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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  February 27, 2021 6:00pm-6:29pm PST

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aiming to vaccinate millions more. the news at 6:00 starts now. vaccine momentum across the bay area. still a lot of work to do. south bay, people listed eligible for vaccines expands hours from right now. starting tomorrow, anyone in tier 1b can get the vaccine and that means teachers, child care workers, food and ag workers, and emergency service workers. in addition to the people over 65. they're already qualified for the vaccine as well as medical workers and nursing home residents. now the expanded santa clara county rollout comes as districts set dates for returning to campus. the effort to get more shots into arms received a major boost within the past few hours. the fda has cleared the johnson
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& johnson vaccine. it's the country's first single dose vaccine. it can be stored at normal temperatures and the move comes just one day after an fda panel approved the one shot vaccine. some experts say this will be a game changer, especially in underserved communities. >> many times, there's been arguments and discussions in the black community about vaccines and we wanted to vaccinate. that's okay because everybody else was. if you don't get vaccinated with that particular virus, you'll never be able to safely go to religious gatherings, to entertainment clubs, to family reunions. any type of large gathering because there will be someone there like you who's unvaccinated carrying the virus. >> shipments will start going out as soon as monday. governor newsom said the state secured more than 1 million j&j doses. they begin arriving next week. the approval of the third vaccine will certainly ramp up
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vaccinations. so far, the state says more than 8 million people have gotten at least their first covid-19 shot. that's an increase of about 1.3 million just in the past week. on monday, blue shield is taking over distribution of vaccines in california. different rules that can vary from county to county. a lot of confusion for californians. this new system run by blue shield is designed to streamline and simplify everything. the ceo is asking for a little patience as that new system rolls out. new at 6:00, an update to a story we've been covering closely that involves health provider one medical which is accused of allowing some people to get a vaccine when they were not eligible. turns out, alameda county mistakenly allocated more vaccines. even after the county believed it had stopped shipments. the county is now doing an inventory. it will require one medical to return those extra doses. alameda county with san mateo county and cancelled with one medical in
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recent days. one medical says it has never knowingly disregarded eligibility requirements. new at 6:00, a passport boarding pass, maybe even a visa, the documents you'd normally need to get out of the country but the pandemic could add an important document to the list to prove you won't make anybody sick once you travel but experts are worried about the concept of a digital passport. a passport proves your identity. a digital one could confirm you've gotten the covid-19 vaccine and in some cases that you're negative for the virus. it's an idea the united states and some other doctors say ther are some big red flags. >> depending on the vaccine, doesn't mean you have immunity to covid. there's regular covid, which we know the data from and also,
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there are variants circulating around. >> reporter: last month, the world health organization released a statement with a similar message saying at the present time, do not introduce requirements of proof of vaccination or immunity for international travel as a condition of entry as there are still critical unknowns regarding the efficacy of vaccination in reducing transmission and limited availability of vaccines. supporters of the passport program say it would help the tourism economy and struggling businesses like the airline industry. the cyber security experts worry about hacking and other issues with your medical and personal information. >> so many moving parts in this project that we have to be careful about because each one of them is a nightmare for privacy, security, and safety. >> reporter: last weeken vaccination passport program linked to people's medical files to prove they've been vaccinated or that they've recovered from covid and have immunity. anyone with a green pass can
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travel within the country and has access to places like gyms, theatres and hotels. >> if you get ane a example. >> reporter: president biden asked several government agencies to start looking into digital international vaccination certificates. tech giants in the u.s. are now also racing to build a system for these digital passports. a company in the uk rolled out its own version of the digital passport. the company argues that digital proof of vaccination is much safer than a paper card which can be easily forged. indoor worship is allowed again in santa clara county following a supreme court ruling. must now allow capacity. members of the portuguese
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national church in san jose gathered this morning and headed inside. masses held in both portuguese and english at this 100-year-old church. folks telling us they're grateful for the decision. >> the supreme court ruling means the world to us and thank god for that decision because that's the way it should have always been. >> santa clara county officials are disappointed with the supreme court ruling. they said indoor gatherings are still risky. if you're looking for a vaccine, here's a helpful web site called planyourvaccine. the goal to connect you what you need to secure an appointment. go to the site, select your state, occupation, age, and the site pulls up the closest locations where you can get the vaccine. it's that simple. just go to banding together. a peninsula middle schooler organized a rally against the recent crimes against asian americans. nbc bay christie smith with a look at the incredible
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turnout. >> reporter: ashley spoke to a sea of supporters at the stand for asians rally in san mateo. the 13-year-old organized it after a series of attacks on asian americans that's captured national attention. >> i just thought, this isn't okay. i have to do something about this and i told my mom, i want to start a rally. >> reporter: she got help from the anti-racist coalition. hundreds of people showed up to san mateo central park. >> it hurts me there's so many people who have come out today raising awareness about anti-asian violence. >> reporter: many talked about the need for support in the community and they want victims to not be afraid of reporting crimes. something organizers say is crucial. >> i think a lot of people think it doesn't happen here, it's the bay area. and it does. so i hope it raises awareness and and it makes people feel like they're being supported. >> reporter: children and families carried signs reflecting their feelings as
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they marched around the corner. there were more speeches and a promise to keep pushing for change in these challenging times. >> stop asian hate. >> reporter: in san mateo, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> here's how you can help, nbc bay area and our parent company come cast partnered with the bay area based asian pacific fund. we'll provide grants to organizations working to stop the attacks against asians. if you want to donate, any amount helps. we put a link on our web site. a controversial statue has been temporarily removed at st. mary's college after a public outcry. three students started an online petition to take down the statue called falcon boy. they say it was created by a nazi artist who did many pieces for hitler. the student activists say you cannot separate the art from the artist. therefore, it's got to be brou
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of the, fought the regime. even the bomb squad was called out. we'll explain all the chaos at a san jose bank. plus, a plan to vaccinate the homeless in san francisco with city leaders want done. that story is next. we're watching the return of gusty wind across the mountain tops but also in the forecast, some rain chances trying to make a comeback. that and other changes ahead in the seven-day forecast when we come right back.
