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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  April 5, 2021 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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vice president kamala harris here in the bay area for the first time since taking office. this is video of the vp landing at the oakland airport about an hour ago. she's touting the new infrastructure plan that could dramatically change america as we know it. well, good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us for our midday news. marcus washington is off. well, the vice president has landed in the bay area. the purpose of the visit, building support for the biden administration's proposed infrastructure project. nbc bay area's cierra johnson is live at berkeley in front of
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harris' childhood home. good morning to you. >> reporter: yes, good morning. this is the story i've been telling you about all morning. vice president kamala harris making her first return to the bay area since taking office. i mean, wanted to make sure all of our bases were covered so we stopped by harris' childhood home just to see if anyone was out and about maybe awaiting her arrival, just kind of admiring the home. we did not see nip, but we did see some excitement when that plane did land. we do have video of vice president harris arriving at the airport. the purpose of her visit to tout the american jobs plan said to overhaul things like america's roads, bridges, care of the elderly and disabled, transportation infrastructure, plumbing and so much more. all of this coming with a $2 trillion price tag. now the white house tells nbc president joe biden is proposing to raise the corporate tax rate and owe eliminate tax breaks for some industries, a plan that the administration says would not
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impact individuals at this time. so we are hearing one of the first stops for the vice president was a tour of a local water treatment facility. that's one of the goals of the plan. we did also receive an alert from the governor's office that governor newsom was planning to join her on that tour. from there the vice president is expected to later attend a listening session with state leader and small business owners in oakland, so here in berkeley in front of her childhood home, things are quiet, but vice president harris making her rounds throughout alameda county as well as joining state leaders. we're live in berkeley. cierra johnson for nbc bay area news. >> thanks so much. the what's become sort of a landmark there. senator alex padilla is also in the bay area today scheduled to visit the mass vaccination site at the oakland coliseum. he's here to talk about distributing the vaccine. fema expects california to soon get a huge boost in doses. now many business owners in the bay area are closely watching to
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see if their counties move into the orange tier this week. nbc bay area sharon katsuda is live to show us what this tier would mean for everyone watching. sharon? >> reporter: contra costa, sonoma and nappy counties could all move not orange tier this week. now, under this moderate tier level, retail stores would no longer have a limit on capacity. remember the days when we had to wait outside for our turn. movie theaters could increase capacity from 25% to 50% with a maximum of 100 people. restaurants could increase capacity from 25% to 50% for indoor dining, and hotels you may have seen the fitness centers closed. right now they could reopen at 25% capacity. this possible tier move to an orange tier is all tied to a drop in covid cases and deaths and an increase of those vaccinated here in california. now as the counties do move to the orange tier they still have the option of sticking with the
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stricter guidelines if they feel it's needed for the community. reporting live in san ramon, i'm sharon katsuda, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, sharon. sonoma county and many others promise to, quote, feel out the reopening of classrooms over the next few weeks to avoid having to backtrack and put even more restrictions in place later on. they are in no rush to speed up reopening, even when the county eases up on restrictions. so far elementary students have returned to campus throughout the county and in most cases it's a hybrid model. right now the chief of the minneapolis police department is on the stand in the trial against one of his former officers, derek chauvin. the chief fired chauvin less than a day after george floyd's death and also called for an fbi investigation. he openly condemned derek chauvin's actions and called the death a murder. on the stand the chief talked about de-escalation.
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>> the cole is to resolve the situation as safely as possible so you want to always have de-escalation layered into those actions of using force. >> earlier this morning, an emergency room doctor who tried to save george floyd's life for 30 minutes before pronouncing him dead testified that he believes floyd had likely died of a lack of oxygen. all right. you're taking a live look outside right now at san raphael. it's hoping to be a cooler week ahead, but let's check in with meteorologist kari hall to figure out if that's going to be true. kari, what's going on? >> yeah, we've seen our temperatures dropping a few degrees and, unfortunately, we are getting the cold front moving in, but it's not bringing us any rain, and so we've had a little bit of a cooldown, a breezy wind and now the sky is clearing as we get a live look outside in san jose. our temperature in the upper 50s, and it's going to warm up just a few more degrees through here reaching 64 degrees.
