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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  March 8, 2021 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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thunderstorms, even some small hail, next. right now at 11:00, lucky enough to get an appointment but did you get the right dose? thousands of people getting a little less vaccine than they were supposed to. creates a lot of game changer for so many families. tonight we go beyond the new cdc
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guidelines on what you can and can't do once you are fully vaccinated. it is just hours away. i'm tracking a storm system that will bring rainfall, even the chance of hail and lightning, and i just got an updated timeline. good evening. thanks for being with us. i'm raj mathai. tonight that mass vaccination site at the oakland coliseum is in the middle of a public relations mess. we have confirmed thousands of people got the wrong dosage a week ago. health officials are letting those people know and are really trying to calm fears. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd has the details. >> reporter: tonight you can see cars lined up to get their dose of life saving vaccines at the oakland coliseum. last week word leaked out that hundreds, possibly thousands of people didn't get the right dosage. howard butler, who worked in the health care field, heard about that. >> it is really unfortunate because right now, especially where everybody is so uncertain,
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their trust, putting their lives in the hands of individuals who right now need to make sure those proper doses are met. >> reporter: cal oes first reported to nbc bay area that the agency wasn't aware of the problem. tonight they are changing their tune. >> based on what they knew at that time, there was no indication that there was -- that there was any concern around the smaller amounts of dosing that actually occurred. >> reporter: california department of public health did a follow-up investigation on site. that's when they found out that there was a problem with the syringe. >> there was a new syringe lot that came in. the workers adjusted how much they were putting in the syringe, and it turned out they were putting slightly lesser amounts than should have been put in. >> reporter: people who got their shots here on sunday, february 28th, before 4:30 p.m. and on monday, march 1st, between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., may have gotten a lesser dose. doctors say the discrepancy is
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in milliliters. every single person should have received .3 milliliters of vaccine. people may have gotten .22 milliliters. the health department sent out notifications to 6,000 people but don't think that many were affected. >> people don't need to repeat their dose, that's the piece we need them aware of. they need to come back to get the second dose. >> reporter: dr. george rutherford says the amount of vaccine people got and the amount they're supposed to get was about the same. >> these what looked at in the phase one trial, two doses at .3 and .2 and essentially they were equivalent. >> reporter: california health officials say the people administering the shots have been retrained. their hope is it won't happen again. in oakland, cheryl hurd, "nbc bay area news." let's get to the weather. this might be the biggest storm
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we have seen in weeks and actually the only real storm we have seen in weeks. here is a live look outside from our various traffic cams. the roads are already getting slick in a few spots including richmond. let's bring in jeff now. jeff, rain, maybe hail and lightning you were mentioning. what is the timeline for all of this? >> yes, it looks like we definitely could be busy here the next two days but it is a little bit more different than a classic winter storm. we are going to see more of some on again, off again rain, so some intermittent rain over the next two days. you can see right now it is not very busy on the satellite/radar picture. we will zoom in and get a closer look and you see a few showers developing over the north bay, moving towards the east. we are looking at rainfall in martinez as we hit around 11:22 tonight. tomorrow morning, as i talked about, it is hit-and-miss rainfall to start. at 7:00 a.m. some will be getting it near the north bay, down near the coastline but others will be dry. so, again, on-and-off rain over the next two days, a chance of
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lightning, small hail and colder temperatures, and the sierra at least a foot of snow. we will take a closer look at the hour-by-hour forecast and how much rain we will get over the next two days. i'm back in about ten minutes. >> we'll see you then. another great resource for weather updates, download the free nbc bay area app. you will get access to our stormranger and its exclusive low-level radar scan. here is the story a lot of people have been buzzing about throughout the day and for good reason. the new guidelines from the cdc about what you can now do if you have gotten your vaccine. this is big news for families, especially grandparents. here are the three big takeaways. if you are fully vaccinated, you can go now visit people indoors with otherask or socially distance. you can also visit with people from another household who haven't been vaccinated but only if they're at low risk. no mask or distancing required there either. also, if you are fully vaccinated you don't need to quarantine if you have been ek
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exposed to covid as long as you have no symptoms. if you have questions, and many of us do, we will bring in nbc bay area's ian cull who goes beyond the guidelines with more on what you need to know. >> reporter: tonight the highly anticipated look at life after vaccinations. new guidelines opening the door for some family gatherings once thought to be too risky. >> with more and more people getting vaccinated each day we are starting to turn the corner. >> reporter: venus came to this santa clara rite aid to ask about getting shots for her parents. she hasn't seen them in months. >> just once i have seen them. they were at the doorstep of the house and i was in my car. >> reporter: the cdc now says people who are fully vaccinated can go visit one other non-vaccinated household without masks. when that happens for her, her parents could finally see her family up close. >> i miss them. i mean i talk to my mom periodically. yeah, i think i will have them over. >> reporter: the cdc says fully
