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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  April 3, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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right now at 5:00, marching against hate. more action this weekend to support the asian american community. plus, a troubling discovery in the bay area. the new covid variant researchers are keeping their eye on and what you need to know about it. also, it is the first in san mateo county, a new vaccine clinic openst 's not open to ev. we'll tell you how to know if you qualifi. good evening, everyone. thanks for joining us.
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boosting vaccinations in some of the bay area's hardest hit communities. today a new clinic opened for people in east palo alto. here's something we haven't heard of on the peninsula -- anyone 18 and older is eligible. nbc bay area with more. >> reporter: cars lined the street outside cesar chavez's middle school, but there were no classes today. >> this is wonderful because it is local. >> reporter: only vaccinations. jane jones was ready to roll up her sleeve. >> for my job, i do need it. and because i'm always talking to people. i do want to get the vaccination, plus the johnson & johnson is one and done. >> reporter: this is part of a collaborative effort to boost low vaccination rates in east palo alto. a community that's seen high covid rates and is lagging behind the rest of the county in vaccinations. >> we are the first city of san mateo to have received permission from the equity commission to vaccinate adults 18 and over. >> the rare move comes nearly two weeks before eligibility opens up to everyone in the
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state. council member antonio lopez says it was important to expand eligibility in east palo alto. >> part of the disadvantage that we faced early on in the vaccination rollout was being unable to vaccine our younger populations which, yes, are not as vulnerable due to their age, but through the occupation. >> reporter: he says the clinics should help a community sometimes hesitant to speak up. >> immigrants and folks of color often by lack of english fluency and legal status are wary of speaking out. they let alone affirm their place in line. >> reporter: plans to host clinics are ongoing. the site isn't permanent, and it may move to other locations. eva arias got vaccinated today and was pleased with the outcome. she said it took time to find a place. >> like three weeks. >> reporter: for three weeks? >> yes. and he can't get it either. >> reporter: today was different. in east palo alto, nbc bay area news. people 18 and older who live
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in several oakland neighborhoods hit hard by covid are also eligible for the vaccine. if you live in one of these five zip codes, the fruitvale district, east oakland and west oakland, you can get the vaccine. they're being given at fremont high school and footl'il boulevard. if you live in those neighborhoods but didn't get to the clinic today, you have another opportunity thursday, friday, and saturday from 8:00 to 4:00 p.m. begging for more time and more doses, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen for the mass vaccination site at the oakland coliseum. this is time-lapse video of lines of drivers weaving through the parking lot today to get those vaccines. the "chronicle" reports the site is planned to close as planned on april 11th. that's just days before the state officially opens eligibility for anyone 16 and older. just yesterday alameda county representatives sent letters to fema requesting the site keep running for another four weeks while the county makes plans to take it over. both of california's senators have also called for it to remain open.
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as of now, it appears fema along with the state's office of emergency services will shut it down next sunday, which marks the end of the eight-week program. let's look at how the bay area is doing with rollout. this map shows the percentage of people in each county who have gotten at least one shot. and today contra costa county got into the 50% mark. marin and selma counties are here, above 50%. marin well above 50%. south bay lagging behind. santa clara county at 38% but getting better every day it seems. health leaders say 40% of the population is fully vaccinated in napa, but they're not specifying the percentage of people with at least one shot. now after weeks of cases trending downward, new cases in california are going in the wrong direction now. the state reported more than 4,800 new infections yesterday, more than double the number of cases reported on thursday. this comes as stanford researchers have identified a new variant in the bay area.
