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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  April 6, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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the governor sets a date for california to fully reopen. >> by june 15th that we can start to open up as business as usual. >> so what has to happen to meet his deadline of june 15th? we'll explain. the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening and thanks for being with us on this tuesday. i'm raj mathai. >> and i'm jessica aguirre. okay, you heard it, june 15. mark your calendar. today governor newsom and san francisco declaring all colored tiers we've been moving through will go away and all businesses and schools can reopen by june 15th. however, to make it a reality, vaccine supplies must be steady and hospitalization rates must stay low. >> we'll be getting rid of the blueprint as you know it today. that's on june 15th if we continue the good work. we anticipate enough vaccines are coming into the state of california. >> now governor newsom says
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california infection rates are now the lowest in the country and vaccination rates are up with the state hitting a very significant milestone of 20 million doses to date. however, one thing that will not change on june 15th is the governor says he has zero plans to lift the state's mask mandate anytime soon. in fact, he believes the threat from variants makes it necessary to keep your mask on at least for now. >> jessica, this is what business owners wanted, a set date, at least a time line here, and it seems simple, but there's a lot of layers to all of this. let's bring in roz plater with more. >> reporter: in los gatos after a painful year the restaurant is on track for a partial reopening this week with limited indoor dining. >> we've lost two restaurants. we had one in livermore and fremont and covid took the breath out of us.
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>> reporter: word the governor has a target date to fully reopen california is good news. >> it's pretty much everything. it brings life back to not only los gatos but to my staff, to the beautiful building, just trying to get back to normal. >> this is a big day. >> reporter: governor newsom says california has reached a significant milestone. the number of new covid cases and hospitalizations are down, and the state has administered some 20 million doses of vaccine. but, he says, there is one thing that won't change on june 15th, the mask mandate. expect masks to stick around for the foreseeable future. >> we can confidently say by june 15th that we can start to open up as business as usual. subject to ongoing mask wearing and ongoing vigilance. >> reporter: surprisingly the santa clara health department team did not even mention the new target date for reopening. during today's 90-minute update to county supervisors.
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when we asked for comment they sent us a statement saying they're focused on getting enough vaccine to stay ahead of the variants. vaccine supply is something they did discuss worried demand will far outpace supply as eligibility expands. >> there were over 52,000 new appointments. those appointments made this week that were opening up. still, it's not enough. but, yes, it will get worse if we don't get enough vaccine over the coming weeks. >> reporter: i'm roz plater, nbc bay area news. okay. so have the coronavirus restrictions really made a difference? we decided to compare with florida. florida has had some of the loosest coronavirus restrictions in the country while california has had some of the strictest. so check this out. this shows the daily new cases in florida over the past two weeks. you can see that the state is reporting about 6,000 cases a day. march 30th florida had 6,800
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cases one day. april 4th it had about 5,400. let's switch that and look at california. our state does have much lower numbers and is also, think about this, double the population of florida. on march 24, 2,500 cases. then look how it's dropped, april 3rd, we were down to 660 new cases confirmed a day. so the cases in the golden state significantly lower than those in the sunshine state for sure. another result of our low cases three bay area counties are moving from the red to orange in the covid tier system and that shift means contra costa, napa and sonoma will get to loosen restrictions. they can expand indoor capacity to 50%. gyms, wineries, breweries can open to 25%. bars can reopen outdoors and bowling alleys can start up again. here is a big one. nonessential offices can reopen
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indoors which would be a boost for all the nearby businesses that rely on those employees going out of their offices to get some lunch. >> the office is across the street. there was construction but no one has been in there since the beginning. i can only imagine how that's impacted them but it also impacted us as well because they would have their shows and people would eat here and there would be big crowds. and we really miss that. >> with this shift only one bay area county will remain in the more restrictive red tier, solano county. it's unclear at this point when it will qualify to move into the orange tier. it's next thursday, april 15th, when everyone 16 and over is eligible for the vaccine. nationally april 19th, that's two weeks sooner than expected. sooner than president biden originally planned.
