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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  July 27, 2019 5:00pm-5:28pm PDT

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dangerslnd here is ak temperatures right now. 106 degrees in fairfield. near 100 degrees in livermore. how long in heat will be sticking around. >> and developing tonight, two bay area teenagers find themselves in the center of a homicide investigation in rome. tonight the person investigators say they killed. the news at 5:00 starts right now. good evening, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. anoushah raft aift has the night off. we get to the coverage of the high heat. but first of all a stabbing death overseas in italy, two teenagers kroling man an mario married a little more than a month. ave en setitaly, certainly at the police station where he worked. tonight the lawyer for one of the suspects saysis
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staying teenagers now face homicide and extortion charges. rose platter is live in mill valley where both boys graduated high school last year. rose. >> both were were senior classmates at the high school. that was a year ago. tonight they are in a jail cell in rome accused of killing a police officer. italian police say they arrested the two mill valley men in the the crime. finnegan lee hjorth are held on extorgs charges. a lot of the charges are unclear but police say it's a drug deal gone wrong. they say the officer was stabbed eight times in a quiet rome naked as he confronted the man. he was a newly wed who just returned from his honey moon. it's prompted an outpouring of
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grieve across the country. the two mill valley suspects are behind bars as the investigation continues. the families have you you sh youed a statement saying we are shocked and dismayed at the events. we have not been able to have communication with our son. our thoughts are with all those impacted by this tragedy. now we heard there was a brief hearing in rome today after which the lawyer for one of the suspects says his client was simply not going to answer questions in court today as was his right. live in mill valley, rose plater, nbc bay area news. >> thanks very much. italy's deputy prime minister says the suspects in the offisuld be sent to prison for life and face hard labor on twitter. deputy prime minister mat owe tolerated in italy. of course the young men have not had a trail yet. those knowing the officer are mourning the death.
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ciao mario that's one one said you can see flowers and letters placed outside the police station. look at this, a tribute from those working longside officer rega. italian police officers turning on sirens to honor the officer. his funeral expected to be held on monday in the same church where he was just married. well for some this homicide case brings back memories of amanda knox, the american spending four years in student and roomate. she was 20 years old at the time. it was successfully and character assassination. a second trial found knox not guilty of the murder. we will follow the latest kwemts on the story for the up to date information download our app. now to the microclimate weather alert, very hot weather in places. rob was talking about 106 up in fairfield was it. >> and fairfield was at so 0 degrees at 1:00 this afternoon.
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the tri-valley you see triple digits near 100 in livermore. a slight hint of a breeze out of the west. appear here is a classic view of summer in san francisco. the tops of the golden gate bridge towers peeking through clouds where it's cooler than san francisco. 66. towards morgan hill as well. numbers in the mid-90s to just above 100. the same areas by the way tomorrow will see the hottest temperatures around the bay area. solin an inland poreses of and yolk yolk. temperatures close to 100 degrees. and we also have another spare the air day tomorrow for the inland east bay. when does the heat move out and when does the air quality improve? a closer look coming up in the forecast in about 12 minutes. >> rob, thanks very much. people are out in the heat with the norcal night market in
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pleasanton. hundreds of vendors set up at the fair grounds. ali wolf is there. people trying to stay cool. are you staying cool, ali? >> not really, terry. it's hard to avoid the sun out here in pleasanton at the fair grounds. the norcal night market organizers expect 60,000 people to come ohr course of the three-day event. any say today's supposed to be the busiest. you can see people filing in. but the heat is catching people off guard. we want to show you video we shot. one of the popular spots to be is the tent spraying mist to keep people cool. we see a lot of people wearing hots, holding braels looking for shade. this is a food festival. there are hundreds of options out here. a lot of people going for cold drinks and treats as you might expect. we spoke to one of the businesses shaved i.c.e. slushies. they expect the heat to help their business. >> certainly it's going to
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beistic aing. a lot of people are looking drinks, slushes or ice cream not to get dehydrated. it's going to be affecting. >> and we spoke to some people who told us they considered staying home because of the heat but came out anyways. the same person told us they got a cold drink and the ice melted in just about 10 minutes. that's how hot it is out here. organizers expect more team to come once it cools off. the market will be going uil 11:00 p.m. reporting live in pleasanton, ali wolf nbc bay area news. >> there is a spare the air alert in place had this weekend because of the hot ufrpts it. also in the air you may notice smell of smoke coming from a wildfire burning in oregon, southern oregon prompting an air quality advisory here through tomorrow. the air district recommends staying inside if you do spell smell the smoke. a plume of smoke over sand martin was the result of a house fire. you see there the house on center avenue near coyote lake.
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i say was because it's destroyed. the fire started inside the home about 9:30 this morning. spread to some brush and several trailers in the backyard. one person treated at the hospital after inhaling too much of the smoke. we are learning new details about the deadly balcony collapse in a south korean night club. several people from team usa usa water polo were inside and injured. two americans ties to the bay area. johnny looper he paid water poll fo uc berkeley suffered cuts to the left-hand. and another suffered scrapes to his legs. two people died when the balcony inside the coyote hugly club in gwangu fell this morning. 16 others injured. bay area families taking stands with a lemoned stand. today they hosted a lemon aid stand about families in immigration and families in detention camps. last year they started the stand taking off nationwide.
