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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  February 20, 2021 11:00pm-11:29pm PST

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plane parts raining down. right now at 11:00, a race to vaccinate ramping up. many in california getting at least their first dose. but how long before we reach herd immunity. a bay area doctor weighs in. plus. >> the frustration for me is how everything has become political. >> the tug-of-war between san francisco teachers and the
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school district heats up. could a compromise be on the snrz >> one more option to get your vaccine shot. costco, the one chain where they are offering them. plus. >> i knew something wasn't right. >> an engine failure in the skies of colorado. debris raining down dad people on the ground. tonight passengers describe those terrifying moments. and moving house literally. the old home in san francisco about to get a new address. first we begin with breaking news out of antioch where a contra costa fire fighter and paramedic have been shot. happened at 9:00 tonight at the corner of auto mall parkway. a person pulled up. that's when the shots were fired. they are taken to the hospital and said to be okay. a search for the gunman continues right now. >> okay. now to our other top story, a day of action across the bay
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area as parents and teachers push for plans to get students back in the classroom safely. >> the issue of when to return to school still deriding some communities. nbc bay area's sergio quintana where conversations continue tonight. >> we know the pandemic continues to take its toll. >> reporter: dad a chilly night outside san francisco city hall, parents and teachers hold a vigil as negotiations continue between the teachers and the skoo school board to start some kind of in-class instruction. >> we are proposing students come to school four days a week for part of the day. >> reporter: the president and school board commissioners did not respond to calls for comment. they sent out a tweet summarizeling the district's proposals. like this one. to have students in two full days of class and three days of instruction. parents say the proposals are progress and a push to return to classrooms has gotten national attention.
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>> the frustration for me is how everything has become political. everybody seems to be taking a shot at the teachers union, taking a shot at -- for political gain. >> reporter: as the teachers union and the school district continue to gosh over teaching schedules, there are still some safety issues that need to be settled before a return to in-person instruction. both sides are still discussing the details of teacher vaccines which can begin in the city wednesday. they are discussing regular covid-19 testing dad campuses and on-site inspections to make sure they have proper spacing and ventilation. no return date has been proposed. in oakley, parents also took to the streets pushing for reopening. it comes just after the entire oakley union school district board resigned after they were caught bad mouthing parents during an online meeting they didn't know was being live streamed. >> [ bleep ] you up. >> they want to pick dad us because they want their babysitters back. >> reporter: before the scandal erupted, some parents worried efforts to get their students
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back in school were dragging. >> a we weren't being taken serious. i felt like we were being ignored. >> reporter: they are hoping the interim board members will move fast for in-class instruction. sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. >> new at 11:00, more places to get a vaccine. costco is now offering them. the company making the announcement tonight right now, though, the only bay area costco offering vaccines is in novato. people can sign up to get that vaccine there by making an appointment online you but this appears it is just for health care workers as of this moment. >> word of more vaccine sites comes as the governor announces a new milestone. 7 million vaccines given in california. here's nbc bay area's roz plater. >> reporter: early morning and dozens are bundled up and lined up to get a sought-after covid vaccine. zuckerberg san francisco general hospital is making it available to residents 65 and older
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without an appointment. >>ed goal is to remove barriers for patients to get a vaccine. we thought a drop-in clinic would be a good idea. >> reporter: another vaccination site is set to open at the larks berry. governor newsome announced california has administered more than 7 million vaccines. ucsf infectious specialist monica ghandi said that's a good sign. >> things are going faster in california which is great. essentially 40 million people in the state, 7 million administered, we're getting closer. >> reporter: she says we may also as a country be getting closer to herd immunity. enough people would either be vaccinated or had covid which limits the spread of the virus. >> the estimates are in this country that up to a third, literally between 20 and 30% of
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people have already had covid-19. that gives you already some immunity because immunity is likely durable. and then you put vaccinations dad top of it. we may be getting closer than we think. >> reporter: and what is that percentage of the population we have to hit? >> we think 70%. you never really know until you get there. >> reporter: i'm roz plater, nbc bay area news. >> let's break down the numbers. so far the government has shipped the state 8.8 million doses. most of those are here like ros talked about. 7 million have been administered. they are seeing a bit of a slow down following a delay in shipping. all due to the unprecedented winter weather in some states. down in logs loss, all city-run vaccination sites remained shutdown today. white house says all backlogged doses should be delivered in the next week. >> there is a lot to keep track of when it comes to getting your shot. to help make it easier for you, nbc has launched a new website
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called plan your vaccine. it tells you how, where and when to get your shot. there is even a map that shows you the closest vaccination sites to you. just go to plan your new video tonight, and it's pretty incredible, of the engine failure over the skies of colorado. a passenger inside the united airlines flight took this video. you can see part of the plane peeled off and flapping in the wind. terrifying images. one man who was on the plane describes those moments. >> obviously something wasn't right because the plane is vibrating like, you know he, hard, constant severe vibration. >> wow. it wasn't just scary for people on the plane, but also for people on the ground. tom costello has more. >> reporter: the video purportedly from dad board united flight 328, terrifying. the right engine dad fire, most of the covering gone. while on the ground, shrapnel and what appears to be the engine cowling in the front yard
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of a home in the denver suburb of broom field. nearby, more chunks and pieces littering a soccer field. it was just after 1:00 p.m. mountain time when the pilot on the triple 7 flying from denver to honolulu with 241 people dad board declared an emergency. >> may day may day, united air 28. united 328 heavy may day aircraft. >> say that again. >> denver departure united 328 heavy may day, aircraft just experienced -- >> reporter: on the ground witnesses heard a loud bang then a puff of smoke as debris fell from the sky. >> we saw stuff raining down from the sky. we took shelter. >> reporter: united says the plane experienced a rare uncontained engine failure where the engine explodes rather than containing the failure. despite widespread debree, no one on the ground was hd. >> remarkably we have had no injuries reported yet.
