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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  March 31, 2021 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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>>. good morning. thanks for joining us for our midday news cast. a live look across the bay area. this is where hundreds of thousands of californians will be newly eligible to book a covid-19 vaccination appointment. they will lower the age to 50 and up but one east bay city county is actually moving ahead of the state's schedule by lowering the eligibility age to 16 and up today. nbc bay area's bob redell is live in concord where some people are now asking really a good question here is how will it be possible to get the shot
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with other counties dealing with an ongoing shortage? >> yeah, well, you know, contra costa county was able to sign up for a federal allotment that they are able to use at their qualified vaccination sites and they opened this brand new one right behind me. this is a brand new vaccination site in the parking lot of six flags hurricane harbor here and since the county announced that anyone 16 and up can qualify for a shot, demand has been tremendous. just over the past 24 hours, you can see it in the steady stream of cars with people lined up for their appointments and counties tell us that the hotline has been ringing non-stop and that they had 30,000 people sign up online overnight. now even if you do not get a response right away when you fill up the online form, the county wants to know that you do have a place in line based on when you expressed interest in receivyou don't hear anything right away. the county has a goal of administering a million shots
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initially by july 4th but demand has been so great and the supply here so steady that they now expect to meet that goal before memorial day. >> we had appointments that were at risk of not being filled and we wanted to fill them. we knew we would get a deluge of interest, but we also knew that we had more confidence in our vaccine supply coming through that will be able to have more and more appointments. >> it feels wonderful. i've been waiting for it for a while, and my turn finally came up, and as soon as it did i jumped on it because it's important. it's important that we do this to not only help me but help you guys. i mean, help everybody. we have to get through this. >> reporter: contra costa county is the first county not only in the bay area but in the state to open up vaccine eligibility to anyone 16 years of age and up. just one week ago it was open to
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those 50 and older. solano county is vaccinating people 50 and up as well unless underlying condition. keep in mind starting tomorrow everybody in california who is 50 years of age and older becomes eligible regardless of where you live, regardless of your county. once you become eligible in other counties, you have a number of options. you can start by visiting the website of the county you live in for vaccinate sites and another option is check your my health website and go on your pharmacy website or make an appointman on california's my turn website. put in your information and if the state says you're eligible you can schedule your vaccination at a site near you and you can also fill out a the new. might take a while to get through to someone, might have to give them your number and they will call you back in a couple of hours but so far they have been very receptive and very responsive.
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reporting live here in conard could, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> bob, thank you. now pfizer says its vaccine is 100% effective for children ages 12 to is a. if the fda approves its use soon 'pfizer says it could get the vaccines to pre-teens and teens, before the new school year. more than 2,200 children who were a part of the trial and none of them became infected. pfizer just recently started testing on children from 6 months to 11 years old. and if you're still on the fence about the covid vaccine, maybe the latest data from the cdc will help you make up your mind. that data out yesterday finds fully vaccinated people will not get sick and run likely to spread the virus. the research looked at infection rates among about 4,000 vaccinated and unvaccinated frontline health care workers. fully vaccinated people had only three infections. unvaccinated people recorded 161 covid cases. local experts called the status significant.
