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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  January 20, 2021 11:34pm-12:36am PST

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legend there, a day filled with historic moment capping off that virtual celebration, celebrating america hosted by tom hanks, featuring with many performances like you saw there, demi lovato and highlighting our medical workers on the frontline of the pandemic. >> we'll leave you with the white house on the first night of joe biden's presidency. good night. ♪
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>> steve: from rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight join jimmy and his guests - martin scorsese and fran lebowitz, mayor pete buttigieg hunter schafer musical guest playboi carti, and featuring the legendary roots crew, and now here's your host, jimmy fallon ♪ >> jimmy: welcome to the tonight show
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well, guys, today joe biden was sworn in as the 46th president of the united states ♪ yes, joe biden, our nation turns its bleary eyes to you it was a bright, sunny day in washington -- and now, we have a president who knows not to stare directly at the sun. seriously, anyone else feel like they just lost 280 pounds yes, somehow we made it to the inauguration, while canada offered us a blanket and mexico offered us soup. it feels like the country is back sure, the gps took us on some crazy back roads for the last four years, and now we are back on main street, and we can tell people we were lost.
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yeah, a new era. i'm pretty sure we'll never hear the names steve bannon and lil wayne in the same sentence ever again what a time to be president. there's a raging pandemic, the economy is cratering, and for two years, the country has been caught in the middle of a vicious chicken sandwich war yeah, biden is taking over at a time when the country has never felt more deeply divided and i mean deeply divided. we don't even have peace among the cast of "sex and the city. well, if you missed it here's the big moment joe biden was sworn in as president. >> i joseph robin ed biden jr. do solemnly swear. >> that i will faithfully execute. >> that i will faithfully execute. >> the office of president of the united states. >> office of president of the united states. >> so help you god >> so help me god. >> jimmy: yeah what a day for america it feels like the fourth of july plus the super bowl plus a little bit of santa-con.
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and did you notice this? biden was sworn in on a giant bible that's been in his family since 1893 look at this thing wow. that's not a bible you find on a dresser. that is a dresser! even the pope was like, eh, it's a little much after he took the oath, biden gave his inaugural address, where he tried to unite the country. listen to this >> at this hour, my friends, democracy has prevailed. and i promise you, i will fight as hard for those who did not support me as for those who did. we must end this uncivil war >> jimmy: yeah, that's what we need to hear i feel reinvigorated i feel like we can come together i feel like we can beat covid. i feel like we can take the politics out of buying a damn pillow of course kamala harris was also sworn in today, becoming the first woman ever to serve as vice president. [ applause ] watch this
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>> i kamala harris do solemnly swear. >> that i will well and faithfully discharge >> that i will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office upon which i am about to enter, so help me god [ applause ] >> jimmy: so many firsts not only is she the first female vice president, the first black vp, the first south asian vp and the first person to be considered cool while being married to a guy named doug of course all the big lawmakers were at the inauguration, and a lot of people were enjoying bernie sanders' look at the ceremony here he is looks like he's about to scatter bread to a bunch of pigeons at the park. it was quite a scene lady gaga sang the national anthem, then jennifer lopez sang "this land is your land," then chuck schumer and mitch mcconnell got up and sang "islands in the stream." but i thought it was sweet all the performances were fantastic.
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jennifer lopez was fantastic garth brooks sang "amazing grace. he was great a lot of people noticed that when he was done, he left in a a hurry. watch this what was that? was his horse meanwhile, let's talk about the elephant who wasn't in the room, president trump. this morning he left the white house and delivered a farewell speech before flying off to florida. here's what he said to his supporters >> we love you we will be back in some form have a good life we will see you soon >> jimmy: i know a lot of you were expecting trump's speech to be weird and inappropriate, well, you were 100% right. we'll be back in some form who wrote this speech, voldemort? and then finally, trump boarded air force one for the last time and, as his plane took often, they were playing "my way", by frank sinatra, watch this, this is real.
