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tv   Today  NBC  July 22, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> of course, join us at 11:00 for the news as well. we'll see you then. have an absolutely wonderful monday. good morning. the heat is off. the heat is off. the record-setting heat wave that blanketed much of the country finally set to break today. severe storms are up next, with millions of americans at risk. al's got your forecast breaking overnight, iran claiming it has 17 cia spies in custody. state tv there saying some of them have been sentenced to death. what the cia is saying this morning, just ahead. star witness washington braces for history-making testimony from special counsel robert mueller both republicans and democrats gaming out strategy. we'll take you inside the preparations on both sides. those stories, plus heartbroken.
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the parents of the toddler who died after falling out of a cruise ship window share their grief. >> honestly, to lose our baby this way is just unfathomable. >> what they want every parent to know, coming up. payday breaking this morning, the major credit reporting agency being forced to pay for than a half billion dollars to you after one of the largest data breaches in history. and backlash tom brady facing criticism after posting this video of himself cliff diving with his young daughter today, monday, july 22nd, 2019 >> announcer: from nbc news, >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza hi, everybody. good morning welcome to "today" on a monday morning. never has 80 degrees at 6:00 in the morning felt so good. >> that's right. millions of americans stayed inside this weekend.
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anything to dodge those dangerous, oppressive temperatures. >> yeah, it was a real heat wave relief is finally on the way from that heat more than 200 million americans suffered through days of extreme heat and humidity. the danger is not over just yet. al will have the details on a dangerous new set of storms in just a moment. first, nbc's kathy park in new york city's bryant park with more on the heat wave. kathy, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning to you the intense heat and humidity had a tight grip on much of the country, including right here in new york city. as the temperatures soared, the conditions only got worse, especially for those who lost power. this morning, the cooldown begins after days of extreme and deadly heat. folks up and down the east coast expecting some relief toda following scorching high temperatures which peaked over the weekend. uncomfortable conditions became down right miserable, with
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humidity making it feel like triple digits in some places. >> restaurant to restaurant, stay in the air-condition and keep cool. >> reporter: the high heat blanketing the midwest, too. more than 1,000 crews from multiple states have been working around the clock severe storms knocking out power to hundreds of thousands of customers across michigan and wisconsin. and overnight in new jersey, a crane came crashing down into a house after a severe storm moved through the area, knocking down power lines along with it. in neighboring new york, residents are being advised to conserve energy and turn off unneeded appliances. >> please, everyone, this is serious, serious stuff hottest it's been in many, many years. >> reporter: 30,000 customers in brooklyn sweating it out, losing power sunday night when equipment failed from heat and high use in queens, expectant mom elsa is coping for cooler temperatures after an outage forced her outside in the shade for relief. >> i have to stay cool
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if not, it's not good. >> reporter: but some are taking it in stride, trying to beat the record heat. like the tigers and bears at one chicago zoo, who got some frozen treats to help them stay cool in the baking sun parts of new york got hotter than houston this weekend. here in bryant park, even 10:00 last night, it got to about 87 degrees. pretty toasty here, even at night. at least six deaths are being blamed on the heat. guys, back to you. >> kathy, thank you very much. >> let's turn to mr. roker to see when we can expect a cooldown. what are we looking at >> it started for a good portion of the country, but we have 6 million people along from new jersey all the way down to myrtle beach who are still under heat advisories. we're going to be watching that. here comes the relief. ahead of a cold front, we have hot, humid air from the gulf of mexico behind the front, mild, comfortable air from canada, and starting today into tomorrow, the fresh air rushes south, into
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the gulf and the atlantic. here's the change in the air these are 24-hour temperature changes. boston today, 81 that's 17 degrees cooler than it was yesterday. 73 in syracuse 90 in washington nine-degree temperature change cleveland, 75, a 13-degree temperature change we slide to the south. by tomorrow, cooler in norfolk, raleigh, wilmington, charleston, charlotte, and back to atlanta, with a four-degree temperature change however, with that cnge s severe weather we've got a front pushing through. already you can see showers and thunderstorms. 48 million people impacted from tennessee and kentucky all the way into the northeast we're going to look at that coming up in the next half hour. severe storms will be firing up. craig, we'll be talking about airport delays and problems on the roads coming up this afternoon. >> al, we'll come back to you in a minute thanks, buddy. now the shocking announcement out of iran amid escalating tensions with the west tehran now says it has broken up
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a cia spy ring this days after iranian commanders seized a british tanker reporter: good morning, savannah. another dramatic twist in tensions in the region are high, and we go to nbc chief global correspondent bill neely with the breaking news this morning good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah another dramatic twist in the escalating crisis. iran broadcasting pictures of what it says are cia officers, claiming it's broken up a u.s. spy ring all this as britain's government holds a crisis meeting after iran seized a british oil tanker iran maintaining collision course with the west iranian state television showing images of what it claims are cia officers it says they handled 17 people, alleged to be spies working for the cia, and recruited from the nuclear, military and computer industries
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nbc can confirm that the photos are what the iranians claim. iran offered no proof. the cia, no comment. the announcement comes after another confrontation between iran and the west. iranian commandos seizing a british ship in the strait of hormuz iran ordering the tanker into the port >> alter your course to 360 degrees immediately. a british warship sailing to stop them. new audio revealing them to alter course >> alter your course immediately, over. >> this is british warship >> reporter: but the warship was powerless. one hour away. ir >> no challenge is intended. i want to inspect the sheasons. >> you must not impair, impede,
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obstruct, or hamper the passage of the sten na impero. >> reporter: they did. video released by iran's revolutionary guard appears to show the seizure. commandos from a helicopter boarding. the tanker and its 23 crew now in port, topped with an iranian flag. britain calling for its release. >> this is about safety and security of british and international shipping in one of the most important seaways in the world. >> reporter: iran flexing its muscles again in this escalating crisis with the west. iran this morning apparently once again raising the stakes, claiming some of those allegedly arrested for spying have been sentenced to death. >> bill, i know iranian officials were on state tv giving more details about this alleged cia spy ring. what are they saying? >> nbc news was at a briefing in tehran this morning by the head of iran's counterespionage unit. he claims the 17 iranians were recruited either while applying for u.s. visas or at conferences
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overseas. they were promised, he said, visas and money, given bugging equipment. they were trained. i mean, none of this can be proved, but he did allege that under the trump presidency, there has been a rise in u.s. spying activities, especially against iran. guys, back to you. >> bill neely with the breaking news. thank you very much. turning to politics now and a huge week in washington with former special counsel robert mueller set to testify on capitol hill wednesday. nbc news white house correspondent kristin welker joins us now with a look ahead. kristen, we're learning more this morning about what robert mueller is expected to say, right? >> reporter: that's right. good morning, craig. it could be do or die for democrats on the question of impeachment, with former special counsel robert mueller set to testify on capitol hill on wednesday. mueller will appear for five hours before two committees, the house judiciary committee and the house intelligence committee. over the weekend, the democratic chairman of the judiciary committee, jerry nadler, said former special counsel
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mueller's report shows substantial evidence that president trump is, quote, guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors. nadler saying his goal is to let mueller present those facts to the american people. now, the chairman of the intelligence committee, adam schiff, says he wants mueller to bring his more than 400-page report to life during his testimony. over the weekend, i interviewed chairman schiff at the security forum about what he sees as critical questions for mueller. take a look. if you knew the former special counsel would answer one question thoroughly, no holds barred, what would your question be to him? >> well, i suppose the question would be, you felt bound by the olc opinion not to indict the sitting president. should he be indicted once he leaves office? he is not going to answer that question. >> reporter: high stakes on wednesday. eller has said he does not want to discuss anything beyond his written report, craig and
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savannah. >> obviously, the president will be watching this closely. is he preparing? >> reporter: president trump said he has no plans to watch the actual testimony, his campaign aides have said, look, it is likely he'll tune in for at least part of it. he said results of the mueller report, no collusion, no obstruction. savannah craig? >> kristen welker at the white house. thank you. now to the demonstrations in puerto rico. they are growing. at least a million protesters expected to gather today. they're calling for the governor's resignation after an embarrassing internet leak. sunday night, the embattled governor announced he won't seek re-election but he's not going to resign either. gabe gutierrez is in san juan again for us. gabe, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning.
