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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  April 3, 2021 12:36am-1:36am PDT

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>> steve: jimmy! >> jimmy: higgins! you've been here the whole time >> steve: yeah, sure have. show's been a little quiet, you know you're not in trouble with nbc are you? >> jimmy: no >> steve: trouble with the law >> jimmy: higgins, we were across the hall. >> steve: oh >> jimmy: you haven't called me back you haven't checked your text messages >> steve: dude, i was social distancing >> jimmy: that's not what that means. >> steve: what
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>> jimmy: anyway, look new york city's starting to open back up they're letting us come back to our hold studio. have an audience again it's time to go back >> steve: i miss the studio. ♪ >> announcer: tonight on "late night with seth meyers" -- jake tapper, star of "fargo," actor glynn turman an all-new "closer look. featuring the 8g band with fred armisen and now seth meyers. >> seth: good evening, i'm seth meyers and this is "late night. how's everybody doing tonight? okay, good to hear let's get to the news. after texas governor greg abbo governor gavin newsom tweeted quote, "absolutely reckless.
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but i don't think it helped he tweeted it from the french laundry. white house press secretary jen psaki said yesterday that states will now receive 2.8 million doses of the newly approved johnson & johnson vaccine, which is great, but the question was about air strikes in syria president biden said yesterday that his goal is that every teacher can receive the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine by the end of march. said teachers, "may receive. twitter announced a new system yesterday to curb disinformation about coronavirus vaccines on its platform any tweets about vaccines will contain a flag to let you know if the person tweeting it was a child star in the '80s former trump white house press secretary kayleigh mcenany joined fox news yesterday as an on-air commentator, so it's kind of like her old job except now she'll be on fox a little less treasury secretary janet yellen said recently that senator elizabeth warren's proposed tax on millionaires could be quote, "too messy to
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implement" which was then seconded by the senator from east virginia, guy realperson. wait a minute, there's no senator guy realperson and i'm pretty sure there's no east virginia. check it, shoemaker. according to a new poll, almost 30% of voters would entertain specifically two following recent power outages amid a winter storm, some texans were reportedly asked to treat missed days of work as vacation days while others didn't have to be asked according to a new report, people 75 years or older are the second most vulnerable to fraud attacks. i would say call your congressman to do something about it but they're on the line with the reverse mortgage company right now. "don't sell me down the river, quigley. a small porcelain bowl that was purchased at a connecticut yard sale for $35 was recently revealed to be a rare 15th
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century chinese artifact worth up to $500,000 said the connecticut homeowner, "which is a lot? [ light laughter ] and finally a man in california is facing a fine after he allegedly used a mannequin for at least a year and a half to drive in the carpool lane. he probably could have got out of it but his lawyer didn't say a word still beats rudy and that was the monologue, you guys we got a great show for you tonight. he's host of cnn's "the lead with jake tapper." he's a good friend of this show. we're so happy he's gonna be back jake tapper will be here and this guy is just an incredible actor he makes everything he's in better he just reser -- received, excuse me, a critics choice nomination for his role in "fargo." glynn turman will be joining us. but before we get to all that, texas and mississippi announced that they're lifting their covid restrictions, including mask mandates, against the strong warnings of public health
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officials. and the same republicans putting workers in harm's way are also silent on a courageous drive to unionize amazon workers. for more on this, it's time for "a closer look." ♪ >> seth: we are tantalizingly close to what could very well be the end of the covid pandemic. no one knows exactly when that could happen predictions for when we'll hit herd immunity and return to normal range from as early as april to as late as christmas. but we know with vaccines ramping up, and cases trending down, especially as we get closer to summer, there are genuine reasons for optimism and i know it's hard to believe, when i hear good news, it's like when a vegan eats a cheeseburger, my body doesn't know what to do with it, but it knows it's good. our souls have all been ground to dust by a relentless winter, and a year of being trapped indoors drinking gin straight from the bottle, and binging increasingly obscure tv shows. it got so bad, i downloaded a german streaming service called - [ speaking in a foreign language ] to watch a crime show that takes place in baden-wurttemberg