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♪ yes, it was my way ♪ >> jimmy: yeah, trump was singing "my way", while the rest of the country was singing. we have a great show, give it up for the roots, everybody! ♪ ♪ nah, nah, nah, na hey, hey, hey, hey [ applause ] >> jimmy: what a show we have for you tonight, everybody they are the director and the star of the netflix limited series "pretend it's a city" - martin scorsese and fran lebowitz are here that show is so good, oh, my goodness he is the nominee for united states secretary of transportation -- mayor
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pete buttigieg is here from the hbo series "euphoria," which has a new special episode premiering this we hunter schafer is here [ applause ] and we've got music from playboi carti! guys, today was such a historic day, and there were so many iconic images and headlines. but sometimes when you see a a photo in the news you think that headline could be much better i'll show you what i mean, it's time for "news and improved: inauguration edition." for example, check out this first photo. the original headline was, "biden becomes 46th president. that headline can definitely be improved. because if you only looked at the photo, the headline could have been - "best man waits for laugh after telling joke no one understands. see how this works check out this next photo. the original headline was,
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"sanders attends inauguration. but, if you only looked at the photo, the headline could have been - "stranger you asked to take your photo clearly struggling. "where's the button?" up next, this headline says - "new administration arrives at capitol." but the headline could have been -- "world's most boring flash mob spells out the letter 'h.'" this next headline was - "obama greets attendees." but the headline could have been - "ventriloquist who forgot dummy still gives it his best. this next headline was - "biden prepares inauguration remarks." but the headline could have been -- "man remembers he has three new "below deck" episodes on his dvr." score! and finally, this headline says - "florida man returns to florida." that's all the time we have for "news and improved." what an amazing day. we have a new president, everybody. [ applause ]
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we had the first female, first black, first asian-american vice president [ applause ] i just thought the whole thing was so great, it was just, it was hard not to get emotional just watching that whole thing it was perfectly done. every performance was top-notch and everything crushed and then amanda gorman just comes out of nowhere i mean, i was like, what and just crushes, steals the show from what's already a a great show, i thought, and i just thought today was just, ah, it was a beautiful thing but another big deal today, today is actually questlove's 50th birthday! 5-0. ♪ da,da,da,da de,de ♪ >> i thought it was about me i thought it was about me.
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>> jimmy: tarik would like to give you a birthday present. we'd like to do it right now >> i'd like to give you a thoughtful gift. this is a milestone birthday, and i know mine is coming up soon, too. >> jimmy: oh, my god, oh, my god. >> no, so i thought what could sort of speak to your love for music and, and, you know, be a a nod to the roots and i was thinking question marks and the heart pins that you wear all the time and i said if i were going to design a logo for you, what would it be? and i was talking with my sister, prit, who is a jewelry designer, and she said you know, there's something that kind of already exists you know, that speaks to all the different things, and he was, you know, i'd already been thinking about getting a a tattoo i was like, if i'm going to get a facial tattoo, what's it
11:46 pm
going to be? i was going to get this bird on my face, a word from the language in ghana, west africa, that speaks to appreciating your roots meaning "go back and get it." normally, when you see an emblem like the symbol, it's a a bird with his feet facing forward, and his head is facing its back and is holding a delicate egg, like in its mouth. so i'm going to get that on my cheek. so i didn't get that for you, but i realized the other, the other, the other symbol for sankofa is a stylized heart shape. can i do i designed this heart shaped lapel pin. it's encrusted with rubies and a yellow diamond take the top off
11:47 pm
>> jimmy: my birthday was in september by the way >> but you didn't turn 50. >> jimmy: that's correct >> oh, snap. >> yeah. >> wow, oh, this is real >> yeah. look at that >> man >> hold it there you go >> oh, man, thank you. >> if you look at it on the back, there's an inscription it says from organics to end game and beyond. brotherly love >> ah. [ applause ] >> happy birthday. >> thank youim: come on. >> i was like waiting for a cake fight or something. this is real, okay >> no. >> jimmy: that is so thoughtful >> thank you >> jimmy: that's amazing, man. you were thinking about getting a face tattoo? >> yeah, i'm still going to get it, with the bird and he's reaching back and the egg, probably right around here somewhere.