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this is where that massive march is set to begin in a short time. plenty of people have already shown up. many of them have been bused here from across the island. last night's announcement by governor rossello was not enough for many of these protesters, who say they won't quit until the governor does. this morning, protesters in puerto rico are preparing for their largest demonstration yet after governor rossello announced sunday night he is not resigning, insisting he has a responsibility to finish the job he was elected to do rossello did say he won't run for re-election next year and is stepping down as the head of his political party. but that's not enough for protesters that gathered outside the governor's mansion in san juan overnight the pressure on rossello has intensified since nearly 900 pages of a private group chat were leaked and published by the center for investigative journalism in puerto rico.
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the messages between rossello and several close aides include attacks on rival politicians, anti-gay slurs, and jokes about the dead after hurricane maria on sunday, demonstrators filled the waters off san juan in kayaks, boats, and jet skis, and on paddle boards on land, some protestors meditated. others took to horseback played congo drums, all with the same message, rossello must go on saturday, with streets jammed with protesters, some placed shoes to represent those who died from hurricane maria. this man says he'll stay in the streets until the governor leaves office. singer bad bunny, who last week left his european tour to protest in san juan, back in barcelona, leading a chant that
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rossello should resign [ speaking foreign language pop star ricky martin criticizing rossello's decision, prompting him to return to puerto rico for today's march. organizers expect more than a million people to turn out for today's march. that's about a third of the island's population. protesters here plan to shut down san juan's main avenue. many businesses downtown have already announced plans to shut down for the day savannah and craig >> gabe gutierrez, thank you another major headline this morning, equifax, one of the biggest credit reporting agencies in this country, has reached a settlement of up to $700 million in that massive data breach back in 2017 nbc's tom costello has been on this story from the very beginning. tom, what's the latest >> reporter: craig, good morning. this case impacted nearly half the u.s. population. equifax said criminal hackers gained access to sensitive information, but cyber experts accuse the company of not doing enough to safeguard that data,
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your data, my data now equifax is about to settle with the millions of people affected it was one of the most extreme cases of americans' personal data being compromised credit bureau giant equifax revealed in 2017, it'd suffered a major security breach. 145 million people affected, including customer names, social security numbers, names, even drivers license information. equifax is expected to pay at least $600 million to settle federal and state investigations, as well as consumer claims. >> this is the largest data breach settlement in the history of our nation. it is because it had a massively negative impact on consumers >> reporter: a coalition of 50 attorneys general across the country reached the settlement with equifax, said to be announced this morning consumers affected by the hack will receive $25 for every hour
7:16 am
they spent working to ensure their information was protecte and will be reimbursed for certain credit monitoring programs they purchased, as well they'll also get ten years of free credit monitoring going forward. >> they're going to pay consumers for their loss, and they're going to pay to make sure something like this doesn't happen again >> reporter: the investigation found equifax failed to maintain a reasonable security system, which enabled hackers to penetrate its systems and expose the data of 56% of american adults after the hack, lawmakers on capitol hill blasted former equifax ceo richard smith. >> i take full responsibility. i'm here today to say to each and every person affected by this breach, i'm truly and deeply sorry for what happened >> reporter: but for many americans, the apologies were not enough >> we're sending a very clear signal through this equifax settlement, that we're not going to tolerate this data breach we want to see companies invest in their infrastructure so that our information is protected >> if you have a pen, write down
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what i'm telling you here. experts continue to urge every american to assume their data has already been compromised here's what you should do. sign up for credit fraud alerts from equifax and the other two credit reporting agencies, experian and transunion. set up alarts for your bank and your credit cards. consider paying for an identity theft monitoring service this is important. freeze your credit with all three credit reporting agencies that way, the criminals will be locked out if they try to open an account using your credit just remember, you'll need to temporarily lift that freeze when you need to buy a car, a house, open a credit card, whatever it's easy. i've done it several times regularly check your credit reports for suspicious activity. all of us are entitled to one free credit report every year from each of the three bureaus guys, back to you. >> tom, if you want to freeze your credit, do you call them, or can you do it online? do you have to call all three of them
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>> very good question. yes, you have to call all three. the details, how you do it, very easy go to frank thomas sorry. there, you'll see instructions on how to freeze your credit >> tom costello, useful information. assume your info has been compromised. >> this is a massive breach, breaking news on the settlement now. all right, mr. roker, well, what do you say? >> well, nice that somebody is using the word "freeze." that's good. not so bad we do have severe storms now firing up in the northeast and into the ohio river valley a look at that coming up in the next ten minutes sunny and pleasant weather making its way through the plains that's good news out west, we have plenty of sunshine southwest, gully washers coming on through we'll get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds.
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good monday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. a live look outside in san jose. we're having a hot day ahead as our temperatures heat up into the mid 80s in the south bay and low 90s in the south county. and we're also headed into the low 90s in the tri-valley, parts of the inland east bay, as well as the north bay. while san francisco stays cool in the upper 60s today, we're going to have a hot week ahead, a few more clouds moving in tomorrow, and some highs inned mid-90s by this thursday. >> you know, your friends take >> you know, your friends take care of you when your co-anchor asks, do your feet reach the floor? >> i just noticed.
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>> i'm a little man, all right >> america wants to know if the term gully washer is a legitimate meteorological term. >> lg it is, usually in the southwest. savannah grew up with this dry riverbeds. you get the heavy rain, flash flood, and they wash out the gullies. >> i've learned two things gully washer and -- >> i'm very short. >> there you go. two things coming up here on a monday morning, danger at the beach a lightning strike sends people scrambling what you need the know before you head to the ocean or lake with your family. then the parents of a toddler who fell to her death aboard a royal caribbean cruise
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>> still to come, some good news for former olympic gymnast shawn johnson and her husband. getting personal about the ups and downs of their pregnancy struggle and why they're celebrating this morning. are you paying more attention to your smartphone than your safety after your local news and weather.
