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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 29, 2019 4:30am-4:59am PDT

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when you see this happen in other places you think that can never happen to us. you know, we were standing there, we were in the rescue. we walk out. i literally turned like this and he's standing right there with this rifle, getting ready to put the bullets in it. >> right now on "today in the bay," breaking news. a gunman going on a shooting rampage at the gilroy garlic festival, sending people running for their lives. >> he just turned towards our booth, and just started shooting and we ran for our lives. >> you guys f it looks like i've been crying, i have been crying for two hours. there's an active shooter at the gilroy festival. >> the tragedy among families,
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one of the victims, a 6-year-old boy. this morning, heartwrenching stories continue to emerge, as a community is left w&vó[nñcú,u-l. >> and this morning, many people waking up to that breaking news, and just sad state there in gilroy, as you can see right here, this is the entrance there of the christmas hill park, where that shooting happened at the gilroy garlic festival. this morning, law enforcement still there on the scene, trying to put the pieces together, as well as many people affected trying to figure out what happened and where do they go from here. good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us this morning. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. of course we'll have continuing coverage down from gilroy, live this morning. we want to take a break and take a look at the forecast. it was so warm across the bay area. hoping for a little bit of relief this morning, kari. >> he with are going to have some relief today. we had triple-digit temperatures
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in parts of the bay area yesterday. the fog is back in san francisco. we're going to see some cooling changes ahead. as we look at our high temperatures for today we'll be in the mid-60s there, while the as we get ready for some cooler temperatures to start out this week. a live look at 880 in oakland. it is already busy. we head over to look at our traffic maps, overall we do see a smooth flow of traffic for most of the bay area, but there is just a really big problem that continues to get worse for 205 at 580. there is a big rig crash coming out of mountain house and tracy into the bay area and this may take until 8:00 this morning before they clean it up. we're also seeing a couple ofzwo crashes in the backup, and so that's causing even more of a delay. we do still have the closures around the christmas hill park area n gilroy, near where that shooting happened, so west tenth street at christmas hill park and church street arend alsoill
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is still closed in that area. fwar li garlic festival try to avoid it as you head out for work this morning. laura, marcus? >> thank you, kari. back to our breaking news which we have been following for nearly 12 hours now, the deadly shooting rampage at the gilroy garlic festival. >> this is in overview, it happened a little before 6:00 p.m. at christmas hill park. that is where the festival has been held for decades. in fact, it was the 41st annual festival. here is the very latest. three people are dead, including a 6-year-old boy. 15 people injured. the gunman was also killed. he has not been identified. >> and witnesses talked about a possible second person involved, but authorities are still trying to sort thatpolce did respond t shooting in less than one minute. they scheduled an update that's going to come up for us at 10:00
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this morning. bob redell there live at the scene this morning, and bob, a lot of peoplehapping yesterday bringing it live and of course even if you didn't, you can only imagine what people were experiencing there yesterday, it's justy?e= >> reporter: correct, marcus and laura. one man tells us what he witnessed at christmas hill park in gilroy was horrifying and when he first saw the gunman, he knew that he was ready to do some damage. those were his words. ryanauburn, running the rock climbingiment request for the children here. he thought the first shots were fireworks. then he spotted the gunman, says he was wearing a vest, a long sleeved tactical shirt, cargo pants, boots and he said he just rose his gun up and started spraying rounds all over the place. wallace wanted to run but he felt responsible for those children on his rock climbing gym. >> one of the kids equipment and we had half of them up there, and so i was pulling them out, trying to get them out. instincts kicked in, get the
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kids out and be safe. that was all i could really think of doing. just kind of trying to decipher everything out in my head. >> reporter: yeah, what do you do now? >> yeah, just got you got your= jdyi;s @r(t&ho >> reporter: ryan wallace eventually ran and hid under a trail we are other vendors until it was safe to come out. they were okay. within a minute of the shooting gilroy police say their officers shot and killed that suspect. reporting live here in gilroy, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> so tragic. thank you very much, bob. the father of the 6-year-old boy stephen romero who was shot and killed, is speaking out about the loss of his son. he tells us three members of the romero family were shot. the boy taken to st. luis hospital where sadly he died. his mother and grandmother among those shot and still recovering at a san jose hospital. stephen's father says his son just celebrated hadis birthday at legoland. you see the photos here.
