republicans oppose it and even some democrats say his proposed corporate tax hikes to pay for it are too high. time to get a look at the forecast. kari, i stepped outside. it's kind of a cold start to our morning. >> yes, nice and cool, a few clouds rolling by. if you're about to head out for a run or a bike ride, we're going to see those temperatures in antioch in the low 50s, and then going into today, it's going to clear out quickly, and our highs will reach into the upper 60s. more of the same tomorrow, and a slightly warmer weekend ahead, as this dry weather continues over the next seven days. laura? >> still looks really nice. thanks so much, kari. thank you for joining us as well. another local news update is coming up in about half an hour. we hope to see you then. in the meantime, enjoy midweek,
7:28 am
wednesday morning already. see you in a bit.
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here it ♪ walking on, walking on broken glass ♪ here it comes, right in your living room. oh in your face >> that's called in your face. you don't see that every day a foul ball hit just right shattered the lens of the camera behind home plate during yesterday's game between the cardinals and the marlins. the funny thing is -- well, it's not funny -- but because of covid, the technical crew isn't allowed to sweep it up there's the bat boy and another worker on the field. they had to get the broom and the dust pan out, get it cleaned up so when people slid into home plate, nothing bad happened. >> the announcer foresaw it,
7:31 am
coming right to the living room. >> felt it. >> he knew. let's get to the 7:30 headlines. we'll start in politics. embattled congressman matt gaetz sought a preemptive pardon for himself during the final weeks of donald trump's presidency he is under investigation for possible sex crimes, but it is unclear whether gaetz or the white house knew of the investigation at the time he was reportedly seeking a pardon. ultimately, the request was never granted. we reached out to gaetz and representatives for the former president but have not gotten a response gaetz has denied any wrongdoing. a good samaritan is being credited for saving an injured man after a house explosion in philly the dramatic moments caught on surveillance video you can see the front of the home collapse.
7:32 am
deyer was at a nearby home he heard someone crying for help, so he ran inside, put out the giefire and carried a 61-year-old man to safety. the man was rushed to the hospital, where he is listed in stable condition the cause of the explosion is under investigation. a rare comic book that introduced superman to the world has sold for a record-setting price. the issue of action comics number 1 went for $3.25 million in a private sale. there are only a few copies of that comic out there it was published back in 1938, and it is said to be the beginning of the superhero genre. all right. meanwhile, the showdown over georgia's controversial new voting law is continuing to intensify this morning >> yeah. businesses in the state are now facing boycotts from groups that oppose and support the changes baseball has moved the all-star game out of atlanta. with the masters about to tee off for one of golf's most popular events, now right in the spotlight. >> nbc's blayne alexander is in atlanta for us this morning with the very latest on all of it
7:33 am
blayne, good morning. >> reporter: craig, guys, good morning to you this fight over georgia's new voting law is extending far beyond the state itself. this morning, it is setting up a new battle here in the peach state, between georgia's republican lawmakers and atlanta's democratic mayor who is issuing an executive order of her own. major league baseball is throwing georgia a curve ball over the state's controversial, new voting law, moving the league's all-star game to a new home denver's coors field taking with it millions in tourist revenue once headed to atlanta. all of it setting up a showdown between georgia's republican governor and atlanta's democratic mayor. >> look at the damage that has already happened to our state. $100 million has been lost >> reporter: overnight, the mayor issued a new executive order, taking steps to reduce the impact of some parts of the law, including training city staff on voter registration, educating residents on how to
7:34 am
obtain the i.d. needed for absentee voting and developing psas around new voting deadlines and time lines critics say the law restricts access to the ballot, especially among black voters, and that atlanta, a democratic stronghold, would be hit especially hard. but republicans are crying foul. saying the law makes elections more secure, and accusing the league of caving to cancel culture. >> i'll tell you who is getting screwed, it's the little guy it's the little guy that is working in georgia, working in these bars, taverns, hotels, that now are not going to have guests >> reporter: all of it comes after two major georgia-based companies, delta airlines and coca-cola, took a public stand against the law after it passed. while the pga tour decided to keep its championship in georgia, some of golf's biggest names are carefully weighing in. >> i'm all for people being able to, you know, have the right to vote and to be able to do it in the easiest way possible >> i'm not really familiar with
7:35 am
the details of the law you're talking about, but i do believe in the rights in treating all people equal. >> reporter: now, the fight is stretching well beyond the peach state. this week, texas governor greg abbott declined to throw the first pitch at the texas rangers home opener in protest and the senate's top republican had this message for corporate america. >> stay out of politics. it's not what you're designed for. >> reporter: meanwhile, from the biden white house, where the president supported baseball's move. >> the best way to deal with this is for georgia and other states to smarten up >> so, blayne, some republicans are also criticizing major league baseball's decision to move the all-star game to colorado on the grounds that that state actually has similar voting laws to georgia what more can you tell us about that part of the story >> reporter: yeah, craig republicans are pushing back very strongly on this, saying that colorado's laws are similar to here in georgia
7:36 am
they're pointing to the fact that colorado also requires an i.d. when voting in person now, the difference there is that they have a wider range of acceptable things to bring for an i.d you can bring a utility bill or a paystub. this also is one of a handful of states that allows all mail voting if you are a registered voter there, you're automatically mailed an absentee ballot. the overwhelming majority, craig, during the 2020 election, used that method, the vote by mail method, more than 90%. >> blayne alexander in atlanta thank you. coming up next, something new to worry about during the pandemic >> no. >> we're talking about the great ketchup shortage. >> oh, my gosh to figure out what's behind it, there's only one man we could turn to. kerry sanders. >> oh, is he picking tomatoes? >> he is getting tomatoes, he's going to crush them personally, each and every one until the shortage has ended keep working, kerry. we need you. we'll be right back after this
