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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  April 1, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> reporter: and still no luck. >> why did they open it up if they don't have the vaccines? >> why are we opening up more if we can't meet the needs? that's a good question. we are taking the lead from the state. >> reporter: the south bay will receive almost 80,000 doses next week, excluding keizer's supply. that's compared to only 58,000 this week. and more than two-thirds of those are for first doses, meaning new patients. >> we are told that the vaccine supply should increase by the middle or end of april and well into may for sure. >> reporter: dr. marty says he stands by his prediction that 85% of the county will be fully vaccinated by the middle of summer. but she's not sure she can wait. >> we're all thinking of doing a day trip to go and get it. but i also kind of feel guilty about that. i don't want to take away a shot from somebody in their county when my own county should be taking care of me. >> reporter: she will not have
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to travel to fresno after all because santa clara county reopened its appointments. she was able to book hers here in the south bay. in san jose, nbc bay area news. >> she must be very happy about that. governor newsom rolled up his sleeve today to get his shot. the governor got the one dose johnson & johnson vaccine in l.a. this morning. he is 53 years old. that means today he became eligible to receive the shot under state guidelines. and as he and more people get vaccinated, the governor says this is not the time to let your guard down. >> now is not the time to put the mask down. now is not the time to spike the ball. now is not the time to announce mission accomplished. we have enormous opportunity in the next six to eight weeks. >> governor newsom says california received 6.6 million more doses compared to any other state. we also have the highest population. the governor says 31% of adults in california have received at least one dose. while the governor has vip
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access. but for the rest of us not so much. we sent our business tech reporter scott budman out to go vaccine hunting. here is what we found out today. >> reporter: yeah. as of today a lot of people are saying it's my turn. so what better place to start than on one of many sites we tried again today and almost had success. >> out of stock. out of stock. in stock. along with a lot of people who gave the shot a shot today. they're not making this easy. i logged on i don't know how many times. but frustration was an often mentioned keyword on social media. that briefly looked promising but again we were rejected. same with the drugstores unless you are ready to travel a long way. they're in bakersfield, chico. >> it's only giving me options in modesto, stockton, real far
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away. >> you will find all the sites. >> we tried in san jose. got rejected. >> were booked up almost all day. >> try oakland. also rejected. so lots of people learning again being eligible and actually getting vaccinated are two very different things right now in the bay area. and that's not likely to change until california gets a lot more doses. scott budman, nbc bay area news. hang in there if you are going through this process. we're told it will get better. our consumer investigator is also vaccine hunting. it is part of his how to series. you can find those segments on our streaming platforms, our website and our youtube channel. just look for our how to play list. another helpful resource called enter your state, age and occupation on this website. it will give you more information about where you can go to secure your shot. >> well, a concerning message
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from the south bay's top health officer echoing what the governor said today. don't let your guard down quite yet. she says the south bay is seeing more cases of the more contagious variant. right now santa clara county has confirmed one case of the variant discovered in brazil. two cases of the new york variant. three cases of the variant from south africa and a lot more cases of the variant from the u.k. 92 cases. over a thousand of the west coast variant. that's right here in california. dr. cody said the message from this is clear. get a vaccine. >> now we're in a race between the variants and the vaccine. but the top lying message is you are far more protected if you are vaccinated than if you're not. >> dr. cody is pleading with everyone just to hang in there a bit longer. wear your mask even if you are fully vaccinated and please avoid any travel. let's take a look at the rate of new cases in santa clara county.
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this shows a seven day average of new cases since february. back on february 1th, 466 new cases in the south bay. in just one month, on march 1st, that number dropped down to 185 cases. since then, cases are declining at a much slower rate. you can see the line starting to flatten. back on march 23rd, 105 new cases. a similar story in san francisco, but cases have started to tick back up there in the city. the city had an average of 140 new cases a day. a huge drop. by march 1st, a month later, 47 cases. by mid-march, down to about 33 new cases a day. and then last week a slight increase. the city now reporting about 35 new cases a day. health leaders are calling for everyone to continue to social distance and wear their mask. all right. here is something that's going to make you smile, we hope. even if you are not a baseball fan, you can appreciate what this means. it is opening night. a new beginning and it comes
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with life. no more fan cut-outs. real humans, fans allowed back in the ballpark. that includes the a's and the giants. of course there are new covid related rules. face masks are required. tailgaing in longer allowed and at a limited capacity. our sky ranger overhead this afternoon. look at the field looking gorgeous. fresh logos painted on the field itself. let's bring in melissa colorado at the coliseum. you got the story assignment of the day. happy new year as they like to say. >> reporter: i'm loving it, baby. baseball is back. no more of those fan cut-outs. no more of that fake fan cheering. get that noise out of here. we're getting the real deal today. so you are probably wondering. how is social distancing going to work here at the coliseum. so these yellow stickers you see right here, that is where fans are going to sit. this is a pod of two people. they're social distancing between them and other fans.
