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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 25, 2021 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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restaurant owners welcome back customers tonight. right now at 11:00, lockdown lifted and the cold weather isn't keeping people away. tonight outdoor dining is back and restaurant owners relieved. >> i had a line of employees wanted to work today when they found out we were open. >> i don't know if i could have lasted two more months. >> what else can reopen and what will it take for indoor dining,
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gyms and other businesses to get the green light? we have answers. packing up again. the threat of mudslides triggering evacuation orders in bay area burn zone. >> we called the hotel we were at the last time and said, well, we are coming back down for a couple of days. >> we are tracking what could be the biggest storm of the season so far, and jeff joust got an important update. documents delivered. the article of impeachment against president trump now in the senate's hands. we are going to break down what happens next. and still waiting for your shot? the new covid vaccine that could help speed things up. ♪♪ a lifeline tonight for struggling small businesses. the governor ended the lockdown for the entire state, but does this jeopardize our battle against covid? here is what today's decision means. all counties now return to that color-coded system that we're used to. as of tonight we are all in the purple tier. so what can reopen? outdoor dining, hair and nail salons, wineries can serve
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outdoors, and zoos can reopen. but look at the right side of your screen. bars, indoor gyms, indoor museums and indoor movie theaters must remain closed. let's get to nbc bay area's cheryl hurd in the east bay for us where the tables are set. >> reporter: tonight chilly temperatures didn't stop customers from flocking to restaurants for outdoor dining. spots were packed in danville and in downtown pleasanton. >> i think everybody was so thrilled to receive the notifications this afternoon that we can resume outdoor dining. >> for sure. this is going to bring business back. >> reporter: the owner of the side track bar and grill says he first found out last night and was able to quickly reopen today. >> we're doing okay as a business, but in terms of my employees getting paid, that's another story. >> it's been a financial burden trying to make ends meet, hourly
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workers. >> reporter: while restaurants are no longer restricted to take-out, barber shops and nail salons can reopen as well with modifications. >> we are seeing a flattening of a curve. everything that should be up is up, everything that should be down is down. >> reporter: the governor says among the reasons for lifting the order is that four weeks from now standard icu bed availability will be at or above 15%. the bay area is well above that right now. some restaurant owners say that they were ready to open today while others say they had to scramble to open for their customers. >> i don't know if i could have lasted two more months. >> reporter: restaurant owners magnuson says this pandemic has taught him to be optimistic. >> somehow we just learned to take a day at a time. >> reporter: in pleasanton, cheryl hurd, "nbc bay area news." for months we've been told about those icu projections. here are the icu projections for the state by region over the next month, as cheryl was referring to, they're all above
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the 15% threshold. that's good news. just a couple of weeks ago, you might be reminded we were near 5%. our case numbers also dropping significantly in the past ten days. look at january 14th. we had 40,000 averaging new cases. today it is down to 30,000. check out our positivity rate. on january 8th it was at an all-time high, 14%. today, it is down to 9%. so what's the holdup then in san francisco? businesses in the city cannot reopen until thursday, and many say the reopening plans don't go far enough. here is nbc bay area's jeanne elle. >> reporter: later this week gym owners in san francisco can once again begin to offer one-on-one training inside. it is a relief for an industry coping with street workouts and the realities that come with it. but some say it is still not enough. >> we've had people attempt to steal from our members while they're working out. they come by and case the place
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constantly. >> reporter: hosting workouts outside is no day at muscle beach for the owner of fit club sf, but derek bloom johnson isn't throwing in the towel. >> i have to be optimistic, otherwise i would have closed the doors, you know. thankfully we have a landlord who is working with us. >> reporter: he also says members who haven't worked out in months but continue to pay dues help keep him going outside. today city leaders offered small business owners a glimmer of hope with the state lifting the stay-at-home order. san francisco is allowing the reopening of some activities on this approach of gradually reopening. we are reopening the lower risk activities right now. let's see where we are. let's all do the right thing so that we can even get to the next step and open up more. >> reporter: so on thursday outdoor dining will be allowed and gyms can offer one-on-one training inside. but with san francisco's icu capacity stable at 26% and the rate of covid spread dropping,
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some restaurants say limited indoor dining should be allowed. gyms want to welcome more members back inside now. fit sf is among them but will wait for the official go-ahead. >> we should be able to reopen at 10% capacity in three weeks, so for us that's about five people. >> it is a full-service operation. >> reporter: he's looking forward to a gym crowded with clients. >> it has been a super difficult year for sure. >> reporter: and an end to covid restrictions. jeanne elle, "nbc bay area news". despite the stay-at-home order being lifted, the state's travel recommendation is still in effect. bottom line, stay local. you are asked not to go more than 120 miles from home and avoid nonessential travel all together. new at 11:00, it has made its way to the u.s. we are talking about the p1 covid variant that's been spreading in brazil. health officials say it spreads faster but they aren't sure if it makes people more sick. the case was reported in
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minnesota. the person lives in the twin cities area, but recently traveled to brazil. variants are normal for any virus. so far we've heard the vaccines are still effective against the uk strain, but what about the south african and brazilian strains? we asked ucsf infect shun disease specialist dr. peter chin-hong. >> so we had the first evidence today that at least for the moderna, and i believe it will be true for the pfizer vaccine as well, that they're also effective against the south african variant, and, you know, if i had to choose one that i'm a little bit more scared of it is the south african variant. so the fact that the moderna vaccine was shown to be effective against that as well is reassuring news. overall i think the vaccines will be effective against the variants. it may mean with a more transmissible variant, more of us in the community, that is more than 70% eventually, would need to be protected before we reach herd immunity. >> that might take several months.