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he's heartbroken. >> i m i conference at 10:00 this can putthat we are expecting a morning. of course, we will bring that to you live right here on nbc bay area as it airs. make sure you stay with "nbc bay area news" for the latest updates. you can also find the latest right now on our website, >> it is 4:36. coming up next on "today in the bay" a big announcement expected from the drug industry. how it could affect what you pay for prescription medication. plus a new champion and a multimillionaire in the world of fortnite. a look at the new and young champion, and what it took to get to the top. and othis monday morning we're keeping tabs on your morning commute. things getting backed up just a tad here at the bay bridge approach at the toll plaza this roadways, including some problems on 580 westbound, could affect your commute. 4:36 right now. people were yelling out shooter. >> it was horrifying. >> we continue
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brea nli officers told us/:eym < the hot zone. >> just aboutf awa situation. >> we will be here monitoring this situation here at st. luis. >> tragic and heart-wrenching for these people. >> for continuing coverage of the mass shooting at the gilroy garlic festival, stay with nbc bay area.
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good morning i'm frank holland at cnbc headquarters. here are today's top business headlines. stocks are said to open lower as investors wait an action-packed week on wall street. u.s. and chinese negotiators are meeting in shanghai for the first in-person talks since a truce was struck in june. investors are weighing the outcome of the latest federal reserve meeting. most analysts expect the fed to cut interest rates by 25 basis points and the busiest week of earnings season. spotlight on the bay area, tech giant apple out with its quarterly results on tuesday.
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meantime a blockbuster deal in the biotech industry announced. pfizer is merging its generic drug business with mylan. it could bring in annual sales of $20 billion. mylan stock is down sharply from its 2015 highs. the world of fortnite crowned a new champion yesterday, 16-year-old american kyle bugga gearsdorf, won the solo final in new york. a pennsylvania native managed to escape past 99 opponents earning 59 points through six games the runner-up 33. he took home the trophy and a $3 million cash prize. epic games the company behind fortnite awarded more than $40 million in prize as cross the whole tournament so yes, you can grow up and play video games.
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>> now we know. >> you missed your calling, frank. >> one day. >> thanks, frank. 4:41 for you right now. coming up here on "today in the bay," a look at what you can expect for that weather today. >> it's going to be much cooler this afternoon, and as we take a live look outside in fremont, as you get ready to head out, skies are all clear, and we have temperatures in the low 60s, and then we're going to see it warm up into the upper 70s, as we go throughout the day. so we'll talk about that. also, what's ahead in traffic, as we see quite a few problems out there. that's coming up next.
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4:44. welcome back. now you're taking a live look , where that pening entrance of shooting happened yesterday. a tragic situation there, where three people were shot and killed. also killed, the gunman in that situation. police are continuing to investigate to try to find a motive behind what happened there. we're continuing to follow this and there will be a press conference coming up this morning at 10:0you right here o. 4:44 right now. certainly warm over the weekend, and welcome cooling trend headed our way? >> we'll be anywhere from 15 to 20 degrees cooler today, so it's going to be a huge change for those inland valleys and as we get a live look outside in san francisco, such a nice but foggy start to the day. if you're about to head out the door headed to the fruitvale
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b.a.r.t. station we have some upper 50s this morning, and you will need a jacket for the early hours and as it goes on throughout the day right around noon we're feeling much more comfortable in oakland with our high temperature headed up to 70 degrees. san francisco will be in the mid-60s, but where we're going to see the biggest change will be the south bay, reaching 81 degrees today. in livermore, we're going to see a high of 86, and also 86 in concord. illeaching 87, so as high pressure moves away across the desert southwest, it's actually going to push off to the east. we're going to allow ow for thi pressure and some cooler air to start to move in, even some rain for the pacific northwest, while we get more of an onshore wind flow and much more fog, that will help cool us off from not only today but at least through the end of the week, so some big changes here as we look at our high temperatures and some of the warmer spots reaching the mid 80s. we'll be in the upper 80s by the end of the week, and then this