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that's where the zip ties come in. this is where people cannot sit. that will allow appropriate social distancing between fans here and fans right over there. so it is looking a little empty here today because fans will not be allowed until 6:00 p.m. but roughly 12,000 fans will be filling up this stadium safely, of course. they're going to be here to watch the a's take on the houston astros. and there is going to be a lot of new rules they will have to follow. including no tailgates. face masks are required unless you are eating or you're drinking. speaking of food, it is cashless concessions only. if you want a brat or a beer, you have to order it on your phone using the mlb ballpark app. the food gets delivered right to your seat. no need to get up and wait in line. a's are only selling tickets in pods of two and four. i spoke to one lifelong a's fan who will be sitting in the nosebleed seats tonight and talked about the interesting
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dichotomy between watching the game and knowing people are getting vaccinated at the mass vaccination site. >> i'm vaccinated so the big reason for me wanting to come is i was able to do it safely. i just hope that more people see that you can get a vaccination if you are able to get a vaccination get one. that's the fastest way we'll reach herd immunity. maybe it will be like we're cheering on the people getting vaccinated, too. >> pretty interesting. you can get vaccinated at the parking lot and then watch baseball inside the park where you are. melissa, can i just walk in with a ticket? do i need to prove that i have had a vaccination or a negative test? >> reporter: no, you do not. however, fans will get their body temperatures checked. so anybody over 100 degrees, they are out. as you could imagine, i even saw some of the concession stand employees, they were so excited to be back. you could just feel the energy right here that baseball is back
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and we're getting a taste of what we used to have, pre-covid. but obviously fans will take every measure possible to keep a safe distance and enjoy baseball as safely as possible. back to you, raj. >> all right. have a beer and a hot dog. have a good time tonight. melissa reporting for us at the coliseum. we like this story as well. the grounds crew down on the field. look at the a's grounds crew, it is getting a little hairy. that's reba the dog. the a's say she was the field supervisor today making sure everything was in tiptop shape. how about the giants? they open tonight in seattle. they will open in san francisco one week from tomorrow. if you want to go to oracle park, here is what you got to do. you do have to have that documentation. the san francisco health officer says fans must be fully the ballpark. this is a big deal. fans will have to bring documentation before being allowed into oracle park.
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it's creating a bit of a stir, but the ceo larry bear stands behind this decision. >> we understand that inconveniences associated with this. but we also understand and have heard loud and clear from our fans that they want the safest experience possible and the healthiest experience possible. and it was a determination of the health officer that this is the way to deliver. >> this is all reality. as for now, the giants are going to sell just about 9,000 tickets to each game. if you bought a ticket but don't have proof of a vaccine or a negative covid test, you will be allowed to get a refund. raj, following other news in the bay area. right now an investigation is underway after a noose was discovered on the university of san francisco campus. it was hanging from the fourth floor balcony. it was immediately taken down. the student who admitted to it was removed from the university
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housing. usf released a statement saying it was egregious and not acceptable and condemns acts of racism. the black student union releasing a statement saying the school did not take sufficient disciplinary action against harmful acts. more tearing in a minneapolis courtroom in the chauvin murder trial. george floyd's girlfriend was emotional. she admitted she and floyd used opioids. she said she noticed the change in floyd's behavior two weeks before his death. jurors heard from paramedics called out to the scene before floyd died. one paramedic said he tried to find floyd's pulse but could not and added he had to move police out of the way in order to get floyd into an ambulance. we're getting more information about that shooting down in southern california. four people were shot dead, including a nine-year-old boy.
