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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 22, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning, everyone. very happy monday to you. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. marcus washington has the day off. >> one more day off. i'm laura garcia. thanks for joining us. mike will have a look at the morning commute in moments. things are getting busy out there but the forecast another good one? >> another good one and it all depends on where you are. we're going to see a wide range in temperatures in spots like dublin. it's going to be heating up today and we'll be in the mid 80s by noon this afternoon, it's going to be really hot. we'll talk more about that coming up, and mike has a look at one issue for the east shore freeway. >> that's right, in berkeley, westbound 80, we talked about the big rig and i didn't see slowing where it was reported, didn't show anything at powell. it's before you get to powell westbound around ashby. you see the flares, one lane is blocked. they need a heavyduty tow truck to remove the vehicle. 5:00 right now. a tragic accident in san francisco leaves one man dead and his wife in the hospital, with serious injuries this morning. >> "today in the bay's" sharon katsuda is live in the newsroom with more information on the accident.
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a rented tesla, sharon. >> this happened in a high traffic area just outside of union square, and it's still unclear whether the tesla was an in autopilot mode. the accident occurred at the taylor and o'farl street's intersections around 2:00 yesterday. the driver of the tesla ran a red light and was going about 45 miles per hour. the tesla hit a mini cooper and the tesla driver lost control hitting two pedestrians in the intersection. the victim who was killed has been identified as 39-year-old benjamin dean from the fresno area. you can see dean and his wife, kelly, on her facebook page, just yesterday, posting video of their trip to the san francisco museum of ice cream. nbc bay area talked to the owner of the tesla yesterday, who rented the tesla out to the driver. he says he was in the office when he got a message that said the tesla was not drivable, and something failed. >> then i received a follow-up call from tesla roadside assistance, and the guy was
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saying your car is in accident, are you okay? i told him, i don't know, because i share a car on getaround. >> police say this is a busy high tourist area and drivers need to slow down. the wife is at san francisco general hospital. the driver was arrested of the tesla. police say so far, it does not appear drugs or alcohol were a factor in this tragic accident. back to you. >> thank you, sharon. it's 5:02. we have breaking news. iran says it's captured what it says are u.s. spies. the country accusing 17 people of working for the cia. the intelligence sbin stree say they are all iranian citizens, some arrested apparently sentenced to death. tracie potts is live on capitol hill. have you heard anything from washington, tracie? >> no, no response from washington yet, but not only have some been sentenced to deaths, others long jail sentences and the iranians claim that their citizens were turned
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to be u.s. spies while they were in the process of aplying for visas, and that they have now turned some of those iranians back into spies for iran on the u.s. more on that situation later, but we are also watching twitter, and the president's latest tweet about these four female lawmakers of color. first one was more than a week ago, but now the president's going after them again. president trump's latest controversial tweet, "i don't believe the four congress wwome are capable of loving our country. they should apologize to america and israel for the horrible, hateful things they have said. >> i think we have to not take the bait and get off the ride, that the occupant of the oval office has us on. >> he owes these women an apology. they obviously love this country because they are in public service. >> the president has decided that racism is good politics.
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>> reporter: trump supporters insist it's not about race. >> it's not about gender. it's not about religion. they are advocating policies that will destroy this nation. >> i fundamentally disagree with the view if you criticize somebody, and they happen to be a different color skin, that that makes it a racial criticism. >> reporter: representative ilhan omar, rashida tlaib, alexandra and ocasio-cortez and ayanna pressley accused of being anti-semitic and anti-american. for now, president trump is not backing down. neither are these four. and his campaign is picking up on this. in kt ffact the trump campaign d a couple lawmakers in their lating fund-raising email to supporters. >> tracie potts in washington, thank you. a big week ahead in washington, as former special counsel robert mueller testifies before congress on wednesday. mueller is expected to explain what he uncovered during his
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investigation into russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election. the questioning expected to last three hours, from members of the house judiciary and house intelligence committees. mueller gave a short statement in may, short after the two-year investigation wrapped up. 5:05, in just a few hours, two of three suspects arrested in connection with the 2016 deadly shooting inside a vallejo pawn shop are expected in court. they face murder and other charges. the pair along with cassius nelson were arrested following a more than two year long investigation. two of the man ran into the store, shot and killed the owner, then shot the clerk, who was in a wheelchair. while leaving the store, one of the men is accused of shooting the owner's dog. also new, a man behind bars after a theft at a hardware store in petaluma. another suspect still on the loose. deputies are searching for this man, 28-year-old elliott mallone. they say he's already wanted on
