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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  April 2, 2021 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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up on "nbc nightly news." for now, i'm kristen welker in washington. >> the u.s. capitol on lockdown at this hour because someone rammed a car into a security barrier and then came at police with a knife. might have been able to cut at least one of them. that's a live look at the capitol as this situation still unfolds. here's what we can tell you and show you. we have new video of that car. you can see it's badly damaged. capitol police say officers shot that driver. he's now in custody. no word on his injuries. both officers are hurt. it is about 2:00 p.m. local time there in d.c. neither the house nor the senate in session today due to the
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holiday. we're keeping a close eye on the situation. of course, we'll keep you updated throughout the newscast as the conditions warrant. we have breaking news here in the bay area, too. the bomb squad was responded to the same hotel in fremont where there was a police shooting fewer than 24 hours ago. this is just in from nbc skyranger at hyatt police. there's a report after suspicious backpack there. the hotel was evacuated just before 10:00. we'll take you to last night's team and force team was trailing a man with outstanding warmth. what some detectives approached. they say they first released the report. and breaking ata.m., says the cdc fullyravel without seri
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risks. no tests, no quarantine. it's a major development that might impact millions of families, perhaps yours. good friday morning. thanks for joining us for our midday newscast. we have a lot of ground to get to today. i'm chris chmura in for marcus washington. let's go live to kris sanchez at the airport. what do airline passengers think about this. >> reporter: i'll tell you this. a lot of folks thought that this change in the cdc guidelines would 'n' more people to book travel but it might encourage people to book a covid vaccine. some folks say that maybe that's the incentive that some folks with hesitancy were looking for. now, what we found is a lot of folks here at minutia san jose were already traveling even before the cdc made the change allowing fully vaccinated people to skip the pre-travel testing and post-travel quarantining.
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the cdc says that based on studies looking at what they call the real world effects of vaccination, fully vaccinated people are of low risk to themself. we talk with two fully vaccinated travelers who feel a little differently about traveling with other people who no longer have to test or quarantine. >> no, not quite. until everyone is vaccinated i'm not comfortable. that's why you see the mask. >> i think it's great. i think it's a move in the right direction. >> reporter: all right. so if you were thinking hello, hawaii. there is a catch. even before -- even if you are fully vaccinated you might still have to quarantine and test if where you're going requires it, and at this point hawaii does. another caveat for international travelers, you still have to get a negative covid test before boarding a flight to the covid test and another within three to five days and fully vaccinated people you still have to wear a mask and wear your mask and keep
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your social distance for the rest of us who have not gotten the shots just yet. look at this tweet from the tsa. march had the highest number of screenings and in a very, very lock time, they say, logging more than a million travelers for 26 of the 3 is days so clearly there is an appetite to get out and about and as so many different spring breaks are happening around us, we might see an uptick in travel once again. at minutia san jose, kris sanchez, nbc bay area. >> this week is a big one. one of the first holidays where some americans are vaccinated and where covid restrictions in many communities have loosened, but despite advancements with vaccines, national health advisers are urging folks to stay safe this weekend. they are urging us to not gather in large groups. so for those looking to celebrate this weekend what, do the experts consider safe activity? the cdc is urging virtual church services ant outdoor celebration. as for the easter egg hunts. limit them, they say, to your
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immediate family. >> this will end. we need to hold out just a bit longer and give vaccines a chance to really get the upper hand in this. >> meanwhile, nbc news received an exclusive look at the production of the pfizer vaccine inside its plant. the company says it's producing doses faster than ever. pfizer staff have cut the amount of time it takes from 1 so days down to just 60 days. new at 11:00 a.m., a move to increase the number of doses available. the fda just approved two changes to moderna's covid-19 vaccine. first, the agency has authorized vaccinators to extract a maximum of 11 doses from a dial -- from a vial rather instead of ten which it was previously permitted to do. second, it's given moderna to produce larger vials that contain up to 15 doses. experts did warn, however, without proper syringes it might not be possible to get more than 13 doses from the vials.