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starring famed german character actor albrecht von muller-schmidt as detective otto jager-hauer oh, man, let me tell you, n for. anyway, the point is, we're so close, we can't screw it up now. we need to spend the next two or three months really crushing this thing so we can all have a potentially beautiful summer the senate is on the verge of passing a massive covid relief plan to help get everyone through the next few months. and president biden has announced a production deal that could ensure vaccines for every american by the end of may think about that, come july 4th, you could be knocking back a cold one in your neighbor's yard while he flips burgers and drones on about how much better it is to cook with charcoal. you'll be seeing so much of your neighbors, you'll start praying for the next pandemic. we could get there it's possible. we just have to spend the next few months not screwing up which of course, means some governors immediately started racing to screw it up. >> the governors of texas and mississippi say they are lifting nearly all of their state's coronavirus restrictions and mask mandates in the coming
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days, now despite new warnings that the u.s. could soon face a deadly fourth surge of the virus. health officials are warning americans should not become complacent because this pandemic is not over yet. we are still seeing roughly 1,500 deaths every single day from the virus >> all businesses of any type are allowed to open 100% also i'm ending the statewide mask mandate >> your reaction to the governor's announcement today? >> insanity. i'd like to say that -- that governor abbott has lost his mind >> seth: in fairness, maybe he didn't lose it, maybe it just os watch. damn it, guys. we are so close! why are you doing this now you really want people to congregate at full capacity in bars and gyms and night clubs? i wouldn't even go to a full-capacity night club without a pandemic i mean, why? so i can awkwardly wave my hands in the air to some edm while a jacked dude on molly touches my
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face and asks me how stefon is he's fine. he's fine and he's fictional and by the way, this isn't the fault of texans. they need and deserve help and vaccines as much as anyone else. it's the fault of their political leaders. and look, i get it, businesses really are struggling. it's still too early to reopen the riskiest ones. and we should just be giving everyone money to survive, but i understand it's a difficult trade-off. but rescinding the mask mandates, that's just full insanity masks work there's so much proof. thanks to masks and social distancing, the flu basically vanished this year meanwhile south dakota resisted a mask mandate and that state's mortality rate has been the highest in the country since last july. plus, i got to be honest, i'm surprised politicians that are so pro cowboy hat find masks uncomfortable. maybe it's my weak neck, but i'd rather wear 100 masks than one of those big old hats. it's a shame though, because i look very good and natural when i wear one that's real. that's not photoshopped.
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one of the most galling parts of rescinding the mask mandates is that many of the people who will suffer most are workers. the mask isn't just for your safety, it's for the safety of those around you workers who have no choice but to show up to their jobs in person will be at risk, and the politicians will be fine so please, keep wearing a mask the last thing a foot locker employee needs is for you to show up maskless and spend an hour trying on different sizes of red yeezys that are going to look ridiculous on you no matter what and by the way, this is the same party that as we speak is trying to rebrand itself as a workers' party, even as they needlessly put workers in harm's way. in the aftermath of the trump presidency, you've probably heard a few republicans ludicrously tried to frame themselves as the champions of the working class. you know, the same guys who crammed through a $2 trillion tax cut for corporations and the wealthy in the dead of night without a single hearing, and literally scribbled notes in the margins at the last minute to make it easier for the wealthy to avoid taxes by using pass-through companies all that stuff springsteen is always singing about.nts and i'll get
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back i mean, now it's good. i had a bad one last week, but now it's fully like he's here. remember when elizabeth warren, who is now pushing for a wealth tax on the richest americans that the fake republican populists also oppose, tried to read the text of the gop tax cut and couldn't even make out what it said? >> they're sending around their edits as we speak. adjustments attributable to conversion from s-corporation -- oh, it's been cut off. to corporation, section 481 is amended by adding at the "en," i assume they mean end but again it's all cut off the following new subsection, adjustments attributable to conversion for a corporation someper in -- dangerous? that can't be right.