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in-depth today this morning, ladies and gentlemen, the great ketchup shortage of 2021 >> this is a real problem. a real problem for your uncle, who likes ketchup on his eggs, and for a lot of folks apparently, because a lot of people have been ordering takeout and visiting drive-throughs during the pandemic, the little packets we love, well, they're running low, way low. >> yeah. toilet paper we could live without, but this is a totally different story. nbc's kerry sanders is on it hi, kerry. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. i'm at bedner farms, and the crop is bountiful. there is no shortage of tomatoes, but if you want one of these, these ketchup packages, well, you may find yourself denied like so many other things that have surprised us during the pandemic with shortages, demand is outstripping supply this morning, a wildly popular condiment is playing catchup, literally. >> i'm bringing my own ketchup everywhere i go now, seriously. >> reporter: a shortage of
7:42 am
ketchup and ketchup packets has restaurants and customers reeling. from burgers to brats, ketchup has always been there for us. >> i never knew my hamburgs tasted this good. >> reporter: but with ongoing supply issues and restaurants relying more on takeout and delivery than ever, ketchup demand has grown >> real tomato ketchup, eddie? >> nothing but the best. >> reporter: ketchup packets have been a to-go favorite for chains and family-owned establishments >> taste it. ♪ anticipation ♪ >> reporter: now, a national packet shortage has many of us playing a little heinz sight. >> ketchup is a nostalgic thing, too. there is something about a french fry and ketchup that makes everybody feel good. >> reporter: in a statement, heinz said they made manufacturing investments at the start of the pandemic to keep up with the surge in demand for ketchup packets. for good reason, kids love it. >> i love ketchup with french fries and burgers. >> reporter: adults, too
7:43 am
>> i almost eat ketchup with everything >> reporter: grammy winners and nfl stars can't get enough >> i'm a ketchup fan i've always been >> reporter: one 2020 survey found more than 300 million americans use ketchup. >> i'm a ketchup aficionado. >> reporter: chris owns blake street tavern in denver and has seen the shortage firsthand. >> people are really going to drive-through places they're not sitting down any drive-through is killing it right now. so they're getting the lion's share of the ketchup >> come on >> i like it >> reporter: ketchup isn't the only menu mainstay that's felt the squeeze over the past year americans stuck at home stocked up on canned drinks, leading to a supply and demand challenge for aluminum cans. there was also a pepperoni shortage, as delivery and takeout pizza orders took off during the pandemic. and let's not forget the toilet
7:44 am
paper shortage now, with people firing up the grill and maybe even heading to the ballpark, americans are sure to want even more ketchup this summer >> kerry, as we saw with the other shortages, you're just over there eating ketchup. >> first time we've had food in this studio in a year. >> yeah. >> the prices went up because the supply issues before with those other things do we think ketchup is going to get more expensive, too? >> reporter: well, getting ketchup in packages like this for the restaurants that buy them, they've already seen prices go up about 13% of course, because this is america, packages like this are now being auctioned on ebay. >> oh, geez. >> no. >> oh, geez. >> i'm glad you mentioned that >> reporter: you can see it there. >> i have a bunch of packets right here i'm going to put them on right now. >> extra. >> exactly >> by the way, there's plenty of
7:45 am
c-a-t-s-u-p. have you ever seen that kind that's the kind that's not as good as ketchup. >> is there a difference between ketchup and catsup >> if you see that, to me, i'm like -- >> it is the same, right >> it is. >> you're blowing my mind. >> what? >> doesn't taste the same. >> it does. >> no! there is a difference between heinz ketchup and some of the other ones, i think. >> catsup doesn't taste as tasty. >> you're in for a bad spell of ketchup. >> what? >> mr. roker >> keep crushing the tomatoes. >> reporter: quick question, guys. >> yeah? >> reporter: yaun you know that this tomato is not a vegetable it's a fruit >> right. >> reporter: does that really mean that ketchup really is just a smoothie >> oh, wow >> all right, kerry. >> every mother in america is saying, see? >> exactly >> that's right. that's right >> mothers know. >> kerry, thank you so much. mr. roker, as you enjoy your fry, what's happening with the weather? >> i really relish this. >> oh, boy is that all you could mustard? >> oh!
7:46 am
>> that's my man right there >> anyway, we decided to take a little look. things are calm here weather on mars, since perseverance has landed at jezero, the crater there, we got our first weather report took a little while for the data to get here. average temperature, minus 4 it can get as cold as minus 115. the air pressure is 101% of earth at 0.21. we're going to continue to get those temperatures and those reports and bring them to you. in the meantime, the good news is, weather is a little warmer here on earth. look at this, des moines, ten degrees above average at 69. new york city 11 degrees warmer. jacksonville, 84 tomorrow even warmer shuffle off to buffalo, 79 degrees. >> wow. >> could be a record fayetteville, 84 dallas, 85 albuquerque looking at temperatures -- i should have made the left turn at albuquerque. you can see as we head into the weekend, 88 in abilene, 80 in new orleans on sunday, pittsburgh 64.
7:47 am
charlotte looking at a temperature of 77 degrees. that's what's going on around the country. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. as we take a look at our temperatures today we'll reach into the upper 60s and low 70s. it's really going to be a nice afternoon. plan to get out there and enjoy it. our temperatures will be pretty much the same tomorrow, and we start to warm up just a few degrees, heading into the weekend, but as you can see, there's no rain in this forecast and by early next week, we'll reach into the upper 70s, reaching 78 degrees as we peak by next monday. >> craig obviously not watching a lot of bugs bunn 1y50 >> craig obviously not watching a lot of bugs bunny. left turn at albuquerque was a classic bugs bunny. >> i have to ketchup. >> we've used the line come up with something fresh. >> it was right there. literally right there. >> we've done it all we've done it already. you can't do a re-run pun within the same segment
7:48 am
>> stop getting saucy. >> now, there you go took you a little while, but you got there. >> i didn't get there. it was jared. >> oh, well. >> credit where credit is due. >> okay. >> al, thank you >> ketchup makes you so angry. >> a little anger on the side, that's the condiment this morning. meanwhile, we know you have a lot of questions about getting your covid vaccine side effects when does it kick in what you can do after you've gotten your shot. >> a top official in new york as our anchor team receives the first dose live on the plaza. >> with a side of ketchup. >> or catsup >> not as good ♪ a-hey, a-hey-hey ♪ ♪ ♪ love like yours will surely come my way ♪
7:49 am
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if your financial situation has changed, we may be able to help. coming up, carson is working on a musical "pop start. big news for stars like neil diamond, kanye west. plus, a fun conversation to share with mystic marly on her new music. she is the granddaughter of bob marley marley we'll chat with her. ultium! it's a battery that charges fast. it has more energy than me. we want! smart. clean. and safe. and powerful! ♪ ♪ ♪ the electric future starts now.