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the warmest time of the day right at about 3:00 and then going right back down for the evening. getting a look at all of our microclimates, there will be some spots reaching into the upper 60s, but this is actually a little bit lower than normal as we're going to see more of this dry weather continuing for the bay area. so we'll get a look ahead at those temperatures for the rest week. we'll talk about our rainfall deficits and the drought. all of that coming up a little bit later. >> we'll see you then. just into the newsroommate superintendent of san francisco unified says he's delaying his retirement another year. less than two hours ago dr. vincent matthews tweeted, quote, a month ago i shared plans to retire from sf usd on june 30th, 2021. the board of education has asked me to delie lay my retirement and i've agreed to say for another year until june 30th, 2022. he continued on sf usd needs
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stability and build at this time and i'm dedicated to supporting all of our community as we navigate the many challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the coming year. and there are new developments in that controversial idea to rename dozens of schools in san francisco. the school board members plan to actually reverse their vote tomorrow. according to "the chronicle" the move is in order to avoid a lawsuit which claims that the school did not adequately present its intentions before making that decision back in january. the school district proposed renaming 44 schools due to links to oppression and racism. lincoln, washington, mission and balboa high schools were among those lists. the stanford women's basketball team is headed home with the ncaa championship trophy after defeating arizona in the final seconds of a nail-biter. nbc bay area's kris sanchez joins us live from stanford with all that excitement. hey, kris. >> reporter: hi there. you know, it's going to be so nice for them to be home.
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they have been on the road for ten weeks and then coming home with that sweet trophy has got to be something for the record books, at least for their personal record books. the cardinal beat the arizona wildcats by just one points. seconds from that final buzzer coach tara van derveer said it was not a pretty game. the last time stanford won was when these players were in elementary school. >> it was really excited. the news is everywhere. i can see stanford, so it's really exciting for me to see that. go women. >> i think it's great to the mole rod else. i think it's wonderful. >> reporter: so this is coach van derveer's third national title, and it many could the same year she became the women's coach with the most wins in history. there were lots of
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congratulations all around on social media, including from vice president kamala harris, and she said the juries gentleman and second gentleman called it so congratulations to him as well. as stanford, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thanks, kris. wall street is all green today after over last week's jobs report. a breakdown next what all the excitement it about. >> and major league baseball pulls the all-star game from atlanta because of georgia's new voting laws and we'll tell what you other major companies are doing and stars of the new dispolice plus show "the falcon and soldier" are on kelly today. watch kelly clarkson right here on nbc bay area at 3:00 this afternoon.
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authorities have not identified the two women who died saturday when their car went over a cliff near bodega bay. the chp is still trying to piece together what happened. it's not clear how or why the car went off the cliff. >> baseball's opening weekend was dominated by controversy off the field after the league pulled the all-star game out of georgia in response to a new investigate law. nbc's blayne alexander has that story. >> reporter: this morning it's game on, just not in atlanta. baseball commissioner rob manfred announcing the league will move this summer's 2021 all-star game pulling out of the peach state, a direct response to georgia's new voting law which critics say restrict access to the ballot, especially for black voters. in a statement the commissioner calls the decision the best way to demonstrate our values as a sport adding the league fundamentally supports voting rights for all americans and opposed restrictions to the
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ballot box. the move hailed by some as a home run including former president obama and partial red sox owner and nba superstar lebron james who tweeted proud to call myself part of the mlb family, but republicans who say the law makes elections more secure are defiant. >> it means cancel culture and partisan activists are coming for your business. they are coming for your game or event in your hometown. >> reporter: former president trump calling for a boy cat of the league. the atlanta braves saying the team is deeply disappointed adding this was neither our decision nor our recommendation. across social media mixed reaction. one wright i wholly agree with the mlb. represent hintsible actions don't deserve rewards. another calling the move completely unacceptable adding politics have no place in sports. baseball's decision marks the biggest corporate response to georgia's newly passed law even as critics are urging other big businesses to step up.
