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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  January 9, 2021 8:30pm-9:30pm PST

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that's a catch fumble. 22. it's third and ten. the pressure is coming. heinicke, look out from behind! he gets brought down and sacked by lavonte david. a big loss there. it will set up fourth down. washington will just regroup with the two-minute warning. >> tony: lavonte david, you're right, mike. you called it. the pressure came. you know todd bowles is going to dial it up when it's critical. lavonte david is coming on the blitz. gets picked up, but he stays after it. taylor heinicke, he is trying to get away, but you can't hold the ball that long against the blitz. >> mike: that is a second-team all-pro man. fourth and 21. coming up, three more games tomorrow, including tomorrow night cleveland welcome back to the postseason. if you are from cleveland you are born being a browns fan.
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>> they are a football town. they love us. >> this city needs a playoff win. >> 12,000. it's crazy. >> we are trying to ride the wave. we are ready to take on pittsburgh anytime, anywhere, baby. >> i am excited. >> mike: tony, you have lived that rivalry to see it in the playoffs. it will be a treat tomorrow night. >> tony: it will be. and the runners, nick chubb and kareem hunt against the passing game of pittsburgh, it's going to be fun to watch. >> mike: we look forward to that. we will talk more about that in your volkswagen postgame. here be we go. the season has come down to one play. you've got to get everybody deep enough to get that first down. >> tony: i almost thought todd bowles might blitz them. they are going to play coverage. >> mike: they rush four. heinicke still is flush. he is pressured. he is going to fling it.
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and incomplete. logan thomas almost came up with it on the back end of it, as it was battled for, but that will turn it back to tampa and bring this one, in all likelihood, to an end. taylor heinicke's cinderella story comes up one line short of the finish. >> tony: it was a good thing he got away from the pressure. put it up for the tall tight end. see if he can jump ball them. couldn't get it up there. carlton davis plays it well. >> mike: mike edwards, who hadn't played much in this game, part of that coverage there, too. it was a heck of a story. heck of a night, too. for a guy who played 126 snaps in his nfl career, and a guy who started 299 games in the regular season, tom brady is going to
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add to his playoff record. tom brady will get his first playoff win not as a patriot. he will get his 31st all-time playoff win. volkswagen postgame is coming up. kathryn will interview the star of the game. tony an i look ahead to tomorrow night with the browns and the steelers here in a moment. speak of a moment, it's been more than a moment since tampa bay has been able to celebrate a playoff victory. have to do it one more time. bruce arians will finally get the victory in the playoffs over his good friend ron rivera. bruce, who came into coaching as a head coach at age 60. first in arizona, was out, did some tv, now has bounced back in. january 26th, 2003, our pal jon gruden and the buccaneers won
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the super bowl. it's the last time tampa bay has celebrated a postseason victory. new orleans wins, they will play the saints. or if chicago wins, the site of the super bowl will see a divisional playoff game with the rams and the buccaneers next weekend. keisean hobbles towards tom brady. i wanted to play you. i got you. very cool. washington denied its first playoff win in 15 years. and the two coaches with an embrace there. tom brady with alex smith, you wonder if alex smith will come back next year after all he has been through. an incredible comeback for his story.
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a lot of respect between the players. tampa bay moves on. washington's season comes to an end. the postgame report coming up. first, these message from your local nbc station.
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>> announcer: welcome to the atlas postgame report. here now, mike tirico. >> mike: all right. three good ones today wrapping up with tampa bay getting its first playoff win in 18 years, winding in landover over the washington football team 31-23. super wild card weekend continues tomorrow. the baltimore/tennessee game on abc and espn. the chicago/new orleans game on cbs. and then al michaels with you from pittsburgh for cleveland and pittsburgh. our coverage begins 7:30.
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also streaming live on peacock and nbc. all right, let's check our players of the game tonight. of course, tom brady as he gets playoff win number 31. 381 yards, two touchdowns, no picks. leonard fournette, very solid with no ronald jones to back him up. usually never for the losing team, but taylor heinicke deserves one. old dominion hasn't seen a glaet athletic performance like that since nancy lieberman days. fournette gets a lot of attention. signed here in september after he was released with a ankle injury, was a healthy scratch. man, they needed him tonight, and a clinching touchdown to wrap it up in the fourth. he spoke with kathryn tappen a moment ago. >> kathryn: leonard, congratulations. a big playoff win for you and your teammates. with ronald jones out, you had to handle a bulk of the load on the ground. how much pressure did you feel going that this game knowing that? >> first of all, i want to thank god and my family.