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we were right in front of him. dead center, front row. i'll never forget that day. (announcer) the network more people rely on gives you more, like a free galaxy s10e when you buy one. that's verizon. a very good morning to you. it is 7:26. i'm laura garcia. a any rourp reveals i.c.e. used oakland airport for years to deport people and despite oakland recently becoming a sanctuary city. the bay area news group uncovered the information from the i.c.e. database. over the last nine years, i.c.e. used the airport for nearly 1,000 charter flights in some cases deporting detain yos, in others transferring them. over nine years, 27,000 people were deported. i.c.e. ended the practice last october. oakland leaders have not said if they knew about the flight. we reached out to the mayor's office and have not received a response. let's check our forecast with kari. how is it looking? >> it's looking a little hazy in the tri-valley and this is where temperatures will really be
7:27 am
heating up today. a live look outside in dublin at 580, while we see the fog in san francisco, headed across the golden gate bridge, and we will have a wide range in temperatures today, upper 60s in san francisco, while oakland reaches 75, and low 90s in antioch today. san jose we're going to see a high of 86 degrees. really hot temperatures, as we go throughout the week, with a lot more sunshine, although we will see an increase in cloud cover tomorrow, and a slight increase in humidity, as we go through the week, it's going to really not cool down very much. let's head over to an update on the commute. >> it's not too bad on the san mateo bridge. we're just building the volume westbound away from us. dumbarton bridge picks up more volume over the last five. as we zoom out the south bay looks good. ruben just walked into the office and told me he had seen a crash north 87 coming toward the airport. that will be a problem because a couple of cars are still in lanes. we're tracking that. up toward the bay bridge the
7:28 am
metering lights are on but there's recovery for the slowing concord and walnut creek. back to you. >> thank you very much. another local news update in half an hour. see you then. [beeping] [woman on pa]
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♪ we love that music here. back at ♪ we love that music here. back at 7:30 on a monday morning. it is july 22nd, 2019. ladies and gentlemen, you're looking at a shot of tokyo, where one year from today, the 2020 summer olympics will be kicking off. to celebrate the countdown, we have a big day planned on the plaza tomorrow before they go for gold, athletes like shaun white, hoping to turn his snowboard into a skateboard for the summer games, along with kelly slater, they're going to join us for a first look at all the
7:31 am
excitement don't miss our one year to tokyo celebration tomorrow morning, only on "today." >> never too soon to get excited. can't wait for that. let's get to the headlines of the morning relief finally on the way from the brutal heat wave that blanketed much of the country. more than 200 million americans suffered through days of extreme heat and humidity. it was more than just the record temps. severe storms swept across the midwest. more than 1,000 crews are working around the clock to restore power to hundreds of thousands of customers from michigan to wisconsin. al will be back in a moment with a closer look at the forecast. now to hong kong, where protests turned violent sunday police there launching tear gas at protesters after a massive march there. subway riders were attacked by masked assailants who were apparently targeting pro-democracy demonstrators. the protests come amid an ongoing political crisis that started over a now suspended extradition bill nfl star tom brady is taking heat this morning over a video
7:32 am
he posted on instagram it shows him and his 6-year-old daughter, vivian, cliff jumping in costa rica. take a look. >> one, jump. >> a lot of people on social media don't like that. they called brady irresponsible, saying he yanked his daughter's arm when she didn't appear to be ready, causing her to land awkwardly. others saying she was close to hitting the rock dwayne johnson saying, i have complete faith in you as a fan, player, friend, and father, but this gave me anxiety we reached out to brady's representative for comment but have not heard back. also this morning, the dangerous weather we've been talking about. it led to a scary situation in florida. that's where a group of people are recovering after being struck by a bolt of lightning. morgan chesky has details. morgan, good morning. >> reporter: craig, morning. that happened on clearwater
7:33 am
beach, which is a popular spot for locals and tourists. today we have learned that eight people were injured, including one man who, today, is fighting to stay alive a sunny summer day on a popular florida beach taking a terrifying turn in the blink of an eye. >> there was a lightning strike and we had multiple victims that were injured >> reporter: eight people were injured sunday after officials say a bolt of lightnin struck clearwater beach, a hot spot along the state's gulf coast. >> we have three victims on scene. >> reporter: among the injured, a man in his 40s who officials say took a direct hit. he went into cardiac arrest and was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he remains in critical condition. four others receiving treatment, including one patient who suffered burns. >> seems like the lightning strikes we do have out on the beaches, there's usually more than one victim. >> reporter: it happened sunday afternoon, just minutes after life guards left their post due to the incoming storm. >> the lightning just came out of nowhere. >> it hit right here i saw that >> reporter: rain-soaked
7:34 am
beachgoers administered cpr and carried victims to this nearby restaurant >> they were screaming for us to come. >> reporter: first responders eventually arrived on scene to try to help calm the chaos >> it was a great, amazing group of people that came together as a team and made everybody safe >> reporter: one stat gives a little context of the 20 lightning fatalities that happened last year, seven of those were right here in florida, the most of any state guys >> goodness. hopefully the folks are going to be okay. could have been a far worse situation. morgan chesky, thank you. >> definitely. let's get a check of the weather, mr. roker. >> we're going to be worried about those lightning strike today, as the front that's bringing in cooler air to much of the country pushes into that warm, moist air mass you can already see lightning and showers with thunderstorms stretching from the northeast all the way back into the midwest. in fact, we have a risk of severe weather right now
7:35 am
stretching from boston on into the northeast and into the mid-atlantic states. 44 million people at risk for damaging winds, hail tornadoes right now, not a big deal, but we're keeping an eye on that. this system will be pushing further to the east, into the south. it'll bring heavy rain, widespread flood risks, probably airport delays from boston down to roanoke, nashville and even atlantic into tomorrow as the front pushes south torrential rainfall from the gulf to the carolinas. pack your patience we have a risk of flooding today. flash flooding from new york all the way down to knoxville during the afternoon hours. tomorrow, we have a slight risk stretching good monday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. this is a live look outside in san francisco, where we have the low clouds, mist and drizzle to start out the day. there will be some clearing and overall a nice day there. temperatures reaching the upper 60s, with oakland topping out at
7:36 am
75. we'll see a high of 90 today in concord, and 86 today in san jose. there will be some low 90s today and extending throughout the week. it gets hotter as we get closer to thursday and cooling down just slightly by the end of the weekend. >> that's your latest >> that's your latest weather. savannah >> al, thank you coming up, celebrating they've been candid about their pregnancy complications, and now former olympic gymnast shawn johnson and her husband are breathing a sigh of relief their emotional journey to pregnancy coming up. also ahead, pedestrian accidents are on the rise. one possible reason may surprise you. may not though we have warning, whether you're the one ing the driving or the walker. also ahead, happy birthday prince george. wait until you see the beautiful photos of the birthday boy taken by who else, his mom the parents of a toddler who fell to her death on a royal caribbean cruise ship share their story about coping with extraordinary loss, and how
7:37 am
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where does your almondmilk almond breeze starts here with our almond trees in our blue diamond orchard in california. my parents' job is to look after them. and it's my job to test the product. the best almonds make the best almondmilk. blue diamond almond breeze. we are back now at 7:41 with a "today" exclusive. it's a story we've been covering over the past few weeks here 18-month-old chloe wiegand, her fatal fall from a docked royal caribbean cruise ship. >> i sat down with her parents, what they say happened that day, why they're calling for action, and most importantly, who their precious daughter was. >> how are you getting through just every day, just getting up out of bed
7:42 am
>> the first 30 seconds of the day, i don't remember what happened then it comes back, and i relive what happened. the thing that i latch on to is her memory she just exuded love >> can chloe say, "let it go"? ♪ let it go >> reporter: kimberly wiegand said her daughter, chloe, was the personification of goodness. >> she loved watching her she loved gardening with me. she could get anybody to smile there she is i just know that she was destined to do such great things but even in her short life, i truly believe she changed so many lives >> her first kiss was with me. we're like, kiss i had to record it and send it to kim kiss >> her first word was "hi. i mean, she loved people
7:43 am
>> reporter: the 18-month-old little girl was the light of her parents' life, and her sudden loss aboard a royal caribbean cruise ship in puerto rico has crushed her tight-knit family. >> we have a lot of questions. primarily, why is there an open window in the kids' play area 11 stories off the ground >> reporter: chloe's family said she fell through the open window, said to slide open to provide ventilation in what's known as the h2o zon aboard the cruise ship a family attorney said the toddler's grandfather, sam, placed her on the railing to look outside, believing he was lifting the toddler behind a wall of glass, something they did often at hockey games at home with chloe banging on the glass. >> has he been able to explain to you how this happened >> he was hysterical the thing he repeatedly told us was, i believe there was glass he will cry over and over.
