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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 1, 2021 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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frustration at the coliseum. . did you get your appointment? the search continues as millions more become e vaccines. the appointments just popped to.
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>> another hot day across the bay area. another big change and what it mean for easter sunday. good evening. we begin with breaking news in fremont. a shooting involving a police officer. one suspect is dead. this is all happening at the hyatt place hotel not far from the tesla factory. we just spoke with police. what can you tell us? >> reporter: the fremont police department tells us two detective that's were involved in the shooting incident are part of a newly formed firearms task force at the fremont police department. one witness tells us, it all happened outside of her food truck which was parked on the parking lot there at the hyatt place hotel. >> i saw a lot of unmarked cars coming out of parking spot.
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>> according to the fremont police, a special task force was put quet to handle a recent increase in gun violence. the teen was trailing a man say warrants and may have been armed. at some point a pair of detectives approached and that's he became confrontational. police even release ad police dog. >> i know the canine was deployed before the shooting. at the time the canine was deployed, that's when the suspects proud the firearm. >> the man did not survive his wounds. he died on season. police have not released his name. this is the second fatal shooting involving a fremont officer in just eight days. that incident which happened last tuesday on highway 84 is still being investigated by the california highway patrol because it happened on a freeway. in fremont. nbc bay area news. >> thank you. let's give you a reason to smile here on this thursday
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night. here's a sign thing are getting back to normal. baseball, opening night at the coliseum with real fans in the stands. no more of those cardboard cutouts. the sellout crowd of 10,000 people. now the covid capacity in oakland. like any opening night, there were problems. guidelines when it come to food and beer and that prompted some fans to leave early. here's cheryl hurd. >> reporter: opening day for the oakland a's for this 2021 season is in the record books. it started with a lot of excitement. opening day birthday celebrations, and pregame jitters. >> i'm super excited. opening day. and i'm more excite than i've ever been in my life. >> reporter: with that excitement came a curveball for fans. >> we're leaving because there's no option to buy any food or drink. they have to have this stuff figured out. i'll be back here tomorrow and
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give them another chance to figure it out. >> reporter: a chance to fix what other baseball parks are experiencing. major league baseball is requiring that fans follow covid rules as they ease people back into the stadium. for a's fans, there's no tailgating. face masks are required unless you're eating and drinking and third, it cashless concessions only. and tonight that was a problem. >> he have going to order food. now i just to have get to my seat. i can't even take money out of my pocket or credit cards. it's a learning curve. of. fans tweeting their frustrations. kaval tweeting back with an apology. in southern california, their automatic food ordering system crashing. people stuck waiting for their fad for hours. the pandemic not making it
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smooth for a return for fans returning to the stadium. >> no nothing. i'm fully vaccinated so i don't really care. >> we just have some problems. cheryl joins us from the come seal. the a's lose the game. there's a problem with the beer and the hotdogs. but was there good energy in the ballpark? >> reporter: there was good energy. a if you fans are still leaving. of course they're sad that the a's lost and they're sad that the app didn't work perfectly tonight. but there was a lot of good feeling here tonight. it's opening day. people were happy to be out of their homes and in the stands and they're willing to give the a's another chance tomorrow. a lot of folks who came today are coming back tomorrow. >> all right. well that. one thing we've learned in the last 13 months, patience is key. thank you. as for the giants, welcome about a to this guy, buster posey. opening night with a bang.