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weekend, it will start to heat up again. we're looking at some low 90s for saturday and sunday. for san francisco, still pretty windy today, with some mid-60s in the forecast, and then we stay in the 60s through the end of the week. i want to get you out the door with a look at how your commute is going, and the bay bridge is starting to back up already. it's looking like a little bit of an earlier backup than we normally see and i'm also seeing on highway 101 headed northbound through palo alto by ikea, it is really starting to back up, because we are seeing the commute, construction traffic still adding up, and the construction there on the road is making it back up, as we switch over to our traffic maps, we also see a lot of green sensors, meaning that the roads are flowing smoothly for the rest of the bay area, but that's a look at that road on highway 101, near whipple, construction traffic making it move a little bit more slowly, but we also have a bigger issue for drivers
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trying to get out of the central valley, heading into livermore, on 580 westbound, near 205, there is a big rig crash, and also a fuel leak and they're saying that this may take until 8:00 before they can clean that up, and so we've also seen a couple of accidents in the backup causing even more delays. so if you know someone coming out of that area, allow some extra time, and just know that they're probably going to be late. we'll talk about more of the weather and traffic coming up in a few minutes. >> slow it down out there, thank yo after it started, closing arguments are set to begin this morning in the ghost ship warehouse fire trial. derek almena and max harris face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter, one count for each person who died in the 2016 fire. prosecutors say the pair violated terms of the building's lease and did not have important fire safeguards in place. defense attorneys allege that the fire was an act of arson, and something harris and almena
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couldn't have prevented. both sides rested their case two weeks ago. seven people are under arrest in connection to a nightclub shooting on the peninsula. we have a look at the suspects. six are from oakland. the other from orange county. the shooting happened last month outside club shoreview in san mateo. fortunately just one bystander suffered minor injuries despite dozens of fights fired. the battle over google's mega camp news downtown san jose is expected to take place ia ju about the nondisclosure agreement made between the city and google. two interest groups argue the agreement lacks transparency. both sides are expected to address community concerns including housing. last december san jose councilmembers unanimously voted to sell $110 million in land to google for the 50-acre campus. it's 4:49. kaiser permanente workers around
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the nation and in the bay area begin voting whether or not to authorize a strike. close to 100,000 service workers will vote. if a strike occurs it will include kaiser at all bay area facilities and likely begin in october. contract talks are at a standstill. voting is expected to last for more than a month. instead of astronaut or scientists, the new dream career for many young kids is professional youtuber. >> in fact ag in youtube camp. it's a program that teaches everything from filming and editing to branding and marketing, but are these camps a smart way for those kids to spend their summer? here's one expert's take on it. >> parents are looking at these camps, they need to make sure that the camps are being realistic with what they're promising the students, that they're teaching digital safety skills and they're also helping kids manage any potential negative feedback. >> i've learned like platform
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and how to market yourself because like if you market yourself, you're set. >> the "today" show will have more on these camps coming up for you at 7:00. >> my son always asked me to promote it, and just think i should. >> he already has the marketing thing down then. >> i know. >> you may not need the camp. >> i have the protective mama bear thing though. coming up next on "today in the bay," our breaking news coverage of the mass shooting at the gilroy garlic festival continues next. >> we thought it was fireworks, and then that's when we realized afterwards when people started running, no, it's gunfire. >> up next, how hundreds duck for cover as that gunfire erupted. but first, happening now, sweltering heat wave gripping regions of canada. the temperature outside toronto city hall yesterday topped 100 degrees. experts are warning people in the hot and humid weather may push air quality to high risk
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levels. there are also suggesting children, pregnant women and people working outdoors to take extra precaution. cooling trends headed our way. kari hall will tell us all about it, coming up.