7:44 am
at no point, ever, ever, has sam ever put our kids in danger. >> he must be distraught >> very, very distraught you can barely look at him without him crying she was his best friend. >> i guess i would say this about the window when they told me chloe had died, i didn't know that she went out a window. i just saw sam standing next to the wall of windows, just screaming and banging on it. there was like somebody from royal caribbean that kept trying to stop me, and i just kept saying, take me to my baby where is my baby take me to my baby i didn't even notice the window. i ran over there, and i looked over it wasn't water down there it was concrete. it was just honestly, to lose our baby this way, it was just
7:45 am
unfathomable >> reporter: even in those moments of despair, wiegd found hope, help and solace. >> this one mother came and held me and embraced me i'll never forget it she just said, god, watch over this family. i just want to thank her i don't know where she is or who she is into sorrow, each family member wrestles with their own pain >> there was one point where my son said, mom, i wish i would have been standing there because i would have jumped and saved her. it tore me i know he believes that, you know to know he is living with that, it's just so hard. i never want another mother to have to experience this or see what i had to see or scream how i had to scream or to have to console their child.
7:46 am
>> do you blame anyone do you blame the cruise company? >> we obviously blame them there are a million things that could have been done to make that safer my mom was asking people, why on earth is there a window open, you know, on the 11th floor, without a screen or anything their response to that was, we need ventilation to that, i would say, get a fan. come up with some other mechanism to make guests comfortable, rather than creating a tremendous safety hazard that cost our child her life. >> would you like to see the cruise company held responsible in court >> i think they have to be this cannot happen to another family. >> reporter: the family has now hired an attorney, who has sued cruise lines in the past. >> there's no doubt this was an accident, but the singular question was, were there safety measures that could have been in place and should have been in place? and if they were in place,
7:47 am
again, there would have been no tragedy. >> reporter: royal caribbean tells "today" in statement, we are deeply saddened by this incident and our hearts go out to the family. we have assisted the authorities in san juan with their inquiries and they are the appropriate people to address further questions. the puerto rico department of justice tells nbc news the investigation is in advanced stages, so it cannot make any additional comments. >> how do you want to remember chloe? >> we'll never forget her. she's part of our soul that's not there anymore. >> it's really easy to shut out the world and to give up but we will not do that because that's not who chloe was. chloe was the light, and that's what is going to get us through every single day we have to go on, for her. we can't give up >> such a heartbreaking story, obviously. they are looking into what they think the cruise company should
7:48 am
or shouldn't have done we reached out to them the attorney for the family says he has repeatedly requested footage from cameras on the ship, as well as a vessel inspection i think more than anything, they just wanted to tell chloe's story. you know, this is a little girl that meant so much, meant everything to them they want people to know that she lived and what an extraordinary little child she was. >> and our thoughts and our prayers are with that family, as well, as they continue to cope and grieve >> yeah. absolutely we'll be right back, after this. that put a fire in my heart. it made me realize where i got my passion for social justice. bring your family history to life like never before. get started for free at
7:49 am
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good monday morning. right now at 7:56, and we are starting out with sunshine in the inland areas. that's a live look outside in walnut creek, as we go throughout the day, it's going to be heating up, and pretty fast, reaching into the low 90s by early afternoon. a look at all of our microclimates, we're up to 93 in antioch today, while palo alto sees a high of 85. san francisco staying cool, right now foggy in the upper 60s. and as we go throughout the next several days for our inland areas, we'll start to see more clouds moving in tomorrow, highs in the upper 80s, and then we'll trend towards the low to mid-90s by the middle of the week, and not that much cooler going into the weekend, while san francisco provides some cooling temperatures, it will be in the upper 60s and low 70s over the next several days, and at times some clouds and fog drifting by. let's head over to mike now for
7:57 am
an update on the commute. >> kari, a stalled vehicle just cleared north 880 about high street. you see the traffic loosening up. the lanes are clear but the slowdown where the arrow is coming up in toward downtown. that's a problem for the nimitz and folks may head over toward 580. so far the volume is steady here. a crash that cleared about ten minutes ago south 680 around mondument boulevard tied things up but things are generally building through that portion of contra costa county. same thing for the tri-valley. back to you. >> thank you very much. happening now, one man is dead, his wife in critical condition after a chain reaction crash near san francisco's union square. the couple were struck in a crosswalk by a driver police say was not at fault. another driver is under arrest. on our home page details on the rideshare app link to the suspect. so far the mayor's office is not responding to a new report revealing oakland airport served as years as a departure points for thousands of deportees. more on now i.c.e. conducted the
7:58 am
flights even though oakland is now a sanctuary city. another local news update in half an hour.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on today coming up, relief in sight that deadly heat wave now breaking after days of dangerous temperatures across the country. ionsllf americans ready for the cooldown what you can expect before heading out the door plus, hope and faith >> i feel like i can breathe for the first time in four weeks. >> olympic gold medalist shawn johnson east and her husband share some good news after a recent pregnancy scare >> i can't wait to meet baby >> just ahead, an inside look at their emotional story. and say cheese kensington palace releases new photos of prince george as he celebrates his sixth birthday, with a smile that's lighting up the internet
8:01 am
today, monday, july 22nd, 2019m >> ♪ hey, look ma, i made it >> mother/daughter trip from -- >> san diego >> i'm raising a "today" show fan. >> brought our mom from columbia, south carolina fulfilling a dream >> to be on "today." >> we are retired! >> we watch the "today" show every day while doing our makeup >> hey, savannah and craig. >> i want to be in your seat someday. >> kid is coming for our job. >> i know, i love it everybody is ready for their close of up. nice to have you with us on a monday morning at our plaza or at home. >> we appreciate the shoutouts keep them coming, please record your message. post it on twitter post it on instagram hashtag at the bottom of your screen, #mytodayplaza. >> they're happy because the temperature has finally dropped, right? >> true. >> that's the top of the news,
8:02 am
in fact. news at 8:00, the heat wave was brutal, deadly, and it is finally easing up a bit. now, al is following this up with a threat of severe storms in the forecast. al, good morning >> good morning, savannah. yeah, to get the cooler air, we have to get the cold front through, and it'll cause problems right now, we have a significant area from myrtle beach to cape may under heat advisory, 6 million people here comes the cold front and the relief cool, comfortable air from canada ahead of the front, it's the warm, humid air. by today, it will push through to the south look at the temperature change in 24 hours. it'll be 81 in boston. 83 in new york that's like 12 degrees different. pittsburgh, 73 18-degree difference tomorrow, we're looking at cooler weather for atlanta, knoxville, charlotte, raleigh, wilmington, charleston and norfolk. we have showers and thunderstorms firing up. risk of severe weather for 44 million people today damaging winds and hail. a low tornado threat still, it could be a big problem. and we're looking at a lot of heavy rain very quickly. we've got a moderate risk from knoxville, tennessee, all the
8:03 am
way to the northeast tomorrow, we're going to have a moderate risk down to the south. locally, up to 3 inches of rain between the appalachians all the way on up into the northeast and new england. we'll be watching this over the next several days. the worst of the heat, guys, is over savannah >> al, thank you. >> al, thank you. iran said this morning it's arrested 17 of its own citizens, trained as cia spies state television broadcast images said to show the cia officers who recruited and handle the alleged spies iran's intelligence ministry says the suspects worked in sensitive areas, including nuclear, military, and cyber facilities the arrests took place over recent months, and some of those caught had been sentenced to death. this morning, secretary of state mike pompeo said he cannot comment specifically, but that iran has a history of lying. this morning, the credit monitoring agency equifax agreed to a settlement over one of the largest data breaches in
8:04 am
history. equifax will pay up to $700 million to settle federal and state cases as well as a class action lawsuit more than half of the money will go to provide consumer relief. the 2017 hack exposed the personal information of more than 145 million people. the deal still needs court approval there is a renewed call this morning for major league baseball to extend protective netting at the ballparks it comes after another fan was hurt by a foul ball on sunday. this time in cleveland that young child was taken to the hospital we're told the child is in stable condition this morning. after the game, the player who hit the ball, indians shortstop francisco lindor, said it is time for teams to extend the netting, saying, quote, we want to make sure everybody comes out of the game healthy and we have got to do something about it a young boy got a scare of a lifetime during a fishing trip in massachusetts another passenger was reeling in a catch when a great white shark decided to snatch the fish away.