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>> you can feel safe as a vaccinated person going to indoor dining, going to the jim or a movie. >> reporter: experts advise that had does not mean being reckless meaning it's still important to wear your mask as long as vaccines are still rolling out. answers for you. so the cdc says fully vaccinated people can visit indoors with other fully vaccinated people without wearing masks or social distancing. you can also visit with other people from other households who haven't been vaccinated but only if they are at low risk. no mask or distancing required. also, once you're fully vaccinated, you don't need to quarantine if you're exposed to covid presuming you don't show any symptoms. we also have a resource that can help you get that vaccination. go to and enter your name, state and occupation and it will give you more information about where to go to secure your shot. alameda county now in the orange tier. it's the fifth county in the bay area to make that jump, but even
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with increased indoor dining in the south bay there's new talk of extending outdoor dining for just a little while longer. nbc bay area's kris sanchez is in san jose with the details. >> reporter: there's no question that a lot of sap jose's outdoor businesses need all the help that they can get in making up all of that ground lost over the year of the pandemic n.san jose the city council is allowing al fresco dining through the end of the year including for some businesses that don't have their own outdoor space allowing them to use city-owned properties like parking lots, streets and parks. the outdoor dining will continue as indoor dining is also ramping up. santa clara county continues in the orange tier which alameda county just joined for a total of five bay area counties in the less restrictive tiers. wineries, tasting rooms and bowling alleys can open at 25% capacity and i indoor capacity increases for restaurants, movie theaters and places of are worship. napa county, seemed like it was about to go into that orange
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tier, but because of a surge in covid cases it will have to hold off for a couple extra weeks n.san jose, kris sanchez, nbc bay area news >> thank you it's cesar chavez day and 500 farm workers are getting their second covid vaccine. united form workers and monterrey mushrooms are behind the push for the vaccinations in morgan hill. they started last month, and the i remember when they started that. let take a live look out for you this midday. this is san francisco, beautiful sight there, the bay bridge just off in the distance. you know what, a pretty clear day for the bay area right now, and it's supposed to get a little bit warmer today and possibly hit the record temperatures out there. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking that. the mini heat wave or this uptick in heat is actually not too bad. >> not too bad for a little taste of it, and then we go back to some more seasonable weather. let's get a live look outside. once again san francisco is looking a little hayes, and we
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are going to be reaching near some record highs for today as our temperatures reach into the low 80s, and it won't be as windy as yesterday, but still quite breezy, and then as we go into the weekend once again a nice little cooldown head our way. as we take a live look out there in dublin. we're starting out with mostly clear skies. we had a cool morning and our temperatures are starting to warm up just a bit as we're heading out for lunch. it's in the upper 60s and we'll see a trend into the 70s in the next hour and then very quickly into the 80s for the middle of the afternoon. the way we see those temperatures by today. they are reaching into the low 80s with a breezy wind as we closely watch these numbers once again. we'll reach into the low to mid-80s for today which in some spots like concord as well as san francisco may set or tie the record, and we may see more of this tomorrow, so we'll talk more about this and that weekend cooldown is coming up in a few minutes. marcus. >> thanks, kari. >> today three of derek
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chauvin's murder trial and the court is hearing more from witnesses said. people at the scene of that incident last may. they say they wanted to help george floyd, but they were held back by police. this morning an employee who confronted george floyd about the fake $20 bill he used to pay for the cigarettes took the stand and prosecutors asked christopher martin what he felt when he saw former officer derek chauvin put his knee on floyd's neck. >> disbelief and guilt. >> why guilt? >> if i would have just not tooken the bill this could have been avoid. >> reporter: so far in the trial we have seen witnesses sharing what they saw and their emotions as those events unfolded as george floyd died. the prosecution will soon be bring some medical experts and police to testify. that trial is expected to lks. police in san francisco also arresting a hate crime suspect so the victim who wants to remain anonymous sauce that a man came into her tenderloin
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business several days in a row threatening to shoot asian people inside. police arrested 46-year-old darryl hunter yesterday. the victim says that she is hoping he is kept off the streets. >> i just wish the judge or whoever in charge right now a is -- if it not happen with me, it be would happen with somebody else. >> records show hunter is currently being held without bail and suspected in court tomorrow. attacks against asian-americans and pacific islanders expected the focus -- expected tonight focus of a virtual forum today with house speaker nancy pelosi. members of san francisco aapi community are slated to participate in this round table. the forum is also expected to touch on the impacts the covid-19 virus and the asian-american and pacific island community has been.