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so considering how nicow far it, the dog park is right here. obviously the turf field behind me. and we have had no reports of any injuries. >> reporter: the incident drawing parallels to an uncontained engine failure three years ago dad a southwest airlines flight that made an emergency landing in philadelphia. one passenger was killed when the shrapnel punctured her window, pulling her from her seat. today no injuries. the flight landed safely at denver international. transportation secretary pete buttigieg. >> i know that ntsb is already mobilizing so that they -- an independent agency can provide right away information as they piece together what has happened. >> tom costello reporting dad that amazing story. back in the spotlight former president trump expected to speak at the conservative political action conference in orlando next weekend. two sources familiar with the plans tell nbc news mr. trump will close out cpac.
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it's going to be his first public dad-camera speaking engagement since leaving office last month. mr. trump has addressed the conservative conference several times in the past. he is set to speak dad the last day of the conference sunday february 28th. >> more than just vaccine shipment delays. all that extreme winter weather is causing a humanitarian crisis in texas. more than 14 million texans are without clean water. they are now being forced to boil their water or find bottled water until supply is deemed safe. the freeze dad its way to surpassing hurricane harvey as the state's costliest weather event in history. today president biden approved an emergency declaration for temporary housing and loans to repair property damage caused by the freeze. thankfully weather conditions are starting to improve. >> still ahead, a new probe into the january 6th capitol riot. tonight two trump allies are under investigation, what nbc
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news has learned. >> plus, giving new meaning to the term moving house. how crews will pick up and move this century-old victorian home in san francisco. >> and no signs of any rain in the extended forecast. in fact, temperatures could be soaring into the 70s soon. a closer look at how warm it's going to get when we come right back.
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new at 11:00, sweeping immigration changes are underway. president biden is relaxing those tough trump-era rules for asylum seekers creating a rush to the border. tonight 25 asylum seekers are quarantined in hotels in san diego after crossing the border and being processed yesterday. they're the first of 25,000
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waiting in mexico for asylum hearings in the u.s. some have been there for years like emma. she said she fled venezuela after her husband was tortured and jailed. >> in the united states we have that kind of safety. we have opportunities to grow as professionals. >> under president trump, asylum seekers had to remain in mexico for hearings. president biden warned they should not show up at the border because of the change. they must fill out an online application and test negative for covid before entering the states. >> federal investigators are looking into whether high-profile allies played a role in the capitol attack last month. specifically investigators probing the rioters are looking at roger stone. stone is a long-time adviser to the president. he was pardoned by mr. trump for
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making false statements and witness tampering. jones is a conspiracy theorist. they want a broad view of who instigated the violence during the january 6 attack. >> a tribute to one of nasa's pioneering mathematicians. >> and we have lift-off. >> the space station supply ship blasted into orbit today. it is named the s.s. katherine johnson. if that name rings a bell, yes, johnson is the black nasa mathematician featured in the movie hidden figures. her calculations contributed to astronaut john glen's 1962 flight when he became the first american to orbit the earth. today's launch was the 59th anniversary of that historic launch. the s.s. johnson is set to reach the international space station dad monday. >> new at 11:00, this is pretty cool stuff. a historic san francisco home is getting moved tomorrow.