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a felony warrant. malone and john silva are accused of walking out of friedman's home improvement store with power tools. deputies arrested silva a short time after the robbery. they used a helicopter and a dog to search the area but were unable to find him. this week, contra costa county leaders are set to vote on an increased fire facilities fee, paid by home and building developers on every project. the fee itself raises money for needed for the fire district. if passed, newly proposed fee would be 64% higher. the current fee is $591 per single family unit and $376 for 1,000 square feet of office space. supervisors will vote on that issue tomorrow morning. a follow-up to a heartbreaking story we told you about on friday. the mother of a little girl who died from cancer, says her ashes were stolen. they've since been returned, stolen last week from a san jose cemetery. 2-year-old kelly lopez died of
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cancer four years ago. eight not clear why the ashes were stolen in the first place. thousands of customers in new york city still in the dark this morning. mayor bill de blasio tweeting the city's power company took 30,000 customers offline to make repairs and prevent a larger outage. early sunday there were more widespread outages in brooklyn and queens. it comes as blistering heat wave bakes areas from the carolinas to maine. the slighte elatest outage is no the major power outage that left part of new york city in darkness for hours more than a week ago. take a look at what's happening here, look at what's happening out east. i can see it on your map, kari. >> even though without electricity, it is going to be very warm. hopefully they get that restored soon but the good news is that the temperature also start to come down. we're looking at low 80s for a high temperature around new york city, as well as much of the midwest, and also parts of the upper plains states that are going to see some cooler
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temperatures over the next couple of days. now, we start out with all clear sky across the bay area for all of our inland areas. san jose seeing some clear skies now, and santa clara we're going to see the temperatures at the low 60s to start and already 80 degrees by noon. it will be hot today for some of our inland valleys, so i'll talk more about that and what's ahead for the rest of the week. mike, you have two crashes in the east bay. >> i do, or we do, collective we. we have a great drive for the south bay, and getting up the peninsula and most of the east bay, until you get north of the bay bridge. westbound 80 slows through berkeley and there's a new crash at the bay bridge toll plaza. i just saw a fire crew take the hov access over there. it must be just past the toll plaza but you see the actual backup at the plaza for the cash lanes is lightening up. we'll crack that as chp give us the update. we're looking at the traffic funneled over, just one lane blocked but a big impact on the
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a few clouds rolling by palo alto and our skies will clear as we go throughout the day, and temperatures in the low 60s, leading into some low 80s by noon. it's going to be hot this afternoon across many of our microclimates. we'll get a look at that and the week ahead in less than five minutes. >> an back at the bay bridge shot the crash near this approach, five cars involved but all off to the shoulder so that may be why we don't see slowing here but slowing through berkeley jamming up. we'll continue to follow this. i see fewer flashing lights, trying to remove a heavyduty big rig. good morning. i'm rahel solomon at cnbc headquarters and here are the day's top business headlines. wall street is set to open modestly higher this morning. the markets coming off their worst week since the end of may with the dow and nasdaq breaking a two-week winning streak. oil prices are the focus
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in rising tengs in tensions in the middle east, after iran seized a british flagged oil tanker over the weekend and on the watches for investors, data on housing, durable goods and second quarter gdp, also one of the busiest weeks of earnings season with several heavy hitters reporting including facebook, amazon and google's parent alphabet. equifax reached a deal to pay about $700 million to settle a probe by the federal trade comission and other regulators over a massive data breach in 2017. that incident exposed social security numbers and other private information of nearly 150 million people. the breach was one of the largest affecting consumers. equifax did not notice the attack for more than six weeks. and cbs and at&t blaming each other for a blackout of cbs stations on directv and uverse which started on saturday. stations in more than a dozen u.s. markets, including new york and los angeles went dark after the companies failed to reach a new contract. cbs continues to negotiate with at&t but the loss of programming could last a "long time." scott and laura, back to you. >> rahel, thanks. it's 5:13 right now. so there's car share, bike share. how about cup share? berkeley testing it out, a new
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pilot program with the reusable cup service company. cups are checked out through on app and pickups and returns are made at participating cafes and restaurants. vessel picks up the dirty cups, washes them, sanitizes them, checking out the cups for free. the program starts this fall at cal. the highest grossing movie of all-time "avengers endgame" the news was broke at comicon over the weekend. the film made more than $2.7 billion, beating out "avatar." the previous record holder. marvel announced -- correction 11 new projects coming out in the next two years, including the reboot of "blade" starring east bay native mahershala ali. "the lion king" roared to the top of the box office over the weekend despite mixed reviews. it brought in 185 million, and worldwide half a billion.