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it's been trying times this season. i have been cut. now i am back in the playoffs. i told tom brady, i told coach, this is what i came here for this is why y'all wanted me. we could do it. >> kathryn: you mentioned tom brady. your first playoff game with tom brady. what did you learn most from him in this one? >> he is a fighter. he plays hard. he works hard. he studies hard. he the man for the job. >> kathryn: leonard, it appeared that the red zone offense was struggling throughout this gaming but you seemed to manage to clean it up in the second hachl. how do you carry that through next week? >> keep fighting. the first time you see it sloppy, go back to my notes, my tips that my running back could etch gave me. we had to come through and fight. >> kathryn: any special notes you will be looking at going into next weekend? >> be ready. got to be prepared. it will be a dogfight. >> kathryn: thank you very much. congratulations. >> thank you. >> mike: thank you.
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todd mcnair pretty good in his day as well. tomorrow's game on peacock at 7:30 eastern. manchester united playing well. man u/liverpool on january 17th. sign up for to get started. don't forget that nbc sports virtual channel as well. tampa gets the win. tony and i will wrap this up and look ahead to cleveland/pittsburgh tomorrow night here on nbc when we come back.
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>> announcer: welcome back to
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the postgame report. >> mike: so tomorrow night, tony, al, cris and michele pittsburgh hosting cleveland. the coaches drove a couple of hours. a lot of fans have driven those two hours over the years. this is a great rivalry. what are you looking forward to tomorrow when we see it in the playoffs one more time? >> tony: a lot of things against cleveland because they haven't been able to practice. throw that out. they are in the playoffs. they are playing their bitter rivals, the pittsburgh steelers, and juju smith-schuster has put gasoline on the fire. the same old browns. a great game, physical, cleveland running game, two great running backs, chubb and -- i'm blanking on the name, kareem hunt. they are going to pound that football. and pittsburgh's passing game, short passing, ben roethlisberger in rhythm. i think it will be the emotion and energy that will stand out in that game. >> mike: pittsburgh started with
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a great run, washington beat them, this washington team, very game team. and then pittsburgh kind of fell there for a little bit. do you sense that they have what it takes to get to that level that we saw in the first couple months of the season? >> tony: i think so. they were missing some defensive players for a while. their defense wasn't playing as outstanding. but guys are back. they are healthy. i think ben roethlisberger healthy again now, and pittsburgh is ready to go. but this cleveland team, they are going to be fired up. they are going to be ready to go and they are going to be a problem. >> mike: thanks for making this work. i appreciate it. sorry i wasn't there. >> tony: a lot of fun. >> mike: technology is amazing, but people are more amazing. tom, jenny, among our amazing nbc team, thank you for making this work out tonight. next, except on the west coast, your local news followed by "saturday night live." of course, "football night in america," tony back with the guys to get you ready for cleveland/pittsburgh.
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now for our producer and our director, our great team, tony dungy, mike tirico, terry mcaulay, kathryn tappen, good night. tampa moves on. >> announcer: nbc sports thanks you for watching this special presentation of the national football league.
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(soft music) hey dad, i'm about to leave. don't forget your hat . good morning. how can i help? i need help connecting with my students. behind every last minute save, ok, that works. and holiday surprise, thank you! a customer service rep is working unseen, making it happen. and at genesys, we're proud to help them help you everyday. right now on nbc bay area, following in the footsteps of google. apple and amazon remove conservative app parler, leaving the future of the app up in the air tonight. and we're staying home for now. the announcement from the state today about our stay-at-home order, what we need to do in order for it to be lifted. plus, dreaming of millions. we have the winning numbers from
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tonight's powerball drawing. >> thanks for joining us on this special edition of nbc bay area news. because of tonight's football game. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> and i'm anoushah rasta. after a 24-hour warning apple has banned the fast-growing parler app. parler had become the social networking site of choice for conservatives and also for trump supporters. >> downloads of the app skyrocketed after twitter permanently suspended president trump yesterday. and tonight amazon is announcing it's no longer going to be hosting the site either, putting its future in question. nbc bay area's sergio quintana live in san francisco tonight with the latest. sergio. >> reporter: yeah, tonight's decision by apple basically means that the app is no longer going to be available on its app store and it can no longer be updated. but those people who already have the app on their iphones can still access it. but the decision by amazon tonight that it's no longer going to host it on its servers is an even bigger blow.
