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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  February 19, 2021 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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east bay school board, caught on camera with the hot mic. right now at 11:00, a major development. that hot mic mistake at an oakley school board meeting has now cost every board member their job. >> an advocate for our children's education should not act in the manner in which they did. >> it's a story that has a lot of parents fuming. the resignations tonight, and who will be filling all those empty seats. also, what would you do?
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filling up at a pump and your car catches fire. this video just into our newsroom of a very close call at an east bay gas station. and stranded in the lone star state. no food, no power. a bay area bride's bachelorette party didn't good according to plans. >> we already thought we had the strongest bond to begin with, but this really tested everybody's friendship and we really stuck through it. >> reporter: how she and her friends managed to survive the freezing temperatures in texas. and could it mean you'll get to shop any sooner? a new discovery just announced about the pfizer vaccine. >> good evening. we begin with another big announcement in that story that has a lot of p we learn the ente oakley school board has resigned. nbc bay area's jean elle has this developing story from contra costa county. >> they want to pick on us because they want their
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baby-sitters back. >> are we alone? >> yeah. s. >> [ bleep ], if you're going call me out, i'm going [ bleep ] you up. >> reporter: comments made by members of the oakley union elementary school district board of trustees in a public meeting they thought was private this week will be their last as board members. this superintendent says all four members have now resigned, a move parents demanded. >> unfortunately, the damage has been done. the actions were made. and at this point, we need to as parents, we need to take action for our children's future. >> reporter: in a letter to parents tonight, the superintendent released a statement from three of the four board members that says in part this was a difficult decision, but we hear the community's concerns, and we believe yielding to your request that we step down will allow the district to move forward. the contra costa board of education says it has appointed two members of the county board to serve as temporary members for oakley. a third is pending.
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parent ashley salz says she is hoping getting a new board in place and up to speed won't delay getting her daughter back in class. >> it's kind of a one step forward, two steps back. you know, we've had a momentous milestone reached today. but yes, i am very scared that it is going to hinder getting our children back. >> reporter: jean elle, nbc bay area news. there is a new plan to help jump-start school reopings and this comes straight from the governor. beginning next month, the state is setting aside 10% of vaccine doses for teachers and child care providers. today you're looking at about 300 east bay teacher, cafeteria workers and custodians getting their shots, and the shots came to them. a federal mobile unit at the alameda county of education. >> i look at it this way. i'm either going to have to get it done now or be forced to do it later. >> instead of getting a shot and
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say go back, i want to see what happens after this. >> reporter: this weekend the mobile unit will make two stops in oakland, the allen temple baptist church and the native american health center, where seniors and food industry workers can receive their vaccine. all right. it's game on. we think it's what coaches, parents and students have been waiting for months. starting next friday, schools and clubs can resume the outdoor sports you see here on the screen. baseball, lacrosse, and football among them. but only counties where covid cases and race were low enough. three sport, football, rugby and water pole will require weekly testing. in addition, counties must also have less than 14 cases per 100,000 people. and there is another catch. counties can overrule the state. we reached out to several coin, and they said they are still reviewing the changes, but athletes and coaches are fired up. >> it's crucial to recruitment
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and to our self-esteem as football players period, because some of us, we really cherish this game with our heart and soul. we, you know, it's another chance to prove ourselves every week when we play this game. >> all right. so take a look. 27 counties across the state meet that standard for outdoor competition. that includes seven of our nine bay area counties. so this is good news for the athletes and coaches and parents. contra costa county and solana county are the only two local counties that right now do not meet the state requirements. well, new at 11:00, human remains -- excuse me, recovered in rural san bernardino county have been identified as a missing walnut creek woman named erica lloyd. hikers discovered the bones a few weeks ago in a desert field in wonder valley. the area is a few miles away from lloyd's abandoned car where that car had been discovered. lloyd was discovered back in june while on a road trip to
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joshua tree national park. still no word on how she died. a close call at a pleasant hill gas station. a fire sparked burning portions of that car and gas pumps. you can see this incredible video here. this was on morello avenue just after 10:30 last night. you can see that car is parked next to the pump. it starts smoking and eventually boom, the flames erupt. the gas station owner said he saw the car pull in and the car was already smoking. thankfully, as dramatically as this looks, no one was hurt. a memorable bachelorette party, to say the least. nine women, many from the bay area, were trapped in austin, texas. no wild and crazy party. instead, it was a fight for heat and food. nbc's cheryl hurd wondering if that bride to be is coming home with cold feet. >> we chose austin, texas. we heard nothing but amazing, fun thing. >> reporter: bride to be amanda says her bachelorette party
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started out amazing last friday, but on tuesday, it turned into an unexpected nightmare. >> we did see weather was a factor as far as storms, but we thought we'll bring a jacket and we'll be totally fine. >> reporter: as it turns out, it wasn't fine. austin, like most of texas, is in the middle of a wicked storm. >> you could see the roads. and when we took our one drive from our airbnb 20 minutes to the airport, we were sliding all over the place. >> they woke up monday with no power and no heat. on tuesday, they went to the airport, hoping to get a flight out. they ended up sleeping there overnight. >> all the flights were taken. one seat left on every flight. and the prices were pretty outrageous. >> one of my friends was asked to leave, considering buying the $1,000 ticket ride home.