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again, that's on a national level. the governor shed some light on the future of the oakland coliseum mass vaccination site. so far the coliseum site has been very effective run by the feds. but soon the feds will cut off the vaccine supply. so what comes next? here is melissa colorado. >> reporter: the mass vaccination site at the oakland coliseum is not going anywhere. after mounting pressure from east bay officials and yesterday's nudge from vice president kamala harris governor gavin newsom said the site will remain open even after fema wraps up its formal mission on sunday. >> it will be seamless operation. the only change is we're not going to get the direct allocation from the federal government. >> reporter: but that's part of the reason why the coliseum site was so successful and averaging 6,000 vaccinations a day while counties were waiting for vaccine supply from the state, the site always had a reliable supply from the feds.
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newsom says it's going to be up to alameda county and contra costa county to fill that vaccine hole fema leaves behind. >> they held to their word and now we'll be taking over at least the vaccine supply component and matching it with the counties. >> reporter: just within the last hour the governor's office said the site will remain open for the next four weeks. the men and women who have been administering shots since february will remain on site as well as the equipment used to keep the site running. >> we're totally able to handle this. supervisor john joy says the two counties are figuring out how many doses they can hand over to the coliseum site while meeting the demand from dozens of smaller vaccination sites. >> the oakland coliseum site is great did you but does not replace the mass vaccination sites we have in contra costa. >> melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. if you're still looking to
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book your vaccine, a lot of people will start looking beginning next week when so many people are eligible, go to your county site or it will give you more information about where you can go to secure your shot. >> okay. what's in a name? that's what the san francisco school board is trying to decide right now as it debates whether to pause its plan to rename dozens of schools. both the city and many parents have blasted the proposal saying that the board needs to focus on reopening schools not renaming schools. pete suratos is in san francisco for us. this is san francisco. this is supposedly an equity first progressive city. and keeping schools closed is not progressive. >> reporter: home schooling during the pandemic is taking its toll on both parents -- >> and it sucks because this is my last year. it's the last year and i don't get to hang out with any of my friends. i don't know any of my teachers. >> reporter: and students alike.
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that's why some of them held a rally and demonstration today outside of the san francisco unified school district building. they're calling on the board to fully reopen all schools by this fall, and it's a real possibility with governor gavin newsom announcing his plans to fully reopen the state in a matter of months. but parents like meredith are remaining cautiously optimistic. >> i am hopeful but also a bit worried. i think if we're maintaining the same level of flexibility that we have right now for the fall. >> i would think that a school board is working for the kids and the students that they will get these kids back. >> reporter: the plan for the proposal is being discussed today at the board meeting and it's a plan some parents believe has been put on the back burner for too long. the renaming of 44 schools within the district. the board says the schools need new names because the current
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ones including washington and lincoln high are linked to a history of oppression and racism. tonight the board is voting on a resolution to pause those efforts but only until schools are fully reopened for in-person learning. for dodson, reopening schools is far more important than renaming them. >> we are in an emergency still. we are in a pandemic education crisis and that is the first and foremost thing we should be focusing on. >> reporter: pete suratos, nbc bay area news. i want to update a story we brought you during our 5:00 broadcast. this rescue in san mateo county. a tree fell on a man. it happened around 3:30 this afternoon at the state park. you can see the first responders there and a helicopter. firefighters say the man was working in the czu fire zone possibly trimming or pruning trees. that's when a tree fell on him. rescuers used a rope system to pull him down a hill to get to that helicopter. no word yet on his condition.
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up next, one man creates a problem for hundreds of travelers. what he did that sparked the evacuation of the oakland airport today. also, a $2 billion makeover in san jose. we're going to take a closer look at what google's plan is to build, rebuild downtown san jose. the promise the company made to get the city council's final blessing. and speaking of san jose we have sunshine but chilly temperatures outside. 61 degrees. when you can expect 70s to return in our forecast approaching the weekend when we come right back.