11:48 pm
i don't want the beard to cover it up. >> jimmy: wow. >> you should do it too, jimmy you hang out with post malone all the time >> jimmy: right now you know how much hair and makeup i have to go through to cover my face tattoo so no one knows quest love, i wanted to give you a present, too not a big thing, but it's cool can we give it to quest? >> wow >> jimmy: not saying, but my sister's a jewelry designer, and, no, no, no, no. so the card, what does the card say? >> this says 50. >> jimmy: okay, now you open the box. and do you know what it is >> no. this is morris day's mirror?
11:49 pm
what [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that's morris day's mirror >> wow >> jimmy: from morris day and the time so i got in touch with morris day. i got in touch with his, with his manager, his assistant, and i said look, i got an idea for quest for his birthday i go, he's turning 50, what can i get this guy who has everything i go he would flip out to get this so and i said, look, he will cherish it more than a museum will i go, just anything that you ever used in a show or anything, he would love it and he texted me back. and he texted me back "ask jerome." >> wow >> jimmy: because you know jerome's like, "jerome"! this is 50, you are looking into your, that's what 50 looks like
11:50 pm
>> guys, i'm speechless, really >> wow [ applause ] >> i mean, you know, but listen, listen, since we're talking about gifts, are those christian dior jordans >> jimmy: i don't really know. are they >> wow >> jimmy: are they good, man >> i mean, you know. >> i like j's, too >> jimmy: well, it's not your birthday, yet. >> well, it was in october >> jimmy: anyways, happy birthday, quest love come on. >> ah, man >> jimmy: we love you, buddy, here's to many, many, many more we'll be right back with martin scorsese and fran lebowitz! ♪
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>> jimmy: my first guests tonight are two celebrated new yorkers! they are the oscar-winning director and the star of the very entertaining limited series "pretend it's a city," which is streaming now on netflix. here are martin scorsese and fran lebowitz! ah, it's so great to see you both here. thank you so much for doing this how are you on zoom? how is this possible >> are you talking to me >> yes >> um, i -- i am at a netflix office numerous people set this up. there are many machines here there are people, as far as i can tell, all around the country. >> jimmy: yes. >> making this possible. >> jimmy: they really are. >> and yet, it's not as good as being in person. >> yeah, that's right. >> with all this technology. >> jimmy: i'm so happy though that you're doing this, this is amazing. martin, this is your second documentary of sorts with fran, why did you decide to make this series
11:56 pm
and i was formatting and editing and kept shooting, and, as we developed the picture, i think it took about a year, year and a half in the cutting room, maybe more i just sensed, for me, there was a sense of freedom in style, making a film, structure of a film. eventually, we kind of came upon the idea that it would be great. it was like a commentary of our culture. almost like a, instead of reading a column in a magazine, fran passes by your house and just says things >> jimmy: yeah >> goes by your apartment, knocks on the door, and she says you know, these people down the hall, whatever. it's a necessary thing >> jimmy: yeah >> she doesn't -- she doesn't go in taxis, or -- she's always in the streets and always commenting on things, and some of it, you know, you may not agree with everything, but what i love is, is, the sense of it
11:57 pm
the common sense of it, more than common sens and, so for me, why not keep that commentary going? >> jimmy: yeah, i think people want to see this because i also want to just go up to fran and be like, "fran, what do you think of this? or what is that? just watching this, i just love you so much, you know that, but you almost get hit by a car maybe four times >> yeah. >> jimmy: in the first episode, because you're the only one paying attention >> yeah, that's right. that's why i almost get hit by a car instead of getting hit by a car. and if you wanted someone to knock on your door, me, jimmy. >> jimmy: yes. >> as your neighbor, that could have happened. >> jimmy: i did not take your apartment. really >> at my apartment, you could have come upstairs, knocked on the door >> jimmy: i didn't know it was you, i was outbidding. i was just talking -- i didn't know it was you. if i knew it was you, i would have - >> it didn't take much to outbid me, believe me.