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wild scene out of san jose this morning. responded to the west bank shopping center this morning. a robber was in progress. officers moved in arrested the robber. that's not the end of the story. the suspect left a suspicious device inside that bank. police called out the bomb squad, investigated. turned out everything was okay. things ended peacefully. no one hurt. san francisco is rolling out a new plan to increase the number of vaccinations for homeless people. the plan called for deploying mobile vaccine teams to people living in encampments and shelters. starting in march, san francisco will conduct a series of pilot programs to the assess how bhe
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population. of course, moving ahead all depends on supply in the expansion of who's eligible for the vaccine under state guidelines. supervisor matt haney said success depends on flexibility. >> i think it will work but we need accessible sites in neighborhoods, going directly to the hotels and shelter in place hotel and a wide variety of ways, meeting people where they are. >> san francisco has an estimated homeless population of about 17,000 people. it's not yet clear how many homeless people have been vaccinated yet. ocal biotech company gilead will cut 17 california. it will move additional 89 jobs to north carolina all part of a wave of companies moving workers from the bay area to places where the cost of living is much
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lower. more than half of the company's 13,000 employees work here in california. bay area dog is back with his family tonight after being stolen and then sold. you may remember scrubs, the maltese puppy stolen from a car in san francisco this past monday. on thursday, a man was arrested in the theft but police said he wouldn't tell them where the dog was. the new owner who bought the dog from the man learned that the puppy was stolen after posting pictures on social media. police say a healthy skrubs is back with his family in richmond. a clever way to get outside during the pandemic. a scavenger rock for painted rocks. that's how an east bay woman is entertaining. >> we want to show you these rocks. very beautiful. here they are right here. barlow started painting them with beautiful and intricate designs. a lot of people across the bay area were doing the same thing
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but the difference is that not only hides clues online so people can go out and find in community. >> i've been getting a lot of repeat rock hunters. generally, the same kids tend to find them each month and it's really cute to see their faces and getting out there, doing something. and it's something that is safer to do during this time. >> repeat rock hunters. the rock hunts happen about once a month. the next one takes place tomorrow, so hopefully the weather will cooperate and a good time. >> not far until easter egg hunts, a possibility to tie that in there somehow. >> true. we have seen that. they're excited. we want to go looking for those things. the weather will be pretty good for that. littl finished early
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gorgeous evening.rain look at the view in downtown san francisco. looks really nice out there. a little bit chilly. jacket weather for sure, temperatures in the mid 50s. north wind close to 8 miles per hour. notice the humidity out here in the tri-valley. 18% at 60 degrees. there you see the north wind at about 5 to 10 miles per hour. san jose, 57 degrees. you're also seeing wind out of the northwest at about 12 miles per hour. now, look at lake tahoe. beautiful view. it's in the 30s. 34 degrees there. easy travel into and out of the sierra, next few days. daytime temperatures in the mid 40s. you see there in the groomed conditions but i think we'll be able to help out at the ski resorts later in chances closer to the bay area
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and in the meantime, it's the wind elevations above 200 feet and then mid 60s from san francisco to oakla rosa to sono0 tomorrow due to the offshore breezes. 68 in san jose. also looking at upper 60s around the tri-valley. so color coding, strongest wind speeds from 11:00 tonight to about sunrise tomorrow for the north bay mountains and near the diablo range and then towards the evening, we should see the wind speeds back off. similar trend for most of the bay area from 9:30 in the morning and begin to see the drive offshore winds but high pressure will hold its ground long enough for a finish to the weekend and watch this. that's the weather equivalent of a curveball. it's approaching the coast and then it heads towards southern california. we miss out. looks like monday and tuesday. and then friday and saturday. that's starting to look better. you can see that system brings a chance of some rain. we think dry through about weekend, there's a rain chance
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making a comeback saturday and sunday. when asked, does this have staying power, sets up next weekend. could it be the part of 8th or 9th of march, looking better in the long range forecast before the end of february. there you go. seven-day forecast. dry and breezy as we get into sunday and monday. next weekend, more clouds as the rain chances return and we will see cooler conditions by next weekend. more typical for early march. less of the dry offshore wind patterns and we hope the storm doors opens up next weekend and stay that way. things looking better as we head through the next week. back to you. >> sounds b. coming up, highlighting black history ng the black comm today.