8:05 am
>> got it on video. >> the boy was nearly hit by the shark's tail >> i got it on video >> yeah, he got it on video. look at that in slo-mo the captain said the shark hit the boat after jumping up to grab the fish. >> yikes. >> that's the news how about a little monday boost? >> hot, summer day, you want to cool off, no matter who you are. this moose made good use of a lawn sprinkler on a recent hot day in anchorage, alaska the locals named him truck because of his impressive size he is a regular visitor. he often comes by to nibble on trees or rest on the mossy ground when he saw the sprinkler, come on, he had to do it. didn't mind getting his picture taken while he was at it >> i've never been close to a moose. have you >> never have. i'd like to. >> that might be the closest we'll ever get >> probably. mr. rogers like you've never seen him before. tom hanks' sneak peek of a beautiful day in the
8:06 am
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back now, 8:09, with today's talker and the story that will make you feel good about one of our favorites at the "today" show olympic gymnast shawn johnson east and her husband, who are expecting a baby in october, they're speaking out about their relief after a recent scare. >> natalie is here to join us with a really nice update. good to see you, nat. >> good morning. great to see you guys. gymnast shawn johnson, of course, she won four olympic medals these days, her goals include starting a family with her husband. a recent ultrasound showed possible complications with their baby now, the couple is hoping up about their pregnancy struggles in an emotional video. >> reporter: hugs of joy and relief from olympic gold medalist shawn johnson east and her husband, andrew. >> i feel like i can breathe for
8:11 am
the first time in four weeks. >> we realized, holy smokes, this is like affecting your soul and core. >> reporter: in a raw and emotional youtube blog this weekend, the couple shared their two-year journey of hope and heartbreak >> i love you no matter what >> reporter: through pregnancy it began in 2016 when the former gymnast and "dancing with the stars" winner married her love washington redskins linebacker andrew east. the couple wanted a family, and the following year, their dream came true. >> we're going to have a baby. >> reporter: just six weeks in, shawn suffered a devastating miscarriage. >> it's okay, baby >> it makes me more emotional. >> reporter: then this spring, a new blessing >> we're pregnant! >> reporter: shawn and andrew were expecting again >> oh, look at the guy. >> or girl. >> reporter: at their 20-week ultrasound, doctors had some
8:12 am
serious concerns their baby's kidneys were underdeveloped, and while that is relatively common, the baby also had an abnormal umbilical cord doctors recommended genetic testing because these complications could indicate their baby had down syndrome. >> we cancelled everything we had on the day, huddled up on the couch and just watched tv and prayed >> reporter: for a whole week shawn and andrew anxiously awaited the results. then the news they were praying for. the tests were negative for downs syndrome >> if the results were back and the baby had down syndrome, we'd love them with everything in our heart. but as any parent, you hope for a healthy baby. >> big ultrasound. >> reporter: at their 24-week checkup, not only was the baby growing but its kidneys were in great shape. >> very thankful, you know, and grateful >> i can't wait to meet baby. >> reporter: the couple's emotional ride already viewed by
8:13 am
millions online. their goal, to help others struggling through their pregnancies be stronger together >> if you guys are out there, trying to get pregnant or pregnant, we have gone through a lot of experiences already just know we are praying for all of you >> well, the baby is progressing along nicely, it seems, right now. of course, they're still keeping close watch. >> any more possible issues? >> you know, there is that concern. still about the abnormal umbilical cord there is a risk that with that, the baby could be born prematurity shawn and andrew say right now, all signs are looking good, that the baby is growing. she's a petite person, so she's like, you know, maybe a smaller baby is where she's going to be anyway >> i mean, to go through a pregnancy is wonderful, but as you well know, as we all know at this table -- >> until the very end. >> -- until the very end, your heart is -- you're hoping you
8:14 am
have a happy, healthy baby >> we wish them the best, of course >> natalie, you're not missing pop start, will you? >> i have a chance to be here. >> ten fingers and ten toes, as my mom would say. happy birthday to prince george the little royal is turning 6 today, and the palace is releasing not one or two but three brand-new, adorable portraits. they're candids taken by mom, kate, in the garden of kensington palace. prince george sporting a soccer jersey for the england national team another shot has him in a green polo, looking quite like his dad, prince william. >> cutie. >> happy birthday. >> natalie was at the birth. >> right outside the wing. >> can you believe it? >> i was there for two weeks >> you burped him, didn't you? >> i birthed him not burped him >> no one covered the door better than you, nat. >> seriously >> reading "great expectations." there is a new box office champion "avengers: end game" is the biggest film of all time with $2.79 billion at the global box office it took three and a half months to hit the massive number.
8:15 am
>> wow. >> previous record holder "avatar" enjoyed the title for nearly ten years with director james cameron working on four more sequels to "avatar" they could grab the title once again >> four more >> wow. >> i never saw "avatar". >> what? >> me either >> what? >> really? >> we should go on a date. >> i don't think that's shocking it is not like "gone with the wild." >> or "star wars." >> "titanic" you've seen, right? >> by now you would have accidently stumbled across it. >> it's not on tv much. >> five hours long. >> one of the reasons we didn't see it. >> let's make sure you watch it. mr. rogers, more specifically, tom hanks has mr. rogers we have an exclusive first look of tom hanks as the tv icon in "a beautiful day in the neighborhood." >> hello, neighbor i'm mr. rogers i'm here to entertain you. >> do you consider yourself a
8:16 am
hero >> i think the best thing we can do is to let people know that each one of them is precious >> hey, mr. rogers. ♪ please, won't you be my neighbor ♪ >> that was wonderful. >> great trailer if it were a horror film. >> the music. >> carson! >> come on >> then the neighborhood wasn't that nice. >> why would you go there? >> it was setting me up for that turn >> i like dark. >> it is not. >> it's wonderful and great. >> it's the perfect casting of all time probably the most loved actor in america, make him mr. rogers "a beautiful day in the neighborhood" is not a murder film it is a wonderful movie, out november 22nd. >> wow. finally, tim mcgraw, the country superstar, sat down with jenna for your open book digital series and revealed some of his favorite reads one made him cry. >> yes. >> let's have a look at a clip here. >> you said you are an avid reader do you remember the first book you really fell in love with, or
8:17 am
being in high school and thinking, like, this book, i get this >> yeah. probably "tex. >> oh yeah >> probably the first i remember loving as a kid. >> what about now? what do you read >> there's a book called "the nightingale. >> i love "the nightingale." >> i cried like a baby for like two hours at the end of it >> you cried >> yeah. >> it was sad. >> all my kids read it my wife loves it. >> did they recommend it to you, or did you recommend it? >> i read it and recommended it and they all read it and they all loved it >> don't you like being first? >> absolutely. >> couple good recommendations there. you can watch the full episode of open book on, including the sweet thing he does to impress his wife, faith hill. >> when he said it, i was like, henry hager. >> pick it up. >> tim mcgraw can do it for faith hill >> step it up. >> step it up. >> mad at henry and you don't know why what do you have, carson, for a click?