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now the burlingame stand is one of two hundred plus stands across the country selling lemmened for a cause this weekend. >> the goal is to get our children to learn about being of service to others. educate them about what's happening at the border. and educate the nation and get families involved. >> the money raised will go towards the care and legal services for children in detension centers. the stapp which is on the corner of hillside and alfredo avenue also will be up tomorrow. also stands up in locations aroundfrancisco, san well the twitter drama jose and oakland. the presidentckin a member of c and calling baltimore a rat infested mess. chris pallone has more. >> reporter: president trump on the golf course and on the attack taking aim at maryland democrat elijah cummings on twitter shortly after a fox and friends segment aired about the baltimore district cummings represents. trump called the area a
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disgusting rat and rodent infested mess claiming no human being wants to live there. cummings is chair of the house oversight committee issuing subpoenas for work related communications white house staffers sent from personal accounts and devices. many democrats jumped to his defense. speaker nancy pelosi calling the tweets racist attacks. house before trump was in a better mood. celebrating a supreme court decision allowing him to defer 2.5 billion in pentagon funds to build a wall on the southern border. a project trump claimed mexico would pay for. >> i've said many times that the american people will not pay for the wall. and i have made that clear to the government of mexico. >> the wall will be paid for very easily by mexico. it will ultimately be paid for by mexico. >> when i say mexico is going to pay for the wall. that's what i said mexico is going to pay. >> big win for border security and the rule of law he tweeted. julian castro says the the
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court's conservative majorities gave the president permission to ignore congress's budget zipgss. >> it's wrng. a bad decision. it's bad precedent for the future when other presidents may use funds in a way that wasn't appropriated by congress. >> in a statement the aklilu says it will ask for expedited appeal. congress refused to lgbt border wall funds earlier this year leading to the l news. steyer is the latest to throw his hat in >> billionaire tom president. tomorrow on meet the press chuck todd grills steyer about plans. he introduced a bold plan the promise to declare a national emergency if he wins the white house giving congress 100 days to pass the green new deal before executive action on climate projects. meet the press aires here tomorrow morning 8:00 a.m. still ahead on nbc bay area news at fark. a message to immigrants with the sonoma county sheriff saying to undocumented immigrants.
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and mayor schaaf in hot water. the campaign donations details that were just uncovered. >> the temperatures at 5:00 including above so 0 degrees in fairfield. 100 in livermore. 99 in concord right now. the reason why heat advisory continues, the latest and on when the heat moves out in the forecast when we come right back.
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gk back to our top story right now, two bay area men behind bars in italy tonight accused of stabbing and killing a police officer there. the 35-year-old victim had just returned to work after his honey moon. two suspects are both 19 years old. graduated fromtam high school in mill valley last year. investigators say they confessed to homicide and extortion more on this story coming up at nightly news at 5:30. then again during the 6:00 newscasts. the message of support to help that's what sonoma county sheriff mark essex gave to a crowd of thodstino danceve in r park. he told them that the sheriff's office would not turn undocumented immigrants over to i.c.e. for minor offenses or reporting the victim of crime. shfrp said they would not help i.c.e. conduct raids. ask latinos about immigration status or arrest them on a civil
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immigration warrant. opinion. oakland mayor libya schaaf is coming under fire for donations made to her 2018 campaign. the public ethics commission found the campaign accepted donations over the legal limit. city and the commission recommended that schaaf return the contributions and pay a $600 fine. any say schaaf as campaign is cooperating and offered to return the donations immediately. the commission scheduled to vote whether to impose the fines at the next meeting. still ahead about nbc bay area news at 5:00. a warning at tiburon beach. the reason people are told to stay out of the water. despite the hot temperatures. the water probably pretty tempting when you consider temperatures inland up he were 90s to near 100. same areas tomorrow under a heat advisory. when the heat moves out and we see the cooldown in the forecast when we come right back. right now, earn 60,000 bonus miles
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fire and other disastering holding the first ever emergency evacuation drill where they practice evacuating neighbors including the house boat communities. neighbors were warned about the drill last week and today received emergency notification on phons. chief scott barns says he wants to make sure neighbors know two ways out home when evacuating. >> the purpose of the drill is to educate the home owners. create muscle memory for residents in case they get the phone call from the emergency notification system to evacuate. nd barns says preparedness a creating defensible space are the best ways to protect against fire. >> beaches in tiburon are closed because water experts say the water is unsafe.
