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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  March 4, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> i want to ask him why you did to my father. >> she and her husband eric also have questions for the district attorney who was quoted in a recent new york types article calling watson's actions before the death some sort of temper tantrum. >> i feel like the d.a. is protecting the killer. >> on a personal level, his sympathies are with us, but as far as his policies, we don't know. >> the office says the d.a.'s comments were taken out of context and did not in anyway excuse mr. watson's behavior, that's why he charged the case as murder. but for the victim's family, using those words in any context is disheartening of
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>> i'm disappointed. he's a killer. he's not a vick continue. it's hurt my feelings. >> when asking how her father would feel, his daughter said he would feel proud they're helping the asian community. watson is due back in court on march 22nd. more cities across the country are taking steps to stop the wave of assaults on asians. a new program was rolled out. the department is having multi-lingual officers going door to door in areas that could become targets. community leaders say they're grateful but want to make it clear, these attacks are not a new problem. >> to say it's new, i don't think it is, but i'm glad the
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city is partnering up with us and doing something. this helps, know what i mean, having their presence says enough is enough, you know? >> coming up at 6:00, robert handa looks at what they are trying to do to break the cycle of racism. you can help us. we have partnered with the asian pacific fund. the bay area-based pacific fund. we're going to provide grants to those working to stop attacks. there's a link on our website, nbc bay we're not meeting our goals. those are the words out of governor newsom's mouth today. the state will set aside 40% of all vaccine doses for 400 zip codes. melissa colorado is here with why those particular zip codes
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are being singled out. >> reporter: here at the oakland coliseum, officials tell me they've been able to beat their goal of vaccinating 6,000 people a day. get this, they've been able to vaccinate 8,000 people a day. but one area that's not being utilized by the public enough, this pedestrian access area. >> we're still not hitting our target, but we've had over 200 people come through and get their shots today. >> reporter: that target is 700 people. the doses are there, but there are not that many takers. we watched as only two people got off an ac transit shuttle bus that drops off those who've made an appointment at the federal vaccine site. people with a walk-up appointment are done in 45 minutes or less. >> we're where is the disconnect? and why aren't more vaccines going to those who truly need
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it? today governor newsom was in stockton and admitted there's room for improvement. >> we're committing 40% of all the vaccines to zip codes like the one we're in today. >> reporter: that chunk of the vaccine supply will go to those in the state's most disadvantaged zip codes, using this map of the healthy place index using poverty and housing status as factors, those areas are in blue. oakland vice mayor rebecca caplan says one of the simplest ways to make it more equitable starts with modifying the my turn website. >> the very zip code targeting needs to be embedded in the programming. >> now more businesses could soon reopen earlier than we thought as well.
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state health leaders say they're going to loosen that criteria they need to meet. it will be tied to the number of people who are vaccinated, including communities, as we've been talking about, hit hard by covid. let's look at where each bay area county stands. five of the nine are already in the red tier, the rest are in the purple, including alameda and solano counties. the change could move those in the purple tier into the less-restrictive tier faster. the $6.6 billion bill is aimed at getting districts to resume in-person learning. they get a big chunk of the money if they can reopen by this month and help close the learning gap many students are experiencing because of distance learning. schools that don't reopen don't get any money. the governor says he will sign
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the bill. we want to be back in the classroom, but we want to do it safely. that is the message from some educators. they say they are encouraged that teachers can now get vaccinated more easily but are skeptical about the governor's bill to get the districts reopened. >> after decades of underfunding, suddenly, they find this carrot to dangle in front of our school districts to pressure them to open quickly. >> the teachers of evergreen want to be in the classroom, back in school with our students just as soon as every necessary precaution is in place. >> the educators also said focus should remain on underserved communities. protests at berkley's golden gate field forced the closure of the vaccination site today. protesters laid down on the horse track. about 40 people were protesting inside and outside the track. appointments resumed this afternoon. the demonstrators were calling
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for golden gate fields to shut down amid recent horse deaths and a widespread covid outbreak with employees there. they said it's a supporter of protests but suggested activists find a better way to voice their concerns. sutter health will be getting 30,000 doses next week after appointments had to be canceled due to a shortage. the health care provider says it's reaching out to people whose second dose appointments were canceled. and half of california's first shipment of johnson & johnson vaccines ended up at the coliseum. so far the state has received just 20,000 doses of the vaccine. half of the shipment went to the coliseum, while the first allotment wasn't much, the governor says much more of the j. and j vaccine will be arriving over the next couple weeks. if you're looking at how to plan
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your vaccine, this website will help. go to the site, select your location and age. all the games get the green light. two weeks after being told they could resume outdoor sports, the state gave high schools the go ahead to resume indoor sports as well, part of a settlement that should end a series of student athlete lawsuits. there is still one more hurdle. >> big news for high school sports, especially those athletes who are now allowed to playback inside the gym. but even with the state signing on, each individual county has to give the green light before the games can begin. indoor sports are on their way back to bay area high schools. for king's academy senior volleyball player mandy fisher, it's just in time. >> it's been definitely a rollercoaster of like, it's open! it's closed! but everybody's so excited we
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can all finally be together as a team. >> reporter: the gym here has been used for psa key testing lately. but the plan is for games and practice to resoup with a limited number of people in the fans. >> just immediate family. that's what we're going to continue to pursue until things change. they're changing and getting better. again, we're optimistic. >> the change comes partly because of a lawsuit filed by a san francisco student athlete who says it's time to get back to sports. >> as of right now, we're just waiting on san francisco county to do the right thing and to take note of what other california counties are doing, and we're optimistic that the city will do the right thing. >> and the gyms will be ready. in sunnyvale, scott budman. still to come, a debate over whether catholics should get the johnson & johnson vaccine because of how it's made. plus, making clothing out of thin air, sort of.