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that's a july record. the film has the ninth highest opening of all-time. it may be the middle of the summer but walk into your average big box store and see plenty of reminders. you may want to cover your kids' ears when we say this, back to school. there's a smart way to shop for the back to school items, starts with waiting it out until retailers send their prices lower. >> one way to buy, don't feel pressured to buy everything on your child's school supply list before the first day of school. >> procrastinate and show good lessons to your kids not getting things done. >> show up with a pencil. >> the best deals should be had in september, they say, if your school hasn't already started up by then. >> if you cannot afford school supplies there are lots of different, that's what i was going to get to, we have a program and we'll talk about it. >> back to school backpack drive. >> our school the teachers say don't bring everything on the first day. >> i have to get a cart with the
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three kids and so many kleenex boxes they need, crazy. >> anti-bacterial wipes. >> let's get a check of your monday morning forecast. >> not think being school yeing yet. this amazing view over san francisco this morning. we can see the city lights twinkling, there's some difficulties of fog coming by and you can see the blue top of the sales force tower there. so we are going to start out with some fog across san francisco, and some of the coastal areas, we head inland to pleasant hill. if you're about to head out going to the pleasant hill b.a.r.t. station, it's going to be in the low 60s there, and then going into the mid 80s by noon. so as you get ready to head out for lunch, it is already going to be pretty warm, with our high temperatures in the south bay look at that, morgan hill 93 degrees will be the high temperature today. cupertino tops out at 87.
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we see a lot more 90s on the map here today, with danville up to 90 degrees, and 75 in oakland today, while we see still some cool weather for half moon bay. redwood city will reach up to 83 degrees. san francisco at 68, on the embarcadero and the north bay up to 90 in santa rosa. so it's going to feel a little bit hotter than the weather we've seen recently, and there's a very shallow marine layer near the coast and we can see that on that live camera in san francisco, so the fog will be very low and at times clearing out. as we go into tomorrow, a little bit of a change, as there may be some thunder and a little bit more humidity at the monsoonal moisture moves across the sierra. that will not really affect much of the bay area, but we will see an increase in cloud cover tomorrow, and then it starts to clear out on wednesday. it is going to be a hot week and we're going to see temperatures going way up by wednesday into thursday, reaching into the mid-90s. we still see some 90s in the
5:18 am
forecast going into the weekend, so no major cooldown here, while san francisco provides some relief and a place to escape, as you try to beat that inland valley heat. we'll stay in the upper 60s and low 70s there. mike, do you have an update to that crash in berkeley? >> i do kari. it's informing. westbound 80 at ashby the exit we have this crash going on. chp cleared the scene, fewer flashing lights but it's a caltrans issue. an earlier crash busted up the sand barrels on the roadside and there's a lot of debris to clear up, that's why your slow lane is blocked making all the lanes on the approach to the slow lanes, westbound 80 slow from golden gate field, jamming up toward ashby clear. we'll show you with our waze system we timed out differents. the green route here which takes you 28 minutes, that's the most direct route but if you get off on to the frontage road, you see that on the live cam camera, you can save seven or eight minutes. so stay with waze, stay with nbc
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bay area wazers, the name of the team we'll review at the bottom and get you out of your way. traffic is jammed up bay bridge toll plaza because of the crash on the east shore freeway, it's lighter, folks are held up over there in berkeley. there's a smooth, easy drive through walnut creek. one crash on 242 moving to the shoulder, no major problems for concord or for bay point. as we look toward the south bay and the peninsula, also at speed, a great drive for that early commute through the area and again the bay bridge toll plaza a little bit lighter because of that crash over on the east shore freeway west 80 at ashby. back to you. >> thanks. coming up, new details in twa two two attacks, one of them deadly in contra costa county. why investigators are looking at both cases in a new light. the miracle on the hudson plane thrown by sully sullenberger on the move, so to speak. why you won't be able to see it at all for a few years. but first, our team is
5:20 am
always on social media, check out this photo kari hall shared on instagram. her son had a great time celebrating the 50th anniversary of the apollo 11 mission. future astronaut maybe there, kari. follow kari on facebook, twitter and instagram. she'll be up with a look at our forecast as well. you're watching "today in the bay."
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welcome back, everyone. it's 5:22. two attacks within minutes in contra costa county. deputies are trying to figure out if they are related. the first attack happened last thursday night when a man was found unresponsive in the street in bay point. he later died. ten minutes later an assault with a deadly weapon nearby. the victim of that attack survived. authorities have now arrested a 20-year-old antioch man and a 24-year-old bay point man. both are charged with assault with a deadly weapon, felony battery and conspiracy. fortunately nobody inside this new brunswick, new jersey, home, when a crane fell into it. someone who lives there says she has seven housemates. they were all attending rutger's. investigators will be there today to figure out why this happened. neighbors say it may have been from a fast-moving storm. puerto rico's governor saying he won't run for re-election. protesters say that's not enough.