8:18 am
>> remember the first time you saw a magic trick? your reaction might have been similar to this. a visitor goes to the zoo and holds up a card at a baboon exhibit. the baboon's reaction is priceless really look at this like, oh, my gosh. >> where did it go >> remember david blaine in ice, you walked by it, that was my reaction, oh, my gosh. you're burying yourself alive? that was your daly click. >> thank you, carson what about the weather >> i'm just thinking about mr. rogers >> aw. >> live in mr. rogers land. let's show you the forecast for mr. rogers' land and everybody else sunny and pleasant through the plains severe storms making their way through the northeast and the ohio river valley. out west, gorgeous weather and some showers and thunderstorms down along the gulf. that's what's going on around the coun i'm meteorologist kari hall. that is a live look at the golden gate bridge. really low visibility right now. we're going to see this
8:19 am
gradually clearing up today and keeping san francisco cool with highs in the upper 60s. as you work your way inland, it is going to be hot today, reaching into the low 90s. from livermore up through concord, as well as ukiah reaching 94 degrees today. throughout the forecast we'll see more clouds tomorrow but hot inland all throughout the work week. >> that's your latest weather. savannah >> al, thank you. this morning, a warning for pedestrians and drivers on the road after recent numbers show pedestrian deaths are on the rise. >> kerry sanders has more on what might be behind this upward trend. kerry, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. even if you follow the rules and you stay on the sidewalks, cross at the crosswalks, getting around on foot can be dangerous. busy intersections cars speeding by pedestrians in danger on the roads. the governor's highway safety association reporting more than
8:20 am
6,200 pedestrians were killed on u.s. roads in 2018 the highest number of deaths in almost 30 years. a possible contributing factor, the rise in smartphone use that can lead to distracted drivers and distracted pedestrians like this woman. busy on her phone, walking right in front of a van at a red light. hit and knocked down she's injured but okay the driver didn't see her. and this person, so distracted by the phone in hand, walks right into a fire truck, sirens blaring. >> distracted pedestrians are equally as dangerous as distracted drivers. >> reporter: today, we're with the houston police department. staking out this busy downtown intersection in an unmarked car, to watch for distracted pedestrians. what are you seeing here right away, we spot this guy. >> reading his text as he walks across he's not looking for other pedestrians he may run into. >> that's the one thing you don't want to see happen >> definitely a dangerous
8:21 am
activity. >> reporter: this woman. >> looking at her cell phone, not putting it away. she's got her hands full with something else >> reporter: these ladies do it, too. >> actually two of them. >> they're holding -- one is balancing food in her hand and texting and walking. >> reporter: person after person >> she's looking down at her phone right now as she's crossing the street. >> reporter: they all keep their heads down, stuck in their phones you think you're multi-tasking but you're oblivious to what's going on around you. >> you may be multi-tasking with what's going on but are you truly aware of what' going on around you, for your own safety >> reporter: time to step outside and stop them in their tracks what was so important you wanted to look at your phone in the middle of walking across the road here? >> i was reading an article. >> reporter: it wasn't incredibly important >> no. >> reporter: as you're walking in traffic >> no. >> reporter: this woman doesn't realize we're following her. camera in tow. >> you were on your phone the whole way when you walked across and you didn't even know that we were there, did you? >> no, i didn't realize that.
8:22 am
>> reporter: it is not illegal in texas, but some cities even passing laws to stop pedestrians from texting while walking the consequences, fines. pedestrians aren't the only ones that could be a danger we head to a different intersection to look out for distracted drivers, too. they're hard to spot, but soon -- >> what do we see? >> texting. >> reporter: we pull this car over, and the driver admits she was looking at her phone do you think you were distracted in the moment? >> i was distracted, yes >> reporter: within minutes, we spot another driver on her phone. when the officer saw you -- >> i was on instagram. >> you were on instagram >> yes. >> did it dawn on yo that being on the phone was dangerous? >> no. you're into it you don't realize you can get killed. >> reporter: driver after driver doing the same thing. >> you're on your phone. >> reporter: this experience, a good reminder to keep your eyes on the road. >> you're not the only person. a lot of people are using technology today we would just ask that you try
8:23 am
to be safe >> will you change that habit? >> for sure. i won't do it anymore. >> the next time that phon rings, what will you do? >> remember this. >> reporter: to avoid something like this, whether you're behind the wheel or on foot so how can you keep yourself safe well, if you're driving, there are apps that you can use. in fact, some phones already have it built-in turning off notifications while you're driving if you're walking, it is obvious. put your phone in your pocket or your purse just walk with your head up. guys, back to you. >> kerry sanders, so much helpful information there. >> good for your soul, too just look up. >> i'm guilty of it. >> we all are. we've all done it. >> we all are at some point, right? >> i was reading a text in la on the 405. i mean, so stupid. >> while driving >> yes i know a police officer on a motorcycle pulled up next to me in the car and was -- i was going, you know, 30 miles an hour he was literally looking down at me i dropped the phone and mouthed, i'm sorry.
8:24 am
i have not done it since. >> good. >> did you get a ticket? >> no, he went that was enough to scare me. te abouturassic j nothing is that important. >> nat is going to standby and tell us about jurassic world, brand-new ride
8:25 am
8:26 am
good morning everyone. 8:26. i'm scott mcgrew. a new type of freeway interchange will roll out in california that'll take some getting used to, called the diverging diamond. this is an animated video. you veer to a 45-degree angle across the center divide, switch sides with opposing traffic between on and off ramps. experts say in the long run once you're used to it is a lot safer. already one under construction in san joaquin county on highway 120 to open next year. "the chronicle" says caltrans is thinking about the same design for the ashby avenue interchange over i-80 in berkeley. let's find out what mike thinks. >> once you get used to it --
8:27 am
we'll watch for that. we're used to this commute, northbound direction and westbound for your commute, westbound across the dunbar bridge a des abled vehicle just past the toll plaza. everything seems to be okay. san mateo bridge lightening up. south bay holding steady out of san jose and pushing up toward sunnyvale. we're looking over here, north 880 recovering from the earlier stall. still a slower drive past the coliseum over toward downtown oakland and of course the bay bridge shows show and steady, folks backing up only to the end of the parking lot. thanks. we'll have more local news in a half hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
we are back now. 8:30 on this monday we are back now. 8:30 on this monday morning. july 22nd, 2019. kicking off the work week. this is a great crowd. >> it is >> how are you guys feeling? how we feeling you good >> feeling sticky. >> this is nothing compared to the weekend. >> i know. by the way, we'll close out this week with singer/songwriter andy grammer, who will be on the citi concert stage on friday. if you want to help choose one of the songs he'll perform, you have until wednesday to do it. here are the choices, ready? "good to be alive" or "keep your head up. both great songs tweet your favorite. use #andygrammer today we'll find out what you picked on friday.