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7:56 am
it's. :56. i'm laura garcia. here's a look at what's happening now. >> i'm kris sanchez. with a hiring frenzy, we know the economy in california should reopen fully by the middle of the june. if you're looking for work it's good news for you. employers might have to work harder to find workers. some worker, back at work in counties that moved into the orange tier a few weeks ago, smaller hiring pool and some workers are waiting to apply until the kids are back in school. others are waiting until they are fully vaccinated. san francisco supervisors just passed an ordinance requiring employers to hire back laid off workers first so a little protection for you in san francisco. good morning, i'm cierra
7:57 am
johnson in marin county. the number of folks that fear getting covid has actually decreased since the beginning of the pandemic. this according to a new survey by the gallup poll. 35% of u.s. adults say they are worried or somewhat worried about contracting covid-19, the lowest point in gallup's trend since 2020. researchers believe the decline in fear may be due to the number of folks that have already been vaccinated. let's get a look at the forecast right now, meteorologist kari hall. >> hey, we're starting out with some clouds but sun coming late morning into the afternoon and temperatures are staying comfortable, reaching into the upper 60s. we'll do it all over again tomorrow and friday, but it will be slightly warmer headed into the weekend as well as early next week. laura? >> nice temperatures. thanks so much, kari. thank you for joining us as well, another local news update is coming up in about half an
7:58 am
hour. also joins for our midday news at 11:00. in the meantime, enjoy your wednesday morning.
7:59 am
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8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." >> do you ever feel your grandfather, his presence? >> i close my eyes, and i see him. or i'm making music, and i see him. >> how she's keeping his legacy alive, one musical note at a
8:01 am
time. ♪ sweet caroline ♪ and how sweet it is. the new musical based on neil diamond's career reminding us the good times never seemed so good, so good, so good today, wednesday, april 7th, 2021. ♪ i'm running wide open ♪ >> our little boy has been watching al's weather forecast for a whole year. happy birthday, ethan. >> yay. >> we're al and jordan hayes. >> from tampa florida, >> toasting 50 years of marriage, the same way we start every morning. >> we're celebrating triple birthdays this month in georgia. >> our dad is 78. >> granddaughter is 20. >> and my mom just turned 50. >> yay! >> okay. and the academy award for cleverest open. >> wow. >> goes to that cute family. >> well done. >> adorable. >> morning, everybody. so glad to have you with us. smack dab in the middle of the week. wednesday morning. nice to have you with us. >> hump day.
8:02 am
big day around here, guys. >> we got sheinelle. we got dylan, we got jenna. they're already out on the plaza. savannah and craig, you're going to join them in a second. what's about to happen on our plaza is you're all going to get your very first covid vaccine. >> yes. here in new york, anybody over 16 is now qualified. it is our turn in line. the reason we're doing this is really bigger than us. >> yes, it is. >> we're hoping to spread the word. >> the idea here is to raise awareness. raise more awareness about the importance of these vaccines, the effectiveness, the safety of these vaccines, as well. in addition to getting our shot, we've also invited new york city's health commissioner here to answer your questions. we're going to do all of that coming up. >> yeah. he's got a big message about people need to get out and get those vaccines. >> excited? you ready? we're hoping to do our part. i am real excited. are you? >> never been more excited to get a shot in my life. >> al and hoda already have theirs. >> indeed. >> this is our first shot. vaccines are topping the news at 8:00 this morning. the white house boosting its efforts to get more americans to
8:03 am
get those shots and stay ahead of new covid outbreaks and those rapidly spreading variants. erin mclaughlin joins us from los angeles with the latest on all of that. good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. president biden has announced the country has surpassed the 150 million shot milestone. he set a new april 19th deadline for all states to open up vaccine eligibility. the vast majority of americans have yet to be vaccinated. the president warning too many are letting their guard down too soon. experts warn of another possible surge. while california announced a new goal to fully reopen by mid-june, we're seeing a spike in cases in michigan. the case count there is up more than 115% in the last two weeks. experts blaming the spike on the state reopening too soon, and the more contagious covid variants. doctors comparing the situation to the early days of the pandemic. it's not just michigan where the uk variant is a concern. the strain is now spreading in all 50 states and is believed to be responsible for more than
8:04 am
16,000 cases and counting. savannah? >> erin mclaughlin at the top for us, thank you. a desperate boy abandoned in texas has become the new face of the u.s. border crisis. his plight is increasing pressure on the biden administration to come up with a short-term and a long-term solution. "weekend today" co-host and chief white house correspondent peter alexander has a closer look at this heartbreak. hey, peter, good morning. >> reporter: this is heartbreaking. it is also the latest snapshot of this escalating crisis at the southern border, with thousands of unaccompanied migrant children now coming into the u.s. border patrol agent discovered this 10-year-old boy alone and afraid late last week on a rural road in texas. customs and border protection telling us the boy from nicaragua told the agent he fell asleep. when he woke up, the group he was traveling with was gone. they had abandoned him, like so many of the children.
8:05 am
he was sent without his parents. he said he did not know where to go. he feared getting kidnapped or robbed. right now, more than 19,000 unaccompanied migrant children are in u.s. custody. republicans blame this influx on president biden for reversing trump era border policies. the biden administration is sending in a disaster response team to several central american countries to try to address the root causes that are sending migrants here. hoda? >> how is the little boy doing, peter? >> reporter: the boy is fine. he was safe. he was fed and received the attention he needed. he'll likely be sent to health and human services custody soon. >> thank you. for the fourth year in a row, amazon founder jeff bezos tops the "forbes" list of the world's billionaires. his fortune is estimated at an eye-popping $177 billion it skyrocketed last year because of the surge in online shopping. tesla and spacex tycoon elon
8:06 am
musk grabbed th the runner up space. microsoft's bill gates is fourth tyler perry making the list for the first time, along with kim kardashian and kanye west. that's the news. let's get the boost. >> got a good one for you. basketball and broadcasting great shaquille o'neil loves to say that he is a people person this really proves it. he was at a jewelry store this week when he overheard a young man discussing a layaway plan for an engagement ring you know what shaq did, he slipped his own credit card to the salesperson and said to put it on his tab. shaq was asked about the encounter during an nba postgame show on tnt last night take a listen. >> wanted some earrings. i seen a guy come in he was so shy, saying, "hey, how much do i owe to pay off my ring"? i was like, how much is the ring i'm into making people happy whenever i leave the house, i try to do a good deed. i didn't mean for that to get out because i don't do it for that i'm just trying to make people smile.