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we'll show you the drama ending for the giants in seattle hear in the newscast. this seem to be the big question nowadays. did you get your appointment is this a flood of people trying to get that vaccine appointment. some sites, slots were gone in seconds. everyone 50 plus is now eligible in california. there are encouraging signs late tonight. ian cole. >> reporter: tonight the rush for coveted vaccine appointments is on even though most dried up fast today, we spoke with one man at a santa clara walgreens who is waiting patiently. many others voicing frustration on social media about adding millions more to the eligibility pot with such hoe supply. but there are some positives. late today, santa clara county add thousands of extra appointments and ted had of vaccines says the south bay will receive almost 80,000 doses next
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week, secluding the kaiser supply. that's compared to only 58,000 last week. and more than two-thirds are for first doses. >> we're told the vaccine supply should increase by the middle or he said of april and into may. >> reporter: still, appointments were hard to find. sabrina is considering driving outside the bay area to get a shot. >> we're all thinking of doing a day trip. driving to fresno and go and get it. i feel guilty about that. i don't want to take away a shot from someone from their own county when my own county should be taking care of me. >> reporter: my colleague looked into this. >> if you expand your search and commit to a road trip, you might be able to find appointments that are available with little or no waiting. take a look at cvs. we found 11 locations with open appointments. bakersfield, clovis, fresno -- >> and it's been like the all week.
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he suggests calling ahead to be safe. in the south bay. ian cole, nbc bay area news. >> so how far would you drive to get your shots? roseville, chico? you heard chris say hanford? past fresno? tracy said she was on a work trim in guatemala when she finally managed to book an appointment in petaluma. back to sfo and then drove more than an hour, yep, up the golden gate bridge for her first dose. >> once i was eligible, i looked at all testing center and all the vaccine center in san francisco and there just were not any. so i started looking further and further out. i would have driven anywhere or flown from china. or from anywhere else to get it. >> she finally got it. her advice if you're having trouble finding an appointment, do your homework and be persist ten.
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right now anyone 50 and older is eligible. contra costa county is the exception. it has so much supply that it started allowing people 16 and over to get vaccinated. in two weeks, counties are expected to do the same. eligibility beginning april 15 for everyone 16 and up. yesterday pfizer announced its vaccine is 100% effective for 12 to 15-year-olds. health officials expect it to be aimproved for younger teenagers within weeks. we have much more online. as ian was mentioning, chris has been vaccine hunting. part of his how-to series. you can find them on our streaming platforms. a possible asian-american hate crime in los gatos. the police chief said a filipino
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woman was walking near garden lane. a man on a bicycle came up behind her. pushed her and then yelled a racist comment. >> as a person of asian and pacific islander descend, i've been watching with shock and dismay the continuing acts of violence and hate being directed at people who look like me. it is happening across the country but i'm here asking for your help with a hate crime that occurred in our home town. >> the victim is the medical hero and was wearing medical scrub when's she was attacked. we will stay on that story. a disturbing discovery at usf. a noose found hanging on campus. the university is assuring students there will be a thorough investigation but the the city.dent union wants more.e >> reporter: a staff member said a student admits to hanging a this is off a dorm balcony. while the incident is under investigation, some student are
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so frightened, they are now living off campus. >> i was immediately shocked and uncomfortable. it really shows that you don't know who you're living next to. >> reporter: she live on the third floor of a loyola apartment housing program at usf. students wanted the noose on a balcony one floor above hers tuesday afternoon. >> i feel hike it put me on edge. every time i walk down the stairway, you can see the balance cobbly. >> reporter: usf sent the community an million wednesday letting them know the student who was responsible has been removed from housing. >> a symbol and a history of racial violence, hatred and bigotry. as a community community we stand with our black students specifically who are being impacted by this. >> reporter: the black student union said it is not satisfied with how the university handled this racist incident and others. it started a petition demanding
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the student be identified and expelled from school. calling on usf to do more to protect black students from racism on campus and to notify the community immediately when incidents occur. >> out of all the problems that we've had facing racism at usf, we never once have been in a situation where we felt that. >> it makes you feel unsafe in your home, honestly. unsafe to be going back there. >> the university said it will keep student updated on the investigation. nbc bay area news. up next, she said it is a race between the variants and the vaccine. what's happening in the south bay and the message dr. sarah cody want to you hear. and the giant dipper roaring back to life. the big day for the boardwalk and the big changes you'll notice if you head to santa cruz this weekend.
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i'm chief meteorologist jeff randalieri. after the record setting temperatures, check it out. the temperatures are dropping. three to seven degrees cooler.