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we're going to show you how a company in the bay area is turning greenhouse gas into a variety of things, including clothing. and all the sunny skies we're seeing now, about to see some changes as we're finally tracking some rain and sierra snow making a come back in our forecast. a closer look hour by hour when we come right back. when we welcome our west coast viewers, we have a nbc investigation into rapid claims of false unemployment claims, and how pandemic isolation is slowing the recovery for many war vets who suffer ptsd. we'll tell you about it on nbc nightly news of
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the masks are here to stay. governor newsom said california will continue its mask mandate even when other states lift theirs. he doubled down and is shocked that states like texas and mississippi are doing the opposite. he reiterated that the positivity rate in texas is extremely higher than california. the governor added this is no time to hang a "mission accomplished" sign. >> we will be doubling down and not following the example of texas and other states who i think are making a terrible mistake. in texas, it's five times california's positivity rate. >> he says the next 100 days will be crucial while more people get vaccinated. so the governor said it.
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this graph shows california's positivity rate over the past couple weeks according to johns hopkins. as you can see, right now it is at 2.2%. let's take a look at texas. the positivity rate is much higher. the latest number from johns hopkins puts it at 12.3%. now this is another perspective. right now california's averaging just under 17 cases per 100,000 people. texas is averaging about 27 one of the bay area's top catholic voices has joined the debate over johnson & johnson's vaccine. they claim the vaccine is derived from cells from fetal tissue. johnson & johnson denies that saying it comes from a completely engineered cell line. a statement was released saying in part, it is morally acceptable to receive covid-19 vaccines that have used cell lines from aborted fetuses in their research and production
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process. but if given a choice, they urge choosing moderna or pfizer instead. guidelines are being issued for welcoming back guests. crazy quilts received a letter claiming that california is losing $4 million each month. governor newsom has released a blue print for a safer economy. but the tourism and event industry says it has no guidelines for them. the effects of climate change are impacting every part of our lives. some are preparing, and some are coming up with solutions many nbc bay area's joe risoto jr. shows us a bay area company transforming pollution into products. >> reporter: those creatures munching grass in our fields contribute a lot. they generate milk, leather, beef, but they're also responsible for not-so-desirable
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products such as methane gas pollution. it's created by things like animal waste, oil wells, coal mining and water treatment plants. >> it's actually 21 times more potent than carbon dioxide. >> reporter: while most consider it a dangerous greenhouse gas, mango materials see methane as opportunity. >> we are revolutionizing plastics are manufactured. >> reporter: inside this silicon valley clean water plant in redwood city, mango materials, founded by three women scientists is taking methane from the water plant's tanks, turning it into something useful. >> we're unique, because we're using it as a feedstock to make biodegradable materials. >> reporter: methane is fed to certain bacteria that digest it and form a type of plastic that can be melted down into plastic pellets. >> it comes out looking like a powder. this is a substitute for
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conventional every day plastics goods. >> reporter: and just what every day plastic goods can be made from this stuff. >> there's various things like 3d printed earrings. >> reporter: but perhaps the most unusualle byproduct of the process is clothing. >> so this is actually spun into a very thin fiber that will then go on to be knitted or woven. >> reporter: you could soon typed yourself stepping out in an outfit made from methane which produces a product similar to polyester. the other benefit to this process isn't about when you can make. it's about what you can unmake. with plastic pollution a growing environmental threat, this plastic biodegrades quicker. >> it can be naturally biodegraded so it won't contribute to pollution. >> reporter: it's the city's first, but they hope to build
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these facilities around the world, maybe in a few pastures. joe risoto jr., nbc bay area news. >> that's great to see. okay, let's get a check the weather. joining us is rob mayeda. so nice to see you. we've got changes coming in the next day or two >> yeah, around this time tomorrow we'll be watching clouds on the increase and much-needed rain coming back into the forecast. we'll monitor some of those changes. good news for your weekend plans. most of it will move out before a colder pattern setting up that could be dropping snow levels and bringing more chances of rain in your forecast. hazy temperatures. cooling down to 60 degrees. there's the sunshine in san francisco. 55 degrees. a light sea breeze at five to ten miles per hour. more hazy skies.