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yeah, they are moving the entire building. here's a look at that property. it's located at 807 franklin street. the victorian home has been at that address for 139 years. tomorrow morning crews will load it right onto a dolly, like a couch. it will travel at a speed of 1 million per hour over a distance of 1 quarter mile to its new location at 635 fulton street. years of planning, of course, have gone into this move. it's not an easy task here. comes with a hefty price tag, too. $400,000, which in most places is the price of a new house. >> that is -- >> the weather will be nice, though. >> the house is worth saving. let's check in with ron maeda to see if it is a nice day to move the house. >> weather not going to cause much of a problem. you don't want a lot of wind or rain moving something that large around san francisco. as you see we did get the
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clearing skies for the afternoon. what we're moving forward to is kind of a spring preview with our temperatures. dry weather ahead. but by let's say monday and tuesday, many areas inland soaring into the 70s. let's take you outside where we don't have as much wind as we had earlier today. right now chilly, 52 degrees. currently in san francisco the wind is backed off. clear skies, no fog. so that's a nice change that we are seeing around the bay area. we did have some light rain and low clouds early in the day. now that is all moved dad. 46 degrees currently in walnut creek. we'll take you into san jose, 47. the trend in san jose as we head towards the morning should be waking up to the low 40s. a bit colder than that. what's happening at lake to show? it's finally cold enough for hockey. i don't know if the saw the resumption of the nhl. it's 24 degrees. but during the daytime hours, look at these daytime temperatures. you've got sunshine, numbers closer to the low 40s. no new snow on the way, but we've got a great base of snow.
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higher elevation looking at 124 inches at the ski resorts. good conditions, easy driving conditions to and from the sierra this weekend. morning temperatures will dip into the 30s. mid 40s around the central bay. highs tomorrow start the slow upward march. 68 degrees santa rosa. mid 60s for san jose and the tri-valley. about mid 60 san francisco, and low 60s in oakland. now here is the not so plez pleasant part of the forecast. as we round out the month of february, it's a classic lanina pattern where all the weather goes to the pacific northwest. you notice how california misses out. we talked about this at 6:00. could we extend the forecast out a little bit father to see hour our fortune could go heading into march? below average, but take a close look at northern california heading through mid-march. maybe there is a bit of a hope
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there. for areas around the bay area and northward, we could begin to see -- we hope -- near average rainfall. but that's a long ways off. certainly not the seven-day forecast. we're going to get a taste of spring-like temperatures. san francisco looking at mid to upper 60s possible for the first half of the week. and going from the 60s to 70s monday through wednesday. a bit of a cool down as we head towards next weekend. but staying dry, unusually so, for this time of year. if you like spring-like temperatures, plenty of that. but rain, not so much for now. maybe things will change heading into march. back to you. >> sounds good, rob. thanks very much. anthony flores joining us now for sports. warriors saw the end of that game. they lost a game, it almost seemed they had already won it. >> it was heartbreaking and head scratching. draymond green gets two late-game technicals that likely cost the warriors a win tonight in charlotte. what steve kerr is saying about draymond losing his temperature purchase. stick around. sports is next.
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welcome back. i'm anthony flores. draymond green loses his cool as the warriors lose a heartbreaker tonight in charlotte. rough home coming for steph curry. yeah, he was scratched from the lineup moments before tip-off. the warriors said he wasn't feeling well, but he's not in the covid protocol. the warriors had a two-point lead with under 15 seconds to go. off the jump ball, the hornets are granted a time-out. draymond green is not happy. thought it should have been a jump ball. he gets not one, but two technicals, is tossed from the game. the hornets made both free-throws to tie it. then with time expiring, terry rozier drills the game winner. ment hornets beat the warriors 102-100. here's steve kerr dad draymond green losing his temper. >> draymond can't do that. he knows that. he made a terriblein them a chance to shoot two free-throw
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ands tie t crossed the line. that's the main thing. we love his passion and his energy. we would not be the team we are without him. but that doesn't give him license to cross that line, and he knows that. >> all right. on the ice, the sharks at st. louis, team teal had a 3-0 lead, but needed a third period goal from logan couture. his second of the game to leave st. louis singing the blues. sharks win 5-4. it's their first win against the blues since 2019. outdoor at the vegas golden knights, this game was delayed in the first period by more than eight hours because too much sun on the ice causing problems with the guys skating. they resumed action at 9:00 p.m. the avs went on to beat the golden knights 3-2. boston and philadelphia will play 4:30 p.m. nbc sports network. that's a look at sports. more news after the break.
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finally tonight, celebrating the lunar new year with some world-class music. ♪♪ ♪♪ >> that is beautiful. it's an an ideal tradition for the symphony. this year the performance was pre-recorded. it was free and you can see it here dad nbc bay area. the year of the ox concert features traditional music and newer works by asian composers. if you missed it, it is being rebroadcast next saturday, february 27, at 4:00 p.m. you can see it right here dad nbc bay area. and, by the way, happy year of
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the ox, anoushah. >> thank you. you, too, terry. thanks so much for joining us. snl is coming up next. have a great night. >> good night. so you went to ross to refresh your look for less? and snag top brands for prices that have you, like "oooh yeah"! styles that take you here or here or even right there. slip into the best bargains ever... at ross. yes for less! ♪ ♪ ♪ why do you build me up, build me up... ♪ ♪ buttercup... ♪ sto let me down! ♪ ♪ why do you build me up, build me up... ♪ ♪ let me down! ♪ ♪ and mess me around... ♪ ♪ and worst of all, worst of all ♪ if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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