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>> well, a few hours from now, president biden will make a major address laying out his plan for drillions of dollars in infrastructure spending. scott mcgrew, that money will boost the economy and jobs. >> reporter: yeah, good morning. it's well-established that government spending on things like roads and bridges boost the economy. we saw it in the obama years following the great recession and previous generations saw it in the '50s and in the age of fdr as well. president biden will lay out that plan in a speech in pittsburgh just past 1:00 our time. the package will cost even more than the coronavirus still lurks and the white house says it's going to propose raising corporate income rates to help pay for t. other news, volkswagen announced tuesday that it would change the name of its north american brand to voltswaggen to celebrate its push into electric cars but it was in fact an april's fools joke. one problem, it's not even april yet and two when asked about the
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name change which it pretended to league on monday volkswagen insisted that the name change was absolutely true and then published a news release on official letterhead with a quote from the real ceo saying, yes, this is absolutely true, and volkswagen stock went up 5% because of it as investors cheered its new commitment to electricity. except vw says after it moved the markets it's not true. this would be badly botched pr stunt for any company. bloomberg calls it a calamity, but it's particularly bad for vw which as you remember was accused of a software cheat to escape emissions requirement. goofing around about who it is and what it's trying to do particularly with anything related to bad taste. it is just terrible. and google has a new update to its maps on iphone and android that help you move around
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airports and malls and other indoor locations. part of google's live view. the company provided this example of zurich airport. you hold the phone up, look at the screen. it the shows the real world through the camera and adds in guide points and arrows to show you where to go to get to that sin bon or that gate. it works in only a few locations right now, marcus, but it does include valley fair mall so i went to santa clara yesterday to try it out. it didn't work very well and to be fair it is in beta. it says hold on, slow down, you're walking too fast and if i'm walking too fast then definitely the software needs to be updated. >> you had me sold when it will take me to the cinnebon. the first lady will visit the area today for cesar chavez day
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and governor newsom is also scheduled to attend. it's international transgender day of visibility. we'll show you and take a look at some of the language that seemed offensive and the words you can use to be more inclusive. plus, a covid vaccine for zoo animals, oh, yes? the animals in the bay area that will soon qualify for the shot. and actress sharon stone killing kelly clarkson that britney spears wrote her a very important and poignant letter asking for help during the tough time in her life. sharon opens up about her own experiences in hollywood and shares how difficult it is to be a very successful woman in the industry. can you watch that full interview on "kell clarkson show" right here in the bay area at 3:00.
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thanks for sticking around. today is international
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transgender day of visibility. many protections are in place but some still face discrimination or bias when it comes to lapping wage. a look now at why some words may be offensive and what to opt for instead >> reporter: spoke with someone from the connecticut transadvocacy program who says words really matter. that's why we're breaking down words that glad suggests using. use the worse passing and stealth refer to a transgender's ability to go through daily life without making an assumption that they are transgender and passing is problematic because it implies they are being stealth or deceitful. what is recommended is visibly transgender or not visibly transgender. instead of referring sex change say transition >> being trans isn't just about surgeries. you can never do those things and still be transs.
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it's more your inner sense of your own gender. if you do choose to transition, that's up to you. but it doesn't change the inner reality that you are the gender you say you are. >> reporter: also using the wore transgendered instead of transgender elijah says implies something happened to him rather than that is who he is. >> so a new group gearing up to get the covid vaccine but you don't have to worry about this group take up space in line with you. animals at the oakland zo will soon be vaccinated including apes and large carnivores like big cats and the shots different from humans get. the vaccine was developed specifically for animals. the oakland zoo is set to received the first dose is this summer. a live look in san francisco and come next fall san francisco unified may narrow down the choices for its school
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schedules. according to "the examiner" right now schools have 20 start time options but trimming it down to three options will really save the district up to $4 million. the final decision is due in may. a live look at the oakland coliseum where tomorrow is opening night for the as and when they host the astros probably going to be a really good time. alameda county moving into the orange tier the cole seeum can be technically 33% capacity and because of social distancing they will allow 26%. if you want to see the san francisco giants team in person they have nailed down their plan. the giants open on the road in seattle and next play at oracle park april 9th against colorado. for now roughly 8,000 fans will be able to attend at 20% capacity. season ticket holders have priority for all games in april but a limited online pre-sell event will begin starting