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vaccinated people can get together in small groups unmasked because the risk is very low. we asked ucf infectious disease expert dr. monica gandhi a few follow ups like if you see one set of grandkids one day, can you see other family the next day. >> yes, as long as the other household has unvaccinated people who are low risk, meaning they don't have increased susceptible. >> reporter: the cdc says vaccinated people should still avoid unnecessary travel, but the doctor thinks that will change next. >> the thing in the guidelines that didn't quite make sense is still saying you can't travel after you are vaccinated. that actually makes zero sense, you know, sort of given with the ability to go visit and how safe you are with travel. so i do think that's going to change pretty quickly. >> reporter: recent studies also suggest sincere unlikely for vaccinated people to be able to spread the virus. the cdc though is still encouraging people to wear masks to protect the unvaccinated and to encourage others to do the
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same. in san jose, ian cull, "nbc bay area news." >> ian, thank you. get ready for more counties now to loosen restrictions. take a look. tomorrow the state is expected to announce more counties will be changing tiers. alameda and solano counties, right now you see them in purple. they are likely to move from purple to red. let's take a closer look at alameda county. to move to the red tier counties must have less than 7 cases per 100,000 people for two weeks. right now alameda county is down to 6.3 cases. so, yes, that's under that seven. alameda county expects to go to the red tier by wednesday. that means indoor dining, gyms, movie theaters can reopen. not just businesses, but schools reopening. in palo alto, tomorrow all grades are returning to the classroom. tk through 12. elementary students in the district have been back in hybrid model since october. 6th graders went back last tuesday. now it is the high schools turn.
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last week during a visit to barron elementary governor newsom held out the palo alto school district as an example how to reopen safely. new at 11:00, the late night battle in the east bay and it is all about that freeway overpass right there. is it a first amendment ride or a traffic hazard? pro-trump demonstrators are fighting back against lafayette city council. nbc bay area's terry mcsweeney joins us from the overpass on highway 24. terry, what is the problem there? >> reporter: well, the problem is this overpass is owned by the state, land on both sides is owned by the city of lafayette. the city of lafayette wants help from the state in doing something about what they consider to be a problem, and that is these pro-trump demonstrators come here a couple of times a week. they're concerned what they're doing up here is bad news for drivers down there. every monday and friday these pro-trump forces meet at the
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overpass above highway 24 near 680 in lafayette. they bring signs and wave at the cars below. they have a message. >> we are pro-trump citizens. we believe the election was fraudulent. >> reporter: mayor susan kendall sees something else out here. she sees an encroachment. those signs and flags are a distraction for drivers and an illegal intrusion on state property. tonight the mayor and council were scheduled to consider a letter to caltrans and chp to stop the signs and flags from going up and distracting drivers. protesters say it is not about distracting drivers but about the pro-trump message which they say is protected by the constitution and they're happy to spell it out for anyone who needs it to be spelled out. >> free speech is the first amendment, and that they are basically having us, a council tantrum. >> reporter: a chp spokesman tonight tells nbc bay area that the number of crashes along this
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strip of road since demonstrations began in september show no increase over the previous six months. now, we don't know if the council is going to get around to this topic tonight. that council meeting is still going on, been going on since 7:00 this evening. we do know that the pro-trump demonstrators tell us they will be back here on friday. in lafayette, terry mcsweeney, "nbc bay area news." >> terry, thank you. they're still going at it in this 11:00 hour. other headlines tonight, not what the families wanted but closure today. a judge sentenced derekalminta for his role in the ghost ship fire. he was given 12 years but will serve out the rest in house arrest. he pleaded in january for 30 counts of manslaughter for the 2016 fire inside the oakland warehouse. through his attorney he said that he's story, that the fire was his fault. family members say they saw him dosing off in court while they
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read their victim statements virtually. >> and it seems as if he is falling aceline. my question is, is he on drugs? is he even aware of what we are saying? he doesn't seem to be. it looks as if he is nodding off. are we really that boring to him? >> he will serve a year and a half on house arrest. after that he will have to complete three years of probation. oakland mayor libby schaaf corrected on twitter saying in part, may it bring some sense of healing to the family and friends who lost loved ones. our city will always grieve their loss and up lift the memories of their beautiful lives. still ahead, worried about the changes to the vaccine rollout. why some bay area counties are pushing back, saying they don't want to be part of a new program. and jumping the line without breaking any rules. the deal the state is offering to help you get your shot sooner.
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and i'll have that full rain timeline coming up in about five minutes.