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let's take a look at sfo now, a live look at the new variant prompted president biden to add south africa to the travel ban. he reinstated an expanded covid travel restrictions. they take effect tomorrow. the new rules are non-u.s. travelers from south africa, brazil, ireland, the uk, and 26 other european countries that allow travel across open borders are not allowed to enter this country. dr. anthony fauci calls the move prudent. president biden's action reverses an order from former president trump in his final days in office. here is another major development. tomorrow we're going to get details about the new vaccine priority list. right now people 65 and older and essential workers are at the top of that list. that includes first responders, food and agriculture workers and teachers. the governor said once those groups have been vaccinated, the state will shift to an age-based eligibility program. your profession won't matter
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anymore. your age will. the state's top doctor, mark ghaly, will outline the new plan tomorrow at noon. all right. let's get to our weather. for your procrastinators like me, clean your rain gutters asap. it is cold across the bay area, dropping into the 30s before the incoming storm. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri with the updated timeline. what does it look like, jeff? >> everything is really on track for us right now with our incoming weather, raj. i wanted to start off with a look at this kind of two-prong situation we are dealing with. we had this cold blast right now that's sitting with us and also the windy conditions that will bring near records tomorrow morning. lots of low 30s throughout the inland valleys, wind gusts on and off of 20 to 50 miles per hour into tomorrow evening as well. then we have our approaching storm out here that returns rainfall by tomorrow night, and that's going to continue those rain chances into thursday.
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now, our storm system, it is all about this boost of rain from this atmospheric river. it is a subtropical tap of moisture and it is just that, a river of moisture in the atmosphere. wherever that is pointed we are going to find the higher rain totals. you can see by tomorrow night it is just to the north of us. then once we hit 11:30 tomorrow evening it is aimed right at us, and that's when that rain will pick up. so the big concern, of course, will be for some flooding. right now it does look like over the fire burn scars we could have the highest threat of flooding, especially in the santa cruz mountains. in fact, right now with that flooding threat, there are some new evacuation orders where thousands are being evacuated. nbc bay area's ian cole joins us with more from the santa cruz mountains. >> reporter: the depriest family knows the drill. tonight they and others in the santa cruz hills are forced to leave their homes again.
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>> nobody wants to leave their house. you leave, you don't know what you are coming back to. >> reporter: they evacuated during the czu lightning fired that threatened their homes. >> they had called us this morning and told us there was a mandatory evacuation, and so we called the hotel we were at the last time and said, well, we are coming back down for a couple of days. >> reporter: the next-door neighbors are evacuating, too. they moved here just one year ago. >> it is rough. >> reporter: still worth it? >> yes. i will take anything to live in this area, no matter what. >> it is stressful, but it is the better thing to do. we are going to be safe. >> reporter: flashing signs warn people entering boulder creek, sheriff's deputies are going door to door telling people to get out. they'll also patrol for looters but the main worry is the potential for damaging rains. >> we are still looking at a significant weather event that should be coming in in the
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tuesday time period through thursday. >> reporter: last time they were gone one month. now they hope to return by the weekend, if it is still standing. >> be safe, anybody in our community, please be safe. you know, get out and listen to what the sheriff has to say. >> reporter: in santa cruz county, ian cole, "nbc bay area news". still ahead, when is it going to be your turn? this could be a game changer. the new vaccine offering new hope for millions of americans still waiting for the covid vaccine. and a possible breakthrough in the fight against covid. the discovery ucsf researchers just made. stay with us.
