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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  April 3, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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i'm terry mcsweeney. we've been here before, weeks of cases on a downward trend but starting to rise again. california reported more than 4800 new cases yesterday, more than double the cases reported thursday. there are new concerns over a new variant scientists discovered in the bay area. reachers say it has two mutations, first identified in india. stanford believe it is the first case in the u.s. dr. patel of the brookings institution explains why this should be on the radar. >> the reason the double mutation is becoming a specific concern there is one mutation on the double on the spike protein is particularly evasive and can cause your immune system to escape and be able to get reinfected.
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>> santa clara county says right now the cdc does not consider this new variant a variant of interest but south bay health are keeping an eye on it but now concerned about other strains of the virus. boosting vaccinations in some of the hardest hit communities and today, hit on east palo alto. here's something we haven't heard, anyone 18 and older is eligible. we have more. >> this is wonderful. it's local. >> reporter: jane was ready to roll up her sleeve to get vaccinated. she joined a line of cars outside cesar chavez middle school. >> i do want to get the vaccination and johnson & johnso has seen high covid rates and lagging behind the rest of the county in vaccinations. >> we are the first city from east palo alto to give
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vaccinations for everyone 18 and over. council member antonio lopez says it was important to move ahead and they try to boost vaccination rates. >> we're not an older age city. if you want to jump up 20% from the bottom of the county you have to extend the demographics. part of the disadvantage we faced early on in the rollout was being unable to vaccinate our younger populations not as vulnerable due to their age. >> reporter: he says it should help a community sometimes not willing to speak up. >> those of color and of times not fluent in english or legal status are not prone to speak out. >> reporter: the site is not permanent and may move to other locations. >> reporter: she got vaccinated today and was pleased with the outcome. she said it took time to find a
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place. >> like three weeks. >> reporter: you have been looking three weeks? >> yes. and he said, thank the lord, he couldn't get it either. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. >> let's look how the bay area is doing with the rollout showing the percentage of people in each county gotten one shot today, contra costa passed the 50% mark and above, doing quite well and the south bay lagging behind. santa clara with 48% and specifying the percentage of people with at least one shot. begging for more time and more doses doesn't look like it will happen at the mass vaccination site at oakland coliseum. this is a time lapse of drivers weaving through the parking lot today to get vaccines, a popular spot. this site is set to close down as planned on april 11th, days before the state officially
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opens eligibility for anyone 16 years and older. just yesterday, alameda county representatives sent letters to fema requesting the site keep running another four weeks while the county makes plans to take it over. both california senators also called for it to remain open. despite all that it appears fema along with the state's office of emergency services will shut it down next sunday which marks the end of the eight week program. if you couldn't get to the coliseum, that's okay, vaccines are giving away at fremont high school. if you live in these zip codes you can get the shot. people at least 18 can get a shot here. the lineund the high school campus. many people were happy this vaccine clinic was in their neighborhood. >> it's fantastic providing so many outreach opportunities into the community where people can
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come and take advantage of the opportunity to get their vaccine. it's important for everybody to get their vaccine sooner rather than later to have fewer covid cases and fatalities in oakland. >> if you didn't get to the clinic today you have another opportunity next week. thursday, friday, and saturday, from 8:00 in the morning until 4:00 in the afternoon. click on coming back from covid in our trending bar and we're looking at the tracking and restrictions in the bay area. a girl last seen in oakland has been found. the body of tatiana dugger in sisski you county after three months. her body was in a remote area on federal land eight miles outside the town of weed due too dna. it's not clear yet what led to
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her death. supporting the aapi community. >> say their names. say their names. >> the group, asians with attitude organized today's rally. members have spent the last couple months patrolling the streets to get to know the businesses and shop owners and want the asian community to know someone wants to keep them safe. >> we didn't choose to be social activists. it came out of a need. like many of you, we were home the beginning of the year watching attacks on our elders and couldn't take it. >> the group says they want to protect and rebuild the community. we haven't seen too many aapi rallies like this one, people marching along the coast of pacifica today. supervisor was among the others at the community center and police blocked off the street to allow them to walk along the
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coast at rock away beach. the faculty released an own letter to the board of trustees calling for outrage and transparency. last month the president announced mills will close all academic programs by 2023. the faculty said it comes without consideration of faculty and went on to list the school's accomplishments, calling it an institution america can't afford to lose and want details what the closure and faculty and alumni. eye hackers may have stolen personal data and sending mass e-mails threatening to publish data in an attem high schools and government agencies targeted in this attack, stanford among them by the way. while it happened in january some organizations are only becoming aware now of the attack. new at 6:00, a massive data