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it is now tuesday morning in washington, d.c. here is a live look at capitol hill where democratic leaders how to get the coronavirus relief bill through the house as soon as tomorrow. the bill extends a $300 per week boost to unemployment benefits and sends direct payments of up to $1,400 to most americans. president biden says the stimulus money will start hitting accounts this month. a follow-up to a story we brought you last week. we are now seeing the letter congress sent to one medical as part of the federal investigation into the company's handling of its covid vaccine. the letter cites reporting by our investigative unit. congress is investigating bay area cases of san francisco-based one medical, allowing people to jump the line
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for covid vaccines. alameda, san mateo and san francisco counties stopped providing the vaccine to one medical after learning that the concierge medical company was giving shots to people who were ineligible including associates of company executives. a house select subcommittee sent one medical a scathing letter and requested documents, again citing our reporting. pushing back, counties across california including the bay area say they don't want to take part in the state's new vaccination program run by blueshield. dr. jeff smith with santa clara county says this program will just make the vaccination system more complicated and, frankly, he says it doesn't make sense. >> we've been distributing not just covid vaccine but other vaccines for years. we know how to do it. there's no reason to add another layer of bureaucracy to the process. >> earlier this year governor newsom, you might recall, announced that blueshield would oversee the state's network of covid vaccine providers and the
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insurance provider is set to take over by the end of this month. however, dr. smith says as of right now santa clara county is not signing that contract. none of the state's 58 counties have signed up with blueshield so far, but whether counties can opt out remains unclear. well, here is a way to jump the line without breaking any rules. today california launched a website where you can sign up to volunteer at a vaccination site and in return you can get the shot. nbc bay area's pete ciratos explains how it work. >> it is a win/win, you can support the overall vaccination effort and it sounds like after four hours of volunteering you can get vaccinated yourself. >> reporter: the san francisco supervisor sent out a tweet cheering california's latest effort to get folks vaccinated. the my turn volunteer campaign is asking for volunteers to provide help at vaccination clinics.
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for nonmedical volunteers tasks can range from sanitizing surfaces to directing traffic. once you sign up at the website and volunteer for four or more hours you could be eligible to receive a vaccine whether you qualify or not. >> this is a transparent thing you can sign up here, get access to the vaccine. it is not anyone cutting the line. >> there's no such thing as too many volunteers but the response has been enormous today. >> reporter: he says thousands of volunteers have already signed up and they expect many more in the weeks to come. >> our goal is to meet the need of the clinics on the ground and meet the need of our community. >> reporter: count supervisor haney along them who made it clear he is not volunteering as a way to get the vaccine. >> i think it makes sense they waited a few weeks to roll out something like this. you don't want to have a situation where young and healthy people because they volunteered a couple of hours are going ahead of people still scrambling to get appointments who are currently eligible.
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>> reporter: that was pete siratos reporting. when it comes to actually getting the shot or shots, it all depends on vaccine supply at each site. if you are looking for more information on how and when to get your shot, go to put in your state, age and occupation. it will pull up the closest vaccination sites to you. that's let's get back to jeff ranieri as the rain rolls in for parts of the bay area. what is it going to look like the next couple of days, jeff? >> yeah, it is really going to be some intermittent rainfall, raj. as i have been talking about, it is not like a classic winter storm that moves in and moves out. it is just going to hang out and linger and give us these areas of rainfall. you can see the storm system as we move through tomorrow, it is going to be just off to the north. again, it is going to start to introduce some rain chances, a little bit of lightning here and maybe even some small hail as well with some of the colder air. so as we bring you into
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stormranger, our mobile doppler radar, you can see a few spotty showers over marin and pushing in off towards the east through hercules and also martinez. i think through tomorrow morning we begin to see things picking up. 7:30 we have rain over the north bay, also the peninsula. but notice some other spots like livermore will be dry. so, again, some hit and miss rainfall there to start. as we go through the evening hours we will begin to see another wave of rainfall at 7:00 p.m. that's when we could have a decent chance of some thunderstorms as well. we will get another little break here, and then as we move through wednesday morning, we will see some more rain chances with us. then by wednesday night, this begins to try to push on out of here. so everybody at this point is pretty much good for about half an inch for the north bay. you go to the east bay, we are in the quarter to half inch rain. san jose, around a quarter of an inch. santa cruz mountains around a half to three-quarters. decent rainfall totals coming our way tuesday and wednesday.