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>> seth: she sounds like she's trying to read the text on a bottle of dr. bronner's. "made with mint, lavender, juniper and whale meat that can't be right. by the time they were done with it, that bill looked like a science textbook you got for $6 at an off-campus bookstore the one where the last paragraph says, "as of this publishing, jonas salk is getting some promising results. and i have to say, watching a harvard professor try to make heads or tails of nonsensical writing gave me chilling flashbacks to college. "so that's why pacino and de niro make convincing, if unlikely, adversaries in the movie 'heat.'" "now mr. meyers, you do know this is a chemistry class, right? "hey, you're not going to find better chemistry than de niro and pacino in their prime! that is a much more explosive combo than hydrogen peroxide and sodium iodide. they should do a remake of that movie now, and instead of a diner, they'd meet virtually." "thanks for meeting me in the zoom room. i'm ready to zoom tonight, baby."
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"i can't hear you. did somebody mute you? somebody muted you?" "what? i'm on mute? nobody mutes alfredo james pacino my mic is always hot, baby and i'm feeling sky high!" [ light laughter ] it's very nice when there are no people here -- [ light laughter ] because then i can give the people what they want. [ light laughter ] so the same guys who wrote and voted for that massive giveaway to corporations and the wealthy, who are needlessly putting workers in harm's way by repealing mask mandates and using them as cannon fodder against the virus, are now trying to rebrand themselves as working-class populists. texas senator ted cruz tried that last week at the conservative political action conference, and then again this week on fox news >> the democratic party has abandoned the working-class men
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and women, the millions of people who are out of jobs, who are seeing their wages pulled down, who are competing to provide for their families with people coming illegally. that's not who the democratic party represents anymore they don't represent unions anymore. they don't represent construction workers or truck drivers or working men and women anymore. the republican party is not the party just of the country clubs. the republican party is the party of steel workers and construction workers and pipeline workers and taxi cab drivers and cops and firefighters and waiters and waitresses and the men and women with calluses on their hands who are working for this country that is our party. >> seth: oh please, ted cruz, your hands are so delicate, you need an epidural to get through a manicure the only calluses ted cruz has on his hands are from checking kayak on his phone also, i'm willing to bet the only truck driver cruz has ever met is this guy. but yeah, sure, we all believe you're a pro-union, blue collar guy who's fighting for working
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people from your flight to the ritz carlton in cancun i'm sure those construction workers you're pretending to care about are thrilled that, thanks to the tax bill you voted c-corporations and use their corporate pass-through vehicles to reduce their tax liability. everybody remembers the famous photo of steelworkers sitting atop a skyscraper. but did you know they wrote off those lunch boxes as business expenses by funneling their income through a limited liability company? but if ted cruz and his fellow faux populist hucksters, like missouri senator josh hawley, really wanted to prove their supposed pro-union, blue collar bona fides, they could easily speak up in favor of a courageous and unprecedented union drive by amazon workers in alabama. because right now, those workers are bravely taking on one of the richest and most powerful companies in the world, and the company is going to extreme lengths to stop them >> a historic showdown in alabama tonight involving the world's largest online retailer, and it's drawing the attention of the white house. thousands of workers at an
12:51 am
amazon warehouse voting on whether to form the company's first labor union in the u.s amazon is pushing its employees to vote no >> bessemer,e where about 6,000 employees are voting right now on whether to form the internet giant's first union in the u.s. it's a bitter battle warehouse employees like jennifer bates constantly get texts from amazon warning that union dues could leave them with less money than they already have anti-union flyers are even posted inside warehouse bathroom stalls >> seth: first of all, amazon, stop sending anti-union texts. in fact, stop sending texts in general. amazon texts me more than my wife, especially when i ask her about one of my impressions. seriously amazon, i don't need a text every time i place an order, then another one when that order's received, then another when the package is shipped and another when it's dropped off. what's next? a text when my neighbor gets mad that i left the package in the hallway for too long and reports me to the co-op board for a
12:52 am