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president biden says his administration is expected to make an announcement about saudi arabia on monday. a u.s. intelligence report released on friday that the de facto leader of saudi arabia, crown prince mohammed bin salman approved the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi. there's been pressure to hold the kingdom accountable for the murder. speaking for wilmington, the president said he's going to announce his decision on possible punishment on monday. vice president kamala harris highlighted black history month today, speaking at the white house at the 40th annual black history celebration. it was held virtually this year, of course. thed black
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americans have been hit health and economic consequences of the pandemic. she enco moment. and i do believe that black history month, this year and at this moment, we must be clear eyed about the challenges in front of us. we cannot be overwhelmed. we cannot despair. >> harris also acknowledged the black community's historic distrust of medical science. she encouraged everyone to go out and get a vaccine to be protected. joining us now, once again, the intersection of professional sports and covid-19. >> yeah, but good news for the sharks because they are returning to the ice for the first time since the facility was closed because of covid-19. how they reacted and moving forward after their first
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positive test. stick around, sports is next. where red light cameras light up again in the south bay. >> first day of march, will it come like a lion or lamb. join us monday morning, 4:30 to 7:00.
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welcome back. i'm anthony flores. the sharks return to action tonight for the first time since a positive covid-19 test kept them off the ice. they will stay tonight against st. louis. the game thursday was postponed and the facility closed after hurdle tested positive for the virus. and so far all have been negative.bit of a shock, but i thinkt some point in time. like the rest of society. >> all right. the puck drops at 7:30 at the
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shark tank. the warriors hitting a new season high last night. winning their third game in a row. doesn't sound like much but it's a season high. the warriors beat the hornets to establish their new win streak. draymond green was balling. high 19 assists on the way to a 25th career triple double. >> the locker room is quiet. won three in a row and nobody that happy. so we know we can play better and it's a sign that we think there's more to come. >> so warriors back on the court tomorrow at the lakers. pac-12 college hoops. senior day at the farm but stanford taking on oregon state without seniors star oscar desilva. great ball movement by the cardinal. a strong finish and then showing off his range. the triple but oregon state goes on to win it 73-62. in berkeley, the bears taking on
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the ducks. andre kelly getting defensive getting the steal. takes it in for the bucket and dropped a dozen points but oregon makes it nine wins in a row against cal. they win it 76-63. to the third round of the wgc workday championship. had it going. the former cal bear rattled off five straight birdies and had eight total birdies. shot a 67, has two stroke lead heading into sunday's final round at 15 under par. that's a look at sports. more news after the break.
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finally, uncovering a piece of ancient history. nearly in tact four wheelchair yacht found in excavations of the ancient roman city of pompeii. >> this is absolutely amazing. the ceremonial chariot unearthed in front of a stable with remains of three horses discovered back in 2018. this is going back a few years, folks. decorated in bronze and wood remains long gone but the bronze is there. the chariot miraculously spared from damage during the collapse of the stable walls and roof when mount vesuvius erupted. 2,000 years ago.
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>> that was before i was born. and before you were born. >> thank you very much for that reminder. i appreciate that. back at 11:00 tonight. >> see you then. have a got to night. doug mcconnell: hello, i'm doug mcconnell and we've got some great discoveries for you out here along the open road. doug: hammered by recent fires and floods, sonoma county faces threats of more disasters in the years ahead, fueled by a warming and changing climate.
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thankfully, the sonoma land trust and many partners, including the residents of sonoma, are rallying to help their beautiful country adapt to big changes headed their way. discover how they're relying on each other and nature to reduce growing dangers, benefiting every person here and their wild neighbors. ♪♪♪ doug: on a sunny sonoma morning towards the end of a bone-dry february with no rain in sight, i meet up with eamon o'byrne, executive director of the sonoma land trust, to talk climate change. eamon o'byrne: summers are becoming longer and hotter. that creates far greater fuel conditions for wildfire. we know that sea level rise is an unfolding disaster.


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