8:31 am
>> maybe he'll sing a kacey >> one of the ones that we - >> maybe "rainbow. coming up, the best ways to express how we really feel and improve all kinds of friendships, as well if you struggle to set limits and be honest about your needs, this one is for you. >> good. >> pay attention to this segment. >> i love it. >> i love y'all are fighting >> i'm in the middle we have the stuff we love from flattering swim suits to comfy shoes. the hottest products you'll want to finish out the summer out in style. craig, that one is for you. >> i'm looking forward to it, jbh. thank you. plus as you may have noticed, our crowd here, decked out with jurassic gear check out our exclusive look at the new jurassic world ride in universal. >> natalie. >> natalie's adventure looks like you had a good time, nat mo. >> got very, very wet. be prepared. it was fun, a good time. >> looks fun. we figured for the crowd moment, it might be dino-mite,
8:32 am
sorry j.j. walker, to send some folks from the plaza to an adventure to hollywood to try out for themselves where is the stonebreaker family hi, what's your name >> alise. >> camden. >> erin. >> josh. >> anybody else? you're not with them >> no. >> you were so close together. >> we're best friends. >> best friends. all right. maybe we'll include you. i understand you've been begging to come to the "today" show, and mom and dad surprised you. pretty cool. guess what we're going to surprise you. you're going to see the jurassic park ride! are you ready? jurassic world, pack your bags you're going to california >> whew! >> there you go. round trip airfare, hotel accommodations, and park tickets. you can experience jurassic world the ride that's right provided by our sister company, universal studios. there's your goodies you excited? >> oh, my gosh. >> yeah! >> turned out to be a pretty good trip, huh
8:33 am
>> wow, that's great. >> want to see us roar like dinosaurs? let's all roar like dinosaurs. >> ready >> one, two, three. >> roar. >> roar! >> do it. >> kind of a weak dinosaur all right. we're glad you'll have a good time >> so cute. >> thank you. >> that'll be fun. >> roar. >> awesome sister company we have so cool we can do stuff like that >> yeah. coming up on the third hour, a consumer confidential on the third hour of "today." a warning from a woman who beat breast cancer, only to find herself facing a health battle she never expected. one of the top comedians of all time on the fourth hour, the hilarious jeff foxworthy by the way, natalie is here all week long. >> i'm here. >> the ladies will play. >> reunited. >> i love it. >> it's trouble right there. >> it is. let's get a check of the weather. it is a little sticky out here. >> i sense a wine shortage coming, at least on your part. >> i was going to say, i'm sober. >> anyway, let's show you what's
8:34 am
happening for your week ahead. a flood risk making its way through the northeast and into the mid-mississippi river valley out west, sunny and hot, low humidity throughout the great lakes. as we move to the midweek period, heavy rain through the southeast. not so humid in the lower mississippi valley monsoonal storms into the southwest. by the end of the week, eastern half of the country looking comfortable. stalled storms in florida. desert heat in the southwest plenty of sunshine in the pacific good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we are going to see a lot of sunshine today and a wide range in temperatures still continuing today. our high temperature in san francisco topped out at 68 degrees. palo alto reaches 85. 86 in san jose. antioch expect a high of 93 degrees. it is going to be hot for the inland areas all throughout the week. we will see an increase in cloud cover tomorrow. slight boost in humidity. but the hot weather continues even into the weekend.
8:35 am
>> savannah? >> al, thank you. coming up, do you get tongue-tied in tough conversations? best-selling author kelly corrigan is here with tips on how to say some of the most difficult things in life first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:36 am
8:37 am
♪ we're back now at ♪ we're back now at 8:37 with the million dollar question, what are the hardest and most powerful things we say to one another? >> it is a question that inspired "new york times" best-selling author kelly corrigan's book, "tell me more." it is about the essential phrases that turn the wheel of life kelly, good morning. >> morning, kelly. >> morning. >> it is interesting you come to this not as a therapist or a social worker, but a storyteller. >> yes. >> this book kind of launched over a dinner table debate tell me. >> my husband and i were debating the difference between saying i was wrong and saying i'm sorry. my husband, being a man, forgive
8:38 am
me, carson. >> it's okay. >> thought i'm sorry was sufficient i said, i thought there was a humility to, i was wrong, that isn't there with i'm sorry that got us going about what are the hardest things we must be able to say to each other to sustain long-term relationships. >> there's zero personal admission in i'm sorry, right? that's a blanket statement i'm wrong takes ownership. why is no a hard word to say for people >> i always had a world-class brawling relationship with my mother as a teenager i was not the easiest, most obedient kid on the block. now, i have teenagers of my own, and i've come to admire her ability to say no and hold the line no amount of whimpering or sulking could have changed the outcome. more interesting about her is how she handled yeses and nos in the context of her marriage. she was like an introvert who liked to have a party for one.
8:39 am
in a night and like a perry como cassette and a chardonnay my dad could go to four parties in a night and want to stop at one more on the way home she had this radical notion, that everybody was entirely responsible for their own happiness. so if that meant he went to the party and she didn't go to the party, so be it. that's sort of a little no, but then i think little nos prepare you for the big nos. later in my life, i did a lot of treatment for cancer, and part of it was losing my ovaries. i really wanted more kids so i researched how people grow their families i presented my husband with a spreadsheet with my heart in my throat and said, what do you think? he said, i can't do it we just climbed a mountain you're healthy the kids are healthy i want to be the family we are. >> right. >> that is a total responsibility of every married person, to say no when you need
8:40 am
to say no. sometimes it takes mor energy and more courage to stick to a no, a no that comes from integrity. another phrase you say that we should embrace is "good enough." >> yeah. >> which i think has that kind of pejorative, like good enough, not great, but good enough. >> yeah. >> you think we should kind of have a different perspective. >> yeah. i was at this bat mitzvah a couple years ago with my 13-year-old, you know, who is like a professional "bachelorette" watcher, et cetera there's her friend up there for 90 minutes, like speaking in a foreign language, reading backwards from an ancient text, singing in front of her peers. we're saying back to her, like you are ready. you are enough to enter, to contribute, to be a meaningful participant in the world around you. i thought that was so powerful i thought, oh, my god, i haven't been asking enough of my kids.
8:41 am
i, myself, was sort of going nowhere at 13. i was eating minute rice in front of "general hospital." >> good enough is okay in that sense. >> it is you'll get there. >> our time, good enough means a lot. >> absolutely. i think it is such an enabling statement. i think that being told repeatedly that, even as you are, you are good enough, you are ready to participate and contribute, you know, allows you to take the first step the first step allows you to take the second step that's how you get going on your way. >> we have a few seconds but we have to get to the last one, which is it's like this. ending it with a period. just explain, briefly, what you mean people can buy the book and check this one out >> just i'll finish by reading a few things, but it's like this, basically, you can be wise and full of clarity one day, and two days later, you can be moaning and groaning about ten extra pounds, a fender bender. it is our nature to sort of lose track of the clarity that we sometimes achieve. in my case, around the loss of my dad i was clear about what mattered and what didn't.
8:42 am
over time, i started to return to my normal worries i felt really ashamed about that someone said to me, no, no, it's like this. it's two in, one back. >> accepting where you are. >> yeah. >> i'll finish with this minds don't rest they reel and wander and fixate and roll back and reconsider, because it is like this, having a mind hearts don't idle. they swell and constrict and break and forgive and behold because it is like this, having a heart. lives don't last they thrill and confound and circle and overflow and disappear. because it's like this, having a life >> wow you need to do a commencement speech, immediately. >> i've done a few in my day. >> i'm sure you have >> excellent. >> thank you so much so much wisdom in the book check it out at if you want to read an excerpt, go to we'll send it outside to craig. >> that was inspiring. thank you so much. still ahead, from swim wear
8:43 am
to items for your backyard barbecue, the must have product there's going to make your summer better, skcluding ewer things that are introducing togo's new hot chicken sandwiches.
8:44 am
the brewpub chicken with grilled chicken, crispy smokehouse bacon, and fresh avocado. the new buffalo chicken with frank's redhot wings sauce. or the tangy barbecue chicken with chipotle mayo. the new hot chicken trio at togo's. how far would you go for a togo? i switched to geico and saved hundreds. that's a win. but it's not the only reason i switched. geico's a company i can trust, with over 75 years of great savings and service. ♪ now that's a win-win. switch to geico. it's a win-win.