5:24 am
they want him to leave office now. demonstrators have been demanding the resignation of the governor since the revelation of offensive leaked text messages. it showed that he and his close advisers insulted women and mocked constituents, including victims of hurricane maria. yesterday the governor released a video statement saying he plans to step down as leader of his party and not seek re-election, but has no plans to resign. too close for comfort, this shows a venezuelan fighter jet flying dangerously close to a navy plane. they said the pilot was "aggressively shadowing the u.s. plane at an unsafe distance." this unfolded friday the same day the trump announced it was sanctioning four of the top members of the venezuelan military's counter intelligence agency. one of the most famous planes in modern history will be disassembled and put into storage. we're talking about the plane
5:25 am
from the miracle on the hudson. a bird hit the plane midair, disabling both engines but pilot sully sullenberger managed to land it in the hudson river, saving all 155 passengers. that u.s. airways plane sits on with carolina's aviation museum. the museum will move locations now the museum staff have to carefulry disassemble the plane to store it. >> disassembling it for storage is also a very lengthy process, and also we have to be very careful to make sure that we can preserve the plane into the future. >> visitors will be able to see the plane again when the museum reopens in 2022. a big week at sfo for the first time, first nine gates at the new harvey milk terminal are open. those open tomorrow. the airport held a grand opening ceremony over the weekend, showcasing a tribute to the gay rights pioneer. the terminal will eventually have all 25 gates open and ready to go fully operational by 2023.
5:26 am
trending this morning, talk about some scary moments for a family out fishing. take a look at this. >> oh my gosh! >> did you say that on video? >> they need a bigger boat. a great white shark leaped out of the water to snatch a fish off the lane in cape cod bay, not too far from where "jaws" was filmed. the captains that seen four other close-ups before but not something so acrobatic. come up, top stories we're following. >> including a new way of navigating our roads with diverging diamonds. it looks complicated. we'll explain how it works and where we might soon see one, coming up in a live report. plus thousands deported through oakland airport despite the sanctuary city status. up next in a live report the uncertainty what oakland city leaders knew.
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and it looks like things are stacking up at the bay bridge toll plaza this morning. mike has his eye on the roads. kari has her eye on the skies. you're watching "today in the bay."
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breakfast in bed? major. husband. points. would you l'eggo your eggo? a very good monday morning to you. stepping outside, you're going to find above the clouds, this is what it looks like, but below, could be nice. good morning to you. thanks for joining us.
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i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. today is marcus washington's last day of vacation. >> yes! >> he has been spending time in mexico, looking studly, even more studly, soaking up the sun. i hate to see the third picture, oh, that's in touloume. he's relaxed and looking like he's having fun. he comes back tomorrow and i go back to checks and balances, just in time for mueller, so hurry back there, marcus. we're looking forward to it. >> throw all tha relaxation out the window! >> absolutely, we'll put him to work. he looks a little too relaxed in those pictures. we're starting out on this monday morning as we all get to work. it's going to be all clear this morning, asou get ready to head out the door. it's going to be in the low 60s for the next couple of hours there, and pretty quick warmup. look at that. we're at 84 degrees at noon. here is a look at all of our microclimates and the high temperatures today. yes, we will see some 90s, and a lot more where that came from.