8:48 pm
as of this afternoon if you search on the apple app store parler no longer shows up. but over the last day the conservative social media network had become the most downloaded app since twitter permanently suspended donald trump, citing concerns he may stir up further violence over the next few weeks. google also dropped the parler app from its store friday, echoing concerns by apple the two tech giants had been pushing the social media upstart to moderate its platform out of concern that it had become a gathering site to plan and foment violence. but san jose state professor ryan skinnell says the crackdown on parler by bigger companies and the suspension of president donald trump from a number of social media platforms may not be a long-term solution. in fact, he says it's somewhat troubling that discussions by? groups could happen out of the public's view. >> the thing that we should be concerned about or at least aware of is that that means the discussions that happen will happen in some sense outside of
8:49 pm
people's open view and therefore will mean that people may not really know what to expect. >> reporter: so far president donald trump has either been suspended from or had very limited access to at least ten social media or online hosting sites. they include familiar platforms like twitter and facebook and less known sites like shopify and twitch. being barred from these sites not only limits the president's reach to his audience but also affects e-commerce in his name. and the president's audience may soon be even more difficult for him to reach in a post on parler ceo john maxie said amazon will be shutting down its servers effective midnight tomorrow. the ceo says that could take a few days to find another host and the site could be offline for at least a week. now, amazon leaders had been under pressure by many of its own employees who had been voicing concerns that the site was starting to get a lot of content on there that was
8:50 pm
violent content. reporting live in san francisco, i'm sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. >> sergio, thanks very much. well, it's his first day without twitter since long before becoming president. after nearly 12 years on the app president trump is no longer able to log on. you likely know twitter permanently suspended the president's account yesterday, saying it's concerned he could incite more violence. here's a little history. president trump joined twitter in may of 2009. his first tweet was about an upcoming tv interview. former marketing director who worked for the company publishing one of mr. trump's books helped bring him to the platform. he pitched it to the then real estate mogul saying his handle should be @realdonaldtrump because he's the real donald trump. since then the president sent out more than 57,000 tweets. 1,100 of those he later deleted. and in his final month on the platform twitter flagged more than 400 for misinformation. calls for the president's impeachment are growing. more members of congress are now signing on.
8:51 pm
and the process could begin within just a couple days. here's nbc's kelly o'donnell with more from the white house. >> reporter: president trump's power and time in office both diminished. but house democrats are emboldened, prepared to impeach him a second time. a first in u.s. history. >> this is not an ordinary circumstance. this is an extraordinary circumstance. >> reporter: officials say at least 180 members of congress signed on to this article of impeachment that accuse president trump of incitement of insurrection, claiming that he willfully made statements that encouraged and foreseeably resulted in imminent lawless action at the capitol. >> we fight like hell. and if you don't fight like hell, you're not going to have a country anymore. >> a deranged, unbehindaged, dangerous president of the united states. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi says mr. trump should resign or be removed. in an interview with "60
8:52 pm
minutes." >> that there should be prosecution against him. >> reporter: many lawmakers also want a trump ban, disqualification to hold future office. but some republicans call impeachment vindictive. >> the president used poor judgment on wednesday. but he never told the crowd to do what they did. >> reporter: in a memo senate majority leader mitch mcconnell lays out the tight timeline. under senate rules the earliest a trial could begin is january 19th. >> kelly o'donnell reporting. we expect more developments this weekend and ahead this week. stay with us for the latest from washington on air and online at the fight against covid-19 continues to get more difficult by the day. california reported more than 52,000 new cases today. but most staggering of all is 695 californians lost their lives to the virus. that's the most ever in a single
8:53 pm