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>> reporter: they saw tickets up to $2,000. they saw firsthand how texans had been thrown into survival mode. food is scarce in most of the state. the ladies experienced the suffering, but they tried to make the best of a very stressful trip. >> despite the horrible stuff, my friends and i feel even a stronger bond. we already thought we had the strongest bond to begin with. but this really tested everybody's friendship. i hope that my marriage lasts as long as i feel mick bachelorette trip did. >> reporter: a bond this bride to be says will never be broken. cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. there is some silver lining. we wish her the best of luck in her marriage, which is coming up. new video tonight showing some of the crews clearing that mudslide along highway 1. they're having to blast rocks and trees. this in the area known as rat creek, about an hour and a half south of carmel. this what they're leaning up. remember this? that slide happened at the end
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of last month, during that atmospheric river event we had in the bay area. no one was on the road thankfully at the time. caltrans says there is no word when this stretch of highway 1 might reopen. maybe we need just one dose. that's the debate among medical experts across the country. new research shows a surprising level of protection after just one shot of the pfizer vaccine. this should change a lot of things. here is nbc bay area's sergio quintana. >> reporter: as president joe biden toured the pfizer factory in michigan, the ceo pledged to double the output of vaccines within the next couple of weeks. the company is currently delivering 5 million doses a week. a study out of israel makes an interesting conclusion. >> one dose of the pfizer vaccine, one dose, there was a reduction in after 28 days of 75% in infections. just having it in your nose and 85%. >> reporter: the study gives real world data that even a
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single dose can help prevent people from infecting others. but during a white house briefing, dr. anthony fauci says people should still get two shots. >> even though you can get a fair degree of, quote, protection after a single dose, it clearly is not durable. we know that. >> reporter: he says two shots gives longer protection and helps the body react better to variants. but this new research could give some peace of mind to people who already got their first shot, but may be worried that their second could be delayed because of the weather. the white house says three million doses are in limbo because of the storm. >> you should feel quite protected after one dose, and that is a good thing. he to wait, don't worry. >> reporter: in an effort to get the vaccine out to more sites, pfizer now says their vaccine no longer needs to be stored in super cold freezers, but any change in handling instructions still needs to be approved by the fda. sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. >> sergio, thank you. more vaccines are on the
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way. today the governor tweeted how many doses the state is supposed to get in the coming weeks. sunday, california is expecting to receive about 1.3 million doses. the following week, 1.4 million. and the week after that, more than 1.5 million doses. governor newsom says it's good to see these modest increases as california is ready for even more doses when they become available. there is a lot to keep track of. we've launched a new website, nbc has. it's called plan your vaccine. it tells you how, where, and when to get your covid vaccine. there is even an interactive map that can show you the closest vaccination sites to where you live. it's also helpful when you're trying to book for out of town relatives. just go to plan your up next, will your power be shut off more often? we investigate a new order from a federal judge that summer will mean more pg&e outages during
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fire season. also, they say they risk their lives to help you during the pandemic. tonight the local business owners who are fighting for a spot at the front of the vaccine line. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. some rain coming in just a couple of hours. i'll let you know what that means for the weekend and when that wind could gust back up. i'm back in about six minutes.
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covid's still a threat. and on reopening schools, we know what happens when we don't put safety first. ignore proper ventilation or rates of community spread, and the virus worsens. fail to provide masks or class sizes that allow for social distancing, and classrooms close back down. a successful reopening requires real safety and accountability measures. including prioritizing vaccines for educators. parents and educators agree: reopen schools. putting safety first.