11:58 pm
>> jimmy: i can just imagine what this was like there was a lot of -- there's this, some beautiful scenes shot around this like model of manhattan that i've never seen before, it's gorgeous. but it was filmed in queens at the queens museum. i've never even seen it before fran, i know you prefer to stay in manhattan how did you feel about filming in queens? >> well, it's, by the way, a a model of all of new york city, not just manhattan. so it is in queens i didn't even know about this thing. a friend of mine had gone recently, a few years ago. he told me about it, so we went and looked at it, and i thought, "this is a great thing for the city, it's a great thing. i cannot stress enough how people should go and see this. this is a wonderful, spectacular thing built by robert moses, who we all hate, because everything else he did was not miniature, but in miniature, the guy was perfect
11:59 pm
>> it's funny, because when she suggested it, i said, "where?" and i said, "no, we have all this stuff at the players club, you want a model of queens?" look, i was born in queens, flushing, so, i mean, okay but now, do you know what it takes to get there >> you know, marty acted like we were going to afghanistan "where is it how do we get there? i said, "marty, it's in queens." "it's far, right?" "it's pretty far." "how do we get there?" as if we were going in a a caravan of camels or we had to like row a little boat to get there. it is a little hard to get there, that is true, which is probably why fewer people see this model than should but it is worth the trip >> really is worth it, except for when you tripped over the bridge >> i knocked over the queensboro bridge, and the guy
12:00 am
in there was one of the most anxious people i've ever met in my life. because they never let anyone film in there. and marty came with four million cameras and it took long time to set the shot up and i asked the guy, because i had to wear these little booties, you know. and i said i would rather not have to wear them, i would prefer not to. i'll just wear my boots. i'll wear just my socks. so he kind of said yes and i put one sock on the thing. he said no, boots on but i put them on. and i kept saying, don't worry, i'm a very careful person, and then i knocked over the bridge >> the next thing i wanted to do was get the godzilla suit for her. >> jimmy: i want to show everyone a clip from.the series, here are martin scorsese and fran lebowitz in "pretend it's a city," take a look
12:01 am
>> how did you two meet? >> how did we meet do you want to tell her? >> no. >> people have often asked me how did i meet marty, and i don't know, so i'm assuming i met him at a party why do i think that? because i go to a lot of parties. >> that 50th birthday party? >> no, i knew you before that. i know him well, i go to a lot more parties than marty, which is why marty's made a lot of movies and i haven't written a a lot of books >> jimmy: that's perfect clip to show. i'm glad it's both your favorites. fran lebowitz and martin scorsese. everybody, their limited series "pretend it's a city" is streaming now on netflix more "tonight show" after the break! thanks for being here. >> thank you >> thank you ♪
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♪ >> jimmy: my next guest is the former mayor of south bend, indiana, a new york times bestselling author, and the minefor united states secretary of transportation. it's my pleasure to welcome back to the show, mayor pete buttigieg hey, mayor pete, thank you so much for being on our show and coming back. you're in washington, d.c. right now, because you attended the -- president biden's inauguration today.enter almost how did it feel to be there? >> you know, it was amazing. it was moving. it was reassuring to be on those capitol steps where just two weeks earlier we'd seen those horrifying images of a a mob seeking to take over the capitol.