disciplinary hearing "janet, i know you've been trying to get me kicked out because you hate my welcome mat, but too bad because i think it's funny. and we need to laugh, janet! it's hard to overstate just how seismic and historic this union drive is amazon workers are fighting against the largest retailer in the world, run by one of the richest men in the world, which is going all-out to stop them. >> why do you want to join a union? >> because i feel like we need an amplified voice we've been talking to amazon about issues that we've had, and they've ignored us so we need a sense of security and a louder voice and better -- better wages >> amazon hired a group of union paid each consultant $3,200 a day to try to convince these people to vote against theirselves. amazon is no more than when we look at things down there, it's a sweat shop and people are out there just working they have to touch a package every eight seconds, they have
12:53 am
to touch a package they're are only allowed two 30-minute breaks a day >> seth: they have to touch a package every eight seconds? that's insane, not even the tsa works that fast. [ laughter ] fred, where's my rimshot fred, that joke clearly called for a rimshot, buddy okay, you know what, we're going to have to have a meeting. where was i? oh, right, they have to touch a package every eight seconds. [ rimshot [ light laughter ] just too late, fred. but also, it's insane they only get two 30-minute breaks they're essential workers employed by a company whose ceo increased his wealth by $75 billion in 2020. they basically kept the entire country running during a pandemic without amazon, i probably would have had to camp out at trader joe's for toilet paper like the stan you should have seen the line. [ wind sound ]
12:54 am
i did not sign off on adding a tumbleweed [ laughter ] this is an actual fight by courageous working-class union organizers against a corporate goliath. if you were to actually take the pretend populists of the gop at their word, this is the exact kind of thing they'd supposedly care about and yet, they've been silent meanwhile biden released a major and truly unprecedented video in support of the effort, and without mentioning amazon by name, warned companies to stop intimidating workers who want to unionize >> the choice to join a union is up to the workers. full stop, full stop today and over the next few days and weeks, workers in alabama and all across america are voting on whether to organize a union in their workplace this is vitally important. a vitally important choice and there should be no intimidation, no coercion, no threats, no anti-union propaganda
12:55 am
no supervisor -- no supervisor should confront employees about their union preferences. >> seth: and, of course, joe came out for the union he was one of those guys eating lunch on that skyscraper you think he's going to be out-blue-collared by ted cruz of all people he's ridden amtrak so many times, he's probably got a railroad union card. if politics didn't work out, his fallback plan was working in the snack car on the acela "we got gum and coffee and that's it! so biden came out forcefully in favor of union rights. and yet we've heard radio silence from the so-called populists of the republican party, who pretend to be pro-worker and anti-big tech although, in fairness, they do have much more important things going on right now >> well, first it was mr. potato head, mrs. potato head now it's dr. seuss >> they want to cancel the muppets. they want to cancel mr. and mrs. potato head so when will this stop >> you see, last week, they tried to cancel kermit the frog and mr. potato head? you see that >> look out mr. potato head, you're next. >> if i wanted to buy one and
12:56 am
and let's say i had the boy at home and i wanted the girl - >> and the money >> the box is going to say potato head. how i'm i gonna know which one i'm getting? >> exactly >> this week alone they canceled mr. potato head. this week alone they canceled the muppets. they're canceling dr. seuss. >> first they outlaw dr. seuss and now they want to tell us what to say. >> seth: ah, yes, the party of the working class if class in this case means third grade. do you guys really think any actual adult in their right mind cares about a few dr. seuss books getting pulled from publication because of racist imagery? even my kids don't care about dr. seuss. they want to watch the "league of legends" world championship, even though i'm still trying to get them into my favorite board game, "ocean master," which has a new expansion pack called "port of call. the way it works is, you get skill cards for every port you dock at, which helps you mine resources, which translate to gold coins, which you can then use to hire deckhands who help you find islands where you collect minerals and whoever collects the most minerals gets to pick a different game to play republicans are preposterously trying to rebrand themselves as a party of working-class
12:57 am
populists, despite the fact that they're still in lockstep behind a racist billionaire tax cheat who helped them dole out trillions in tax cuts to corporations and the wealthy and now they're needlessly putting workers in harm's way by prematurely lifting mask mandates and one of them flew to a luxury resort in cancun while his constituents froze to death. meanwhile, courageous amazon workers in alabama need and deserve their support, and republicans are silent it turns out, there's only one worker they're willing to stand up for, and that's - >> mr. potato head >> seth: this has been "a closer look." ♪ we'll be right back with jake tapper. ♪ ♪ >> announcer: for more of seth's "closer looks," be sure to subscribe to "late night" on youtube.