day in california. hospitalizations also continue to climb as a whole. the bay area's icu availability is lower than it's ever been. it's at 3%. that means we're staying home for a while longer. the state has officially extended our stay-at-home order. nbc bay area's marianne favro is in san jose with more. >> reporter: here in santa clara county on average 154 people a day have been admitted into icus so far this year. in santa clara county the increase of covid patients needing critical care is spiking. now nearly seven times higher than in october. the entire county supporting 2 million people has just 31 available icu beds. which is one reason today the state extended its regional stay-at-home order. it's a move jenny parker adid supports. >> to think that more people are getting sick and the icus are getting fuller and there's the potential of even more people
8:54 pm
needing to go in. i mean, i think we have to get to a place where the hospitals aren't completely inundated before we can start opening up some more services. >> reporter: the state says the current restrictions will remain in place until the bay area's four-week icu projection shows a capacity of at least 15%. the bay area's current icu capacity is 3%. kirsten shumably's extending the shelter at home order will help protect health care workers. >> we need to have respiratory therapists. we need to have health care people. and we need to protect them. and we need to protect -- we need to protect everybody. >> reporter: in this statement released today the santa clara county public health department says the county expects to be under the restrictions of the state order for? time. in san jose marianne favro, nbc bay area news. we've mentioned our regional
8:55 pm
icu availability. it is low. just 3% for the bay area. here's how things stand county by county. most of the bay area as you can see in the red zone. that means less than 15% of standard icu beds are open. counties in the single digits, san mateo, santa clara, contra costa, solano county as well. but take a look at napa. it is at zero. that means standard icu beds are full so new patients may have to go to surge facilities. four paramedics from the fremont fire department are headed to bakersfield to help deal with hospital staffing there. their deployment is part of the state's effort to shift resources to where they're needed the most. with no end to the winter surge of covid cases in sight, other first responders and health care staff could be tasked to help as well. another problem that hospitals are up against is oxygen supplies in some areas. hospital administrators in
8:56 pm
california and in arizona say oxygen use is up four times than it was at the precovid rate. it's a problem that many doctors and nurses never expected to worry about until the past year. >> they're like this is our last oxygen tank, like portable oxygen. that was not something that was on my radar either in my hospital. >> in los angeles paramedics are limited in which payments can even receive oxygen after a new order by the l.a. county emergency services agency. the biggest concern is for smaller hospitals, though, which may run out completely. several doctors say they are terrified that soon they'll have to ration life-saving care. >> coming up, president trump says he won't be there but now we know whether mike pence will attend the inauguration. also it just opened to the public after a high-profile battle. but foothill park is once again becoming hard to visit. why new restrictions are now in place.
8:57 pm
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♪ get down heat it up like a sauna ♪ ♪ spin around one time if you wanna ♪ new chicken dance new chicken sandwich my juicy, thickest fillet yet. my cluck sandwich combos. only at jack in the box. right now at 9:00, demonstrators take to bay area streets calling for president trump to be removed from office immediately. they are angry after wednesday's violence in the capitol, and now people are concerned about what may happen in the days ahead. >> well, tonight protesters are calling for the president's removal asap. here's nbc bay area's kristi smith. >> reporter: outside of san francisco city hall demonstrators met up, led by the group refuse fascism. >> it's extremely serious. >> reporter: they took part in a car caravan. outraged by the riot in the nation's capitol and concerned about what the coming days before the inauguration might hold. >> every day trump remains in
9:00 pm
power he poses a catastrophic danger. >> reporter: they support impeachment efforts ahead of a transfer of power and for people to speak up. >> if our democracy is going to stay intact he's got to go. >> reporter: some say they noticed a clear difference in the response to demonstrators in washington who were in support of the black lives matter movement. >> there's not equality here. there's no equity. >> reporter: bottom line, they're keeping a close eye on developments in the nation's capital, where a growing number of lawmakers say it's time for the president to be impeached again. jackie coda is president of the tri-valley republicans and sees it this way. >> we are 100% still behind our president. >> reporter: in san francisco kristi smith, nbc bay area news. another protest we want to tell you about in the east bay. in walnut creek people gathered to march against white supremacy. they met at city hall before taking their march down the street. the mayor says he was happy to see people exercising their right to free speech. >> it's good to see that people are energized.