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also open in milpitas, burlingame and san leandro. a bay area family filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the town of danville. this comes after video surfaced showing a police officer shooting and killing a man. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez talked exclusively to the witness who captured that video. and there's a warning here, the video is graphic and disturbing. i was just expecting the cops to come and tackle him or something like that. >> reporter: but what sam captured on his cell phone left him stunned and shaken. >> oh, my god. i think if it was me out there i don't think he would have shot me. but looks like a homeless black guy, why not pull the trigger? >> reporter: the shot killed 33-year-old tyrell wilson.
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sam says the officer was following the homeless man who he says did not appear to be threatening him. >> if you ask me, i would call this a cold-blooded murder and he should be in jail for murder. >> reporter: danville police and the sheriff's department are declining to comment on the newly released video but the day the shooting happened the danville police chief said wilson was advancing toward the officer with a knife in his hand and released pictures to support the claim. >> the officer ordered him to drop the knife several times. he then advanced towards the officer who discharged his weapon hitting the man once. >> reporter: it has prompted wilson's family to file a lawsuit against the town of danville. another man was shot and killed in 2018 during a daytime slow speed chase. >> how long, how many does it take? how many people can he kill
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before we recognize and appreciate this man is a menace? >> i think about my child. it makes me cry. it makes his sister cry. i want everyone to know that he was a good man. >> reporter: wilson's mom says she can't bear to watch the video but is grateful the bystander took it. >> i do want the officer to come to some sort of justice because i don't want another parent or father to go through what we're going through now. >> reporter: jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. while the pandemic put so many people out of work over the last year, by and large the rich got richer especially amazon ceo jeff bezos who tops $4 billion, the man's richest man. elon musk, who recently moved to texas, number two. other californians include mark zuckerberg at five, larry page and brin seven and eight on the
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list. forbes reports those on the wealthiest list are richer than they were before the pandemic. >> it's hard to join all the numbers. we have giants home opening day in a few days, rob. >> the temperatures the last few days i think will be similar to the first pitch which is an early afternoon start on friday. sunshine in san francisco and you're going to see a lot of sunshine in our bay area network. 52 degrees in san francisco and you have the cool temperatures in san jose at 61 degrees. you see the northwest wind at about 15 mimes an hour and to walnut creek the numbers in the 60s briefly in the 70s and for your evening plans concord or walnut creek it's jacket weather outdoors. it will be in the low 50s approaching 8:00 tonight. by the morning numbers will be in the upper 40s. once again the similar pattern
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of misty skies and coastal drizzle at times and with the sea breeze ongoing during the day tomorrow we'll see another day of below average temperatures. san francisco near 60. 50s from half moon bay. mid-60s in santa cruz. warmest place you'll have to get far enough inland with less of that sea breeze influence, places like morgan hill up to 72 degrees. 70 in concord and 70 around santa rosa. just in time for the weekend as roz mentioned the giants coming back to town. temperatures will stay cool through friday and then rebound some as we head into the week where we could see a run of mid to upper 70s, maybe some 80s by early next week. for now the ocean air conditioning on overdrive through friday. >> it's deceivingly chilly outside. thanks, rob. much more to come in the next 40 minutes. a new directive from president biden. he says all adults should be eligible to get the vaccine by the 19th of april.
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but could that mean a new issue for the nation's covid-19 vaccine supply. plus, our climate in crisis series, warming waters are causing weather changes across california and sharks that call those waters home. we talk to a scientist who tells us what you might see on your next trip to the beach. and then the ticket sales are coming back. new rules for disneyland. what you need to know before booking your trip. all right that's a fifth-floor problem... ok. not in my house! ha ha ha!