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it happened yesterday at the business complex in the city of orange. that's near disney land. investigators say the gunman knew all the people he shot and the motive was related to a business and personal relationship. the gunman and the mother of that nine-year-old boy are in the hospital this evening in critical condition. i'm chief meteorologist jack. temperatures near records today. but i will show you exactly what cools us down tomorrow and we will get a look at the a's home opener forecast. also ahead, ready to scream? six flags becomes the first bay area theme park to reopen. the special guests that were invited to help celebrate. it's been really hard. >> watching his students struggle with online learning and wanting to help. we're going to show you what an ap calculus teacher did in the east bay to make sure his students knew he was there for supportment. . . . .
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today six flags discovery kingdom reopened but only to people who live in california. state health rules still ban out of state visitors, lots of happy californians were happy to be back. many were first responders invited by the park as a thank you. for the kids, a year out theme parks has been really tough. >> yeah. it couldn't go to sleep last night. i was too excited. >> i'm excited and i'm ready for the rides. >> yeah. abigail was the first one in the park and hoping to be the first to ride the cobra, but she patiently delayed her ride to speak to us. today and tomorrow are for park members and season pass holders. the general public returns on
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saturday. every day more students are returning to campus. >> we meet a teacher who has seen firsthand who it has been like and how he wanted to thank his students. here's garvin thomas. >> hi, friends welcome. >> the person who came up with the term distance learning. >> we have our cameras on. >> had no idea how sadly perfect those words would turn out to be. >> welcome in the chat you will find the link. >> jerry's students aren't just far from him physically, it feels that way emotionally a lot of the time. >> it's been really hard not being -- like not getting to have the kinds of interactions or interventions that you're normally able to. what is the distance, johnny, between that first point? >> jerry's ap calculus students at leadership's public school are among the most motivated you will find anywhere. but even they aren't immune to
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all this virus can do. >> i have seen students that would be star players in the classroom now being the ones that aren't able to even complete an assignment. >> i just looked at the points. >> jerry feels over the past year so much has been asked of these teenagers, it was time they were given a little something in return. he has been thinking about it for months. >> but then i was like, oh, i have a lot of plans but they are expensive. >> so jerry turned to the community for a gofundme campaign, and the community turned it into a success. jerry raised more than $2,000 to put together care packages for his students. >> oh, hello! >> and last week face to face for the first time in more than a year -- >> this is for you. >> -- he handed them out. in addition to t-shirts, notebooks and phone batteries. >> baked these cookies yesterday. >> jerry spent hours baking and even more hours tracking down
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each one of his 56 students' favorite snack foods. >> he said that was his favorite snack, so i put it in there. >> it means a lot because it is kind of hard right now to be focussed in school and just like his energy and his motivation like gives me more motivation. >> okay, excellent. that's so good. >> there is no way that everything these students have lost in the past year could fit in the tote bag no matter how big. but it is efforts like this from teachers like jerry that we'll look back on as having made learning in the time of covid feel just a little less distant. >> oh, my god. okay. i won't cry. >> garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> that's a special teacher. an update now from the snow or should we say the sunshine. the snow packed survey. take a look. today the department of water resources says the snow pack is well below normal for this time of year. we saw that coming. statewide, the sierra know is
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16.5 inches. that's 59% of average for april 1st. that is no april fool's joke and we transition over to weather. it's like 85 degrees around the bay area today. how are you doing, jeff? >> hi, jeff. >> yeah. it feels so strange out here. there is still some hope for the third or fourth week of this month to get some more storms in here that could bring some sierra snow. but there is no way we will catch up on the snow pack or the rain fall. we heard about the a's earlier. let's get you to our a's home opener forecast. you can watch the game on nbc sports bay area tonight. first pitch right around 7:00 where we have 73 degrees. so a warm beginning for us. and then temperatures through the rest of the game will be dropping into the 60s. now check out this next graphic. it is something i put together and it's basically ranked the weather against our chance of home runs.