9:01 pm
it's also good to see the peaceful protests. and in walnut creek we wanted to make sure we did have the peace and security protecting public property and making sure there wasn't any potential, whether it's violence or safety. we just want to make sure the people are safe. >> that protest did remain peaceful. new video tonight of a showdown between trump supporters and counterprotesters in san diego today. it happened this afternoon near pacific beach. san diego police managed to separate the two groups in what appeared to be a short standoff. officers were hit with glass bottles, eggs and rocks. you see some of them being thrown right there. the whole ordeal prompted police to declare the situation unlawful assembly because of the violence. more arrests tonight in connection with the riot on capitol hill. among those arrested, 36-year-old adam johnson from florida. he was photographed right there smiling and stealing speaker pelosi's lectern on wednesday. he's now facing several charges
9:02 pm
including theft of government property, violent entry and disorderly conduct on capitol grounds. another man you'll certainly remember facing charges. he was photographed inside the capitol wearing a horned fur hat. possibly a buffalo head. authorities have identified him as jacob chansley from arizona. agents arrested him today. he's now facing charges of knowingly entering a restricted building without lawful authority as well as violent entry and disorderly conduct on capitol grounds. more than a dozen people have now been charged in connection with the capitol riot. oakland police say it's investigating whether some of its officers endorsed social media accounts that posted offensive content related to the insurrection on wednesday. this after reports that a former opd officer, jarell snyder, marched to the capitol then went on twitter to post a defense of the pro trump loyal whoifts forced their way into the building. some former and current officers reportedly liked snyder's post.
9:03 pm
opd condemned those posts and says it will investigate. now, in a statement the department added opd will not allow any members to engage in or support this type of content and will root out misconduct. hate speech and offensive conduct will not be tolerated. vice president mike pence is expected to attend president-elect joe biden's inauguration. a person familiar with his decision told that to nbc news. it comes as president donald trump announced he would not be in attendance. the national guard has been mobilized for the inauguration following the violence at the capitol this week. right-wing extremists vowed to return to the capitol for the inauguration. speaker of the house nancy pelosi took part in a virtual swearing in ceremony today. >> i do solemnly swear that i will support the constitution of the united states against all enemies, foreign and domestic. >> the oath had extra weight to it given what happened on wednesday. after the ceremony, which members of the community were
9:04 pm
invited to, speaker pelosi called for healing. she also sharply condemned the rioters and the president. >> she did this, as i say, in the great temple of american democracy with the instigation of the president of the united states. i would just say this, that justice will prevail. they will be brought to justice. that democracy will survive. and that we will be there for the people. >> san francisco's civil rights defender eva patterson facilitated today's ceremony. speaker pelosi calls patterson an inspiration. patterson founded the equal justice society, a national legal organization focused on civil rights and anti-discrimination. a historic moment for the san francisco board of supervisors. the board elected supervisor shammon walton to be its president. he is the first black man
9:05 pm
elected to that role. walton is pictured with mayor london breed who tweeted her congratulations today. a covid test site on the peninsula has turned into a vaccination site for frontline workers. san mateo county opened up this location at the county's events center. you see a line there of cars, people waiting to get that shot. it's all part of the county's response to ramp up its vaccination rate. the county says this site is one of a series of clinics where haelts care wo health care workers can get that shot. a victim of its own popularity, foothills park in palo alto is now harder to visit because of too many visitors. the city's closing the entrance gate from 10:00 in the morning until 3:00 in the afternoon on weekends and on holidays. palo alto will also consider other restrictions like charging a parking fee and lowering capacity. the closed gate caught some people off guard today. >> i think a lot of people have come here right now hoping to look and they've been turned away.
9:06 pm
>> the current limit for foothills park is 750 people. that limits has been reached several times in recent weeks. in the wake of the city council decision to open the park to anyone. for decades only people living in palo alto could go there. then the aclu threatened a lawsuit. faceboo has unveiled new plans for its willow village project in menlo park. the project is a mix of housing and office space. a lot of pedestrian access as well. this new proposal has more housing including affordable housing for seniors and less office space than originally planned. you see the drawings here. it also features a large elevated park. facebook and signature development group submitted the proposal to the city of menlo park. the public going to get a chance to weigh in at a city council meeting in the very near future. okay. here is something really good. we are giving away some money. nbc bay area and telemundo 48 are teaming up to make a positive impact on our community through project innovation.