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♪ ♪ >> seth: it's been so great having fred armisen back leading the 8g band all week there he is. fred's been shooting in london all week for a new project, and he's picked up a little bit of an accent. so, fred, let's hear how they say "hello" across the pond. so it's the same i guess our first guest tonight is cnn's chief washington correspondent he hosts "the lead" weekday afternoons, as well as the network's sunday show, "state of the union.
1:02 am
please welcome back to the show, our friend, jake tapper. how are you, jake? >> hey, seth how you doing, buddy >> seth: good. so, we talked many times you were on the show many times as a guest during the trump era. this is your first time during the biden presidency how has -- how have things changed for you so far >> well, it's -- we're still dealing with things that trump left in his wake, right? the failures of his presidency the pandemic's still raging out of control, although there's a light at the end of the tunnel, with the vaccines. and then of course, the january 6th insurrection, the maga terrorist attack so, i wouldn't say it's over yet. and you know, we also have his legacy, what he's done to a once-great political party, the republican party, where, now a bunch of them think that lying and indecency is the ticket to success. so, he's gone. and i'm not -- you know, i don't
1:03 am
have to pick up my -- my phone and read tweets with the same kind of level of dread that i used to have to before but he's still -- his presence is very much with us you know, it's like -- what did they say, you know, "would you rather fight one horse-sized duck or ten duck-sized horses? >> seth: yeah. >> so, we're now fighting -- it's ten duck-sized horses is what we're dealing with. >> seth: that's a churchill quote, right i know you're -- [ laughter ] >> sadie churchill, yes. >> seth: you -- you've often pointed out the fact that you become less popular based on which party's president is currently in office. you have been critical of president biden. specifically -- you know, one of the things is his failure to mention any punishment to saudi arabia for the murder of the journalist, jamal khashoggi. why is it important that president biden has chosen not to take anhat was released
1:04 am
>> well, he -- i mean, the main issue here, is that he let the crown prince, mohammed bin salman, off the hook there's no punishment for him at all, even though the biden administration, as opposed to the trump administration, disclosed and revealed an unclassified statement revealing that the intelligence community thinks that mbs had this "washington post" journalist, jamal khashoggi, who lived in virginia -- had him killed and biden, as a candidate, and most of his cabinet and his administration faulted trump for not doing it and, you know, in the bob woodward book -- i forget if it was "fear" or "rage," or, you know, whatever -- whichever. "fury. in the bob woodward book, trump says about mbs, "i saved his ass," because congress wanted to go after him and punish him for the murder of this journalist, that he ordered.
1:05 am
biden's basically saying, "look, i can't. he knows the relationship with saudi arabia is too important. okay, so the words are different, but either way, mbs' ass has been saved by two presidents in a row, so. i mean, look, either a president stands up to a world leader ordering the murder of a journalist, a "washington post" journalist, or he doesn't. i just don't see much of a difference in terms of the result >> seth: what about the reaction to reporting is it any different? because, obviously, any administration is going to take issue with the way they're covered. have you felt the same level of pushback from the biden administration, or is it different? >> not from the administration i think that they're professionals. i mean, i think that -- secretary of state, antony blinken, for example, i think that he understands the role of journalists. and i think that he's not going to personally attack me, or president biden is not going to personally attack me i certainly don't fear that
1:06 am
biden's gonna, you know, send me some mean tweets i mean, i think they're adults that doesn't mean i'm not going to criticize them or their actions when i think it's -- it's called for. now, the left on social media -- democrats on social media, are, you know, outspoken in their views of me criticizing either biden or governor cuomo. they don't -- they don't like it i've been told that some of them are going to unfollow me because they -- you know, i guess they liked what i did before. they don't like it now it's okay. i mean, like i've said, i've been through this a few times now. you know, for eight years under obama, i was a neo-conservative right-wing hack then i was a trump hater. i mean, so it's just part of the job. >> seth: you contain multitudes, i've always said that about you. [ laughter ] i want to ask you -- >> now, that's winston churchill. [ laughter ] >> seth: there you go. i want to ask you a little bit more about some of the things you just mentioned we'll be right back with more from jake tapper, after this ♪