8:07 am
that's all >> shaq is a blessing. shaq said that at first, the young man said he wasn't comfortable with that offer. he told him, don't worry about it i do it all the time >> you know what, i can attest to it. shaquille o'neal has done other large things like that for people, never talks about it no one would ever know about it. way to go, shaq. are you ready? >> am i ever let's go. >> we're going to join the ladies on the plaza. we're going to roll up our sleeves to get that covid vaccine live we're also going to answer your questions about the process and what you can expect. first, these messages. holy smokes, a rejection in protection at week 5! but bravecto just won't quit! let's hear from our veterinarian expert. bravecto's our clear winner. 12 weeks of powerful protection, nearly 3 times longer than any other chew.
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♪♪ ♪♪ comfort in the extreme. ♪♪ the lincoln family of luxury suvs. ♪♪ welcome back, everybody. doesn't this feel good look at us we're outside. we're on the plaza first time in a long, long time. the vaccine rollout is in full force. nearly 170 million doses given here in the u.s. so far. we're about to add one, two, three, four, five more people to the count right now. we got savannah, we got craig, we got sheinelle, we got dylan, and we got jenna >> that's right. they're all eligible here in new york state, where anyone over
8:11 am
the age of 16 now qualifies. you could remember, i got my first dose live on the show back in january my second shot a few years later. >> few weeks. >> weeks slow, very slow. no, hoda received her first dose, as well. my buddy carson, also. >> went to walgreens great place to get it, too working with the new york city public health department, we're hoping that this is going to raise awareness and address the hesitancy some could be feeling. we've got pharmacists from walgreens here by the way, that's where i got mine, to administer the vaccines before we get started let's welcome in the new york city's health commissioner. i think we're 6 feet apart am i okay to take this off >> you are. >> okay. so he wanted to help raise awareness because there is vaccine hesitancy outside. every time somebody gets a vaccine, someone may look and say, oh, wait, they're getting it why is it important to get the word out >> first of all, thank you so much for having me on this very exciting day you're right, it is important to get the word out >> yeah.
8:12 am
>> i think about this the same way that i think about talking to my patients we have to start by listening. >> yeah. >> understanding people's questions, answering them, but then we have to do what i think of as helping them find their why. not just protecting themselves, protecting a loved one, but turning the corner on this devastating pandemic. >> yeah, there is some hesitancy out there, and those are smart words to figure out why you would want to get it i think some people might be hesitant because they think, ouch, it is going to hurt. this is a two-dose process when you get the first dose, what would should you expect >> that's right. well, for most of the vaccines it is a two-dose process we do know that the vaccines do have some side effects the majority of people will feel some pain at the site where they get the injection. they might get a headache, some body aches, some fever generally, this happens 12 to 24 hours after the first dose then those symptoms resolve in two or three days. >> does the same happen when you
8:13 am
get the second dose? >> yes the same usually happens after you get the second dose. in fact, the side effects are often worse after the second dose that's important to keep in mind >> what's funny, some people don't have side effects. al didn't have any side effects at all from yours, right >> i had nothing, not even the arm soreness i've also heard anecdotally that women may suffer from the side effects a little more than men have you seen anything about that, doctor >> everyone is different everyone will experience the shot a little differently. if you are having side effects, that means that your immune system is revving up it's doing what it is supposed to do. but if, as in your case, you don't have side effects, you shouldn't worry. your body is still doing what it needs to do to build up protection from the vaccine. >> i think there's an important public service announcement that needs to be made, because they're about to open this up to 16 and older i know that there are a lot of older people who are either waiting or having trouble getting the vaccine. they should step it up and get it before they open the
8:14 am
floodgates to the 16 and older won't it be a ton more difficult to get the shot at that point? >> i'm so glad that you mentioned it this is a really important point. we have to keep our seniors and other people who are most at risk at the front of our mind. not just the front of our mind, but the front of the line, as well they are being prioritized for appointments, but for everyone who's out there, i want to encourage you help the senior, the older adult in your life to get an appointment there are appointments available for them >> there are appointments. it is good to get it now these guys are about to get their first. savannah is looking nervous. i'm not sure are you okay >> i'm excited. >> she's excited. >> i want to get it done i'm ready. >> everyone wants to get this done so what are you expecting? does the prick itself, and i know it is no biggie, who cares, it is a shot but you guys, why don't you start taking off your jackets. when i got mine, i have to tell you, i didn't even notice. i was like, you can go ahead now.
8:15 am
she's like, all done all done. >> i know some people are afraid of the needle. it's a short needle. it is not that painful one thing i'll say, the most common side effect that i've seen right after getting the shot, tears of joy >> oh. >> i believe that. >> savannah, how do you feel we've all been kind of -- it's a year in the making. >> yeah. >> there are a lot of people you want to see. a lot of people you want to hug. >> yes i feel so grateful my mom got vaccinated. i was so excited for that, and i got to see her finally but i just think about, this is something that has not been done in all of human history, a vaccine in a year. not just one vaccine but two, three, four candidates it is an incredible feat of science, and i just love that. we're so lucky to get to be the beneficiaries of that. i love spreading the word. it encourages people. >> exactly are you all ready? >> yes. >> is it time? let's do a countdown, shall we >> are we doing it all at once >> i guess so. ready? here we go five -- you don't have to --
8:16 am
wait, wait, wait. >> we have to get gloves on. we have to get swabbed they need the alcohol swab. >> okay, you all tell us when you're ready, then we'll count. >> that's it. >> okay. >> tell us when you're ready. >> got to give craig time to roll the sleeve up for the gun show >> y'all, you ready? >> yes. >> tell us when. are all the doctors ready? >> hold on. >> here we go. >> synchronized swimming hold on. let's get ready. >> everybody is ready? >> take your time. don't let hoda rush you. >> hoda. has to get the cover off the needle. >> five, four, three. >> my goodness. >> two, one. >> jab 'em >> there you go. >> is that it? >> that was nothing. >> am i the only one feeling something? >> i didn't feel anything. >> it stings >> sure you got it in there? >> thank you so much >> all right guys, let's go around. wait, does that mean they've gotten one vaccine, does that
8:17 am
mean they are kind of protected? what does that mean? >> not yet it takes a few days for the immunity to build up 14 days after the first shot, you do get partial protection. >> yeah. >> it is really important to realize you're not fully protected until 14 days after your last dose. >> yeah. >> that's why it is important for us to continue following the precautions we've advised, particularly wearing the mask and keeping your distance. >> i think savannah has a question for you. >> doctor, this is the pfizer shot when do we get our second shot >> great question. for pfizer, you get the second shot about 21 days after the first one. with moderna, the other vaccine, it is 28 days. >> now, is that something that can slip oh, i didn't do it exactly three weeks after or exactly four weeks? do you have to stick to that schedule for it to work? >> we recommend as close to 21 days as possible if it is a few days after, that's okay. >> okay. >> craig, how you feeling, hun >> oh, amazing >> feeling good? >> you know i'm not a man of great emotion.