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it was first identified in india and has two mutations. stanford believes this is the first case of this variant in the united states. and several other cases are suspected in other parts of the bay area. in an interview with cnbc, dr. patel of the brookings institution explains why this variant is concerning. >> viruses mutate all the time. the reason this double mutation is becoming a significant concern is there is one part of that mutation of the double that is on that spike protein that is particularly evasive and can cause the immunity -- your immune system to escape and be able to get reinfected. >> santa clara county says right now the cdc does not consider the double mutant variant a, quote, variant of interest. the south bay health leaders are keeping an eye on it, though they say they're more concerned about other strains of the virus. our coronavirus coverage continues on line. head to, and click on coming back from covid
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in our trending bar. we're keeping track of the latest information about vaccines and covid restrictions in the bay area. cracking down on crowds. lake merritt always a popular spot when the weather's nice. new rules are in effect there. this is partly why. our reporter shot this video of cars parked in the middle of the street and people in line that illegal vendors selling things like beer and weed. neighbors say it shows a typical weekend. this weekend a crackdown is under way on parking, parties, and those vendors operating without a permit. some roads will also be closed. the city hopes the closures will improve safety. some people we spoke with say the changes are working but have too high of a price tag. >> it's definitely less crazy because they've blocked off lakeshore. so there aren't -- there aren't people double parking. but i'm not sure the city should be spending $25,000 a week to stop people from double parking. >> you may remember last summer
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the city deployed park ambassadors to promote social distancing and other covid precautions at the lake. switching to our microclimate forecast, a live look outside at palo alto. if you've been outside today, it looks nice, looks a lot like a few days ago, but it's much different. a bit cooler today compared to the temperatures earlier this week. let's bring in meteorologist rob mayeda. a huge day for people getting outside, easter sunday. >> the weather conditions should be nice. as you see over my shoulder, the temperatures in san jose almost 25 degrees cooler than just about a couple of days ago. now down to 59 with the high clouds. and we're likely to see more of that during the day tomorrow. you notice the easter sunday forecast will include more high clouds in san jose. temperatures tomorrow in the mid 60s. similar trend as we head to the bay for easter plans. morning temperatures in the 50s, afternoon spending the day in the 60s. san francisco could have some drizzle told starts you off tomorrow morning. highs in the upper 50s, and our final stop in walnut creek tomorrow. high clouds will be passing by.
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temperatures in the 60s. obviously storm ranger getting a break right now. no rain that we're seeing even though we got a lot of low clouds on the coast. that ocean air conditioning cooling down our temperatures. but farther in the pacific, we'd hoped to see some rain out of this storm right here. now not so much. we'll take a closer look at the changes in your seven-day forecast and when warmer temperatures could make a comeback coming up in about ten minutes. terry? >> thanks very much. in oakland today, a huge crowd rallied in the city's chinatown neighborhood to support the aapi community. >> say their names -- >> say their names -- >> say their names -- >> say their names -- >> the group asians with attitude organized today's rally. as we reported, members have spent the last couple of months patrolling the streets, getting to know local business and shop owners. they say they want the asian community to know someone is out there trying to keep them safe. >> you know, we didn't choose to become social activists. it came out of a need. like many of you, we are home
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watching attacks on elders, and we couldn't take it. >> the group says they want to protect and rebuild the community. from oakland to the coast, dozens of people in pacifica marching today, calling for an end to violence and hate against asian americans. san mateo supervisor david canapa was among the speakers at the pacifica community center. police blocked off highway 1 for a short time so marchers could cross and walk at rockaway beach. georgia's governor brian kemp is not backing down following major league baseball's decision to pull the all-star game out of atlanta this summer. the league made the decision after governor kemp signed a controversial election reform bill into law that adds restrictions including requiring i.d. for mail voting and making it illegal to give food or water to voters waiting in line. today the governor blasted the league's decisions calling an t an example of cancel culture. >> georgians and all americans should know what this decision
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means. it means cancel culture and partisan activists are coming for your business. they're coming for your game or event in your hometown, and they're coming to cancel everything from sports to how you make a living. >> former president barack obama applauded the move by mlb. he tweeted in part there's no better way for america's pastime to honor the great hank aaron who always led by example. aaron, who died earlier this year, played most of his legendary career with the atlanta braves and is scheduled to be honored during the midsummer classic in july. new sites for the game has not been announced. new video of a fire that damaged a recycling plant in oakland. firefighters say it started just after 9:00 at a homeless camp near the railroad tracks. it then spread to the worldwide green resource recycling building. that's near the coliseum there on san leandro street. here's the aftermath tweeted by the oakland fire department. no reports of any injuries.