12:07 am
what we saw today was one of the most important and oldest rituals in american democracy, that transfer of power and i think for a lot of us, things that maybe we used to think of as boring or take for granted, you know, on a day like this, at a time like this, actually meant a lot, that there was that -- that continuity the president, i thought, gave a great speech there were these musical performances, garth brooks, j. lo, gaga and also this amazing poet, amanda gorman who really set the tone for the day so it was a great day. >> jimmy: she was amazing. i saw when you first, you were one of the first people to get there, and i, i know you probably can't, being where you are and your stature, but i couldn't help but get emotional watching everything, just everyone coming the way that the capitol was decorated. it made me so patriotic and so proud and just seeing the flag
12:08 am
flying, and i go yes, it made me so, it was like, i felt like i was, you know, in a george m cohan song or something. >> i didn't used to care about symbols so much. i cared about policy and getting things done and events didn't mean as much to me. but with all we've been through as a country, it matters, the continuity matters, the process that we go through, because it reminds us of the stability of the country, reminds us of what we're trying to protect when we protect american democracy >> jimmy: what do you think is next for president biden and how he's going to get the country to unite >> i think we saw in his speech that he wants to be a president for everyone, whether you voted for him or not but in the long run the best way to unite the country will be to deliver results. that will be his focus, the best way to bring people
12:09 am
together is to make sure that life in this country gets better, that our economy is strong, that there's safety, justice and equity there's a ton of work right away and it starts with defeating the pandemic it was great that even before the inauguration, as president-elect, he laid out the first steps of that plan now as president he's already working to deliver them and i'm excited to be part of the team to make that happen. >> jimmy: i don't know if i will be able to call you mayor pete anymore, because hopefully tomorrow you will be confirmed for the role of secretary of transportation this is a historic nomination. you'll be the first millennial cabinet member, and you'll also be the first openly gay person to serve in a cabinet position what does that all mean to you or have you even thought about it >> yeah, it means a lot, you know, i can remember be being in high school when president clinton nominated someone to be an ambassador who didn't get a a chance to have a vote in the senate because he was gay.
12:10 am
it sent a message, at that age i hadn't really thought that i would be serving in public service like i am now, but it sent a message, you know, not only that gay people might be denied a chance to serve but also denied a chance to belong so the fact that 20-some years later, tomorrow i'll go before a committee and hopefully receive a vote that will make it possible once the confirmation vote comes up to become a confirmed cabinet member i just hope that sends a a different, better, opposite message to some kid who's watching right now, that you have every right to belong, every right to serve, every right to be part of that country. >> jimmy: four years from now, what do you hope to have accomplished in the role >> you know, i'd love to be able to look back on a tenure as secretary and say that travel was and is and remains safe for workers and travelers, but above and beyond that, that america restored its leadership role when it comes to infrastructure
12:11 am
we've fallen behind. we've been expected to tolerate roads and bridges falling into disrepair. passenger rail being way behind what our fellow, our, you know, counter parts, citizens in other countries are able to enjoy. just a lot of things where we've settled for less, and i think now is a chance to do something about that i'd love to look back on these years and say this is when electric vehicles became much more widely adopted and the technology with automated vehicles if we can get the safety part right and a whole bunch of other things that are coming could allow us to say that america became better prepared for the climate crisis, more just and more economically sound because we did what we had to do when it came to infrastructure i know it's seen as kind of a nerdy topic sometimes. but i think it's one of the most interesting things before the administration right now, and i'm really excited to do my
12:12 am
part >> jimmy: good luck tomorrow and anything we can do to help, and we'd love to have you back on the show whenever thank you so much for coming on the show >> i'd love it >> jimmy: mayor pete buttigieg hunter schafer is joining us in-studio when we come back - stick around in-studio when we come back - stick around ♪ acti faster, faster! they're gaining on you! ♪ [engine revving] that's good! come on come on! [spooky laugh] okay now! ♪ [yelling] ♪ toy? ♪ ♪ [yelling] can we get some sun?