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terminal one was evacuated for hours delaying lots of flights. the cause, a man who pulled out a knife and threatened to hurt himself. officers say they tried to convince him for hours to put the knife away. flights to alaska, delta, frontier and hawaiian airlines all impacted. >> we grabbed our bags and they escorted us outside and pushed us back further and further and then moved us here. >> the man did suffer minor injuries. no one else was hurt. the airport is back to normal
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tonight. vice president kamala harris told us yesterday that our roads are terrible. well, she's right. california is now the worst for driving. is a research firm considered a number of traffic fatalities, gas prices, maintenance costs and traffic. we came in dead last, 50th out of 50 states. you see the number of the top five, iowa, vermont, nebraska, ohio and maine. despite our lousy ranking we still have some really beautiful freeways and highways like highway 1. okay, this may look real but it is not. it's thankfully a training exercise. today san francisco fire fighters practiced a live surf and cliff rescue. firefighters rescue a person off the side of the cliff. another medic swims out in cold, dangerous waters. rescue crews hoist the stranded hiker to safety. the drill was a success and they usually have to do this for
6:24 pm
real, so this is a good practice exercise for them. luckily no one was hurt in the practice exercise. that gray wolf intrigues scientists and a lot of other people as well. as we previously told you this gray wolf is known as or-93 because he was born in oregon. a 2-year-old male that's traveled further in california than any known wolf in a century. the california fish and wildlife put a collar on him to track his movements. they're leaving him alone, though. after being born near mt. hood the wolf moved south. from there the sierra nevada mountains, monterey county and as of today or-93 is in san luis obispo county. maybe he will visit us here. >> let's hope so. up next at 6:30, a milestone for president biden, more than 150 million shots have been administered in his first 75 days in office. will it be enough to stop the
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possible fourth wave we've been hearing about? plus, charges filed in the 2019 kincade fire. what prosecutors say started the fire that destroyed hundreds of homes. oh, you think this is just a community center? no. it's way more than that. cause when you hook our community up
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right now at 6:30 we investigate. sonoma county says pg&e committed a crime and that it's to blame for the kincade fire in 2019. we'll show you how cal fire determined that pg&e was reckless. day seven of the derek
6:28 pm
chauvin murder trial. police training tactics taking center stage in the courtroom today. but first, the president is calling it a big win. >> we're on track to beat our 2 million shots in the first 100 days. a surge of new cases of covid realized across the country. the news at 6:30 starts right now. thanks for joining us. i'm jessica aguirre. >> and i'm raj mathai. more milestones in the push to get americans vaccinated. >> he's facing pressure to deliver on the promise to those suffering from economic pain because of the pandemic. here's nbc's alice barr out of washington. >> reporter: president biden today touring a vaccination center in virginia, highlighting a milestone 150 million shots in arms in his first 75 days in office. >> a clear overwhelming majority of people over 65 have gotten at least one shot.
6:29 pm
>> reporter: pushing for a faster pace moving up the deadline when all adults should be eligible from may 1st to april 19 although states have already set that goal. half the country is seeing covid cases rise especially among young people just as many states are loosening restrictions. nearly 40,000 fans packing into globe life field for the rangers home opener in defiance of cdc guidelines. >> we're not worried at all. >> reporter: with vaccines offering the best shot to head off another major surge governors in both parties are urging everyone who can to get a shot. >> you're doing your part not just for yourself but the community. >> reporter: the president is also under pressure to deliver promised help to relieve the pandemic's economic pain. many hard-hit families have yet to receive their stimulus checks and unemployment benefits hard to secure for americans
6:30 pm
struggling through the past years. >> really settling for a lot of us. >> reporter: the pandemic's ripple effects reaching communities across the country. in washington, alice barr, nbc news. >> do republicans agree? let's bring in larry gerston. how do you see it, larry, on both sides of the coin strictly now the vaccine rollout and how is the president doing? >> he's beating every deadline he had and some said underpromised and overdelivered. he's done it. overpromised and underdelivered, in california we have three things to worry about or think about when it comes to this vaccine and all the deadlines set up. meet or exceed the greater
6:31 pm
number of eligible people and, secondly, will the vaccine rate stay ahead of more infections and, thirdly, will the vaccine be distributed equitably to minorities? santa clara county to express concern this year. i might add, raj, when it comes to delivering vaccines california ranks 31st. 31st in terms of the vaccines we have here and the number we've delivered to arms. we have a lot to gain here and grow on. will these, use be met with more vaccines? >> next thursday, april 15th, with eligibility opens up to everyone in california 16 and over. a couple more things with president biden. the pandemic, the border crisis, but also right now let's address the third thing on his bucket list and maybe it's the most difficult, that $2 trillion infrastructure bill that he's trying to pass. in fact, we saw vice president harris here in town yesterday and that was her goal strictly
6:32 pm
to talk about trying to sell the american people on that $2 trillion infrastructure bill. that's a tall order. >> she's got and he's got a lot of heavy lifting to do. the three major components of this plan, the first deals with what we commonly know as infrastructure, dams, roads, highways, airports, the kind of thing we've known about for a long time and they're in bad shape. you mentioned that earlier in the broadbroadcast. infrastructure at home, what does that mean? broad band, better water, schools, things like that we don't think of as infrastructure but biden says are important for this long-term fix that we need. taking care of the economy, what does that mean? it means all kinds of things that deal with jobs, wages, health care workers. again, some feel that's even further away from the infrastructure idea.