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oh, you think this is just a community center? no. it's way more than that. cause when you hook our community up with the internet... boom! look at ariana, crushing virtual class. jamol, chasing that college dream. michael, doing something crazy. this is the place where we can show the world what we can do. comcast is partnering with 1000 community centers to create wifi-enabled lift zones, so students from low-income families can get the tools they need to be ready for anything. oh we're ready. ♪ ♪ take a look at dramatic delivery here. democrats delivered the article of impeachment against former president trump to the senate today. nine house democrats made the ceremonial walk this afternoon to the senate chamber. east bay congressman eric swalwell is one of those house
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prosecutors in which the trial will begin now on february 9th. new at 11:00, oakland police say it is a troubling trend, the illegal side shows that are happening more frequently. they're getting bigger and more dangerous. opd says about 600 cars and nearly 1,000 people showed up to two side shows over the weekend. this was saturday night. they happened in downtown and the fruitvale. you heard the gunfire there, and then you can see the people running. the next day officers say they found more than 200 rounds in nearby neighborhoods. thankfully, no one was hurt. opd says because of budget cuts there weren't enough officers on duty to break this up. in the past special teams have been in charge of cracking down on these side shows. a touching memorial now in the east bay. 149 american flags displayed at hayward city hall rotunda in honor of the 149 people in
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hayward who have died from covid. the building is also bathed in light with the message "we remember." it will be projected for 149 hours or six days. among the major problems with the vaccine rollout, we don't have enough vaccines. but tonight there is a reason for hope. a new vaccine being reviewed at stanford may soon get fda approval. here is nbc bay area's terry mcsweeney. >> reporter: in california where people 65 and older can sign up for a vaccine, 70-year-old mark smith has tried repeatedly but no luck. >> i've tried every single day, sometimes on the hour, on all of the different sites. a 65 far, and close to 22 million doses have been administered with states holding back doses for the required second dose, but there could be a solution on the horizon. >> the biggest advantage is it adds dramatically to the supply.
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>> reporter: a johnson & johnson vaccine is in a clinical trial at stanford medical center. dr. philip grant is heading it up. >> the study we are doing is a single dose. it also doesn't require any unusual storage conditions. it doesn't need any deep freezing. it is easier to ship, easier to produce. >> reporter: johnson & johnson says that the vaccine receives the emergency approval, the rollout could begin in march with 100 million doses available by april. add to that the astrazeneca single-shot vaccine is believed to be about two weeks behind johnson & johnson, meaning that by sometime in march there could be four vaccines on the market. president biden today reiterated he is aiming1.5 million shots per day by may. >> i feel confident that by summer we are going to be well on our way to heading toward herd immunity. >> reporter: also today moderna saying its vaccine does provide protection against the new uk
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and south african virus variants, though not as much against the south african strain. it is now working on a booster shot to improve protection. >> that's something you could do on top of or in combination with the existing vaccine if it became necessary. >> reporter: terry mcsweeney, "nbc bay area news". the vaccine rollout has also been filled with problems. this was the today at the santa clara county fair grounds, long, long lines. people with appointments were waiting for hours. >> so i was here at 10:30 and i have been in the line, just ready to go in there. it is already two hours. >> that is the reality now days. some silicon valley tech companies are working to try to make the vaccination process smoother. for example, google is offering space for more vaccine sites. santa clara based service now is building an app to connect health care providers with patients. let's get back to the storm which is heading our way. it is churning and it is going to be powerful. it could be the strongest storm
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of the season. not just rain, snow. lake tahoe expecting a lot of snow this week. our own rob maeda is in south tahoe sending us this, several inches of new snow. snow in the bay area as well. this is beautiful. our sky ranger launched today near mount hamilton above san jose. check this out. picture perfect up at the observatory. really stunning images from our own backyard. let's bring jeff ranieri back in to update what to expect really not just tomorrow, but we have several days of this, right, jeff? >> yes. it really looks like it. certainly tuesday night, wednesday and thursday, those rainfall chances really picking up and in a big way. so i did want to start off again with our flooding concern, and we had so many fires over the past year that there's no rejation in place where those fire burn scars are. you get a lot of rain in a short amount of time and that's when the hills could go sliding, and
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that's why we have those evacuations. now, overall with all of these, i really think at this point based on the current rain totals we have coming in, the santa cruz mountains would pose the highest threat. we are tracking more on the evacuations on we will have more on that and, of course, all of this any time you want on our app. we have two different things happening right now. we have the cold blast with us right now. if you stepped outside at all tonight and you know exactly what i'm talking about. probably felt like you couldn't have enough layers on to stay warm and we're dealing with the wind giving us a windchill. tomorrow morning, temperatures in the low 30s, near records, and on-and-off wind gusts 20 to 50 miles per hour through tomorrow evening. as our storm system gets here tomorrow night through thursday, that's when those rain totals are going to pick up. so here is the deal. we have our typical storm systems we see, but occasionally we get these atmospheric river