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just in. we've gotten it's a fire burning in solano county near winter island. this is our nbc bay area skyranger live. you can see the fire line there. rio vista fire department confirms it's a grass fire burning on a small uninhabited piece of land, but lots of smoke there. the department has circled the area in a boat and has determined there are no structures or property threatened. they are just going to let this thing burn it out. all right. let's take a live look at the bay bridge. the weather -- i take that back. there's the golden gate bridge. the weather is looking pretty good, but will it hold for the weekend? let's check in with vianey. how is it looking for the weekend? >> the dry weather will hold, chris, that's for sure, but cooling is already happening compared to the record heat that you've seen the past two weeks. yesterday san jose hit a new
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record of 85 degrees beating the old record back in 2011. today we're expected to top out in the mid-'70s. 62 degrees right now and this is all because that ridge of high pressure that was hanging out over our region continues its trek east moving out of the area and an onshore flow is going to take over. that's what brought on the early morning fog and 69 degrees right around 2:00 for the north day. definitely a lot cooler. and take a look at this 24-hour temperature change. this shows you how much we've cooled off compared to yesterday right around the same hour. santa rosa running 17 degrees cooler compared to yesterday around is 1:00. look at san jose, 11 degrees and novato much cooler as well. more in a bit. >> neighbors say that it's a mess that the city needs to pay attention to. they can't even get their cars out of their driveways sometimes. ♪♪
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our own fernando collor de mello colorado shot this video. one neighbor tells us in the "east bay times" that cars sometimes are triple parked in front of their driveway. the city says emergency responders have also had trouble getting down snarled lake shore avenue so now the city is calling more police officers to lake merritt. the stock market is closed but good news for the american economy. nearly a million more people. we need to get 3 million more back on the job who wants a job. is that right? >> exactly right. a lot of work, in other words, ahead of us for all of us as a nation but the very strong jobs number for the month of march released by the department of labor and the unemployment rate dropping down .2 of 1% to 6%.
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916,000 jobs added in the last month. strong growth in leisure and hospitality which, of course, got hit so hard during the height of the pandemic. here's president biden. >> it means the first two months of are our administration has seen more we still have a long way to go to get our economy back on track after the worst economic and job crisis in nearly a century. >> now, president biden sort of answers his own misdirection there. yes, it is the fastest growth in two months, but we're coming from a standing stop. president trump used to say much the same thing that said gdp is up some huge percentage, but, yes, it's coming out of a huge crisis. politico reports this morning that president biden has asked his education secretary whether it would be legal and possible to cancel $50,000 in student debt for each student rather than his original proposed $10,000. chris, as you know, student debt
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can be a huge drag on the economy because that money is simply going to service debtits >> yeah, and 50 grand would be huge because i think the average is somewhere between $20,000 and 30,000 so that would erase all of it for families. all right. scott, thanks very much. >> we'll see. >> have a great weekend. coming up, it's day five of former police officer derek chauvin's murder trial. we'll take a look at where the trial is headed now and a train disaster in taiwan. new details about a derailment that killed more than 50 people and an invitation for you. this sunday on msnbc at 7:00 p.m. you might want to watch a special called "children that pay." nbc's multi-year investigation into a group whose staff has been accused of neglect and abuse around the country. nbc news senior national correspondent kate snow speaks with former residents like a young couple trying to move past trauma in their childhood. >> reporter: tristan and laurie didn't know it but they have
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become part of a multi-billion dollar industry one that promises to house, rehabilitate kids. these for-profit firms tell state and local governments that they can help their most vulnerable children, but should they? tonight we investigate one company and show you what can happen to kids when profits become the bottom line.