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a double whammy. a homeless crisis during this pandemic. in san francisco it has been challenging, getting the homeless off the streets into the hotels and motels. the pandemic will soon end but the impact will last for years. here's jean elle. >> reporter: a chris on the streets during a pandemic. when covid-19 hit in 2020, an estimated 8,000 people were homeless in san francisco. 3,000 spending nights in places like shelters and navigation center. 5,000 out on the streets. >> i got to stay on some people's couch for a couple weeks. and some people helped me with
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their travel points to stay in motels. >> reporter: 65-year-old susan griffin said members of her church were doing all they could to keep her off the streets. like so many without a home, she was at risk of getting covid. the department of homelessness and supportive housing or hsh ramped up services. >> we expanded our system of care dramatically. leaving the country in what was a data driven public health driven response to people experiencing homelessness during the pandemic. >> reporter: setting up saif sleeping tent sites for about 200 people. supportive housing for 400 and opened 25 shelter in place hotels, placing nearly 2,000 people in their own rooms with private bathrooms. fema is covering the cost. griffin calls her room a godsend. >> a huge sense of relief. for one thing, it was warm and
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there was a roof over my head. >> reporter: she said months of stability have helped her get back on track. she has a part-time job and is looking for a permanent home. >> it has enabled me to put together a savings account. as i transition into rental housing, i'll be able to pay the first and last month's rent. >> reporter: the city plans to rehouse people working in stages. working with five hotels at once. it is a process expected to take months to complete. they're hoping to complete it by october. >> we feel we can find the housing. and we have a pathway, we are taking advantage of the changing rental market by finding housing scattered around the community. and there are a lot more landlords looking to partner with the city to house former homeless. >> reporter: it provided a rare opportunity to potentially end homelessness for thousands.
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but the supervisor said the city hasn't gone far enough. >> i think we should have done it for a lot more people. because i don't know when we'll ever get another moment like this where the federal government was willing to essentially pay for us to bring everyone off the streets. >> reporter: with thousands still living on the streets, he said he'll be advocating to continue the shelter in place hotel model and to purchase additional properties to increase support of housing options. a shift in services hsh says it man's to pursue. >> it is absolutely the time to look at it. >> reporter: griffin said it is an investment in people's lives. >> everybody has a right to a life of pride. being able to support yourself. to get over the hump in life, the challenges that covid brought. >> challenges all brought on by a pandemic.
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>> soup the businesses will be returning as well. jeff ranieri is with us. we talk about 40. how are you doing? >> i got that friday feeling. we're going to see some changes after some record setting heatful lots of 80. we're already beginning to see things cool down. let me show why you and it is because that hot air is beginning to move off toward the east. that is allowing some fog to develop near the coastline. and that's what will drop our temperatures tomorrow. so instead of those 50s to start, we're back to 43 in the tri-valley with some areas of fog. south bay, a few clouds and 47. notice in the north bay, dipping back down to 41 degrees. you've got to have that jacket tomorrow morning. san francisco, some early fog. 47, east bay, 45. the daytime highs, no more 80s. still a beautiful look. we'll get some sun for the
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afternoon. 77 in livermore, 75, concord. the most substantial changes right here. oakland, 66. san francisco, 60, and half moon bay, 59. not here but headed up to lake tahoe on our snow report. we'll have 60s for highs. 30s for morning lows. they have 27 lifts open. 227 trails and 102 runs at squaw valley and alpine meadows. a good time to be had. we have been talking about rain chances by next monday. watch this storm system offshore. and what you'll see is by next monday, it sits and spins and breaks up out there. because of that, we have really taken away those rain chances next week. it only looks like about a 20% chance next monday. so temperatures this weekend in san francisco, dropping back down into the 50s. and across the inland valleys. we're going to the 60s. 68 on saturday. 66 this for easter sunday. a little too soon for those 80s.