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♪ >> seth: welcome back to "late night. we're here with jake tapper. you mentioned new york governor, andrew cuomo this is someone you've covered for 20 years i think a lot of people became introduced to him based on his early coronavirus press conferences, for which he was praised for maybe being a little bit more straight talking than the president. are you surprised, now, at the place he's in? obviously, we're hearing a lot about, you know, him covering up the account of exact behave inappropriately or i mean, anybody who's been familiar with andrew cuomo, is familiar with the fact that --
1:12 am
well, first of all, when it comes to, you know, accusations of him being abrasive or bullying, that's just been his way the whole time i've been aware of him i remember in 2002, covering his gubernatorial run, he withdrew before he got -- he would have been shellacked in the democratic primary by carl mccall, who went on to get the nomination and then lose to governor pataki. and, i don't know that -- remember, he was secretary of the department of housing and urban development during the clinton administration i'm not sure that anybody else from the clinton administration endorsed him, even though he had worked in the clinton administration and look, he has a long -- has had a reputation for being -- bullying. and so, no, this isn't particularly surprising. i am surprised by the covering up of the nursing home data, because as always, it's not the crime, it's the cover-up what -- you know, what he did with the nursing home is certainly -- nursing homes,
1:13 am
forcing them to take in people, even if they have covid, you know, was a very questionable decision but then covering up the data, that's -- that's really the kind of thing that gets somebody in trouble. >> seth: and based on the fact, you know, now he's said that he unintentionally made women feel uncomfortable. he's apologized for that it seems like he is trying to move on from it. do you think this is something that he gets through and survives politically >> well, i mean, he seems to be doing the governor ralph northam approach remember him from virginia he had the blackface controversy. and he ignored all the calls for his resignation, and he basically survived maybe it's the donald trump approach people thought he should withdraw from the -- after the "access hollywood" video came out, people said he should withdraw, and he ended up being elected president. so, i don't know i mean, i guess it really -- i haven't talked to some democratic members of congress,
1:14 am
who are critical of him but have not called for his resignation i think it really depends on what the new york attorney general, letitia james, finds in her investigation because, if there is more, or if she comes out and says, "governor cuomo sexually harassed these two women," then, that's going to be tough for him. but, we'll have to see i think a lot of people are punting and waiting to see what that investigation entails >> seth: last thing i want to ask you about, you wrote a political thriller called "the hellfire club," and now you have a sequel coming out in a couple of months. >> i do. >> seth: has it been nice to have something fictional, albeit, one that is inspired by historical events, to sort of find solace in during these trying times >> yeah. i wrote a lot of it during the pandemic last year, when i didn't have a commute, because i was broadcasting from my house so, from april to july, i mean i just didn't have two hours in a car every day, then i suddenly had some time. and yeah, it takes place in
1:15 am
1962 the main characters from the first book, charlie and margaret, go and investigate sinatra and the rat pack they're blackmailed by attorney general kennedy so, yeah, that was a lot of fun to just like plunge into 1962 hollywood in los angeles, in that whole world of hitchcock, and john frankenheimer and marilyn monroe and that was -- yes, to not pay attention to the dystopia that we lived through last summer -- that was -- that was miserable kids being schooled at home, angry friends and family members, and president trump doing everything he did, we don't have to go back into that. yeah, it was nice to spend some time with the rat pack >> seth: well, hopefully we'll get you back in a couple of months to talk about your book when it comes out. thanks so much for making time for us today, jake >> thanks, seth, love to lexi. >> seth: with glynn turman. ♪
1:16 am
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>> seth: our next guest is emmy award winning actor you know from "a different world," "the wire," "in treatment," and "ma rainey's black bottom. he received a critics choice nomination for best supporting actor in a limited series for his role in "fargo" which is streaming on fx on hulu. let's take a look. >> you you. you're just boys making a mess that one day i'm going to have to clean up. >> seth: please welcome to the show, glynn turman how are you glynn? >> i'm good, seth, i'm good. how are you, man >> seth: i'm very well i've been a fan of yours forever. and i know you've been at this,
1:22 am