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taps meeting up with it. it is a subtropical tap of moisture and basically it is just that as i have been saying, a river of moisture in the atmosphere. wherever it points, it is really going to help provide the boosted rainfall totals. you can see once we hit tomorrow, 6:30, it is mainly positioned just off to the north of us. once we hit around 11:30 tomorrow evening it is aimed right at the bay area. now, we will see some widespread rainfall as we head through wednesday morning, but i want you to notice once we hit wednesday afternoon what happens. the atmospheric river moves down to the south, stalls out over passa robles. this is what is teeing the forecast. we expect the atmospheric river to boomarang back and get us a second time. this is critical. if we don't see the second round come our way our totals will be lower. again, it looks like thursday
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this would swing back towards us and give us additional rain. i do think this will start to clear out of here once we hit friday's forecast. rainfall totals a little lower, but overall still very high. a strong storm, one to two inches for most of us. down here to the south bay, santa cruz mountains 3 to 6 inches plus. morgan hill and gilroy could be in the 2 to 3 inch rain category. the sierra, not recommended to travel there. dangerous, potentially some deadly snow if you take the wrong turns, take the wrong moves, try to risk it. 77 inches at kingville, snow possibly down to placerville. we get a break on friday. new rain chances saturday, sunday and monday, not as strong. we are looking at a quarter to three-quarters of an inch of rainfall. raj, last week we had the record-setting upper 70s. man, this is a rude awakening for us. we need the rain, but it just seems like it is too much at once the way things are looking right now. >> it seems to be here in the bay area we have just a little or we get it all at one point.
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looks like we are getting it now. thank you, jeff. >> yes. up next, a big discovery at ucsf. just ahead, the cancer drug that could be the secret to fighting covid. also, do you have an idea that could really help others? we are giving out money through project innovation. it is part of a grant powered by the comcast/nbc universal foundation. learn more about the program and submit your application at . happening now, twitter is launching a new feature to help stop misinformation on its app. it is called bird watch. the feature will only be open to a small set of users called bird watchers. they will get access to a forum where they can discuss tweets that they believe are misleading. twitter says it hopes to build a community of bird watchers who can help moderate and label tweets on its main service. we're back in a moment.
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a major storm system is headed this way fast. we'll prepare you to get ready for the incoming atmospheric river event. plus, walking through exactly how to find out when it is your time to roll up your sleeve for the covid-19 vaccine. doctors and scientists at ucsf say they may have found a new weapon to treat covid. after a year of research, the team published its findings today. it is an anti-cancer drug. in lab studies it is proven to be almost 30 times more potent than remdesivir. it is approved in australia to treat a type of blood cancer but is not available in most parts of the world, at least not yet, and it is not currently approved to treat covid-19. we are back in a moment with who the bay area is rooting for, at least milpitas and san mateo when it comes to the super bowl in a couple of weeks. stay with us.
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geico motorcycle. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. we seem to do this every year but it is a little different this time. san mateo usually cheers for the patriots. now san mateo will cheer for tom brady and the buccaneers. milpitas will also be cheering for the bucs. defensive lineman went to rwves.
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there's the chase center right there. andrew wiggins working both ends of the floor. watch this. the steal and then the hoop. goes coast to coast with the nice slam. wiggins was impressive tonight. fourth quarter. watch steph curry just putting on a dribbling clinic. floi the floor? they do well with the oakland floor. back and forth he goes and ends with the three porter. warriors beat the t wolves 130-108. the warriors improve to 9 and 8 on the season. the sharks can come home again. they've been playing and practicing down in arizona because of covid restrictions in the south bay, but today santa clara county said the sharks are cleared to play at the s.a.p. center but no fans, of course. the sharks' next home game is a week from tonight. we will see if they're in the 408. back in a moment.
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when nbc bay area declares a microclimate weather alert you get continuous coverage on air, online and on social media. plus weather warning based on your location from our app. an nbc bay area microclimate weather alert keeps you prepared. finally at 11:00, something to smile about. the pandemic's impact on air travel is turning some labrador retriever puppies into jet setters. with commercial flights less
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reliable, the sonoma jet center is the cutest place in wine country. it is partnering with canine companions to fly these little guys and gals to volunteer raisers for early training. the private jets are a bonus. >> well, they're so generous. they donate their time, their planes and their fuel, and it really saves us a ton of money which allows us to continue to place these incredible dogs because they are costly. >> the puppies are going private. these dogs are going to dayton, ohio, their first step to becoming service dogs. that's really cool to see. that's going to do it for us here at 11:00. for everyone here at nbc bay area, we thank you for joining us. ♪ ♪


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