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obviously a lot of damage. up next at 5:00, getting ready to cruise again. new rules for cruise lines and what it means for your summer vacation. also, a warning for students at hundreds of universities. why their personal data is at risk tonight. plus, which bay area schools say they're impacted. and new details about the attack on the u.s. capitol and the suspect's troubled final months. and with new cdc travel guidelines, the new vacation destinations airlines are adding and why experts say you should book now.
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a record day of vaccinations. the head of the white house covid team says more than four million americans received the vaccine yesterday. the first time the number of doses administered has topped four million. getting ready for the return of cruises. new guidelines from the cdc, you might remember the grand princess, anchored for weeks in the bay area. passengers quarantined -- this was last february. in the end, at least eight people died, more than 100 people were infected with covid. the cdc's new instructions include daily reporting of covid cases and routine testing of everybody on that crew. the agency also wants a plan and timeline for vaccinating all crew and port personnel before cruises resume. the next step will be simulated voyages to allow staff to practice new safety measures before they do the real thing. no word yet on when cruises can
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operate again. students and teachers across the bay area continue to return to campus, and that means crossing guards are also getting back to work. clara unified school district by becoming a crossing guard for scott lane elementary. when the schools were closed, he nothing to do. he didn't like it. now he says he's happy to be back welcoming students and parents. >> i like the children, and i like the people out here. i love my job. >> yeah. i feel they love you, too. he's been a crossing guard for 17 years now. a welcome sight in pacifica as a stretch of the pier is now back open. it's been closed since january due to damage from high tides and large waves. one crabber we spoke to told us having even part of the pier back up and running is great for the local economy. >> it's great. it's good for the local economy right here in pacifica, and the
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locals don't have to travel as far to do some crab fishing. it's picking up pretty nice. it's good. it's good for everybody in the neighborhood. >> now only the section of the l-shaped pier perpendicular to the shoreline is back open. the city says the portion that runs parallel remains closed due to a broken railing. they're not sure when that's going to reopen. let's check in with rob mayeda. not a bad day for crabbing or fishing. it wasn't bad, chillier but not bad. >> the return of the low clouds which really fired up the ocean air conditioning, too, especially over the last 24 hours. temperatures dropped by another 16 degrees cooler around the tri-valley, up toward concord, compared to the same time yesterday. so places like walnut creek, if you got outdoor plans, you'll want that jacket. we're down to 60 right now. southwest winds at 14 again. two days ago, we had numbers at this hour in the mid 80s. that is quite a change across our inland valleys. currently 55 in san francisco with the high clouds. the view from the north bay,
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pretty one at that. tiberon looking to the south at 62 degrees. west/northwest wind at 17. also breezy into san jose. got the overcast high clouds which will probably make for a nice sunset coming up later on. and around san jose kind of the same around the bay area tonight. jacket weather. we're in the 50s through the rest of the evening. and eventually by tomorrow morning, likely seeing some 40s and low 50s. air quality pretty good thanks to the sea breeze. as you see across the board, that's looking good. pollen count remains extraordinarily high. pretty close to the peak of allergy season around the bay area. it's oak, mulberry, and pine in the high range. for the morning, may have drizzle in addition to the low clouds, especially san francisco and the coast. for the early morning hours, we'll see the low clouds break up a little bit. toward the afternoon, like we're seeing now, more high clouds are going to be coming on in. we'll wrap up the weekend with highs mostly in the 60s inland and likely 50s along the coast from san francisco down into half moon bay. now for the as game, early afternoon start tomorrow. temperatures near 60 around game
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time with those high clouds passing by. unfortunately, no rain-producing clouds. even though that storm offshore looks impressive, watch what happens as we set this into motion. it kind of hits the brakes, tossing some high clouds our way at times. so doesn't look like our odds are very good for finding any april showers between the end of the weekend, probably to the start of next weekend now, as you see there, a drier looking seven-day forecast ahead. but at least no signs of more early season heat like we saw earlier this week. san francisco will have the morning clouds at times. trending a little bit warmer toward wednesday. and valleys, another warmup middle part of next week but not to the extremes that broke records. mid 70s by midweek. a dry looking seven-day forecast heading towards next weekend. and a little chilly at times for your easter sunday plans. but overall, pretty nice with those numbers in the 60s and high clouds. back to you. >> the rain we were talking
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about for this weekend was kind of going to happen and will fell apart. >> yeah. it's just literally just off the coast. just doesn't look like it's going to break through the ridge unfortunately. >> all right, rob. thank you so much. next, hundreds of schools packed. the bay area universities warning students that their personal information might be at risk.