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get your spring on at ross. yes! with brand-name looks at prices that say it's on. yeah, it is! get this season's styles for you... ...and you... and you... with the best bargains ever... ross. yes for less! lang now. day five of testimony resuming in the murder trial of former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin. today is expected to be a half day of testimony. this comes after chauvin's former shift supervisor took the stand yesterday giving key testimony for the prosecution. prosecutors are trying to prove that jurors -- to jurors that chauvin essentially went rogue during the incident. two other witnesses, paramedics,
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said floyd had no pulse when ems arrived at the seen. a retired police sergeant told jurors that the officers could have ended the restraint on floyd and also toke about his first phone conversation with chauvin shortly after george floyd's death. >> did you mention anything about his knee on mr. floyd's neck or back? >> no. >> floyd's girlfriend courtney ross there took the stand and talked about how the two met and their battle with drug addiction. chauvin's defense team is arguing or trying to argue that floyd's underlying health conditions and drug use are what led to his death. a developing story in taiwan. at least 51 people are dead simmons says the train was exiting a tunnel when it collided with an unmanned truck. >> reporter: this is the deadliest accident in decades in taiwan. the high speed train derailed, as you can see from the pictures
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by a tunnel. it appears to have hit a construction truck that fell on to the track. passengers describing hearing an impact and then being thrown around. the fire department there saying there were 350 passengers on board, so packed cars, eight cars on this train. some people were having to stand and being just hurled around as the impact happened and then many were trapped at one point. 70 described as trapped, and the rescue operation hindered by the fact that the train was inside this tunnel. passengers having to break glass, climb on to train cars just to get out and others calling for help. a really devastating day in taiwan. keir simmons, nbc news, london. >> we have new video. roads almost entirely empty in front of manila's iconic city hall as fill bonos mark good friday. the largest catholic nation.
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roads are eerily quiet and churches empty. after religious gatherings were manila and four outlying provinces. the government placed more than 25 million people back under lockdown this week. the country is dealing with more than 756,000 confirmed covid-19 cases and 13,000 deaths. those are the second highest totals in southeast asia. only indonesia has more cases. here at home "the mercury news" says stanford is investigating claims that hackers sold personal data from the school of medicine. not yet clear what information was stolen or how many people were affected. the hack is believed to be part of a larger national cyber attack on universities and organizations all of which used a palo alto-based file-sharing service. we reached out to stanford for comment but we've not received a response. you probably heard of the activist group moms for housing. the group was born a little more this a year ago when two moms moved into a vacant home in oakland without permission and then they refused to lead.
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they are the subject of a new four-part documentary series we just posted this week on our digital platforms called "the moms of magnolia street." we want to show you a short clip from when the moms were evicted and their movement went international. >> i can tell you this happened very suddenly this morning. alameda county sheriffs deputies rolled in. >> i want to thank you so much for being with us. >> i hear in my ear like the sound guy, the sound engineer, like they are at the house now. >> carol, we just that there was a text that says the sheriff is knocking on the door and saying people have to clear out. >> and i looked at dominique just in shock for a split second. >> is that your understanding as we're speaking? >> i've got to go. >> oh, okay. i think we've got to go. we've got to go. >> we were look at amy on
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"democracy now." and my husband said oh, got to go. got to go over there, so we jumped up and got our clothes on and drove over there. >> no justice, no peace! >> i was in bed. i was sick. i got a call, and i was told that they are moving in on the house. >> shame! shame! shame! shame! >> like what? this is ridiculous, all unheard of and all because we wanted a place to live and for our kids to have a place to lay their heads. by then they were boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. come out. all these men. not one female officers. i felt really intimidated. we see -- the women coming out now. >> you can binge watch "the moms of magnolia street" right now. here's where on our website and roku, apple-tv and our youtube
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channel. all right. just in. again, a lot of calls about this into our newsroom. an update on that fire burning in solano county near winter island. you can see the thick black plumes of smoke towering into the sky. those are live images in our nbc bay area skyranger. rio vista fire department confirms this is a grass fire burning on a small uninhabitable piece of land. the fire department circled the area in a boat and determined there are no structures or people or property threatened and they will let this fire burn out. it's a reminder though. look at those flames. it's a reminder we're still pretty dry and there's no such thing as fire season. we're always in fire season. vianey, we're still pretty dry, aren't we? >> absolutely, and i do have the latest on the drought monitor and where we currently stand when it comes to that. right now the conditions are pretty favorable. no gusty winds or anything like that so that should help aid in
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that fire. 51 degrees in the north bay near the solano county area. notice the temperatures are a lot cooler than yesterday where we hit record highs so that's going to be a good push. santa rosa is 17 degrees cooler compared to yesterday and novato 13 degrees cooler, and things will get even cooler. the reason for that is because that ridge of high pressure is moving east taking that warm air mass with it which is what the high pressure is and now we'll get an onshore flow. that's what brought us back into the clouds. 56 degrees in san francisco and san jose currently at 62 degrees and i do want to show you satellite radar because you can actually see the stratus there off in the pacific. if you're wondering about gray, let me get to your daytime highs. 75 degrees in san jose, santa cruz definitely you'll notice the 60s and look at this of lak. beautiful weekend in south lake tahoe with temperatures in the 60s.