8:18 am
i have to be honest, i'm that close to crying. >> you are >> to your point, i'm so thankful for the science and the scientists i think we should also remember that some 560,000 plus people in this country we lost over the last year due to this dreadful virus. thank you, doctor. thank you for the vaccine. >> jenna, how you feeling? >> hopeful >> you are >> hopeful i think i just want to thank you for everything you do every day. she says that she sees people cry out of relief. i think we all feel that just so hopeful. >> sheinelle >> i felt a little teary, too. yesterday, we played those homecoming videos, where people go see their families. you know i teared up my grandparents in their 90s in kansas i literally got a little teary i'm coming home, grandma and grandpa! i'm coming. >> we're all crying. >> dylan, how do you feel? >> am i the only one who thought it stung going in? okay, i still feel it. >> oh, you do? >> nothing against you i just felt it going in my arm
8:19 am
>> okay. >> i'm speaking for the people who -- i don't like shots. >> yeah. >> i'm very thankful very, very thankful. >> doctor, thank you >> thank you, doctor. >> thank you to walgreens. >> doctor, you'll be back in the third hour to answer more questions. another thank you to the walgreens pharmacy >> thank you, guys >> of course, we want to help you get ready for your appointment. it is so easy to do. just scan the qr code on the bottom of your screen or head to pla for all the information you will need. >> after your get your shot, you're monitored for 15 minutes. while they're monitored, al, a check of the weather >> let's show you what we have going on as far as our weekend, never too early to look ahead. first, let's look at what is going on in the midwest. strong storms firing up back side of this system. we're looking at snow. we also expect some severe weather today in the lower mississippi river valley into tonight, 9 million folks at
8:20 am
risk things calm down tomorrow as we move into the lower gulf and lower mississippi river valley then on friday, we are looking for more strong storms firing up from ft. worth, houston, tupelo, little rock, and new orleans we're going to be looking at meteorologist kari hall. as we take a live look outside we can see a lot of clouds over the south bay. this will clear up over the next couple of hours and the afternoon will be very pleasant and sunny. we'll see more of the same tomorrow as our highs reach into the upper 60s. our morning temperatures in the mid-40s and only slight warming going into the weekend. by early next week we'll be in the upper 70s in the inland valleys and san francisco will see highs mostly in the lower 60s.
8:21 am
best time of the morning carson working from home, but he still has got a hot, fresh "pop start for us with the graphics department >> graphics department is up great to see the gang there getting vaccinated great job, guys. we've got a busy "pop start. let's start with pete davidson the actor -- that was great, that one almost blocked everything. that was good. the actor and comedian sat down with jimmy fallon. in one sketch, he had to perform shirtless. he inspired alec baldwin to get into shape here is a chip. >> so he came up to me and was like, what do you do i didn't want to be rude and say, like, i just still have metabolism so i'm not in my mid-50s i just wake up like this so to make him feel better, i was like, oh, man, i do 100 push-ups and 100 sit-ups every day.
8:22 am
>> he was like, got it and he started to do it, and he lost like 100 pounds >> he looks fantastic. >> yeah. says it is all because of me >> there you have it if acting doesn't work, look out, you have pete davidson falling back on being a personal trainer. what a great story next up, neil diamond. the legendary "sweet caroline" singer is working on a biographical musical set to hit the stage next summer. the play will be "a beautiful noise. it'll chronicle neil diamond's life and career and, of course, will feature a score set to his iconic music the show's first stop is scheduled for boston in june of 2022 broadway debut followed close behind it'll be neil diamond's return to the spotlight since retiring from touring back in 2018 after being diagnosed with parkinson's disease. we certainly look forward to seeing theaters reopen i'm sure that show is going to be incredible. next up, kanye west. another artist giving us a peek inside their life.
8:23 am
this time, in a netflix docu-series. billboard reporting that the streaming service is paying $30 million for the multi-part documentary that is 20 years in the making this project, which has no name yet, will feature never before seen home videos and rare footage of kanye over the last two decades. it is set to cover his music career, as well as the rise of his fashion brand. west's failed 2020 presidential bid and also the passing of his mother the series is set to stream later this year. next up, our buddy dave grohl, the foo fighters front man, has had a very busy year. nice toss. not only did the band release a new album, which is awesome, called "medicine to midnight," highly recommend it, but dave wrote a book his memoir titled "the storyteller" will include tales reaching back to his first tour when he was just a teenager. of course, his years, as you see here, being the drummer for nirvana and eventually the lead
8:24 am
singer of the band foo fighters. plus, conversations he's had with music greats, including sir paul mccartney and david bowie describing the book on instagram, dave said, from my early days growing up in the suburbs of washington, d.c., to hitting the road at the age of 18, and all the music that followed, i can now share these adventures with the world, as seen and heard from behind the microphone what an amazing -- i mean, there is nobody better in music. this guy has had an incredible career he is one of the nicest guys in music. this is going to be a great read it is called "the storyteller. it is tales of life and music. it's going to hit shelves on october 5th. i cannot wait to read that one, guys one more, if we have time. this looks great peacock releasing a new trailer for the series that's being produced by tina fey about a washed up pop group from the '90s that gets back together and tries to make a comeback after two decades apart.