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breach from facebook in 2019 is getting a lot of attention this weekend. details from 500 million facebook users were found available on a website for hackers. facebook said it found and fixed the issue in august 2019 but the phone numbers and birthdays and locations and e-mail address are still up for grabs in at least one hacker database. facebook has dealt with information for years and how safe personal information on social media sites really is. the golden gate bridge, overcast and cooler but a gorgeous spring day, a dry spring day. could have used a wet one, didn't get it. kind of a nice day still. rob is here talking about easter sunday weather. rob. >> we were seeing summer in places like walnut creek. these temperatures were flipped this time two evenings ago in
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the mid-80s. a chilly day in walnut creek, numbers in the mid-60s. for san jose plan on a somewhat sunny afternoon, mix of high clouds. temperatures in the mid-60s. north bay, more high clouds. san francisco, upper 50s. for now, no rain on the radar. the only storm that could do that is way offshore right out here. could we see changes in the 12 day forecast comingthe pacifica re-opened after being damaged by high tides and waves. checking it out before the crabbers and fishermen moved in. >> i think it's wonderful to have people bring them to pacifica. it's great. >> only a section of the
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l-shaped pier perpendicular to the shoreline is back open. the portion that remains parallel is closed because of a broken railing and not sure when it will be fixed. when we come back, a cracked at a weekend and changes and reactions from the community. plus, he's dusting off his yellow vest and stop sign returning to class, not a big deal for teachers and students and parents, his store when we come back. today's ways of working may work differently tomorrow. but you can work out anything with comcast business. get fast internet on the network that can deliver gig speeds to the most businesses. flexible tools — like wi-fi you control. voice solutions that connect you from anywhere. and expert advice here, here, or even here.
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lake merit a popular spot. starting today, new rules out there. this is partly why. our reporter, melissa, showed a video of cars parked in the middle of the street. people in line at illegal vendors shows a typical weekend at lake merit. a crackdown is under way with parking and parties operating without a permit. some roads will be closed and some hope closures will help safety. it's about striking the right balance while getting fun and being covid safe. >> being fully vaccinated, you still have a risk of spreading disease or getting it yourself, and, yeah, i hope folks are still careful. >> remember last summer, the
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city deployed park ambassadors to provide social distancing at lake merritt. students across the bay area are returning to campus and means crossing guards are also getting back to work. this crossing guard here couldn't be happier. that's tim wynn. he's retired. over a decade ago he decided to help out the santa clara school district and when the schools were closed he didn't have anything to do and happy to be back with the students and parents. >> i like the people around here. i like them and i like myself. >> he likes them and they like him. nguyen has been a crossing guard for 17 years. people saying they have plans for easter sunday. will you cooperate or the
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weather cooperate, i should say? >> both. a sneak preview of the forecast. high clouds coming over san jose. what a drop in temperatures about a couple days ago, record breaking highs all over the place. now back to jacket weather, 58 degrees. dublin, similar temperatures, 57 degrees. west wind, 15. camera bouncing a bit from the breezy conditions around the tri-valley. 55 degrees in san francisco. the sea breeze backed off of it but the combination of high clouds has helped drop our temperatures down. it's actually warmer at lake tahoe, 59 degrees, still plenty of snow for your spring skiing plans but those sierra temperatures are starting to look a little more like april. in the 60s and cooler monday and tuesday. no new snow expected this weekend and possibly a few showers by thursday. misty skies for the morning and
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coast and maybe see misty skies early in the morning through 8:00. heading to late morning in the afternoon, high clouds spreading out of the west and temperatures in the 50s near san francisco, 66 in san jose and upper 60s in the tri-valley. a little cooler than average, nicer than the early season upper 80s we had in a few spots two days ago. all of the rain chances are hinging on this storm a few days ago. the problem it will mainly stall off to the west. you see how the shower bands never get close to the bay area. this high system might bring some rain thursday and friday. the long range weather plan has trended a lot drier. we go to the 18th and there is some snow but most precipitation
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chances keep those way off to the north and east. in the meantime, temperatures trending relatively cool. see san francisco, no 80s in the 7-day forecast, a welcome sight to most thinking the warm-up was too soon for us. the valley temperatures will be trending warmer by midweek. a drier look than the 7-day forecast. a bit breezy and the storm not likely to bring april showers to the forecast just yet. easter sunday plans look nice around the bay area. >> good for an easter egg hunt at your house, perhaps. >> right. i have to be quiet and don't want to give away any secrets. keeping college athletes safe ahead in involving smart watches next. if your dry eye symptoms keep coming back, inflammation in your eye might be to blame.