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this this morning, on stuff we love, the best-selling and top-rated products of the summer there's still plenty of time to enjoy the warm weather, so lifestyle contributor is here, scouring the internet to find the gear that apparently we all need right now. >> oh, yeah. no fomo this summer. all of these products today, best sellers, top rated and to reviewed for summer. i'm super excited to share. >> you are we've been talking about it for a while. let's start with footwear.
8:46 am
>> let's start with kirsten and let's start with her bathing suit it is the number one best-selling number one suit on amazon four-plus stars. >> what makes it so popular? >> it has tummy control. how about that it's so comfortable, looks great on all figures it comes in 28 different patterns let's talk about her shoes, craig. >> i love those. >> these are the $40 shoes you've seen everyone in this summer they're made of eva, which is like a foam. so comfortable they've them for men joseph has a pair, he just told us >> they're cheaper than the traditional, as well. >> just $40 so for a fraction of the price. best seller at zappos. so cool. our next model is wearing a best-selling cover-up. this is a chiffon pom-pom trim cover-up over 660 reviewers at amazon are freaking out over this. >> it is a nice cover-up. >> it's so cute and it comes in 19 different colors. we had one reviewer said they went to girls' weekend and they
8:47 am
all had a different color. how cute is that i know you want to know what is top for guys. >> i do. >> marcus is showing us that. this bathing suit -- >> what's up, marcus >> men are obsessed with this suit $18. >> 18 bucks? >> the number two best seller on amazon here's the kicker -- >> why are people wild about it? >> 48 different patterns you can wear a different pattern at the beach for just $18. it's got the quick-drying technology. >> ah. >> it is so cool, and it looks so good on marcus. >> it does >> yup. >> your fantastic pedicure did not go unnoticed, marcus >> fabulous flip-flops from zappos, a best seller, and great support, which we love craig, we're in the beauty section. this is what people are obsessed with this summer this little trick here, it's from skin called the iceland
8:48 am
hydrocool eye gel. if you've seen people maybe downstairs with these pads underneath their eyes. >> i have. >> well, they stay cool for over ten minutes, and they de-puff. guys can use these, too. i know you get up really early. >> do you use them at night or any time of the day? >> any time you need a refresh you can find them at ulta. best seller, top rated secret weapon. this is a cult favorite. this is the brazilian bum-bum cream. >> oh, okay. >> so to make your sure bum-bum is in good shape secret ingredient, it has caffeine in it it keeps you taut and smooth, skin texture smooth. >> forgive my ignorance, you put that on your bottom? >> yeah, on your legs, your bum-bum, and sephora, four plus stars. over 4,500 reviews. >> wow. >> look out, guys. this is rihanna's line this is fenty beauty and this lip gloss is called the
8:49 am
gloss bomb i'm telling you, it is the unicorn of nude lip glosses. it looks good on everyone. 8,800 reviews on sephora 4.8 stars. >> i have a couple of these now. >> yeti is so popular, has its own merch. check this out, craig. ice is still not melted. it's been in there for hours 22,000 reviews on >> i can believe it. >> people are obsessed with the yeti tumbler. >> what are these bags >> so cute five-star rated little cooler bags they can double as a purse or a cooler so much fun from bando. >> i also have this as well. one of my favorite gadgets >> this is so amazing. >> listen to that sound. >> fantastic sound ♪ >> this is a best-seller at best buy. >> how much? >> 5,400 reviews 4.8 stars. $129 for bose sound. it is water resistant. >> less than i paid for it.
8:50 am
>> and it is rubber. so cool. >> quickly, what are the last ones >> uncommon goods, these are five-star reviewed this puts the "and" in the cheese and crackers. how cute is that $48. a great, great little hostess gift lastly -- >> my favorite item of the morning. >> how cool are these? these are skewer-les grilling baskets also from uncommon goods you don't have to put the skewer in there. >> kids love them. we have them all the time. >> isn't that smart? you can turn them over even i can barbecue with these. >> always a pleasure. >> craig, thank you. >> thank you for more details on all of these items and much more, up next, natalie is going to take us behind the scenes of the new jurassic world ride at universal studios hollywood. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
in 1993, jurassic park captured the world, and then there was jurassic park, the ride now, the theme park is taking dinosaurs to a whole new level >> only one person to send to check it out, it is our natalie. you love a ride. you love adventure. >> i do love a good ride i do love adventure. this is your chance to check it out. jurassic world is now open as i learned firsthand, it is bringing the prehistoric and the present the closer more than ever >> reporter: it is getting real at universal studios hollywood 00 >> blue. hey! that's more like it. that's more like it. all right. whoa, whoa calm down. calm down. >> reporter: the new jurassic world bringing the prehistoric to life. i know blue only responds to your training, right should i be concerned?
8:54 am
from the fierce. whoa, okay. >> that is a hunting call, not a cute call. >> reporter: to the cute. >> he likes that she purrs. >> yeah. >> she likes me. >> reporter: to the cuddling. >> this is juliet, our 3-year-old triceratops i think she just said good morning to you she loves belly rubs. >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: good girl, juliet it is evolution the universal studios way. jurassic park, a signature attraction for 23 years, has evolved into jurassic world. >> we're kind of in this nice, fully immersive setting. >> reporter: john was part of the team behind the incredible transformation it is a bigger deal. when you come to the park, you'll have one-on-one encounters with some of the dinosaurs. >> that's the universal, what we really do. we let people immerse themselves in the film reality. it is kind of very important to take the best of what we had here, reimagine the new part, and bring it to life >> reporter: that means not only
8:55 am
getting close to the dinosaurs, but sampling food. okay and drink inspired by the film's costa rican location >> here we are here's our new bar for both adults and for kids. >> reporter: you can't come to jurassic world without a jurassic drink to jurassic world! >> here we go. >> reporter: whew. there's also, of course, swag. 65 million years of evolution, and we have this merch. all of this is just an appetizer for the main attraction. the jurassic world ride. all right. let's go prepare to get soaked. a six-minute journey with the stars of jurassic world, bryce dallas howard, chris pratt, and, of course, indominus t-rex
8:56 am
and water, water, and more water. oh, no here we go and all topped off with an 84-foot plunge a ride out of this world, jurassic world, that is. >> that looks fun. >> it was so fun it is a great time there >> i love it nat, thank you. the good morning everyone. it's 8:56. i'm scott mcgrew. a new report reveals i.c.e. used oakland airport for years to de-port people despite oakland becoming a sanctuary city. the bay area news group uncovered the information from an i.c.e. data base. over the last nine years i.c.e. used the airport for nearly 1,000 charter flights in some
8:57 am
cases deporting detainees and in others transferring them. over nine years, 27,000 people were deported through oakland. i.c.e. only ended the practice last october. oakland leaders have not said if they knew about the flights. happening now, we're reaching out to the mayor's office and will have a live report in the midday newscast. one man is dead and his wife in critical condition after a chain reaction crash near san francisco's union square. they were in a crosswalk. the police say the driver was not at fault. another driver is under arrest. you can find out more on the website as well. the details behind the rideshare app linked to the suspect. there is a new response to president trump this morning from one of the congresswomen and the send her back controversy. find it on our twitter feed. much more news at 11:00. see you then.
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live from studio 1 i rockefeller plaza, this is the third hour of "today." >> good monday morning. glad you could join us. this is the third hour of "today." i'm al with dylan, craig, sheinelle on vacation. our good buddy jacob soboroff. >> my vacation started by running into al at the airport. >> in la, he was getting ready to leave, and i was coming in. >> looked crazy with my child running around the airport. >> did you recognize each other right away? sometimes when you see someone out of context, it throws you off. >> al thought i was a crazy fan, asking for an autograph. >> sir, please. >> security, security. >> i knew exactly


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