6:33 pm
the further we go down the list, raj, the harder to convince people, particularly republicans and, i might add, some conservative to moderate democrats. this is not infrastructure as we know it. what the president said is no, but we're looking at something long term to fix america, to put this country on sound footing for the first time in decades. >> in theory that all sounds pretty good, all those things you mentioned or the president has mentioned but in practicality that's hard. a lot of people distrust or mistrust the government giving so much of our money for one bill. >> you asked this question, how will it be paid for? that's the other shoe dropping. the president wants to redo the taxation system, take corporate taxes which dropped to 25% during the massive trump tax cut in 2017 and increase it to 28%.
6:34 pm
he wants to tax working people more, those who make $400,000 or more, increase their tax load. he thinks between these two things and a few other ideas like getting rid of subsidies for oil and discounts and what not that together we will get close to offsetting that to a $2 trillion bill. a lot of people like the idea of getting the benefits don't want to pay the cost. >> this is a lot of work to be done and could take a lot of different shapes in the months to come. thank you, larry. the second week of the derek chauvin trial is devoting a lot of time to training techniques. supervisors outlined the department policy on use of force, crisis training and procedures for subduing a suspect. prosecutors showed the training guide saying it does not include the hold used by chauvin on george floyd.
6:35 pm
>> does the mpd train on how to do it with the leg? >> we may show the younger officers in the academy what that looks like but we don't train with the officers in service. as far as my knowledge, we never have. >> chauvin's attorneys suggest a growing angry crowd could have played into the decision made at that scene. sonoma county prosecutors filed 33 criminal charges against pg&e over the kincade fire, the fire which forced the largest evacuation in sonoma county history. the first to reveal the findings of cal fire's investigation and tonight says pg&e is disputing the charges. >> i lived in windsor and the fire burned my backyard. >> reporter: attorney jack weaver says his house survived the kincade fire because firefighters were able to make a stand on his land. >> they were literally in our neighborhood through their heroics.
6:36 pm
>> reporter: businesses and homeowners not so lucky are suing pg&e over the wildfire that broke out at the base of this high-voltage transmission tower north of geyserville burning more than 77,000 acres and chased nearly 200,000 people from their homes. the investigative unit reported cal fire's investigation concluded pg&e had left a 230-volt line unsecured on that tower for decades until it finally snapped during high winds. sonoma county prosecutors have filed five felony charges against the utility of recklessly causing the fire along with more than 2 dozen misdemeanor charges, most for air quality violations. district attorney says she personally visited the scene soon after the fire was out. since that time, jill ravitch said in a statement, we have been working with cal fire and
6:37 pm
independent experts to determine the cause and responsibility of the kincade fire. i believe this criminal complaint reflects our findings. pg&e issued a statement saying although it's prepared to accept the cal fire findings in the spirit of cooperation with the cause it adds we do not believe there was any crime here. >> these were fires you can't underestimate. >> reporter: attorney weaver says he welcomes prosecutors are now weighing in. >> victims can feel validated for sure. >> reporter: the company is due in court to answer the charges in two weeks. coming up next, a brand-new laptop computer goes kaput and the company goes silent. i'm chris chmura, nbc bay area responds next.