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an emotional video that's catching a lot of attention on social media. now an investigation is under way. a female marine claiming another marine is getting away with some sort of offense against her. the video posted on tiktok shows the unidentified woman crying in a car. you see her there, outraged protecting the male marine. few details have emerged, but the defense secretary at a briefing today acknowledged that there is an investigation. nbc news has learned through a source that the case does not
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involve sexual assault. a marine corps releasing a statement reading this video specifically refers to an allegation of misconduct regarding the wrongful appropriation and distribution of personal information. the statement also adds that the disciplinary actions for the male marine is under review. they say the female marine is safe. a richmond family is pleading for help to find their missing son. this is 17-year-old antoine whittley. he disappeared more than two weeks ago after leaving a friend's house. according to police, whittley took al hallucinogenic drugs with a friend on the last day he was seen. the friend says he became paranoid. he took an uber home and then t driver after the manan was last seen on the richmond-san rafael bridge. his family and a group of volunteers have passed out thousands of missing person flyers to help find him. >> it's very hard on our family
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right now with him missing. we just want to find antoine. we're just crying out, begging everyone, please help us. >> police explain that there has not been any activity on antoine's cell phone since that call. they're now offering a $10,000 reward for his safe return. well, could ceci more planned pg&e power outages. a federal judge wants to expand those power shutoffs to account for where pg&e has the trees prone to falling on power lines. state authorities want that judge to butt out. investigative reporter jaxon van derbeken has the inside story. >> reporter: this tree is suspected of falling on to a pg&e fire line and sparking the deadly zogg wildfire last year. a federal judge responded by calling the utility a terror on the people of california, and now wants pg&e to expand its
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conditions for preemptively cutting off power during future fire seasons to consider how many trees could fall on live power lines during high winds. >> he's got the ability to take a step back and just look at what seemed logical and what doesn't seem logical. >> reporter: steven weitzmann is a former regulate were the public utilities commission. >> i think it makes sense to want to understand how dense the trees are, how many different trees could be causing problems for you. >> reporter: while pg&e doesn't object to the order, the state's top emergency official warns putting it in place could trigger massive and more frequent power shutoffs that could be counterproductive, endangering the public by hindering first responder, stranding medically dependent people in their homes, and crippling the very cell phone service needed for evacuation. prolonged power outages could pose significant challenges and could have dire consequences. the head of the governor's office of emergency services wrote to the judge, adding that
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his order may require pg&e to drastically expand the scope in duration of power shutoff. he worries they could be use as a crutch, rather than investing in long-term efforts to reduce fire danger. wiseman says balancing the issues won't be easy. >> we have a long way to go. so yes, it's a very precarious situation, and unfortunately, i think it's destined to remain that way for a number of years. >> reporter: the judge is slated to decide next month. jaxon van derbeken, nbc bay area news. hardware stores have now been open since the pandemic began, and now those owners of the stores are calling on state leaders to include them in essential worker vaccination schedules. essentially, they want to be on top of the list. in san francisco, 18 store owners sent the mayor a letter asking for help, saying they have worked hard to provide people supplies they need at home at great risk. they've also been left out of the vaccine eligibility process.
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>> we're seeing hundreds of people a day. i mean collectively, your hardware stores in san francisco are seeing thousands of customers a day, and we're being forgotten. >> store owners are asking san francisco city leaders to advocate for them at the state level. they're also reaching out the state officials. it's a strategy that works for the cannabis industry workers a few days ago. a dozen families living in their cars will have a safe place to sleep tonight. santa clara county opened a new 24 hour safe parking site in palo alto. 12 cars will be able to stay there each night. it adds to other safe parking sites already open in other parts of palo alto as well as in mountain view. the site also offers showers and programs to help people look for more permanent housing. all right. it is friday night. we have made to it the weekend. jeff ranieri is with us now. you're dressed for some rain tonight. you look nice and doze khost city in your living room there, jeff.
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>> thank you so much. just need the fire lit back there behind me. but, yes, definitely chilly outside. and we have some rainfall on the way. but don't worry. it's not going to ruin your entire weekend. so let's get a look at storm ranger, our mobile doppler radar. the only one in the bay area currently scanning at san bruno mountain. that scan close to the ground so better able to get a better view of what's happenings through the bay area. yes seeing rainfall to the north. we'll put a live track on it. we can see so many showers down to healdsburg, that pushing towards the south. so you can see by midnight, we are expecting more rain over marin, napa, sonoma counties. but this is so quick moving. and as we get that rain, wind gusts of 15 to 35 miles per hour. totals only trace amounts to about 0.2. it's over the east bay and the peninsula. and then as we hit 3:00 a.m., it's already down towards gilroy. so where are we going with this? by tomorrow morning, we are drying out, but we'll still have
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some cloud cover lingering, at least for the start of the day. and talk about chilly. down to 38 for the tri-valley. south bay at 40. if you've got an early morning weekend jog, it's going to be invigorating. definitely wake you up. especially over the north bay with 39 degrees. san francisco 44 and the east bay at 40. daytime highs are going to struggle to warm up tomorrow. this will bring us to upper 50s and low 60s across the entire bay area with some of that cloud cover hanging on through the afternoon. not here but headed to lake tahoe, our tahoe snow report does have early morning snow 4 to 7 inches. but you get that sun on the slopes on sunday. there is covid restrictions in place, but again, they are open. and a quick view here of the national map. if you have family in texas with all the troubles they've had, they are breaking. they're starting to thaw here with 54 tomorrow. that's cold, cold, bitter cold temperatures. again, that trend is break. so some good news there.