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friday. so friday get ready for that and get ready for this beautiful forecast. kari, i can't complain. it's been nice. but i guess will cool off a little bit later this week. >> yeah. it will cool off as we head towards the weekend but we're in for a couple of days where you might be looking at the pool out back like i guess it's time to clean it or maybe put up that blowup pool for the kids. we're going to see some warm weather as we take a live look outside in walnut creek. it's all clear and sunny and temperatures are starting to warm up. let me show you where you are right now. if you're about to head out for lunch it's really nice and comfortable with 70s for the south bay and hayward at 71 degrees and 1 is in fairfield and we're in the mid-70s already in napa as we go into the south bay and take a look at our high temperatures for this afternoon. check this out. all right. 84 degrees in morgan hill, and we're seeing temperatures trending more towards the low 80s for the south bay but more
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mid-80s with antioch reaching 85 degrees and oakland will reach 80 and along the coast and also some very comfortable beach weather with half moon bay reaching 74 degrees and for san francisco it will reach into the low 80s for today especially downtown and in the mission district and "the new york post"a will reach up to 58 degrees. taking a look at the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen this, kind of weather doesn't last. in fact, the high pressure continues to prove on so we do have a couple of days of this warm and summer-like weather and then this weekend we see an area of low pressure coming in. it will cool us off and give us breezy winds and maybe even bring us a little bit of rain. it doesn't look like a strong storm but we continue to watch our rainfall deficits because this is so important right now, we're we do have the best chance of getting rain. we're heading more into our dry season and look at how dry it's been as we look at our rainfall
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deficits for santa rosa. we've measured over 12 inches of rain but we still need another 19.25 to catch up to norm a.m. we're also seeing rainfall deficits as we look at oakland, san jose, livermore, all of our airports are seeing the rainfall deficits of at least 8 inches, and we also are looking towards the sierras to see that's going on there. so far all across the state we are at 61% of normal, but the good thing is that there's a little bit of snow early next week in that forecast and so that will desperately be needed and a welcome sight. as we go through the forecast check out these temperatures. mid-80s today and even warmer tomorrow. we may see some more of those records falling, but they be we start to change over towards some slightly cooler weather on friday and the weekend is looking much like it should for easter weekend with highser in 70, sunshine, a few more clouds
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start to move in late sunday, and we could see spotty shers on monday and tuesday. doesn't look like a really high chance of a soaking rain but any rain we can get is definitely some great news especially when you look at san francisco at the end of march and it's in the 80s but we have some 50s in the forecast so a lot of changes ahead over the next few days. marcus? >> all right. kari, thank you. coming up, the ultimate stealthy from out of space. we'll show you this out of this world coming up next. honda is recalling more than half had a million vehicles. the carmaker is recalling 628,000 hondas and acras to replace a fuel pump. included in the recall is the company's top-selling u.s. vehicle the crv. owners will get a recall notice in the mail. no records of crashes or injuries related to this
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condition. we'll be right back.
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tomorrow's rover snaps an out-of-this world selfie. take a look. nasa's curiosity mars rover posed for this picture on the red planet earlier this month. it shows the rock outcrop 20 feet tall and the panoramic pic is made up of 630 images from the camera on the rover's
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robotic arm and the helicopter on the rover is gearing up for its first flight. the first flight will be no earlier than april 8th. pretty cool there. this is a cool one, too. take a look at this. we're always on social media. check out these photos. our kids are enjoying some time at the beach. be sure to follow kari on facebook, ingram and twitter. always makes me want to go to the beach. great day to do it? >> it will be so comfortable. we were at ocean beach over the weekend and it was so nice. temperatures for the inland areas will reach into the mid-880s. we'll see that today and tomorrow, but also cooler for the weekend which i'll prefer. highs near 70 degrees for easter sunday. >> no complaints there. >> thanks, kari. >> thanks for joining us for our midday newscast. you can catch us on nbc bay area.some and we'll see you back
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here tomorrow morning starting at 4:30. until then have a great day. covid has made clear that having health insurance is more important than ever. at covered california, every plan is comprehensive, covering everything from preventive care to mental health. and it's the only place
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martin's family needs it with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. ♪ usaa ♪ right now on "california live, "dwat a cup of joe with a community connection. and then lawrence is learning how to push through the pain after a vigorous workout. >> cheers, my friend. cheers. >> and erasing ageism by celebrating the gray. >> women who are gray look fantastic. >> and a killer new role that's electrifying. >> that's all happening right now on "california


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