8:25 am
take a look at the trailer >> we are girls 5 eva. >> why girls 5 eva >> we'll be famous >> girls 5 eva booked a gig. >> reunion. >> i don't know if we should do this. >> don't say that. >> was that good >> i tried out for the housewives like eight times. >> cool. >> four grown ladies trying to be pop stars again strap in ♪ girls 5 eva ♪ >> too early >> wow >> that was good. >> that was a surprise looks really good. that takes me back to my days of trl, during the whole pop group era. >> indeed. i did actually, i did one. >> you have that. >> the show has a -- it is sara bareilles and busy phillips.
8:26 am
they are the girls group, girls 5 eva. it streams may 6th on peacock, nbc universal's streaming service, guys. >> that's a ten. >> can't wait. >> thank you, carson. just ahead, the granddaughter of music legend bob marley releasing her very first single today i go good morning. 8:26. i'm marcus washington. overnight, a surprise development in a traffic stop that leads to a deadly accident coincidentally involving a deputy that shut down highway 101 last night. it was a dui stop before 11:00 p.m. near southbound millberry offramp. for some reason the driver took off running and crossed the lanes. that's precisely when a san mateo county deputy happened to be traveling northbound for an unrelated reason. that cruiser struck the suspect who died at the scene. all lanes are re-open this
8:27 am
morning. let's look at that forecast for you. meteorologist kari hall. >> waging up to some sunshine in some spots and other areas, some clouds, but it all clears out after today and it will be another nice one with cooler temperatures compared to what we've seen recently with upper 60s with highs in the inland areas today and tomorrow. going into the weekend, it does come up a few more degrees, but our weather continues to stay dry even into next week and our morning temperatures will start out in the upper 40s each day. marcus? >> thanks, kari. i'll have another local news update coming up in 30 minutes.
8:28 am
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garnier fructis anti-frizz serum argan oil plus kera-system up to 72 hours frizz control 97% humidity protection fructis anti frizz serum by garnier, naturally! aw. >> there it is not throwing away our shot so wonderful to be out there with the wonderful pharmacists from walgreens and the new york city health department we got our vaccines. we're all feeling good. >> you had the 15 minutes or so. you guys feel okay >> yes. >> yeah. >> everyone got the pfizer you feeling good >> all right.
8:31 am
>> excellent. >> relieved. >> let's do a little music change first of all, carson is somewhere happy, in his happy place. he listens to reggae every single day we all love bob marley this is jamming, a classic the music gene is strong in the marley family. >> boy, is it ever this is for our women are essential series i got a chance to chat with bob marley's granddaughter she is so talented her name is mystic marley. her voice is unique. she's such a cool, awesome kid anyway, we're going to talk to her. you'll hear a little bit of her music. she dropped some today, in fact. >> first single? >> first single, yeah. >> cool. >> exciting. plus, we're ready to shed layers for a new and lighter style this spring. melissa garcia is here with essentials to update your wardrobe including what she calls one and done pieces. we like that. then we are going to celebrate national walking day yes, it is a thing we're going to celebrate it with some tips to step up your steps. we're going to do that with destiny monroe, standing by for
8:32 am
us. >> can't wait to see that. on the third hour, dylan and i had the honor of getting a cooking lesson from a star chef. a rice and veggie dish perfect for spring you can adapt it in a number of ways spectacular. >> love that tomorrow on "today," we have your mother's day needs covered. we've got a very special "steals and deals. >> with the big day a few weeks away, we are on the lookout for some hero moms is your mom a front line worker, a teacher, a nurse any type of all-around super mom, we want to pay tribute to them. if your mom can be in new york city on friday, may 7th, head to and tell us why she is so very special. we're going to probably get hundreds of thousands of submissions. >> i know. >> by the way, sounds like a plaza event. >> i was going to say. >> be in new york on the plaza let's go >> let's hope for a good forecast, too. >> i think it is not so bad. >> let's take a look and show you what's happening as far as
8:33 am
the weekend is concerned on friday beautiful weather all the way from new england into the mid-atlantic, some severe storms in the gulf, sunny and dry out west on saturday we're looking for severe storms firing up into the mid-mississippi river valley, spring highs from texas into the plains and mountain snows out west, and sunday sunday, we do look for some rain in the northeast, but warm and sunny, stretching from texas all the way to the great lakes some spring snow in the central and western plains good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. our temperatures today will reach into the upper 60s. it will be so comfortable. we'll have more of the same tomorrow as well as friday and our dry weather continues into the weekend and that's also where we'll start to see temperatures warming up a few more degrees. upper 70s in the forecast that will continue into at least early next week. unfortunately, no rain headed our way, but we will start out with clouds and a bit of an ocean breeze and we'll see
8:34 am
temperatures warming into the 60s early next week. , buddy. coming up, hoda is going to introduce us to an up and coming star who just so happens to be the granddaughter of music icon bob marley >> how about her name is mystic. mystic marley. she's terrific how she is following in the footsteps of her talented family in more ways than one.