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how could the weather help us out? and you can see 70s for the start of the game. i think the first hour would be crucial to potentially getting some home runs. when you base it off the weather, we have a higher chance of getting home runs within the first hour because the bar travels farther in warmer air. so that is some good news there for the a's. humidity not really going to help us out all that much. we have fairly dry air and the wind will be light. so it will not carry the ball too much. again, it will be right around that first pitch time for potentially getting some home runs here based on those warmer temps. let's bring it back here to home. and our weather forecast. you will be able to see the area of high pressure that brought us record setting heat. it is moving out of here. the big headline will be the fog starting to return. that will help to drop our temperatures. 11:00 p.m. tonight, mostly clear but watch as we head through tomorrow morning. there you can see that fog returning near the coast. north bay, oes bay and a little
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there for the south bay as well. tomorrow afternoon we keep some fog for the beaches. but most of us should get in on some sunshine. temperatures to start with that fog, it will drop. you need that jacket down to 43 in the tri valley. south bay at 47. to east bay. san francisco and the north bay and more 40s here with that early cloud cover. daytime highs, no more 80s in the forecast. 72 in santa rosa. 75 in concord. go near the bay. oakland 66. half-moon bay 59. now, we have been talking about some rain chances next week. but i want to show you what we're seeing right now. the storm system is offshore on sunday. watch how this sits and spins, stays in the pacific and falls apart. so because of that, i have diminished pretty much our rain chances. monday only a 20% chance of showers. otherwise dry next week the way it looks now. for the inland valleys, 80s are gone. 77 tomorrow. 60s this weekend. and 60s as we roll through next
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week. now coming up at 6:00, we will take a look at our climate our warming air is also linked to pollen and your allergies. we will have details on how that ties in with some greenhouse gases. again, we've got that coming up for you at 6:00 tonight. >> raj and i both sneezing a lot tonight. thanks so much. >> it's bad. coming up, google employees returning to work. how soon it will happen and what they will have to do if they want to continue working remotely. that's next. tonight i will be speaking with dr. fauci about the covid foot race, the rising number of vaccinations versus the rising number of vaccinations. also, two little girls dropped over the border wall by smugglers. the video when we see you tonight.
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covid has made clear that having health insurance is more important than ever. at covered california, every plan is comprehensive, covering everything from preventive care to mental health. and it's the only place that offers financial help for health insurance. enrollment is open due to covid-19. if you or someone you know isn't covered, now is the time to sign up. covered california. this way to health insurance. enroll now at making it in the bay, the challenges of living here. remember last year just a few
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months ago the plunging rental market? now the other way, rising prices. san francisco ranked first in the country this month for the highest increase in rental prices with the rent surging more than 3% higher. that puts the median price of a two bedroom at $2,400 a month. san francisco also led the country in declining rent prices. researchers with apartment list showed that mountainview went up 2%. freemont up 1% and san jose just a little under 1%. >> maybe mountainview is going up because google is reopening. they sent employees home last year. but now google is setting a return to work deadline. google offices began reopening today, only allowing a limited number of people back on to campuses. it will slowly allow more workers over the next several months. if they want to work remotely, they will have to formally apply. that's according to internal
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documents. google employees will be able to apply for up to 12 months of remote work. this is a much different approach than other bay area giants like facebook and twitter that announced they will allow remote work indefinitely. another place opening in the bay. get sports coverage with the xfinity sports desk. every day at 6:00 and 11:00 p.m. only on nbc bay area. sponsored by xfinity.
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tonight at 6:00, how far would you go to get a vaccine? some people are heading way out of the bay area the get a shot. we will show you how far and tips to getting an appointment. that story and more at 6:00. at 5:00, spring cleaning doesn't usually involve climbing on to the roof. >> the rooftop rubber ducky is squeaky clean today. the duck and his coworkers are reopening the front doors for the first time in a year. they're reopening this friday. the backyard, as you might know, has been open to young explorers for a few weeks now, but now we're going inside. inside, capacity is tapped at 25%. >> it is a great place for young kids, yeah.
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toddlers perfect age. we used to go there all the time. now we're going to go to the board walk, ready for some thrill rides. >> thanks for joining us. lester holt is next with "nightly news." >> bye, folks. see you at 6:00. tonight, the powerful testimony from george floyd's girlfriend in the trial of former officer rek chauvin. on the stand floyd's girlfriend breaking down in tears as she testifies about their relationship and their struggles with opioid addiction. also testifying the paramedics, one saying by the time he arrived, he thought floyd was already dead and floyd's brother, the heart-wrenching moment for him today in the courtroom. the disaster that destroyed 15 million doses of johnson & johnson's vaccine.
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