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morning temps, got to have the jacket tomorrow morning along with the umbrella. we are starting off with widespread 40s across the bay area. over the east bay, 43 degrees. san francisco, 46. the north bay at 40. daytime highs, i tell you what, up tomorrow. we get a little breeze here, 10 to 20 miles per hour, and it is going to feel like the 40s outside. just 52 in santa rosa. concord, 57. right down to the south bay, i have you at 56 in san jose and 54 in morgan hill. on my extended forecast we have the on again, off again chance of some rain into very early thursday morning. and then after that we dry out. friday looks pretty good, 62 there in san francisco. across the inland valleys we are also looking at that chilly weather. we will stay in the 50s all the way through thursday, even look at wednesday and thursday morning, down in the 30s for morning lows. i think the day to really be outside would be friday and saturday. we have some mid to upper 60s coming our way. so, raj, looks good flooks good
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once we hit friday and saturday. be outside with the shades on, enjoying some food at maybe your local restaurant. >> one of my little league dads said it is now already time to plant tomatoes, so we have to do that this weekend, jeff. >> it is time. >> thanks a lot. coming up, twitter is taking the attorney general of texas to court. the lawsuit that twitter just filed in the wake of the attack at the u.s. capitol. happening now, the oakland zoo will be closed tomorrow because of the weather. jeff was just talking about it. zoo officials say it could create unsafe conditions. if you reserved tickets, you will be able to rebook your visit. we are back in a moment. happening now is brought to you by --
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saluting history. the east bay home that could soon become an official landmark. plus, nbc bay area responds to a woman who says a huge mortgage check went miss in. find out what happened, tomorrow morning, 4:30 to 7:00.
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twitter is suing the attorney general of texas. twitter claims republican ken paxton is using his office to retaliate against it for banning president trump's account. twitter banned president trump after the riot at the u.s. capitol. days later paxon announced an investigation into twitter and four other major technology companies for what he called the seemingly coordinated deplatforming of the president. twitter says paxon is seeking to punish the company. well, getting a young adults a job. san jose's mayor says he has a plan to address two of the city's biggest current challenges, all while creating new jobs at the same time. the city launched the resilience corps today. it is a program funded by nonprofits and city departments to help create hundreds of jobs in the areas of the city hit hardest economically. initially, the goal will be to pair young adults with positions that are focused on addressing two major issues, the pandemic
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and climate change. >> our youth are in the battle of their lives. they're reeling from generations of underinvestment, the consequences of red lining, the challenges of a digital divide. >> the proposal goes in front of the city council in san jose next tuesday. not tomorrow, but next tuesday for review and approval. well, you can now experience art in a whole new way. today we got a preview of the immersive van gogh exhibit which projects vincent van gogh's famous sunflowers around the visitors. so if you go there, it is all around you. the blend of art, light and music explores his art and the fragile mind behind it. the show opens march 18th at the old fillmore wes on van ness, now called svn west. up next, a fight at the "shark tank" with an overtime finish. we will show you both. stay with us.
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small business insurance is usually so complicated, you need to be a lawyer to understand it. that's why three was created. if you own it, three covers it. got a cheese slice for “spokesperson?" that's me. i don't even need to see what's happening behind me to know it's covered. three. no nonsense. just common sense. well, they've been looking for a spark all season. coming into tonight's game, the sharks had lost four of their last five as they've dropped in the last place in the division. but guess what? they got a huge win tonight at the shark tank. that shark's tough guy curtis gabriel getting friendly with st. louis's kyle clifford.
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they were actually jawing before this game even started. it goes into overtime. evander kane, watch that, almost on break away right there. bangs in the game-winner. a nice shot. his first game-winner of the season. they needed this one. sharks beat the blues, 3-2. college basketball. march madness, check the calendar. it is almost here. tonight in las vegas, st. mary's taking on the number one team in the country and that would be gonzaga. this was a semifinals of the wcc tournament. gonzaga in the dark uniforms there -- excuse me, in the light uniforms, head and shoulders above everyone else this season. the undefeated bulldogs blow out the gales, 78-55. st. mary's, unlikely to get an ncaa bid. back in a moment.
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in this time of crisis asian americans are facing increased bullying and hate. >> let's put an end to discrimination so everyone can feel safe. >> the more you know. ♪♪ we still have a few minutes left. it is international women's day, and this might be the best story of the day. it is all about eagle scouts. three marin county teenagers, here they are, are now eagle scouts, which is the elite group dedicated to leadership and community. it was only open to boys, it was only available to boys until 2019. now, eagle scout is the highest
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ranking in the boy scouts of america. these ladies are part of the inaugural class of about 1,000 female eagle scouts. >> when we found out that we were going to be able to, i was so excited. i finally had a chance to really go for something that mattered to me. >> it is so intense and such an accomplishment to get to this level. boy scouts of america say only about 6% of scouts make it to this highest rank. the girls have to earn 21 merit badges and create and complete an extensive community service program. congratulations to them. that's going to do it for us. have a great tuesday tomorrow. ♪♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause


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