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>> reporter: threatening coca-cola, delta airlines and home depot with a boycott starting this week unless the company views their resources to support voting rights in other states. both coca-cola and delta have criticized the new law. >> and that was blayne alexander reporting. there's no announcement yet on where the all-star game will be held. well, the late jobs report has wall street pleased. scott mcgrew is in with all the details right now. we're talking about growth in hospitality jobs, construction and of all things dry cleaning? >> yeah. dry cleaning, yeah, good morning. dry cleaning is a super important category actuallism the labor department calls it personal and laundry services. it's an economist's trick to try to figure out how fast the economy is growing because if you need your suit pressed or you need your uniform pressed, you're probably going to work. friday's jobs report showed up increased in laundry services as
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you mentioned but hospitality, bars and restaurants and hotels so this is all great news. now the markets didn't get a chance to react until this morning when the stock market opened back up for business after the three-day weekend for passover and good friday. dow opened at a record high and it's up another 1% this morning. journal ran the numbers on hiring and firing during the year long pandemic and found some companies hired more people than they let go, led by amazon. amazon showing us the change in shopping behaviors, stores were closed. amazon hired a breath-taking half a million workers. fedex added 50,000. tesla added 22,000 workers during the pandemic. tesla hired more people than ford and gm laid off combined. costco added 19,000. facebook had a net gain of 14,000 workers.
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now, most of those layoffs game from smaller companies, and there's still about 3 million americans out of work, but the numbers are getting better, and you know what they are getting better very, very quickly. >> scott, that's good news for us. appreciate it. >> reporter: hundred of people remain out of their homes right now due to a toxic water situation on the west coast of florida. manatee county south of tampa is now under a state of emergency after a partial breach at a wastewater reservoir. that's the site of a former phosphate mining plant. roads are closed as officials fear there could be flooding, something that's worrying a lot of residents there. >> it's like a movie. >> that's how it feels for real. >> i'm terrified of my 7-year-old having to go through something catastrophic. >> reporter: hundreds of inmates were also relocated overnight to higher ground. florida's top officials say initial reports of radioactive elements in the water are wrong. the west is burning. that's the name of a new pbs
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documentary which claims misguided forest management has created mega fires we're all too program with. >> these wildfires are increasingly becoming an urban phenomenon. we're not up in the hills. >> something our investigative unit has followed as well. >> reporter: santa rosa and the deadly north day fires of 2017 are a major part of the documentary and examines how the history of preventing fire has created more brush and a flammable environment, that coupled with climate change is feeding more fires. a look at the golden gate bridge where people are walking across the international beauty will notice changes. the eastern side pathway used for walking and bicycling is going to reopen open but it will be narrow for some construction work on the bridge's safety net project. that's aimed at preventing suicides. work on the safety net began in 2018 but isn't expected to be complete until 2023.
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also starting today in santa clara county you'll have to reach back into your rockets before visiting one of 16 county parks. these are free no longer. you'll have to start paying $6 to get in. parks include st. theresa, anderson and los gatos creek. kari hall is back with us for another check of the weather. temperatures are going to warm up i guess a little bit this afternoon but then downhill from there, right, kari? >> yeah. it is a going to be a fairly cool day, but i think we'll take it because we've had some warm weather recently, and it seemed like it came way too early, so we're just going to dial it pack a bit with our temperatures, and as we take a live look outside in san francisco, you can see all the clouds have rolled in, and it will gradually clear up today. here's a look at our high temperatures for this afternoon. san jose will reach up to about
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67 degrees and 46 in dublin and santa rosa will reach 66 degrees with a light wind. at times we've seen the breedses at 10 to 15 miles per hour. that breeze is blowing around a lot of tree pollen. that's what we're seeing from the alder, ash, juniper, pine as well as gross pollen. that's been fairly high. i don't think that this will change through the week. it may get a little bit worse as high pressure opinions all across the region. we've seen this dry weather and it looks to stay dry. we were hoping to get a little bit of rain today or tomorrow but those storm systems are basically staying well to the north of us so the storm track not even close to the bay area. we had getting cloud and as we go through the week we won't see any major shifts in the temperature or any rain chances as the storm passes to the north. so that brings us to how dry it's been recently. february, we got a little bit of range, march, basically very