5:31 am
this week is going to be a hot one. i'll talk more about that coming up. mike, you have to spots that are metering traffic. >> the first spot is the metering lights at the bay bridge. we see lanes filling in and even though the metering lights were turned on 12 minutes ago at 5:19, the deal is traffic is late getting here because it's metered by this crash on the east shore freeway. this crash earlier what happened is a big rig slammed into the sand barrels, which you can't really see but there's a cement support right here underneath the overpass, it hit sand barrels and that caused damage blocking the slow lane. that's why traffic is funneling over and metered here jammed from golden gate field, three or four miles of jam. the rest of the bay is clear. back to you. a new report reveals i.c.e. for years used oakland airport to deport tens of thousands of undocumented immigrants despite the fact oakland say sanctuary city. >> "today in the bay's" pete suratos joins us live from oakland to look at the details. >> reporter: good morning to
5:32 am
you, guys. oakland sanctuary city status put the city of oakland and president trump at odds over the year, so that makes the support even that much more interesting. let's talk about this new report. it does come to us from the bay area news group and shows that the oakland airport was the staging ground for nearly a thousand flights chartered by u.s. immigration and customs enforcement between 2010 and 2018. the flights were booked to deport immigration detainees or move them to another detention center. according to that report, i.c.e. flew 43,000 people in and out of the airport during that time period. according to the report, i.c.e. agents stopped chartering flights out of oakland in october of last year. president trump and oakland mayor libby schaaf have clashed on this issue in the past when it comes to the city's sanctuary city status, when the mayor warned of an immigration raid in the city last year. we did reach out to mayor schaaf about this report. we'll let you guys know when we hear back. reporting live from oakland, pete suratos for "today in the
5:33 am
bay." >> thank you, pete. 5:32 right now. and happening today, immigration issues will likely be front and center when may bare congressman anna eshoo holds a town hall in the south bay. she returned from a visit to two detention centers on the texas border. she met with immigrant families and volunteers. that town hall takes place at 6:30 at the mountain view community center. concord police trying to track down a driver in a deadly h hit-and-run. a motorcyclist struck a car a little after midnight. a pickup truck came by, striking and killing the motorcyclist as he was on the ground. friends of the motorcyclist are in shock. >> he was the nicest guy i ever met. i mean, he was funny. he never judged people. he was kind. >> the victim lived in clayton near the scene of the accident. so far police have not provided us a more details description of the truck they're looking for. take a look at this, a new
5:34 am
and tricky way to merge with unique freeway interchange may soon be coming to your morning commute and may leave you a little confused. "today in the bay's" bob redell joins u.s. live in fremont this morning. bob, this is a new traffic pattern, seems like it could challenge a lot of people, if they've never seen it before. >> reporter: correct, laura. the traffic engineers argue it will be safer for drivers once they get used to it. when you're on a freeway and exiting, typically you'll end up at a stop sign or stoplight and have to most likely turn left into oncoming traffic. take a look at this new configuration, it's called diverging diamond interchange, or ddi, and i suggest you take a look at the animation we're putting on your tv screen. when you exit the freeway in a ddi configuration, you veer at 45 degrees across the center divide. you come to a stoplight, then you cross sides with the opposing traffic. you are now briefly driving on the left side of the road. you have the option for a smooth
5:35 am
transition onto a new direction to travel on the freeway or crisscross back to the right side of the road to resume travel in the current direction. the number of conflict points, what traffic engineers referred to, are almost cut in half from 26 in a traditional left-hand turn interchange, which is what we're all used to, to 14, with a ddi. the ""san francisco chronicle"" reports engineers are considering this design for the ashby avenue and i-80 in berkeley. one is already in construction in san joaquin county, two more planned for the central valley and utah and nevada already have them. reporting live here in fremont, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> good illustration there. thanks a lot, bob. 5:35 right now. don't let pg&e raise rates to pay for destructive and deadly wildfires, that's the crux of a new lawsuit filed against state leaders and the state's puc. two pg&e customers want a federal judge to strike down the
5:36 am
new law, championed by governor newsom that allowed the utilities to pass wildfire costs on to customers. the law restores confidence in pg&e by requiring new safety measures. the lawsuit alleges it rewards utilities and their private investors for negligence. >> it's 5:36. hundreds of people packed into a community meeting in san francisco to learn more about a proposed vehicle triage center. the idea is to take an unused parking lot near the balboa b.a.r.t. station and make it into a place to offer services to people who live out of their cars and rvs. they would also have a safe place to park and sleep. the lot has about 30 parking spaces. people would be allowed to stay there for a maximum of 90 days. >> we need more affordable housing, as everybody knows, so people are living in their vehicles, that means they can't afford rent, so what we want to do is we want to help them out and give them services and help them find permanent housing. >> san francisco supervisor
5:37 am