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easter sunday will probably be our coolest day out into the interior valleys in napa. saturday 66 and santa cruz 61 and 65 on sunday, so let's get a look at what's happening in the long range outlook. we were hoping for some rain as we were noticing sort of a system developing off in the system, but right now that looks like that will stay in the pacific so not much in the way of rain for us which is what we were hoping for heading into monday and tuesday. those chances of us seeing any rain keep backing off as we inch closer, so now let's get to the drought monitor because the latest drought monitor which was released yesterday morning reveal that 99% of california remains abnormally dry. 90% of california is under some form of drought and 32% of california is under an extreme drought which if you look at the color schemes you can see where we currently stand. how does this impact us, and why is this important? well, we're seeing a huge rain deficit during this water year,
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you know, and any time that we see a deficit all that have dry brush serves as fire season which can give an early start to that fire season. you mentioned it was crisp. really any time there's dry brush, fire season is dangerous and something we look out for. temperatures cool off this weekend and a beautiful easter sunday ahead. >> thank you very much. speaking of easter, placing peep's popularity. we'll have more on where to find these favorite easter candy. an official test event series is taking place in beijing. we have less than a year ago until the official start of the games. this ten-day test event series features seven events including ice hockey, figuring skating and curling. the 22 winter olympics will take place on february 4th to february 20th. that's right around the corner and it will take place in china's capitol as well as the
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nation's capital. watch this right here and we'll be right back after this break.
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you. >> our news team is always on social media. here's proof that this is the aftermath when laura pulled a a prank on her son. she told him he forgot to wake him up for school and he was wait for class. april fool. follow laura on facebook, twitter and ingram. let's get a big step forward towards normal for san jose
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children's discovery museum. visitors will be allowed inside for the first time in more than a year. even got a cleaning ahead of the opening. the backyard area have been opened for a month but indoor exhibits have been closed. capacity will start at 25% and then grow to 50%. guests need a ticket beforehand and everyone who is 2 years old or older needs to wear a mask. i've got a burning question for you here. are you a peep's fan or do you crave cadbury eggs? whatever your answer might be you might be happy to find out that a survey finds reese's peanut butter eggs are the most popular treat. second place jelly beans, third cadbury eggs, chocolate bins and fourth and then finally in fifth place peeps. i thought they might rank a little bit higher than that. all right. one of our breaking news stories just our area skyranger. our newsroom is getting a lot of
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news about this fire burning in fire island, a grass fire on an uninhabited piece of land. the department says it's circled that area in a boat and determined no structures or people or property were threatened. they will let this thick burn out but this is a reminder we need to be on our toes because it's still so very dry and we have drought basically everywhere. >> absolutely, and we're off to a pretty rough start. the latest drought has revealed that the majority of california, 90% of it is under some some of drought so that lets you know what's going on. we need rain, but it doesn't look like we'll get any, at least not into the upcoming weekend. easter sunday gorgeous. noticeably cooler thanks to an onshore flow dropping down by as much as 20 degrees in inland areas. enjoy your weekend, but let's hope for some rain heading not . thanks for inning jo us. our next newscast at 5:00. all the information about what's happening at the capitol.
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january, right now on "california live," take a look at what's in our easter basket. >> because you're celebrating the newest members of our "california live" family. let's bring him on in. >> and dani is taking to us dinner with an exceptional dessert. >> oh, my goodness. smells like chocolate heaven. wonder what the easter bunny has in store for us. >> and check out mr. science's special new peeps. >> we'll do this. look what the peeps are doing. they are getting bigger. >> it's all happening right now on "california live." ♪♪ ♪ california, california


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