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capitol. we've witnessed a lot over the past year, and it's all headed to the history books. now some teachers have come up with a plan they hope will improve civics classes. nbc's amy cho gives us a look at what the future of social studies might look like. >> reporter: we all watched the riots unfold at the capitol. and we've seen the misinformation spreading on line. so where does it all come from? and where do we go from here? some teachers say the solution starts in school. >> i do believe that that is a lack of proper civic and history education. >> reporter: jessica park teaches history. she says for years history classes have been about the basics like places and dates. >> the fact that they're memorizing facts, it really doesn't teach them the subjects at all. it's teaching them how to take a test. >> reporter: it's why earlier this month hundreds of teachers from around the country put out this plan called "educating for
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american democracy." before students might memorize things like where is the constitution written, what are the three branches of government, and when was shay's rebellion. under the new plan, they would learn those but do a deeper dive. like what is a fair society? how do we ensure liberty and justice for all? why is the bill of rights so important? >> i don't think we really ask those types of questions. >> reporter: he says as a kid his teachers only scratched the surface. now his son, jacob, is in middle school and says history class is more in-depth. >> when we're writing essays, those are more deep thinking types of questions. i like doing the essays more. >> reporter: the teachers behind the new plan say they hope to roll it out over the next decade. they also want to see more funding for history classes. as they work to teach the past and move forward toward a better future. amy cho, nbc news. a warning for all u.c.
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students and staff tonight. hackers may have stolen and published personal data. they've also been sending mass emails threatening to publish data in an attempt to scare people into giving them money. the uc system is just the tip of the iceberg. hundreds of other schools, government agencies, and companies have been targeted in this attack. stanford among them. while the breach happened back in december and january, some organizations are only now becoming aware of the attack. coming up, a new turn of events in the case of the stolen duck statue. we'll tell you more about this next.
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fashion designer mossimo giannulli tied to the college admission scandal will serve the rest of his sentence at home. giannulli, husband of actress lori loughlin, was leased early from a facility down in lompoc. the couple pleaded guilty to paying half a million dollars to get their two daughters into usc. loughlin spent two months in jail in the east bay last year, serving time in dublin. giannulli reported to prison last november. the two were among the most high-profile people involved but there were a lot of people involved. parents paid hefty bribes to get teens into schools using rigged test scores or fake athletic credentials. a followup now a story that had a lot of people talking. police in the south bay may have cracked the case of roberta the stolen rubber duck. you see the video, you'll remember -- remember this? mountainview police have
5:27 pm
arrested three people suspected of stealing the duck statue from a front yard last month. here you see the -- the thieves in action. caught on surveillance tape. police made the arrest thursday at a home in santa clara. looks like the third person has a video camera and is documenting this whole thing. detectives also found drugs and burglary tools at that home. strange case. we're back in a moment.
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finally tonight, it cost a lot of money to get tom brady. even if you're just buying one of his signed rookie cards. are you ready for this -- $2.2 million is what someone shelled out for that rare card at an auction last night. the highest price ever paid for a football card. starting bid was $75,000. you know how much tom brady made when he was playing his rookie
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year? $495,000. the card is worth more than he was. this is considered the holy grail of tom brady rookie cards. brady is considered by most the best quarterback of all time. he won his seventh super bowl ring less than two months ago. the bay area proud of him. san mateo native. e who insist tonight the attack on the capitol new details on the man who allegedly rammed his car into a barrier, then killed a police officer the suspect's family speaking out tonight as we learn more about the man who lost his life defending the capitol. and new questions about securing one of the most important buildings in the nation people vaccinated yesterday alone. a new record but cases are still on the rise how bad is this new surge? and why are southern states with looser restrictions doing better
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impending disaster hundreds of millions of gallons of radioactive waste water at risk of breaking through and


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