8:35 am
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we are back. ♪ we are back. 8:36 with our "women are essential" series. part of the series includes catching up with the granddaughters of some of history's most iconic and influential figures. >> this morning, we've been waiting for this one, hoda is going to introduce us to the granddaughter of one of the most revered and beloved artists and activists ever reggae legend bob marley. >> her name, by the way, is mystic marley. she's the daughter of steven marley boy, i was so, so excited to meet her mystic kept a low profile most of her life, but that's about to
8:37 am
change she's ready to release a debut album, adding her fresh voice to the robust marley music collection >> reporter: bob marley is one of the greatest pioneers of reggae music his distinct style instantly recognizable ♪ love that i'm feeling ♪ >> reporter: the jamaican-born singer, songwriter, musician, and peaceful activist famously combined music with spirituality he was just 36 when he died. his music and his legacy remain very much alive in today's generation of marleys. >> it's just all we know, you know it's really who we are i think the talent in my family is incredible. the passion is running deep in everybody. >> reporter: 23-year-old mystic marley is officially joining the family business today, with the release of her first single "sad girls cause damage." ♪ >> reporter: i listened to a
8:38 am
song you sang. i closed my eyes, and at first i was like oh, my gosh, lauryn hill, amy winehouse, alee sm&a keys, no, no, no, mystic marley. that's who that is that's who that is you have a unique sound. >> i've been working so hard to just learn my sound and be authentic to myself and be around other people who are joyous it is beautiful. ♪ get up, get up stand up for your rights ♪ >> reporter: while it is music her grandfather is known for, it's his words, like "get up, stand up," which remain equally impactful today. a reminder of his powerful, yet peaceful message i couldn't help but thinking, what would he be like if he were alive in this moment do you think he'd be marching in the black lives matter movement? do you picture him out front >> definitely, i mean, i think if he was still here a lot of things would be different because he was such a leader and
8:39 am
people were so drawn to him. i definitely know for sure he would be involved. >> reporter: he passed the baton to you also passed down was the sense of responsibility he felt toward jamaica and caring for the soulful and magical island the marley family calls home. >> we have a huge role to play i think because bob isn't here, i do feel like he would have continued to grow schools, supermarkets i mean, he was such a health nut. the things he was interested in, i think he'd still carry that out. it's our job, all of us, not just marleys, everybody, everywhere, not just from jamaica, to give back and be there and out there with them. >> reporter: bob marley passed away 17 years before mystic was born, yet today, nearly 40 years after his passing, she knows he's still with her. do you ever feel your grandfather, his presence? >> there was a moment where i literally saw his face in the cloud. nobody could tell me it wasn't
8:40 am
him. i feel like nature has this really beautiful way of showing itself sometimes even in the trees sometimes, and i just close my eyes and i see him. or i'm making music, and i feel him. when i do, it just reminds me that i'm not alone >> you have to hear her cut on that song. we played a little tiny bit of it she has all of that and a little bit of shaday as she was pointing out she was a treat. her family has incredible musical genes. her dad, by the way, is also a grammy-winning singer and member of the ziggy marley and melody makers it was a treat for me. when i told carson i was going to interview the granddaughter of bob marley, carson was like, what carson, bob marley, i know he means the world to you >> bob marley has been one of my favorite artists certainly, through the pandemic, listening to his music is great. what's great about this tore is
8:41 am
ri -- story is mystic. mystic is young, grew up in l.a. for people trying to get the jamaican connection, she wasn't into music much until she was a teenager she went back to jamaica, and it all came back to her she grew up in a house with her dad, steven. it goes ziggy marley, steven, and damian she said all of her uncles, everybody is jamaican, but she's influenced by a lot of artists i love seeing the marley legacy of music, which is so rich and making people feel better and connected, which we need now more than ever, i love she's carrying the torch on. it is amazing. >> it was her very first big interview, and she was nervous she said, this is the first time i've done something like this. i thought she was a natural. check out her single called -- and it is an interesting title -- "sad girls cause damage." drops today. we'll have more of our chat with migs mystic a little later on the fourth hour. >> love that. coming up next, spring is in the air. style maven melissa garcia is here with the wardrobe
8:42 am
8:43 am
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we're back with today style. it is finally feeling like spring, and everybody is eager to get out of the house a little bit more >> yes, absolutely that means we're going to need something to wear that is not the pj and yoga pants we've all been living in for the last year we need a style expert. >> yeah. >> we've got one melissa garcia has the spring essentials we can use for long walks or running errands, outdoor lunch dates, and more. >> of course, we have our crust -- trusty -- it is crusty, too -- the qr code in the corner of the screen so you can shop. everything here, by the way, under 50 bucks melissa, okay, we all want to just close our eyes and have a moment of silence and say good-bye. >> and thank you. >> to our pandemic pajama pants, yoga pants, whatever it was we've been wearing for the past year or so what are the headlines for 2021? >> good morning, savannah and hoda
8:45 am
good to be back with you guys. brands and retailers were smart. they know we spent over a year in sweats and leggings they're making it easy for us. this season is all about really sustainable, comfortable, breathable pieces that are still on trend and polished. >> good. let's get going. start with bottoms good-bye to the elastic pants. we didn't say good-bye to comfort though >> no. of course, leggings are always here to stay i love a great legging these are from uniglo. they are actually incredibly comfortable, super soft, and they have some structure to them for the price that they are, protectan they seem so much more luxe. they have pockets on the side, not see-through, and uv protectant if you are bold and daring enough, want to step back into denim, these are a great option from old navy. what is great about these. they're a straight leg, which is the cut and silhouette of the season lighter wash is great for spring and summer these are also great because they have secret slimming technology in the inner pockets. it gives you the smoothing,
8:46 am
longer, leaner effect. if jeans are a little bit too scary for you right now, i get it we love these. these are from h&m, they are a pull-on pant you're still getting the elastic bottom, that elastic waist these are super stretchy, but they have a more updated, modern silhouette they're $9.99. can't beat the price. >> what'd you say, $9.99 unbelievable lrlt let's talk tops, let's talk tees, we're tired of the same old sweatshirt what you got if you're going to be outside working out, running around with the kids, i love these from old navy they come in a ton of different colors sizes from extra small through 4x built-in support, as well. moisture wicking if you're going out for lunch, brunch, this is great. this is from loft. i love this one because it has an elevated silhouette statement sleeves carry over from the winter. it is cotton, so you'll be comfortable, though it looks more elevated. of course, the ultimate layering
8:47 am
piece, the denim jacket. you cannot go wrong with a denim jacket this one is from macy's, it's by levis. it has a little bit of that statement sleeve that we're all loving this season >> puffy sleeve. >> in the denim jacket, too. hoda has her denim jacket right there. >> i do. >> people might not want to really get dressy-dressy you have a category you call the one and done piece is that like a jumpsuit or what? >> you're right, savannah. exactly that this is probably my favorite category you can't mess this up it is one and done all you're picking out is your shoes. you're good to go. one of the first ones i love is a great dress. most women probably think dresses are restrictive, they're not comfortable, but it all depends on the one you pick out. this one from may gone, it's super comfortable. 100% cotton. the top is a little more fitted like a t-shirt then again, you have the beautiful ruffled tier at the bottom it is elevated this is great for maybe an outdoor barbecue, a graduation
8:48 am
outside. if you even want to run around and do errands, a dress can be more comfortable sometimes than your coziest pajamas then of course a machl matching set was such a big trend all year what's great about a matching set is it makes your basic sweats be elevated and polished and intentional. these are from amazon. i can't tell you how many different color ways they come in probably a gazillion color ways. under $30. last but not least, probably one of my favorite pieces of clothing is a jumpsuit i love a great jumpsuit. they always look great on every woman's shape and size denim has been a huge trend we're seeing in everything other than jeans, as well, this season this is a denim jumpsuit we're seeing this is from h&m under $40. what's great about this one, it has a denim wash but doesn't have the heavy denim feel. you can dress this up. dress this down. >> cute. >> it has a belt, cinch at the waist. super cute under $40 at h&m there you have it. all your spring essentials.