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it's part of a grant powered by the comcast nbc universal foundation. project innovation recognizes and awards $315,000 in grants to local non-profits. tackling everyday challenges through innovative solutions. to learn more about the program and you can also submit your application at . rob mayeda joining us now. >> one do storm monday. one wednesday and friday. unfortunately, that's about it. we did get two to four inches in the north bay, a lot less south of san francisco. and for now the forecast unfortunately is about the trend dryer. even if there's a slight chance of drizzle the rain chances fading away. in fact, i think there will be better odds of 70s in the
9:08 pm
forecast versus rain. let's take you outside and show you 40s for the most part. watching out for a little bit of patchy fog. we could see that setting up in a few areas especially overnight. 42 in livermore. temperatures in san jose in the upper 40s with increasing high clouds coming in out of the west. walnut creek right now 46 degrees. this will be one of the spots in contra costa county that could see a little fog again for the morning. san francisco 50 degrees with increasing clouds. for the morning we'll have the cloudier half of the day the first half of the day. chance of seeing some drizzle especially across the north bay. 30s and 40s to start, then afternoon temperatures up to about 63 in santa rosa. 59 in san francisco. 59 san jose tri-valley up to concord near 60. storm ranger mobile doppler radar. we should see this full of a christmas tree of colors of rain coming through. but right now we're just hoping for at best some drizzle. it's really for a select area in the futurecast as we stop in at
9:09 pm
7:00 a.m. you've got to look really close. northern sonoma county up to mendocino and lake counties. drizzle elsewhere. the morning hours locks like partly cloudy skies and that's really the way next week is going to go. just areas in the far north bay. best chance may come tuesday here. we'll zoom in across the north bay locations through the week. when we say the far north bay it's really mendocino county. on the opposite side of rain chances is high pressure. it's the orange you see here on the map deflecting storms way off to the north. throughout the week and underneath that ridge of high pressure toward the end of next week temperatures may get a little interesting. for san francisco the weekend ending with some drizzle. we think at times maybe for the morning patches of fog inland. any chances for tuesday likely staying north of sonoma county with san francisco temperatures by the end of the week in the mid 60s. but look at our inland locations. rather than the north bay
9:10 pm
showers that could occur again on tuesday. thursday and friday the average temperatures for our inland locations will be in the upper 60s which means areas from san jose south could be looking at 70s in the forecast. so the forecast is doing a complete 180 compared to what we had last week. coming up we'll take a closer look at the ten-day forecast, see if those rain odds get any better as we head toward the end of the month. but for now it's that high surf we're watching on the coast. high surf warning this weekend but not many rain chances ahead in the seven-day forecast. back to you. >> all right, rob, thanks. >> all right, rob. thanks so much. okay. are you feeling lucky? still ahead, millions of dollars up for grabs tonight. we have the numbers from tonight's powerball drawing.
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9:12 pm
police say she falsely accused a black teenager of stealing her phone and then tackled him at a new york city hotel. the story's made international headlines. today the southern california woman faced a judge back eat.
9:13 pm
police say the woman, miya ponsetto, faces charges of attempted robbery, grand larsi, two counts of attempted assault, and endangering the welfare of a child. she was arrested thursday outside los angeles after days of intense media coverage. today she appeared in a new york courtroom. she is on supervised release and must not contact the victims. the teen she accused in that incident is the son of acclaimed jazz musician keyon harrold. well, there were no tweets from the president today. and as we've been reporting, twitter has banned the president for life. over the past four years the handle @realdonaldtrump sent out more than 26,000 tweets. nbc's jo ling kent has the latest on twitter's decision and what it means for trump supporters. >> reporter: tonight a deafening silence from the president's twitter account. in his waning days as commander in chief. twitter, run by ceo jack dorsey, saying after close review of the president's recent tweets it
9:14 pm
banned him due to the risk of further incitement of violence. twitter specifically warning "plans for future armed protests have already begun proliferating on and off twitter," including a proposed secondary attack on the u.s. capitol and state capitol buildings on january 17th. after the ban the president tried to tweet from other campaign and staff accounts, triggering a game of whack-a-mole with twitter taking down his posts. many platforms have banned or restricted the president's account, including facebook and instagram, where he's blocked indefinitely and for at least the next two weeks. >> it's a sad day when big tech has more power than big government, that they can censor the president of the united states. >> reporter: because twitter is a private company, experts say the removal of the president for violating their rules is not a violation of the first amendment. >> twitter's absolutely allowed to silence the president, as is any other social media platform that can make their own rules.