unveiled the center monday. the pilot center has funding lined up from the city but not clear how soon it could open. a follow-up to a story breaking news last night. another fire in san francisco's mclaren park. "the chronicle" says this is the sixth fire in the park over the past two weeks. last night' fire started about 5:30, burning about six acres and like the other fires, no structures were damaged. the cause is not yet known. we have new details this morning on 6,000 square feet of art taking shape at the santa clara county fairgrounds. the murals commemorate the 75th anniversary of the county fair which opens on august 1st. each of the county's 15 cities and towns are depicted. alliyah jamellos is the artist in charge. when she was 9 her art won best of show in the fair's 50th anniversary. >> i'm so fortunate to get to tell kids your dreams can come true. i'm here doing it and i believe
5:38 am
strongly giving pack to our community and this is a place in a needs a little love. i got it. i'm so glad to get to share it. >> she hired 16 different artists and groups, interning from the county's social services department are helping as well. >> it's nice so she's passionate about it, sharing her love. that's cool. >> county fair, too, always fun. >> we i wanted murals at our comcast care day so we can help, too. >> you got it. >> look at the pictures i made for you guys. >> lots of green. >> yes, lots of green. >> we're putting that up on the fridge, mike. >> thank you, very much. strong magnet. the roadways can get filled up later in the day. the south bay no major issues. the east bay we saw a crash pop up as we took the last report. north 880 at tennison. we may have two or three lanes blocked by a crash that's a tough time as folks head out of fremont in toward hayward, a tough spot, just before 92. a lot of folks focusing on that. 92 moves smoothly across the bay and we are looking at the approach to the bay bridge
5:39 am
jammed up on the east shore freeway, three or four miles from golden gate field to pass ashby. i see changes the flares are building out. that backup kind of stinks. >> talk about stink, garlic lovers, get ready. the annual gilroy garlic festival starts on friday. of course more than 100,000 people attend that one-of-a-kind festival covering all things garlic. not just fries here, but pasta, ice cream, a whole lot more. there's also live music and a lot of activities for the kids. this year marks 40 years since gilroy hosted its first garlic festival. >> now, besides just the fire, it tends to get warm in gilroy. >> it does. last weekend in july. >> it's going to be really hot this weekend, and so we're going to have a hot festival this time, and our inland areas will be reaching into the low 90s, but really, we'll be used to it by then. that's the weather we'll see
5:40 am
throughout the week. a lot of sun and some sizzling valley temperatures, while san francisco are going to keep it cool there, with some upper 60s and low 70s at times. the clouds and fog drifting by, but it's going to be overall a nice weekend. are you planning to head to the beach? santa cruz is looking perfect. we're going to see those highs at 75 degrees for both saturday and sunday, and then for yosemite, it will be warm for hiking or all the all-door activities. expect it to reach 82 on friday, and 86 degrees by sunday. so it will be a very warm weekend there, and also very hot in napa valley this weekend, looking nice on friday, upper 80s, and then up to 93 degrees on this saturday, sunday, reaching 92 degrees. if you're going down to l.a., it's going to be in the upper 70s all weekend long. of course, the inland valleys would be a lot hotter. so let me know where you're headed or what your plans are, if you're going to the gilroy garlic festival. we'll be talking more about that
5:41 am
throughout the week. i'm @karihallweather on twitter, facebook and instagram. today's forecast is coming up in three minutes. >> thanks, kari. also coming up, new video coming in to our newsroom of an overnight car fire on highway 4 in contra costa county. we'll tell you who was missing from the scene. and the giants and mets go into extra innings for the third time in four days. what another dramatic win means for the giants in the wild card race, next. you're watching "today in the bay." introducing togo's new hot chicken sandwiches.
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we're coming up on 5:44. outside in the south bay looks hazy to start. it will be mostly clear throughout date and a lot of sunshine warming those temperatures up. sunnyvale from the low 60s to 80 degrees at 1:00 and we're going to go above our normal high temperature. it's going to be a hot week. i'll talk about that, and some minor changes in the forecast in less than five minutes. and the commute just heated up as well. we have a traffic alert, the crash we told you about north 880 at tennison is blocking enough lanes, they've called an alert. i think only your fast lane is open right now, past the crash. there may be a car fire. we are trying to check on the details. slow headed in both directions just south of the san mateo bridge. firefighters, chp investigating this overnight car fire under a highway 4 overpass. happened on franklin canyon road in hercules around 1:30 this
5:45 am
morning. drivers spotted the flames and called 911. firefighters needed about a half an hour to get it out. but no sign of the driver. in the meantime, another car fire caused tense moments yesterday in macarthur tunnel. everyone inside was forced to evacuate until firefighters got everything under control. the macarthur tunnel connects park presidio boulevard and the golden gate bridge. luckily no one was injured. traffic should be normal there this morning. it was certainly a busy weekend for rescue crews along the american river. >> more than 30 people had to be pulled from the water at different spots in sacramento county. unfortunately in one of those incidents, somebody drowned. firefighters say many of those rescued were on rafts that got snagged on branches or debris, making matters more dangerous, some taking to the water this weekend not wearing life vests. >> i warned a guy because he didn't have the little kid. the kid didn't have a life vest on. i said hey man, the ranger will cite you if you don't wear a vest and he goes, thank you, and
5:46 am