uh, for a long time. i did not realize that your first role -- you were 12 years old. and you were cast as sidney poitier's son in "a raisin in the sun" on broadway here's a photo of the two of you. >> oh, my god. >> seth: look at that. now as a 12-year-old, glynn, were you aware of who you were acting with? did you know the import of sidney poitier at the time >> well, kind of, you know, more from my parents' reaction. my mother's reaction my aunties, you know, who were all very excited about me getting to work with someone who they oohed and aahed about you know so, from that standpoint, i knew he was a big deal. >> seth: you grew up in greenwich village, and you got to -- you know again, you were very young, but your parents were friends with people like james baldwin, with lorraine hansberry who wrote the play it must have been an incredible experience growing up in those times, surrounded by those people >> yeah, my mother moved she and
1:23 am
i from harlem in the mid-'50s. and she moved us down to greenwich village which was a stronghold for art people, who had -- an eclectic group of people you know and, uh, a lot of that group was james baldwin, lorraine hansberry, you know, jack klugman so, you know, those were the people who were in my living room discussing all kinds of worldly things you know and those were the people i came to call, you know, uncle this, uncle jimmy, or aunt lorraine, or blah, blah, blah. you know so that's -- that was the household i grew up in due to my mother >> seth: now, one might think maybe someone growing up, surrounded by artists like that might grow up to be an actor the way you did. but you also became, and i dido you on the show, you are a rodeo champion >> well, yes
1:24 am
the short answer is yes. you know and it's from those times. you know i come from the generation where everybody wanted to be either a baseball player, which i wanted to be. jackie robinson, he was my hero, but also hopalong cassidy and roy rogers and all those guys were on the television and that's why i wanted to be a cowboy >> seth: how did you end up -- how did somebody from greenwich village, an actor no less, end up, you know, becoming skilled at something like rodeo? >> i loved horses. i used to play hooky from school, and go to central park and muck stalls up in central park at the stables there. and i'd muck 'em with -- the deal was if i shovel all this manure, can i get to ride one of these horses around in this arena. that was my deal i just loved it and became
1:25 am
pretty good at it. >> seth: that is quite an accomplishment this was a fantastic season of "fargo." congrats on your nomination. and chris rock is your co-star in this season and i heard that chris rock's mother told him he really needed to bring "a" game because he was going to be acting with you. >> chris -- that was very kind of chris to say. that's the first thing he let me know when we got on set, you know and he definitely did. he brought his "a" game. he's terrific in this. we had a great time with "fargo," absolutely. >> seth: you're also in "ma rainey's black bottom," which is on netflix right now that's a role you also played on stage. what was it like bringing that stage to performance to film >> well, it was wonderful, a wonderful opportunity. you know, when "raisin in the sun" went to become a movie, i had outgrown the part. you know
1:26 am
and so i didn't get to go to california my first big disappointment with show business, and someone else did my role, you know. and so i was just glad that this time when "ma rainey" went to become a movie, denzel wanted to -- to the motion pictures, that i hadn't outgrown the role, you know so that i was able to go with the company to perform in this new venue. so had a great time doing it, was working with wonderful, wonderful people viola davis and chadwick boseman, you know, colman domingo, and just a great group of people. and so i was just glad that i was chosen to continue the role. >> seth: well, we're all very lucky that you did not outgrow
1:27 am
that part. congrats again on your nomination and thanks so much for being here, glynn. it's just a delight talking to you. >> before i go, i got to tell you you're my wife's favorite night show host. and i've got to tell you that. and i'm still cracking up from your -- the de niro impersonation. [ laughter ] >> seth: thank you i don't get a lot of good feedback on that one, so that means a lot, glynn >> fantastic thanks for having me, seth it was wonderful, man. and keep up what you're doing. we have a great time watching you, man >> seth: all right be well. love to your family. thanks, glynn. all four installments of "fargo" are available to stream on fx on hulu we'll be right back with more "late night. ♪ dsc. ♪ questions in my head, filling me with dread ♪ ♪ so many options ♪ ♪ what's the right razor? ♪ so much back hair, should i get lazer?
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[ cheers and applause >> seth: every wednesday and friday, we release a podcast
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>> seth: i want to thank my guests, jake tapper and glynn turman i want to thank fred armisen and the 8g band. stay tuned for "lilly singh. stay safe. wear a mask. get vaccinated we love you. ♪ ♪ ♪


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