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♪ my mom's always told me ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: you know my next guest as jules from the. hit show "euphoria," which is back with a special episode this weekend! "part 2: jules" premieres early this friday at 9pm on hbo max and airs sunday at 9pm on hbo. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, hunter schafer! ♪ ♪ ♪ hunter shafer ♪ ♪ breaking all the rules ♪ ♪ hunter shafer ♪ ♪ got to see the show ♪
12:18 am
♪ ♪ ♪ streamin' now on hbo ♪ >> jimmy: i am so happy you're here thank you for being here in studio >> i know, i'm so happy this could happen >> jimmy: and inauguration day >> i know. it's really wholesome vibes. >> jimmy: it is wholesome vibes. i know i have a big question for you. >> mm. >> jimmy: you bought a truck >> yeah. >> jimmy: talk to me about this, because you came to the right person >> yeah, i heard you have a truck as well. >> jimmy: yeah, a lot of people hear that. >> yeah, no, it sounds cool to say. >> jimmy: right, it does sound cool to say that >> i was stewing in l.a. like for the first three or four months in quarantine, and was rather frustrated with not really being able to go anywhere, because you kind of need a car in l.a. to like go places >> jimmy: yeah, you really do. >> yeah, so i was like, screw
12:19 am
it, i'm doin' this and i wanted a truck, because i kind of had this fantasy of like being dressed up like super high fem, kind of like this, you know, but being in a a truck, like. >> jimmy: no, exactly. okay you got elbow out the window, cruisin' yeah >> what kind of truck do you have >> jimmy: oh, my god ford f-150 >> ford f-150? that's pretty bad-ass. >> jimmy: it's unbelievable. big wheels and everything. it's cool. all right, so now, you, you're doing this you have the special episode of "euphoria. can you describe "euphoria"? >> yeah, to put it simply, it's a show that follows a bunch of high schoolers navigating addiction, sex, drugs, family dynamics, life >> jimmy: yes. >> yeah. >> jimmy: the description i heard when it first came out,
12:20 am
they said, as a parent, i wouldn't watch the show if i were you and i go, what what are you talking about so i kind of shied away at first. but this one you co-wrote and produced >> yeah. >> jimmy: how did you get around to doing that >> yeah. well, sam, the writer, director, creator of the show and i were talking a lot over quarantine and this was kind of happening while i drove across the country. so i'd been in north carolina for a little bit, and i, i have to be honest i was not doing super well mentally at that time. you know, as quarantine. >> jimmy: a lot of people. >> has put a lot of us in a bad place. >> jimmy: yeah >> and i had taken it upon myself to research mental hospitals in north carolina. and -- >> jimmy: really >> yes and i was, cause, you know, i was like, might be a good decision to do that with where i was at
12:21 am
>> jimmy: good for you >> but they all had bad reviews on yelp and google i hadn't been to one before, and i was like, where can i go that would be good and then sam called me later that day and, and sam, i've been researching mental hospitals for like two hours, like, like why do they all have terrible reviews like, like i can't find one, like hunter, no one likes being at mental hospitals. >> jimmy: no kidding >> no one's going to leave a a good review for a mental hospital >> jimmy: four star review i got to go back this was unbelievable. >> we started talking about ideas for the episode again, and i wrote the episode instead of go to that kind of institution. >> jimmy: and of got a smile on
12:22 am
your face. >> yeah. >> jimmy: good for you for talking to him >> i think mental hospitals are great if you need to go to them >> jimmy: you should, if you need to go >> don't go by the reviews >> jimmy: no, no, no if you need help, you should get help but i love that you talked it out and look what you got out of it, you got art out of this >> yeah, and it was nice to be able to put my energy into something and sam was so collaborative. >> jimmy: do you know how to write a script i'm sorry to - >> i did take shonda rhimes' master class early in quarantine i got into "grey's anatomy" before truck >> jimmy: pre-truck. that's a lot to get into >> jimmy: started watching eight hours of "grey's anatomy" and then watch her master class. so i have some things.
12:23 am
>> jimmy: thanks to shonda rhimes does she know this at all? >> thank you shonda rhimes that would be cool if she did, though >> jimmy: she will u now i'm psyched that you're here, and i'm psyched to see this special, i they, can i, i can watch? >> yeah. >> jimmy: it's your work, i have to.want to show everyone a here's hunter schafer in this weekend's special episode of "euphoria." take a look. ♪ ♪ >> at least for me, be being trans is spiritual you know, it's not religious, it's not like for some congregation it's for me, it's for me i want everyone to stand still, like i want to be alive. i mean, that's what this has always been about is like, staying alive.