they floated off. >> firefighters recommend drink plenty of water, wear a hat and bring a cell phone and notify first responders if you become stranded and life vests as well. quarter to 6:00, in a few hours in san francisco, protestered are expected to gather in support of a proposal that would get every person on parole in california the right to vote. if approved by lawmakers it would go on the 20 to ballot, where voters would make that final decision. several states have passed similar legislation. under current law anyone convicted of a felony cannot vote. today's protest gets under way at 9:30 this morning at city hall. it's 5:46. fortunately no lingering effects this morning from a broken water main on a busy contra costa boulevard. crews in pleasant hill spent much of yesterday fixing that break. happened early yesterday morning, just north of crescent plaza. the problem was big enough they had to tear up and repair a segment of the road. the roadway reopened last night. the town of paradise
5:47 am
continues to take small steps towards a sense of normalcy following last year's fire. >> yesterday a summer hallmark reopened, the town swimming pool. last week, state firefighters used their hoses to refill that pool with clean water. last november's camp fire left the pool filled with charred debris, and of course, much of the surrounding town was gone. a few families yesterday came out to enjoy a refreshing swim. >> well, i'm glad it's not burned up from the camp fire, and i just glad it's still here. >> the girls will be back, they're excited. the sweim team now has a place o practice. the giants pull off another walk-off win in extra innings. a third extra inning win in four days in the 12th inning, mike yastrzemski with the walk yourself home run leads the giants to a 3-2 win over the mets. he's been with the giants since may. if the name sounds familiar he's
5:48 am
the grandson of great boston red sox player carl yastrzemski. the giants are back to 500, 2 1/2 games back from a wild card spot. >> nice, they've had a nice run lately. >> they really have. >> someone asked on instagram if i made it through ten innings, we went to the giants game. >> oh, yeah. >> we didn't make it that long. >> did you have the kids? >> yeah, they would not stay still. >> the seventh inning stretch. >> yeah, the stretch and then walk on out the door. we'll have some great weather for the giants game again today as well, but the inland areas are going to really be heating up. here is a live look outside in dublin this morning, and as you start out with some mostly clear skies, we're going to see some hazy conditions. i don't know if i can show this view enough, because we see some amazing cloud cover, a nice view of the sunrise and i know in san francisco you can't see much of this so let's take you above the fog and take a look at our hour-by-hour forecast.
5:49 am
it shows it lingers around the city and along the coastline, with the patchy, dense fog throughout at least early afternoon, but it does clear out as we go throughout the day. and it rolls right back in later on tonight. so there will be several hours throughout the day with some sunshine. we head across oakland with a look at your b.a.r.t. station forecast in the upper 50s, at about 7:00. a cool start, 69 degrees at 11:00, and low 70s into the afternoon, with oakland eventually reaching 75 degrees. but we will see a lot more 90s in the inland valleys. livermore headed up to 91 degrees today. even hotter in antioch and ukiah today up to 94 degrees. san francisco staying in the 60s, and palo alto reaching 85 degrees. if you will be going to the giants game today against the cubs, it will be 6:45 first pitch, 67 degrees so very comfortable but starting to cool down with the breezy winds picking up. as we go throughout the forecast, a couple of changes
5:50 am
here. we're going to start to see high pressure across the desert southwest, bringing in some monsoonal moisture. that could create thunder and possible lightning for parts of the sierra. we're still going to see some fog here but we'll also see an increase in cloud cover. a slight boost in the humidity going into tomorrow, but then the rest of the week, it is just hot, as that high pressure continues to build across just the areas just to the east of us, and look at how hot it's going to be. we're peaking at 94 degrees in the valleys on thursday, and it doesn't cool off that much, even as we go into the weekend, but there will still be a wide range in temperatures, as the fog lingers near the coast keeping san francisco in the upper 60s and low 70s. mike, now you have a traffic alert? >> that's right, kari. we continue over this in the east bay, where sky ranger has arrived overhead. look at what's going on, north 880 at just shy of 92, around tennison, we have folks spraying off what looks like some treatment for a fire that was reported, a car fire, major fire
5:51 am
engulfed in flame and we see some skid marks as well. i think they dragged the vehicle off perhaps off of the roadway. so now the crews are trying desperately to clear the roadways but i don't know. there may be some damage to that pavement. we'll check on that and follow this. right now we only have one lane open northbound because of this and all the lights and distraction and the previous smoke. you see both southbound and northbound 880 are jammed up at tennison or toward tennison, that say problem. less of a problem because from fremont there's not as much a drive toward the san mateo bridge. folks can get over toward the dumbarton bridge, but southbound that is your big build coming out of the san leandro, out of castro valley and hayward, headed down toward the fremont area. that is just south of the san mateo bridge. we see the rest of the bay showing ace smooth flow of traffic. outside of that, the east shore freeway is in recovery mode, that crash over here the live picture shows you that the crews have moved away. the flares have burnt out and all lanes open westbound 80 at
5:52 am
ashby avenue a lot more traffic headed toward the bay bridge. back to you. >> thank you, mike. we have breaking news coming out of africa, a bombing in somalia has killed at least 17, another 28 hurt. happened at a hotel near the international airport in mogadishu. an al qaeda linked islamic group are claiming responsibility for that attack. the group trying to topple the smolian governme i smallon governmeseomalian gover. and a ride share scare. >> i'm not going to die from that scene. >> their driver arrested for pulling a gun on them. their message this morning for lyft and what the bay area company is saying about that driver. you're watching "today in the bay." this is fred. he's dancing like nobody's watching.