8:49 am
>> so cute. >> price point, too, wow. >> sheinelle is working a very cute denim jumpsuit today. she's on trend you'd be proud of her. melissa, thank you so much >> thank you, guys. >> if you want more on the spring essentials, scan the qr code on the screen if that is tricky, go to it's all there. straight ahead, it is national walking day fitness trainer destiny monroe is sharing five ways to step up your walk.
8:50 am
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it is national walking day, a great time to celebrate healthier living one step at a time. >> we are about to do that with certified fitness trainer and proud army vet, destiny monroe she is known for taking basic exercise moves to the next level. >> yeah, she is. destiny joins us from dallas to show us five ways -- >> she's dancing.
8:52 am
>> -- we can spruce up our walk. get more out of our workout. good to see you, destiny >> hey destiny, let's just start -- yes, thank you so much for having me back >> thanks for coming back. talk to us first about the benefits of walking. what makes walking so great? >> yes so, you know, again, happy national walking day so there are so many benefits that comes with walking. as in increasing your muscle strength, your endurance, and your cardiovascular. also, it helps reduce the excess body fat, as well as the conditions we face today such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, as well as some cancer >> how long do you have to walk to really start seeing some benefits some people are probably worried, well, i don't have five hours to walk. how long do you have to do it every day to get some impact >> yeah. basically, it's recommended that you're walking at least 30 minutes a day, up to five days a week whether it is moderate or vigorous exercising and/or
8:53 am
walking. so i'm going to show you five ways to spruce up your walk. >> okay. >> do we need to wear ankle weights like you, destiny, to have a body like yours >> you know what if you want the extra challenge, yes. as you can see, i'm wearing ankle weights right here these are 5 pounds ill suggest that you wear about two to five pounds, you know, just to add the extra resistance to your walk also, you can do a move with these ankle weights. so you can do a side leg lift. these right here would be working your abductors and your gluts. >> uh-huh. >> pretty great, right >> uh-huh. >> over here, i have some dumbbells. these right here are eight pounds i recommend that you have at least two to eight pounds when you're walking, again, to add resistance here, you can get a great upper body burn. the shoulders back doing some bicep curls, shoulder press. >> destiny, can you use bottled water or any other device that you have when you're out
8:54 am
walking? >> she's got them right there. >> absolutely. >> look at that. >> absolutely. so you can use your water bottles, you know, two in one, hydration and mimic the dumbbell movements. no excuses, right? somethi now, if you're walking in a park you're going to come across a bench or something that resembles a bench, right what do we do on benches >> sit down! oh >> eat a hot dog >> push-ups. you're going to be working your chest, biceps, and your triceps. want to add a challenge to that, you can do your leg raises alternating leg raises working those glutes. >> that's a workout. >> another popular move that you can do yes. you can do walking lunges. you're going to walk and lunge. >> that's the roker move right there. >> working the quads and the glutes yes, roker if you happen to have bad knees, you can stand up straight, and you can do front leg raises so you're not putting any pressure
8:55 am
on those knees last but not least, we're going to be doing interval training. anything cardio related is great to get the heart rate up and that blood flowing so the first move you can do, high knees now, again, interval training. you want to set the timer on the watch, 30 seconds, 10 second rest, one minute, 20 second rest it's up to you again, high knees, if that is too challenging for you, you can do butt kicks. yes, those butt kicks. now, those are your five ways you can spruce up your walk. remember, walking is one of the best exercises. >> go, destiny. >> i hope y'all learned something today. >> we do. >> awesome >> thank you. >> no problem. >> we've been walking wrong all these years. that's what i learned. >> not doing enough. >> happy national walking day. you know, running can be intimidating for a lot of folks. anyone can get out and walk. >> less problems on your joints. i love walking >> celebrate national walking day every day. >> every day.
8:56 am
coming up, third hour, one of mr. roker's favorites a man of many voices, hank azaria is going to join us on the fourth hour, more with mystic marley joy bauer has a one-pot chicken dinner, perfect for springtime. >> i love a one pot dinner one dish thanks for being with us everyone feeling good? >> yes. >> feeling all right >> get your vaccine when it is your turn. we're back in a few moments. first, a check of your local news and weather. after these messages >> three, two, one, yes! good morning. 8:56. i'm marcus washington. thanks to a last-minute deal with fema, the mass vaccination site in oakland will not close as originally planned this sunday. governor newsom will say it will be at the coliseum location. fema will not provide the
8:57 am
vaccines. that will come from the state and county supplies. newsom says that the new deal will keep the site open for at least the next four weeks. and new life this morning for more bay area businesses. three more counties are waking up in the orange tier of the covid restrictions. they are contra costa, napa and sonoma counties. solano county could have dropped back into the purple tier, but it hasn't happened just yet. he's speaking with relieved business owners not just ready to open their door again and we'll have that in the midday newscast. highway 101 turned deadly when a dui suspect took off on foot and was struck in the area. on the twitter feed we'll link to the full story. we have another weather update coming up in an hour. ing ] [ phone buzzing ]
8:58 am
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live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the "3rd hour of today." >> good morning, everybody. welcome to the "3rd hour of today." wednesday, april 7th, 2021. we are outside. >> feels so nice. >> it does. >> on the plaza. >> so good. >> definitely. >> the reason we're out here with craig, sheinelle, dylan, we got out here on a beautiful spring morning to get vaccinated. i, being the old guy, i already got vaccinated. got my second shot february 9th. now, the rest of the crew eligible. these guys became proud


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