9:15 pm
whether it's silencing him, of course it's not. he could call a press conference. >> reporter: the ban, which many argue came too late, was also instigated in part by twitter staffers pressuring executives to close the president's account. one employee telling nbc news "a lot of us are so happy and so proud to work for a company that did the right thing." how big of a difference does all of this make to stopping or at least reducing the disinformation pipeline, all the kshs conspiracy theories and false information that's out there? >> it doesn't really do much to take away that pipeline. what it does do is take a way a voice at least on these plafrmtz to one of the most important voices of disinformation, which was the president. >> that was nbc's jo ling kent reporting. other social media platforms president trump is suspended or banned from include youtube, tiktok, snapchat, and google. the u.s. national guard may be allowed to carry guns in the nation's capital. it's all part of preparations
9:16 pm
for the iran augustration on january 20th. after wednesday's deadly riot defense leaders are reviewing use of force restrictions pertaining to national guard members. army secretary ryan mccarthy says that any changes will be determined by intelligence gathered about potential threats. more than 6,000 guard members have been activated and are expected to arrive in d.c. over the next few days. the world continues to react to wednesday's riot at the capitol. today pope francis weighed in, telling an italian broadcaster the attack "astonished him." the pope condemned the events but also said "thank god this exploded into the open so it can be seen and remedied." nbc's keir simmons is in london with more reaction from world leaders. >> we took the building. they couldn't stop us. >> yeah! we stopped the vote! >> reporter: images that shook the world have quickly become propaganda for america's enemies. iran's president describing america as weak and fragile.
9:17 pm
a senior russian foreign ministry spokeswoman claiming the u.s. does not meet democratic standards. while a spokesman for china's foreign ministry claiming this week's events in washington justifies beijing's suppression of free speech in hong kong, where pro-democracy demonstrators have clashed with police. america, the chinese official said, condemns extremists in washington but what words did they use to describe the violent protests i hong kong? they said it was a beautiful sight. while brazil's president, a close ally of president trump, leveraging trump's unproven claims of election fraud. to warn the same could happen to his next election. saying "we're not going to allow that." but many of president trump's global friends now openly criticizing him. >> insofar as he encouraged people to storm the capitol and
9:18 pm
insofar as the president consistently has cast doubt on the outcome of a free and fair election, i believe that that was completely wrong. >> reporter: the british ambassador to washington speaking exclusively to nbc news. >> headlines around the world are questioning american democracy p. >> i think it's overblown to question american democracy. i don't think it changes the fundamentals. america's a very strong society. >> reporter: but no doubt these images have dealt a blow to america's global leadership. >> many of america's friends who have been speaking like president macron of france or prime minister netanyahu of israel have been speaking in english, clearly wanting to get their message that democracy is strong through to the american people. keir simmons, nbc news, london. it's been more than two months since joe biden became president-elect. but some say two months is too long a time for presidential
9:19 pm
transition. one historian says it may have contributed to the violence on capitol hill this week and gives the outgoing president too much time to object to their loss. >> i think that we're going to have to rethink how we handle the transition of power and maybe things that are customs and norms that we thought were safe because they're centuries old may have to become laws. >> to see the full interview with historian brian rosenwald and others like it check out our new platform, nbclx. it's 11-15 over the air, channel 185 on xfinity cable. or anytime on we are following a developing story out of indonesia tonight. search and rescue crews have found human remains and pieces of metal they believe are linked to a plane that crashed in the java sea earlier today. the passenger jet carrying more than 60 people crashed just minutes after taking off from the indonesian capital jakarta. nbc's matt bradley joins us now with more details about the
9:20 pm
crash. >> reporter: well, this is just the latest in a string of tragedies with indonesian aviation in just the last couple of years. this is the fifth major air crash in just the past seven years. investigations into previous crashes in indonesia have revealed really quite a lot of systemic problems with aviation safety in that country and this crash is certainly going to draw more scrutiny to indonesian aviation. now, it needs to be said that this was a 737-500. not the boeing 737-max that was grounded for a while in just the past couple of years because of at least two major air crashes. what we're seeing here is a different plane. it has a sterling safety record. and that's why investigators are probably going to be looking at indonesian aviation. that is likely what's going to be attracting the most scrutiny. matt bradley, nbc news. lending a helping hand, a man is now thanking a hayward police officer who he says really helped him out. in a facebook post the police
9:21 pm
department says officer aliyar was waved down by this man right here. he needed an uber to get home but couldn't find a place to deposit money into his account. the officer paid for the man's uber. the man was able to get home. the man later called the officer an angel. up next a trio of coaches making nfl history. the significance behind their being on the sidelines tonight. ♪
9:22 pm
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happy birthday. >> happy birthday. okay. it is a first for the nfl. three coaches made history tonight. it was the first time that opposing playoff teams had female coaches. jennifer king, seen here in the middle, is the offensive assistant coach for the washington football team. laurie locus there on the left. and madel javidafar on the right are assistant coaches for the tampa bay buccaneers. if their teams win a few more games they'll be following in the footsteps of 49ers offensive coach katie sowers. you may remember she made history last year when she became the first woman and openly gay coach to help lead a team to play in the super bowl. by the way, the bucs won tonight's game that you saw right here on nbc bay area before this newscast. making its way around the globe. up next we'll explain why there's growing concern in australia tonight.