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find our "today in the bay" team on social media, mike inouye sharing these photos from a weekend festival he took part in. follow mike on facebook, twitter and instagram. another rideshare scare making headlines, this time for lift passengers in the midwest. two wisconsin men ordered a ride home on friday night. they asked the driver to make a u-turn which apparently made him angry. they say he got upset, tried to hit them, and then pulled out a gun. one of the customers had this to
5:56 am
say. >> i saw him reach out, grab his gun, cock it, aimed it at my face and said "i'll blow you away." >> they called 911, police arrested the driver. here is the passenger's message to lyft. >> it's crazy. it could have been anybody and after he left, he could have picked up somebody else. >> i can't blame lift because lyft can't control everybody that drives the car but they should vet them more. >> lyft says drivers and passengers are not allowed to have guns, much less point them at each other and san francisco company says this particular driver will never, ever, ever drive for lyft again. new details this morning on what's behind several deaths in costa rica. >> they're saying tainted alcohol is to blame. the health's health ministry say it was tainted with methanol. 19 people have died. the government says it seized 30,000 bottles. liquor sellers there sometimes dilute products with the toxic methanol to increase profit margins or raise alcohol content. this comes amid concerns of
5:57 am
mysterious deaths of several americans in the dominican republic. 5:56 right now. pulled from his home, beaten and wrongfully arrested that is what a palo alto man says happened to him last year at the hands of police. >> senior investigator stephen stock obtained video surveillance that's raising questions about possible bias an excessive force from some pal low alto police officers. >> this is the video from the surveillance camera of gustavo alvarez living in the buena vista park. he's had run-ins with palo alto pd before and installed the camera because he does not feel safe when the police come knocking. february of last year, that camera captured when an officer contacted alvarez in front of his home, accusing him of driving with a suspended license. alvarez then goes inside and shuts the door. that officer calls for backup. they order alvarez to come out of his home, and then this happens.
5:58 am
>> you think you're a tough guy now? >> everything about this incident, from the hollering, the yelling, the violence, the use of force, every bit of it was bad. >> reporter: that's retired judge and former san jose independent police auditor ledores cordell. she's calling for swift action from palo alto's police chief. representatives from palo alto declined to comment, citing a pending civil rights lawsuit. coming up tonight, you can see the entire video, plus questions about a possible coverup, and what microphones worn by these officers caught just after the incident. that's all tonight at 11:00, on "nbc bay area news." >> if you want to get a hold of our investigative unit give them a call, 888-996-tips or if it's easier, logon to our website right now at 6:00, breaking news in the middle east, the
5:59 am
bold new claims iran is making about american intelligence sources, the cia the country says it insists the country it captured. a woman visiting san francisco still in the hospital right now, her husband died. a tesla sped through a red light and hit them. the investigation into the car and the reason the owner of the car wasn't behind the wheel. plus raising fees. the big increase that could be coming across contra costa county for fire fighters. "today in the bay" continues. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm scott mcgrew in for marcus washington. let's start the day with mike because you got a monday traffic alert. >> it's a traffic alert, all lanes of 880 are closed in hayward. sky ranger is over the scene of a crash and that resulted in a fire and there's a lot of cleanup. looks like chp actually overhead are just starting to clear that scene. you see traffic reinstated.
6:00 am
you see all the bits of paper there. i'm not sure what that was from, presumably from the vehicle. you see the jeep on the shoulder, northbound restoring the traffic flow. there is the jeep right there. you see the suv, burnt out shell. so they quickly put out that fire. you're seeing it as it happens. take to you the map, as all lanes reopen we'll see the traffic flow reinstate but we are jammed out of fremont and all the way up to tennison where the crash was. hopefully it will lighten up over the traffic that may have been diverted to dumbarton bridge. southbound was distracted but as the crews and activity eased up, things got better, getting toward hayward southbound as well and getting over from the bay bridge, you still have a slower drive but things are much better, now that the crash at ashby has cleared. those lanes are clear. >> we are seeing all clear skies as we look inland. right now looking live in walnut creek at least you have a nice easy start to the


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