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6:39 pm
nbc bay area responds to a viewer's tech troubles. chris chmura is here to explain how you helped. >> reporter: we are not the geek
6:40 pm
squad. when is the last time you had something break as soon as you bought it? >> oh, i don't know. >> reporter: really? francois, it happened to him in january. he says he paid $932 for an hp laptop. then in february the computer quit connecting to the hard drive. well, that turns the thing into a $932 paperweight. he says he wanted to send his computer to hp and let its techs fix it. but here is what they did, sent him a usb stick instead to help him recover the hard drive. it didn't. next francois says he tried to contact hp over and over again but the company went silent. so he called us. we sent hp a note. within a week they fixed his laptop. he said this right here. thank you so much for being my voice where i didn't have a voice. francois should have had a voice because his computer carried a one year hardware warranty. we asked hp about that and it said we looked into the situation and identified an administrative error.
6:41 pm
they took care of it. a little known california law provides consumers like you and francois strong protections with warranties. the song-beverly act has given manufacturers 30 days to complete repairs f. they can't fix your product they must either replace it or reimburse you, which is fantastic news. if they don't comply, you have the option of taking them to court. before you hire an attorney you could try us. go to, click the responds option or give us a call 888-996-tips. how many times have you responded to somebody named francois? he's our first. >> that's a good one. thank you, chris. we've been talking about this for years now, but now we have concrete details and images of the $2 billion makeover in
6:42 pm
downtown san jose. this is google village. releasing new artist renderings of the downtown west project. that's what it's called. it includes a new neighborhood complete with office complexes, shops, restaurants, and thousands of new homes. a major incentive adding $200 million in community improvement. a longtime bay area tech analyst says the project is massive and very google. >> i don't know if other companies will follow suit. i think a lot of big companies are taking a very close look at this. >> the google villages have decided the old processing plant, the 4,000 new homes will be adjacent to the train station and a few blocks away from the shark tank. there will be rent restrictions. opponents say they believe
6:43 pm
google's massive development will push low income homeowners out of the area. on sale soon california disney adventure park will sell tickets for the april 30th reopening. if you have tickets you can start making reservation monday. tickets go in sale for people who live in california on the 15th. you have to buy in advance and make a reservation. you have to do it online to get in. you won't actually line up. they will let you know when it's your turn. space mountain and splash mountain will be reopening. the magic kingdom parade and the fireworks show. >> rob mayeda joining us. we revealed rob used to work at universal studios in the burbank area. do you have any link to disneyland? >> no. didn't get a chance to work there.
6:44 pm
we get close to the summer. >> lifetime free passes? take it away, rob. >> this week the story is that ocean air in the morning, how long these cooler temperatures will stick around and could we see warmer weather by the weekend. a look at that when we come back.
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our ongoing series "climate in crisis." scientists began noting an unusual warming of the ocean waters along the bay area coast. they attributed it to a change in climate. that led to the discovery of some unusual behavior among sea creatures. a strange phenomenon bringing young sharks to monterey bay. >> reporter: a cornucopia of life. dolphins, whales, even orcas
6:47 pm
make these waters their seasonal homes. perhaps no visitor here announces their arrival as dramatically as white sharks. >> northern california, central california, has been the domain of the larger sharks of adults. >> reporter: they visit august through february to dine on marine mammals, uc santa cruz researcher is often there to welcome them. >> i've been studying here off the coast for over 15 years now. >> reporter: for an animal he knows well he's seeing a change that's hard to explain. >> we started seeing a lot of sharks that are considered juvenile. this is something i had never seen before. >> reporter: they are typically found near baja and warmer waters south. since 2014 they've begun showing up in the northern end of monterey bay near santa cruz. even stranger they arrive in early spring.