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it is :53, welcome back. breaking news out of gilroy, no doubt you've heard about it, a deadly mass shooting. we will continue to follow all the latest developments. it all happened at the gilroy garlic festival. we've got several live reports coming in moments. 4:53 right now. we're hearing all sorincrtsl
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>> that includes two volunteers who were there to help count money. they were outside the trailer already surrounded by armed security when that chaos erupted. >> so we were waiting to start our shift and that's when we heard all of a sudden, we thought it was fireworks and then that's when we realized afterwards, when people started running, we're like no, it's gunfire, and so the emts and the armed security we were telling them we said no, it's gunfire, and they rounded us all up, got us in the trailer, down on the ground, they said stay there. >> well, we prayed. >> we prayed like crazy. >> prayed a lot. i felt that we were safe there, though. i felt that we were safe but we had some other people, children or young adults, other volunteers come in who had seen a lot and were just terrified. >> hearing some of those accounts is tough. those women say they were in the trailer for severalrse police allowed them to leave and we saw the stories you heard people calling in just talking about the terrifying moments.
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i remember hearing a woman talking about having her 4-year-old daughter and they ran and ducked and then ran into a trailer, just for safety. >> i went down to this scene yesterday and seeing people kind of emerge from christmas hill park, they were honestly just they were numb. you could see it in their faces. they didn't know what to express of what they just experienced. >> i can't imagine that. >> very tragic, the whole community. there were people out late into the evening, they felt like they had to have the sense of community with each other to not be alone. you didn't want to be alone last night. it was interesting. national state leaders are responding to the shooting as well, from the president on down, perhaps an hour after word of the shooting got out president trump tweeted "law enforcement is at the scene of the shootings in gilroy, california. reports are that shooter has not yet been apprehended. be careful and safe!" at this point, of course, we do know that police killed the shooter, and not yet ruling out a second person may have been involved. >> here is a tweet from governor gavin newsom. it says "this is nothing short of horrific.
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tonight, california stands with gilroy community. my office is monitoring the situation closely. grateful for law enforcement's efforts and their continued work as this situation develops." >> here say tweet from senator willie harris, "simply horrific. i'm grateful to the first responders who are on the scene in gilroy and my thoughts are with that community tonight. our country has a gun violence epidemic that we cannot tolerate." this is the story that continues to develop across so many angles. we do have live crews in gilroy this morning, not far from where the shots happened, and people ran for their lives. coming up next on "today in the bay," all the latest developments, including new overnight one woman who shares i keeping an eye on 101 in san jose, as wed mid-50s upper 50s to start, reaching the low 70s by early afternoon. i'm also keeping an eye on the cooler temperatures, for not only today but the rest of the week. more on that coming up in the forecast, and also a look at traffic. nfire ]
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breaking news, panic, terror, and tragedy, a gunman opening fire on the gilroy garlic festival, sending dozens running for cover. >> he had vest on, long sleeve, tactical shirt, cargo pants, boots. he was ready to do some damage. >> reporter: this morning, the victims. >> my son had his whole life to live and he was only 6.
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>> reporter: the overnight search for the shooter's motive, as we hear for the first time from first responders who rushed to the scene. >> we have an active shooter at the garlic festival. >> we have several victims down. >> and a tough morning for a lot of us, as we deal with what happened there in gilroy yesterday. we want to thank you all for starting y laura garcia. it is sorrowful. there's a certain mood in the south bay right now. that investigation is continuing. we're going to have live reports rt yourweek, such a heating trend over the weekend but finally a little cooling this morning, kari? >> yes, we had a lot of spots in the inland east bay that topped out over 100 degrees yesterday, but now the fog back in san francisco, and we're going to see the cooling air starting to make its way even into the valleys. as we go throughout the day, our temperature temperatures will heat up, 15 to 20 degrees cooler than yesterday afternoon. here we are at 2:00 in livermore
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at 80 degrees while san francisco at 64, and then we are going to bring it back down as we head into the evening. nice cool start, as we get ready to head out the door, this is a live look outside at 880 in oakland, so the commute starting to roll, as you head out the door. i want to give you a quick look at the traffic maps as well, because we are going to see ovllow of traffic, and then we also still have some of those roads closed around christmas hill park, so if you are going to be heading out this morning, make sure that you avoid


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