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so i think there's some folks out there looking forward to the 60s. we might still even hold in some rain by the third and fourth week of this month. so not all hope is lost but no way we'll catch up at this point. >> it will still be nice for easter sunday brunches and easter egg hunts. the boardwalk just came back to life. what you need to know before you go down south. and you don't want to miss our four-part documentary series. the mom of magnolia. it's pretty powerful. you can watch the entire series. also on roku, apple tv and our youtube channel. more vaccination sites opening across the bay.
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what's happening behind me to know it's covered. three. no nonsense. just common sense. on alert, santa clara county's public health officers says she's seeing a rise in cases of the more contagious variant. the county has confirmed one case of the variant from brazil. two cases of the new york variant, three cases from south africa, and 92 cases of the u.k. variant. more than 1,000 cases of the west coast variant that we're i the variants and the vaccine. but the top lying message is, you are far more protected if you're vaccinated than if you're not. >> dr. cody says keep wearing your masks and keep your social distancing. >> governor newsom rolling up his sleeves and getting a vaccination. he got one of the one-dose
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johnson & johnson vaccines. at 53 years old, he is now eligible. it was one of the first major companies to send its employees home. now google is telling everybody to come on back. google offices began reopening today. allowing a limited number of people back on to the various campuses. it will slowly allow more workers over the next several months. here are the rules. after september 1st, employees still want to work remotely for more than 14 days, they'll to have formally apply. that's according to an internal document that we viewed on nbc. google employees will be able to apply forum to 12 months of remote work. more baseball. we'll tell you how the a's game and giants game ended. the giants throwing extra innings. happening now, facebook is rolling out a new feature that allows to you show support for covid vaccines. the facebook frame where people can show that they got vaccinated. facebook believes if users see more people they trust get
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vaccinated, they'll feel better about getting it themselves. the from file frames were made available today. we're back in a moment.
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coliseum in oakland. for the first time in more than a year, the a's heard the roar of the home town crowd. nearly 10,500 fans were allowed inside for the season opener against the houston astros. 1-0 in the sixth, alvarez rode the 2-run double. the giants opening the season in the pacific northwest. the orange and black in seattle to take on the mariners. the giants had a 6-1 lead in the bottom of the eighth. then gave up six runs in the inning. the mariners beat the giants 8-7 in ten innings. in the nba, the warriors tripping off the road trim in south beach. the doves facing the miami heat. steph curry was lighting up the score board. the two-time mvp had 36 points and ten rebounds. it wasn't enough. the heat burned the warriors 116-109. back here, the a's will look for the first win of the year in game two of the series against
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it's okay that you don't want to be first: you aren't. second covid vaccine. it's okay to have questions: everyone deserves answers. i'm wary that there isn't enough information. it's okay to be excited, or worried, or both. it's alright for it to take whatever it takes for you to be ready. hi mom, ready for your shot? yes, i've been waiting for this day. we just got what? vaccinated. we just got vaccinated! let's get you there. let's get to immunity. this is no april's fools
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joke. the santa cruz boardwalk is now reopened. it opened today. it has been open since fall of last year but today the fun stuff, the rides were operating, and prompting a lot of people to scream. only a handful were open but people were happy to be able to enjoy it all again. >> i am so excited to go on some rides. >> it's a good time at the beach. never a bad day when you're at the beach. >> well said. there are capacity limitations. you know the drill. people will be given wrist bands on get on the rides and there are only a certain number of wrist bands issued each day to comply with the capacity restrictions. not just the boardwalk but six flags in vallejo has rmd. while they are still banning out of state visitors, a lot of happy bay area visitors thrilled to be back. they have some covid rules including social distancing and masks even on the rides. >> help mitigate the spread of
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covid-19. it will also stay on while you ride the roller coaster. >> we were lucky enough to get our vaccines will we're both nursing students. we socially distance and use hand sanitizer. we feel pretty safe. >> they invited a lot of medical responders to the park. tomorrow pass holders will be allowed in. the general public returns on saturday. and finally, we like this. opening day in baseball. the grounds crew for the a's. you notice is a little hairy. that's reba, the dog on the back of that tracker. the a's said she was the field supervisor today making sure everything was in tip top shape. that will do it for us tonight. have a great night. ♪


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