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on my extended forecast, we're looking at 66 by next tuesday. but unfortunately wind for the mountains. especially next wednesday, 15 to 35 miles per hour. notice for the inland valleys, we'll go up to low 70s month and tuesday. so we'll have more on that wind as we get closer. but right now, raj, it is, yes, almost the weekend. and hopefully everybody has a nice safe weekend and got some good weather for taking in a lot of relaxing. how's that? >> what are the top two things on your list for weekend? one and two? >> i'm going to binge watch a show tomorrow and definitely do some takeout. the second thing, to get a break from all the home cooking. >> excellent. have a great week, jeff. what about you? >> same thing. eat out and hang with the kids. thank you, jeff. it's been busy up there. just ahead, new photos from the mars rover and how you can be in the know as it searches for signs of life on the red planet. stay with us.
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it's a big vote. parents across the state are watching the decision before state lawmakers when it comes to schools reopening. plus, we shine the spotlight on a woman who is helping cleaned up for those who can't do it for themselves. all right. if you think about it, now that she is vice president, she doesn't need her little loft in san francisco anymore. it's at the top of a small building south of market. kamala harris bought it in 2004 when she was elected district attorney and paid in the high 400s. so less than 500,000 for it. one bedroom condo, small but elegant. it was on the market for barely a week before it was snapped up by buyer. the asking price was just under $800,000. guess who suddenly has nearly two million twitter followers? nasa perseverance mars rover. yesterday's suspenseful and successful landing has put it on
11:26 pm
mars. percy is generously sharing lots of photos, and it's cool to see. one image shows it being lowered on to the surface there in mars. another shot from above showing the rover on its way to the landing site. and the very first color image from the surface of mars. well, up next, wait until you see the defense that they put on steph curry tonight, especially in the final seconds of the warriors game. and happening now, that mass vaccination site at city college san francisco is back up and running, but only for second doses. the site was shut down earlier this week because of a vaccine shortage. right now only second doses are available for people 65 and older. the city says the site will fully reopen when vaccine supply becomes more available. back in a moment.
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all right. this was a bummer. the warriors let one get away. but it should be noted the magic smothered steph curry. the warriors in orlando tonight. you know who was there? a couple of legends, rick berry on the left and clifford ray watching what was a frustrating fourth quarter. warriors in the white jerseys. kent bazemore, all of the sudden
11:30 pm
the dude is a force. the three-pointer here. the warriors would build a 13-point lead, but the magic would come back. they took the lead and shut down curry in the final seconds. look at this. look at the defense on him. from the left to the right, curry couldn't even get a clean shot off. kudos to shut him down. orlando wins, here is the replay of it, orlando wins 124-120. get ready for hockey lake tahoe style. this is pretty cool. ready? they've transformed south lake tahoe right there at the famous edgewood golf course, getting ready for vegas and colorado on the south shore on the 18th fairway of the edgewood. they've built this outdoor rink. the playes love it because they say it's back like canada in and the midwest when they were kids playing outdoors. it should be cool to watch. vegas and colorado tomorrow right here on nbc bay area, and then boston and philly on sunday from the shores of south lake
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tahoe. we're back in a moment.
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finally tonight, davy
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symphony hall is closed, but the san francisco symphony is coming alive on nbc bay area. the lunar new year is getting a special tribute from the orchestra. ♪♪ >> sounds nice. the elegant and colorful celebration draws on asian traditions past and present. it features traditional music and newer works by asian compose. >> and you can watch it right here. nbc bay area presents the san francisco symphony's year of the objection concert tomorrow, february 20th, 4:00 p.m. right here on nbc. if you can't watch it live, dvr it. it should be a really good program. thanks for joining us here on this friday night. have a great and safe week.


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