12:24 am
>> jimmy: hunter schafer, everybody! the second special. episode of euphoria, "part 2: jules," premieres this weekend on hbo and hbo max we'll be right back with a a performance from playboi carti! stick around ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ bowl of french onion dip. i'm going to start the bidding at $5. thank you, sir. looking for $6. $6 over there! do i hear 7? $7 in the front! $7 going once. going twice. sold to the onion lover in the front row! next up is lot number 17, a spinach and artichoke dip, beautifully set in a hollowed-out loaf of sourdough bread. don't get mad get e*trade and get more than just trading investing. banking. guidance. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> jimmy: performing "slayer" from his number one album "whole lotta red," here is playboi carti. ♪ ♪ everywhere i go i get papers everywhere i g i get papers ♪ ♪ i'm a rocksta i could've joined slayer got the drum in the ca that -- a slayer ♪ ♪ get put in a box fo with a playe ar in the bo it came with a laser ♪ ♪ i go cook a opp yeah, just like i cate i -- on my thot, yeah, we met in decatur ♪ ♪ i go ball on that - yeah, just like a blazer can't start with the - i link another one later ♪ ♪ i gotta get it together i'm livin' my life like a rebe they tried t lock me in a kennel ♪
12:31 am
♪ i beat the case it was simpl fresh out of court, yeah jump in the porsche, yeah ♪ ♪ slide through the hood, yeah everything good, yea whole lotta mob ♪ ♪ whole lotta mob whole lotta mo whole lotta mo whole lotta mob ♪ ♪ whole lotta mob whole lotta mo whole lotta mo whole lotta mob ♪ ♪ whole lotta mob whole lotta mo whole lotta mo what, what ♪ ♪ whole lotta mob what, let's go, let's go whole lotta mo what? let's go, let's go ♪ ♪ whole lotta mob whole lotta mo whole lotta mo whole lotta mob ♪ ♪ i got these -- goin' craz i got these -- goin' crazy i walk in the mall they go crazy ♪ ♪ i walk in the mal they go craz got plaques on the wal i go crazy ♪ ♪ got plaques on the wall i go crazy i got rich and had me a baby ♪ ♪ i got rich an had me a bab i drive a coup you know it's the latest ♪ ♪ sellin' -- just like the '80s i caught a body an went on vacation i was on the playstation ♪ ♪ i ride in a demon i took off, i'm racin' i ride in a demo i feel like i'm satan ♪ ♪ i gave her some money
12:32 am
to put in her saving i popped me a -- and now i feel faded ♪ ♪ muhammad ali i feel like the greatest this -- tried me and all of them hatin' ♪ ♪ -- but she cannot date me i gotta get it togethe i'm livin' my life like a rebel ♪ ♪ they tried to lock me in a kenne i beat the cas it was simple ♪ ♪ fresh out of court, yea jump in the porsche, yea slide throug the hood, yeah ♪ ♪ everything good, yeah whole lotta mo whole lotta mo whole lotta mob ♪ ♪ whole lotta mob whole lotta mo whole lotta mo whole lotta mob ♪ ♪ whole lotta mob whole lotta mo whole lotta mo whole lotta mob ♪ m whole lotta mo what, what whole lotta mo what let's go, let's go ♪ ♪ whole lotta mob what let's go, let's g whole lotta mo whole lotta mob ♪ ♪ whole lotta mob whole lotta mob ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: thank you playboi carti.
12:33 am
more "tonight show" when we come back, everybody [ cheers and applause ♪ we made usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right,
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[ cheers and applause ♪ >> jimmy: my thanks to martin scorsese and fran lebowitz, mayor pete buttigieg - [ cheers and applause hunter schafer, for coming in-studio. [ cheers and applause playboi carti, and the roots happy birthday, 50th, questlove! [ cheers and applause stay safe out there, everybody stay tuned for "late night with seth meyers. goodnight, everybody [ cheers and applause


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