6:48 pm
>> this used to be an area free of sharks in the spring but now we can see sharks year round. >> reporter: it coincided with events bringing unusually warm waters to the area, a phenomenon scientists connect to changing climate. when you take a step back and think about what's going on, it's alarming. >> reporter: he was not the only one to notice the sharks arriving in an unusual season. fishermen and citizens alike. >> when i got a drone in 2017 i started seeing a lot more. >> reporter: he sees not just a few but dozens of sharks off the coast. >> my record with the drone is 31 and that's within about a mile. >> reporter: jorgensen theorizes
6:49 pm
they are drawn it warm pockets and become trapped as water temperatures around that pocket cool. >> i think these little white sharks are acting as a local sentinel, an early warning for us, something that helps us see what climate change is. >> reporter: these sharks carry a message that change isn't coming. it's already here swimming in the monterey bay. let's turn our attention to meteorologist rob mayeda as we inch, inch, toward the weekend, rob. we're seeing cooler changes right now. you saw the story there on the ocean. the climate has shifted warmer. the impact on fire seasons. hillside dry conditions are as dry as they typically are in june and july so it's good news
6:50 pm
we're getting the cooler temperatures now and higher humidity as the sea breeze picks up. impressive when you look at the top 20 largest fires in the state, 85% have occurred since 2000. on top of that two of the top fire seasons in terms of acres burned have occurred in the last three years. similar to the conditions now, an early start to fire season, a longer fire season and fires burning more intense. the drought monitor is a good indication of just how dry conditions are and the state of it right now for the north bay is even drier than last year. we need rain. maybe a runner-up to that would be a marine layer and cooler than average temperatures. these factors are helping us out short term.
6:51 pm
and the humidity levels have started to come up the last couple of days. 52 in san francisco. fog set to arrive just after sundown tonight. 61 in san jose. a cool night for a's baseball, 56 degrees. we're going to fast forward now to giants friday forecast as they kick off the home opener friday, early afternoon start. similar temperatures to today. low 60s expected as game time will be just after 1:30 in the afternoon on friday. that's your wednesday forecast, that's your thursday forecast and friday forecast likely as well. close to 60 in san francisco. mid-50s half moon bay. it will probably stay that way through the end of the week. as we head to the weekend we'll begin to see temperatures climbing. high pressure should build back to the coast.
6:52 pm
really ramped up fire danger concerns. we'll see numbers warming, just not record breaking warm. as we head to the weekend out of the 60s for the valleys, into the mid to upper 70s early next week. april showers in the forecast to knock that fire danger down. the misty skies over the next few moments as well. back to you. >> thanks, rob. after moving the all-star game out of georgia major league baseball has picked a new city to host it. it's not anywhere in the bay area. we'll tell you about it next.
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major league baseball has a new home for this year's all-star game. >> a lot of debate about why they did this and what they're doing about it. the league making the announcement days after yanking the all-star game out of georgia. the rockies home field, coors field, there it is, will now host the game on july 13th. here's the deeper issue. last try day the commissioner pulled the game from atlanta because of georgia's voting laws. this will be the second time
6:56 pm
denver has hosted the all-star game. speaking of georgia the masters outside of atlanta. one of golf's most prestigious events begins thursday. today you can see a limited number of fans got to watch the players practice. and of course those fans were pumped. >> it is nice to see everybody out and everybody is so nice and friendly. hopefully this is a slow return to normal life. >> i've been home all alone and this is thrilling to me. >> last year no fans were allowed at augusta national. >> mt. everest is open to climbers for the first time since the pandemic began. more than 300 climbers expected to attempt to climb this mountain. doctors will also be climbing and monitoring for covid. testing will be required before entering nepal. that is amazing. >> there's no social distancing
6:57 pm
in those videos. >> thanks for joining us at 6:00. have a great evening. >> see you at 11:00.
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i want to start with one thing i see that you're not doing. >> you need to flirt with me. >> love lost is mainly sister wise drama, could the show also be in legal hot water? >> they are actually fearful. >> on count down to the third harry and meghan movie, reminding you just how fun the first two were. >> the train requires a tremendous amount of work. >> it's like the olympics. >> she went from salon receptionist and hair stylist to some of the biggest stars of the world. time for you to learn her secret. >> iron down really slowly. welcome to "access


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