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here is a live look at the white house. president biden ordered u.s. flags be flown at half-staff through april 6th, in honor of the capitol police officer killed in yesterday's attack, william billy evans died when a man rammed his car into two officers before being shot to death himself. it will likely delay the reopening of capital grounds roped off since the january 6th riot. no word it was related to the resurrection. some barriers have already come down but the attack is igniting the debate for security measures. a swing and a miss, firing back after the league commissioner announced he's pulling this summer's all-star
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game out of atlanta. >> reporter: the governor of georgia, governor bryan kemp, taking a few hacks saturday at the latest move by major league baseball pulling the plug from atlanta and moving it to another state. >> yesterday, major league baseball caved to fear and lives from liberal activists. they ignored the facts of our new election integrity law and ignored the consequences of their decision on our local community. >> reporter: baseball commissioner rob manfred cited a new election law kemp signed last month saying it is designed to suppress turnout and limit minority ballot access the general assembly more power despite president trump's baseless claim of widespread voter fraud, georgia officials said at the time it was free and fair. >> he said there were no issues and others charged say there
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were no issues, so why then are you changing the rules. >> reporter: delta and coca-cola have announced their opposition to the law. >> i am certainly disappointed major league baseball has decided to pull the all-star league from cobb county, georgia, but i understand. >> reporter: the voters backers says it expands voter access and some laws in democratic led states. >> in new york you have to have an excuse to vote by absentee. in georgia, you can vote absentee for any reason. >> reporter: it's not the first time a pro sports league flexed its political and financial influence. the nba moved its all-star game from north carolina in 2017 after they passed a controversial warm gender law. hoping college athletes will give a better idea how people respond to covid-19. as part of the study, 1,000 student athletes with the conference will receive smart a
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regularly for covid and answer surveys, hoping it will provide previous research that smart watches have the ability to alert people about even maybe covid-1919. anthony, what it's going on now? >> they were so excited about fans returning to the coliseum, i think someone forgot to tell the as. in order for fans to cheer you have to score runs. were the green and gold able to score enough runs to get their first run of the season against the astros? sports is next.
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covid has made clear that having health insurance is more important than ever.
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at covered california, every plan is comprehensive, covering everything from preventive care to mental health. and it's the only place that offers financial help for health insurance. enrollment is open due to covid-19. if you or someone you know isn't covered, now is the time to sign up. covered california. this way to health insurance. enroll now at welcome back. i'm anthony flores. as trying to breakthrough for their first win of the season. astros have dominated outscoring the green and gold 17-6 in the
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first two games of the series, 1-0 in the first. racing home to tie the score, in the fifth, alvarez hits the deep three. astros beat the as 9-1 and oakland falls on the season. a pair of golfers were playing home before the final augusta women's amateur. winning the tournament in a one hole playoff. stanford rachel missed it by one stroke and finished tied for third. sophomore angelina finished 15 at plus 7. >> it was a really special experience. i think i wanted a better result in the end. it's an improvement from last year and also in general, just to have competed among some of the best amateurs in the world on augusta national.
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it's definitely an accomplishment. >> you're now the national championships game. >> that's right. stanford will take on arizona for the national championship on sunday. haley jones hit the go ahead jumper with just over 30 seconds remaining. south carolina had two great looks at the end but came up empty. the cardinals beat that other usc to advance to their first title game since 2010. >> it's surreal. i don't think it hit me yet, everybody wanting to go to the national championship to play on the biggest stage and crowd against the biggest team, with this being a year we have been so much together, putting ourselves on the stage means so much to us. we won't take a second for granted. >> that was a thrilling win last night. the pride of san mateo sets
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the tokyo olympics, can you believe this, a little more than four months away. the torch relay continued, day 10 of the 120 day relay, largely seen as the first marriage test of the ability to hold a large scale event during the pandemic. keep in mind the people in japan will be welcome. outsiders are not. some 10,000 runners a part of this torch relay. people are asked to wear masks and eliminate cheering to eliminate the spread of the virus. don't cheer. so far, no infections tied to the relay. summer olympics july 23rd. you can watch the action on nbc bay area. thanks for joining us. a gorgeous shot of the city. tonight, "nbc bay area responds." sarah bauer: things went bad real quick. my tax return dropped by $4,000. chris: some families are feeling an unexpected tax shock.
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we'll brace you for major changes, thanks to covid-19, and we'll show you new ways to get the biggest tax refund possible, possibly thousands of dollars more than last year. plus-- lorena gonzalez: i think people are fed up, and it's time to give our constituents the same thing that the majority of americans have. chris: big changes at the state unemployment office after workers complained to us about unnecessary steps to get paid their unemployment benefits. also-- jacob burns: i've tried probably 40 times, 50 times, and it just says, "rejected," "rejected." chris: main street versus wall street. a member of the country's newest crop of stock investors hits a roadblock getting his money. we're speaking up for him and getting results. we'll also help you ask the right questions if you want to start investing too. ♪♪♪ chris chmura: good evening, and welcome to our "nbc bay area responds" special. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. our response team is fast approaching our fifth anniversary since we debuted in june of 2016.


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