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as the wind picks up, it should hopefully get some of the pollen out of the air and some of the dust and smoke that we're still seeing in our skies. get high pressure, you start to see the air quality drop off with hazy sunshine. we'll get an improvement thanks to the rain coming in tomorrow. tomorrow morning starts off kind of like we had today. coastal clouds, patchy fog. and overall, temperatures tomorrow very similar to what we had today, but you'll notice the increase in clouds as we head towards sunset which is at 6:08. highs in the low 60s. 67 san jose, 65 in hayward. upper 60s around livermore and 61 in santa rosa. so for the day tomorrow, looks dry all the way through the evening commute. then by 8:00, starting off in sonoma and marin county, the first rain band comes through. the main event with this storm looks to be about 8:00 to midnight. can you see the bay area in the thick of it in terms of the
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rain. this system does move through pretty quickly. looks like saturday morning, approaching 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m., most of the showers have shut down. most of it happening before you go to bed friday night. pretty fast-moving storm. san francisco seeing less than a quarter inch of rain, but it will be cold enough, if you're heading to lake tahoe or the sierra, there will be fresh snow in the air. so we get a brief break we think into sunday. then the next pattern sets up for monday through wednesday. you see the cold air approaching the coast. could be looking at lowering snow levels and another round of rain, perhaps a little better in terms of rainfall for the coastal mountains monday through wednesday. some could get more than an inch of rain in the santa cruz mountains. the forecast starting to look a little more like early march. a few earlile showers pre-sun rise on monday.
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break out the win low 50s. we could see snow by mt. diablo and mt. hamilton. back to you. >> keep all your clothes out don't put anything away. coming up, a treatment used to help covid patients to breathe. how they pulled off helping a woman.
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a universal income study in stockton is paying off. the city released results of a pilot program that may help mother people in the bay area
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make it. 125 people were given an extra $500 a month for two years. the cash was unconditional, no strings attached with no work requirements to get the money. the study found that people spent the money on basic needs like food, utilities and home goods. several cities are discussing launching their own universal basic income plan, including san francisco, south san francisco and oakland. a standing ovation today for a newborn baby and her mother. there she goes. when maria was four months pregnant, her heart stopped, and doctors used a special machine to bring her back. so when she and the baby went home today, people had reason to celebrate. maria doesn't really remember much. >> i don't remember anything. i woke up and i'm already cut
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up. >> she was out for about a week and, you know, there was nothing but bad news until the doctor came along and introduced us to the ecmo. >> you know, we got the call. so we're the ecmo team. and ecmo is essentially a pump that is like life support, pumps blood for you, replaces the function of the heart. >> that's amazing. it also works for the lungs allowing the lungs to rest and recover. at the end of her two-week ordeal, there was doubt, but it was confirmed, baby janson had pulled back just fine and was back in sacramento until this week's delivery. the ecmo machine is helpful for covid patients. >> that is fantastic. congratulations. a view of golden gate park like you've never seen before. the observation whole finally up and running.
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tonight at 6:00, we take a look at a new stanford study on covid long haulers, people who have beaten covid but are still suffering from lingering symptoms that can last up to a year. that and more at 6:00. coming um next, an emotional interview with the brother of
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george floyd. his thoughts on the sweeping police reform bill just passed by law makers. the observation wheel is back open. >> today reopening day for the 150-foot skystar observation whole. it was opened for a few weeks in october but had to shut down again because of the covid surge. the wheel was originally scheduled to be removed later this month, but sf commissioners voted to keep it open until march 2025, that's four more years. the decision still needs to be approved by the full board of supervisors. and the reason why it was brought here in the first place, to celebrate the 150th anniversary of golden gate park. but a lot of those festivities got canceled because of covid. but they still have the observation wheel. got to make a reservation. >> going to be spectacular. >> we'll be back at 6:00. see you then, bye.
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tonight mounting questions whether states are ready to reopen more covid restrictions are lifting. alabama ending their mask mandate. the race to vaccinate, why u.s. bishops are urging catholics to avoid johnson & johnson's single shot how officials are pushing back vice president kamala harris casting a tie breaking vote in the massive covid relief plan. what's in and out? how republicans plan to delay it as long as possible.


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