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little and now as we head into april, i mean, the drought conditions are just getting worse, especially for parts of the north bay. we've also seen some worsening drought for southern california, and where you see the bright reds or the dark reds that shows where the drought is the worst right now. that does include a lot of our north bay hills and mountains, and for the rest of the bay area we've seen the drought conditions getting worse with severe drought across parts of the tri-valley and into the east bay as well as up around ukiah and santa rosa, the mode coastline in a moderate drought. so if you look at how much rain we need to catch up to normal, well, we've measured over 12 inches of rain in santa rosa but that's not nearly good new. we need almost 20 inches of rain to catch up to normal to catch up for the water year. our chances of catching up to there are looking very slim especially looking beyond the next week or two in the forecast, not seeing any rain headed our way, so it's very
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likely that these deficits will continue to grow and our vegetation is drying out pretty fast. that at the same time that we got that last measurement of the sierra snow pack, and they are saying we've only gotten about 50% of our normal amount of snow. that's what we use during the summertime, the snow melt that drains into the reservoirs for our summertime water usage, so it looks like it's definitely time to start conserving water, especially looking through this forecast when we know there's no more rain headed our way. at least temperatures aren't yet spiking, and we are going to keep a steady temperature right about 70 degrees for our highs throughout the week. this weekend just slightly warmer with highs in the mid-7 as and the warmer temperatures in the 40s and san francisco will see low 60s throughout the week so it will feel like it's early spring and i was hoping for spring showers but it doesn't look like that's going to happen any time soon. >> 20more inches, kari.
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what kind of time period are we talking about when we talk about needing 20 more inches? >> that goes back to october. our whole water year, so, yeah, no, we're going into our dry season once again. >> yeah. kari, really fascinating. thanks so much. well, coming up mariah carey is famous for those high notes, you know the ones. ♪♪ ♪ baby come and take me away ♪ >> well, now she's hitting a different tone when it comes to covid-19, and it's all on tape. but, first, happening now, a legal victory for google. in a 6-2 vote supreme court justices sided with google in an $8 billion plus copyright dispute with okayle. the case centered around goggle's use of oracle's computer code to create the android operating system. stay with me here, okay. google wrote millions of lines of new computer codes for its android system, but it also used 11,000 lines of code that's part
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of oracle's java platform. oracle claims it's illegal but use of the code was covered under the doctrine of fair use. the high court agreed. today's ruling is the reversal of an appeals court decision. we're back after the break.
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in the bay area. we just got the new video into the newsroom of the vice president speaking with governor gavin newsom. our own melissa colorado is there following the vp and will more for us at 3:00 p.m. >> one bay area driver is making history on the nascar circuit. here's laura garcia with how she's breaking barriers. >> reporter: toni bridinger is the first female to compete in a nascar series event, and you know what, she's from the bay area. the 21-year-old is from hillsboro and the trailblazer credits her family for giving her the jump start to succeed. >> my mom, you know, was born in lebanon and being a war refugee so i feel like for me she changed her game, came to america and really made her own path which was really inspiring for me. >> well, many of you may be feeling a variety of emotions
11:27 am
about the covid vaccine, deeper than you ever dreamed of. mariah carey no exception. listen to her. [ squeals ] >> oak yeah. >> what is she screaming because it was hurt or because she was trying to hit high note again. she let that out when she was receiving the vaccine on saturday. while she did not say whether she was getting the pfizer or morinda or johnson & johnson but shy did say this is part one. we can assume we'll look forward to part two in a couple of weeks. maybe we'll see if she hits a different note. >> i've heard her go much higher, kari. that wasn't that high. >> yeah. i was thinking she's going scare the nurse and you never know what's going to happen with a nodl and, you know, being scared. that was not a good idea. >> probably not. a look at our forecast once again. yeah, we're going have beautiful weather whether you're out in
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the vaccination lines. hopefully you get a chance to enjoy some sunshine as well. >> all right. kari, thanks, and thanks to you for joining us today. our next newscast is at 5:00 but as always we're online, too. check us out see you there.
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