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water samples show high bacteria now. signs post-ed at the beaches you see there warn visitors to avoid contact with the water. examination to find outt' causing the contamination. pipes or illegal dumping in the storm drains might be to blame. you look at the water and oh a day like i'm going in. and the signs say, no not exactly. >> not advised. but at the coast you have the temperatures in the 60s and 70s. comfortably cool. we have the microclimate weather alert for inland heat. but the beauty of being in the bay area with the sea breeze still out there, not reaching the valleys but keeping bayside locations comfortable. temperatures right now in the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s. and 00 degrees. again uniquely bay area. let's take to you the hottest spot right now livermore up to 100 currently with mostly sunny skies. and we have for you is a very interesting what's aware forecast if you are headed out this evening, let's say you
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board b.a.r.t. in dublin pleasanton short sleeves and shorts. by the time you get to san francisco and the embarcadero you need the winter parkay look what's coming your way right gde bridge .temperatures as much as 30 degrees cooler heading off to 67 degrees. wind at 18-mile-per-hour. the ocean air-conditioning is still in effect in san francisco and in san jose right now close to 90 degrees. not as hot as livermore. northwest winds at close to 12-mile-per-hour. we have another spare the air day tomorrow. inland east bay we see the hottest temperatures again for tomorrow, we're talking concord antioch brentwood, tri-valley, danville the spots tomorrow into the upper 90s. you can see the wind up there. this is the reason maybe the air quality isn't as bad good night the heat advisory in inland locations inland east bay and areas east of san jose. and the breeze will keep the coast cool and prevent air quality from getting too bad through the weekend. morning temperatures away from
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the bay, notice we start in the low to mid-60s. so a mild start to day. and look at the temperatures again tomorrow for one more day. climbing through the 90s, especially south of san jose th garlic festival look at the numbers climbing to the low to mid-90s for the afternoon. might not be quite as hot as the near 100 degree temperatures we sawed to a. heading to the east bay, numbers again mid-90s. livermore another hot day for you for the afternoon. sechts and 80s bayside. peninsula temperatures looking good with 60s around daly city. 78 in san mateo. mid-80s down the peninsula. san francisco close to 70 degrees with the breeze out of the west keeping it in the 60s the better part of the afternoon and north bay temperatures hot for one more day. now this is the countdown to a cooldown as. moves east. in area of low pressure to the west ushers in a stronger sea breeze. notice the change we see as we approach monday. a bitore sea breeze this time
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tomorrow. and then look how the breeze picks up into monday and correspondingly we go from highs looking like this mid-to late afternoon tomorrow to monday's highs now in the 80s. there you go, ocean air-conditioning making a comeback inland starting the work week. but the weeked the bay that's the beauty of the bay area. comfortably cool temperature closer to san francisco. but for one more day hot temperatures inland. some places by monday if the cooldown arrives on schedule could be 15 to 20 degrees cooler short heat spell. >> that's a big fall off until monday rob, thanks. >> still ahead on nbc bay area news news at 5:00. ti tiny grass hoppers swarming parts of nevada.
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over las vegas. scientists say vegas is a stop as they my grate north. the national weather service is warning drivers they can impact roads. they splat on windshield. they are harmless and will likely stay a few more weeks. unless they find a they stay longer. >> a little girl from arkansas asked her mom if she could buy shoes for a friend. that one act of kindness makes the woman find a entire storeful of shoes. a closeout sale at payless.
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not knowing the size she joked she has to get every pair of shoes. she thought it would be about 300 pair of shoes. ended up being 1,500 and she gives them away to help the community. >> that's what it's all about. in the grand scheme of things in this country this is a tiny blip. but if it continues to grow and it makes you do one little thing for that student fixing to go back to school, then it matters to that one kid. >> well the family of a little boy who now does have a nice pair of shoes says a lot of people are reaching out wanting donate that they've decided to throw a back to school bash for the community. the weekend before classes begin. well we are less than a year away from the 2020 olympic games. but tonight you'll g medals. we will show you that next. show me the crown.
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well, it is that time to bring out the hard which are.
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the 2020 tokyo summer olympics are less than a year away. we just got the first look at the new medals. here we g. right there. on display in a exhibition hall in tokyo. they'll be there until the end of the month. coming up. medals are designed to catch and reflect right. each one made entirely of metal from recycled eni. that's pretty school. the olympic games begin july 24th of next year. you'll be able to camp all the games on nbc bay area. and in case you wonder what the athletes will be up against weatherwise. you were talking about what it's like over there. >> it's like new orleans during the summer. let's take a look. you have numbers getting close to 9mm temperatures in the 70s. but during the day you have temperatures in the 80s and 90s around tokyo. so hot and humid there. here, it's hot and dry for another heat advisory tomorrow for inland valleys. hot but at least we don't have the humidity.
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>> excellent point. the glass is half full. >> there you go. >> back in a half hour. see you then. tonight, deadly nightclub horror terrifying moments as a balcony collapses at a nightclub in south korea. american olympic athletes among the injured. >> everyone was trying to pull each other up. >> the investigation now into what went wrong. two american teenagers arrested in rome after a police officer is stabbed to death. what the police say they found in their hotel room the settlement in a huge data breach are you among those entitled to be paid back by equifax? >> this is ridiculou >> we'll show you how to find out and how much you might get the invasion in sin city so massive you can see it from space. what has brought on the assault of the grasshoppers in las
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