9:25 pm
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returning to our coverage of the coronavirus crisis, as of tonight more than 372,000
9:27 pm
americans have lost their lives to the virus. for the group hit hardest, latinos. here in california they make up nearly half of all deaths. gadi schwartz has more of nbc's series "inequality in america." >> reporter: it's the start of the night shift in one of the areas of l.a. hit hardest by covid-19 and christian diance is just beginning his rounds. >> [ speaking foreign language ]. >> reporter: christian grew up in this predominantly latino neighborhood. and what he sees happening to his community every night is overwhelming. >> that is a code blue. that means that a patient is in cardiopulmonary arrest. this patient has had his heart stopped a total of five to six times. >> reporter: he says there are two types of conversations that happen in these hospital halls that rock him to his core. some among nurses themselves. >> sometimes it's like hey, before we go into this room his
9:28 pm
wife was on another floor and she didn't make it a couple days ago. she just passed away. so remember, don't say anything about that. >> reporter: then there are those when patients turn to him and ask this. >> the absolutely worst is when they verbalize it, when they say hey, i'm not going to make it, am i? what do you say to that? >> reporter: across los angeles death rates among latinos are twice as high as the rest of the population. latinos hospitalized around three times more often than white communities. dr. edgar chavez works at a community clinic and has seen ten of his patients die from covid. many from multigenerational households who bring the virus home and then spread it within their family. >> it's really hard for us to see our population doing the work that nobody else wants to do. front facing, exposing themselves to covid and then dying from covid and then not getting the health care that they need, not getting the vaccine fast enough. >> reporter: some funeral homes like this one are averaging up to 30 body removals a day, and
9:29 pm
those are just the ones that they can get to. often having to tell families that they just don't have the capacity. this right here, this is a refrigerated truck that was brought in to deal with some of the overflow. meanwhile, families wait for funerals to bury loved ones like ramon bustamante. >> he was a great dad. he did anything for us. >> reporter: he was a single father and an essential worker at a grocery store who said good-bye to his daughters through a glass window. >> he would like nod his head and put thumbs up. sorry. and then he would try to do like little hearts with his hands. >> reporter: a community considered essential but suffering the most. gadi schwartz, nbc news, los angeles. australia is on alert after reports of the new coronavirus variant there. brisbane is in a three-day lockdown after a hotel quarantine worker came down with the mutated virus that was first
9:30 pm
identified in the uk. and there was a woman who flew to queensland this week who was still positive for the variant despite completing isolation in melbourne. a third case of the mutation showed up in south wales. >> we have to assume that these new strains are going to become the dominant strain. and we have to assume the virus will keep changing. and that's why it's really important for us to keep reassessing our settings, to keep staying vigilant. >> health experts say along with trying to kanlt the variant this is also the time to learn as much as possible about that new strain. queen elizabeth and her husband prince philip received the first of two vaccine doses today. no word on which vaccine they got. but the shots were administered at windsor castle, where the couple's been staying during lockdown. they join some 1 1/2 million people in britain who have gotten their first shot. if you went outside today, it was a nice day to be there, outside. felt more like


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